The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1930
Page 6
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: MSI SEC If '-TN v j; 7/ F - : h • ;i; • • • .'• • .11: armers -Sweet corn acreage contracts are-available to a lew fancers, since our factory capacity has not been reached. . ' • ( -[ \ - \ '•• r - GUARANTEED PRICE FOR ) THE 1930 CROP IS IknZ is Vic?; .of the Uncertainty of Prices oh Other Farm Products, We Believe This Offers Farmers a Profitable and Assured Return. ' Phone 185. instructor of Misliuwaka schools. 1 ':, - ' | i : I ] There' was a ' pleasant family I j • : j ' i gathering at the country home of j MT . and Mrs. j Ed Fox: Sunday. ! Those present to- enjoy i the day LUC ' [ t)lf> l and the. splendid dinner-.-, were: "jMrs. T .j .W. Crawford and family of Amboy, i Mr, and Mrs. j Prank' Null, Max Ni^ll and Mr. arid Mrs. Ray Hancock. the the .her Mr. and Mrs.i John Heath and John Frederick spent-Tues- in| Indianapolis the guests of and Mrs. AUdley [Heath. Miss Eva> Mae Albright who is English in the speni 'week end at Hloomington guest of friends and came Erst of the week to visit .mother. Mrs. Delia Al height and ! other friends during itie spring vacation. I son, " Rrof. E. E, Bensnn and family'. day • went to'Walton Friday night and ! Mr attended a class play of the Wal-; . M'rsl Frank button who has tojri high school. Sir. Benson was i been confined to her home | by 111- fdrmerly in charge of the Walton j ness for, the"past'several,weeks is sihobl. .1 improved and is able to be up and ,:;Max Null, student of Purdue around, the house! t/hiversity.-is spending'the spring; Mrs.' J. A. Butner spent Satur- vucation with 'his fathe'r Frank day in Anderson the guest of her Null and family. j son Orville Butner. I ! i Mrs: S. S. Edwards and daugh'-: R e v. and'Mrs. R.( L. Wilson • ter, Catherine j Margaret spent; and daughter Mary ; Alice were Saturday in Indianapolis. . | j entertained at Sunday dinner at Mr. and Mrs. - Lawrence Hayes ; the country home of Mr.and Mrs. and children of Kokomo were tire. Fred LJutt. ^ . Sunday guests ot Mr. and Mrs.; Mrs.! Will. Stych and son Ralph Harmony Beymer. j 'and Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Perry of . • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hancock Kokomo were the.'Sunday- even- returned from. Westville, 111.. j n g guests of Mrs: Elijah Perry, where they: spent several days itlie Mrs. Cleo Armstrong ahd ch'il- guests of the former's mother, dren have gone to Kokomo '-to Mrs. Laura Calhan. J spend the week with her parents, Mr.-and Mrs. Ed; Fox, Mr. and Mr..and Mrs.. Dick-Barker. ! Mrs.-Ray Hancock, Frank Null ' w. H. Dean went to Anderson : and son Max were.entertained at Saturday-to spend the day with six o'clock dinner at the home. Carl Houston and family. \ qf Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Fox at;] Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. Gaston Friday evening. The event and Mbs. Walter Leisure and Mr. ~ George Leisure were:. Mr."and Mrs. Ulysses Gage! and family, of Tipton. : ' 1 ! IM ' 11 Mr, and.Mrs. Noel '] Tcjid^ 1 and daughters, of near Windfall were of Sunday; dinner - guests Todd's mother, Mija. Mae Mr.