The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 1, 1985 · Page 9
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 9

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, April 1, 1985
Page 9
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On the Record The Salina Journal Monday, April 1,1985 Page 9 Deaths & funerals Keith Leland Willard Keith Leland Willard, 57, 1402 Glenshire, died Sunday, March 31, at St. John's Hospital. Mr. Willard was born May 12, 1928, in Miltonvale. He worked for the South Industrial Sheet Metal Company. Survivors include his wife, Debra of the home; two sons, Steve of Miltonvale and Bruce of San Antonio, Texas; a daughter, Melodie of Denver, Colo.; his parents, Frank and Genevieve of Miltonvale; a brother, Dean of Miltonvale; and five grandchildren. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. • Tuesday at the Miltonvale Christian Church. Burial will be in the Miltonvale Cemetery. Friends may call until the service at the Phelps Funeral Home, Miltonvale. Marie A. Bishop •>• Marie A. Bishop, 69, 204 S. Bishop, died Sunday, March 31, at Asbury Hospital. • Mrs. Bishop was born Dec. 16, 1915, in Madill, Okla. She retired in August 1977, after 16 years at Stie- jfels as an interior decorator. She •had been a resident of Salina since 1951, moving here from Burrton. She was a member of the First -Christian Church, the CFW and the Order of the Eastern Star, Hal- 'stead.' . Survivors include her husband, Everett of the home; a daughter, Oil reports Judy K. Goodrich of Coopersburg, Pa.; a son, Robert of Gunnison, Colo.; her mother, Alice Wells of Sylvia; a sister, Ethel Wentworth of Springfield, Mo.; three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the First Christian Church, the Rev. Robert Belew officiating. Burial will be in the Gyp: sum Hill Cemetery. Memorials may be sent to the church. Friends may visit until 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Geisendorf Rush Smith Funeral Home. Helen Rose Cook Helen Rose Cook, 78, 422 Inez, died Saturday, March 30, at Asbury Hospital. Mrs. Cook was born Aug. 21,1906, in Downs. She was a homemaker and had lived in Salina since 1970, moving here from Little River. Her husband, Arthur, died in 1971. Survivors include a sister, Alice F. Mitchell of 523 Inez. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Geisendorf Rush Smith Funeral Home, Maj. Ray Tregellas officiating. Burial will be in the Downs Cemetery, Downs. Friends may visit at the funeral home. Lack of sale won't stop farmers' protest Call or mail your news tip to The Salina Journal; up to $45 in cash awarded weekly. ; Kansas operators announced 91 '•new locations, including 27 wildcats, ,;and completed 165 tests during the past week. Included in the completions were 58 oil wells with an estimated production of 1,898 barrels of oil a day, leight gas wells at an estimated :'l,397,000 cubic feet of gas a day, 90 Idry holes, two service wells and 'seven temporarily abandoned wells. . The total footage drilled in the 'completions was about 657,433 feet or an average of 3,984 feet a test. Drilling completions for last week as reported to The Indepdendent Oil & Gas Service: ,. \ Cheyenne County ;••> Midlands Gas Corp., No. 1-29 Schlepp, 29- 3-41W, 600TSL & 2040'FEL, SE/4, Cherry Creek -'Niobrora Gas Area field, abandoned loca- • Ijon. Midlands Gas Corp., No. 1-29 Burr, 29-3- .41W, 2040'FWL, 600'FWL, NW/4, Cherry Creek 1 Niobrara Gas Area field, abandoned loco' lion. , Midlands Gas Corp., No. 1-14 Churchill, 