The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHBVILL0 <ARK.) COURIER NEWS CrC Children Can Make Holiday Confections-Welcome Gifts • ;/ Social Calendar > MONDAY'S EVENTS Y, \y. A/Fiist Baptist chuich, meeting 7 P, M. .Woman's Missionary society, First Methodist church, meeting at church, 2 30 P. M Guild of St. Stephen Episcopal church meeting with Mrs. A Conway, 3 30 P. M, W.' M. U, First Baptist chuich, having business and social meeting at I lurch, 2:30 P. M. TUESDAY'S EVENTS T>. A, R, having luncheon meeting at country dub. 1 P. M, wllh Mrs James B. Clark. Mrs. 0. H Hall and Mis. A M. R Branson hostesses. Intermediate G. A.'s meeting First Baptist church, 4 P. M. Junioi, G. A,'b meeting First Baptist church, 4 P. M Central -. P.-T. A, having bingo party, woman's cluo, 8pm. Younger Set Bildge club meeting with Mrs. Human Taylor. Young Ma foils Bridge club meeting vilth Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon Mrs W Leon Smith having Tuesday Bridge club »niM>i>i»Y" EVEMTP Sunbeams meeting rlrst Baptist church, 4 P, M Mrs W. J Pollard having Wednesday Bridge club. Mrs. J A. L°eeh having luncheon for P. E. O. chapters here and 'at Osceola, THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. James Hill having Town and Country, Bridge club Mrs. J. A Lesch having Thursday Lunc-feon club Thursday Bndgs club meeting with Mrs. N. B Menard. Thursday contract club meeting wilh Mis. O. W McCutchen Mid-Week Biloge club meeting with Mrs B. A. Lynch. v n\YS ^ I'NTS Chapter "N", P. E. O, having luncheon- meeting -\\ith M\3 Harry Ku-by Old Playing Rule Fails When Opponent Leads to Weakness ny WM. K. McKKNNBY |The later club and dlairiond bid- Secretary, American Bridge League Today's hand Is an example oj n quite frequent situation Bt, the bridge (able, That Is, one ill which declarer has the choice of * AJU5 4.AQJ Duplic:i!e—N. & S. vul. Soulli West Xorlh East P.i^s 3 A Pass > 1'nss -1 * Pass 6 A Pass Pass Pass Opcijing lead—VJ ding was In the nature of ace showing. After Ihc opening lead ol the jack of hearts wna wen with the. sing In dummy, South < drew thq adverse dumps, Then'be. led the ice of hearts, and fpllowed with the qucim of diamonds. This was won by East, who returned a, club: Up at that time, South had planned a club. finesse, but. with a club return he decided oiV . niedlate.. change in Uctlcij, lm- The Bite of News Mostly Personal Mavtha Jean Winbuni Jo Wed Fanner Englanr 1 i Mrs. H L. Wmbum, of Arkadelphia, today announced the engagement of her daughter, Martha Jean, to Farmer S England Tin wedding will take place Monday Deccmhei 28, at 3,30 o'clock in the afternoon nt the Enst Baptist church of Arkadelphia witli the Hev. Thomas Wade Croy to'n, of Monticello, pecformins tin ceremony. There v»ill be no for. mal invitations issued and friends, of the tv.0 families are invited to attend. j The announcement of the en. gagement is of much interest here, where both Miss Wluburn and her fiance arp well known The bride-elect, who became fi member of the city high school Jiffeicnt lines of play, and. uport .its chojcs probably rests fulfill- ncnt of his contract, I Obviously, South has 11 trlcksl n top caids, anct needs only to !nd the king of clubs in the $as.t land and the king of diamonds In. he West hand to make the ics^. fhe finesse Is considered an even nance, io at the start his hope f making his small slam contract •.ppears very gqotl. Superficially; , depends unon siicccss of two tnesscs. (f this were all to the hand, It •wild not be worth the" space ocr pied by tlus article, but nctu- ly there h mo'ic 1 to it South cannot hope for a suit leak to. gl\c him a lilck, as he olds only six of the 13 diamonds, leiefore, one plajei must hold ^ least four, and whatever foui' ley aie lie cannot hope by tralght leads to set