- and Mrs. Fred Telle daughter Eva spent Sunday A. N. Standerford mol. • • !' ". L. O'. Horlon, spent Wednesday home &t of nefcr and ton and family, and Ray] and family;. Mrs. r Sam' Ballenbocker, j of j Ft. with i :iie]r Mr. and Wayne! spent thej week parents and daughter, Mrs, B. C. Heath has been, ill the past week, being a v'ctim ot the irifluenza. '.<.."•' .-' Earl Trimble and • family ' of Anderson, Mr. and Mi a. Job Russel, and Mr. and Mrs. ^ Dal la* Warner and son were rntertained at Sunday dinner at tLo home "at Mr. and Mrs. L.C Trimble. | . Sam Ramsey of Gosueh came Saturday and remained until Sunday afternoon the guest of his sister, Mrs. S/P. Bryan -.nd fam-j with . and We ^ d8 ily. John Bryan and family were = WesUa , r and famj J ly s also Sunday guests at tue'Bryan home. . . I j ':• " .j. . Clarence Nash and sou-Sterrit of Sims were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs..Frank Dutton: Mr. and Mrs:' Jesse Courtney entertained their children and grandchildren at dinner Sunday. They were Paul Plummer and family ' of Kokomo and Mr. and Mrs! George Courtney,.',Guy Dean ahd family and Richard and Harold Day: '. " Mrs. J..O. Martin is quite ill at her home suffering with a complication of troubles. 'There have been many removals arid changes in this community ' this spring. Robert Hawkins moved from thejw. .R. Hinshaw farm to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis.' Hawkins and Harve Metcalf-moved to the farm vacated by Mr: and Mrs. Hawkins. Wayne Ken worthy moved from the W. R. Kenworthy Cair ^elid< tevfHighest Peni sylyania Honors Mr. Todd. : i and in ithe Koko- Hi;.!- Ekiri, (l'hursday Esko J| Itior- tfulclier E. Hawkins and Paity Mrs. J Cny " i I; ! '•" » Mrs.i Gus; Paul [j spent JFrjd'ay with her daughter and!' fimily. Mr. arid Mrs. De.wey Moove and near PeetsviUe, were the |j Sunday" afternoon guests of Mrs.' |ft?becca -t Cjirter. ' ; ' I " ,. . Mr. land Mrs. Paul Tyner and son Max, of Kokomoj -weile the -Mr. Sundav afternoon guests! andj P. Tyner. |' df ,Mr.-j and ! Mrs. iOral jKeel Mrs. Leslie Mcyejr,- komo, spent Satinrday| and day' with fri'ends|, near miti. 6. Mr. and Mrs. l^illiar dcr, entertained at Sunday Mr.' arid Mrs. Juild A'.exaliitler, of i ', I. with lofKo- Sup^ K <Cinc'in ^lexan-' dinrier 1, guests: rs. W.i iilock. {daughters,' of Tipton. iMrs.' Esko Westfall spent Tues- Fohri, Hehiphill, young Philadelphia! •ttorney; is a Democratic- Gubeis atonal; candidate in the Spring jnmary ; _inj: Pennsylvania^ Hemp- day with her sisters, v lilrs. I'lpaulftj 11 ^ -W ^W .and -'Js one of v ' T j*" Jie youngest candidates every to nd Mrs. | n, n fori the State's highest office; of Ko-!He rose from' private to captain ! '<'' 1 in the l -Wdrld 'War while fighting vith the Fiurth Division in France! Slaley and children Will Brown and/son Billy, komo. | i j Edna Herron spent night Wert, Mr. and Sunday . with of Tipton.! and Mrs. Clemon son arid family," of Elwiod; isperit Friday evening with Mr. parents, ]Mr. Charles Lambertson and! Elizabeth. and Mrs. Mr. John ! ojf Hem- \ of .Trie'! Saturday Lottie L' ¥•' Lambert- La rribert- in'd !