Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 21, 1977 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1977
Page 4
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Page 4 (>anl<Mi (lily Trlrprum Monday, November 21, l*>77 Editorial Back to Cow Chips? Manure as a source of fuel? Don'l knock it. The pioneers burned cow chips to keep warm when they couldn't find firewood on the treeless plains of western Kansas. Now, 100 years later, cattle manure as a source of fuel is back in the picture. Manure is a source of methane gas which can be treated to burn like natural gas. Whether the gas can be produced economically is still the big question, but it is being tried in this area. It is a natural for beef country. The Haskell County Monitor-Chief last week had a rundown on a small experimental operation near Lamar and large plant at Guymon. Al Lamar, a research company has leased some cattle pens from Colorado Beef and is converting manure from 30 head of cattle a day. In a year, the plant is expected 10 produce enough gas to supply the needs of two houses. Calorific in Guymon has a $3^ million plant, according to the Monitor-Chief. Manure from 110,000 cattle a day is converted into enough gas for 2,500 residences. The gas is "scrubbed" to remove the carbon dioxide, so that it has a BTU rating of 1,000. Chemically, natural gas and "cow manure" gas are virtually identical and have the same heating capacity after scrubbing. But, says the newspaper, the plant makes its money from by-products — fertilizer and animal feed — not from the gas. The production of an alternate fuel source from manure has been talked here. Mayor Duane West has been an advocate of such studies, noting also the possibilities of capturing methane gas from the sewage disposal plant and converting it to fuel. We have the technology. The question is whether the cost would be prohibitive at this stage. Obviously, natural gas and toal are cheaper, but supplies are finite. Some day the economics won't matter. The choice will be paying the price or freezing in the dark. I5\ (I. h. LOCAL woman is thanking the city for the birthday present they dropped off for her last week. It's one of those huge, new trash containers — located in the yard next- door. WHENEVER she goes to eastern Kansas, which she does every month or so, a Garden City woman packs up a large thermos of homemade chicken soup and makes sure to leave town early enough in the day to arrive at an aged aunt's bedside in time for lunch. Lunch, of course, is the soup. It's worth all the trouble and the trip, the woman says, to see the elderly woman savor each spoonful. SEVENTY-THREE chickens went into the chicken and noodle supper served free to parishoners and friends Friday night at St. Dominic. THE SCENES that interested Margaret (Mrs. Richard) Gennette, 2319, most in the TV movie, "Mary White, were those of the Christmas dinner at the county home. The film-makers rented St. Joseph's School at Olpe, a Village about 10 miles south of Emporia, for the "poor farm" shots. The school is Margaret's alma mater; she attended there for 12 years. It now is an elementary school only. The movie caused a lot of excitement in Olpe, she said. Her parents live across the street from the school and had a couple of interesting days last spring watching all the activity. Women of St. Joseph parish cooked the meal for the Christmas scene — so all of that food out on the tables was the real thing. • . THE well-dressed turkey on Thanksgiving Day will wear silver-plated frills on its legs, a food-fashion writer decrees. The frills can be had for $15 a pair from Neiman-Marcus (who else&). \ Jack Anderson US Vets, Ex-Nazis Honor SS Dead WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army provided a military band and a chaplain the music and the prayers for a macabre meeting recently of U.S. veterans with former Nazi shock 'troops at an SS graveyard. The Nazis once belonged to Adolph Hitler's dread Waffen SS, which was hated even by the regular German army. The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis' most ruthless exponent of racism and terrorism, founded the SS. According to the encyclopedia, this elite force became "an all-embracing empire within the Nazi state, at once the embodiment and the instrument of (Himmler's) racial theories." Yet uniformed members of America's Eighth Infantry Division band tootled funereal music as veterans of the U.S. 70th Division laid wreths on the graves of dead SS troops near Bucholz, West Germany, on September 26. And a U.S. military chaplain, believe it or not, pronounced an invocation over the graves. This strange gathering was inspired by an encounter in the United States a year ago. Three German visitors from the SS Sixth Mountain Hunter Division met the the brother of a dead 70th Division soldier. After some beer drinking, a reunion was planned in West Germany. Notices were published in U.S. Army Reserve publications. All veterans of the 70th Division, known in World War II as the Trailblazers, were invited. About 80 signed up for the trip to their old battlefields in France and Germany. The notices mentioned only that they would meet with the Sixth Mountain Hunter Division, without adding it was an SS unit. Some of the former GIs, therefore, may not have known they would share their reunion with ex- Nazi shock troops. But this seems unlikely since the SS unit opposed the 70th in both France and Germany during the war. The Americans met the Hitler veterans formally for the first time in the French town of Epinal. The SS men laid a wreath on U.S. graves in a military cemetery near a battlefield where they had once fought. The the Americans, who had invaded Germany to free Europe from Nazism, journeyed with the Fuehrer's finest across the same border to Bucholz, where the high point of the reunion occurred. First the mayor of Bucholz threw a reception for the former enemies. Then they gathered together at