up as nl.vrin- r the Inst diamond In'dummy.. North's bid of three spades peiv .ips wns too strong, while two .amends might, have .been con- trucd as sliowlng a live-card suit. ace was played, and now the refit of the trumps were led out, West had to find (our discards, He played two heart; and the ten of clubs, but when the lastj trump was led, he had; to chqoijo' be'* twceii thq discard of the king of clubs and one of his diamonds. Ho gave; up a small. diamond, and the tast three tricks were won with dummy's' three diamonds. Had East returned, g diamond Into dummy's strength, instead of a club up to weakness, the hand would have beeh beaten, as the essential entrv " r nnld ^ n * h*' A ~ ' rnfllncd In dummy -after"trumps Mrs, -Claud Cook has been admitted to Ihe Memphis Baptist hospital. J. H. Smart jr., accompanied by a number of j>tudents, w^nt to Memphis yesterday fpr blood tests for Roland Hunt, who ' 111 at the Baptist hospital. Smart's blood lyp<:<l snd » transfusion wss given for Roland, -who for several weeks. . He is slowly Improving, Mr, and Mrs. Farnsworttv: Black and daugtiter, B«tty, will spend the week-end at Covln«ton,.T«iin., with friends. Mrs Harry Klrby, Miss Martha Winburn, Miss Mary Bain,, and Stanfill Cutchln are' In Memphi; late yesterday has been i ill '•KB CHURCHES s, load board will have a short call scs-' s!on. We hope that all Stewards can report on their list at this time.. You arc invited to worship with us. We will try U> do you good. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CIHJBCH S. H. Salmon, raster What could be more appropriate in the beginning of another year of the present- pastorate than a pair of companion sermons on the Bible, our text-book of Christianity? "The Eible In a Time of Cori- FHIST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Eupha, D, Beasley, Pastor Sunday school, .9:45 A. M., B. L. Evans, superintendent. Morning worship, 11 A. M. Subject: "The Blessing ol a Spirit .fusion," therefore, will be the topic Fillecj Life." ( O r both morning worship at 11 N. Y. P. S:,.G:45 P. M. Evening service, 7:3« P. M. Sermon subject: Happy." "How To Be FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Carroll Cloyd, Pastor Bible School, 9:45, I. O. Westbrook, Supt. I Morning worship, 10:50, sermon 9:45 a,m'. and Young People's Ves- o'clock and evening worship at 7:30 o'clock, the subject being treated in two parts, complete in themselves, yet supplementary to each other. All over the land similar messages will be brought by ministers In observance of Universal Bible Sunday. Sunday Church School begins at "A Lesson in •, Percentage.' Ejvenlng .worship, 7:30. This ser:\'Ice will be in charge of the Missionary group of the Council and Mrs, Bertha Puller of" Little Rock, Sauli Clans, stars and decorated Christmas trees—all made of sugar superintendent of our missionary pcrs begin at 6:45 p.m. and spice and everything nice, such as mince meat, deserve a place on Ihc holiday schedule. Cup cakes, with snowy icing- and ltd' candy decorations are Chrislmasy Indeed, todiiy. Drs. Carl and Edna Nles> attended the. Ljly Pons Pfogrwn in Memphis last night. Niet., who has been. Or. Edna ill from a iback injury, Is now convalescing Today's Contract Problem SouJh, who opened,,the blo> ding with one spade, is playing Hie contact at sijt spades, after his partner has forced with 'diamonds. Should Wcs(, Iwllh his strong and-evenly balanced hand, double or assume that he .could score a gif.tei set by not levoallng his strength? > (Blind) AK108 If A 100 »KQ10p #:J<100 N W E .W • Dealer 4> None .VQ8652 ,» B 5 4 2 *8782 ' (Blind) E & W. vul. Oponei— Solution in next, {swe, Mrs, Jerry, S J. Cohen and. went to Memphis son, this By NEA-Servicc facuity ttoce daugtter of. Scare ago, is the late Dr, th< H: L Winburn, pastor