The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 2, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1930
Page 3
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y IHE DUCHESSOF (HKHf STIR'S GOAT(ART ! BAWLED BERTRAM the BOUNCER. "My man," reproved the Diichesa, "it is seldom that I speak directly ' to a menial, but those rasping, grinding tones were more fitting for peddling fishthan announcing my coach-and-four." "A thousand pardons, Milady," replied Bertram humbly, "but what am I to do?". "Smoke OLD GOLDS, fellow! The honey-smooth heart-leaf tobacco will change your growls of a grizzly to the amorous eooingB of a pretty pigeon. Throat-ease follows this smoother and better cigarette as hounds follow the scent. Away! with you, and OLD GOLD yourself! There's not a bark in a billion." 9t OLD FASTEST GROWING CIGARETTE IN HISTORY r. .NOTA COUGH IN ACARLOA& Listen in . . . OLD GOLD-PAUL WHITEMAN HOUR. every Tu«»dsy,9P.M.,EM»erii Time Largest. Legion' Bund In tUtffo • :|; try Vim/Get Uniforms. ''f "' :V ^t :-^FT .'!il:t Measurements of the members of tfcej i American Legion state - band, for! uniforms will be taken during rehearsal at Indianapolis js»n- aay.^April Cth, at the armory American Legion statej ban^l composed of 125 members! crusted from among the membership of the. Legion throughout jthe The membership includes!] men whd have placed withiSousajjljry- or, ! Kryl, Persian's Own band), jthe President's Marine Corps band at Washington.j Bachman's Million Dollar band;. Brooks ! band, > the Royal Scotch Highlanders band. Gentry Bros! circus and othqjr-|b'lg circus and carnival bands. The band! by: far the largest Le" k — lis' The re­ gion band in. the country, good as any. non-professional gaijization. Juite a i: library music has | been whith will give the ceptjional range! of music -The uniforms w!ill bejof a yiyid gretjn material,; trjimmjed with ver! piping. -The coat will be taryj; style with aj long I skirt as or- of accumulated band an ex- and wide pockets with a roll cellar. On-;each shoulder will be an orna- men't'-with--the word! ''Indiank." The. coat will be < set | off wi|n ,a whjte leather Sam Browne belt. Th.e ; trousers will have a white braid down ;each i' side witl | a slightly flared cuff. The cap will be the overseas; cap. Iii selecting 'the uniforms ho Louisyijlle committee visited- the con'vention of the American gion and after I making! notes (of the ivarying! informs decided up- i on jthe green because ! irio j hand appeared in: that [color i'also 1 was noticed • that jonly jorijtwo of tlje band represehtjed • there had an insignia on the juni- forms showing what state they were from In ordering the green uniform the entire supply of the green torial in this country ; was j chased fromj a New York import other It ma- i pur- So c i e t y i i member be life a flower the rooms'of'the'vet- l.<"Si»ii Auxiliary. is urged thai; every present. There will shower for erans at the Danville lliospital and 'every riiember of the'Auxiliary, is asked to hring\or send one or more sprays of artificial flowers for the'shower;'.The veterans in the hospitlal have made beautiful be i 'nter -|-Tv a ii.'-pockets for each wall of evening at the > their rooms and the' Auxiliary on| members will fill, these baskets The members of the American Legion' Auxiliary will tained Thursi home of Mrs. C. W. Moiint North Main sireet at 7:30 o'clock.! with the flowers. Mrs. Mount "vj-ill be assisted in en-j All old and new : members are tertaining by Mrs. James Mood; asked to come to Mrs. Mount's an'd Mrs. Lee Leatherman~and it: for the meeting. /! . ; ' l DfT7 Tonight and # ^Wednesday BIG DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM Mexieali Rose' — with— . . Barbara Stanwyck and Sam Hardy A color!ul all-talking dra- iiui oi lit.- :ni(l love on the Mexican l>:irilcr — the Mtoi-y of a., li«'«i-t'fss coquette who rast. I IIT lift* on the wheel c.t fate mil] lost. The Awful Truth with i— Ina Claire and Henry Daniel His lealousy, her pride, scandalous tongues—all contributed to make this husband and wire unhappy, but love prevails. at last.— a great, domestic all-dialogue production. .