Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 2
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TWO' EVENING -TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD., .TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1957 Layoffs Set By Peimsy In Freight Drop PHILADELPHIA, Ml — More 7JO Pennsylvania maintenance workers will be laid off June J ;is a result of a to per „. cent drop in freight business and of Ex-Con Held In Slaying 01' Huntingtoii Woman IILWTJiVGTON'. W. Va. —«f —A 40-year-old paroled convict admitted today lie heat to death the wife of a prominent Iluntinglon [iailro.-jd.contiactor, Detective dual Herman Frazicr said, The nude body of Mrs. Huby I), in a blood-spattered bedroom delays in requested rate increases the'PHIl has announced. A. .1. (ireertough, vice president her fashionable South Side ... home; A Wood-slaincd hammer lay nearby. Miller, 5». was found yester- ransacked. Assuming it had been burglarized while his wife was out, he went next door to call police The neighbor, Mrs. Davison G. -"-• — . ........ — i Frazier said Klmer David, — — 0 ..-- ....... ,. „».,,.,„,, „. ol transportation and m:)intcn;incc ; Hnmer made a statement admll.|Crawiord, returned with Millci to tor lite I'liH. said yesterday: jtjns killing (he woman bill hadn't! 1 " 8 ll() '" c and found Mrs. Miller s "3)ue to tlie fall off in business. -signed it yet. Frazier said thc'^ody beneath a pile, of clothing on* 10 '>ed. Another neighbor told police that . - . we vvill have (o lurloiifih approxi-'slnlenietit eamc afler four hours!" 10 '>ed. ' ' 7.V) (o 800 shop jiuuv i\ t-*i \u rxiv Miup vvui M-lS!"i 'jm'MLUmng Bl'UllOr. wtlO \V3Sj 1 -- . r ~..^,_ ,,.ui over the system effective June l.;also sought in connection with an ? nlan came to her house earliei Tins will include approximately armed robbery. O men at the Altoorm shops, n-iih' Pravier s:iid Hruncr had kevs proportionate reductions at other^ta a car stolen from the Miller points on the railroad. l|, omc j,, |,| s possession. He was "Reductions tn the number of'arrestcd at bis home and charged 0111 employes are always regret- with murder a few hours after able, hut in a strictly regulated the body was found, business such as ours, tiic margin 1 Brnner admitted breaking into between income and outgo is sojthe house by cutting » screen in small that when business sharply a window, i-'razier said He was declines we have no allcrnaliveii-ansackiri* a bedroom when he but to cut expenses, a large part heard someone come into ... the day asking who lived in . the Miller house. -The Millers lived alone in the sprawling one-story house. 'Iheim two children live outside West", Virginia. , Nephew Of Eisenhower Hegius Army Service of which is wages." Test Termed iConlinued from Page 1) house. Brunei- said he opened the bedroom door and was confronted by Mrs. Miller holding a shotgun. Me wrested the gun from her and "picked up something and be , FORT DKVKXS, Mass. (tiVSI- [J e jThe Army has another Eisenhow As usual, the AKC gave no in dication of the nature of the device beinx tested. This was Hie 46th shot fired. from 1 late Iliis testing ground since the United States began its scries of atomic experiments in 1951. This shot was delayed longer than any previous test because of the adverse winds. The AKC had announced that it intended lo make this the safest tutting her with it," Frazier related. er in its ranks. He is Private Earl D. Eiscn hower, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Eisenhower, La Clrange Park, III., and nephew of the President. The husband of the victim, J. K. Miller, returned from work in Libya, a total land area of 670,358 square miles, is neaih li the size of (he United ol all ( series as far as fall-out was concerned. There have been demands from some nations for an end to testing of atomic and hydrogen weapons by the major powers. Test officials .said llio.v were e.v- tremcly pleased with the results because the fali-oul was limited to tlie test area and an adjacent Air Force bombing range. Negro Convicted Of Arson Tries To Flee Court Room Dial PA 2-4GOO for a WANT AD Taker Graham Declares New Yorkers Are'Sick 9 NEW VORK-MWTroiiblod souls" of fast-paccd New York Citv —night club dancers, stage actors and desk-chained career menl are seeking out Billy Graham these days to bare their talcs of "They're sick