Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1957 · Page 26
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 26

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1957
Page 26
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Two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Declares Americans Eat Too Much for Own Good NEW YORK (UP) — Americans eat too much, according to a medical scientist who thinks it would be a fine thing for the country if their food intake could be limited by rationing. '.'Some day it may be possible to have a national rationing program in which each individual is limited to so many calories per day," said Dr. Edward L. Bortz, associate professor of medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Addressing a scientific symposium on agin?, he said there would be less aging and hence more abundant health among people if they ate less, exercised more, and broke up their work with rests. White County Starts Election Board Process 3-man Township Committees Named in First Step By Farm Agencies to Pick County Election Boards' MONTICELLO, Ind. - Governmental farm agencies and farm organizations of White county met Friday at the extension office here Monday Evening, July I, 1957, years of functioning increase in wui r. WJLU lusis. • I,,, ,. T ,,.,.,,. and selected township committees His point was that bodies don't lhat wil , nominate c ' andidates fo - r :a five-man township group, whose chairman will be one of a county board that will pick a three-man county election board. The process of eventually naming Ihe Ihree-man election board arteries have been found in bodies of babies. the t t Bodies age in accordance with an extremely complex patUvn which is formed by whateverjteesVecled'FridTy'.' tendencies and bodily conditions a' given body has inherited from its ancestors, plus whatever stresse and trains are placed upon it a Its years of life pile up. Thee stresses and strata? commit- These trios name ten 'candidates from each township. Of these ten, five will be elected by vote to form a town- Enot likely to show up. in weakness in the blood circulation ys- ship group. | These lownship five-man groups arc will each name a delegate lo e county board that will in turn name the three-man election board. tern—in hardened arteries'and, as I ,„. the final result, "strokes" and ! rhc P™ c edure was inaugurated heart attacks. | h y Secretary of Agriculture Ezra with patients and animals, is that th« total caloric intake Ls of equal If not greater importance than the divi-sion of foodstuffs into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats provided the protein content is adequate for positive energy maintenance," he said. "If any individual is on just the correct amount of food needed for immediate energy, replacement of wear and tear, and a certain modest excess for reserve, and If he exercises moderately and holds his weight at optimum, 'then he is enjoying a healthy nutritional (lotus. "I do not believe tin- carefully calculated restriction of fab Is of great importance provided the c&lnrlc value of the diet i« riot In excess, 'flic catabolic reduction of the various foods down to the common metabolic pool creates a reservoir from which tho Itwiy can re-.