Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 4
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^^F^HL'^Tio^ Traffic commission actions 4 - FrMey, F^brwiry 7\. 1969 Local Notes W Sal* Head Skis, jadcets. dd pants! — alt on sale. Pratt Bios. 65l! E. Citrus. z: O* Wrtf s AmhrtrMry celebration Tburs., Fd>. 20, Fri., Feb. 21, Sat., Feb. 22, 7:30 ajn.' Cypress intersection signals to be studied for phasing Cunnligs Im 8S presid6iit of ffiDTOIoeiid Redlaadir Jack CUnmiBp. oatgoinc pniidegt of the Be- gional EeoBonic Devdop llie Redlands TrafGc Commis- traffic vohune in the intersec- sion yesterday called for a study tim must meet a state require- to 5:30 pjn. De Witi's A to Z to determine if the intersection ment in order to qualify for gas- Paint Supply, 327 Orange, Bed- of Cypress avenue and Redlands dine tax fiinds for instaUation lands. X boulevard qualifies for three- cl a left-turn phase to the ex- WadMT — • . i phase traffic controls providing isting signals. *n^~rkr !.Jr^ .1 a separate phase of control for; Under the requirement, , B - "V. ;ieft tarns at the intersecUra. i check during a peak hour "f? yest^ay m a waAmg' Commissioner Lome Macart- trcffic vohune mast show 50 or machme at the Ei^omat Uun-. ^ey said the existing t «fOi )hase. more vducles tuning left in one dry, OTMge^rert ai^ Union stiq)-fflid-go signals create a hai--direction. In addition the pro- av««me, fire rfBoals Dam- anious situation in regard toiduct <rf the number of left-tum- age y.-as confined to the motor autos making left turns in thejing vAicles and the number of and wmng m the 5:18 p.m. m- intersection. ' conflicting, or oncoming vehicles ™">t John Donndly. street depart- must exceed iflO.COO. riimial rjii. .J T ""S"^ representative to the com- TTie Commission voted to have EmeJxe«ytdStaL counsel-'commissioners theithe ctty's engineering deptrt- hc available, eaU 7934710. Confidential, no obligations. 24 hours. Badlands Coondl of Churdies. z Km* SU$ — SMk Skis — M day. Sleds — $1J0 and 12 day, toboggms $3 and up. Pratt Bros. Sportiog Goods. 651 £. Citnis. X Sanrkaman Prayers The First Baptist Church of! Mentone will hold a day of prayer tomorrow from 8 a.m.; to 5 p.m. for members of the armed forces. It will be an un- programmed day with people requested to bring or said prayers. The service is open to tlw public. Immadiala Ca* We buy and sdl good used fatnitnie. 792-1111. z Mutt Find Oaad Ham* for mother and dangUer German Shepherds, Hi years and 2 mottOis. 792-7*35 after 5:30 SaalcMNnt Give your driveway that New Lode. Free estimates on leal- coating driveways and parking lots. Also paving and grading. Coondl (REDCO), wffl be ment conduct sudi a study and,ceeded Igr Van A. Craoler. «to called for an accident study ofjdeveloped the CoKoa Airpark theintersectiaabrthepoUcede-iand is owner of the Crooter partmenL In other action, the commission recommended that the right lane of southbound Ford street at Redlands boulevard be designated for ri^ turns only. The actioB was taken to remedy a sitaatisn in which nntor- ists in two tonlWwwnd lanei fice-{ queotiy try to outrace each odi- er across the boidevanl to enter the single saathbaand lane of Oak street, said Police Chief Robert Graefe. ^Itic coomiissMxif rfspopif^^ff ID a complaint of a bazaidoos lack of visibility at Alvarado and ChestBot due to wcigio I Electric company. Hiis probability appeared today after Cnuter*! Bomtnalian by a cnnmitiee led by Larry Hendoo. Universiljr ct Rertlamh REDCO. dbccton approved HcBdoa'i report at a Thunday breakfast, and next wedc BEDOO memben win fat thdr bdols. Other aominees are: Bay Rolunaaa. Kaiaer Sted eoipora- tion» Ibr TIM pRtidCBt; Boberti E. Ford «( Bedlnda. GritBn Wheel eomputr, aeerctery; J(te J. Batter. TUIe Inanrance Se Ttiat eonpany, bcasa and to a «etas. XanriB Reuner, LoirdI V. TnA, Arthur FDwdl. Beriicrt Hall, Bkfc- ard. Stephen P. Bebwald. James Glatt, aMl Venaa A. Craig. New officers will go automatically on the executive commit tee, for which the foUowmg also shrubbery at the aorlhawt corner of the mtersectiaB, ordered the Park Department to trim the sbnte which are on a dty easement A request for reduced s peed „ „ _ zone si^ on Oak street be-! .