The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 31, 1985 · Page 66
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 66

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1985
Page 66
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, March 31,1985 Page 1A. 4 Combat I Q) In Search Of... Q) Black Sheep Squadron (C) Movie *** "Cross Creek" (1982) Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn. 'PG' (0) Pop Quiz Q Monroes (N) Out Of Control 5:05 ID Wrestling 5:30 OOOD News (D®S) This Old House O Perspective GD®O©13 ABC News (CO eQO@no)C0£B CBS News CDQ) NBC News O Doctor Who "The Keeper Of Traken" The Doctor Is called to a planet that Is approaching a period of trial as Its Keeper nears the end of his control. CD Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "Bulldog Drummond's Bride" (1939) starring John Howard and Heather Angel; a 1939 cartoon; a 1937 short featuring Glenn Ford; and Chapter 2 of "Lost City Of The Jungle" (1946). (R) (D) Once Upon A Mouse (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (E) Fishing: Mark Sosen's Salt Water Journal (Premiere) (S) Movie " "Twice Upon A Time" (1982) Animated. Voices by Lorenzo Music and Judith Kahan Kampmann. 'PG' EVENING 6:OOOOM.A.S.H QX3DQD Victory Garden QOO33XB Hee Haw Featured: Louise Mandrell, Ronny Robbins, Million Dollar Band. (R) CD®©" Greatest American Hero ©OOO) News (D Elschied (9) Puttln' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of "The Glamorous Life," "War Song," "Can't Drive 55," "Lover Girl," "Rip It Up" and "Too Much Too Young." QD Perry Como's Easter By The Sea Debby Boone and Kenny Rogers |oln Perry Como in this musical special taped at San Diego's Sea World. 03 This Week In Country Music Performances: Ricky Skaggs, Gail Davies, Oak Ridge Boys. Interviews: Oak Ridge Boys, Mel Tlllls and daughter Pam, Gall Davies. 4 12 O'clock High £B Hee Haw Featured: Louise Mandrell, Ronny Robbins, Million Dollar Band. CD Star Trek (D) Movie ** "Peter Lundy And The Medicine Hat Stallion" (1977) Leif Garrett, Mitchell Ryan. In 1861, a teen-age Pony Express rider battles hostile Indians and rough terrain to carry mail from the Nebraska Territory to the Pacific. (HBO) Tucker And The Horse- Thief Q Laramle (N) You Can't Do That On Television (E) SportsCenter (U) Seeing Stars 6:30 Of) Three's Company GDCDQD Grand Generation Q(9) At The Movies Scheduled: Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel review "A Private Function," "Alamo Bay," "The Hit" and "Heartbreakers." O » On Kansas City 9 Action-Packed Cllffhangers (10) 10-11 Magazine: Etc. 09 WKRP In Cincinnati (N) Danger-mouse (U) Cover Story 7:00 OOQQD® Diff'rent Strokes dXDQD Austin City Limits Featured: Freddie Powers with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard ("I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink," "Deed I Do"); Whitey Shafer ("That's the Way Love Goes," "\ Love You Little Darlln' Number Four"). GD®OOD(!I)13 T.J. Hooker When Corrigan Is accused of shooting an unarmed suspect because of an pld grudge, Hooker sets out to prove the officer's innocence. (CO OOO®)00>(B£B Daffy Duck's Easter Show Animated. After battling Sylvester for a golden egg and guarding chocolate bunnies from Speedy, Daffy decides to try hitchhiking north. (R) • O Only When I Laugh (9) Peter And Paul Anthony Hopkins and Robert Foxworth star in this saga of Peter and Paul, the apostles of entirely different temperaments whose common mission to preserve Christianity ultimately led to their deaths as martyrs. (Part 1 of 2) 9 Movie * "In Old Santa Fe" (1934) Ken Maynard, George "Gabby" Hayes. While visiting a dude ranch, a cowboy not only loses his horse in a fixed race, but is also framed for murder. CD Movie *• "Yellow Rose Of Texas" (1944) Rof Rogers, Dale Evans. An insurance Investigator working under cover as a singer on a showboat attempts to track down stolen money. 4 Switch CD Solid Gold Host: Rick Dees. Cohost: Crystal Gayle. Guests: Peter Brown, Maze, Mary Jane Girls, General Public, Bill Medley, John Parr. (C) Movie *** "Midnight Express" (1978) Brad Davis, John Hurt. 'R' (HBO) Movie ** "Running Brave" (1983) Robby Benson, Pat Hlngle. 'PG' Q Superbook "Easter Special" Chris, Joy and Gizmo go back to Jerusalem at the time of the Passover. (E) USFL Football Jacksonville Bulls at Tampa Bay Bandits or Oakland Invaders at Portland Breakers (U) Movie * "Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell" (1974) Peter Cushlng, Shane Brlant. The infamous doctor continues his experiments at an insane asylum. (S) Movie *** "Romancing The Stone" (1984) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner. 