Blackwell Daily World from Blackwell, Oklahoma on January 6, 1917 · 1
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Blackwell Daily World from Blackwell, Oklahoma · 1

Blackwell, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1917
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THE DAILY WORLD IS PUBLISHED FOB PEOPLE WHO AVE NOT YET DUD IT WILL TALK FOR HOME WORK POB HOME FIGHT FOR HOME THE DAILY WORLD IS FOR A GREATER BLACKWELL A GREATER OKLAHOMA A GREATER NATION A GREATER PEOPLE A GREATER CIVILIZATION ' 9 VOLUME 3 NUMBER 5 BLACKWELL OKLA SATURDAY MORNING JANUARY 6 1917 $300 - A YEAR BY MAIL STORM KILLS 11 CHILDREN Tornado Demolishes Country School Building Near McAlester 12 Are Injured ning down the family but all escaped injury Seven physicians from McAlester Krebs and Hartshorne rushed to the scene of the storm as soon as word was sent out and neighbors from miles around lent aid The property damage will not ex-ceed $15000 as there were no growing crops in the field Most of the buildings destroyed were comparatively small A heavy rain and hail accompanied the wind FARM HOUSES BLOWN AWAY McAlester Okla Jan - 5 — Death swept down out of the skies into the Vireton schoolhouse thirteen miles northeast of McAlester today and took the lives of eleven boys and 'girls Twelve more are injured and four of them probably will die Only three boards of the flooring are left tonight of the little one-room frame building a 'Baptist Indian mission that was struck just before noon by a January tornado Four farm bouses are in ruins and half a dozen more were lifted from their foundations The storm swept a narrow path only about six miles long — The dead children are: Jesse Bristow 17 years old Lilly Bristow 7 years old Budge Brummett 6 years old Berta Davis 9 years old Ollie Davis 7 years old Albert Dickinson 6 years old Floyd McFall 7 years old James Paddy 13 years old Etta Pendleton 17 years old Alta Warren 18 years old Verda Warren 14 years old The four school children who are so seriously injured that they are expected to die are: Lilly Baldwin 6 years old Elsie Perry 14 years old Florence Rose 15 years old Jesse Rose 8 years old Others who are seriously injured are: Marion Rose 8 years old Raymond Perry 8 years eld Flossie Bristow 15 years old Ojie Bristow 8 years oh Ralph Davis 9 years old Miss Vera Carter "teacher jaw fractured and jiead cut W T Rose member of the school board dislocated spine may prove fatal Mrs John Garvin leg fractured The storm struck first at Richville seven miles southwest of Vireton wrecking a boiler room and tipple atone of the mines then lifted and did no further damage until within a quarter of a mile of the school building Tearing the home of E L Warren from its foundation and wrerking tha Choctaw Indian mission across the’ road the storm swept up the valley i for nearly a mile then suddenly changed its course ripping the school building'' from its foundation and hurlirg dying and bruised school ' children down the hillside and acres the ravine some of them being pick- ed up os far as a hundred yards from-the s-'ts of the building I i Timbers (somc of them whole sec- 1 tions of the walls were scattered for a distance of 200 yards Only two children of the twenty-1 eight in the building Fred Perry and Ralph Brummett escaped entirely uninjured I The homes of John Garvin and Will Jewell and two farmhouses belong-J ing to Mrs Mary Cray are in ruins Mrs Mary Gray with her son-in-1 h'1' Jhn Davis and daughter were j in the cella under their house The T"'i :irg was tern from above them1 "ithont injuring the oecuknnts of the i cellar ' I Will Jewell his wfe and fivo chil-' dren were in their home when the stenn struck Mrs Jewell threw the I children upon the bed As the wind twisted the building from its founda-ien one wall fell across the bed pin- HOW TO BECOME AN AVIATOR In First Test Hot and Cold Water is Pumped into the Ears The first test tried out on a candidate for a license to operate an airplane is the water test Hot and cold water is pumped into the ears of the prospective aviator for many minutes to ascertain whether he is subject to dizziness Then the pupjl takes the second degree He hops along a chalkline in the light and then in the dark This is done so the nstructor may find out if he has the proper sense of direction Lastly comes the flying test The army airplane which flew from Min-neola L I to the Philadelphia Navy Yard the other day as reported in The Star were for the most part piloted by national guardsmen and civilians taking the final examination for commissions in the flying corps of the officers’ reserve corps United States Army Among these was T io”t J E Miller of the New York National Guard who is president of the Columbia Trust company New York City The airmen were dressed in leather