^;re";iomiiiaied:"wa :^enVaw Redlands mon promoted to stateUghwoy post Edwin B. CiMtera af 1 waareeeatly StalB OnWon at HUnnyt it As aHiei'tiSM SMie 3CS and is reeponsibie for the repair, ivkcep and general appearance of appnndmatcir Ijm miles of State hitfnraya in Kstiict S (Son Benarte Oom^ and the wcatem hdf af BivoBde Coanly). The Haintenaoce Depwteent is ako involved in tandwatang. snow, removal, ngnals. and IKbtiac Daring emergeneias. as dnriBK aur recent skams, flds Department is reapoofMe tar keeping roads open for the trav- eKng pabHc am later niJiiin more pennaneot R|tain. Be joined the Divisioa d Highways in 195t. slartinc in the jQTvey depHtmcoL to VKB^ be bwaiiw a regJBtend civil en- About People T. Ji*ib. n. Armr SptaaBU Four, whose wife, Satan, fives at 29B West Ave. L, CiiiBMsa. was assigaed Jan. U ta the S3lih lyaasportation Coof pasr near Loog Binh. Vietnam, as a heavy truck drivo-. His panoU are Mr. and Mrs. Geerce L. Nordling. USIS Douglas street. Yncaqn. gineci and project ewginffr in flie timey depa^bncflit and then in the adr BDWIN B. CRITTCRS oSIieB project oo Intentate 15 in Caioa Pass. In October ofj uat. Ed received his promotion to senior highway engineer. Critters was bom in Hull, Iowa, February 20, 1929. He at- 1 tended grade and high schools' tween Franklin avenue and Red- RAiirt '7;31 ~'.,j" "J" " — -.-at Hull, Iowa, and Edgeiton.i lands bouJevaid was denied be -S^^ Aii^m-^ V. ^ to fflen hx Gntters was the Mimiesota; and college at "^Trask. All officers will be m-principal assistant on the $20 Northwestern in Orange City, His next assignment was as resident engineer with the construction department, heading the job on Hi^way 71. Corona Kevari Contractors 792-5652. z MiMsd Papers Phone Redlands Daily Facts circulation d^artmeot, 793-3221, beftire 6:30 pjn. wedc days, or 2:30 pjn. Saturdays to report missed papers and obtain delivery. Antique cor body stolen An antique car body owned by a Redlands police officer was stolen from the Eirage of his father's readence on StiU- man avenue, police said today. Hairy Duriing, of 906 Stffl- man, father of Police Sgt. Carlton During, reported that the Model T roadster body, vahied at $250, was taken from his garage by thieves who pried open the garage door. The flieft occurred sometime between THiesday and Thursday. Woollier AvcnsK Fcbnuir nintan 2.4» Aicnsc teaioii total niatan l*.fa nmp. Jaa. SI . Jan. S . Jan. 23 . Jan. 24 . Jan. 2S . Jan. as . Jan. 27 . Jan. 28 . Jan. 29 . Jan. TO . Jan. 31 . nab. 1 . Feb. 3 . rrh. 3 . Feb. 4 . Feb. S . Fab. 6 . Fab. 7 . TA. a r ^b. • . nab. 10 Fab. U Feb. 12 . F<^ 13 Feb. U . Feb. 15 Feb. U Frt! u: Feb. 1» Feb. 20 . 64 . S« . 38 . S8 . 5S . 48 . S3 . SS . SB . 87 . <8 .70 . SS . 37 . 71 . SI . SB . 61 . 61 . SS . 63 . 72 . 4S . 48 . 57 S4 SO 43 48 S6 S4 41 40 31 34 35 3» 45 45 37 36 37 38 40 47 43 43 45 40 41 44 40 34 J.41 J6 .47 M M J8 1.43 10.44 ILflO 11.47 1U6 lUB 12X! 13.70 Tr. ISM .03 JO In urn 1431 13.01 1537 Annooffcenient of Funeral Services NORTON; Orwn C. 2:00 pjn. Tod«y Graveside: HDWde Mcnarial Park SCHDBEBT. Walter B. 2:00 pjn. Satmdar Calimesa Cbapd BOGGS, Mrs. Mary L. U:00 ajB. Holiday Graveside: LANN. BichBd 2:00 pjB. Monday CaBneaa Chapd MOBILE CANCER UNTT — The new Cancer Society "Movie Mobile" wiU soon be visiting Redlands as part of the society's cancer education campaign. Cancer society mobile unit to visit Redlands Residents of Redlands area'by locsd volunteers and any will have the opportunity to see questions will be answered at and learn for thcmsdves the that