'PG' 7:05 CD Movie ** "Flrecreek" (1968) James Stewart, Henry Fonda. A small town protected by a timid sheriff is terrorized by a gang- leader and his men. 7:30 QO MISL Soccer Wichita Wings at St. Louis Steamers O Royals Pre-Season OOO@00)(BCf» Bugs Bunny's Bustln' Out All Over Animated. Springtime brings Bugs a childhood reminiscence, an encounter with Marvin Martian, and a chance for Wile E. Coyote to finally catch the Road Runner. (R) CD6B Double Trouble O The Bounder Howard invites Mary and Trevor to a posh restaurant to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in spite of the fact that he has no money. (D) Mouseterplece Theater 8 Movie " "Give Us Ba- rabbas" (1960) James Daly, Kim Hunter. In the wake of Jesus' crucifixion, Barabbas, attempting to discover why he was freed, encounters followers of Christ who Introduce him to a new way of life. 8:00 CD®© Movie *"* "The Great Victor Herbert" (1939) Allan Jones, Mary Martin. Turn-of- the-century New York becomes the home base for one of America's best-loved composers. OQDffl Gimme A Break A handsome older man sweeps Nell off her feet; then she learns he's Addy's long-lost father. (R) 3XDOQD9I)13 Love Boat April Lopez makes trouble for the crew, two brothers wager a bet on women, and a reporter thinks he has the ultimate scoop when he meets a woman. (R) (CC) OOO®00)CBCB Airwolf During a scientific mission in the Northwest, a volcanic eruption forces Hawke and Santinl to take refuge .In .a, nearby mining town where an employee rebellion is underway. O Mystery! "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes" While searching for a compromising photograph, Sherlock Holmes confronts Irene Adler, one of his greatest adversaries. Stars Jeremy Brett, David Burke. (CC) 9 Star Trek CD Austin City Limits Featured: Freddie Powers with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard ("I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink," "Deed I Do"); Whitey Shafer ("That's the Way Love Goes," "I Love You Little Dar- lln' Number Four"). 4 Movie ** "Killer With Two Faces" (1974) Donna Mills, Ian Hendry. An architect makes an appointment with a young woman to look over her new house but his mentally unbalanced twin shows up in his place. CD Movie *** "Junior Bonner" (1972) Steve McQueen, Robert Preston. An aging rodeo star returns home for one last contest and finds that his family and the town have totally changed. (D) Movie **• "The Jackpot" (1950) James Stewart, Barbara Hale. After winning a radio sweepstakes, a man tries to raise money to pay the taxes on his winnings. 8:30 OCD6D Under One Roof 9:00 OGDQJ Hunter (Dd)fKD©!3 Finder Of Lost Loves (CC) OOO®(10)CBtB Cover Up After her escape from prison, the Black Widow traps Dani and Jack in a building full of explosives where they contemplate their true feelings. O Seeing Things After Louie jumps on the story of a financial analyst's murder, the supposed victim appears on TV. (9) News 9 Star Trek CD Movie •• "The Loved One" (1965) Robert Morse, Anjanette Comer. The -nephew of a deceased Hollywood star Incurs some debts and headaches when It comes time to make the funeral arrangements. (C) Mad As Hell A profile of a suspended principal's battle against the system after making changes that reformed a suburban New York high school previously plagued by vandalism and truancy. (HBO) Not Necessarily Snlglets This special edition from the "Not Necessarily The News" comedy team explores sniglets, words not in the dictionary that describe everyday situations. Q The Passover Zola Levitt hosts this description of the Passover Seder and tells how Jesus Christ celebrated it during the last supper before his crucifixion. (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour (S) Movie •* "The Dead Zone" (1983) Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams. 'R' (CO 9:05 CD International Winter Special Olympics 9:30 QO To Be Announced S)®© Music In Time (C) The Richard Belzer Show The comedian returns with sketches, aspiring comedians and surprise guests. (D) Islands Of The Sea (HBO) Maximum Security With four years of prison ahead of him, Harry Is confused about his feelings for a former schoolmate who visits him. 10:00 OOO®O®O®OO (D(Vg)(io)CBtD(!3)'3eB News O Movie ** "The Youth Of Peter The Great" (Part 1 of 2) (1981) Dmitry Zolotukhin, Natalia Bondarchuk. A two-part Soviet-East German co-production covering the young life of the Russian ruler, first as prince ("The Young Peter the Great"), later as czar ("The Great Beginning"). (9) Twilight Zone 9 International Edition 4 Movie " "Castle Of Evil" (1966) Scott Brady, Virginia Mayo. Several heirs arrive at an eerie island castle to hear the reading of a will. CD Benny Hill (C) Movie *' "Risky Business" (1983) Tom Cruise, Rebecca De- Mornay. 