inside." Graham said. They catch him at many limes, at many places, and they "rab his arm, ami start pouring out • — their stories. He's found them waiting outside his hotel room, or they snag him • in lobby or corridor. Each is a case history in human disillusionment, and they form a [poignant sidelight to Graham's New Vork crusade, where thousands are listening to his advice nightly—10,500 of them last night al Madison Square Garden. Graham insists their names be kepi confidential, but will describe their plights in a general way. Here are a few: 1. A bartender was held up, tied and threatened with death if he Detroit Asks Army Award Tank Project WASHINGTON, tfi _ The Army will decide by Friday whether its new M-48 tanks will be built in Detroit or Newark, Del., Secrc lary of The Army Brueker said yesterday. Brocket's statement came as Michigan's governor and U. S (Senators conferred with him al moved. While he lay there in-lit.!,,,™ „ rs c ° nt "rcd with him at ened. a noon radio program told! , f. cnla £° n in a final effort to of the "Morning Bible Hour" Gra-i g e """'"-'"''"'on dollar con- ham is conducting in a Times "'^ l for ° ClroiL Uncial re<._.. _._>., . .... . . nOrtS Sav 1hf» nrmti-aM iirLlI „„ ... ports say the oonlract will go (o the Chrysler Corp. Sen. Pollcr III-.Mich) met with Brueker. a former Republican gov ernor ° f AIic ' ii « a »- '" "ic morn- GEORGETOWN', Del., .,, _ Cecil Calvin John of Bridgevillc, Del., was sentenced to six years in prison yesterday after being convicted of arson. The 32-year-old Negro had been charged with setting fire to the Griffith Cabins at- Bridgeville on April 20. where II families lived under one roof. Damage (o the cabins was slight. After sentence was :d. John broke hose, ran toward the main entrance of Superior Court and began pulling on the door. But he was easily recaptured because the door opened the other way—a push instead of a pull was needed to get out. Judge William J. Storey also handed down an 8-year term to Invoking 5 th CJ nronounc W '"' S Alst0n ' 39 ' of Scar ° rd . "«••'• ' c ! for manslaughter. Alston was con Jviclcd of fatally shooting a neigh bor. 44-year-old Andrew James ; Johns, last October 20. And in a third case, .Mrs. Alma BALTIMORE, May 28 (J> .. Jl. Harmon of Hehobeih, Del., Bethlehem Sleel Company spokes- the mother of six children, was mal > has announced the disc-barge sentenced to three years and nitjel 0 ^ ^' ve suspended employes who months. She was convicted of invoked the Fifth Amendment be- VENETIAN BLIND • EASY TO CifAN « COMPlETflY WASHABlt • NCATER APKARANCE • MADf WITH THE FINEST MATCKIALS AVAILASLf [UNCONDITIONAL SERVICE GUARANTE?] Ask lor estimate ... no obligation THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Queen St. ot B. & 0. R. R. Diol PA 2-2600 FATAM.V BEATRN' — Mrs. Thelma Macomber, 42, died in a North 'Hollywood hospital yesterday after she was found severely beaten beside a flaming bed in her 560.000 home. Police are seeking a photographer seen at the home shortly before she was found by her stepfather, Robert Sampson, 28. (At Wolofait) - Jig in a Th,,,^ Square auditorium. The bartender showed up there next morning and "accepted Christ as his sav-, '"a. A leading male actor tele- ernor , Ol JVIic '"« a ». '" "ic mo phoned Graham, said be fell as '^"' 3 " aftt>rnoo » conferon.-, if his success was leadiii" no- . Deraot ' ra '' c G< "'. C. Jleimen WU 'where, and wanted help Graham I'f"? a "^ Son ' 1IcN amara, Rep Joiud to have dinner with him.' nwioz antl Hc P- "abaul. al lhc\ talked. Graham prayed with lim. Gruham said lie believed the Balky Group Fired After .'- ^ LCII> jsu uaiicer. in lie: . ,.-„,,.. niddle of the night, called ll,e; ab ° u ' I', 000 Jobs ' Graham offices and said she w-is' to - McNal « ara said cos going to murder her husband She.' s " rcs P rcsc " le<l a( t!ie hour-long was persuaded to chan»c her' 3 session by top army of plans, and ended up promFsin" to' ! clals were " nlorc ' a ™rable to go lo Graham's meeting next - Ne ' vark '"^tion." (light. ,. "• Ivishi llcuchcs Ceylon COLOMBO. Ceylon UNS) — .Japanese Premier N'obosuke Ki 4. A blonde stage star, in a current production, stopped Graham a Garden hallway, crying. nianslnughlpr in tlie shoolm fore lhe House Un-American Ac- death of her husband. Oscar. He tivities Committee died lhe day shooting. after the Jan. 20 From