Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 1957 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, May 28, 1957
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The Weather fair, cooler tonight. Low 3848. fair, warmer tomorrow, Thursday. Utah, 77; low, 51; noon, 03. Rwer, 3.03 feet. Relative humidity, 47 per cent. FINAL VOL. LXXXVIII.—NO. 147 Aaeelaml Fieu Stmct-AP Mofotex CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1957 c-Cow Arrested In Sluyiny «.„ s«,c. Fired In N Elmer David Bruner, 40. was captured last night in Huntington. w. Va and booked on a previous burglary charge. Police said he was charged with the murder of Mrs. Rubv Miller wife of a prominent contractor, when keys to the stolen Miller car were found on him. Officers'said he later admitted beating the woman to dealh. (Story on i'age 2) f^p photolo*) Major Flood Threat Eases In Southwest Thousands Remain Homeless, Rivers Dropping Slowly DALLAS tfi — Cloudbursts dumped up to 3 inches of rain on scattered parts of Texas yesterday, but major flooding appeared to be subsiding in many sections of the Southwest. Thousands of persons remained homeless, however, in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as rivers and streams continued lo overflow or run . near bankful from earlier torrential rains. = Some of Ihe 2,100 persons driven out by Ihe flooding Trinity River in Dallas hoped to return to their homes today. In nearby Forl Worth, where -1,000 fled the surging river during the weekend, water began receding in all areas. The flood victims were not cx- pcclcd lo be able to relurn before the end of the week, however. The river was receding slowly. The Arkansas River continued lo cause damage. Gov. Orval Fabus of Arkansas said he would appeal for federal aid. The Arkansas spilled over low lying farms from Fort Smith 150 miles eastward lo Little Rock Crest forecasts were revised up ward a foot or two. Civil defense estimated 1.000 persons have been evacuated, mainly in North Little Rock and including the 400 per sons comprising the population o Moifett, Okla., just across the riv er from Fort Smith. Flash flooding hit sections of south Texas afler Ihc torrcntia rains yesterday. Hundreds wen chased from their homes at Sai Antonio temporarily when nearly 4 inches of rain sent creeks spilling out of their banks. Roads were closed for an hour on al approaches to the city. Two Head, Six Shot Picket Line Battle Brings Damage Suit GUNT1IERSV1LLE, Ala.-«_It was quiet today around a ronstruction project where gunfire killed two men and wounded ux others. The shooting yesterday resulted in a $250,000 damage suit filed :n Marshall Circuit Court here against United Mine Workers District 50. The court action was filed by 3ulf Stales Construction Co. Inc', if Atlanta, whose workers clashed with UMW pickets al a plant be- 1 ng construcled for the cotton Producers Assn. Gulf States also was granted a temporary injuction against mass picketing at the plant. "~ The suit named James L. Ledbetter and Ed Pay ton. UMW representatives, as the chief defendants. Ledbetter and Payton could not be reached immediately for comment. The suit charged the UMW with conspiring lo violate the laws, and to prevent Gulf Stales from working at the plant "by use of violence, threats, inlimidation, mass picketing and the shooting of the plaintiffs work superintendent and the murder of one vrorlc- lan." Slate, counly and city officers were investigating the shooting ;hat killed 22-year-old John Leroy Ward of Parsons, Kan., and the Rev. William Clinton Harrison, also 22. an itinerant minister who was in the picket line. Five persons are being held in Marshall County Jail. Ed Bonner, a union organizer, has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The others are being held without charge pending further investigation Bock To Face Quiz By Jury SEATTLE, Wash. —(INS) — President Dave Beck of the Teamsters' Union is under subpoena loday to appear before the King Counly grand -jury at Seattle June 17. Beck took : lhe subpoena al the front door of his Lake Shore home s'esterday, then shook hands with the investigators. NEW YORK «t—A 50-year-old death when he protested and then killed the woman in her bed. Rifles, pistols and dynamite slayer. were seized. Ike Sees Postal Service Slashed uMciiivr-TYiv (ir-c-i r, - ""'"' u ' alcu ln e operator and WASHINGTON-(INS)-Presi- mumbled: "I've just killed two ' Slain were Mrs. Veronica Parry ind her son John, 30, an employe if the New York Telephone Co. The killer, Emil lacubovski, so. picked up a telephone in the bed- -oom, dialed Ihe operator and Wilson Raps Slash In Aid WASHINGTON (ffi — Secretary o - ;uv "' mur*^ « ICIIUI-^L iui suppie- Eefense Wilson told economy ad- mental funds as he signed the vocates today they should not $3.884.927.000 Treasury-Post Office make foreign aid their whipping appropriation bill yesterday. boy. -Baby Dies, Fnlhcr Hurt — ... .. warns ,.„ tal services will have to be "substantially curtailed" on July I unless Congress promptly approves more money. The President said he would soon make a request for people. Send the police." Then he collapsed beside Che bed. Police said that after killing Ihe son in Ihc living room, lacubov- ki talked with Mrs. Parry in the bedroom before shooling her. A neighbor, Mrs. Margaret Bowers, heard Mrs. Parry plead: "Emil. don'l do it. Please don'l do it." It would be "folly for us to slacken at this lime our efforts to establish the basis for a jusl and lasting peace," he said. The defense secrclary, accompanied by the chairman of the Joinl Chiefs of Slaff, Adm. Arthur \V. Radford. appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in support of Ihe adminis year. Iti Bnllmiore Blaze BALTIMORE UVJames Love lace, 18 months, died in a fire at his home early today. The father, John Lovelace, suffered lacerations and burns while attempting to save Ihc baby's life. The fire did extensive Auto Worker Officials Quizzed By Senators WASHINGTON (INS) — Offi- ...... — ••• — .,.,..,.•. 1.1 ..i^ uuiuiiiKj- eensve tiniticc Iration's request (or $ to the interior of the house. The for military aid in the coming cause was not immediately de- lermined. Florida Judge Impeached, To Face State Senate Trial TALLAHASSEE, Fla. MV- Cir- cut Judge George E. Holt was impeached yesterday by Ihc Florida House, which approved an invesli- gating committee's report that Ihc Miami judge had brought "his court into scandal and disrepule" and was no longer fit to serve as a jurist. The vole lo impeach was 65-25. Holt, 54, has served as circuit judge for 16 years. He is disqualified from his judicial duties until The Senate trial is expected to begin in aboul a month. The committee, which invesli ^.ated Holt for seven weeks charged that he accepted favors and borrowed money from allor- ncys practicing before him. per- mittcd his personal relationships Florida Senate. House impeachment has the effect of a grand jury indictment. — _ fees, committed — ..„ „ jt. u ,.. lu . uu*.vo UIKII n.«, iiMuiimitu HiiMicmeanor in uno itie pr he is tried and acquitted by the office and conducted himself in troduce it. such a way as "lo degrade the 6 CENTS A-Bomb Bl Taipei Riots Bring Probe In Congress House Group Will Expand Inquiry To Japanese Situation By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON ui - Chairman Zablocki (D-Wis) said today his House Foreign Affairs subcommittee "will go further" with an inquiry into recent outburst of American feeling in Ihe Far East. Further plans, Zablocki said, include a look at the Girard case. U. S. Army Specialist 3. C. William S. Girard is the object of a •Japanese - American tug-of-war over who should try him on charges of killing a Japanese woman, who was scavenging for metal on a firing range. The Japanese yesterday named three iudges lo try Girard. despite American refusal to give him up. Officials Questioned Zablocki spoke in an inverview after initial closed-door subcommittee questioning yesterday of administration officials. They were asked about the Formosa riots