|:Mi-s. and Mrs. Edmond Car- ;l jConway's mother and; son Billy -and >'Mr. and Mtfs. Fran-'= as *-J 1 ? i i r relative 1 guests, Sunday,] o^y Jack were] -Zi Kokomo, spent Saturday jevening jtertainedj with Mr. arid Sirs. Edmond Garter j Sunday. farm near Center; Herman Crousoe moved ^o the Kenworthy farm; 'Willian Halley moved from j in the! home of Mr. and the Legg; farm to the farm 1H rCarler. ! miles southeast of town which j The Ladles' Aid society was vacated by R. A. Cardwelijan all-day party, with .who resides in Windfall in what | dinner in the home of! pitchin-! of I^okomo. Mrs. Ray, MrJ and Mrsj. Joe Cage and son is known as the Hoyer\property.^Hutto' Thursday.] -.-Newjj ompersiiKenneth s'pentjsaturday afternoon Otto Vari'Dorn-moved from Wind- j were jelected. They are Mrs. Ray j with' Mrs' daughter !hrothe;r, Mrs. Sarah, Conway and , eis rtomack alltl sonJoei!, i I [[ jsori piarence, of Atlanta. ' Willis,! of; Mr.) aria Mrs. Will i Horton en met '! Winariiac Mrs ere the Sunday Judd and William were the of their parents, Mr. arid B. Alexander, of near He Virpl Carter spent Suniijiy wit friends at Indianapolis. • Mr.jand.Mrs. Ed Fenn, lock (were Sunday . guests A dams and family 'MrJ and Mrs. 'Park ••Fjritz and daiitrhtcrs and Mr. and Mrs - ard TJretz and son, of Kokomo were jSunday night guestjK| of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Fretz •Mr. and Mi;s. Jesse Rorii son T^obert entertained at a fam-j ilyi gatheririg Snnda^, Mr- and] i -Mrs. jcurt Vahdeveriden land, son'. IWyatt, of. hear Goldsmith, Mr.! land Mr:;. Al Romack,;of|iMU L6 'h-! - ,,_es mack, Mr. and Mrs. C'.'WL : Lee and !"•• "! i i. nack arid'- Will^onway a.nd {' : and ; afrs ;. ^ es , Ro . j JllPSt ornstalk Bond Statioiery Paper Made From Cornstalks White or Gold en 50c Per Box Tribune Press Sunday '-| dinner IMrs. -Zora : Coy, daughter ,Tressa|iguests "of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mrs. Jesse Niemau spent Sat- j "f Tipton and Mr. and Mrs. Ezra IJak. n.-day with her parents,!!)Mr! and!^ Smith and son Jackie of Hobbs;; | Mr. Mrs. jVVilma i Byfield M'rsl : Alex j Swetzi Cifiy, Charles byfield. I George Byfield, of Indi-,Mrs'.] John Balentine andijchildren, forjanapolis and Wayne : Burkhalter, j of Tipton. fall to, the Frank Currie, farmjHutto', president j and Mrs. {Roma i Kokoriio. northwest of town and Fred; Cage, Ware' moved from the Currie I Sir. vice-president, and Mrsj Arthur jVanBib- Walter t.ers tarnr to .the Price Overman farm iber and children and jMrsi] ;Fred.,'son northeast of town. James -Saunders of Ridgeville; (:f M|: and Mrs. was a Sunday dinnei" guest 0 f: p,eas P t c!rove Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Butner and the. i; latter and Mr. SanderB , attended i daughter] Joan Becker were dinner guests Sunday • day r.t - Tiff (' Kij T^i_,i__L : : J'. 