The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 17, 1919 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1919
Page 11
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lli NEWS OF THE INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS PLANTS OF BROOKLYN THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, 3IAY 17, 1919. I MUTUAL GOOD SPIRIT ENDS LABOR PROBLEM THE BUSINESS OUTLOOK W. E. Trum, Paper Box Merchant, Finds Square Deal for Employees Brings Efficiency. Kmployces' welfare and contentment in a. eubject second to none in importance in the adrninUtration of the E. J. Trum plant of 55 3d St., whore millions of paper bpxea for a hundred different trades are manufactured every month, a great part of tlio production being allotted by piece work to the sixty or more peraons engaged in the factory. Walter 12. Trum, vice president and ! treasurer of the firm, has made an I exhaustive study of the paper box lniuBtry, and states that he cannot ( nil; gine any oincr manuiaciurmg 11115 (i-riled on with less uniformity in dlf-f. runt parts of the country. After rp' ndlng a great part of his time for tun past several years attending nu-lii- rous conventions, from the Atlantic V the Pacific Coast, ho concluded to work out his own ideas regarding the employment problem, bonus system ami other Questions which are inter- j si ins labor and capital all over the 1 world. 1 j Ha began Ijy appointing an cm- j ployees' representative for each floor j of the plant and asking the employees ; to name another. All questions rc- . laliner to wages, hours, overtime, etc., aro takon up through these representatives, and never has the manage- runt failed to hear and adjust all complaints submitted through the 1 employees' committee. This is based 1 on the theory of pelf-government, and j h;is worked out to great advantage I for both the management and the j employees, as production has stead- j tly increased since the system was j installed, while wages have kept : pace and working hours have been reduced, I A thermometer records the daily production, keeping constantly before each employee the fact that if a certain figure is reached at the end of thirty days a theater party will be enjoyed by the employees as guests of the management, the play being uc-lci'ted by popular vote. The management has wisely placed this figure within easy reach, so that steady production will assure a pleasant evening's entertainment, in addition to a bonus, which is based on individual production. Industrial health insurance has not been overlooked by Mr. Trum in his efforts to promote the welfare of his employees. A visiting nurse calls j daily at the hont of 'entecs, 101- , lowed by a pny;"?'?.i) If is necessary. ! Mr. Trum is constantly seeking for new ways to maRe the employees' place in the firm more desirable, and : . J By Hurry Ic Molt, President of tile Dxchange Bank. One of the most "Important factors bearing upon future business and Industrial conditions, as well as a mat. ter of vital interest to every manufacturer and business man in the country, is whether loanable money will be cheap or otherwise for the remainder of the year, while reconstruction is dominating the world's industries. It would seem that with the wartime demand practically eliminated banking Institutions should be strong in loanable funds, and well able to finance the requirements of their de-positive who desire accommodation for the purpone of extending their respective businesses along safe lines, and ut rates somewhat lower than those prevailing at tho present time. The wonderful facilities offered by Brooklyn's manufacturing plants, embracing, as they do, practically every line of business; the further development of our water front and ultimately, we hope, the construction of a marginal railroad, should bring to this borough a wealth of business and prosperity second to none In the Greater L'ity. Taking the country as a whole, tho tremendous grain crops should place this nation in a position to meet the needs of lOurope along these lines, and enable America to meet the responsibility she must eventually assume, namely, that of establishing a credit to those of our Allies who will need almost everything we can produce, if they are to