The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 2, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1930
Page 2
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•riji IwfQH t»jt.tTnTBtjHi life Valera Party Wim SignaJ Vie r'-f: MCENSES REVOKED. There Have Been -^81 Auto Driver ii 'PeriiUta Withdrawn..-"' Indianapolis, iAlpril {. 2. the j automobile j drivers'. law{ Iwent into effect, ! there has been 4'31 ! licenses : I . 11 i . * i this I number 419 — Since license revoked and of Were convicted of intoxication, fojur for petit lar- cjenjj and! the otlJejrs .for failnre'tt5 .s'tbpj after an accident, reckless driving, false '..statements! iu; application for license Thej total number jok|ed since the • p This should b Ji ' SOME OILS lubricate effectively at high engine temperatures but dc^ not work well when .the motor is cold. Others reverse this conditions New Iso-Vis gives good results at either extreme. TWJEW ISO-VIS does not "thin out ; j •L^l or"break down" in your motor. You will find that its body is as heavy when you drain it off as it was the da) you put it in your cfankcaseL It will y give you a new idea of the type of lubrication it is now possible to put . into your automobile. . « j-:' New Iso-Vis also .gives..what engi^ neers call a "greater viscosity range"! It not only stands up better at high* engine temperatures but it gives more effective lubrication when the engine is cold. In addition, there is a radical reduc-; tion in carbon deposits. Both Iaborap \New THIS INTERESTING experiment proves definitely hat New Iso-Vis'does not "break down" in he automobile crankcase, regardless of miles of driving. The engineer in the illustration is pouring used New Iso-Vis through a special filter. E he filter removes the crankcase dirt and the oil self is exactly the same as when freshly distilled. tory and road tests with New Iso - Vis show a carbon residue far below m^st premium-priced oils. , ' New Iso-Vis marks an important step forward in motor lubrigation. Jt is now available at all Standard Oil dealers and service stations. This improved motor oil is worth trying. Drain, flush and fill up your crankcase today with New Iso-Vis, president William C. Cosgrave, i o the Irish Free State, announcer the'Cabinet's resignation before ! *owded session of | the Dai). Thr resignation followed a. defeat j u the Dail on the De'| Valera pensioi Bill. The resignation is considered a signal victory for De Valera party, 1 : and it is regarded lik'el; Ijhat De Valera,' militant leadeii will be called_'Sip'on to ford Cabinet. • thirties, is| the j da ^ghitei ^-oJLJMr. | andJMrs. W. H'.j Jarrett,; her! fa^Ii-j cr being a] former superintendent of roads ofj this 'county} Mrsi Cage has i two' opponents foij; this Inorit- nation, they being Frank S.jljush andjjA. N.. jWooldrldge.j ; 1 | Other candidates who filed on Monday were Loren I. McDanicls, Fred Wright, J. W. j>rice,.'jand William Zeigler, who ask forj the non ||natiori for; precinct committeemen of Madison {township; Jessie Myejly, Hoy O. { Hobbs | and Cha 'fles Retherford, who ask tor the the nomination for members iidvisojy board, and Oliver Haiifehew, who asks for; the nomi on for! state delegate, and New Polariie is also affected by our new refining processes—- ghing it an efficiency which is , exceeded .only by New Iso-Vis. | The price is 25 cents quart. S TANS'-A^EL'-B 6 ii V ^&i.O M PA W Y FIRST DEGREE. ' body to Tipton. ,' •• Tlu- testimony of Captain Mcln- (Continued From Page 1.) tush and'Lieutenant Gray and looked astt.tlio i-yes and cainc r'ugard to the [location of the sev- l.'.