the graveyard. This was followed by a dinner-dance where the men of the 70th whooped it up with the SS veterans. Gen. George Blanchard, the U.S. Army commander in Europe, must have been aware of the odd reunion since he met the next day with the 70th Division veterans. The highest ranking U.S. officer at the SS meeting, retired Brig. Theodore Ma taxis, told us: 'All it was was talk among people who fought 30 years ago." Mataxis is now assistant superintendent of the Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pa. He told us he was aware the Germans were an SS unit, but noted that they had been combat troops. At the Nuremberg trials, the SS was condemned en masse with few exceptions, as a criminal organization. And for years, meetings of SS veterans were banned in postwar Germany. Footnote: At the Pentagon, the U.S.Army did not hold back on the facts. But a spokesman said the participation of the band and chaplain was the extent of official U.S. involvement. "Y'know, when I applied fthis job, it was my understanding that I'd have an OVAL office." Public Pulse 'Lord's Marauders'Fight Moral Decay Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Crase: I am a Garden Citian currently in attendance at Vanderbilt University here in Nashville, TN.; and for a while there I was what you might call a "typical smart aleck college student." But Vanderbilt and Nashville are fine places with a healthy Christian environment and I have been lucky enough to fall . in with a strong group of young people who are just as concerned with the moral decay of this nation as you are. We call ourselves the "Lord's Marauders" and we are working on and off the A Word on Scout Awards A few days ago I read the publicity on the Annual Boy Scout Achievement Dinner to be held Sat., Nov. 19 at the 1st Methodist Church. In explaining the Awards to be given, I would like to call your attention to the Silver Beaver Award, it was stated that it was the highest award given in Boy Scouts. But it failed to say that was on District Level. That would be right, but we in G.C. have one Honorable Frank Schulman who has been a Boy Scout for 55 yrs. and still active, who holds the Silver Antelope for several years, which is given on the Regional Level. There is still another level and that is National. It is the Silver Buffalo. To my knowledge, this is the highest. I received the Scouter's Award, the first in G.C., the only award to be given a woman at that time. The late Lou Rodwell was our Executive Secretary then. Things have changed greatly since. — HENRIETTA GARBO, 318 N. 10th. P.S. — At present I am the oldest G.S. in G.C. — 42 years registered and 71 yrs. old. Am also a trustee for G.S. Little House. campus to combat the unbelievable degeneration of certain parts of this town, mainly the area around the defunct Grand Ole Opry which has become a center for prostitution and innumerable hard core film houses. We have devised a system for "treatment" of prostitutes, pimps, sellers and readers of pornography which we have worked out in cooperation with the Metro Police. The group, which follows your mission in Garden City enthusiastically, has decided to pass on the details to you so that you might implement them. First of all, you need about twelve people to act as "jury" and executioner of sentence. We decided long ago that the most effective method of punishment is something along the lines of the mind of the pornographer, thus the somewhat strange nature of our system. Therefore, as far as costuming goes, you need an "egg costume" big enough for a normal sized man. These costumes are easily made with chicken wire and papier mache and, since they are often damaged during the course of the "Punishment," they are not too exhaustively done as far as detail. The jurors themselves can wear chicken costumes if they so desire. There is extra expense here but we have found it to be worth the price in terms of effect. Instructions for making both types of costumes will be sent to you shortly. Okay, so when we catch an offender, be it guy or gal, we put him in the egg costume and then we bind his wrists with a number 19 or 20 galvanized wire. Not too light understand, just enough to get the area around the wire somewhat purple. (Use galvanized because in case of skin breakage there is no danger of subsequent infection). We put him in the middle of a room with a straw covered floor (the "henhouse"), blindfolded, and then the dozen or so jurors come milling in, pecking and scratching, chanting (as opposed to clucking, which is not effective) some gothic type funeral moan. We let the "egg" wonder what's going on for a fe.w minutes while we chant. Then the "Inquisitor Rooster" comes in and we begin the formal, previously rehearsed dialogue "Pray, what has this (man, woman) done?" "He, She) has (name of crime)," we reply, in unison. "Goodness! That is serious. Let's have a look at this person!" Then the Inquisitor looks at the "egg" and says, "My! I think this egg is ready to hatch!" Then we wait a minute with the "egg" struggling around on the floor; and after we "see that nothing is going to happen" the Inquisitor says, "I don't think it is able to hatch!" Shouldn't Judge Others Everyone has the privilege to their own personal opinion. We are not the judge of how other people live their lives. However, our own personal opinion should not be injected into the written word of God. Rev. 22:19. There is not a verse in the Bible, old or the new Testament, that states God himself said he gave approval to the people to make alcohol wine by fermenting grape juice. Through divine compassion he tolerated these conditions, as he does today, because God never changes. To the priesthood, consisting of Aaron and his sons, God gave a divine commandment, and a perpetual statute Lev. 10:8-10. Not to drink wine or strong drink when they entered into the tabernacle of the congregation lest they die, that they may put a difference between