time. seven warning signals of caiicerj when the Movie Mobile Unit known as the ACS Mini llieater, begins its showings in Redlands. Mrs. Chester Hartley, local Education Chairman, ext^ained that the unit is a traveUng movie and can be set up as a theater to accommodate two dozen pa^e at a showing. Hiis new media of readiing the public was provided by binds rsdsed in the Canca- Crusade of 1968 and will be used throughout San Bernardino County during the DEZt few months. Its ^;ipearance here in Red' lands vM a&ord tiie public an opportum'ty to learn of the stages <tf cancer and treatmeiU availaUe. literature win be distributed at each movie showing The first appearance is sched- tiei for Winn's Parking Lot, North Orange & Colton avenue, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Feb. 26. Other tocations wiU be Red lands Paridng.Lot, Gtrus & Cajon, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Feb. 27; Sages East entrance, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 1 and at tlie Teledyne idant on Brockton avenue, March 3 for employe showings during the day. Volunteets assisting Mrs. Hartley will be Mrs. John Van- dermade, Mrs. Etbel Brown, Bruce Elfiott and Chester Hartr ley. Additional information may be obtained from Mrs. Chester Hartley, local Education Chairman (rf American Cancer Society, at 792-1193. Vital Records BIRTHS ADAMS — Bom, a dau^fer, to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Adams, 1720 Clay street, Fd>. 19. 1969. at Redlands Community hospital SlCm — Bom, a daughter, to Mr. and Jlrs. Floyd Sichi, 313 Myrtle street, Fd>. 19, 1969, at Redlands Communis hos- pit^ BEID — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Ricbard Reid, 7466 Seine street. Highland. Fd>. 19, 1969, at Redlands Commu­ nis iios{NtaL KERIG — Bom. a daughter, to Mr. end Mrs. Thomas Kerig, IfiiO Washington street, Feb. 19, 1969, at Redlands Community hospitaL OESTERREICH — Bom. a dau^ter, to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Oesterreicfa, 24641 "E" street, San Bernardino, Fd>. 20, 1969. at Redlands Community bo^t^. HERNANDEZ — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hernandez. 2909 West Williams street, Banning. Feb. 20.1969. at Redlands Community hospital. HURLBERT — Bom. a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Huribert. 720 Cedar avenue. Feb. 20. 1969. at Redlands Community hospitaL \aCKERS — Bom. a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vick ers, 163 West "C" street. Colton. Feb. 20,19G9. at Redlands Community hospital. DEATHS SCHUBERT — Died in Lome Linda. Calif.. Feb. 19. 1969. Walter E. Schubert. 1001 So. 3rd street. Calimesa. aged 69 years, native of Germany and lesideiit of Calimesa for 2 years. Deceased is survived by his wife, Martha E. SchiAert of Calimesa; a son. Walter C. Schubert of El Segundo, Calit and the following brothers and sisters: Hermann Schubert; Mrs. Martha Jaehrling and Miss Marie Schubert all of Germany. Funeral services will be held Saturday 2 pan. at the Emmer- son-BarUett Calimesa chapd. Rev. Paul R. Jorstad, pastor ofj the Faith Lutheran churdi, officiating. Cremation in Montecito Memorial Park cemetery, Emmerson - Bartlett Memorial Chapel Calimesa in charge. BOGGS — Died in Green River, Wyommg. Feb. 19, 1969. Mrs. Maiy Lydia Boggs, 300 Sunset drive. Green River. Wye., aged 49 years, native of Michigan UNDER DIRECTION OF f.ttlMW CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. 