-ick and reported Graf was dead, en buckshot wounds in the body • Alsp'auch says he was-returned Of the youth, [and as "to the posi- to the fanri and remained in jail tion -the' man; was in when they Tuesday night. On WVdncsdw:. lie were; received! . . l 'ss taken to .1 He court hduse at' ' i orsicana amL ushered into room containing about ten', men. 1,'e was informed ,lij<y were the i:arnd jur>, 'Oii« of tin m juiil him there was no charges, against him, and that they hail furnished :;n;ney for liis Iranspoijeation home ::nd that.-lie could accompany the STRIP OF Visiting Hero. .Mrs. llattie Stolz of Indianapolis came Tuesday evening: and will spend- the remainder of the week with friends. " Use:Tribune classified ads. ; Sweet corn .acreage contracts are available to a few farmers, since our factory capacity has not been reached. OUR GUARANTEED PRICE FOR v THE 1930 CROP IS ttaA in View of the. Uncertainty df Prices on Other Item Products, We Believe Thig Offen Farm-Mi ersaProfitable and AssaredJtetum,: "la Chicago Younp; Woman Is Strangled and Police Are Without Clues, HAD BEEN ROBBED " Chicago,- April 2.—A black satf in ribbon today was the latest adj ditiou to the list of instruments of death and the'chief' clew injtlni strange 1 slayiu?. of "young Mrsi Mildred HelsiliK. ' Mrs. Helsmgs bodv was found ay her: husband. Ileuben ' C.< Hel sing, when he returned home froni,.w;ork late last night. Around her neck was knotted a black satin ribbon he had never seen be; lore. Several -things, including bruises on the face and wrists and the ah senceof her pockelbook. indicated, she had been^stranglcd by a thief! But there were several' other points which tended to disprove this theory and which puzzled-por lice. in their search for a solution today.' • "i. There were many, signs of a £trugul <i Close to the-woman's head, however, as the body lay on the floor, was a statuette, tinl broken and still standing. The Vinson-her hair j were not dUar- ranged;. .. j l '' • ' Mrs. Helslng, who ,wag 26 years olds- was a former student *«t. the 4Dnlverait7 of - Illinoli;' while hef hnkband -wae graduated from the University ofvN^Vwka:, :._He;wii unable to •hed > mucbflight on jm Slaying butbe said that yeiterday for:the Jlratu time 1 Wnce.they wer«j |aiarrled/i5*"::y «Bf •.;kadpA hall ; .-jigp, *• -A * or uat A Julius, who asks fori the n'onii- natjo'n as •! member of the cojupty council. All are : from Madison tow-nsliip and all are Democrg^^p ARCADlil COMSIENGEMEST iD. and under ate. of licenses re- first of March a warning-, to thirty days after that before - a 12 \ letter" •vy-heie April 2nd. | $. Sturdevant receivedj a rorii his son Charles "some in . France," stating conditions 'V-ere good for caring Uncle jam's men. A reception for new members of the! Presbyterian church land memhirs of the Center Gijove community' was fhe n i basket SPEEBW.JVV. Piter DePaolo Is RACE. Already : Trick Tuning'Up His Car. Ind:, April; 2 1925 winner automobile drivers thiit wli'eit a license is revoked, it is a revoke to which there-is no appeal,-ex? cepf for the first coiryietion, and judge of the ciriiuit court. The iaWlbas *'teeth" in it and it is the l • j! ' ' -•- i| • •'- • " purpose the la.wto protect the public against avoidable accidents or which; a large number is traceable to reckless driving, intoxication; and^other violatipus of the iaw| thati endangers life and property. ' !! !!''.:....' .