-iynthesize whatever particular elements are needed for tissue repair." Beyond the rw|iiir<;rrmnti! of tls- «ue repair and energy, the exwm (fora into "storage" in skin reference lo local counties. The three men in each township named Friday al Ihe meeting were, by townships: I fiig Creek—Wilson Parks, Arthur jShenk, Ray Wolf. j Casu — Arnie Fly, Robert Tarn, JHarley Rc/ims. Honey Creek—August Huge, Del- berl Mansfield, Leo West-full. Jackson—Leo Skull, Russell Reif and fvan Meeker, Liberty — Clarence Phcrson, James Huffman, Milford Klliotl. Lincoln—Frank McCall, Charles Wright, Dale Carson. Monon — Roy Flnlier, John E, Brov/n, David Arnink. I'rairie—John Sanhlorim, Oakcl j Fuller, Feed Wanner. f j rinee(nn—Oscar Matthew, fion Anliker, Vincent Dollck. Round Grove—Herbert Herman, C'hawncey Hrldge, Glen flomack. Union—Walter Jcnnlngi|, Elmer Dlllnian, Merle Mangle, Jr. West I'oim—Lowell Onus, George Griffin, Leslie Linden. Gunboat of Revolution the xlorage areas tb;it damage may accrue bucawii: <r! Die oxnia poundage from lm» many calories for too many days. It jj, my im- proNslon that exurcive is of an lirtal, I! not «reak-r, /rriporfanx-r: than fat restriction, provided tlm total caloric food value In llmilcil and the lndlvlduo.1 doiw not gain weight." Read the Classified Ads Exhibited ALJiANY, N. y._'j'ho Kiinbont I'hlladelpbia, one of Ihe original ships of (hi; me, Amor/can fleet, has been recovered from the bottom of Lake ClnmipJain. The ((uiiboal wan imu of the embryo Aiiinrlcmi Navy which delayed the Itrltlrih advance Hoiilhward and enabliifj the Colonials lo prn- fwinj ilKlnniHiH liir the uum\>ti\nn <>! 1V7V which enrliid nl Hnrulnga in victory for l.h« nallvii forcen, Tho ship i« now on display ricur Wlllihoro. N. V., on route 22. Towle Sterling % >o. PUc. T*« 3pMn», trum f4, Hrvlnl MK», flow $8.OO MiKlurn CuiHlll Slloln, !»., $3O.OO WHERE QUALITY REIGNS SUPIiEME ON MARKET STREET •* FASHIONS * Spring SultST-Originally $1D.98 to $39.08. Misses and juniors' suits in gabardine and flannel styles.' Some all wool, some rayon $10 to $30 Striped Orlon-Dynel Coat $69.88 $89 value on sale at Wards now during our lay-away sale. Brown or grey. Sizes 8 to 18. Spring Coats $8 t° $16 Originally $19.98 to $24,7n. Full length 'tweeds, boucles, hopsackings, plushes, failles and flannels in Ihc group. Junlora', misses' and women's sizes. Misses' Spring Toppers, rayon, group of 20 in sizes lo 18. *|T Originally $7.9B-$H.flB , V** Summer Dresses $3 to $8 Originally $4.00 lx> $12.im. Selection Includes shirtwaists, sheaths nnd 2-picca prints In cotton or linen weave rayon fabrics. SizisH !l to 20, 14 '/4 lo Wk and 40 lo !>!t In the group. Junior DniHHUH— Originally $1.00 lo $12.98. Collon«, novelty fahrlcs, prints and flolid colors In dressy and tailored Htylu.il Sizes 7 In 15 Included *•» VJ l<> Budget Dresses 2 ^r $5.00 Originally $2.7!) and $2.1)8. CuNiuil nnd <lrou«y Htylcw In mlloiin. tfre/itly rmluuutll 'hi iriiiini.'K 1 and women's iilais. Full pnl- lurnn, geomolricii, plulds. AiiroiiN, nylon and (iinbiiiised fabric Hlylon, orln- iilly $1,00 77c, 2 tlir $1.50 liiiiHitx. Counler-iiollud, amiorlod nl'/.wi nnd <;nl- rii. Originally ^>« fn lo tfJ.IKI .......................... V^O" HIilrlH. Slim lin«n-w<!»v« rnyon ami full column, liiiHorl.cd iil/.i!ii unil colnni. Originally £4 fn $2.1)8 1.0 $1,911, iii prlcii .............. V*« J" unil Uiiditn.New iilylcB it! $:i,()() unil $il.llli HM. Aimortw) ninoodi and mtilioraiccl cotlonn In prlriU ami iiollrl coloni. Htan 12 In 20. Summer Shoes 99c Orlglnnlly $2,1)11 to $4.49. Siiimmir driiiin, fliil nnil uplift, nliiiiiH In ninny liiylcii, Chooiii! fi'orri Klil palr/f In bulgi:, gri-'y, rc«l, l.wo-1'iiion /ii'ul blarrlc piil.i!ii!.. S!'