\. \ v I. Tlire« Tears Old. The 3rd birthday anniversary] of Master Allen Conoway, son ofj Mr.Vand Mrs. ;Rolla Conoway oi] Tipton was happily celebrated! with, a big birthday dinner SuivJ day g.t 'the home of Mr.,and Mrs. William Bilby near Tetersburg. A liig ahgei food "birthday cake with the .-three,candles featured, th pretty table decorations."" ' Other guests with Mr. and Mrs! Bilby a,nd Mr. and- Mrs. Conaway and ^family were Mr. >and Mrs Tom' Bilby and son Forest of ;F'ortj Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. Elvin! Thompson and family. ing j house, j The material is percent sunfast and the best gra|de possible to obtain. 1 The band lis directed by Car) [E. Preble, Bedford, who was with . A a number ; of,years. He was nliso with several tlrej'country, 'j'lans are Rousa as ai baritone soloist other large bands under way; for a Wednesday Afternoon Club. Two Good Pictures— No Advance m Admission* Matinee—10c and 25c. i i Evening 15c and 35c- I : The Royal Neighbor club will: be entertained Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock by Mrs. P. M/ Ly _|J _P!ls_-at her. home 328 S^uth East ' street. Members are all iurged to! be. present. Raciiu; madly dawa » mountain «ide — three fre*lil «'»rH out of coatml —the live* of four ing the halanee^—*he fi»-iteh is thrown, then— Tlie siviitest nerve-ting^ -Unit picture drama' ever ve»n r on' the screen. Mat.,:10c and, 25c. Eve., 15c and 35c. JA'tralitlnad of laughs; itaiex^^^hrlllf* •«m £RT ARMJTftOK- ; land JAMES .tiUAlOMV km unusiBK eomcdy dnuu—aa "all -diafague' tpic « —«"prodnctio« MM CM see wia MW wlwill MIS Alt XWiktpK Come«V^ •*tM* la this I The Wednesday Afternoon club Iheld.-a night meeting for mem- jhers and their husbands Tuesday j evening at the home of Dr.' and Mrs. L. P. Foster. It was an Aprilj Fool's party and an enjoyable program had been ; prepared J Guests came dressed to represent] characters in Mother Goosej rhvmes. In the bridge game Mayor Lee' F. Griffith and Mrs. Griffith were' the high score winners. die: broadcast in jAprll. | from Indianapolis PHI 1>EI/T PARTY. in Oni'd Party and Dance at K. of P. Hall Thursday Evening. The Phi Delta Kappa fraternity, of j this city j is giving a .ard party and dance" at the K. of P^ hall Thursday evening and!friends, these young men are cordially;in vited to attend.! The !public 116-118 South Main Street, Tipton Achieving Smart Styles At An Unbelievably Low Pried :. You'd never dream that these clever straps could be onljj $2,981 i Patent with brown lizard grain strap, silk lad underlay. $2.98 ATj-THE RITZ. | Business and Professional I- One of the prominent speakers who is: coming for the state meet ing of Sunshine Societies in Tipton Friday and Helen B. Paulsenj the lecturer on child life and She adopts the characters of Mother Goose to illustrate -the habits and various experiences in the. child. 1 She dOiesit ^o graphical- y and in sucii an;interesting jmauiier that they an^ear to live again n your imagination. I . I P ! Saturday, is Mrs. child psychology. MORE ^CANDIDATES. IJst. Growing as; Final Day jFor Filing Approaches. \ More^candidates for nomina.- tipns on the two tickets] filed eir declarations Wednesday and 3 , . ; < i e list is expected to,grow rap- ly wjthin the next three days. •Saturday is the last day for filing as candidate's :for county jof- fipes. . j' Oscar VI:. Itanisayer, Democrat, P i . - I- i has filed for the office of" member of the I advisory board of Jef- i'ejrson township.' j • Thomas ,Davls •„ ^andj Felix, ouchj both Republicans have filed for the offices of constable aid Justice of the Peace of Wildcat township. j 1 1 . Carl Tyner and.Ross E. Rose, both Democrats" have filed, for the offices of advisory board mem- bejr an'd precinct j committeeman fo' of invited. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. evening, it is announced. the hosj: Addleman and hostess for the •|jhere will bej dancing, anc bridge,! euchye something new Tipton jwill I be presented] tn and| forj the!way of music. •I Wedding. Anniversary. Royal Neighbor Club. Kill Kare Klnb. : -r. .