of the Firs Baptist church nt Arkadelphia for many years She is a grnd, ".uate of Ouachita college, Aika' >! delphia, -where she also specialized- in. music. Mr. England, who is the son of Mr and Mrs. E L. Jones, has. resided here for a. number, of years He is connected with the Huddleston Grocer coinpanj * * * Woman's Council TCI Meet Monday. The Woman's Council ol the Christian church will jnect Monday at 2 30 o'clock at the home ' of Mrs John McHnncy on Walnut street The missionary group, iincicr Mrs. George Barham's lead' ership, will be in charge of the program. Tlrgc Attendance At''lrainui£ Union, A :full attendance of snembers H Cleveland, O, and Mrs A B Fairflcld. Lunch was solved at small tables In/tho- living room where the last of the garden floweis were ussd for decorations, In. the card games Mrs. J. Louis Cherry won & knitting bag for club award and both gueals were pre- iented 'handkerchiefs. Dclphians Meet. What 'the Federal Housing Ad- mintslration is attempting to. do In Arkansas was explained to mem- sers of the Delphian Study caub !n a meeting Wednesday, at the Hotel Noble, when L. M. Hawkins >f Little nock, state FHA field director, was the.guest speaker. Mrs. W. L. Horner was assisted by Mrs. Dixie Crawford in presenting the program which was on "The Challenge to Big Business." In the business session it was voted to purchase a }5 bond in the annmial Christmas seal tubqr- ;ulosis campaig.n Class Has a Supper Meeting. A program following supper tea tured the meeting: ot the Ladtc. Bible class of the First Methodis church, last night, in the socla room of the crnirch. Besides the 26 members thar were present: the Rev. H. Lyiv Vade, Mrs. Wade. Mr. and Mi- C. M. crittendcn and Harvey Mor- rcam and Faculty Banquet Guests ot Red Pepper Club' Seventy-foul attended the Red 'epper club's'annual banquet for he football tean) and faculty nembers In the Blue Room 01 he Hotel Noble last night ..The following program wiu, given Thanks, Sl|pt W D McClurkin; Time out, Jane McAdams, iresldent of. the Red Peppers; A Cherished jCoremonlal, ,Byrpn Wal[«, Why I Like to Play Foot- Calvin »M;oody; The Que.s- morning to spend the week-end with Mr. Cphep who is ill'at -lie Baptist hospital from injtir les received in a motor accident several weeks ago. He w(|i ,bc in. the hospital for about tet\ dsys nibre, it Is : believed. Mrs. B. A. Bugg has returned from several days slay in 1 , Memphis. Maureen King Morris, daughterof Mr.' and -Mrs." Samuel -P. Norrls, •\i\o has been |I1 for almost three Keeks, Is now much Improved Max B. Reid attended to business In Marlon yesterday. Carson Rogers of Cairo, III, was the gvest of Mr. and Mrs o. W McCutchen for several days while attending to business here Oscar render and Leroy Huddleston arc In Little Rotk today ,for the foo(ball "game ' Miss Jamie Sullivan, of Hayti, , „ - . - . . ... underwent an ^operation Thursday P cc| a"y when turned out with a r,lght at the, Blytheville hobpital '"™8ht to the season. Ira Parkhurst has returned from St Loyis, where ho purchased stock for his store Mr and Mrs J. \ r . <iuni,ja me - - - spending the week-end in Memphis namon, 1-4,teaspoon ground cloves, football game this afternoon U S Branson, who is 111 from pneumonia, Is better today. A L Berbough, of Dell.