holy Public Pulse Was It You? Before long it may be necessary to change the name of a popular travel route in Garden City from Fulton Ave. to Fulton's cemetery! Do you have any idea how many lives are almost lost daily along cemetery row? Because of careless driving. If not for defensive driving, I personally would have died three times last week. I know I am not the only to notice. Don't people care about themselves? Do they despise their neighbors? What's causing all this careless driving? Maybe it shouldn't be so easy to get a driver's license. Was it you who pulled out right in front of me and your neighbors in the on-coming traffic? Was it you who made a lefthand turn from the right hand lane without so much as a glance around to see others slamming on brakes to avoid a collision? Was it you who couldn't slow down when I signaled well in advance of my turn? If you hadn't been going 90 mph on East Highway 50 in that Buick, you might not have ended up in the ditch almost causing your death, and mine and several neighbors waiting to pull onto the highway! Are we in such a hurry, human life has no value? Maybe you are late for- an appointment or in a hurry to gel home. But it's better to be a few minutes late than never getting there at all. — CONNY SEAY, H&H Trailer Court. GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM Published daily except Sundays and New Year's day. Memorial day. Independence day. Thanksgiving day. Labor day and Christmas. Yearly by i The Telegram Publishing Company 310 North 7th Street Garden City. Kansas 67846 Second class postage has been paid in Garden City, Kan. Publication Identification Number •213600 Fred Brooks Editor John Frailer Managing Editor Le Hoy Allman Ad and Business Mgr. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION By carrier a month in Garden City $2.67 plus applicable sales tax. Payable to the carrier in advance. By carrier in other cities where service is available $2.18 a njonth plus applicable sales tax. By mail $27.81 a year, including postage and applicable sales tax. Local and arcaTollege students J15.45, including postage and applicable sales tax for 9-month school year. By motor car delivery per month $3.00 including applicable sales tax. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for reproduction of all local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news and dispatches. All rights of publication of special Hispatches are also reserved. "Oh, but it must!" "You are right." Then he pulls out the "egg opener" (a rubber hammer) and "hatches the egg." After the shell has been completely beaten off, and the dazed "chick" is still stumbling around, the Inquisitor says, "My but he is still tired. We must help him wake up!" Then he pulls out the "biddy cord" (a well oiled strap) and begins to draw it rather briskly across any exposed flesh (the "chic" is always without clothing. Not too hard you understand, just enough to raise a slight welt with each stroke. After the "awakening," the "chick" is dropped in a cold salt bath. And that's it. Usually we don't see them again after that. If the punishment seems harsh, it is. But there are only certain techniques that are effective against perverts. Yours in Christ. — ALEX HEARD, Vanderbilt University Nashville. and unholy. There is not a verse in the Bible that states that Jesus said himself that he drank wine. Matt. 11:19 a portion of the verse "The son of man came eating and drinking, and they behold a man gluttonous and a wine bibber, but wisdom is justified of her children." He was both human and divine. Jesus drank water. To draw a conclusion, other than this, is only an assumption. The Bible does not say Jesus made fermented wine during the execution of his first miracle. He requested that the servants fill the water pots with water to the brim. When the ruler drank he knew not what it was, as he had never tasted anything like it before, so whatever it was it must have tasted very good. As I have already said we should not judge anyone, neither should we wrest the scriptures. — MRS. MILAN SWINDALL, 1919 "B". Tonight's JV Highlights November 21 7:00 P.M. — CBS CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING — When Peppermint Pally invites herself and assorted friends to Thanksgiving dinner at Charlie Brown's house, it throws the little "Peanut" into panic. 7:00 P.M. — NBC LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE — "The Fighter." Charles Ingalls injures aging fighter Joe Kagan in a boxing match and then embarks on a plan to nurse him back to health and steer him on a course to a new life 7:30 P.M. — CBS LUCILLE BALL SPECIAL — Lucy Whitlaker makes a telephone call to the President, invites him to dinner and causes a comedic commotion to erupt in her small-town neighborhood. The mood is thus set for an hour of laughter, from one-line repartee to farce to slapstick —and a "surprise ending." 8:30 P.M. - NBC COLUMBO — "Try and Catch Me." In a meticulously planned vengeance scheme, mystery writer Abigail Mitchell murders her nephew and then engages in an exchange of theories with Lt. Columbo. 10:30 P.M. — CBS CBS LATE MOVIE — "Let's Switch." Ch. 6 KTVC (CBS) Ch. 11 KGLO(NBC) Ch. 13KUPKIABC) Public IV (In Ulysses and Johnson, cable-TV customers receive Denver's public TV station on channel 10.) Monday Cable TV Channel 7 8 p.m. THE BIBLE—THE SOURCE "The Story of Joseph" Marilyn Hickey narrates this series of stories from the Old Testament. 9 p.m. THE AGE UNCERTAINTY "Land and the People" John Kenneth Galbraith visits Mexico, Singapore and India to investigate the dynamics of poverty. 10 p.m. UNION MAIDS This documentary focuses on the truggle of American women workers to unionize during the Depression of the 1930's. 11 p.m. NATIONAL WOMEN'S CONFERENCE Highlights of the National Women's Conference in Houston, Texas, which began on November 18 will be telecast. 1 •I m m ill

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