our Take-Out Window (open from 12 Noon) We repeat our Crab Cake Special 3 for$ 1.00 Dove's Banquet Fried Chicken The company spokesmen said the employes were notified by nail las! Friday of their discharge. The five were identified as Benjamin Fino, Joseph P. An-! lerson, Aaron Ostrofsky, Levi Williamson and William H. Wood., All five were members of thej United Steel Workers Union. Their i attorneys said they would file an mmediate appeal for another grievance session with the. company. Fred E. Weisgal. one of the attorneys, said he felt it was theji union's obligation and duly under; .lie contract to support its mem-: )ers without regard to the pos' ' lion taken by them. of o 3 Ib. CHICKEN 75c I/ . of a 3 Ib. SI JC 72 CHICKEN 1.45 Whole CHICKEN $ 2.75 Chicken Box Lunch Corhplete 5 1.25 Dave Gunter's Good Food in La Vale Phone PA 2-0244 '' ' ~ ' " ——-—•—• St. Ambrose Parish Cresaptown cordially invites you to visit our New Church and Parish Center during our Open House, Memorial Day 10 am to 9 pm and to inspect The beautiful furnishings made by men and women of the parish ... The clean, cool, comfortable Social Hall (No steps to mount-Door Step Parking) WE ANNOUNCE THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM IN 1 OUR SOCIAL HALL: Tuesdays a! 8 p. m. 7^ TI Beginning June 4 ^^^€1 Auspices of St. Ambrose Lodies Club JSSSr PARTY MIGHT i Auspices St. Ambrose Men's Club (STAMBRO) actor is moving toward a "newer, ller life" with God. 3. A calypso dancer, in tlie liams and Sen. [Maehrowicz and Rep. Bab (Michigan Democrats, made their .'requests. All stressed tlie unemploymen .situation in the Delroit area. The new work is expected to provide -- -.•, ^•.•"i s . pleading for guidance. She Jiadihi arrived in Ceylon today for a seen a Texas church member, but four-day visit during his tour quit church when she came hercisouthern Asia. to pursue her .career, rose to the' (op. and now is a narcotic addict. Grain Futures Ul> Graham said that after his talk with her she "found Christ" that night, and strength." peace and /ufures The Monharron TEE-TOP TARTAN SWIMWEAR Matched Set os shown . . . 1O .oo Authentic chin tartans . . . tiny as the fop of a golf Ice ... handsomely styled into sea-daring .swim wear . . . Shorts to swim in ... shirts to play in . . . They're here now in matched sets . . . nf luxuriously woven cotton ... sun 'n sea won't shrrink or fade them. Teen Top Tartan Cabana Sets 19.95 Th Board o! Trade today. Soroe buying appeared in all pits. ! ae Baltimore Street Liberty Cumberland that during ail jrievance hearing the company asked the men the same questions put to them by the committee but "not once did the company touch' on the men's performance on! :heir jobs." i A sixth sleehvorker who appeared; before the committee. Irving' Specter, was discharged five days alter his suspension .when he fa'il- ed to ask for a grievance hearing. The workers were suspended shortly after their appearance he- fore lhe committee early [his month. NO MONEY DOWN mxr run | HOME OWNERS ^APARTMENT OWNERS } COMMERCIAL USERS -NOT 4 -NOT 5 Three-Year-Old Toi Has Birthday Spree TALOG.A. Okla. Wi-Three-year-] old .Mary J.ti Vanderwork didn't have a party on her birthday, buli she decided to celebrate anyway. She went along with her mother lo the church basement where the women were doing some cleanup work. Mary I.u found! a bucket of white paint and before; anyone saw her. she had painted ! the walls as high as she could reach. And -she tried to be neat —wiping (he floor with her coat.' SCREEN-STORM WINDOWS — AND ONE DOOR! EXTRUDED ALUMINUM Worry no More Reap your eyes on lh& Irees and hil's, not on Iratfic.Bid« Jn air conditioned comfort WESTERN MARYLAND on» Between Cumberland * and Elkins (Daily except Sunday) r*»d down PM. 7:15 Lr. 2:56 Mc 5:31 A.M. Ar. 11:30 8:16 LOW BUDGET AND INSTALLATION AVAILABLE ALUMINUM SCREEN-STORM DOOR COMPLETE WITH AIL INSERTS ALL FOR ONLY...I CALL NOW! IOMRATOM SUNDIHC »y j« HRS. A DAY FO* IN THE CUMBERLAND AREA PARKVIEW 2-4210 OR MAU COUPON TODAY FIDELITY STORM SASH CO. IUU C»SH I NDUITY JTORM SASH CO. 1701 1 1th AVf., *trOONA, PINNA. . GENTiEMEN: PIEASE H*VE ONE OF VOUK REPSESfNTATmi C*U AT MY I I HOME SO THAT I MAT EXAMINE THE FIOEUTY WINDOW MYSEIF I , 1 UNOEDSrANO THAT I AM UNDd NO OBLIGATION ' • I ADDRESS .STATg PHONE No.

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