^haa returned froi he visited Coridrey.' Miss Mattlc Wilnm Craig, of FUIL GOSPEL CHURCH Vine and Lilly St. W. O. Singletcrry, Pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Sunday in Arkansas will be the'school Supt. N. W. Trantham. speaker. Mrs. Fuller will Morning worship following. The Rev. A. P. Price from Ok- chief bring a worthwhile message which all the church should hear. Young people's meeting at 6:30. Gccd ^program, enthusiastic dls- cufsions. All young people welcome. Wednesday evening at G:30, fellowship supper and program lahoma will preacli both morning and night. Young people meeting at C:30 p.m. Evangelistic services, 7:30 p.m. The Rev. A. P. Price will begin , a series of meetings each night. I Tor the entire membership of the. Do not fail to hear tlis man of ex- church. Lets make this a I(H)7o perience. He has announced such reuriioYi of all members in Blythc- subjects as, "Who Is the Beast!" ville. A program • of intertainment and recreatioii is being prepared. "Who Is Mussolini," "U'rintty of Hell.". These services will be educational as well as inspirational. Come and enjoy these services each night this week. - '. ; . Will Give Illustrated • Sermon Sunday Night FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH .Walnut and Eighth Alfred Carpenter, Pastor -9:30. a. m. Bible school. 10:35 a. m. worship service. Pas tor's sermon topic: An Inaugural sermon. Special music, Herbert drowning. \ 2:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal of Christmas Cantata. 6:30 p. m, Baptist training union. A box of chocolate spinning wheels, a- fittingly gay holidaj coiifec-1 m ^°' t j plcm ' ™Hrc cP Kenesf' From Ste " ll . was announced today. be special illustrated sermon will delivered Sunday night. 8 I God church, the Assembly of Seventh and Ash lion, will ring loud all the Christmas bells in the • recipient's heart. ; gar'a little at a, time, and cream Even the. tiniest member of the together until fluffy. .Add unbea't,- houEeljoM catches the Christmas en egg yolk and-..beat'well. Add cxcltqnienb And of course, big sis'- flour,; alternately;,.with milk, mix- ler can hardly • wait lo take he'r ing- well after • each'.addition.-Di- tuin at trie oven, baling a few deh- vide "dough into 2 •'parts.' To one cades for.iiOhoseii 1 -friends.' Cakes' part.-, add the .chocolate* which -has and cookies make'perfcct gifts, e's- beeh.imelted-.rBlend, in.well!' Chill ' '" - until-:. firm enough',lo ;roll..,; Roll each'half, the chocolate -and the plain. Into'a rectangular sheet, 1-2 Lebkuchen or German Christmas Cookies Two eggs, 1-2 Ib. light brown One Window. Special music, Mrs. Paul L. Tipton. Wednesday night is Church Night. 1:00, p.'.'iji: departments of Sunday school meet. 7:30 p. m. church- service.'-8:30 . p. m. choir rehearsal. , . ' PILGRIM/LUTHERAN CHURCH Sixth ind Walnut.- Streets II. J. klcuidienst,: Pastor Sunday school, 9 a.m. Morning worship, i a.m. Ssr.iion inch thick.'-Lay the : chocolate'sheet theme- "A Watchful nn Inn nf !^.-r. nloin r l,oii- .IThnr. t"- 1 " 1 " A VVaWlHUl J. W. Adams are' ™B»r, 1 ckp fiomvl-2 teaspoon cin- on'top of-Cic- plain sheet. Then roll up .the ;double : .sheet• as..for jelly roll. Chill over night'until 1 ounce citron,'1-4 ounce candled . 'firm eriougrr ,fo slice.'> Ciit'In'. 1-8 orange peel, 2 ounces almonds. iii^h slices. Bake on Mlgrcased Beat tlie; egg until light. sugar a little at a time.and brat The al- sliccs. Add ' baking sheet in hot oven (400 d'eg. on Ho ' Spr^ SVerl "" niixture.-Uioroushly... ?hc al, ,s aranS T E "onds, blanched,' must be cut fine. brnuuM.n, i. L T)JC cltron a ^ d , emon p , el mus j 1 be cut Into thin strips. Mix flour. Louis, is the guest of Mrs H Secoyat her Dell home, ball, tlon, Max Hut'chlns; solo, "Slni- bert's Serenade", M)ss Martha \Vlnbmrt, acpompanied by Mrs. Sol ma. Lcntz Morrison;- What Authorities Think About Football, Llojd Wise, Names, James Bm' ton; Toast', Marjorie Warren; Standards, Miss ;ppsa. Hardy; - The School and. the Team, w D Mc.- Olurkhi, Reviewing the Season and Business,: Carney Laslle; Good. Night, Jane McAdarhB Music was furnished through out the program by Mrs Morrison Misses Jane McAdanis, Virginia, Little and.. Evelyn Smart. Miss;' Luna, B. .Wilhelm Is faculty advisor for th'e club. Manila Society —- Personal cinnamon, cloves, nuts, citron and Imou peel Combine \yith the egg and silgar mixture.. Use shallow oblong baking pans. Grease I! carefully, then line with wax pa- nper. Pour' in ' Lebkuchen batter. Bake in moderate oven ' (375 deg. F.)