- of race i Arcadia Class Is One of the IJM'g- . est in School's History. '-.The Jackson Township melicement exercises w!ill- be jcom- lield at TCicero April Z4, Atlanta eroland Arcadia taking part.! The date for - Arcadia baixalaurc ate" seiTiices has not beeu i;decideld a: the] Sunday before ; !commpuce m'eilt is Easter and the elas£ jlias. declded^to' hold these services a week day night but have decided when. j j! • The class this year is the esljito graduate from; the Arfcildia high sebool fori several years and thqy are as follows: Misses Ayjdre Hudson, Betty Smith,! Mildred vaney, Naomi ! Sexton, Pau Thtimas,' Virginia Stover, garfet Walz, Mary Graham, dred Clark, Helen Gwiun, Butjler, Ruth i Hjarold,| Stottlemyer, andlMessr^. ..Ejofris Kn'itpp, Howard 1 Waltz, on not l'arg- pc- line Mar!Mil- ice A Lauretta Knapp, Harold i Knapp, Clark, Leroy Rollings, Nightenhelser,; Garrett Martin_ Justice, Edgar Gleii Boyer. ; i Glenn ilpyd Hubert *nfc der Groves IB A ! NATIVE. Kokuniu Attorney Was; Iteared in '••!' Wildcat Township. Conrad Wolf, Kokomo attorney being; |en- was here iWednesday, • gaged in the trial of a ca^e m circuit, court.! and as usual received a welcome] from Tipton frien'ds Attorney Wolf iwasi reared I on a farm in Wildcat < township, ! purchased by ibis father! William H H. Wolf, In '1870. The Kokomo attorney taught hi the; schooh of ' I. 1 -. | .: -1 . - • • |i' -.1 Wildcat township when a ; yjoung mat and enjoys a large acquaint- anc i in that section. , I The father was at one tune jus- of the' peaze of - Wildcat Inship and will be remembered by the older residents of| that community. i tic tOW| weli ' !i ••- 'Leonor torea, the railroad |ntag- nat* who bought- the>^WaldbrtljAB: tore's atone lions jfor tha ;4 *eW ;-Jer- 867', oollage -lor paomaiK- talked abolui'hnabandB at a meeting] of '/•i ? ;r ^V%winty^^jr hoddi*/ ha*ontted, Hld / pricla 1 Indianapolis, Piiter DePaolo, tl;e International 500-tnile at the:;Indianapolis! MotoT^Speejd- way" and holder of'the -track recp ord of 101.13 miles ah. hour for . • i i the five century grind, already! is here preparing . his car for the International race in ^iay. , ,j De Paolo, who is married and tlie unusually proud dad of t'v-q lijusky;-;children,' a hoy and' <j_fii|l •Tommy and Nancy—is a,u ad- vb"ate; of the two 'men liich'are the vogue with the new Uiiig {under which cars' will rice ajt the; Indianapolis Motor Spe^cK ay this year. It was in the halcyon days le two men cars of other years that De Paolo, nephew of tha fa- njious Ralph DePalma,. who w^in the 56.0-mile race in 1915, got his chance to learn the tricks of high speed driving which made h'im |ne of; the outstanding drivers I in OMEGA Mr. and Mrs. their.' Siinday ; B. J. Major guest .3 Mr. had and '•: por pa.ny . arrive paren .Mis letter statioi statin to be YEARSAGO for lit of the supper. announced •1th with a for big jioRil Leroy Plake of CJom- slittioned at Hattiesbnrg, 1 for a brief visit withj aiul otliL-r relatives. Ocie Mcintosh received a from hc.r -.• brother, Jesse, ed at Ft.'-Jlo'ucto.n. Tex:, he was sending her a dog pared for until he returned. his Mrs: Claude Major Of Battlfitreek Mich'.; Mrs, Rub]!, Baker and son. Mareleeiand Mi's! Emma Major of •Atlanta land Margaret Delfi'iis^r of iPerui; • • ' ' , Several from I ere-attended'the funeral jot Jlrs. E. T. Hawor'th. ;it J^dblesville Monday afternoon. :U church ! • !' on a farm north the M. IE. few lifij...until a the family! mov^jd to Noblesvill Sher had lived {of Aroma, all her years ago wlv> '.Mrs'. iHaworth hupband; and o yiye." I ! -. [The M. K. cli had a cold for-a few -days and Friday--pneumonia, deyeloped and Ijibout il> oVloi-l; Saturday morniiig site died. The e daughter snr- tirch ine;nl)>ti-s of of tne wonu ojtigS I SliSSlOJr.SAKE IX CHIX.f. utholic Organization Imports on 'Besieged Kahcuow Post, i Aroiiva'gave a dinner in honor"of ! 