1 '. . Florence Creason, Mr. and: Mrs. Bruce. Peters and sonspwerei the Sunday guests of !Mr. and Mr.4L -Everett ufiGra -yscn and daughter" Ella Jane, j of near Russiaville ridiEiniir: , .... ... ... . I] !. s Wilma and Allen-Fern and [Rush entertained at a bridge par- KirkpatriKk and dau'gh-l Mrs. Victor Ojvens" a Ed Becker, near; Kirkpatrick Juniir, of, Tipton, spent"Erj- j ^ -'Thursday with Mr ! . and Mrs. George j Owens' home ' '• I Irene McCoy Mr.' arid Mrs. Alex Carter and! Frankic and Edith McDaniels and I of Kokomo, Mr}! andLMrs. Bob Adkinsonjand | Mr.I and Mrs.- JEdmond Carter en-| R'^dys iPtickett of PraifieJ ^eralterta'ined at" dinner Sunday Mr.! I'lartdkerchiefs ' and flo-jwer. bas-j Sunday d.innr giiests df [Mr. land!and Mrs Mrs. i 'tr-rs. Carl Hamilton and 'Aangh-f jMrs]. Jake "Rljifer, .and da Mrs. Taiior Miller entertained '"sie iPui .! the Congenial' !c!ul> afternoon. i ' 1 - evening Velma ' Ruby at Mrs. Hoffman, Bfoyles, \f and and 'Mrs. Charles Powell Saturday night and on ! Mrs.i Jake Hoffman, of flpton. 1 - • T e . d Hpbbs. is. still, confined^t^rtained Sulnday, Mr. 'and of! Mrs. Clarence Roller [and chil- j his home with a severe attack ; of j |fljr rB . Earl Heftm and family or of jdreiiLsperit '.Saturday ivitri Mr. and ) Sciatic rheumatism: HElwood and Mif. and Mrs. ^hes- Mr. and Mrs.' Fred Cook and Iter Powell, son Max spent Saturday night]; j Mrs L ydea Hobbs and Sunday near-Cuftisville with : i.j ake were Sunday dinner, guests afternoon | Mr, aid Mrs. Harvey Heflin. The of Mrs Mar|;ai ! et Brown ^ t of latter.continues very ill with kid.-'!Hobbs ney 'complications. '; • • - Jfr. and Mrs. II. K. Caster, Mrs. Inez Hphhs; daughter Cynthea of!^ uest8 Mr and Hobbs! arid Mr;-'and Mrs. RayU f . ord of W ind;fall. Fdutch of .Goldsmith were the! j Mr. and Mrs.] Clinton Legg had as their Wednesday evening Mrs! Claude) Reth- afternoon guests Sunday of Mr. arid Mrs. Russell Hoover, near James Camm, of natfr Goldsmith, and Mrs.rDes- \ nPPrnachine Easter];season the funeral services of Ralph \-'\ Graf that i was condu .t .ed at the Christian church at Tipton Sunday afternoon. . Miss Virginia Vannice ' spent the week 1 end with ' friends" at , r Galveston. • Mr; and Mrs - W11 ^ r d Horton j dinner g^sts Sunday of heri par- Miss, Georgine Richman, Latin j aUende 5 : the fun «^ jof| _Cy Ed-jent^, ]Mr|and Mrs. John Hutt6. and English teacher in. the Wind-: fall school teacher, absent from duty last week because of illness, of'Tip'tpu.! ,:et f w «re:given -as favors and re-: daughter. 1 :, i freshments were in keeping with 'urvis. . ,|- • , (Wednesday.!] airp. -Hbme : i; EmeiilEer hnd son |Jim]mie,>!of Kokomo, were; the Mr. and Mrs. Ross Broyles anil was in honor of the eleventh and Mrs ginia Null who since the death of (verse, Ralph Peterson and fam- lier mother has nude her home j lly and Mrs, John Petersen of with her aunt and uncle. It was ;Swaysee. i- a most enjoyable evening for all- Mrs. Leslie' Graham and chll- present but none enjoyed it more! dren and Bernie Graham' were man did- Virginia as she dDcs not i Tuesday dinner guests of Mr.,and often have,the opportunity of be-| Mrs: Frank Dutton ins with all of her near relatives, i Mrs. Howard Abney and flaugh- fe- terPhyllis Jesn of Sturgls. Mich:, -who have 1 been spending the week fr: -with Harmony Beymer^and fam- | ' fly left Sunday for their