/.<','i 4 lo 10; All) (', wIlll.llH III till.! Little Girls' Coats $1.47 *° $6.77 Him. $4.08 l» $12.1)8 main niiliuii'.d. Dninl.li: vliiar/iiiuit »l fallli), wool rnyna. Hl/im V.-ilx. Hllpn, Hiitr-KII|iH. Himc'lal purclnui»l l^iiuonii brand nylon tricot, and coUon bleinl nlylim nl .W,,!)ll ijiiiillLy, SeniHalliiniil r with lm:i; trim. Kllpii In al/i'i] ;!1;-"10, {••* jf«j Hair sllpo, H-M-L 9l»O5 )lnm anil UlnfJm, Hun. J),WI l.i; ,1;S,|)I>, Hollnil, Mont $1.50 to $3.98 Nyliin niul Hnyiin Trli'iil ,4lci'|iwn»r, long gowiin, wall/ li'iiHlli gownn and iiajainnti, lli'oltcii nlmn, Originally If I.till to W.IM CoUmi ItutlHli) Mini J'llNio NI<ni|)Wiuir, ciMintiil' iiolli'il, r.ong KOWIIM, Nliorly gowmi anil p/ijaitiHii. Originally $1.1(8 to $2,08 2 , w $3.00 Nylon Tricot Slips $2.88 'tr $2.011 ami $:i.U8 nllpri and Itnlf nllpn. trlimmul and iinniii with nhadow n, Whlti) and piifitnln, Rayon, Tricot Briefs 2 ^r $1 ptircliaxnl I'llnntlu log brioTn In wlilli), Hl/.wi II, (1 mnl 7. Huintiinr Jiiwiilry, urlijlnnlly Idle plii« tax MEN'S WEAR * Men's Walking Shorts SALE2.37 Walking shorts are as coo] and comfortable as they look. Washable, polished cot- Ion in popular colors. Belted front and elastic sides provide snug fit. Snnrl Shirts. Cotton short sleeve shirts in skip denls, lenos, print and solid colors. Small, medium, large. • • Reg. $1.29 99c DRESS SHIRTS $1.98 Special purchase. 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YARD GOODS Summer Cottons 33c yd- Originally :il": In fillc yd. (Iri'in irlnlii, illinlly prlnlii, brnnili.'liitli prlnl.fl, Inwn prJ;)f.H JIIH! b/il.l/;l,n prlii. 1 ./!. "Jf pi-Ion ^-| .vilii. V* Kulirli: Hcinniinl., originally 'Mil', to We. yi\ l.'nllliilK-'iicil Miniiln, originally 2llc yd r'l(!«r/»ur« ttt IntuntH* Wiirti lirool' pnnlii, iilinitii, loyn, Hiu-iiiiiiii, crtiiiimi'ii, rn iHtlvliiK lilniilu-.lii, ilriiimnii, jillnni) nliin|>lKn IMIKB. Originally $$1.21) In $2$.llll ........ 5,v«i ei'dilp IH*]>|K S8c, $1.47 Rcady-Made Draperies $3.77 to $4.77 Or!|'jiinl!y $:i,OM lo $(1,1111 pi 1 , inilliinil ilrnpnn In prlnl.il and niiviillli.'n, Hlimlii wldtli 4H"xllO" IOIIK. (,'i»lliin Illiinliiiln. Hufl, fliiiniiil, linniilllolt. nl/n, tJi'llilnnlly Illli: ............... * fin- ClminiiKW "I 1 (.'lillilri'ii'n Wnur. (llrln' nun iliximiitn, uliorlii, podnl piiiiliorii, hli nwnnlxji'ii. lioyii' iililrtn, |/ |/ linnl.d, Bwfiialiin;, nnlln ........ /4 In /2 Boys' Shorts 49C, 3 for $1.22 II fur $I.V,i > , cnmhoil wlton lirlnl'it riilnfnreod wllb iliiniblo nylon nl hm llrfokun nlw« I>ni|Miry Fwlirln. Itimullir Wit! tn $l.;il) yd, ;»i" Girls' Cotton Play Wear $U7 JloK, $$),()» no-lrun uwy in c»r« for fnbi-]c>, 2-pc, null cuiniii) In i'i«l, wlilUi, blue. 81xnn II in fix. tux lilrlK' Ciitltiii Hun Null, ItnK, AnBorl.ni.1 pntlitriw, !•« ,« f $1 * HOME * FURNISHINGS Automatic Washer—Electric Dryer $299.88 * Regularly sell for $369.95 but during this sale you-may save. They are loaded with fealurcs. They'll relax you on wash day. 2-Plccu Mohair Suclliinnl Living Itoom Suite. One green, Reg. $219.as $179.77 Wool-Pile Tonelle Rugs $88.88 Orlg. $]!!).!)!>. Siw; 0x12 ft, showroom samples, assorted colors nnd patterns. 40" .Si ?2«l).l)5. Aulomullc llKhting ovun Room Air-Conditioners $179.88 t° $199.88 Orltt. $2111.1)1) to $220,05 iilr-conilillonorH In %-li.