which wrecked the U. S. Embassy and U. S. Information Agency offices, and injured a number of Americans. After hearing Asst. Secretary of Stale Waller S. Robertson and Stephen S- Jackson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for manpower Zablocki issued a statement saying, "The Chinese government has accepted full responsibility for the losses suffered and offered its deep regret and apologies." "The subcommittee was assured that the strongest representations had been made to tie Chinese government, demanding apologies and compensation," the slatcmenl said. U added that U. S. am Chinese government agencies "are continuing their investigations to determine ali the factors involved in the riot." Hollington K. Tong, Ihe Chinese Nationalist ambassador to Washington, denied "positively" last night that damage payments to America for the deslruclive riots Suitor Slays Woman, Sou T --T — T ^L_ rtuiuiica ior me destructive riots 111 \ Y H rt*vi£> woultj come out of Ihe heavv U.S Ail 11 . J. . llUIlie subsidies to Ihe Chian? KaL«!hri- >sidies to the Chiang Kai-Shek government. can assure you that we are ------ j -—- *..*. . ^01. uoautt juu ujai we are Brooklyn woman's suitor crept in- going to dig money out of our own to her apartment from a fire es pockets to pay for Ihe damages " cape early today, shot her son to Tong said during a TV interview Before it decided to inquire inlo the Formosa and Girard incidents The slayer lurned Ihe gun on 'he House committee heard open- .,- he statement dwlaro, himself and was taken to a hos- session reports on the status of (he hei"M of the cri, fl» pital with a critical chest wound ^ 1T Q "— : - : " uie.neigtit oi the crisis la Police—who could not delermint, mmediately whether the woman . vas a widow or divorced—said hey had been informed the son . >bjected to her friendship with the S. servicemen still unac for in the Korean War Jackson said that while there -j hope some of the 450 may be alive and held by Ihe Communisls, •ther post „. ..jtelligence flan from any source that such is the rxK -ase." Approve Bill's Aims The administration officials endorsed the objectives of a bill to put Congress on record behinc continued American attempts lo get from the Reds an accounting of the fate of the 430. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. at — A Jackson and Robertson agreed court-martial was ordered to con the names of the 450 should be vcne at Lackland Air Force Base .Vorfcers in the Dclroit area will )e questioned today at a public Security Subcommittee. Two of the witnesses were idcn Mac Cinzori and James M. Sim mons of Ford Local 600. W/'ll >> Hi Britain by about 170 men part o r iT i - - ~ Britain oy aDoul 1.0 men part of uinsenoacKer of the United Automobile a general reduction throughout the talized and died. ?rs in the Dclroit area will u-nrM >vh;/-h ,,-;n „,),.„., i.»_, world which will reduce lota "troop strength of the Air Rescue t/o»ifV f /«v/f As Sttttn In Las Veyas This is how the flash from today's atomic test, first of the 1957 series, looked from Las Ve«as '' tCSt SUe °' ' he AEC ' Unfavorab!e "Bather had delayed Ihe firtt 85 miles ___ _ blast nearly two weeks. Syria Rapped By Jordan In Troop Action AMMAN. Jordan tn — Jordan army headquarters charged today Syrian forces stationed in the rlashemite kingdom acled as "po- itical police," intrigued to overthrow King Hussein and hired and armed assassins. The official statement, broadcast by the government radio, was in reply to Syria's accusations thai Jordan violated the Egyptian- Syrian-Jordanian military agreement in demanding the withdrawal of the 4,000 to 5.000 Syrian troops that had been in Jordan since the Israeli invasion of Egypl last fall. The troop withdrawal was com- ileled last weekend. The Jordan army statement charged Syrian officers had taken an active role in trying to undermine Hussein's government. "Syrian army officers used to meet with Communists and political party leaders and to circulate leaflets urging Jordanians to over- Ihrow