-for about 25 minutes. While still warm cut into squares or oblongs. When cool, wrap them, in snow scene paper and tic with Ernest Giles of Caraway spent strips of green raffia. Wednesday . ajid Thursday visiting nls mother, Mrs. John Giles aud j Spiced Christmas Trees and.- Santa Claus Cookies ,hcr relatives nhd -friends, I (About 2 dozen) Miss Martha Matthews, who at- Three-quarters cup butter, i 1-2 ended a recreational school in clip brown sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tca- Jttle Rock recently, has return- spoon soda, 4 cups flour, 0 ounces'! Aimorcl 4-H d to Mani|a She wns accompan- dry mince meat and 1-2 cup water Tjleen Haean -.i I... *r— 1 * *-_ T-,.._ -' . '.. . Unllnr] l nn ^*t. n « ...,H1 «1.« n ^l. .1.:.. '' . il<l&*ljl F} for about" 5 minutes.•Demonstration Club News Notes; Dull 4-H Cluh . The Dell, 4-H i club-,was:teoi'gail- ized for 1837 at: a 'meeting day morning. Woadrow. •The l newi officers Reed,' president; Thomas '<• Smolherman,'.'. - vice-presi- '•'pnt; Pinr '• -.. Deri5"<o-» "secretary, and''Wilma 'tlglehart, re- ""i;'er. J. o. Pullerton arid •" Miss Cora Lee Coleman,''county'agents, Will meet with the'• club In Jami- Ri-y to make plans for the coming year. Club was elected presi- reorganization meeting this cm - 0 i] men t f or ' 1937 -in- ris. of the Junior-Senior Traming union of the First Baptist church is urged for tomorrow e\ening at G 39 o'clock by the president, Miss Evelyn-'-Smart. In .addition to the program plans will be made for the Christmas activities of the group. Biidc Complimented. Mrs Mobley Estes jr, who was before her recent marriage, Mis Virginia Bourland, was guest o! honor at a shower party given last night b> Mrs Holston Robinson; The pink and white motif favorite shaOcs for bridal parties. ,^was iised In the decorations and in t*e refreshments of individual ' ices and pmk "and white cakes, decorated with flowers, t' , In the bunco games plajed Mrs | . Eddie" B David won a plaque for -high'score prize, low score award, silhouettes, went to Mrs Bob Burns," and Miss Louisa Bourland rcc&Ued bath pander for the trav- , elln» prize. - IncUtfed in-the gussts was Mrs • Dick .Watson of Keiser, sister of After supper this program wa? given: invocation, the Rev. Mr, Wade; piano solo, Miss Adah H. Donoho; Christmas reading, Miss Winifred Goodrich; piano solo, Mrs. Henderson ,Hajl; brief talks, the Rav.'Mr. Wade, : Mr. Crtttenden and Mr. Morris. » » » Club Has Parly. Mrs. John FeathcrsUm ailei Mrs. C. E. Wilson were hostesses lo another of-the parties slven h« ' fak2 What You Kit" club last night at the Featherston home when there were 16 ladies present Bridge and rook were played al- '<er supper. the bride Club Meets'. Mrs W. D McClurkin had the Thursday Bridge club this neck <uhen she used chrjsanlhomums to '- decorate he'r house A fruit salad plate was served after the bridge •_ games / , Mrs 'H: A Taylor .won the prizo, - .^, H. Hqucliin? entertained •the MjdV$yeeki Bridge club;Tnurs- f-v when High Priest of Royai Arch Chapter The following officers have beei -lected for Chapter 117 of th toyal. Arch Masons for, the coip ing year: R. E. Blaylock, higl Driest; Ivy w. • Crawford, king Tom W. Haslett, scribe; E. Ji Terry. Captain of Host; Leslie E Baker, Prln. Eoj.; Jack P. Rob Inson, Royal Arch Captain; L D. Ryals, third veil; L. H. Autrey second veil; H. L.' Games, ' firs veil; Louie Isaacs, sentinel; W J. Pollard, treasurer and Hoy A. White, secretary. The next meeting will be he December 17. Odd Act Brings Prison CASSVILLE, Mo. COP) —Jim Garner was sentenced to 15 