|>. slue, Domon.slniloi'H unil KOJDC mnrrotl In shipping crates, Occasional Tables $8.88 Oiw group of regular prlcixl from $12.1111 lo $1(1.1(11 Inbli^, reduced for IhlH uvonl. Flour samples. Ambassadoi Group 2-Piece Living Room Suite $249.88 • Jlotf. $2l)».;)Ji. UciMlKiii-'il for Wnnls by KUOKIIliKII., A Inic, llnllmnrk <iunlil,y. KoTn niul inii!cli;iiK chnlr. KAU'll $:i-l.!ir, ((iiulll.v Cliuliiit, K, vinyl wvin 1 Mattresses, Box Springs $24.88 ^ $37.88 Aimnrli'd nlyli'ii of ninl.iiTNiii';i niul box iiprliiMn hy Iliirlini D|K|II, Wnnlii unit Slin- iiiiHi-s, I'i'diii'i'il, l''nll or Iwiu uly.rn, Inn, no niiili'lilim ll'M.il, IlnK. $r/,llli lo $1111.11!). Dnilici'.v I'Uhi-li', lU'K, $L:U> lit $1.1)8, 411" iiiiil.orlnl 88c Hi-Fi Radio-Phonograph $174.88 HnK. aillli.lili iiiiiliogiuiy viinnw nlyli-d i-alil- ni:l. wltli l,wn liliili i|iiiillly niK'nlmrH, M|X»N 10" mill 12" I'lM-onlH. Aliiiiiliiiini Hlnrk i:iuilni, fiV.llli i|iinllly, AX MM l.'iilnrl'ull iinniii pliiHl.lc, Snvnl V*'.*W Electric Fans $9.97 ^ $24.88 10" Oiiclll/illiiK I'lin, HIIK. $ll.lii 1 i, Will CKM Nnw $10,44 IV," Oiii'lllatliiK Knil, Hi% IIS.KIi. Dimk M'lm Now »ll,l)7 211" Wliiduw llan, .'HUM OI^M, niilliiiiiil bninil, I'liiin- Niniiplii ... f'HM HnfH.lli'il. linn, $uu,»ft Only oiiii lisfl In jji'in'i) , .Now $66.66 Foam Latex or Dacron Pillows $3.99 Holt, riiiillliinl, lion.nlliii'ijlc, Klini piir HARDWARE DEPT. Power Mowers $49.88 to $97.88 Orig. $89.95 lo $1(12.50. A group to make your summer work easier „ . . includes reel and rotary types. Hemiles-Encllsli Bikes. RCR. $44.95 to SS.'i. Boys' or girls' models reduced Boys', Girls', Men's Bathing Suits 25% Off Rci!. 9llc lo $2.ill) halhini; suits for the entire family. Girls' 2 U> 14; men's S-M-l,; hoys' 2 lo III. Wnli-r Dons Swim l-'lns, l!i>|. : $:).-l!>. £•* t Good quality. Shoe si'/us -I I" IS . ...T™«* Children's Summer Ploy Shoes $147 Originally $:!.'•!!) lo $2.illt. J'nsM color shoes rt'dut'rd f;';ini stm'k ntul sprrial imrchnsr. Infimls' si'/.rs 4 Ihrminh misses' sl/.i'S II. Nol Jill si/.cs ill nil slyK'.s. Coloni: pink, him 1 niul l>eigo. t;;-l''(. Aluiuliiiim limit - S-II.I'. Oiilhiiiird Miitur CoinlilniiUon.. lur,. $:ili:'..(KI. Holh lor Toli<-Ali<>lll drill. !(:•);. fC.II.'l. IN'i'l'rcl for pU'llii'M No' $342.00 „ $5.88 Super House Point $4.22 [N'Kiilarly $:i.'.'.S u (.;nl. Ki-lf-i'lcanliiK nnd liini; liiKllnK. ,'i:ivc> ilurliii; (his |>IT-Knurlh nail 1 . SlngliiK $4.48. Di-lnxi' Aliinilniini li-« Clii'Ml. KI-K. $111.%, bin :'.:'.xii!xi.'i Tii|> 'rriink l.MKKaili- Knell. Ucj^. $i:t.'!ll, .I'.INl wlllll. ynll nri'il III... Get 4 Tires for the Price of 3 or Buy Singly at 25% Off $14.95 Wiinlii ilcliixi- Inlir ly|«- lire In (1.70.IB, hliu'kwnll. Von i'iin'1 lii'iil it. f Kin,/ llnlli-ry, u vnl 1 """ 11 $10.45 lli'iivy Duty Muloi- Oil, Six l-ql. ninii AM | Hug. Ip.'/il Nnw V*. Giant 20 Cu. Ft. Tru-Cold Chest Freezer $349.88 I'oinpiu'i' llilii In-i'/i-r wltli iniliniiiil bnimln pi-li-i-d nl :|.li(l In $100 liljjInT, Stiiri-n Vim Hi. lli-Kllllll-ly Hi-lln In:- $;HIIM)!i. liimilalliiii, Iti-g. $:i •!» y*«e Hl<n KliiK Oiilbiiiiril Molar, I'.'.-h.p. A•>2Q f Ili-li. $:ilii.l*l. I'ri'-KdUilli »iilr V**-'*'- Little Girls' Dresses $1.97 ond $4-77 Orli; }:;',im to j:;i till ilr'';u.i',., in nuliiln, prinlji, ntrllinii. :i In llx mill 7 to 14. Itimilioii Cliillu-n Ituthi'l. Id-;; (I.III. Idiiind, lilrnl lor liiiindr.v $1 II. -K. IMI.II.1 \V »lill, iilink'i-H, Ntyln nm lluiiil, «li-r. Free Safety Scat Belt $6.25 with Ihi- |)iircliin-.(] of any Illmi- or pliuillr. iinlri «rn|. ravm- rlui'/iiK tlm (irn Fourth miln. Kiiat I'uvi'cii Iniilallt-.d friut.

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