rchabllitato their devastated lands. it would also seem, in view of the fact that Government operation of railroads has resulted In such groat losses, that legislation returning them to private ownership is warranted. The owners have shown themselves able to conduct their business and manage their affairs on a mors economical basis, and by allowing them to again tako the control, a great advantage would accrue to the public who have invested their funds in this class of security. Carelessness Is Basis of Most Factory Accidents; Notes of Local Industry states that his results have been entirely satisfactory, although ho plans numerous oilier improvements which will further benefit the employees and Increase tho output. WM. J. GIBLIN & CO., Automobile Engineers Ilepairs by Competent Mechanics. 228 Sandford Street (l'm lirKalh) Brooklyn AUERBACH TIRE WORKS Tires and Tubes Repaired and Guaranteed Expert Retreading Operating three largest tire rc- J pair plants in New York State. 976 Bushwick Avenue Tel. 765-8 Bushwick 1011 Bedford Avenue 0218 Decatur , 700-704 Jefferson Avenue 4010 Bushwick KSTABI.IKIiF.D 1869 WM. R. YOUNG CO., Roofing 169 Lorimer. St. BorouKh of lirfioklyn w York Phone Williamsburg 401: Wunsch & Washburn Mechanical Engineers Inventions Developed Special Machinery Designed OfNcca and 1'nllrrn Nliop, ill? lantre St. Tel. Canal 4.1!. Miii-lirr Sho, 30!! M llougall St. Tel. Ii. X. V. "4i. M. T. Davidson Co. STEAM PUMPS 43 Keap St. Ph. Wniburs 211 E. J. TRUM, Inc. 55-57 3rd St., Brooklyn PHONE HAMILTON 518 Manufacturer! of Paper Boxes and Folding Cartons JOHN C. GRENNELL PAINT STORE, Inc. Dealer in PAINTERS' SUPPLIES AND ARTISTS' MATERIALS 97 Flatbuik Ave. and 12S Ashland Flaca Telephone 7070-7071 Prospect Brooklyn, N. V. BERGER AUTO COMPANY Painting and Trimming Radiator Repairing and All Sheet Metal Parts. No. 2 Ocean Parkway. Tel. south 3838. Oftl'-o Telephone Res. 635 MrDonough St. 1012 Bedford Tel. 30S3 Bushwick HINT'S STORAGE AND VAN CO. padded Auto Vans, Local and Long Distance Moving: Country Work a Specially; Gooda Transferred 250 Miles. Main Offices: I Qulntard Black, Stamford. Conn. Tols. 1 Office; 171-2631 Residence. 870 Noatrand Ave.. Brooklyn, N. V. Light Clean Lofte Beserred Exclusively for Dead storage of Automobiles and Automobile Bodice FLAGLER CO. AI'TOMOBll.NJt BllI.DKKH OF l.IMOlSINb AND SPECIAL BODIES Alterations. Tops and I'ainting ''-ir0-161 Carlton Av. G300-53UL prospect "ON THE WATERFRONT" Wallabout Basin Storage Co. Wallabout Market, Bklyn.. N. Y. GEORGE DRESSLER, President Telephone 3282-32S3 Williamsburg Buy Chocakrfes 'The Better Kind' Fain Knitting Mills 902 PARK AVENUE Cor. Broadway, Brooklyn Telephone Stage 1271-1272 KIRSCH & HERFEL CO., Inc. Manufacturers of SODA WATER AND GOLDEN DWARF CELERY 244 Scholes St. Brooklyn, N. Y. GOODRICH TRUCK TIRE Service Station 302-304 Flushing Ave. Prices and service that please. A. JUNGKIND, Prop. Are you carefully dressed n if your shoes are dirty . Why not have your auto enr go nut every morning n!th "SrtCK AND SPAN" WII1TK SHOES? Buy a carton from your dealer for 60c sufficient for a car a number of times. Costs Iosb than having your shoes polished. For further Information address. Dept. C. P. W. KELSON, Inc. 64-51 Liberty St. Bklyn, N. V. (f Cxfoe" "Bosch" BATTERIES MAGNETOS ProirtDtlv Repaired. BOLTON & WECHTEL CO., Inc. Phone Decatur 187 1181 Bedford Ave, Very little exporting la, being done by the Sefton Manufacturing Company of Bush Terminal at the present time. This concern, which manufacturers all kinds of fibre board products, corrugated boxes, containers, etc., occupies three floors In buildings 9 una 10, totuling 150,000 square fect, and employs nearly 200 persons. They find a heavy demand for their product from the New England States, while their central and western demand Is filled from the Chicago or Anderson, Ind., plants. see Now Location for Bcrger Company. Tho flergor Auto Company of 1000 Bergen ut. und t Ocean I'arkvvay. have abandoned their Iiergcn ut. location for more satisfactory quarters ut 1995 Bedford ave. owing to space limtta-Hons In the Bergen st. building, it was necessary to occupy two floors, which made it dltllcult to turn out rapid work. The new building affords Npuce for fort cars 011 