yea in prison becauss he drove an Iro bar into a log, when the log we; were, Mrs. C H through a sawmlll.vthe bar tore iv ,,ji c ,i B uw«i »cio. auo. u n. lyiougn a sawmuvtne bar tore i Winat,"who lived hero a number the machinery and killed an ope of yeats,ago,and viho'now resides atoi. v Oaceola Society — Peroonal cd by Mr and Mrs Eugene Mat- boiled together until almost dry.i'dcnt of the Armorel 4-H club at he^s who spent three days hero, or the equivalent of prepared moist ] a VIrs Matthew^ is the lorjpei Mis^ or home-made mince meat. Cream | /augh, teacher of ~ " ..-"— ----- i._..^-.. ,.^ Jnglish in the chool. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Earl New Ion, Sift : in enough flour to make a stiff /ho visited friends and relatives dough which can . be ; rolled. Roll ere foi several weeks, have re- into 1-8 inch thickness on slightly irned to Iheir/'home in Detroit, floured board. Cut with special of French nml butter, then cream together with c|urics . , 3 glr|s flnd u -.j oys othei Little Rock higii brown sugar Beat eggs well and g f fic(;I . s „,.„. r^ns Anderson, .vice- tU.-Add soda and the mincemeat p^ sMmi . Alma K . H I11,-.secretaiy tflcli. Chrlstrnas cookie cutlers into Woodrow Smith left Wednesday Christmas tree and Santa clans • - - - - - w here he shapes. Base on greased cookie shsel in hot oven (400 deg. F.) for _ __ Kennclt "fc 0 "'' '" minutes. Cool, and use is tlio guest this wek of Mi] wnite or colored boiled frosting to foi Los Angeles Cnl, 111 bo employed. Chester HUrgett of nd Mrs. Bill Burgett. put eyes, hats, buttons on Santa Fa r onio Lodge Elects Officer!; The annual election -.of officers ir Osceola lodge P. & A. M. No. was held Thursday night and he following elcclqd for 1037: w. t Kelley, 'Worshipful Afa'ster; L Smith, senior warden; J, T, toslon,;-. Junior warden; j. B. limn, treasurer; B. R. Moore, sec- clary; Aubrey Covyan, senior dea- on; J. :.C. Scurlock, junior dea- >n. Tlie master of ceiemoiiics and Her will be appointed by the forshlpful master and announced t the next'.meeting, A joint .Installation of the of- cers of .the lodge 'and the Eas- ern Star chapter will be held on he night of Dec 28 m the Fro- ;ressive club : rooms. Miss Tlielma Turner, who h»s c!nlls !>nd ornaments and outline leen visiting "relatives and friends ° 11 Christmas trees, .ere foi several days, returned to Hcrc ' s a e ift to cat wlllch lllc er home hi Snvannah, Tcnn She ver> " 5' 011I1 S youngsters can eithci make themselves or help make with a little guidance. Turkish Orange Squares (50 one-Inch squares.) Two packages orange gelatin dessert, 2-3. cup boiling water, 2 cups -vns accompanied by her uncle V. L. Turner. ', Miss Lccidle Hicks of Scnalli.t *Io., Is the guest :thls week of >Ir. and Mrs. George Bunch. Dr. E. - - • • • ter, niece. Add boiling water to the o.uick setting gelatin. Allow to stand 15 • meantime, boil to- Mr. and Mrs S. drove to {little ROck. spend the w,e.ek cn.d Mrs O 5 Battle Maggie Barbiers were flsltors yesterday. ! Hodges toddy to 1 and Mro. Memphis and MR. Cowan, returned lo their out stirring until syrup spins Fox left Wednesday thread. Remove at once from .fire. w moii which has nrsl Alma K. Hill,-, secretary Cmogene Smith, reporter.' Mrs Will Anderson and G.