14- 4-40W. C NW NW, WC field, abandoned loco• Hon. Decalur County '"' Oxford Exploration, No. 32-2 Frlckey, 32-2•• 29W, C NW NE, Shaw Ext field, 20 barrels of '•' oil a day. ' Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co., No. I•;,26 John'Dwyer, 26-5-26W, C NE SW, WC field, w.27 barrels of oil and 90 barrels of water a day. Dickinson County Rains & Williamson Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 .' Peck, 18-15-1E, NW SE NE, WC field, dry and 'i abandoned. •. Rains & Williamson Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 ; iHaney, 21-15-1E, NW NE SE, WC field, dry V'-Qnd abandoned. -"• Gruss Petroleum Management Inc., No. 1 -.'Jones, 8-16-4E, C NE NE, WC field, dry and '*: abandoned. *.', Ellis County „' Vincent Oil Corp., No. 3 Dreiling, 8-12- B.H7W, ISO'E, C SW NE NE, Bemis-Shutts field, "•oil well. "f 1 liberty Operations & Completions Inc., No. ,,1 Miller, 15-12-17W, SE NE NE, WC field, dry •/ t >.tind abandoned. <•'» Donald C. Slawson, No. 1 'A' Hardie, 22-12- VI9W, SE NW NE, WC field, dry and oban- j^doned. «'£. Pardners Investment Properties Corp., No. •»,2-4 Flinn, 4-12-20W, NE SW SW, OWWO - '.Sweet William NW field, abandoned location. y Raymond Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 Hagen, 12-12- u'JOW. SE NE SW, WC field, abandoned loco- Vjtlon. V Southern States Oil Co., No. 1 'B' Boscho- ;->itzki, 30-13-19W, SW NE SE, Irvin Ext field, ^',dry and abandoned. i.v Oil Producers Inc. of Kansas. No. 1 Schae- "•ler, 17-14-18W, SW SE SE, Experiment SE v ;l field, 5 barrels of oil a day. 'V 1. G. Stephenson 8 Co. Inc.. No. 1 Stadel- 'man, 11-14-19W, NW SE NE, WC field, 15 bar.• jrels of oil and 45 barrels of water a day. » Oxford Exploration Co., No. 23-131 Befort, £-J3.U-20W, C N/2 SW SW, WC field. 180 bar- ijrels of oil a day. >•». • American Energies Corp. 8 Bonray Energy "rtCorp., No. 2 'A' Breit, 16-15-17W, SW NE SW, ^•unnamed field, dry and abandoned. rr Pendleton Oil Corp.. No. 3 Hobbs. 5-15- ..18W, ISO'S 8 110'W, C SW NE NE, Ruder 'North field, 65 barrels of oil a day. " . Ellsworth County ,'.' r -John Jay Darrah Jr., No. 1 Malir. 21-15- *.;iOW, 150'N, C NW SW SW, WC field, dry and ^--abandoned, 01 D S 8 W Well Servicing, No. 2 Heltschmidt, '^•16-lOW, 1695'FSL 8 1005'FWL, NE/4, OWWO .Progress NW field, salt water disposal well. -.. D S 8 W Well Servicing, No. 3 Heitschmidt, >I6-10W, 207'N, C NW SE NE, OWWO Prog- "vress NW field, abandoned location. • Petroleum Energy Inc.. No. 1 'B' Sebesta, 4- ^'16-IOW, C W/2 NW SW, Stoltenberg field, 33 • l .* barrels of oil a day. *- Cincris Energy Co. Inc.. No. 1 Oden, 4-17- ;!J;6W. NW SE SW, Geneseo-Edwards field, 48 ^barrels of oil a day and trace of water. ". Petroleum Energy Inc.. No. 1 Mollhagen • Trust, 35-17-9W, C N/2 NW NW, Lorraine .j~.Held. dry and abandoned. Gave County ','•- Berexco Inc.. No. 1 'C Coberly, 36-14-30W, ,:;SE NW SE, Lundgren field, dry and aban- 4wdoned. "^ Donald C. Slawson. No. 1 'J' Stutz. 13-15- *-26W, 980'FSL 8 250'FWL, SW/4, WC field, dry k ; t and abandoned. -.. American Petrolina Co. of Texas, No. 1 Ho- •;-.molka. 33-15-28W, 1000'FSL 8 400'FWL, SW/4, ,''' WC field, dry and abandoned. !•' landmark Oil Exploration Inc., No. 1-26 .'I.Evans, 26-I5-30W, NW NE NW, WC field, dry -»i and abandoned. 2" Berexco Inc., No. 1 Sharp. 36-15-30W, C N/ £2 NE NW. WC field, 7 barrels of oil and 36 .^barrels of water a day. 5*'- Graham County ,,' Ron's Oil Operations, No. 1 Morris, 22-6- •rjpW. 1685'FNl 8 2305'FWL, NW/4, Mauser •.