'II theti; niinister. Hov. Brenner who ."' Miffs' Wilda Foster returne^ to her sjuidies at the University - ,Of Illinois ..after spending a •} f^w days with her mother^ Mrs. Cora Foster. . - . ..-...-' * . *• * ' E. E. Trimbje was preparing to remove to lite. farm, four iliiles southeast-of Tipton having Completed : the- remodeling of. I the house and barn. . Wall Enamel For Your Kitchen, Bath or.Woodworii— and it'a CHI-NAMEL Blue Front Drug Store TIPTON, IN D. "A Good Place to Trade" Mrs. Estlwr Slct'rory of |I land-was'visiting at the lion Mr.' and'.-Mrs. U. W. Sinun|on;I near- New .Hope. "Mr. a:iul Mrs. It; ('.. Foster chased 11 Welliiiglon piano 0 Leatliermaii store. , • . ort- of i >'ew'Ma.i«tstic, Model 00, Coniplcto With Tubes, $llfi-jO. Lee S. Leatherman KUXERA IJ mitRCTOK- pur- I he Card ill" Thanks "1 finished up lite will go to con1 and the people api year's work. He 4r rence.. this- week e hoping.that Ue Wash iiigton, April 2J—The Na tloqalJCathplic welfare conference: 1 as informed the state department hat members' of thei American! -•: • ' ' ' I : Catholic mission at : Kanchow. China; who last week were-reported in danger from Cliinese brig-i a|nds, aj'e safe. . ' | JUiitlitlay Pally. Mr. {and Mrs. Ernest Wills,| of! 67 Columbia avenue, euterta'iuedj Tuesday evening at a prettily ap-! pointed six o'clock dinner party at their home in celebration of the! ) iird birthday anniversary of tlieir ittle son, Robert' Eugene Wills. A irge jbortliday cake' with three ghted candles, formed the.-cen- 1 tsrpie'ce for the beautifully ap 1 ointed table, with Master Wilis! a,s host. Guests for the-dinner were Mr ajiid Mrs. Merle Bauer and daugh terMildred. Jack and Janice Jones nd< Billy Stroup Are Ton Ready to Pay $20,000? •; 'i "'i'' :'; • f'-ii •' ! !: A Mry tmetmOy aWar^ 47,500 daauvcato a girl whohad been hit by a track. Tke family of a ui who was killed by a ear raeetjNii |HMN.: A ^oy of < 14 w*»I| waa crippled was giTen 4K,0fa daaMgea.; 1 Thafa haw aiach OM aatoaubile 17 caat yum U you «||a t lg«t.iiak? Farjaata^ il In- 4 1 mf m will return. A Uijrge mirror was presented him uy the Ladies' society.;/ a ji: Howard-Caitp|liter'- of Omega .hacLlLia-tonajls. m at; Wilkinson, jj.) rT the work. "TJe/is r- i I ' / ' fiue. . 1 - . / [ • • ITI IQ sophoiAoi'4 class of Walnut Grove lield their Friday: night atll Is Iiiiproyecl. There is an improvement in t lit condition- of Mi. senior in tlio school. I who has{ the home of he Mrs. M! M. "Hob44l{ for several daysj ney complications!. Miss) Hoback able to! resume next Monday ait her .graduation getting last das--: party {the lioiue "of Edna Ginter • near Ijcicero. Contests were the featuilu .of the evening. Olio was aii egg •" hunt which caused {much fiih and w-as won ! • ! I IJ [ ' Uy Ronald Blessing. ' . - - . . • We Svisii to tliiiiik all the neiii'li -f burs, and friends, both, in I l !|i'; Hobbs and X'Vaila .(-(imiiiiwii ies } iind also in -Windfall, who 'glided;. iis in iinv wav during 1 lie il,lnes>; 1 --- 1 • 1 ; and-filter the death of our 1 dear- .i'alhei:, Cyrus Edwards, ami to ex-; press to all of them our cK^>j> ap-j preciation for the many-kindnosses! jl'iAViLus at this time. Weia'soj .wish. t:rf especially thank lh<} usi-i th'rtakeiy Mr. Kdwards. of M'i.ul-j iall'.-^tlie mhiisters/. Rev. Wi ;iUi-.: <Jf .Nevada, and Rev.'L. IJ. (ir.i Drake Beauty Warier Graduate of Kninbow; Aciidemj Call for Ai>poihtment^ Second Floor. 1 >IasK>iiic UUlg. SHO E SIOEE Nothing Over $4 .98 COURTESY" OUR MOTTO 'niayeiLda»t'--wo.Jt- ^\u^.ir.;ii the singers. 'Mr. { audi '-•Tints . doing ^irs". |!c. E. Coverdale and fitznilv.: along '; ndall't'or the tributes-iu ilniv.