from head to 'foot They wore leather caps with earflaps and hands across the nose Coats and trousers were fur lined and the latter were fastened at the ankles to keep out the cold Each of the aviators wore four suits of heavy winter underwear Twelve pilots with observers started from Minnenla Eight finished the 115-mile journey One accident occurred in -the landing of the machines A pilot’s gog-gles’slipped and a high wind blew them crooked He could not see distinctly As he circled down his machine headed for a flagstaff His arms were stiff with cold and he could not stop The airplane smashed into the pole and came down in wild gyrations ramming its head into the mud The pilot and his observer were assisted from their seats while the machine stood on end Neither was hurt PAPER PROBE TO GO ON Attorney General Gregory Is Con-i inced f Seriousness of Situation May Cal Grand Jury Washington Jnn 5 — Attorney General Gregory today assigned attorneys of the department of justice to confer with Federal Trade commission officials and examine disclosures contained in the commission’s recent' inquiry into conditions in the print paper market “as a basis for determining what further steps to tab” “I know from what a'ready has been brought out” said the attorney general in a letter to the commission “that a serious condition exists in this trade and that any remedy which the law may afford should be (pnl'ed at once” It was intimated at the department of justice that grand jury considers-tion of information in the department’s hands micht be expected shortly Horricane Isle Maine has only one voter Subscribe foy The World! EARNINGS ARE APPORTIONED1 MISAPPLICATION OF FUNDS Prominent Railroad Financiers Are Blamed for Bad Condition of - M K & T Chicago Jan 5 — Details of the petition filed last week in St Louis before Federal Judge Dyer on behalf of Isaac Fish of Chicago and asking that Myer J Stein of Chicago be named co-receiver of the Missouri Kansas and Texas railway with Chas E Schaff tKe present receiver were made public here today The petition drawn by Mr Stein A sum of $22302773 is available describes Benjamin F Yaokum Jas from the earnings of the school land Speyer Frank Trumbull James H - ' Wallace Charles E Schaff Frank A of the state for the support of state Vanderlip( Waiter s Cranflell Harry institutions for this year That fig- ' S BlackA Harry S Davis and Edwin ure was reported yesterday by Geo Hawley and James Campbell both de A Smith secretary of the land of- ceased all well-known financiers and fice railroad men as entering into a con- Thei money will be distributed among state schools as follows: University $8839490 University Preparatory $3666778 Agricultural and Mechanical college $11574720 Negro Agricultural and Normal university $2280193 Normal schools $12745491 This divided among the six state normal schools will give each of them $21-24248 These are the figures from which the boards controlling the different educational institutions of the state calculate the amount of appropriation needed from direct tax to support the schools All boards and heads of institutions are preparing these requests now The secretary of the school land department estimates that the earnings will be the same for the next two years y MILLION DOLLAR GOLF CLUB spiracy in 1909 and diverting and misapplying moneys funds and credits of the railway company - The petition alleges that t)ie defendants bought shares of stock and bonds of olher railways controlled by them increasing the bonded indebtedness of the Missouri Kansas and Texas from $112000000 in 1910 to $189000000 with acquisition of only 800 miles of road Information and belief Mr Fish sets forth in the petition that the company was mismanaged and that the conspiracy which he contends existed was similar to the operations in other railways which have been denounced in congres's as criminal Mr Fish asserts that Mr Schaff named receiver was president of the company and was cognizant of all of its affairs but that he does hot believe he benefltted financially ’ thereby The petition was taken under advisement by Judge Dyer and his decision is expected in a few days New Links to be Built for Canadian Munition Dealers The metropolitan golf' district is to have another 1 million dollar golf club " The men behind the project are all Canadians who live in New York and Philadelphia Recently a 1400-acre farm known as the Belle Mead farm at Somerville N J which is about half way between New York and Philadelphia was purchased by n syndicate pf fifty men who are said to have made their money out of mtiirtions for the Allies The club expects to make the golf course one of the finest in the country — New York Globe FOR A ‘40’ NEAR GARNER $19000 Deep Test to Be Made at Once Terms of the Lease Say - Oil and ga3 