The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 25, 1959 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 1

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, April 25, 1959
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OTTAWA HERALD Vol. 63 No. 118 OTTAWA, KANSAS, SATURDAY/APRIL 25,1959 7 CENTS SIX PAGE3 Side Swipes Crews of Ihe Ottawa street department began this morning the job of spraying the town's elm trees. The spray is for eradication of elm worms which have begun dropping from the! trees. Equipment being used is the city's fog sprayer, and the material is a water-base solution. Art Opening Sunday Open House at Mamme! Art Center will be Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 5 p.m. It will launch the two-week showing of work by local artists. The Art Center will be open evenings on weekdays. v Real Indians ROSSVILLE, Kan. (AP)—There hasn't been much boredom for the "Oregon or Bust" wagon train thus far in its journey across Kansas. Originally the schedule called for one mock Indian raid in Nebraska but already the caravan has had at least three. The most authentic—wilh genuine Potlawatomie Indians—came yesterday. Eleven braves, wearing war paint and brandishing . weapons, charged the seven wagons at Silver Lake. School children, dismissed for the occasion, cheered the reenactment of a scene that might have occurred 100 years ago on the old Oregon Trail. , The wagons are following the trail's route as part of Oregon's centennial celebration. The train will rest over Sunday after a short seven-mile haul to St. Mary's today. Delay Final Step On Kennedy Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - A bitter row over a compromise for the McClellan "bill of rights" amendment has delayed final Senate action on the Kennedy labor regulation bill. Another attempt will be made today to pass the bill. Plans of the leadership on both sides to finish with the measure Friday night evaporated in a big verbal explosion when a substitute for the bill of rights proposal was called up. The furore even included a personal atlack on Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex), with some senators charging he was trying to force them to vote on a substitule they had not read. Johnson then suddenly adjourned the Senate until today, despite pleas of some of his colleagues that it be adjourned until Monday. It appeared the substitule wa- The Weather COUNTY FORECAST—Partly cloudy through Sunday; cooler today and tonight; higher this afternoon middle 60s; lows tonight near 40; highs Sunday 6570. High temperature yesterday 85; low today, 57; high year ago today, 61; low year ago today, 38; record high this date. 80 in 1919; record low this date, 32 In 1913, hourly tcmpeiatures, hours ending 8 a.m., today: 9 a. m 64 1C a. m 68 11 a. m 72 Noon 7fi St. Lawrence Seaway Opens Shipping Traffic To World Witty, Risque Play Presented Here By LLO\D BALLHAGEN Herald Drama Critic This is not a story. No one is compelled to read it, but in the case that you do, better brace yourself wilh a cool cognac. For lack of a beller name, we'll call this "a revtew." It's one man's opinion of a 3- act comedy of love thai was presented by Ihe Communily Theater Players, Inc., last nighl at Memorial Auditorium. It's the newborn group's first play—and it took the cake. The story deals wilh a delicate subject, that of love and 'the birds and the lees," and the Ollawa amateur players did themselves proud. Most of the audience rock ed a little with amazement to fine of the story, faced the chaUengc and carried it throughout the three acts. The near-capacity audience sat cold during the first act, but they felt the mood. The last two acts brought a spontaneous and almost ontimious laughter, mixed with pplause and a few roars. A few lines shocked the crowd, few made it gasp — but young nd old alike loved it. Nancy Winter's prolrayal of the French maid, shy, innocent and pretty, was masterful. Jack Day drank his way to the hearts o h2 crowd, while Barry Rohdc voocd the audience with his exit professional-like neighbors. MARJORIE ROECKERS "With tray memory" Six Months in' Brazil Richmond Girl Is Home Again talent in theh plain Risque, witty and "just cute," the tale, written by Sam uel Taylor, bubbled to the cdg of utter frankness, then turne< and lightly danced away from del icate points. The actors and act resses, grasping the sensitive moo berance. John Lamb, live doctor, and Ed die Sheldon, the bank clerk tha iked "the rusty waler" nnd foun< out it was wine, drew nppJaus from the audience with their brie appearances. And everyone loved nnd pathlzcd "Bibi," as with the played show's sym star by David Ha verty, who was Iwlsted bolwee Ihe beliefs of a Scolch Presbyte ian molher nnd a French Cathi lie father. The 15-year-old bo layed the 12-year-old role with outhful skill. The olhers. Howard While, one Warner, Jack Kille, Lonsno edom, Peggy Stephenson and rexel Warren all carried their oles well and had "The Happy line." In Ihe critic deparlmcnt how- ver tho cast dropped n few unch lines \jy lowering voices too nuch. Only n small section In the •ont section seats caught them Kllle whose role ns Grandpere ould have been powerful and do- nandlng, carried the obligation with his costume appearance am acting but dropped it In Ihe speak ng category. More enthusiasm projection nnd action In the vo Icebreakers Open North Heartland MONTREAL St. Lawrence (AP) -The Seaway, a ce could hove filled the