•>•.-.; ^ent us in loving syn-.pathy ajid i"; ; sstirO'all that Wc will to-ver r:>r-'i u et.—Mr. and Mrs. Charles 0:;111-j man and Family. { fi. Crj-lital lloliaek, {Goldsmith, higli been confined to parents .Mr. an<d- near Hopewell \vith serious kid- is -hoping to be, her school ; work jjl ikeep, it up" with her clasij. She. already has her .credits /.for graduation but |fs("hoping to have the completion qli the, school year with her class. >.| • In Loving KeinVml'iaiior. j Of pur (tear father. Erasmus! lUll)}-.; \vfio passed - away April; nd. p ;lH-.!t. 'js'si OIKS year ago. ! ijiad-and smldi'ii-was llie call { Of. onej so dearly loved by. us all. j 'he blow w •:; great, the shock j severe. • j little rliimght. tlie time so! near. {' 1 ^orji'et him — 11.1. w never will, j Insurance of AU Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Yoar Personal or Business Needs May Re. LEE F. GRJfFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. | W. A. Pumphrei, D. C. CHIKOPRc\CTOR .-Oflice Over Foster j Jewelry Store. Phone '234. Tfetnn, Ind. W« e- loved, him .then, we liive liisj - still. , ' . j Sadly missi-ti by. his childr We sell new and used! typewriters. Tribune Press.' | LOANS $25 to $3tM)—.Your (hvn S*-i ur it}'—Quick and Codtidcnt i J I Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Riu. 4, Slasonie Bldgl X. Main. STATEMENT OF | THE OWNER- I SHIP, MANAGEMENT, CrRCU-l liATION, EXO.,JREQUIREI) HY! THE! ACT Oil AUGUST . 24, \ Political Aniiouiiccnients. The Triiiune. from now- jiin- til the date of, the primary election, will, curry political announcements in this-column; pavmeut for the same must made' iii advance. '.-... be . 1»12. ' 1 :ij I Ot Tho Tiptoini Daily Tribune. published dailyiexcept Sunday Tipton.; Indianai! itor October 19211 10 April 11 jlSiaO. Name of Publishers: Ramsay & O'Banion, Tiptoi). Ind: ! Managing Editor: Floyd tf: Ramsay, Tipton;! Ind. Business -^Managers: - Ira. M; O'Banion, C. L.!jjotBanion, Tipton. Ind: •• J ' • 'i|j' ' :{•{' » .Publishers audi Owners; Floytl N. iRanisayand jlo. U O'Banion. Tipton, 1 Ind. it 1. ; There is no mortgage indebted' ness against Tne Tipton- Dally. Tribune.'. ,. •!:!•••.• Average number of copies of each issue of thta publication sold or distributed through the-mails or otherwise; toj paid- subscribers during-the six months preceding the>te of I -OAjM statement ____— --ttifO^t EtiOVD N. KAMSAY. ^ L Wli§iidlto 'r' ! 1. For County Clyk. [ I'l hereby announce "myself |as a 1 candidate'for .the pomiiiatioil for 'clerk or tho Tipton circuit.court, the See— { YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings :- 6 East Jefferson St, lt 1 subject 'to the decision of : ; Democratic, voters at the, prijnary •! election to be held May fi. 1D30 ; i I PARKER DUNHA M' me t|.i.. Z* Siforh to "a 2ndi di For Trustee. : I hereby announce myself' candidate for the nomination trustee of Cicero township as a j ' for subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the . primary! tion to bo hold Tuesday Majy 6, 1930. . .'RKC L. HASKETfT. I am a candidate for tho..'Dem­ ocratic, nomination for trustije of Cicero township arid will appreciate: any aid that is given nlein my campaign -and in' the primary election. (• JOHN C. BOZELL. RADIO SEEVICE We 'Go Anywhere Work—Full Vine Ai McJunkin Radio Shop Phone SOXll telec- Hog Houses Brooder teases Our NcW Spring Woitlens Are Arrivinif-—Come and Tiee Theta CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop 108 North Mala iMreeC. We Trade for Yo«» OM Tires LI NEB ACIK8 Weet JffftiMii St

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