1411 and resident of Green River. Wy«. for 2 years. Deceased is survhred by her husband. William E. Boggs of Green River. Wyo. the following son and 2 daughters: William Rez Boggt; Maiy KaUuyn Boggs; Mar^mt Ann Boggs all of Green Bivcr. Wyo. and the foQowing 3 brothers and sister: Charies Joseph Lahnala of Cin- cmnaU, Ohio; Benjamin Lahna- U Fvk, LamaLMa. ]fBS.lIEBLEL.BA <aar Sccvicasi la and James H. Lahnala both of Detroit, Midi.: Mrs. Raymond Marttila of Pittdmrgh. Penn.; her mother-in-law. Mrs. Mary E. Bogp a< Bertlanrtt, brother hi bw. John B. Bogp of Redlands sister-ta4aw. Mrs. Chvles Heniy Martin and Mrs. Georfe C Fortberg. both of Bedlaads. Gravcride services wiD be held Mooday u ajn. at mUde Memorial Park. Bev. Henry W. RCaae, pastor af the Sacred Heart thiiri'h, eflidatiag. Inter* cause a radar speed check ' showed no ezisting ^leeding problem and an usuffident number of homes in tiie area toj try dub warrant a 25 mile an Iwor zone. Residents on Oak have complained of difficulty in backing out of their drivcwoiys because of pasainc traffic. The eonunis- Gkm aaggeslad the postiiiUty of "tun anwnd" pa^ adjacent to driveways to perniit reskfents to turn their ears aroaad ao as to be headins toward the sticet «4ien pulling out of driveways. The commissian held in abeyance a request for stop signs on atras avenue at Sizth street to expedite the flow of traffic on ^tfa pending a traffic count at the intersectioD. In rdated action. Uie commission recommended removal of a metered parking space in front of the Western Auto ^um at Sixth street and the boulevard to improve visibility of Sixth street motorists wisiUng (o tura left onto the boulevard. W. A. Brunton had requested action on "bottlenecks" at Gtr rus and at the boulevanl whidi he said make it very difficult for moforists on Sixth street to pass through those intersections. Bids opened for widening of U.S. 395 LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Bid openings on projects in San Diego and Riverade counties were announced Tlmrsday by the State Division of Highways. Apparent low bids by county were: San Diego: a joint-venture bid of $6,314,165 by the R. E. Hazard Contracting Co.. and i W. F. MaxweU Co.. both of San Diego, for widening U.S. 395 for two and one-naif miles between Interstate 8 and Genesee Avenue into d^t lanes, addhig a climbing lane, consiiucting four bridges and widening two others. ment hi Hillside Memorial Park cemetery. Emmerson • Bartlett Memorial Chapd Redlands in charge. LANN — Died in Loma IJnda. Calif.. Feb.'20, 1969, Richard Lann, 13630 2nd street. Yucaipa, aged 74 years, native of New Yoric and resident of Yucaipa for 43 years. Deceased is survived by his wife, Ruth Lann of Yucaipa. a son, Frank Thatcher of San Jose and one brother. Funeral services will be held Monday 2 p.m. at the Emmer- son-Bartktt Calimesa chapd, diurch. Rev. John M. Tahany pastor of the St Frances X Cabrini church, officiating. In terment m Desert Lawn Memor- iel Park cemetery. Emmerson- Baitlea Memorial Chapd CaU- mesa in charge. GREEN — Died in Loma Linda. Calif.. Feb. 19. 1968. Bert Green, 25006 Lee street. Loma Linda; aged 81 yean, native of Missouri and resident of Loma Linda for 25 years. Deceased is sun^ved by his wife, Dora Green, Loma Linda; two daughters, Mrs. Wilma Rains, BiaUo; Hn. Nets Ingram. Loma Linda; one brother. Chatiie Green, MiaRNiii; six graoddiildren and 14 peat- Graveside services wil be held Satnrday, U a.m. at the Honteeiio Memorial Park Cemetery. Bev. Verne M. Cbooay, assistant paster of the Fint Unit ed Methodist Cfanrdi of Bed- tends, "fHf^*!^ THniiin< in Montedto Hemorid Park. F. Alter Ooitoer Chapd n Ml THI •MMT Mh ANNUAL RIVERSIDE \ MMfllUL IHL ^^V^^^ NOf ttnSM. sUUed April 11, when REDCO's annual dinner will be held at! fk.,^a i J-.l Rialto's El Rancho Verde Coun-; t/yOI nOpeTIII Employment of a $10,000^ year maricet research director was authorized at recommended by Mdvyn R. Poor, the executive director. Cummings announced Colton duunber of Commerce had affeed to a $10O-a-manth mem Nine to seek Board seals Nme candidates, two of them women, will be vying for two seats on the Yucaipa School Board in the April 15 election. The final candidate to enter the race before yesterday's 5 p.m. filing deadline was Harry Hoseokrantz, 41-year-old print shop