home. | ^.. Mrs. Allen Hopper and Mrs;. ^'William •• iPasswater entertained g£<,fthe members of the -Past Nobie Grand club at the I. O. O. F haH s •' *Triday' afterncon. Following the ' The Missionary socijety of tbe Christian church wjll meet Thursday ; aftirnoonat the church. A aplendtdj vtotjrtiba has been -. arranged tnd evtry, lady 'of the church s inTl^Bd. to be nr^aen^ Mr. t nd Mrs. George I«isvre and Mr. arid; Mrs. Walter Leisure spent Si tturday in Xqki>me. : : 'Mrsi'lEi B.-MoMf'^^sbiis James and Harold spept Saturday •business .session a happy, i social t in Indianapolis. i i —'«—-> -...!..».- Mr. agrf Mrs. W: R. Kanwortny entertained at Bundity dinmi Mr. and Mrs. \ Mian HonKb! .oV^jitoito-' •CUytoii bmser, pit fHJUUburjr; wia.'ia,-|«ii^i^:jitj^|^||fri -. Mr.-amd M«. Olel-i^^oro^ UrUliMd at M '«,.L/'K.Vl^ri#^ f t,ir was-able to return to her' work Monday.'She spent the week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Richman at Kempton. Miss Cora Boldon, a teacher in the South - Bend schools, is spending the spring .vacation with her'parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Boidon. ' . Olen Van Horn of Purdue University is spending the ]vacation with Mr. and Mrs. L.. R. Van Horn. .' • ' '. ' wards Sunday at 'Windfall,; and were! diniier guests of] Mrs.i Horton's parents, Mir. and JMijsJ Frank Caldwell,, of Windfall.] j j ! Mrs. Ed Weaver is confined to her home, suffering with j rheuriia- iismJ ' 'j 'j' . !; Ji. Mrs. Fannie Srishaw ! is icon- fined' to : her home "suffering {with r 1 'I I .': cold complications. She" is past i.80 yearB old. | i !; N Grace'Hughes spent] Sunday in the'B. <L. Sheppard home] at West- fie!d. ' ]^-. •':'' - i j.] |j Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Roller and granddaughter Roselana w^re the childrpii were 'Saturday; Siinday guests of ' Mrs parents,: Mr. and - Mrs'i| So'irisel, of. Calveston. 8lT.4RP8ViXLE. Hour was enjoyed with the host' BjJiBHS 1 ! serving' dainty refreshments. | ^WTlie Jadies': of itne Baptist ^^rhurch held is market at the S. SL ^''^EdVards ;etore Saturday. realltj *TB» meat sum which was added i^Aeir treasury Hwold Lloyd M *i| "— 4»MlTe, TipMnJ .'Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jarrett and daughter entertained at Sunday (Jiririer, Mr. -Jarrett's parents, Mr. a.nd Mrs. George Jarrett and daughter, of West Hopewell, and Bob and Junior Jarrett, of Indianapolis. ) -.Mrs. O: H. Hurhes spent Friday to Sunday with friends at Indianapolis. \ • : Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lloyd entertained Saturday afternoon Mr, Lloyd's sister, Mr. and Mrs.- Will {^amseyer, of Groomsville. "' Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lee and chil dran entertained 1 at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs."Basil Smyser and •Vn ,i of near Kempton* and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur,'Hmgguer and aons of near Jackson. Mr. and;: Mrs. Dewey Harlin, of Ottawa, HI., and: Mrs. Fred Tunis and Enty Stokeii of South' Bend, spent Saturday • with Mrs. Sarab Eatoh and Mrs. Stella Franklin, j Mr. and; Mra.