bill. Scenery, makeup, costumes am — In the old auditorium— color, life nnd, again, n project debated by politicians for half a century and completed by 15,000 workers in five yeiars, was opened today to shipping traffic of the world. Shortly after 8 n,m., the icc« breaker D'Ibervllle, laden with government officials, parliamentarians, newspapermen and seaway officials, moved Into the entrance of the seaway just below Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge. Behind the D'Ibcrvillo was n flotilla ot flag-bedecked canallers, stroke of professionalism. The Players and crows bnaathed new life into an old building. The cast received two curtain calls, nnd bowed out to await the final night— tonight. Tho audience, dresasd up in evening attire, trickled outr-all smiles and happy gleams. freighters, tankers, Some 70 ships were and tugs- wailing to RICHMOND — The suntanned, smiling face of the 21-year-old girl beamed with South American memories and the sensation of being home, as she chattered about her 6-month stay in Brazil. "You really don't have much time to be homesick," the brown- haired Richmond girl said. "And it's a good thing you don't. It's a long way from here to Brazil." Marjorie Roeckers took a year's leave of absence from her class es at Kansas State University. to spend the winter living with farm families as an International Farm Youth Exchange student. She left Florida Oct. 12 and returned April 4. Last week, she came home lere, and began sorting her 600 slides, labeling her treasures and arranging her speeches. Last night, she talked to the Richmond community, and she has four more engagements lined up. During her stay, she lived with seven Brazilian farmers: two poor farmers, two medium - income farmers and three wealthy farmers. She visited only the central and spulheri}, par}s pf.Jhe 6-state country. Besides the trinkets, slides and other material memories, Miss are 1 p. m. 2 p. m. 3 p. m. 4 p. m. 5 p. m. 6 p. m. 7 p. m. 8 p. m. .80 ..8-1 ..84 ..83 ..84 ..81 ..77 ..70 9 p. m. , 10 P. m. , 11 p. m. . Midnight 1 a. m. , 2 a. m. , 3 a. m. , 4 a. m. 5 a. m. 6 a. m. 7 a. m. 8 a. m, Tolvert Pleads Guilty To 2nd Degree Murder Coleman Tolvert, 32, Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty in District Court this morning to second de gree murder. Judge Floyd Coffman said the sentencing was continued until Tuesday at 11 a.m. Second degree murder means killing purposely and maliciously, but not deliberately or with premeditation. This charge carries penalty of not less than 10 years imprisonment, but there is no maximum set forth by law. Tolvert was charged with the fatal shooting of Gladys Yvonne Cooper 40, on Nov. 1 in Ottawa. "THE BARN," now open week days 5 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Chicken-Steaks-Fresh Fish Located at Gaynor's Lake. Adv Calm Still Holds In Cotton Strike HENDERSON, N.C. (AP)-Rel ative calm prevailed Friday nigh at quitting time at the strike-lorn Harriet-Henderson Cotton Mills. The worst violence was a steadj roll of rifle fire that shatlered seme mill windows during the night shift. But there were no re ports of injuries. Homebound nonunion worker were greeted with catcalls and mi nor harassments from about 20 union members outside the nu gates. Said Asst. Police Chief Hai old Watkins: "I don't know what the reaso; was, but it was certainly surpris ingiy quiet." Good Grounds DEDHAM, Mass. (AP) — Mis Massachusetts of 1951 has filed petition for divorce on the groun her husband didn't think she wa beautiful enough. Pomona Reservoir Bid Opening Set For June 3 Here Bids for construction of the first phase of Pomona Reservoir are to be opened in the city commission room in the Ottawa City Hall at 2 p. m., on June 3, it has been announced by Col. L. .-and- -education] E,, .kaurion, ,,. district, two of the other problems (Corps of Engineers, Kansas City, loeckers brought home a number f impressions of the South Amer- can land. As for agriculture, "They are bout 50 years behind the United tales, as much of the work is one by hand with oxens and orses. There are very few tracers," she said. About natural resources, "They lave lots of water power, min rals such as iron and other nat- iral resources, but they lack the money to develop them." Brazil really has," she added. Mo. Principal items of work to be As for the language barrier,, . said Marjorie, "My first three performed in the first phase will 'amilies spoke a little English, be clearing and grubbing, em- This helped me. My Portuguese)bankment construction^ outlet s not too perfect, but they could pretty well understand me." Every day, all day, she spoke ;he Portuguese language to her lost families, but she thought in English, she said. "It's fun bul, boy, I'll tell you, you're worn out by the end of the day." As for the people, "I found them very kind, helpful and understanding. I don't think they can be beat. They'd give you the shirt off their backs if you'd ask," she said. "They think the Americans are all rich," she explained. "They get their information from the movies. Movies are the worst things the U.S. can send out to foreign lands," she said. The remainder of Miss Roeck ers' year — until next fall — will be spent making speeches, taking a correspondence course and helping her father, John Roeckers, in his insurance office in Richmond, In the fall, she will be a senior at Kansas State. works construction including gate; and operating equipment, diver sion channel excavation, and con struction of service bridge, road and property line fences. The project, which will impound flood waters of 110-Mile Creek a principal upper tributary of the WASHINGTON (AP) — A pro- iosal to put 7V4 billion dollars into I.S. economic development loans broad over the next five years got an initially cool reception to- lay. It was offered by Sen. J. WU iam Fulbright (D-Ark), chairman of the Senate Foreign •Relations lommittee. Sens. John F. Ken. nedy (D-Mass) and Hubert H Humphrey (D-Minp) joined him n a series of amendments to revise the foreign aid program drastically. Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont) assistant Democratic leader of the Marais des sceduled for Cygnes rver, completion in it is one of five reservoirs au thorized for conslruction for pur poses of flood conlrol and abate menl of pollution in the Marais des Cygnes valley in Kansas. You Doubt Us? TULSA, lation to Okla. (AP) • all Internal -An invi Revenu Service workers to take part in their annual golf tournament May 8 in Oklahoma City contains thi note of caution: "Be sure you're henest in claim ing golf scores to get your han Jicap." Lamb Insured Payment Plan, adv 5-Year Foreign Loan Gets Cold Reception Senate, called too large and the amount much a great deal more than Congress is likely to author ize." And Sen. Everett M. Dirksen o Illinois, Ihe Republican minority leader, in a separate interview protested the shift In emphasis from military aid to economic as sistance. Old Oil Well Still Crumbling In Field ELLINWOOD, Kan. (AP) — An old oil well that suddenly became a huge pit, 300 and apparently feet in diameter bottomless, stil KU Coach Slated For Speech Here Jack Mitchell, football coach at University of JKiansas, is to be the speaker at Ottawa's annual sports banquet, which this year Is to be held the evening of May 1€. J, T. Morrisey, chairman of the Ottawa Chamber o I Commerce sports committee, announced this morning that the K. U. coach has agreed to speak to Ottawa fans and athletes at the annual event. Morrisey also announced t h a t| Judge Winton A. Wlnler is to be Ihe banquet, move westward through the new waterway toward the North American Continent's henrlland, 2,400 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. At Ogdennburg, N.Y., the western end of the 000-mile seaway, nineteen Canadian - owned cargo ships started to move toward Montreal and the sea. Although ,no formal ceremonies wore planned, hundreds of persons got up early to watch the first ships pass through the Montreal end of the seaway. They gathered mainly along the seaway bank near St. Lambert, across the St. Lawrence from Montreal. Formal dedication ceremonies will be held June 26 with President Elsenhower and Queen Elizabeth. Elsenhower opened the U. S.-bullt locks near Massena, N.Y-, last July. Formal dedication will be held June 26 ceremonies with President Elsenhower and Queen Elizabeth. Elsenhower opened the U.S.- built locks near Massena, N.Y., last July. the toastmaster at which is for sports fans and the athletes of Ottawa University and Ottawa High School. was enlarging today. An oil slorage lank, Ihe concrete „„„ Bt ,p U1 ,,,, v%J ,.„,.. „..», v—...„». foundalion of a pumping rig, and and has been laying preliminary Green Dell Favors Merger Plans Green Dell grade school district voted to allow the board of education lo continue plans for consolidation in a community meeting last night. Green Dell Is one of six districts in north Franklin County which has been working toward consolidation. A planing commission was appointed from the districts , pipe that extended 2SO feet into I plans. the well disappeared yesterday as the cave-in starled in a wheat field on the Larry Panning farm. The other districts are scheduled to vote in community meetings during the next weeks. PROCLAMATION Whereas, mental illness continues to be the nation's Number One Health Problem, and Whereas, there still remain In the nation's mental hospitals more patients than there are. In all other hospitals combined, and Whereas, these patients look to their relatives, neighbors, friends and fellow citizens for assurance of the best scientific treatment available, and Whereas, these patients also look to the people of their community for continued contact with the world outside, Therefore, I, K. E. Andrews, Mayor of Ottawa, Kansas, do proclaim the week of April 26 to May 2 as Mental Health Week, and call upon the citizens of Ottawa to observe the week with appropriate activities, and to Join In OPERATION FRIENDSHIP by visiting a mental hospital during this Week. K. E. Andrews Mayor Wycoff Last-Day Dinner Marks Rural School C losing , WELL LADEN TABLE — Typical of the last day In Franklin County rural schools was a basket dinner yesterday at Wycoff School about 5 miles southwest of Ottawa. Pa- trons of the district left waiting field work and other pressing matters for the dinner followed by visiting. There were seven pupils tills year. The school will be open one more year. The future IB uncertain. (Photos by Lois Smith) SUCH GOOD FOOD Plates are filled. Tippy, belong. Ing to Terry Ann James, and playmate of the children, Is remembered with food before a ball game starts. With Mrs. Walter Hegberi;, teacher, .are, from left, Debbie Well»,.0ftro;i «. "Smith, Leannei Bush, Audrey Watts, Terry Ann Jame» udl.vU Teresa Watts; and, seated, Bandy Roseberry, left, Hoy Pahlman and David Wells. "'>''

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