= -J: ' The meeting of the Kill Kare Klub announced for. this' week has been postponed. Members will please take notice.; - Announcement of ^meeting, will be made later. . - l • Entre No«s dab. : Mrs. Art Smitsoh will enter tain, the entre Nous club, Thurs- [dayr afternoon at «2: to /o'clock at her home 22$ West'"\Wainnt street; Bveryii ....... stiwt; Bvery|member^j«ske4f^j Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Johns entertained Monday; evening at their home on West Jefferson street, at a lovely six o'clock din ner party in celebration of their 23rd wedding anniversary. "^The es guests included the members Son # Hardware their [ families, thei Compton & store force and relatives and a few near, friends: - The guests were:: Mriand Mrs 1 . Frank Compton, I Mr.! and Mrs 1 . Lon^Compton, Mri and "kn.^ David Compton, Mrs.-Bertha j; Compton,' Mrj '-and Mrs. SaU Jennings, Mr. and: Mrs.- Peter. Heiser,! Mr. «nJl Mrs. Ray Parnell, Mc. and Mri C. JO. Bjjdgley, Mr. | and , Mrs]. Calvjn • Suit*. v .and-g Mrs. pottle Legg of; ^16 store torcel, Mr: anikh. Mrs'. Floyd 'ConoWly and danght nftir ter Barbara Ann [of, Atlanta,'' MrsL' ij± _». Guy, Hawjklns ot Indianapolis and Mrf Kate Snyder of JTIpton. ^ I The very. line I chicken dinner with Jits acc^m^yiairliVleUciiiaf with 'the secretary of state, for liojmination on , .the Democrat ticket, for Judge of tjie Circuit court, Wednesday .filed a declara tiqn with the county clerk. Prairie jtownship. I'k James M. Piwvis, who some time ago filed • Ihii? declaration ,1 GEM ROBBERY • i 't • • - i'• llNSOIiVEDi Police Discredit Story That Hus band Is "Count" Von Buelow •J. Chicago, April 2.—The police theory that the 'Von Buelow $5(|,- 00B 'jewelry " robbery Monday night j was an • "inside- jo'bj" Mrs. Lottie Brenner von /her* estranged husband, Dechlow : von Buelow, others to detective headquar- last night to retell their version of the affair. Detective chiefs announced today they had gained ilttle additional information about tne robbery, but- that they had definitely discounted i!?he story that Von Buelow is a German count. FREE 'PARKIMR PLACES; Effoit Will lie men Sponsoring "Oh Veah! 3lade -to Provide Markers for Plnre.s. [At thb 'meeting of the city coun- eilrFriday night Chief of Police Leonard'will niaike a request for three signs to be placed at the three available parking, spaces'in the business district which have been provided. |j • One of these is at the rear of the postoffice, oi^e at the rear x of thii Linehack 1 service station '• on iWlsst Jefferson street, and one on }thi> Crleasoh lot cjn the south side :nf the Masonic building. The chief heliejves that if these places were marjked they would bei used and prevent a-congestion o| | parking in tjie business district. •' !' 'K- ; £2 AVo- BRIDGE RILL Pi I Watson -Measure Voted For Wabash River at Viarennex. ASSED. Bringing together once : more, ! his itime .,on the spoken streen, he celebrated team of comedians irhojmade millions laugh jilt the tage production,, -Zat; So!" 'athe's ail-dialogue produ :tiO"n Oh, 1 ;Yeah!" opens at the Ritz Theatre Thursday • for one day only, under the-auspices of the business and - Professional Wo lien.'s Club. The actors in qu 'es- ion 'are 'Robert Armstrong! and James Gleasbn, past-masters . of lie art of slang, who haven done wore! than any other two men lb j nake the world safe for Ameri} :ani^ms in speech. _ • \ "Oh, Yeah!'' is a fast moving ]i:omerty.drama with a railroad ! background, directed by Tay Gari lett. who in the last year .• has J made, .such notable screen.] ( nter- ;iainments; as "Celebrity,"; "The Spieler" and "The Flying ll'ool." • It is packed with comedjv pithos j and thrills and. according ;to advance -reports, the characters ; are portrayed'by a cast of outstand- ng excellence. •! ; Armstrong and Gleason play a conple of, roustabout railroaders who, pride themselves upon their immnnit^y to the wiles'of women Theu -a: couple of skirts step into their lives and the fun begins I Washington, Apijil 2.