Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 5
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Ann Landers f/GflRDf answers your problems Dear Ann Lenders: Father pie of terrific teenagers to me. bas aa illegitimate dausbter. Uy.iiy bat is oS to you.) Bster and I are balh tecMgers and we have kaown about Olivia, Dear Ann Laaden: My daugb- for a loDf time but we've oeveriiers are 13 and 15 yean old. met b«r. JThey win both be cmoUed is a Yesterday Dad received a tde-t new school next month, the gram from Olivia sajing her sdxxd requires the ^Hs to take mother has kicked ber out of gang showers after gym. Ibey the house. She is now living with both feel this would be very neighbors but cannot stay there, embarrassing and I agree. Do Olivia wants to come and live >-ou think gitis should be forced with us. to take sho««rs in the Mom has said O.K. - on one others? - MODEST MOTH- cooditkm. Olitia most be intro-jER duoed as a niece, not a daugb-1 Dear Modest: Giris win have ter. No one outside our immed- a healthy attitude about their iate family knows the real re-bodies pay little attentioii to each latknship and my mother says other during gang sbowen. Spe- she just couldn't take the gos-;cial circumstances, sudi as a tip. deformity, or if a girl is loo fot My aster and I realize or under-de\ek>ped, could alter Olivia's presence might cause the situation, however. Tbeae prAlems but she has hafl a ter- girls sbouM be aUowed to show-j ribie life and maybe we eaajer alone, help ber. We've tried to diange{ n goes without saying that aH Mom's mind but Ae it ada-| showering should be supervised mant What dmiU be done? — by a teacher. If a girl shows undue interest in her classmates' nakedness, she should shower For special beauty Perennials have obvious advantage of permanence Dear S.A.T.: Accqit your mother's terms, but make it dear that Olhna nndentands the terms and that. Ae .is agreeable. Or£itarily I wouU not coodofif duplicity, but tfait is as extraordinary situatkB. H^ang the separately. Ann Landers win be glad to bdp you with your problems. Send them to ber in care of the Bedlands Daily Facts enclos- pri dwuld be the priicipti eoo-ing • stamped, sdf-addressed sideratioa and if fllai • the only way it can be done, then do it (P.S. You kids lonad fike a con-l envdope. ICopfimU 1969. HaU Syndicate) Publishers- PLUMBING EXPERTS REPAIRS REMODEL-OUR SPECIALTY FAST SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS NO CHARGE FOR IRAVa TIME £ocof /jr Owni Slice n26 •cAii . METROSOFT RENTALS 794-2131 SANITARY PLUMBING CO. 1248 WAIASH AVE REDLANDS Can jm imagiae a gardes without pennaials? Certainly. CaBteBiBBS doat i^k tor cotor — as It b possaile to have bleoBs from analf Ihrough- oot Om jtar^ Bit, perennial beddtac ptaBU have a special beauty, and their pcoper use is a fi—ijifflgf which in>tf»s gar- dentkig tte BMUV CQJoj^ble. Peraanali have the obvious advantage of permanence and need enly be cut back after Uoom or left to come on again another day. It's a wise gardener who leans to use both annuals and perenni^ to gain the utmost in color from his garden. Each has its niche — and special characteristics. No Califcmia garden should be witboat Ddpbinium, Penste- moa, Shasta Daisy, TVansvaal Daisy or Primrote. No gardener has really earned the labd until he has tried many other lovdy perennials: Cofaimbine, Phlox. Sweet WHUam, or Bleeding Heart Ihe challenge in their growing lies not in the culture which is easy, but in putting Perennials to proper use. Depending on die variety, they may be fit into either the fateground or baekgrounL spotted in Uie border or squeezed into pocketsize beds; spOM over a retaining wall or hung in pots; featured in beds of their own or sale by side with annuals: uaed as an edging or as a nick garden specialty. In planting perennials, the Califoi^ Associattoo of Nurserymen suggests that inasmuch as the plants won't be uprooted after they blooin, as would annuals, that a little extra time be taken la planting perennials. Work Uie son deei^ and Uior- ouglily. adding a soil improver to build-up humus. SoU should be worked to a depth of at least (MW ftaot A litUe extra effort in preparing the sofl now will pay off in big dividends through the years. Many perennials are avaflable in ttie bedding plant sections of CAJf. nurseries. There is an advantage of i^ting them now. They will become established over tlte winter months, and be prepared to perform their garden magic much ear- RadloMfa Doily Fbds Friday, FMrnary 21, IMV-i Easy-Bild pattern Colonial fence with gate frames house San tadng hdpi pniect your property from widia it add* to the of your hoiM. it asm a dual purpoae wen worth its cost. This reproducUoa of an authentic Colonial picket Ceoe* it fin to make aod erect When pamted. it add* an atfractive frame to your boose By foOowing the fidl siie pat- betowyou can build this fence at a fraction of re- tall cost The pattern contains full size templates fbr ctitting six difitoent Colonial style fence pickets, the easy-to-fidlow directions not only -tell bow to make pickets, but also how to erect a fence with profesnonal results assured. If you foDow directions and buiU the fence in sections, same can be assembled and painted in your woricdiop or garage, ttten erected when weaUier pcr -l SPEAIONG OF PERENNIALS — Transvaal Daisies (Gerberas), pictured here, have a multitude of uses, as do aJl Perennials available to CalifoiTiia gardeners. Perennials are easy to grow, but their main challenge is putting them to proper use. Depending upon the variety, they may be fit into the foreground or background of the garden, spilled over retaining walls, and hung in pots. Or, as m the case of Gerberas, they may be spotted in the