•field, 48 barrels of oil and 48 barrels of water .V« day. XJ- Energy Three Inc.. No. 1 Nichol. 15-7-22W if.NE SE SW, Worchesler Ext field, dry and T j Abandoned. J, x • F 8 M Oil Co. Inc.. No. 1 'A' Mauser. 28-7- $*23W, C NW NW,'WC field, dry and aban- *- v dooned. V, 1 Mid-Continent Energy Corp.. No. 2 Scham- *<.berger. 20-10-25W, SE SW SE, Gurk SE field. M babels of oil a day. Marion County Aladdin Petroleum Corp., No. 1 Siebert, 29- 20-5E, NE SE SW. WC field, dry and abandoned. Bayes 8 Sons Oil Co., No. 1 Murphy, 34-22- 4E, NW SW SW, Elbing field, 3 barrels of oil and 10 barrels of water a day. McPherson County Richard S. Davis, No. 1 German, 28-18-1W, C S/2 N/2 NW, Paden field, 3 barrels of oil and 10-15 barrels of water a day. Norton County CNG Producing Co., No. 1 Donovan, 19-1- 22W, SW NE SW, WC field, dry and abandoned. Baird Oil Co.. No. 2 Derks, 4-3-23W, SE NW SE, Hen field. 14 barrels of oil and 126 barrels of water a day. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co., No. 124 Leo: A. Mindrup, 24-4-25W, NE SW NW, WC field, dry and abandoned. Osborne County Graham.Michaelis Corp., No. 1-10 Beisner,. 10-9-15W, C NW SE, WC field. 25 barrels of oil and 25 barrels of water a day. Shields Oil Producers Inc., No. 1 "A" Finnesy, 15-9-15W, NW NW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Phillips County Baird Oil Co.. No. 1 Gebhard. 4-1-1BW, 400'FSL 8 920'FWL, SW/4, Huffstutter field, 25 barrels of oil and 20.5 barrels of water a day. Rawllns County Abercrombie Drilling Inc., No. 1 Dunker, 36-1-33W, C NW NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Cities Service Oil 8 Gas Corp., No. 1 'A' Powell. 32-3-36W, NE NE NE, Celia So. Ext field, 85 barrels of oil a day. Rooks County Frontier Oil Co.. No. 1 'A' Wyrlll, 19-6-20W, NW SE SE, Todd Ext field, dry and abandoned. Liberty Operations 8 Completions Inc., No. 3 Fischli, 21-6-20W, C N/2 N/2 NW, Todd NE field, 30 barrels of oil and 10 barrels of water a day. Liberty Operations 8 Completions Inc., No. 1 Harmon, 21-6-20W, NW SW NE, Todd NE Ext field, dry and abandoned. Bluemax Corp., No. 1 Holsman, 115-7-19W, NW NE NE, Graver No. Ext field, dry and abandoned. Frontier Oil Co., No. 8 Axelson, 24-7-19W, 2140'FNL 8 2270'FWL, NW/4, Axelson Ext field, dry and abandoned. Bluemax Corp.. No. 1 Lowry, 31-7-19W, 50'S. C NE NE SW, Reservoir West Ext field, abandoned location. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co., No. 1 Sandra K. Gotlschalk, 3-7-20W, NW SW SE, Probasco field, 57 barrels of oil and 49 barrels of water a day. Black' Diamond Oil Inc., No. 4 Wiens, 4-7- 20W, NW SE SE, Probasco field, abandoned location. • Frontier Oil Co.. No. 6 'A' Probasco, 10-7- 20W, SE NW NW, Probasco field, oil well. Liberty Operations 8 Completions Inc., No. 1 Stalnaker, 30-9-17W, 30'E, C N/2 S/2 N/2, Library Conf and Ext field, 15 barrels of ail and 35 barrels of water a day. Kiowa Exploration Co., No. 1 Zeigler. 20- 10-16W, C SW NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. TXO Production Corp., No. 1 'B' Hlnkhouse, 10-10-20W, C N/2 SE, Marcotte field, dry and abandoned. Saline County Rains 8 Williamson Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 Bickel, 25-15-1W, NE NE SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Marmac Petroleum Co., No. 1 Holcom, 18- 16-1W, 50'W, C NW NW SE, Hunter NW field, oil well. Sheridan County Murfin Drilling Co., No. 1-14 Taylor, 14-8- 27W, 100'N, C SW NW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Texas Energies Inc., No. 1-5 Newmont, 5-9- 26W, C NE NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Petroventures Inc., No. 12 Breeden, 13-9- 27W, NE NW SE, George West Ext field, dry and abandoned. Vincent J. Duncan, No. 8-1 Mosler, 8-9- 28W, C SW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Vincent J. Duncan. No. 10-1 Spresser, 10-9- 28W, C SE NW, WC field, dry and abandoned. 