rights on a 40-acre tract two and one-half miles southwest of the oil wells at Garber Oklahoma were bought by J M Vanwinkle of Oklahoma City for $14000 cash nnd $5000 in oil if any is found Mr Vanwinkle is to start a well at once The Sinclair Oil and Qns company drilling in the Southeast cornor of 25-22-4 just north of the same cotn-panv’s discovery well The test is 1120 feet deep and oil is shn'ing WILL ELECT DIRECTORS t a Six Directors of Blackwell Commercial Club Are to be Chosen Next Monday Night WILL ALSO) HOLD A SMOKER Monday night (s the time set for the election of directors of the Black-well Commercial Club and if is expected that a large crowd will be present There are six directors to be elected at this time it being the plan to elect six one year and five the next Five of the present directors hold over The meeting Monday night will be followed by a smoker The Economy Refining company and J C Hartman will furnish the cigars for the club TEXAS OIL PRICES GO UP An Advance of Ten Cents Announced on Several Grades Houston Tex Jan 5 — Caddo light De Soto light Thrall and North Texas petroleum were advanced tencents' a barrel by the Texas company yesterday The new price places Caddo Uight Thrall aqd North Texas oil nt $150 or within' five cents of the top mark reached last spring and De' Soto light is now selling at-$130 a barrel Following are the other prices quoted by the Texas company: Caddo heavy 85 cents Chriehton light $120 Jennings $100 Vinton $100 Sour Lake $100 Humble $100 Markham 75 cents 1 Lime should be applied after plowing and preferably three or four weeks before seeding alfalfa in order that it may become from frequent harrowings thoroughly incorporated with the soil It is often practical especially when using ground limestone to apply the lime to the crop precedin'!?: in order that there may be time' for it to become thoroughly available for the alfalfa Try a World “Want ad” wells are being sunk near the north-! 4 TTPhTlX A W1 XT ern edge' of this leased strip From A I I KlVH AIM! I4 $lto $5 an acre has been paid for thest leases The Texas company posted a market price of $175 for Cushing crude and met the price of 80 cents for Healdton and $150 for Oklahoma and Kansas outside of Cushing The Texas company is not buying oil at this price but on the other hand has a contract to sell 2000 barrels a day the contract being based on the market posted by the Prairie Oil and Gas company The contract calls for a premium of 30 cents a barrel The new price is regarded as somewhat of a joke by’ other purchasing agents but not by the independent refiners who are paying as high as 80 cents premium above the Prairie’s price because should the Prairie meet the Texas company’s posted price Cushing oil would be at a prohibitive figure for independents A TRAGIC CORNER OF BELGIUM Just Two Inhabited Towns in Two Inhabited Towns Unconquered Part ' Mid-Continent Oil Reflections 9 The best authority srives Oklahoma credit for producing over half of the hteh grade (reffnivurt oil of the entire world wonder those in the state who study the oil business renlue the importance of this great industry and what every new vt eli means to the state ' COMPILED DAILY FOR THE WORLD OIL MARKET Producers Oil company has a 2-000000 gas well in section 19-20-13 H1dton ('ervicana light Klc tra The unconquered part of Belgium is the most pitiful the most tragic little bit of territory on earth today It has just two inhabited towns and some villages of which Adinkerke is one La Panne I call one of the inhabited towns though it has been cleared of most of its civilian citizens and id inhabited 'mostly by soldiers Then there is the lovely old town of Fur-nes-r-or Fiurne as the Belgians call it — which won great fame during the battle of the Yser and where a few people still cling to their homes and live in hourly dread of shells — which let me assure you is a trying enough experience for an hour or two What it must be through days and weeks and months on end I cannot conceive Nieuport up on the coast is not in German hands but it is wholly destroyed and is still made the target of frequent 'long tange bombardment of big guns looking for French o Belgian batteries supposed to be located somewhere near it or in its ruins Ramscapelle where the big action was fought and whence the Germans were driven back across the Yser to be held there is nothing but an old ruined mill with a tall smokestack still standing — though with two big shell holes through it near the top — and a couple of houses on a corner which are now used as a first aid dressing station the first behind the firing line A little more than five miles away across the flats lies Dixmude whence the Germans direct an almost constant action and about ten miles farther to the south is Ypres of epic i history — Saturday Evening Post STRIKE HITS 'BRITISH NAVY IS LARGE Citizens from Twenty-Three Counties Present at Good Roads Meet at Norman GOOD ADDRESSES MADE Twenty-three counties out of seventy-seven in Oklahoma were represented by either commissioners or county engineers during the fourth day of the good roads week at Norman Three comnfissioners with their county engineer attended from each Jackson and Harpier counties - Features of the sheeting were addresses by Prof J I Tucaer director of the conference R C Terrell formerly commissioner of public roads for Kentucky and H C Hammond assistant state examiner and inspector Faculty members of tha university attended 'a luncheon at noon given by women of the Methodist church President Stratton D Brooks was the chief speaker at the meeting “It is hardly possible to exaggerate the value of good roads and their influence on other interests of the fftate” he said “In just the same way that the growth and development of the ! state university makes itself felt in the improvement of every legitimate interest in the state the improvement of Oklahoma’s roads benefits every other interest Good roads in Stephens county even help the university They make for better schools which means more boys and girls prepared to profit by a higher education which means a larger state university” Paul Nesbit speaker of the house of representatives made the leading talk to road men on yesterday which was designated “legislators’ day” Senator J Elmer Thomas of Lawton also made an address Boilermakers at Liverpool Refusing to Work Overtime Walk Out in the Bird Creek district Lewis’ ’No 2 well in section 25-17-8 near Beaumont Kansas pumps 26 barrels every eight hours ’In Osage county Kennedy has completed Nos 9 and 10 in section 22-20-12 good for 35 and 30 barrels respectively after shots Redgraies and Cranbill have made a location ii the northeast corner of the outhcat quarter of section 14-13-15 in Shawnee county Kansas So 110 110 Kdimt 150 Henry tta — 110 Hr Koto 1 SO PitHdn IS dfurml 150 I K I A Good Opportunity If Y ou Want to Buy a Home or Vacant - Lots I can Save You Money Let Us Build You a Good Modern Home and Save You Money List Your Property Here For Quick Results Farm and City Loans Insurance and Investments Notary Public F L CUNNINGHAM Room 4 Fttrr Building Phone 494 The Blackwell Oil and Gas company will st(t spudding in on the No 2 on the Wolf farm southeast quarter of section 6-28-1 east shortly In the Jennings Ok field the Carter Oil company has a well making j two hundred barrels in the deep sand on the Van Eman farm 20-20-7 The No 1 on the Larrabee farm southeast quarter of section 24-28-1 west is being rigeed up and will be put on the pump It is a Mid-Co Petroleum company holding The first test by Kimbley A King on the William Frances allotment in th northwest quarter of section 11-13-14 was shot and the well is mak-irg forty barrels a day This well is located in the quarter which Kimbley recently purchased for $ 5000 A new rg has been erected on the Currsn farm in section 14-2’M Sret one mile south of the Kansas state line It fr understood that a deep 1 rirto 15 dtirrmi) CMc (82 drirma) - ( a icin loruiicj— — - Caned IVnnxyvnnla Mercer (Itlttck) Nw Celtic — — Nn’-th Lima j 153 Ktuth Lima — — 151 WonAtcr 11 0 Indiana 1 M Princeton — 157 PonrrK - - 3 OS Hntrland i '5 Illinois 157 London — The Press Bureau has is- sued the following statement: The Astra Oil and Gas corporation -r 52 with offices on Eroadway New York j A majority of the boilermakers in has been incorporated under the laws the port of Liverpool are on strike of the state of New York and has The strike followed the refusal on taken over the property of the the part of the same men for a per-Boesche Oil and Gas company and the iod of five weeks to work overtime Oquagi Oil and Gas company of Tul- Their action has been taken in defi-sa owned by T B Crary of Bingham- j ance of the urgent requests of the ton New York and L H Boosche of leaders of the uiikon and in violation Tulsa There is a production of COO I of the provisions of the Munitions bnrrels of oil near the town of Jenks J Act and the concern had 15000 acres of i “The grievance of the men arises leases and several gas wells frm the award given by the com- ’ mittee on production November 3 They applied for an advance of ten shillings on the ground of increased will make stands a 20-barrel pumper as it The Rushville Drilling company is shut down waiting for fuel on their test on the Stuart farm in section 33-25-5 In section 4-26-5 the Foster Oil company is tubing their Nos 2 and 3 to pump on the Cook No 4 is spudding No 6 is rigging up No 7 is a rig and they are building a rig for No 8 Wildcat Jim well No 2 in the Graham district reached the oil sand at a depth of about 1000 feet