a single floor, and will greatly add to tho efficiency of the repair and trimming departments. The Ocean Parkway building will be continued as before. e e e Inspection or Aulo Butteries Advocated. "When motorists thoroughly appreciate tho grunt saving of lime, money and annoyance which follows the reg. ular inspection of their batteries, we will see a country-wide, Increase in starting and lighting efficiency," said H. .1. Wechtel, of tho Bolton and Wochtcl Company, Inc., buttery and magneto experts, who nmke a specially of Inspecting and repairing; starting and lighting systems on motor vehicles for both pleasure and industrial use. "There is more injury done through under churging than through over charging a battery," continued Mr. Wechtel, "and If users of motor vehicles would determine upon and carry out a policy of regular monthly Inspections, they would not oMy increase the life of their battery, but effect a vast saving of money, as all large troubles are smsll in the beginning, and can only be detected by competent experts." e e Cnrelcssnos Causes Majority of Accidents. Of over 7,000 persons employed In the Morse Dry Dock and Repair Company during the month of April, approximately 2.600 were sent to the emergency hospital suffering from some injury, usually a minor one. received in the course of their duty. Frank Falconer, who has charge of tne hospital records for the Morse plant, states that without exception, every accident during that particular month was caused by carelessness on the employee's part. "I could write a book on the subject," said Mr. Kalconer. "hut getting the men to rend It would be another matter." A large percentage of the more serious accidents were caused by stepping on a rusty null, yet It seems impossible to persuade the employees to clinch the nails before discarding old lumber. It is seldom Indeed that an employee is injured in this plant Adriance Machine Works, Inc. Builders of Presses. Dies, Tools and Special Machinery For Working Sheet Metal 80 Richard. St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Established 1SSI. unless it Is through his own carelessness." Conventions for Xcxt Week. The Wholesale stationers Association of the United Hlates May lit, 20 and 21, at McAlpin Hotel. The National Board of Fire UnderwritersMay 22, at the Astur. Cost Accountants. Sole Leather Division of the Tanners Council May 'Si. at Halm's. American Iron and Steel Institute-May 23 an(J 24, at the i'ennsvlvanla Hotel. American Brush Manufacturers AssociationMay 22, at the I'ennayl-vania. National Association of Manufacturers, May 19. 20 and 21, at the Waldorf. National Association of Knit tiuodt, Manufacturers May 20, ut the An-wright Club. e ' Average Wale Over 1918. Average weekly earning for the year 1919, compiled from representative New Tork State factories, and including both office and shop employees, is shown to be 123.03. $22.07 and $22.20 for the months of January, February and March. For the ssme period In 1918, the figures were $16.81, $17.6ti and $18.71. The increased retail cost of food, with June, 1914, taken na 10.1. shows for the first three months of 1919. 187. 174, 177. On the same basis, average weekly earnings for corresponding months were 181, 174 and 17u. , Big Demand for f '11 per. More than a hundred tons of newsprint paper is manufactured daily at the plant of the Tidewater Mills. This firm, which is located in Hnsli U111I I-ing No. 8, employs about 125 people. According to II. S. Chalfanl, manager of the mills, most of the paper manufactured at present Is being shipped to South America, where there i.i a big demand fur it. Banner i'olil 11s Box Company, lucor-M.rulcs. .1. J. Weil Is now president of the Banner Folding Box Compa ny, which is one of the biggest tenants in the Bush buildings. The concern was formerly known aa the Banner Paper Box Company, but several months asu its name was changed und the firm incorporated under the New York Hmie , law. W. E. Keeler, who was formerly president of the old concern, Is now I taking an active part In the sales de-1 purlmcnt of the new corporation. I Many Inquiries, I-Yvr Orders. Exooriing of gummed paper products is rapidly increasing, according to L. ; I J. Peters, president of the 1'eters .Man- ! 