'R' (CC) (D) Movie " "Hello, Frisco, Hello" (1943) Alice Faye, John Payne. A Barbary Coast innkeeper dreams of elegance by doing his best to promote grand opera. (HBO) Movie *** "Dressed To Kill" (1980) Michael Caine, Angle Dickinson. 'R' Q Success 'N' Life (E) SportsCenter (U) Night Flight Featured: the King of Rock 'N Roll, Alan Freed, with Chuck Berry, The Moonglows, Johnny Burnette Trio, The Flamingos, Connie Francis and Tuesday Weld. 10:05 CD Night Tracks: Chartbusters 10:30 OOOGD© Saturday Night Live CD®© Monty Python's Flying Circus Gulliver's travels, a firing squad that missed but gets a second chance, to Moscow and back, and something else. ®®OD(H>13 ABC News (CC) O Movie ••• "Easter Parade" (1948) Judy Garland, Fred Astaire. A big star turns an unknown into a sensation and falls in love with her. OO@CB Movie ** "Moses" (1976) Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quayle. The life of the biblical leader who brought the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt and took them to the borders of the Promised Land is chronicled. O Movie *** "California Split" (1974) George Segal, Elliott Gould. A gambler and a magazine writer set out together on a gambling spree. (9) Movie **• "Barabbas" (1962) Anthony Quinn, Sllvana Mangano. The thief released in lieu of Jesus wrestles with the quirks of fate that follow him ever after. 9 Country Express (10) Hee Haw Featured: Louise Mandrell, Ronny Robbins, Million Dollar Band. (R) OD Solid Gold Host: Rick Dees. Cohost: Crystal Gayle. Guests: Peter Brown, Maze, Mary Jane Girls, General Public, Bill Medley, John Parr. CD Movie ** "The Mummy" (1959) Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee. Archaeologists seek a 4000-year-old mummy, but are warned of danger if they try to desecrate Its tomb. a John Ankerberg 10:45 (3X1X3)13 Movie Advance To The Rear" (1964) Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens. When a company of Union soldiers is detailed to guard a gold shipment, the captain falls for a female Confederate spy. CQ Movie *' "Operation Petticoat" (1959) Cary Grant, Tony Curtis. A submarine commander ignores regulations in order to get his vessel back in action. 11:00 9 The Prisoner CD David Susskind Scheduled: psychic Yolana. Q Africa Drought: Crisis Of The Century (E) PKA Full Contact Karate (S) Movie ** "Chained Heat" (1983) Linda Blair, John Vernon. 'R' 11:05 CD Night Tracks 11:30 (10) Entertainment This Week Featured: Richard Chamberlain. (E> Puttln' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of "The Glamorous Life," "War Song," "Can't Drive 55," "Lover Girl," "Rip It Up" and "Too Much Too Young." 4 News a International Prison Ministry 11:40(0) DTV 11:45 (C) Movie " "Class" (1983) Rob Lowe, Jacqueline Bisset. 'R' 11:50 (HBO) Movie *" "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984) Rob Reiner, Michael McKean. 'R' 12:00 QO® Wrestling O Star Search Guests: Morgan Brittany, Sammy Davis Jr. (R) CT) Taxi Cf) Nashville Music 4 Music Video Clips *" a Famine: Emergency Alert (U) New Film Releases 12:05 CD Night Tracks 12:30 a America's Top Ten (10) Tales From The Darkside CD Entertainment This Week Featured: Richard Chamberlain. CD Puttln' On The Hits (E) Horse Racing Weekly (R) (U) Night Flight "Discovery Special" New artists and new sounds. 12:45 gXBO)" News (S) Movie The Lords Of Discipline" (1983) David Keith, Robert Prosky. 'R' 1:00 OHO) News (9) Tales From The Darkside CD Essence a Zola Levitt (E) SportsCenter (U) Night Flight 1:05 CD Night Tracks 1:20 (HBO) Movie ** "Videodrome" (1983) James Woods, Deborah Harry. 'R' 1:25 (C) Movie •" "Funny Lady" (1975) Barbra Streisand, Jama*Caan. 'PG' 1:30 (9) Wall Street Journal Report CE) News CD Martin: The Emancipator a Jewish Voice Broadcast (U) Space Patrol 2:00 (9) Independent News 4 Music Video Clips 8 700 Club (E) Baseball Special: The First Pitch (R) (U) Night Flight 2:05 CD Night Tracks 2:30 (9) Movie " "Twenty-Four Hours To Kill" (1965) Mickey Rooney, Walter Slezak. A gang of smugglers force an airliner down for a layover in Lebanon. CD Movie ** "Treasure Galleons" (1973) Documentary. A group of adventurers explore the Bahama reefs in search of concealed treasure. (S) Movie **• "Up In Arms" (1944) Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore. 2:55 (HBO) Movie ** "The Hotel New Hampshire" (1984) Jodie Foster, Beau Bridges. 'R' 3:00 a News W 4 Music Video Clips (E) PGA Golf (U) Night Flight "Showtime At The Appollo" Lionel Hampton, Martha Davis, Larry Darnel le and Nipsy Russel. 3:05 CD Night Tracks 3:50 (C) Movie * "Jaws 3" (1983) Dennis Quald, Bess Armstrong. •PG' For the best in home entertainment THINK! and CLARK'S T.V.and Communications 2140 S. 9th Salina 825-7172

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