Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 11, 1967 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Saturday, November 11, 1967
Page 8
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Kuemper CHARGER Published by the Students of Kuemper High School Vol. 14 Carroll, Iowa, Saturday, November 11, 1967 No. 10 P 'W^P"! [ ra|^ ,. •• •.•'';'• '.- • 'f ,:,IS!iiii' : SsJ:',::*iI'lAliiiii,iliiiiiJiiBii!|ij.'i:niilii Susan Kanne LaVonne Naberhaus Darell Stalzer 4 Have Leads in 'Snow White'- Production of "Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs" will be presented by the Kuemper Players on November 16th, ]7th, and 19lh under the direction of Sr. Charla. Carrying the leading roles are Susan Kanne. Snow White; LaVonne Naberhaus. Witch Hex: Darell Slalzer, Prince Florimond; and Connie Lickteig, Queen Brangomar. Performances arc scheduled for 1:15 on Thursday, November 16th, and Friday, November 17th for the grade school children in Carroll and the surrounding area. Preschool children and their parents are invited to attend the 2:00 p.m. matinee on Sunday, November 19th, and high school students and adults may attend the 8:00 performance on the same evening. Admission prices are $.25 for children, $.50 for high school students, and $.75 for adults. Kuemper High students may be admitted with their activity tickets. The Band Winds Up Season Another season of marching band has come to an end and the K.H.S. band members have traded in their lyres for music stands once again. Under the, direction of Mr. John Malett, the band provided pre-game and half-time entertainment for those attending the football games played at home. Rehearsals for these performances were held during band and homeroom periods each day. Many of the formations for the half-time shows were designed by Mr. Malett. With the football season's end the band is now forming a concert band. We would like to thank Mr. Malett and the band for their past contributions and w i s h them best, of luck in their future preformanccs. Projects of the Student Council The Student Council is buying a $280 player roster that 'will state the names of the 15 players on botli basketball teams. It also will bring ketchup back to the cafeteria with student cooperation. The council will elect cheerleaders for the upcoming basketball season Tuesday, Nov. 21. Congratulations to the students who participated in the Academic Assembly and to the orchestra who gave a fine performance! Kuemper Kapers Nov. 12 — CYO Cheerleading Clinic, Storm Lake Nov. 14-15 — Step and Soai tests for Freshman and Juniors Nov. 15 — Parent's Club — "Go to school night" Nov. 16 — Snow White—grade school performance Nov. 17 — Snow White—grade school performance; Freshman "Get Acquainted" party Nov. 19 — Snow White, 2:00 Matinee, 8:00 Public performance. Hippies Are Fantastic Lot The "flower children" of the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco are truly fantastic. Long hair, wierd costumes and psychedelic music all combine to make this a colorful city. On almost every street corner, the hippies mingle with the flower venders and rushing people casually selling their buttons and newspapers. Love-ins are often held in Union Square where the hippies meet and talk over pertinent topics and current events, fully aware of the mighty palm trees and begging pigeons. Hippies are a happy lot of people. Much is written about the drugs, filth, and disease present in their meager dwellings, but there are also many who turn lo music, poetry and nature for their "kicks." After talking with some of these individuals, it becomes easy to see why San Francisco is oflen referred to as the "city of Love." IntroducingSenior\ Junior Council Representatives In the past two weeks, the senior and junior student council representatives wore introduced. Tliis week the sophomores would like to show what they have to offer to the 19673968 school year. They are Tain Moehn. Lucia Wittrock. Diane VonBon. Mark Woidemeier, Randy Lengcline. Jane H a 11. Jerry Bell, and Barb Broich. Tarn Moehn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.- Robert Moehn of St. Lawrence parish, represents H.R. 101. She is a B-squad cheerleader and a member of the golf learn. Lucia Wittrock is the representative of H.R. 102. Lucia, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wittrock. of Si. Lawrence parish, would like to see "better relations between the students and faculty through the Studenl Council." Part of her time is occupied by playing Ihe flute in Ihe KHS Band." Diane VonBon comes to Kuemper rrom St. Joseph's of Dedham. Diane is Ihe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Von- Bon. It's Diane's first year in Student Council and she says, "I really &njoy it." She plays violin in the Kuemper Orchestra. Mark Wiedemeier represents Homeroom 104. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Weide- meier of St. Lawrence. Mark is an all-round athlete which is clearly shown by his active participation in football, basketball, and track. In Student Council Mark would like to see "a greater unity among Ihe students." Homeroom 106 elected Randy Lengeling, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dehner Lengeling of St. Lawrence, as their representalive. Randy is a member of the basketball and baseball teams. Randy is "proud to represent Homeroom 106 and I hope I will do a good job of representing them." Jane Hall, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Mike Hall of Holy Spirit, thinks that Studenl Council is good because "it gives everyor*' a chance to get their ideas heard." Jane is an active member of the Kuemper Band and pep band where she plays saxophone. She represents Homeroom 218. Homeroom 214 selected Jerry Bell as their representalive. Jerry is Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bell of Holy Spirit and plays Irumpet in Ihe band. Another representative fr«m St. Lawrence is Barb Broich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Broich. Barb plays violin in the orchestra and is a member of Ihe B-squad cheerleaders. She would like to see a "greater unity within the student body." Barb represents Homeroom 108. —Charger Photo New Flag . . . Tim Knoblauch, right, presents a new flag to Gene Sullivan. On Monday evening, Oct. 30, the Key Club under the leadership of Tim, President, and Mr. Galetich, placed new flags and holders in some of the classrooms. These flags, donated by Ihe Elks Club, are placed in the classrooms where tomorrow's leaders are being trained and educated to lead tomorrow's world. What does the flag stand for? It is a symbol of heritage. It is a symbol of integrity. It is a reminder of allegiance and liberty. Debb Diers Bob Schreck 2 Students of the Week Debb Diers and Bob Schreck represented 1 -KHS Nov. 9 as Students of the Week in a broadcast. Debb, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Diers of Arcadia, has taken chorus four years and is a member of the Senior Ensemble. She is chairman of the poster committee and a member of the Lance staff. Debb is also the Student Council Representative from Homeroom 161 and secretary of the CYO at St. John's, Arcadia. Bob is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schreck of Templeton. He is on the varsity football squad and is a KHS wrestler. Bob is vice president of the Student Council, President of the Sacred Heart CYO and a member of the Monogram Club. Staff Editors — Sherry Gehling, Mardy Willenborg Co-editors — Ruth Sullian, JoAnn Kock Exchange Editors — Tom Gronslal Reporters — Katie Reibold, Mary Meiners, Louis Pietig, Barb Kohorst, Connie Lickteig, Louis Schoofs Cartoonist — Mark Drees Typist — Marilyn Kock IBBBBBKiiJSiiiSiiBBB Connie Lickteig scenery is ready! The performers are ready. Are you? Snow White will "enchant" you, Queen Brangomar will "scare" you, Witch Hex will "magic" you, the Dwarfs will "amuse" you, and Prince Florimond, of course, you'll just fall for him. See you there! Lance Drive is Under Way Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Kuemper Lance Drive is now under way. During the period extending from November 13th to the 17th the price of the Lance will be $4.00. After this time the price will be raised to $4.50. December 15 is the latest date on which orders can be accepted. This year, Sister Carlyce and her co-editors Linda Feld, Peggy Hoehl, and Jeannine Lammers predict a new look for Lance. More color has been added this year so we have something to look forward to. As in previous years student council representatives in each homeroom will handle the sales. Roundtable Reflections Hee! Hee! Snoopy's all excited about ordering his Lance. How about you?!! Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice crispies? No, Sister Pelrina's typing class PUNCHING t h e keys. Kuemper welcomes Pat Stork, a Junior, and Sue and Ruth Stork, Seniors. A penny earned is a penny saved for ... a Junior Class Ring. What's this!! Psychedelic history? "Miss Jaeger's Dirt Band," comprised of singers, flutes, guitarsists, cellist, and drummers from the 6th period class, performed way-out songs about the American Revolution for Mr. Henkenius', Mr. Bruner's and Sister Emmanuel's classes. Aren't incubators for chickens?!! It seems Sisler Carlyce's biology class has found a new use for Ihe machine — growing bacteria. Congratulations to the football team for a great season! Editorial "November 11, 1919 — Woodrow Wilson declares today Armistice Day to remind Americans of the tragedies of war." "November 11, 1967 - the nation commemorates today the courage and patriotism of men and women who have served in the U.S. armed services. Whether it be a world war or any other the nation can know that it is well represented by the men and women who give themselves for their country. Kuemper as well can be assured of the dignity that its graduates have gained for it in their life and death struggle for peace, especially in Vietnam. Therefore on this Armistice Day we salute you the graduates of Kuemper, either now in the armed forces or those who are discharged and we thank you for your wonderful work for the unity of the world. HONOR ROLL CORRECTIONS Seniors — 3.5, Carole Montgomery; Juniors, 3.2, Barry Bruner; Sophomores, 3.9, Sandra Gehling; Freshmen, 3.4, Debbie Nees, Muriel Meyer, 3.2, Patricia Heithoff. Lake City School News Complied for School by Correspondent! Vol. 13 No. 10 Peggy Blankenship wa crowned queen of the Harvest dance held Friday Nov. 3, in the high schoo lunchroom after the game wit Perry. Her attendants wer Carol Walters, Dee Ann Nutter and Patty Steig. Dwight Dia FFA president officiated at th coronation, assisted by o t h e FFA officers. The queen wi receive an FFA sweetheart jacket, and the attendants FFA charm bracelets. Musi for the dancing was in charg of Sandy Shore, disc j o c k e from radio station KIOA. Th dance contest was won by Dea Broich and Sally Burley wh •received records. Official chap erones were Mr. and Mrs Rudy Engstrom. Interesting feature of Lak City's Moonlight Madness 01 Halloween night was the win dow-decorating contest fo young artists. First prize of $ was won by a group of boy who decorated Mathews Hard ware window: Randy H i g h t Terry Sharkey, Duane Carroll Kent Eilders, Larry Meyers Second prize of $2 went to Charlie Wirtz and Curtis. Petersen, who decorated thi Iowa Public Service window third prize, $1, to Jan Turne and Barbara Rockdaschel, wh( made a picture on one o Mathews Variety store win dows; fourth prize, 75 cents t Farleys window decorated bj Cindy Becke, Debbie Graig mile, Deb Carlson, Jane Coins The two honorable mention awards of 25 cents each wen to Debbie Dumdei, Mathqw Variety, and Jody Meinen anc Cindy Smith, IPS. Moonligh Minstrels from the high schoo gave a concert at the communi ty building. Lake City junior high stu dent council has sponsored th. collection of a large number o bags of used clothing to be sen to disaster area in southeastern United States. Admission to their Halloween dance in the nigh school lunchroom, the night of Nov. 1 'was a piece o used clothing. For this fun dance they brought their own records. Committees were: en ;ertainment, Connie Betts Sheila Bruggeman, Mark Remsburg, Ted Janssen; dec oration, Connie Betts, Sheik Bruggeman; posters, StarU Van Ahn, Cindy Harms; food Mike Fell, Craig Iler. Chaperones were all the junior high teachers. Student council of- 'icers are Nancy K o r 1 e s k i president; Mike Fell, vice resident; Sheila Bruggeman secretary-treasurer. Ross Sam uelson is sponsor. Mrs. James Gould, speech in structor here, has issued the ? olfowing listing of Lake City contestants who will compete in he district speech contest March 1 and 2: oratorical dec amation, Marvene Patterson Serry Jenkins, Jo Ann Harmeyer; dramatic declamation Sheri Tibbitts, Sue Ringgenberg, Sally Burley; humorous declamation, Joan Owens, Barbara Owens, Sara Williams; interpretive reading, prose, Jane Loeck, Teri Engstrom, Patti Nutter; interpretive reading, poetry, Marvene Patterson, Sue Ringgenberg; extemporane ous speaking, Randy Bawden news announcing, Steve Hucka, Kerry Jenkins; after-dinner speaking, Ann Awtry; exposi tory address, JoAnn Harmeyer; story-telling, Steve Packer Patti Butter; book reviewing, Toni McOrary, Kathy Ferguson, Terri McCaulley; play- reading, Jane Loeck, Teri Eng strom, Sheri Tibbitts, Joan Owens, Dwight Dial. Supt. Wendell Johnson is attending the administrative conference being held at the state 4-H camp near Boone Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, sponsored by Iowa State University. Chosen delegates to the I.A.E. representative assembly to be held in Des Moines in February are Mrs. C. H. Waterbury, Lohrville, and Glenn Hamilton, Lake City. Alternates are Mrs. Muriel Minglin, Lytton, and Robert Van Sickle, Manson. Lake City debaters will compete in the debate invitational at Heelan high school, Sioux City, Saturday of this week. They are Susan Johnson and Steve Hucka, affirmative and Dwight Dial and Barbara Owens, negative. The question for debate: Resolved that Congress should establish uniform regulations to control criminal investigation procedures. The adult homtmakingj 8 Times Herald, Carroll, la, Saturday, Nov. 11, 1967 New Outside Story Printed Pattern For going out fashionably, se\ this elegant coat in day tweeds ottoman or worsted or glamorou evening fabrics. Shaped subtly a waist, flares into a graceful A line. Printed Pattern 9344: Misse Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 1 takes 2% yds. 54-in. FIFTY CENTS in coins for eacl pattern — add 15 cents for eacl pattern for first-class mailing ant special handling. Send to Mariai Martin, Carroll Daily Times Her aid, Pattern 'Dept. 25, 232 Wes ISth St., New York, N.Y., 10013 Print NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. PLAN YOUR NEW FALL WARD ROBE, send now for our new Fall Winter Pattern Catalog. 