'Thomas County First Energy Corp.. No. 72-36 Wiegel, 36-10- 3IW, SW NE NE, Triangle South field, dry and abandoned. Chief Drilling Co. Inc.. No. 1 Close, 30-10- 32W, NW SE SE, WC field, oil well. Trego County Zenith Drilling Corp., No. 1 Armbrister. 34- 11-21W, SE SW NW, Zeman East Ext field, 10 barrels of oil a day and trace of water. Vanmax Exploration. No. 3 Albin. 31-11- 22W, SE NE NW, Bin field, 15 barrels of oil a day and trace of water. A. Scott Ritchie. No. 1 Advenlist, 13-11- 23W, C E/2 SE SE, Wakeeney East field, dry and abandoned. A. Scott Ritchie. No. 1 Triple Creek. 25-11- 23W, C NE/4, Mong field, dry and abandoned. Vanmax Exploration Inc.. No. 1 Hinshaw. 36-11-23W, NE NE SE, WC field, B barrels of oil a day. Gear Petroleum Co Inc., No. 1-6 Berg. 6-11- 24W, 810'FSL 8 1980'FEL, SE/4, WC field, 10 barrels of oil and 90 barrels of water a'.day. Gear Petroleum Co. Inc., No. 2-6 Berg. 6- 11-24W. IIO'N, C SE SE SW, Diebolt West field, dry and abandoned. Liberty Operations 8 Completions Inc., No: I Ridgway, 22-12-22W, NE SE NW, Ogollah No. Ext field, dry and abandoned. Don E. Pratt Oil Operations, No. 1-12 'E' Schimkowitsch. 12-12-25W. 110'S, C N/2 N/2 NW. Englebert Ext field, 126.72 barrels of oil and'1 barrel of water a day. Zenith Petroleum Co.. No. I A Keller. 17- I3-2IW NW NW NW. Riga NW field, 55.21 barrels of oil and B.93 barrels of water a day. Zenith Petroleum Co., No. 2 'A' Keller. 117- 13-2IW NW SW NW. Riga NW field, 34 barrels of oil and 12 barrels of water a day. Zenith Petroleum Co.. No. 3 'A' Keller. 1713-21 W. SE SW NW. RigaNW field. 51 barrels of oil and 7 barrels of waiter a day. GLENWOOD, Minn. (AP) Farmers say they still plan a demonstration today to call attention to the troubled farm economy, even though the foreclosure sale that sparked it has been postponed for at least a month. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader who sought the Democratic nomination for president last year, said he plans to appear at the rally, despite the postponement of the sale. The rally originally was scheduled to protest the planned foreclosure sale of a farm operated by Jim and Gloria Langman near the town of Starbuck in Pope County in central Minnesota. But the sale was delayed for the third time when the mortgage holder cited concern for safety because of the large numbers of protesters expected. Company officials said Saturday that the sale might not take place at all. "We were not given adequate assurances that law enforcement in Minnesota would be available to maintain order and help prevent injuries," said Linda Brett, spokesman for The Travelers Corp. of Hartford, Conn. The corporation is selling the property to collect what it is owed . by the Langmans. Brett said a sale would be delayed for at least > 30 days. Bobbi Polzine of Groundswell, the farm activist group planning the demonstration, had predicted a gathering of thousands as the farm went on the auction block. On March 18, an estimated 600 farmers, chanting "No sale, no sale," shouted down Pope County Sheriff Gerald Moe's attempt to sell the farm from the county courthouse steps. Ari earlier sale was postponed in February. No date has been set for another attempt to sell the