the Jordanian regime," it asserted. The stalement declared that at and exlremeists wilh a dramatic appearance before his troops to win their support—Syrian forces and Jordan high commands. Air Force Trial i>i>- iiajilt.0 vi unr 10U 31IOU1Q DC tl - 111 - "** *jt«-iMauu f*ll i Ulvc: IDdM made public if this would not loda y to 'T a basic training in- raise false hopes among their next structor on charges of assaulting Crnififlirni of kin. trainees. l^lllltlillflll trainees. Airman William E. '. Roberts i • ff TT • Jr. 22, of Key West. Fla., is ac AH* JTiCSClie UlUlS cusetl 0[ tossing one basic trainet out of his bunk during an inspec lion, and of kicking another in the face. Basic Airman Robert Dinsen !««.<:. oosn; aunidunuueri umsen- impassive, Daiflm" Canadian who LONDON tfi — The U. S. Air backer of Brooklyn, N. Y., was says he "felt no emotion at all" Force announced today it is the alleged victim of the bunk cutting ils Air Rescue Service in tossing incident last August. Dinsenbacker later was hospi waring of the Senate Internal Service from an approximately Miirkel Drops Again 4.500 men to about 2,500." Men taken off rescue work are ----- ...^.. ...v.,1 lunvll VII I13VUI; n Ul fv die nficd by the subcommittee as lo be given other jobs until their overseas tours finished. of duty are crafts on the downside early today highs. Sailor Slain On Navy Ship SAN FRANCISCO W—The Navy announced loday that one man was shot to dealh, one was wounded and four were held hostage on a ship near Treasure Island this morning. A Navy spokesman said the shootings occurred on the Uvalde, a cargo attack vessel. ^He said the killer was holding four persons hostage on the flying bridge of the vessel. [ke Unhappy With GOP In Budget Battle WASHINGTON l#—President Eisenhower was pictured today as 'not happy" that House Republican leaders are battling to restore only about 350 million dollars of a 2!i billion dollar cut in new de fense appropriations. GOP Leader Martin (Mass.) so attiti Soloiis Start To Ballot On Housing Bill WASHINGTON L«—The Senate starts voting today on the omni)us 1957 housing bill with both Democrats and Republicans predicting a compromise measure will result. Some Republicans and a few Democrats planned to join in an effort to cut Ihe 52,850,000.000 tola! down lo the $1,025,000,000 asked by President Eisenhower in 'iis fiscal 1958 budget for housing. But this move, sponsored by Sen. Bricker (R-Ohio) and backed by Sen. Byrd (D-Va), appeared likely to be stalled by a bipartisan compromise drive. Under the proposed compromise Ihe bill sent to the floor by the Banking Committee would be cut in others. described Eisenhower's attitude after he and other Ttepublican con gressional leaders ha'd their regu lar weekly meeting with (he Presi dent. Martin was asked whether Ei senhower was salisfied with the [louse Republican Policy Commit- lee's decision to try for restoration of about 350 million dollars of the cut. "No, he is not happy. He thinks we should have at least $1,200,000.000," Martin said. "But we have got to face realities—and the fact that we have a strong Democratic House." Proposed amendments, as announced by the Policy Committee icslerday, figured lo a bid to put back into the pending appropriation bill about 323 million dollars :ut out by the House Appropriations Committee. But Martin used the figure 350 million. When asked about that, he said he was speaking in rounc numbers. Martin talked with newsmen at ;he White House. Senate Republican Leader Knowland of Cali 'ornia, who was with him, said ihe administration's hope is tha TestTermed 'Success' At Nevada Site Device Is Smaller Thau Bombs That Razed Japan Chios By JACK LEFI.ER ATOMIC TEST S!TE, Nev. «!