100 fresh exciting shapes in all sizes. Ge one pattern free — clip coupon in Catalog. Send 50c now. course at Lake City closed Tuesday night with a 7 p.m potluck s u pper in the high school homemaking room Featured program was a re view of Jack Weller's book "Yesterday's People" by Mrs Robert Carter. t Science Club met Tuesda, night with 20 present. Susan Johnson presided. Anthony Sa bus, guidance" councilor, spoki on "Careers in Science". Smal groups discussed individua project ideas including electric ity, biology, weather instru ments, fruit flies,- etc. There was also discussion of a possi bl e service project. A film wil be shown at the December meeting. "Stage Do»r", a musical ex travaganza, will be presented by pupils of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of the Lake City Community Schools Friday Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the high school gymnasium, directed by VIrs. James Angove. The program will feature songs from popular stage plays, operettas and television shows. Public invited. No charge, but offering Family Gathering Held at Manning MANNING — The Hays fam- ly gathered in Manning Sunday for a dinner and reunion, rhe dinner was served at the Presbyterian Church. Relatives were present from Park Ra )ids and Austin, Minn.; Fort )odge, Des Moines, Aspinwall and Manning. Donald Schrum of Missorui Valley was a Sunday guest of lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C Schrum. Mrs. Don McCullom and amily of Jefferson were Sunday dinner guests in the Eugene McCullom home. Caroline Clark was hostess o the Royal Neighbors of America Monday evening, Nov. Ten members attended as well as the district deputy, Mrs. Opal Jones of Carroll, 'he business was conducted by he oracle, Dorothy Sharp. Members will pack a Thanks- jiving box for residents of the D laza. Following the meeting, ards were played and prizes given. Lunch was served. Ei- een Enenbach will be hostess it the Dec. 4 meeting at the home of Aloha Enenbach. The group will have a Christmas party and gift exchange. Elizabeth Oakley, Becky lamsey and Julie Monson were hostesses at a pink and blue hower honoring Mrs. John Elamsey Jr. Sunday afternoon t the Methodist Church. Traveling bingo was played nd all prizes presented to the onoree. Refreshments were erved. There were 16 guests. ( Questions, Answers on U.S. Tax Matters (This column of questions nnd answers on federal tax matters Is provided by the local office of the U. S. Internal Revenue Service and Is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers.) Q — I do some work at home for my boss in an office which takes up about 10 per cent of my house space. Does this mean I can take 10 per cent of my house expenses as a business deduction? A — Several requirements have to be met before a business deduction can be taken for Investiture for Record Number of Brownie Scouts (Times Herald News Service) MANNING - A candlelight Investiture Service for Brownie Scouts was held at the cafetor- ium of the grade school building Monday afternoon with the largest new group of Brownies in the history of Manning Girl Scouting. During the Brownie Promise, the girls lighted candles and were pinned by their mothers. Mothers of all the girls were in attendance. Following their pinning, the girls joined the Brownie Circle and sang two songs with second-year Brownies. Mrs. Merlin Kunkel, Brown leader, explained ^the require ments of Brownie Scouting. Sh is assisted by Mrs. Don Ka perbauer. Junior Scouts were in charg, of the flag ceremony. Mrs. Or lo Nissen presented s e r v i c stars to Junior Scouts Cathj Arp, Mary Boell, Susanne Coi ling, Barbara Hudson, Jan Kar sten, Jane Kunkel, Susan Long Debra Nissen, Emily Opper man, Cindy Rothfolk, Mildre' Saunders, Ann Voge, Debbi Wassom and Jessica Zerwas. New Brownies invested ar. Sheri Bruhn, M a r c i a Beck Cynthia Curlile, Ann Crandall LuAnn Clipperton, Ann Drees Kristin Hansen, Gail Hoffmann Kala Huldeen, Joan Hass Brenda Juels, Kathy Klinker Joan Karsten, Cindy Lamaack Gail Lamaack, Jane Nelson Kristi Ramsey, Sheri Ramsey Donna Stoelk, Jean Voege anc Ginger Wolfe. Second-year Brownies a r ^ Stephanie