farm, about 125 miles northwest of Minneapolis, said Travelers attorney Dennis Nesser. He said the company has begun moves to find an alternative to foreclosure, but he would not discuss details. Jackson was invited to the rally by the Minnesota chapter of the American Agiculture Movement, which Langman headed for three years. Jackson said he sees many similarities between recent actions by farmers to protest their financial plight and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. "The one mistake the farmers have made so far is they have allowed their plight to remain rural and isolated," Jackson said. "The struggle to save the fanner must be a city issue, because farmers feed the city dwellers." Langman and his wife, both 36, have worked their 480-acre grain farm for 14 years. They owe $355,000, inclduing a $320,000 mortgage loan from Travelers. Husband charged with murder of wife, children EVANSBURG, Pa. (AP) - A mother and her two daughters were shot and killed Sunday in a church parking lot after Palm Sunday services, and authorities charged the woman's estranged husband with murder. The shootings occurred as Linda Moser, 35, of Eaglesville and her daughters, 10-year-old Joanne and 14-year-old Donna, left St. James Episcopal Church in this Philadelphia suburb, said police. Leon Moser, 42, of Collegeville, who was already facing a charge of wife abuse, was arraigned Sunday night on three counts of murder, Lower Providence Township Police Chief Thomas P. Rogers said. He was ordered held without bail at Montgomery County Prison. Moser had attended the church service alone but apparently knew his wife and daughters also would be at the church, Rogers said. He had accompanied Joanne to the altar rail for communion less than an hour before the killings, police said. For your information Hospital admissions Asbury — Erin S. Bender, 324 S. Phillips; Stephanie M. Bohrer, 1121 E. Ash; Lisa A. Cook, 2130 E. Crawford; Kenneth Johnson, 1329 Cheyenne; Lizbeth J. Faelber, Gypsum; Caroline Frigon, Longford; and Richard L. Popp, Russell. , St. John's - Troy M. Grille, 936 S. 10th; Ryan Heitsman, 615 Maple; and James Borders, Leawood. Hospital dismissals Asbury — Florence M. Bachelor, 649 S. 2nd; Marie A. Bishop, 204 S. Phillips; Diane D. Biggs and baby boy, 522 S. Eighth; Denise Kay Meduna and baby girl, 1009 Noble Crt.; Neva F. Allen, Minneapolis; Marlin E. Berry, Lindsborg; Carrie A. Bronn, Ellsworth; Bonnie A. Flynn, Abilene; Ronald D. Griffin, Russell; Edna M. Hughes, Concordia; Florence D. Jones, Randall; Thelma C. King, Correction A story in Sunday's Journal about today's Salina City Commission meeting contained incorrect information. The commission will consider a petition from J.G. Williams, 521 N. 13th, who is requesting that the city not remove stop signs on Lincoln and Grand avenues between North Ninth and North Broadway. Pet of the week Belleville; Ross A. Olson, Concordia; Ellen L. Reiff, Carolton; and Marlene K. Westerman. St. John's — Katherine Branstetter, 141 N. Kansas; James Butts, 709 Ralph; James Borders, Leawood; Nellie Conn, Osborne; Verl Larson, Belleville; Delia Hammar, Pittsburg; and Lucy B. Thompson, Beloit. Recycling Boy Scout Troop 16 and Cub Scout Pack 16 will sponsor a paper drive from 9*a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Papers should be brought to the First Covenant Church parking lot annex at 520 E. Cloud. The papers should be bagged or tied. No bottles or aluminum cans will be accepted. Police blotter Theft — 501 Garden, speakers