1 ufactunng Company of Bush Building ' No. 5. Tills concern manufactures all 1 kinds of gummed paper products and has a large export trade. At present f mitvt of its products are being sent to 1 I Australia. Mexico and China. Numer-j 1 otis inquiries are coming In from j I South America, hut very few orders,: i stated Mr. 1'eters. In a short time by this new veniiir. The South American trade i Jits'. ginning to open up. according to Ii. Clowes, assistant sales manager of Hie firm. Mr. Clowes statfii inui to concern has had many inquiries from merchants in South America, but very few orders up to the present. It is Iiu belief that the South American trade will come In time and that it Is iT't good policy to worry it with too mu' .1 correspondence. . SIGN WORKMEN'S BILL. Albany, May 17 The Foley bill to amend the workmen's compenfalio: law by prohibiting direct, settlement except after approval by tho Industri 'l Commission, was signed by Gov. Hmilii yesterday. " The Governor also signed the lfewitr bill appropriating $J5,000 for the employment of prisoners in the construe tion of State end courty highway..-. '.' CREDIT MEN DINE ;.. Magneto Company K.vpitiul. The Eistiuann Magneto Company, j loeuted in Busfi Building No. .". 32 Xid I St., is expanding rapidiy. This con-' corn, which manufactures magnetos I and all kinds of electrical devices, is out niter new business in foreign j eoiinlries. A reprtsentalive of the .concern lias been sent to the olhcr side to establish agencies In Holland, ' France, t;pain and Italy. It Is expected that its foreign trade will double "Rebuilding the Ruined Lands i Kuropc." on which tho Rev.' Di iNewell Dwicht Hlllis spoke, and "The; ' larnguo of Nations." which was the) ; llicmo of a talk by George Wharton I J'epper, an attorney of Philadelphia: !und a student of international law, 'were the chief topics of discussion at :the meeting of the New York Credit Men's Association held at the lintel j A slur Thursday night. , ' ' Tun!ey Machine & Tool Works 814 Gales Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone J.1uhu;lck ISIS. Kallmann on Hprclal Machinery. Patents Developed. Manufacturers of Tools. Causes. Dies, Modc.lH and Experimental Work of All Kinds. Tower Press Work. L. Henry C. Griffin & Co. ' Incorporated. Millwrights Carpenters Electricians Pattern Makers 113 Varick SU, Near Spring Tel. 4SS7 Spring New York City C. W. KEENAN "Paints for All Purposes" Painters' Supplies Artists' Materials 447 Fulton, cor. Jay St. Main 885-4886-Brooklyn GREENPOINT Look for thisTB abeMakk on i 3! All Metal Bedsteads and Cribs 'i &eenointMeta luc Reo Co. I mem ' 01.11 1 . Y. 'SI 1 Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co. Kstnhllahed IgiS MA.NVFACTb'nints Or Mechanical Rubber Goods Factories: Brooklyn. N. Y. New York Office, l;6 Dunne Street. KINGS COUNTY REFRIGERATING CO. COLD STORAGE 30 Hall St., Brooklyn T. A. ADAMS. President It. A. ADAMS. Vlce-I'rea. I'hone Hamilton ;o1 L. L. Wright Roofing, Waterproofing & Construction Co. INCORPORATKD Brick, Tile. blaK. Gravel and Composition Kooflox, Aaplialt Floors, Layers ot "O. A. Ci." Indestructible Flooring. Repairing in All Branches. ;M-ttuU Lorraine St, Brooklyn, A. I. Standard Rolling Mill, Inc. 3U3 Hudson Av. 1T Nnvj- St. HHOOKI.VX. N. V. Manufacturers of BLOCK TIN PIPE Pure Tin Britannia Stamping: Metal bolder Sheets GREENPOINT FIRE BRICK CO. Ill Clay Street Telephone Groenpoint 1SS Brooklyn, N. Y. LONG ISLAND STORAGE WAREHOUSES Noitrand and Catej Avenuei, Brooklyn, N, Y. Fireproof Rooms for Storage of Household Effects. Phone 3100-3101-3102 Bedford. "Let (It EituMt" Branca Warehoam: 881-889 Park At., 781-789 Kent At., Bnoklja, N. Y. The Eagle Storage & Warehouse Co. 28-44 Fulton St, Brooklyn BEST EQUIPPED WAREHOUSE ON LONG ISLAND EXPERIENCED PACKERS AND HANDLERS ALL WORK GUARANTEED TELETHONS MAIN 6560 t Brooklyn Fire Brick Works 88 Van Dyke St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn Sand and Gravel Co. WHOLESALE AND HETAIL DEALERS IN Building, Rubbing Bed and White Sand Roofers' Gravel, Slag and Broken Stone Grand St. and Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Staff 2581' SHIPLEY CTK0N COMPANY Engineers and Contractors YORK Ice Making and Refrigerating Machines Kochester, n. Y. Oakland, Calif. BROOKLYN, N. Y. ROSENWASSER BROS., Inc. Manufacturers of Welt and Stitchdown SHOES and SANDALS, Leggings and Overgaiters LONG LSLAXU CITY, N. Y. New York Salesroom, 452 Fifth Aranut. THIBAUT WALL PAPERS Richard E. Thibaut, Inc. Peerless Wall Papers Flatbush and DeKalb Avcs. New York Bronx Boston Newark MECHANICS BANK Court and Montague Streets The Officers of this Institution wilt be very glad to extend to you all possible; courtesy and information, and assist youf in opening an account. ,,, ... Capital and Surplus...: $2,500,000.0!).'