-Jphn^Adams. and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gross at tended the:.funeral of William Thompson aC Russiaville Satur-1 ; Hasel cage, of Huntington snent the. week end with her par -j •atiLMr. fad Mrt, Ben Cage. ., j Hjuvl^ 'Sdwnrfl, \tbe N two-yefr- oh}:«M of Mr. pad Mrs. WAo 1l^et«iU ,;\WM very «iek SaUrrtay "^* M#^nday,.»ufeTing with night and Broyles'. Charles Rev. Earl Isonhower andi wife and Rev: Watson and wife of Indianapolis were ithe Saturday ij Tipton.] j giiests of Mr.'.and ; Mrs. Parke Mr. and Mrs.'B. F. Goad had as: Hoover. | j ! their? Sunday guests, Mr. and" Mrs.; | Mrs. Maude f Stpjwart of; El- Marble. Snyder of Sliarpsville.i jArpbd visited last vjeek in I-Iobhs Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Good of Mun-, with Mr. and jMrsj C. L. Hobbs cie. AJfteriioon callers were Dr. G.;| and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar GiUjhrist. H, Warne and Dallas Warne andj j -,Mr. and Mrs. Basil Swiinionl family of Tipton. '• hand daughter Coral! spent sjinday ! . Mrs. Thuia Delong went to E1-: near Windfall with Mr. ancl Mrs. I wood jSunday for a few days' visit!! ;Elvin Rosier aind family, j HOBBS. The MJ E. Aid will 'irieet Wednesday afternoon withjjMrs. Nan Hobbs. This is a business meeting! and all members are requested.] to he! present.' : !i . ;••. • The Christian - Aid will meet Thursday! afternoon With' Mrj.! Thej president Sunday dinner guests!of MrJ! andUeij of Kokomo. krs.] Frank Peudergrass, jofj Ko-f komo. •'•{' :|\] j' ij. j.] ] ' ;;>iee Harold Lloyd in his flmt all talkinir fun-riot at thi Rit# llieatre, Tipton. • \JAr. and •.Mrs]. Howard Wilbnrn and Mr. and Mrs.- Willard Spaulding were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spauldfng and daughters Rutb and Martha: Mrs. Allie^ Campbell, ;of Kokomo, was the Sunday, dinner guest of her sister and niece, Mrs. Lou Cole and daughter Nora: : ; • "Mr. and Mrs: Clarence.Huffman and { daughter Nadtnel of Russia- Tflla .j and Mrs. Melissa Hoffman yere Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. D, p.] Hoffman " 1 per gueata were John Friend, Rector -}and Everett j Barrett, Little New York and Haze] Scott, t-t Scirilwllle . f ..].]., ,, .. Mrs. L|iura Collins was the Suh- day dinner fuest of herj daughter and; family, Mr. andj Mrs. Orval Gage and ^daughters, .of: near Ne- A :|'0 -i. ; 'l -i ! 'Ill :: i'" : . "Irs.. Henry 8mtth and n Albert Dewltt apd son Bobby, were Jl%ea-' day:dinner guests 'of .Mr{ and [Mrs. William I Morrisbn J ot in Mr; and Mrs'.. Elmer Patterson, of Swayiee and Mrs.'Anna an^ son Robert were the Sunday guests oi'Mr. and Mrs. • Willard Faulknei and daughter. }jlr-. and Mrs. Walter Gross; \yith JMr and] Mrs: Will Kemper, of East. Hopewell, spent Saturday! afternoon visiting Mr. arid M,rs. | Frank C&r^on', of New Loudon. J ^M ^-Wry] HawKinsjand Son, ^ iaikson . Edward entertained at dinner; on \ \ a ^emliers attend. Sunday Mr. arid Mrs. Clart; Hiitto . 1 .