and equalizer stolen from car belonging to Michael Paul Alley; $255 loss. Theft — 1846 N. Ninth, C.B. speakers, tape case, cassettes, thermos and blankets stolen from truck belonging to Bruce Lamont Walters; $162 loss. Fire runs Sunday: 5:42 p.m. — 426 W. Crawford, fire behind fireplace, minor damage. Weather Kindergarten roundups to begin Salina public elementary schools will begin their annual kindergarten roundups on April 10. The roundup is an opportunity for next year's kindergarten students and their parents to acquaint themselves with their new schools and teachers. Parents will meet with the teacher, the principal and the school nurse. Children who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1 are eligible for kindergarten and are welcome to the roundup. Parents are asked to call their child's school to register. The schedule for each school is as follows: Bartlett, 2 p.m. April 23; Coronado, 2 p.m. April 18; Franklin, 1:30 p.m. April 12; Gleniffer Hill, 10 a.m. April 10; Hageman, 7 p.m. April 18; Hawthorne, 2 p.m. April 26; Huesner, 2 p.m. April 16; Kennedy, 9 a.m. April 10; Lowell, 10 a.m. April 23; Meadowlark Ridge, 1:30 p.m. April 12; Oakdale, 1 p.m. April 11; Schilling, 9 a.m. April 23; Stewart, 2 p.m. April 19; Sunset, 2 p.m. April 19; Whittier, 10 a.m. April 22. Teacher inservice is Wednesday The Salina School District will have its annual teacher inservice education day Wednesday. Salina elementary teachers will meet at Salina Central High School for workshops on self-concept, child abuse, teaching for higher achievement, computers and stress management. All-day workshops for physical education, vocal music and art teachers, and librarians will be presented. Other topics offered will cover computers, using the newspaper in the classroom, discipline and school law. Spring break for students begins Wednesday. Classes will resume April 9. Sacred Heart to be evaluated Sacred Heart High School is preparing for an evaluation by the North Central Association, its accrediting organization. An evaluation team will be at the school April 30 through May 2. North Central Association membership requires that a school undergo a self-study and an evaluation once in each seven-year cycle. The school was last evaluated in 1976. A steering committee comprised of school personnel has reviewed the school's programs and operations to determine whether the school is accomplishing its goals. Sacred Heart has maintained continuous accreditation since it received NCA membership in 1924. Health council wants parents The Salina School District's Health Advisory Council wants parents to serve as members during the 1985-S6 school year. The council began in 1982. Its purpose is to advise the district in health polices, hearing conversation, vision screenings and issues such as playground safety. In the past, the committee has consisted of nurses, doctors, principals and public health officials. Anyone interested in serving on the council should call Jeanne Morrell, school nurse at Roosevelt-Lincoln Junior High School, at 825-1504, or council chairman Dr. Lewis J. LaPierre at 827-9898. Valley Hope Alkathon scheduled NORTON — The 18th annual Norton Valley Hope Alkathon will draw several hundred recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to Norton April 27 for a day of fellowship. The program begins at 2 p.m. The theme is "Go For It!" Program director Kenneth C. Gregoire said the theme "reflects the enthusiasm that recovering alcoholics and addicts express toward