Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on December 9, 1970 · Page 12
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 12

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1970
Page 12
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FOREST PAHK rtEV'EW. 'VJ/WESDAY. DECEMBER 9, 1970, PAGE 12 By Sally Shaw f^.HS FIH S r CHE6KFUL. CHKISTMA A L L > L f .1 ' I H f k H£ HEARTY ENGLISH WA5SAIL ~ LOKJG THE T KAPlTlOK-Al Olk'ltjlMAS TOA - vVAl. piPI'tLJ INTO WOOfLN MU \>V R.O&IM HOOD'S PAY, AST PEA^L-K W,A*^ Tut —1$ A "1 1 t-.'AL I U N A : V •\ t s*'» A A^OLPs^'iLf- i t^ 11 t T K' i L > M t ' 4 PI t ^ t-Mkr HMEwT ' t • M Ak- V M/* K! )N Ku'>PJ I- » 1 i kff l -.' DEAR SALLY: I'm a girl soon to be married and here's my crazy mixed-up little problem. I live with my mother and her second husband and my father is likew'se remarried. My fiance's parents are likewise divorced and both now living with their second sp.mses. As it so hapiens, all these people are very friendly, belong to thesam 3 club, a.i'1 socialize together quite often. My mother wants all of them invited to my wedding. Do you think this would work out all right and is it proper ?PU/^I, ED. DEAR PULLED: W.'iy not? Certainly if everything is as friendly among these persons as you say, it shouldn't spoil your wedding. And I hope you and your young man will be demonstrating to all these people how long- lasting and enduring the sacred vow;, of marriage can be . . and should be. DEAR S.\LLY- Please tell nv? when a person is playing bridge and is sure he has the remaining three or four tricks and doesn't want to waste time playing out the hand, is it all right for him t j lay down ils hand and say, "The rest are mine"? BJGDZAL. DCAR HIG DEAL: Yes, provided he explains Just Wll if the remaining tricks are his, as for example, "I lead 'o the dummy's, king with my four, then get back to my hand with the jack, and my ten is good" or something of the kind that will explain to any slower players that he is right and that they haven't been taken. DEAR SALLY: I married a widower five months ago and he is very devoted and affectionate toward me - except when his two married children are around. In their presence his manner Is entirely different - coo! and impersonal, almos* as though I were just a friend instead of his wife. This hurts me deeply and I would appreicato very much anything you might have to say about it. MRS. X. DEAR MKS. X: ; think y.)-i are m;iking much too much of this. Yiur husband very likeiy is still associating his children with his late wife, their mother and when they are around this association prevents his wmting them to witness any obvious show of affection towards you. B'lt after all, you know he is "very devoted and affectionate" toward you - so you don't need any demonstrations of this in the presence of others. DEAR SALLY: I have been dating a very fine young man who is in business for himself 'and very successful too. However, his success is going to his stomach. He has a tremendous appetite and is gaining weight at a spectacular rate. He's getting so fat that I'm becoming embarrassed to be seen with him. Is there any way I can drop a gentle hint without hurting his feelings? CONCERNED. DEAR CONCERNED: I doubt tha'- a "gentle hint" will do it. Tell him bluntly that he's eating himself out of your affection and insist that he go in a diet. . emphasizing the fact that he will live longer, feel better, and look m jch handsomer-. READ REVIEW T<£ES THE MKANINGINOUR LIFE m As we approach the Holiday Season, it would be quite fitting to recall the Importance of trees as the Christmas tree and the importance it played in the religion and social life. Primitive people warship trees or the spirits of trees. In the Congo there is a holy tree before each village. In Bengal the Sal tret' is the national protector. Oak and ash were very frequently worshippsd by early European t ribes. Trees have played an important part In the life of man at all times. For savages, the forest offered protection of many kinds against cold and heat, storms and rains, as well as against enemies. From the trunks of trees they made their canoes. The bark was used to build their wigwams and huts. Oil of wood they made their weapons. The fruits and nuts were a major portion of their food. But trees are also important in the life of civilized people, not only for food, clothing and shelter, but also in art and literature and as memorials of events and gteat men. The artist uses trees as a background in outdoor paintings, as part of a beautiful landscape and as a lovely setting for an attractive country home. Again, he may draw trees in a storm, bringing out interesting lines as the trunks are being whipped by a raging wind or he may illustrate picturesque groupings of trees along canals, roads or lakes. In literature, we find not only descriptions of the beauty of trees but the author may put the characteristics of m> a n into trees. W? have some very beautiful descriptions of this kind in the Bible. Here are twj from the Psilms. "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water". - "By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down, yea we wept. Wj hanged our harps upon the willows in the mids thereof." There arc, of course, also many poems on trees and forests by poets of recent years. Especially famous is the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilm?r. Longfellow, in his great poem, "Hiawatha" describes many trees. Our life will be made more interesting if we observe our trees and forests more closely. There are always great pictures which have not yet been painted; there are always prizewinning snapshots which have never been taken. The more we see of these beauties, the more we will add to the happiness of our own life and to the enjoyment of others. A GIANT FOUR FOOT VINYL INFLATABLE SANTA CLAUS With Every New Subscription To The FOREST PARK REVIEW 7451 Madison St. Phone 366-0600 366-0601 Offer Good Until December 24th, 1970

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