Colling, Susan Grimm, Lori Gross, Nancj Gruhn, Sheryl Hansen, Jane Berbers, Carlys Kusel, Julie Kasperbauer, Jean Kunkel, De nise Mohr, Kimberly Mitchell Janis Opperman, Becky Row edder, Joni Siepk-er, Connie Wegner anl Marie Zerwas. Movies were shown on the Willow Creek Day Camp, the Neighborhood Camp at Boone and the Prairie Gold Camp a Okoboji. Junior Scouts retiree the flag, after which refresh ments were served by Cadette Scouts, who had prepared them previously. Woman's Club Votes New Project (Times Herald News Service) MANNING - The Manning Woman's Club voted at its Nov 6 meeting to begin a piano fund for the Manning Plaza as a community improvement project. The club met at Marge Detlefsen's. Preceding the business session six members of the cast of "Carousel" entertained with musical selections. Helen Wiese presented devotions. The 17 members answered roll call by telling of a home safety hazard they had rectified. Scholarship projects were discussed. The program, "Home Is Where the Hurt Is" was given by Velaine Curlile, who showed slides on home safety hazards. Lunch was served. On Nov. 20 ;he club will meet jointly with the Zetetic Club at the Manning Public Library. Judy Boersma was hostess to the Zetetic Club Monday evening. Members answered roll 2all with "Decorating colors I ike." The president reported hat the club had received' a gold star for the year's program books. Elsie Enahm gave yederation news, talking on 'Drugs that are turned on youth." This article was taken 'rom Clubwoman. The year's mdget was read and accepted ty the members. A donation vas voted to the community chest. Lavon Puck presented the vening's lesson "Today's Quest for Beauty in the Home". She displayed floral arrangements in various colors in con- unction with the lesson. A si- ent auction was the feature of he evening. Lunch was served y the hostess. | office space, in a home or apartment. To qualify for any deduction, you must establish that you are required to provide your own space and facilities as a condition of your employment and that you regularly use this space for business purposes. You also must be able to show the portion of your home used for this purpose and the amount of time it is so used. If the office space accounts for 10 per cent of your total space as you state and the other conditions are met, then you may take 10 per cent of such items as rent, heat, light, real estate taxes and mortgage interest. Depreciation of the office portion of a home is also deductible. Expenses attributable only to the personal portion of a house or apartment are not deductible. If you use the office portion only half the time for business purposes then you may deduct only 5 per cent of your house expenses as a business deduction. Q — How long do I have to hold stock before I can treat profits made on it as a long- term capital gain? A — The profits on the sale of stock or other capital assets held more than six months are treated as long-term capital gains. Q — Can I deduct fees paid to an employment agency? A — Yes, fees paid for obtaining employment are deductible if you itemize your expenses. Q — I pay someone to look after my children until I get home from work. Can I deduct {his expense? A — Child care expenses may be deducted when certain conditions are met. Be sure to check the instructions that come with the tax forms. They explain what you have to do to qualify for this deductioa. Q — My ex-wife has custody of our c h i 1 d r e n but I claim them as dependents. Do I still take their withholding exemptions? A.- Yes, you can if they ( - •*< qualify as your dependents. Generally the withholding exemptions are the same as the exemptions that will be allowable on your income tax return. Q — My company reimbursed me for a trip my wife and I took to find a place to live on my new assignment. On the check I received taxes were taken out. Why was that? A — The amount you received is classified as wages and not a reimbursement for deductible moving expenses. When you actually move to the new location, the unreimbursed cost of transporting you, your family and your household goods may well be a deductible moving expense. The cost of meals and lodging while traveling to your new home may also be deductible. floral Wreaths ach pattern for first-class mail- ng and special handling lend to Alice Brooks, Carroll Daily Times w °rald, Needtecraft Dent &w Rnv , Old ">--•-- _.*'.'•.• - OJ > DU *- igns, b n-ee patterns (includ-s esigner sweaters; instructions in- Book Nn C i OClle V, ^'broider. 50c. .BOOK No. 1 . — Deluxe Quilts _ 8 No. 3 - quiltH for oayi . New, exciting collection— * 5 complete patterns sot:. Book of Prize Afghans _ Knit rochet 12 afghans. 5oi ^

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