the attainment of sobriety and serenity." Activities will include musical entertainment, speakers, special guests and some surprises, Gregoire said. The Norton center has treated more than 12,000 patients and thousands of family members since its was founded in 1967. Salina Kennel Club show Friday More than 1,300 dogs are scheduled to be part of the All Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trial, to be conducted Friday by the Salina Kennel Club. The show, which is expected to feature 116 breeds, starts at 8 a.m. in Agricultural Hall and Kenwood Hall in Kenwood Park. It runs throughout the day. Obedience will be judged in Kenwood Hall. Admission is $1. Hosts sought for exchange students The Educational Foundation for Foreign Study is looking for homes for foreign exchange students for the 1985-66 school year. More than 2,150 students from Europe, Mexico and Japan were placed in the United States this year and more are expected for next year. To find out more about becoming a host family for an exchange student, call Peggy Bartel at 823-7686. journal Photo HOMELESS - This 8- month-old male kitten, a proven mouser, is ready for adoption at the Salina Animal Shelter on State Street Road. Shelter hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. EXTENDED OUTLOOK Wednesday through Friday A chance for showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the east, Thursday. Otherwise mild Wednesday and Thursday, turning a little cooler Friday. Lows should be in the mid-30s to mid-40s northwest and the 40s to low 50s southeast, with highs in the 70s Wednesday and Thursday, and in the 60s Friday. ZONE FORECASTS Zones 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 — Mostly sunny today with highs in the low to mid-50s and northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Mostly clear tonight and wanner Tuesday, with lows 35 to 40 and highs Tuesday around 70. Zones 8, 10 and 11 — Mostly sunny today with highs around 50 and northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Mostly clear tonight and warmer Tuesday with lows in the lower 30s and highs Tuesday 65 to 70. Th« Forecast for 7 pjn. EST., Mon., April 1 3030 3O High 80 Temperatures 8O Showers Rain Flurries 'Snow Occluded FRONTS: - Stationary ' Cheyenne, Rawlins, Sherman, Thomas. ZONE 2— Wallace, Lo ZONE 1 , Logan, Greeley, Wichita, Scott. ZONE 4 — Oecatur, Norton, Sheridan, Graham. ZONE S— Cove, Trego. Lane, Ness. ZONE 7— Phillips. Smith. Rooks. Osborne. ZONE 8— Ellis. Russell, Rush. Barton. ZONE 10— Jewell, Republic, Washington, Mitchell, Cloud, Clay. ZONE II— Lincoln, Ottawa, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Rice. Marion, McPherson. ELSEWHERE IN KANSAS Sunday highs-lows to 6 p.m. Belleville 42-28, Beloit 41-27, Chanute 49-33, Coffeyville 53-34, Concordia 37-27, Dodge City 46-15, Emporia "44-30, Garden City 53-11, Goodland 48-16, Hill City 49-15, National Weatnef Service NOAA. U S Deo' oi Commerce Hutchinson 46-27, Pittsburg 50-34, Russell 40-24, Topeka 41-34, Wichita 50-30. SALINA WEATHER At City Airport, 9 p.m. Sunday: Temperature 30F; Barometer 30.06 in.; Wind SW 8 mph; Relative Humidity 100%; 24-hour Precipitation to 7 p.m. .02 in. Sunday's High 42; Record is 91 in 1946. Sunday's Low to 9 p.m. 29; Record is 16 in 1926. Today's Sunset 6:54; Tomorrow's Sunrise 6:14. Broadcasting of local, state and regional weather conditions continues 24 hours a day on NOAA Weather Radio WXK-92 on a frequency of 162.400 MHzFM.

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