.: Total Resources Over $32,000,000.0i: SHULTS BREAD JUST RIGHT MANUFACTURERS TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System BROOKLYN OFFICES ' 774 BROADWAY, Corner SUMNER AVE. 84 BROADWAY, Corner BERRY STREET MANHATTAN OFFICE 481 EIGHTH AVE., Corner 34TH STREET Dainty Delicious Confections Chocolates Have You Tried Them? HELP .THE VICTORY LIBERTY LOAI- insulation Made in America TSr-yaraB 4 J nsulation - Made in America-'1 f Mau.s.wr.rr.anMKNcnmKL Louis Stcinberger's Patents Electroie Insulators are standard with United Slates Nary and Anr.j v and Commercial, Wireless le'egraph and telephone Computes - Sole Manufacturers ll-sa Wa!liliKlon .-t.-'Wl -T-rl tork M. ili-7 I rani !Ht. Klint M. ' s ' SILK WEAR Gloves Silk and Chamoisette Italian-Silk Underwear (Mar- velfit) Italian Silk Hosiery Pure Dye Ingrain Silk Hosiery (Marvel-Stripe) Ribbed, Cotton and Lisle Underwear (Marvclfit) MAIN FACTORY 232 Taaffe Place, Brooklyn EXECUTIVE OFFICES 353 Fourth Ave., New York Julius Kayser & Co. The Universal Varnish m 'With Iftc Man on the Van' A new, pale transparent finish for all surfaces V indoors and out a tough, "mirrorlike" var- -nish that has no equal for brilliance and -endurance. " John W. Masury & Sen. 50 Jay Street Brooklyn. N. Y, - ESTABLISHED INT NRW TOBK 1144 A. SCHRADER'S SON, Inc. 783-803 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N. V. MAN'L'fACTL'IiURS OK DIVING m APPARATUS HIGHEST AWARDS JAMESTOWN 110-, SKATTLB U0S SAX FRANCISCO 1)15 Large Mock Always on Hand FURNISHERS TO U. S. NAVY AND U. S. ARMY ENGINEER CORPS Outfits for Contractors, Waterworks, Sponge and Pearl Fisheries, Etc. The Great Big Searchlight ThatSweeps Over Brooklyn is a Sperry Searchlight. Other Sperry lights have been spotting German airplanes at the front, turning night into day for the Navy's U-Boat spotters, and doing witches' dances over the Hudson. The Sperry Searchlight is so powerful that when it is directed straight up in the air in Brooklyn, it can be seen in Philadelphia. The Sperry Searchlight is only one of the Sperry products that have attracted the attention of scientists all iver tho world. SPERRY GYROSCOPE CO. Manhattan Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn, N. Y. DOEHLER DIE-CASTING CO. Main Office and Brooklyn Plant Court, Ninth and Huntington Streets Western Plant Toledo, Ohio Largest Manufacturers of Die-Castings in ' the World Die-Casting8 in Brass and Bronze, Aluminum, Zinc, Tin and Lead Alloys, Bronze and Aluminum Back; Babbitt- J lined Bearings. E. W. BLISS CO. Sheet Metal Working Machinery Presses, Dies, Drop Hammers, Double Offices: Adams and Plymoutn Sts., Borough of Brooklyn, New York, N. Y, U. S. A. up Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co. Foot of 55th to 58th Streets BROOKLYN, N. y! Capacity of Dry Dock No. 1, 15,000 Tens Capacity of Dry Dock No. 2, 30,000 Tons TEI.rirltONEl 66,15 RliC'TOR MOllT C ALLS: ' 1IAV D ,rw- v B.'iu nruKoni) oi . i .ninwaou Coastwise Lumber & Supply Co. 17 BATTERY PLACE aTRETAAlLE LUMBER OF AM KINDS STEAMSHIP TRADE A SPECIALLY CORDWOOD, DUNNACU BOARDS AND DUNNAGE MATS VAKIMl Foot f'llnlim Wtrrct. Hamilton Ai-pimic. Hruok' Ui Cttmmijllii'Hiv Avt'lMit, .1. '. Will ( lic(r,ul SI.. riiHmlHphln. Thonn I.omhnrd Tl;l.KPnN;i! Hnmtllnn XHith mu:i llrrgun llflu Pnmvc rinvTinrv & REPAIR CO. P? EftlE BASIN. SROOKLYN S,1 1 OTlcunftffice U ETebo Vach? Basin S.!L?.TO VHITttlTEL OIL bfclMKRING CoRPON bbklvm M v " 7if 601 WASHINOTON STRIHT. NIWrVORft ' OOKLYN, N.Y. . . : , j N EW YORK BltC Todd Dry Docks. Inc. - ' ,: ' umDRt DociuwoNSTRucTiON Core IiItjen & Lang rWRYDOCKCO. HjpflOKtN. NEW JESB. Y QllipVRDlRONiORKS 7AST 12th STUtST i.3

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