border or squeezed into pocket-size beds. The truly luscious colors provided by Gerberas (varying shades of yeUow, orange, red) highlight any garden setting and account for the popularity of this pereimial. In setting-out the sun-loving Gerberas, plant them high, so the crown of the plant protiiides above the soil, and g^ve them good drainage. (Photo courtesy California Association of Nurserymen) lier (and more prolifically!) tiian Uioae set-out in tiie springi months. Shopping new home developments? Our cx)mputer saves you from traffic jams, endless driving and lost weekends. This computer card can lead you to newly- constructed Medallion Electric Homes in new housing developments in Central and Southern Califomi& All the computer needs to know is what kind of home you want, and it will match you up. Thousands of homes are listed by size, price and area. At Edison we call it our SHE* program. SHE stands for Select-Homes- Electronically. And SHE can go to work for you right now. Just fill in the House-hunters Computer Input Form. In a few days you'll receWe a computer printout of available new Medallion Homes that suit your -requirements. Also, ask your local Realtor to show you his selection of Medallion Homes. Sure beats driving ail over with a car full of kids and maps, doesn't it? And this computer service won't cost you a cent Compliments of Edison. OH Primer Ui«ad New western red cedar or redwood aiding that's to be painted raUier than stained ^should be primed with an oiMMie primer, even when the final finish is to be «atcr4ia8e point Oil-base primer will prevent the "Ueed -I ing" of the wood's pigment Ihrou^ to the top paint coat (absolutely free) House-hunters Computer Input Fbrm nDoal«id«HIB:«oi*«nCtfteml«l Hen* SMe&on SM¥lea Owt 0-1 Initial last Name - mm MOada OFnCEUSEONLYDDOD CiiyofSpaeifcComnioaitifOesiiea Nomkweltadneiiis: • Numbtralb «>He «aK • Wee eHMPO »oo aie lookiiig fcr t_ SMOlfwniy «tiC«tiesdoll«« Beach lots may go on sale at Point Reyes SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)Plans to seU 2,500 privatdy. I cttned acres within the Point Reyes National Seashore Park ; were announced Tuesday by the ; owner of Lake Ranch. A. W. Sweet, Coos Bay, Ore., said be planned to sell 55 forty- acre parcels on the ranch, located at the southern tip of the national parte in Marin County. "It appears it is fiorgotten," Sweet said. "We don't owe it to the government to hold it any longer." Park Superintendent Edward J. Kurtz described the plan as "disastrous." "It's one of the best sections of the seashore," he said. Sweet said he would withhold from public sale two large lakes and a coastal strip, where a seal rookery is located offshore. Tho ranch once was the object of a controversy involving a proposal to trade forest lands in the Oregon ptiUic domain for the Sweet property. Hie trade fell tiumigb. The 1962 congressional act which estabUshed the boundaries of the Point Reyes Project held that aU the land within it was subject to ccodemnation proceedtags. Sweet, who values the land at about $6 million, said this mi^t be a drawback in his plans and could deter some prospective buyers. "We still owe money agamst it," he said. "Our famity doesn't iiave resources to hold it." Coownen with Sweet, a lumber investor and banker, are his two brothers, • sister and txo diildren of • deceased sister. RepabiKnf Tip Repaiting woodwork? Even if prevHwsly washed, wipe moldings with liquid sandpaper to remove eveiy trace of grease be- fare painting. Southern California Edison Deeorofive Window Sftcrdes • Ml Kinds • ^' REDLANDS SHADE SHOP This is the week Plan* Rem wMb they are sHIl avaiaMe in bare iMt Stack. Ifs net tae lata ta fUm* bar* rest shade traat, *r frvit and nut Yrmt. Many thrubs are new in blooni/ Includnif OeclduaiM MapMlias, Plowerint Quinces, Oafhn* and CanMlltas. Theta •re iu*» a taw *( Ih* many that yau may find. Pinch aH Ihe first budding blooms an Panties. Bushier plants and more bloems, later, will be iha result. Primrose plants in full Maem •re avallablii for plantinf now. If peach trees haven't received Hieir secaid iprayint for leaf curl, give it ta them — but quick. Yaur CJ^.N. nur- serymin can recemmend the dormant spray ta ui*. mils. AU materials patiem specifies are stock size readily available at lumber yards everywhere. Directk>ns for buiWing and hangmg a matching gate are inchided in the pattern offered bek>w. Although pattern suggetU building a fence 38" high, same can be made higher or lower to suit your needs and tastes. Send 75 cents in com, check or money order for Cotonial Fence & Gate Pattern No. 315 to Bedlands Daily Facts. P. 0. Box 215. Briardiff Manor. N.Y. 10510. Send 75 cents additional for catalog illustrating over 300 other buikl-tt-younelf projects. Add 35 cents if yon want pattern sent Iqr special handling. Be sure to include your 2^ Code. (Copyri^ Donakl R. Brarni). fibre's m QUALITY, WeGlv REDUNt 102 W. STATE ST. * Treatments and control services for anfs, roaches, termites, moths, etc. * New, safe fumiaation for drywood formites and other household pests. HOUSEMOLO AND GARDEN INSEaiCIDES FOR SALE! M lAST VINK STRUT PHONi Tfl-IMI Prevent-w eeds-now SALE Prevent crabgrass and foxtail in a grass lawn Applied now, TURF BUILDER PLUS 4 fuH fertilues good grass at the same time it keeps ciabgiass and foxtail from showing their ugly heads this year, aeaisontexistingnon- grass weeds and grubproofs the soil for a full year too. Re- siiltf are amazing—as weeds become a thing of the past your fertilized lawn grows thicker and greener than ever. Save 1 2,500 sq ft bag r5g>9J' 8 ^5 Hirdware/furniture 'Appliances If L emus AVE DOWNTOWN RBLANOS PHONE 7f3.2f17

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