Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 11, 1967 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1967
Page 6
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•Junior Editor Quiz orr Chow Dog A CHOWCHOW — AND A SAILIN© SHIP/ - WHAT*5 THE CO'-'." ACTION QUESTION: Why is a certain dog called a chow? ANSWER: The chow, one of the oldest dog breeds is believed to have originated in China. Their large heads with the heavy ruff of hair makes them look like miniature lions and their blue-black tongues are also distinctive. Chows are muscular, with beautiful coats. When the outside world began to trade with China, sailing captains brought back many unusual things from the East. When the English and Americans traded with the Chinese, both parties spoke in pidgin-English, a simplified version of the English language. The word chow meant food, but chow-chow referred to any oddity a captain might want to bring home for sale. The lion-headed dogs were one of the most desirable imports. After a while, people named them chowchow dogs. Ultimately, this name was shortened to chow. (Denise Gromley of Akron, Ohio wins today's combined prize of Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper.) TIZZY Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Saturday, November 11, 1967 Travel Talk Answer to Previous Puzile ACROSS 1 de Janeiro, Brazil 4 Mexican seaport, —— Cruz 8 Said, on Suez Canal '12 Small shield 13 Arabian gulf 14 Persian poet 15 Negative word 116 Pendent ornament 118 Formerly 20 Anglo-Saxon , theows ;21 Sea 122 Violent anger 124 Appellation 126 Wheys of milk 127 Southern state (ab.) 130 Satiric 32 Style of type i34 Scuffle 35 Unruffled 36 Amount (ab.) 37 One time 39 Rots flax 40 Log's cor* 41 Varnish ingredient 42 Test 45 Degrading 49 Crossed again 51 Organ of hearing 52 Arrow poison 53 Masculine 'nickname 54 Health resort 55 Chances 56 Former Russian ruler 57 Account (cotL) DOWN 1 Ctty in Nevada 2 Portrait 3 Farthest outward 4 Effective' 5 Dutch city 6 Venerate 7 Collection of sayings r =ii=im isi nrania Nlli=J l=H21Mil=ll OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN lsll=IMI 8 Suspend, as in space 9 Foretoken 29 High cards 31 Philippine..... ________ seaport 10 Underdone, as a 33 Tapestry steak 38 Puts to flight Tl Very (Fr.). 40 Peels 17 Envoy ' 41 Stevedore, for 19 Adolescent instance years 42 Singing group 23 Get up from bed 43 Split 24 Feminine name 44 Frosted 25 Genus of herbs (bot) 26 Fragrance 27 Most wool-like 46 Greek letter 47 City in California 48 Seize 28 Fluff from yarn 50 Seaport (ab) ' VES.I THINK IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC.' I PRACTICE OM MV PARENTS SOMETIMES, BUT TO <3ET UPAND .SPEAK IM FRONT OF A ROOMFUL CF KNOWLEDGEABLE, IW- FORMED PEOPLE JS SOMETHING '*-» ^^^ ( ELSE... AKJO THEM YOU MIGHTGIVE US A SPIEL SELLIM' US OKI THE ADVANTAGES OF / A'12-MONTH \ SCHOOL. YEAR WITH CLASSES ON SATURDAY.' WELL, HAVE A GOAT IT RIGHT NOW AN 1 WE'LL BEVOUR AUDIENCE" ALL VOU HAVETO VO IS PRETEMt? WE'RE IWTEL -LECTUAL/ AUPIEMCE PARTICIPATION! Vlfel'' ... I, B nn ir NU. t«. >' " TJJ. IM u.v r«t. on OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . with . . MAJOR HOOPLE MY DETECTIVE VM6 ARE ANCIENT) HISTORY, MARTHA, BUT I DIP ^ rWl<36S,GtVElTTO ME)/ READ WHERE CRUMWELH5 PLANNIN6 •STRAIGHT —WHY >f A WORLDWIDE LECTURE TOUR/ Hl6 ^ ' TOPIC IS "EXAMPLES OP DECAY IN MODERsl LIFE/* THE- REPORTER L^ DIDMT SAY WHERE CRUMWELL WAS (SETTING HIS HORRIBLE EXAMPLES, BUT A GUY COULD WONDER/- RT. -" '.it^'j it/1 $y'/ rt -v p'SuT W THEY ' WOMT TELL THE- MA30R- SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL <50T1A A WIT A StART SURF, JVf ALREADY STARTPP WORKING ON 1W£ PK56LEM. By HANNA-BARBERA THE FLINTSTONES MINt-SKIKTS, .THEN MINI-RADIOS.. AND NOW MINI'BIKES.' By Kate Osann By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By AL VERMEER PRISCILLA'S POP C3O\N(S SHOPPING-? FOR WHAT?" JI NEED SOME CARTRIDGES... ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN Y'WANT ME \ I THINK THAT IN A TRADE / WOULD BE A / AW, VOU FOR OOP? / RIGHT NICE ( MUST BE EXCHANGE! \ BALMY/ SURELY, UMPA,YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CONSIDER A DEAL LIKE THAT? ...BESIDES, I'M NOT / I'LL BE TH'TYPE!/ TH'JUDGE OF THAT.' ....BUT IT IS SUMPIN TO THINK ABOUT.' "Looks like the only way our generations can communicate is financially!" By Gill Fox SIDE GLANCES "The committee report on how to solve the problem of lawlessness will be delayed. Two of the members are busy raising bail for their kids!" By RALPH HEIMDAHL BUGS BUNNY By DICK CAVALLI WINTHROP COT THAT OL1T// MVNEW HAT? f MAC0IT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HENRY FORMHALS Murr/ READY JO WHEN 1 DRIVE OVER. THE .. ™ WATER. 15 SHooTTMe , > CAN) We \ CAR. OVER. THE 1 our WITH TKEMEMDOUS FORCE: } eer \ SEYSER. AMD CUTOPFTHE". PRESSURE/ . MAPf'EWEPTO OF For $500 it seems to me you could have done better than this!" READ THE WANT ADS IK7 kr Wormr Sl.IK A.I. Inc. T.M. Ittj. U.S.Tot. OH f 1W b, NEA. !„. T.M. ».,. U . ,.,, p., By LESLIE TURNER CAPTAIN EASY THE WILLETS By WALT WETTERBERG 5O TH 1 KIDNAPERS VANI&HEP WITHOUT A TRACE, LULU BELLE! BUT HAVEN'T CONTACTEP U5 FOR RAN$0Mi FAT5 KECOSKJIZBP THAT VOICE-, PINO I HE MEAKUV CROAKED I MAVBE TRVIN 1 TO CALL 0(5 SIGNAL HBR1 ^/SHE'S HIS MOLL...ANP TRACEP HIM / I AFTER FAILING TO P&COV U& AWAYi 5HE'S GOME FOfS HELP TO FRE1 WE BETTER. GO PUMP HIM IN DEEP WATER. NOW... WITHOUT WAITIN' FOf NOBLE PE5IRE TO BE OF SERVICE TO 5061 ETY ' EYE OPEW ?ER CLUE&, WASH! (T) IW7 kf N£A. IK. T.M lig. US. Pol. Oil

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