-E. Crlgger are the sponsors. Ekron 4-H Club At a meeting Tuesday the Ekron 4-H club elected Leonard Reet president for 1937. Other officer arc: Catherine- Smith, secretary Leon Austin, vice-president; Vir ginia Payne, . assistant 1 secrctarj Claude Bailey, Catherine -Sralt! and Ruby Vcm Trnnimell. son captains, and Virginia Payne, re porter. Sixteen girls and cightcc boys arc enrolled in:the club. *•*->•'• Lost fane l-H Club. The Lost Cane 4-H club wa reorganized this week with members, 10 boys ai'id 10 girls Leila siulls j s pi-esident, Audro McCaim is secretary and Fern Ermn. Blackshcr is reixirter. Floyd Blackshcr and Bessie Barnes are the local leaders., - Memtcrs of the club are-Donald Vcach, Dortlia Evans, Ber- »icc Brown, Leila Stutts, Fern McCaii.n, M^il- The .Lutheran Hour over-WLW t I2''noon or over KLC^f, 3:30 pm. Adult Bible class 7 p.m. Evening worship 7:30 p.m. ."Biassed nre they that hear the vord of aod and- keep it," Lk. • "• •• According to the Rev. Mr. Rhodes ,thls message will illustrate liow that the power of Goci today is able to 'defy modem religion. He' said in Commenting to piace before the people Elijah meeting Balaam's 1 prophets in person. The sacrifice also will, be laid as no o;:e else-, can lay it but Elijah. We will .also demonstrate to the people how. Elijah prayed down Ihe fire and consumed the sacrifice before Baal's prophets." Rumble Seat Law Bobs ilp HONOLULU. (UP)—It is against the law in this American terri- FIRST METHODIST'CHUKCH •• H. Lynn Wade, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45. Worship service, with preaching tory to hang rumble seat. your, foot one of n James Lee learned by p.stofat 10:55, and Holy Com: Africa was this when Judge Louis -Le "daron, gave him la months' suspended sentence after the dignity, of.; tha court was rufllcd by laughter as the defendant pleaded guilty. Tne first t {I ceinber. :.-, Yming people-nieet at 6:45 p.m. Evening worship with preaching >y pastor at 7:30. All; are welcomed and appreciated. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH •M. N. Johnston, Pastor Church, school regular hour. Preaching- 10:40. Young, people, 6:15. Preachin-* at seven. . Morning hour the Communion. Who should partake? Evenin" Th» uplifted Christ. -After--. the; evening service the Open All Night ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co club in at -Pough- kcepslc, N. Y., in 1861. and held regattas and races on the Hudson •ivcr. FOR SALE "Bernat" Knitting Yarns FREE INSTRUCTION REGULAR CLASSES Friday, 2:30 p. M. Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1100 Chickasawba - Phone 792 chances your rad- Cold Weather Coming! Don't let us flu ialor with PRESTONB OR I'UROL ANTr-FUEEZE We also slock Alcohol antl oilier AnU-Frcczc. Russell K, Marr I'urc Oil Scrace Station Elk Heads His Specially DOVER, O. (UP)^-A curious occupation is M., E. DeHart's. professional.- taxidermist for 30 years, .he once; worked on Thso- doie Roosevelt's African specimens. Now he makes a specially of rejuvenating; elks' heads In Rev « rn «n-' been -rinsed hi cold water. Chill elder ot in retrlgerator over night; Unmotd and Ro'y.Lorfcn. Vast- cert at Elks' clubs He sajs he has been cycle nearly twice the every Elks lodge in the country, around the ortd-40,264 The Central Railway- was constructed between 1801, and has 32 tunn bridges along its course. of Pom &M alld ntsllt ' inio cubes with very" sharp . Misses Roll each cube in powdered sr.^ar and Kathenne Tipton and allow to dry thoroughly. Pack SVM . er °,", P ° stll(ie » l s spent In handsome cardboard box, lined iiitv iJ!,\ Mc ." lphls 'luting Miss with wax'paper: Do not wrap who sang in a con- pieces separately,'but pile up like auditorium. bricks. Chocolate Spinning "tVliccls 13 1-2 dozen) One and one-half cups sitled flour, 2^3 teaspoon bakhig powder, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 1-2 cup butter, 1-2 cup siisar, 1 eg? y;^. 3 tablespoons milk, 1 square unsweetened chocolate. Air-Conditioned Now ' Cycle Travels 40,264 Miles COVER, O. (UP)-Katl o Dlcch • ul he h « Mini Sift flour once/measure. Add countryside. . work a » d ««««* the baking powder and salt, SIIt : agaln. . Fla. <up>-AHhough prcdjcicd but not expected, the an'-couditioned" rubber-, bathing * u 't ba s arrived. 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