„„, . Mr i, i '' l» , -.Mrs. Chester ;P:Pwell anil. Mrs. and chiliren. Mr. and Mrs. Clark - _ . . IH «,„ „ I J . " ... .. . .,• „ - i . Ollie Batzner wjil entertain the Hawkins and family and: Mr. and „, , „ .'T _«L„„„„„ it ., [L ; • . , Betty C nb Fridiay: afternoon .it Mrs. Emerson; Clapper and daugh- 1 : J , , , n r t ! - ' the • formerX home nbrlh of Hobbs. Mr: and MrsTHarrison Neely .of Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mitchell and daughter] Betty of Windfall; spent the week end at Sulphur Springs jwitlt! Mr. and Mrs, Harley Trimble. Chris Harter'of Hobbs suffered a severe heart attack]: Saturday night and another one Sunday: He] was'thought[t«> be improving seme Monday. ; . Mr. and; MVa\ Gail Caster and Ibaby of El wood wejre .SundaJ 1 •' Mija. -'Walter Sup- Mary of iam |: Morrisbn, of tiear Gal- ^eWian . : 'jp^;;H;]••^!' : '"fi'|r:|| ? f / Mrs. Melissa Hoffman]: enter- Mr. arid Mrs. George • «Clrkpat. rick I entertained Sunday 1 vtr. tnd Mrk.lwJlter Kirkpatrick and family] of-Tipton. ] Mr. aind Mrs. Carl, Shusk f.riil family spent Sunday afternoon visiting Mrs. Sliuck's parents, .Mr. and iMrs. JIae Eskridge at the Good Saamaritan fiospitall at leuko­ ma 1 . : M-s. EskridgeMs improvirig. after a :iiege jwith lung trouble. George Kirkpatrick is 1 still confined to his home suffering wilh rheumatism, i - Mr. dnd Mrs. '.Ice! C3g= arid] guests of Mr. and children entertained Saturday j Caster near Hobbs. night ysolettk Creadon, of Kpko-j Mr. and'Mrs. Honier mo, i Gerald Vandevender, of Tipton, an^ Fred VanBibbev Mary Anne:, Lee and, Vivian • • • i • •. i at. Muncle, tWned at Snndny dinner;] MrJ and ^^CI .renoe P Holma^ ! '" dadgnter Kadme, ot Rusalaville iMr."and,Mri.' Ralph! *«rrett' and Mra-jTVili .Phugu, ot Rokomo \' iPhylJJs Jeafi Dncan, jot OwWUefd f —• '"mother Mi: Hutto'spent Sunday visiting triend8. , : ! Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Trimble, of j near Windfall, spent Sunday afternoin with -Mr. arid Mrs. i Ed Hoffmai;. : i r 'i ' i. : . Mr. tnd Mrs. ; D. !M. McCoy spent' - S inday with Mr.! and Mr?. Floyd lUaish And children, and Mr. aiijd j M rs. Dallas •'! Cro'ddy and daughter, of Tairfield.. - Mr. « rid; Mr^... Lewis Lindsey were Sinday,; dinner guests of MjffJtfJU bd ^seiksii .parents,].] Mr., and w*a the 1 iuesfiot her grand- ev^ning & nd 1 - 8aturday - M «W^'"Vifck>Dnean. Other Saturday ™ IP" i^^^V^iiiirneio. tware : Buri Hri Edgell entertained Sunday, Mtj. and Mrs Harry Cook and" daughter Roberta; Mr. and Mrs. lOtt dl-ocer, Mrs. Kate Seibaid of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrsj Roy Justice I and: daughter Ruth, Mr. and 'jlljja. Wilford Smith, daughter Eleaiijor and son Freddie of: J^lwood. ]| See Harold Lloyd in bis first all talking- fun-riot at the: Bits Theatre,! Tioton, April 8J 9,10., . , l| - tf Mr. arid Mrs. John Gamhall of - Elwood were ; afternoon guests Sunday, of Mr. and - MW T. P. Douuingi . ]\'.' .;; : 'ji.'' ;" V 'J; * Mr. : and Mrs. Ray Mijhisler, Mr- and Mrsj Edward Le< i and Mr. 'and Mrs. and daughter of Tipto ij day -.guests I of ; Mr. • land McDaniels near Hobb: ;|j 1 ; : • < )i |f eaoj^ejew ^^^B ^W^iSfcmF: Ited Bnndajr^.lnvBlwo' anjd Mrs.\ Bethel) 8mli ,M r. 1 'and IMrs"::: Ciarei | with relatives. j : Sunday-evening guests of Mr and Mrs. Scott Frances were MrJ and Mrs. Earl Achenbach of near Tipton, Mi.sses Lela Good, Iva! House of Hobbs and Miss Addle Click of Tipton.; ' . \ J .M.