—The Senate yesterday passed a measure introduced by Senator James E. Watson of Indiana, Republican leader, authorizing the states of Indiana and Illinois to construct a free highway bridge across ttje Wabanh river at Vincennes. The bill was)sent to the House. Have Mo veil. Mnrringe Announced. [Tipton friends the announcement I i 1 • : • ij- riage ofi Miss -Lillian have received of the mar- ITerron of Kokomoi and Elmer E. Galbreath |. i;i i If Of IjWinamac, which took place March 31i3t'-at j|winamac: The marriage: was solemnized at -7:30 o'clock it the 'Methodist parsonage, in'Winamac, j |with the church pastor officiating single ring service. IThe bride is known resident daughter of the late Dr. John J. Herron and wife with impressive a former well of. Tipton, a of - Tipton. She was. reared in -Tipton and graduate of the -school. Following she took a hursiiilg has been a graduate several years. Stjje Kokomo for some; time. is a , Tipton high her graduation coiirge and nurse for has been • at- The groom business man is a •otT -well known Winamac, an llr rs. E. L. Meeker was at Kokomo Wednesday spending the electrical contractor and ' has built up a - successful business. They will make their, home in Winamac. A large |number of Tlpr ton- friends extend-- congratulations and good wishes. Mrs. J. J.- Herron, mother of| Mrg. Galbreath resides in Tennessee but at the present is in SJt. : Petersburg, Florida with her son!Lex Herron. Surprise :jParty. Parsons-Kurtz. Mr. aud Mrs. Geprge Cline. who..have been residing in~the north- half of the' McCarty double on North! Went street.jhave moved into the;south half of the double recently vacated by j Cyril Mattingly and family wljo moved to a farm northwest of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. M. p. Heindsel- riian w-ho have been! residing at 317 Xorth West street. have moved to thej north !side of the double just vacated liy Mr. Cline and family. Tribune classified ads pay. The marriage of Miss Esther Marie Kurtz of South Bend and Ralph Parsons also of South Bend which took place . Sunday afternoon at South Bend is of much interest to the many friends of the groom who is a fqrmer well known resident of Tipton. , The wedding-took place. Sunday-afternoon at 5:00. o'clock at the' First. Christian church parsonage' in South Bend, with the pastor Rev. Ward' Cole, reading the beautiful and impressiye ring service. The attendants were Miss Olga Krieger of South Bend, a chum] of the. bride as bridesmaid, and Ben Spencer, of Benton Harbor, Mich., as best man. '. Others present at the wedding were -Joyce Parsons of South Bend Step 8 -fr. Ironing) Horse Ladders i »lJCi Boards __j fl.,15 rollers Sweat Pa*t Bridles ; Hnniej Strapn HULL BROS. Dr. Ee E» JHCILS Cniiropraelor Office Over.Btas> Kroat Carner Jetfutsny ssl Phone 64. Mrs-. Mrs.j mother of the groom andj Minnie v Kurtz of Kendail|ville, j mother of the bride. Immediately after the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the 'oitsrer .Hotel. : ' - Mr. and Mrs. Parsons had jtheir own home furnished and waiting for-them at 419 Haney street th South Bend and are already at home to their friends. The: bride who is a graduate of the South Bend, high school and the South Bend Business college, has [been stenographer at the Studebaker Auto Factory since her graduation. : MJss Alice Groses; of was. the victim - ot [a^ planned .surprise party Tuesday Arcadia ..cleverly; Miss Marsala Winders west oi tov^njlir honor of j her eighteenth blrthds'yT Miss Groves was invited to ithei hqtbe- of Mjiss; Winders .to. spend the: evening! and upon he| arrival there found |several -other guests {-who reminded: her that»it. •was her .birthday, j The' evening was. spent-lniplayinKI cards and ta|Ang[*-^laKtinlel|. At a late t So¥r^sandwIehes.. i |ake-.« nSr.eocoa -The groom is a graduate of the Tipton high school and was! formerly employed with the Young Furniture .Company in Tipton before going- to South Bend Where he is manager of the Home [Furniture i Company of South 'Bend, and la rated as one of the successful young business men of Sjouth Bend. - ' . Former Judge John Marshall of the Howard Circuit] Couri, here Wednesday attending gal matters in the Tipton dl Court and' gTeet ing friends. I HI ; EACL* &A1n^r 8' With Us Before You Buy You]' Wall pOllE in and get our V pi ices. We tie never ui derbid. we tell sun tested papers. Harkler ft Spedtbsngh REXALL DBUO was le- Ircult No F4Ni• , VOUB IYIS fHn * up and inji nuoknol and in|spita of it ilt serriee. gift rt- tasetry Brrt ^here 's no._ in; to footyottTttlf the reanhs of ere-knin. Jttdnetd IMetonifort, vPoorj«ition. "Urn of normal jisitn J K "it

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