supervisor at the Richmond Corp. Rosenkrantz, wbo resides at 12858 California street, has five children, four of whom attend Yucaipa schools. Eight others who previously filed for candidacy to the School Board are George H. Starr Jr., attorney at law; John E. Busing, Valley College economics professor; James W. Braswdl, convalescent home administrator; Edward T. Henderson, certified pubh'c accountant; Dr. Norman Miller, optometrist and incumbent school trustee; Robert L. Thornton, ez-Yucaipa high school teacher now employed in vocational education at Oak Glen Job Corps Center, and housewives Janice O. White and Dorothy Musser. Tiie dection invdves the School Board seats currenUy held by Dr. Miller and Ttustee Marion Amett. Araett is not seeking redectioo. Tilden attends conference Marm E. TOden, public relations chairman and president- dect of the Redlands TeaAers Association, attended Uie 14th Annual Southern California Schod Public Rdations Conference at the Los Angdes Hilton Hotd last Saturday. Tilden attended training ses- skms on Uie "bow" and the "why" of publfc rdations committees. He also witnessed tiie presentation of awards to members of Uie press, radio and TV for "Outstanding Support of Ed' cation." of new spot in post office still hoiMng to remain in San Francisco under reassignment. Ken W. Dyal expects to keep some office in the U.S. post office service, it was reported to* day. Dyal is one of 13 regimal directors to be given a new status by Postmaster General Winton M. Blount He anticipated a salary similar to his present $27,' 000 a year. The former congressman, San Bernardino postmaster and National Orange Show manager said he is considered a career postal employe under Civil Service regulations. Dyal has been regional post office director more than two years, having taken the appomt- ment after losing his congressional seat to Jerry L. Pettis. in Iowa, and University of Califor nia at Riverside. Gritters came to California in 1918, wtere he met Ws wife, aarice, who is a native of Redlands, llie Gritters have five children: Shirley, age 17; Sherrin. 16; Bany, 13; Michad, U; and Roger, 7. They presentiy reside at 934 College avenue, Redlands. Gritters is a meniber of the Profess^3naI Engineers in California Government, and he enjoys hunting, fishing, water ski ing and barberdiop quartette singin raaaded 18M—79tli Ten WILUAM G. HOOBE. Publisher. FHANK B. MOORE. Edllor. 700 Bnolaide Av*. at Center, Red- Unds. CalU. M373. Second clu< pnUfe paid at Red- landi. Cillf. Legal adnrtiieiBents court decree 26060. Subscrtptlon Bates (In advance): By carrier per month S1.7S. threa months H-SS. six months t9.80. one year $19.40. By maU per month $2.00. one year S24.0O. THE HOME RONT CARL DOSS Homes having 3 bedrooms tcccount for more than half of all recorded sales. Those with 4 bedrooms make up another 23%. * * * The U-shaped kichen b regarded by some homemaking experts as Uie most functional layout * * A room's color scheme can be changed instantly with a Hick of the new mood lights. (In a large family, the quesUcm is whose mood win prevail?) * * * Leaving garage doors open when you go to market advertises your absence and invites robberies. * * * "Real estate is more of a bargain for experienced buyers Uian growth stocks," ac- cordmg to . Eliot Janeway. The noted economist made tMs reply to an investor wbo had real estate holdings and contemplated purchasing growth stocks. If you decide fn invest in re?lty, we'll be ^•d to help '.ou select a suitable property. DOSS 793-3354 33 E. Vine V VI ^^^^f ^^^^^ LET'S ALL WORK TOGETHER . . . TO KEEP AMERICA MOVING. COMMUMCAnONWORKBiS OF AMERICA LOCAL 9573 Htgk^ pmoHiSaei and complete oasw- fmee at prices all fanulies can afford: ftts to Ute gmroKtee at aa four Smmenonr BarOett Mortuaries. UOUNOS • LOMA UNOA YUCAirA # CAUMESA

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