With the drill nine feet in the pay sand the well is making a good showing The well is shut down waiting on the arrival of owners from pklahoma City This well means another field for the Healdton district ! was three shillings “Admiralty work of the most vital importance is being greatly delayed” Two wells will lie drilled immediately on the John M Taylor farm in - section 3-21-15 hy William Snyder tet wrl be made unless the 2 0-19- v 7 - n fer Green an! Morhman and assoe- foot sand found by the Bermont Oil ate on the Lester Dana farm tn tfce company i pic P’ same section The bringing in of the be ur known Two well in the 500-foot and thirty-barrel oil uell on the Taylor j ( 7nr unk in th near Okmu gee are attracting atten- farm a bnrt Urn nor hem part of R-ley county Kan lion WVbb and associates hare a J ed activity the development of this lht line fmln ny we’l making Un barrels and the Coa- Walty and thi section of the state den Oil and Gas company has a well making seventy-five barrels- The The oil production of Butler county Kansas is 63000 bnrrels daily with 48000 barrels of this amount being I Yving'nd7he award given credited to Jie Augusta field and tne j remainder to the-El Dorado field The Empire Gas ami Fuel company is the largest producer in the Augusta field having 26000 barrels daily The McMan Oil company is the next larg- ! est its production being 12000 barrels John W Gilliland is third with 2200 barrels Fourteen other companies furnish the balance The value of stored oil is indicated by the -fact that since the McMan O’l company began to store all its oil it has increased fifty cents a barrel Roy M Johnson the newspaper ' man at Ardmore who made a fortune 1 In -the development of the Healdton field drilled his first wildcat well in 19-3-4 just a short distance west of Healdton The well was a failure but Johnson is not discouraged He has made a locatioif on the J S Mullen farm in the southeast quarter of sec- ' tion 20-3-4 on the same block of acreage and will drift another test He probably remembers that if the initial well at Healdton had been lo-1 rated only a few feet farther south it is probable that the fields would 1 AMEND POTATO QUARANTINE Hereafter shipments of potatoes from Dominion of Canada certified by the shippers to be as sound as is commercially practicable and to contain no more than 10 per cent of tubers showing traces of disease will be admitted at any port ot entry of tha United States instead of at certain designated ports only as In the past The shipments if accompanied by certificates of soundness as provided will not be held by collectors of customs for inspection excent on special notification from the Federal Horticultural Board An order amending the rules and regulations of the potato quarantine to this effect has just been issued by the Secretary of Agriculture Under the amended regulations ‘the mnorter must snnlv to the Federal Horticultural Board for a permit for importation of potatoes as at n resent designating the desired port of entrv The foreign shipper must enter the number of such permit on his certificate of soundness The Federal Horticultural Board has prepared and will send to all applicants for perroitf forms for shippers’ certificates of soundness Don’t Build That Home VrGl von see the latest ’dans and specifications of modern homs on the market We wt" snve you money See Cunnireham Room 4 Foster Buildinc Phone 494 — 29-tf J A Tharp is confined to the house with a severe attack of la grinne CALL AT THE Lucky Leaf Oil Gas Co site of thee welU is unusual at the:r depth Kansas Distributing company’ No 1 on the Bitter farm in section 2-26-10 ftt Eurvka Kansas is being deepened The 11 is about fee t Aeep ar I mM 26 bo reels dir- i-g the first Twtty-f'mr bears It! Dm county A L Funk p rnmiiH-nt oil produc- ( appear to he entering upon an oil er ho has been ore of the city cm- and gas business of fairly large ppo-insopers in Tu’ a e—d who has de portions The well are being drulel mted much time to the upbuilding ty the Gypsy Oil A Ga company of the city durirr the ’at year has S-ime tme ago lease were secured msic-ed hi post cn and will have 'on thou-ard of acre of land in this fnr Frwa darn g the week Hi ecton beginning Jat et of Wske-hrther-m-law E O Fit of Fort field in the sautheasteru comer of ! will make the tp with Clay murty and ru— 'ing in a bmad Over State Guaranty Ban!: and Subscribe for Your Lucky Leaf Steel: Me are use rigging up at working within the next few days This is a very imp$-taat test for all concerned Tsar subscription will be appreciated Far the ewasrwiewee af thane that cannot rail during the day aft re will be open from 7 04 o’clock to 14 o rlork p an strp nnrth to rear May Day D ' It LUCKY LEAF OIL Q GAS CO

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