-Dennis of Hobbs and son] Ralph,of .Elwood- visited Sunday afternoon in Windfall '"with'- the- former's mother Mrs. Abbey Den- riis. •'•..--,-. , j Mr. and Mrs..Ralph Dennis and family of Elwood were relative guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J! •M. Dennis. , _ j Mr.- and Mrs: Ed Cole had as their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs: Floyd Perry and family and Leek Mrs. Paul Darst ]of Kalamazoo. [Mich., came "Friday to visit! with 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ] Scott Frances. The latter is confined to her room with a severe attack of neuritis and Mrs. Darst will remain until he:: mother • is improved. ! j Rev. and Mxs. Clinton Unger arid'spn.of Middle "rork, Inu°.| were Sunday af term ion guests of Rev. E. A. Bpnner ;ind family.'*' Herbert Smell, s|on of Mr. ami Mrs. Parke Hoover, was removed to his home in Hobbs Saturday from the Mercy Hospital. He is recovering nicely from an ! appendix operation. ; ] Mr. and Mrsj Davy Daniels and of. Hobbs ax : Cooper were Sun|Mrs O F. with' Mr . vsm .... . | . had aa tkelr^BaitttVd. kuests, Mr!, and Mrs e Durham -evening Roher of Karnes of Curtisville, ' Mr. and |Uon. Dallas were; Sunday dinner Mrs. Rod Renuer, William Barnes ;J guests" of Mr. and Mrs. Enrl| Star- pof Hobbs and Miss Edna Legg ofj|key of Elwood. Tipton. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lewellen and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton -Legg and • family visited Sunday in Windfall with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Retfierrord Mr. and Mrs: William Hoover west of Hobbs entertained Sunday, Mr:, and Mrs. 'Floyd Webb of Sandbank, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hartman, Mrs. Charles Woodruff and children'of Indianapolis and Mr. and Mrs. Russel Hoover. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rilfey and family were at Atlanta- Sunday, the-guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ramsey...'--.. / 'f\ Mr. and Mrs. Everett Brogdonli and daughter Coleen spent thB I ^'n* SvTMor George R. fkaron week end in Tipton with^Mr. and | : - B " b apoiaed for fhe_ putjernar Mrs. Henry Riley. ! Mr. ana Mrs. Roy Batzner were at. Plainfleld Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs.-Ward Negus. > Mr. and Mrs. Alton Terwlliiger-. :.. • • «. o 1 _j J> _' .' -- v. -i. . ™ _ 'i '-x >«u Jiaxvin qf Syracuse, and son Robert. Mrs. Flora Ter-|l • ,ii...-/...^—.» wllltger, Mj-. and - Mrs. Arch Brawn- and family and' Mr. and" Mrs.i Frank Caster .and family „ were at Modoc, Ind., Sunday'] guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alberi'^ Clouser. Mr. and. Mrs:i. Harry Locke and famlly r of Elwood and Mrs. Dor| tonal .aaivlidatiy by] , Repu&Iiean !i " , .-i<>i-> of Onondaga' CoontyJ New I > oi<!i The campaign for [Fear;i >n'.- -nomination was anonTicialry. ij aimcricd at a ttistimonial dtaaer to Mte Frank?' Jtgth'ot I- •-"-"-"gVeote 3S3| I A SAVniomFiipooBTioi < ^profits in nltlBf .&kkmkk

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