_ The United Stales exploded a bril. liant device into Ihe desert darkness today, opening its summer scries of Nevada tests. The 10 kiloton device flared an unearthly light over the test center. A tremendous mushroom cloud erupted into the predawn sky. Shot time was 4:55 a.m. The rising cloud blended at its base against low-hanging blue clouds on the northern horizon. The top of (he cloud coiled and boiled into the sky and drifted away from ils stem. Smaller Than Previous Ones The first faint rays of the sun capped Ihe soaring mass with a |creamy mantle. Below the cloud ap the familiar dirty brown lushrooin stem held firm and hen began to lose ils shape. Spectacular as was the xplosion, it was small compared 'ith other tests carried out here uring the five years the United tafes has tested atomic weapons n the Nevada desert. The power of today's device is qual lo the energy of 10,000 tons f TNT. This is aboul half the size f bombs which destroyed the lapanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Bombs 3f more than 20 kilotons have been ested here. As the blast went off from atop 500-foot tower at Yucca Flat 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas, 31 aircraft streaked into the radioactive field to photograph the .—- _-o -- — ~~ -*•* me auminisirauon s nope is tha back in some respects, liberalized if (he House restores about 350 million dollars, the Senate—when iii'inuii uuiirfis, ui« ounaie—wnen Leaders hoped to get Ihe bill it acts on the bill-will put back passed by the Senate tonight and "substantially" more. into conference with the House. which already has acted on ils .. version of Ihe annual housing leg- i'H'S. Roosevelt, Hoover islalion ' To AliciHl Dedication KANSAS CITV uf—F o r m e ; President Herbert Hoover and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt ar T^f.^l, n-.. amon S those expected to alien I eaCliei jthe dedication of Ihe Truman For Slaying Of REDWOOD CITY, Calif. tf^Anfe rary ry , . impassive, balding Canadian who _ , ... ,. .. . ____ was held today as charges were prepared in the claw hammer slaying of a pretty dancing instructor 19 years his junior. Clare Van Home, 46. London, Ont., walked into a San Francisco Government leaders will among the speakers. Canadian Dollar Up NEW YORK <I\S» — The Ca nadian dollar continued to climb .. . — • - •-'-" »" »-iuiny t\izu it-muti'<i wai anoirter pro- police station yesterday with today moving within 5/iOdlh of a vision which would have delayed (JULH.C 3IC1LIUII > tJ-ilUl UCl,V W 1 L II NEW YORK L*v—Oils joined air- blood on his hands and coat and "afts nn thf* rlmvrKiffa e*arlv InHav arfrriiffrvi ho ti^rt Miii^firtnnnrl \f.-<- admillcd he —. • •••» •••••••*•••• ivrvui u» a i\ i3iun k\iiiifj wuuiit 113 vc delay CO five cent premium. The opcningifor five years after slatchood the as the stock market continued ils Nancy McLennan, 27. as she slept general retreat from the new 1957 at Ihe home of her mother in nearby Menlo Park. Coiifessioii Clash Marks Trial *** ***. *** *** White Men Accused /it Alabama Racial Bombing ~ MONTGOMERY. Ala. w - A inson St. Baptisl Church Jan. 10. : struggle ovcr an alleged confes- That church and three other Nc- today as defense gro churches were bombed and a rus personal relationships olu " < -u"> 1 "u«" '«aay as acicnse gro cnurcnes were bombed and The stale prosecutor, Circuit individuals to influence his attorneys for two young white the homes of two pro-intcgration Solicitor William F. Thctford, told al appointments and the al- men charspH with a rariat KnmK. n*in;cinr? ^,-n^ n .;t^j ...:»*.:.. „ i n *^ ...».:i- .t.. ^ _. judicial appointments and the al- men charged with a racial bomb- ministers dynamited within a few lowance of fees and violated the ing sought to keep it out of the hours. codeof ethics governing judges. J _ ... The committee said Holt award record Police said Sonny Kyle Living , -•" * u..^*, uuiu uumij i\jit Ljivuig. wmigus 01 Domomg one 01 me ea excessive and unnecessary slon Jr., 19, signed a confession other churches and of dynamiting . j uiwi. v« i, »^, dig, i iv. vi a vuunjc-siuii in and the prosecution sought to in. Livingston and Raymond C. judiciary and cause distrust in its Brilt Jr., 2V, are on Irial on decisions." • charges of dynamiling the Hutch- of two other white men. The stale proseculor, Circuit' Tn ™ a " sd y mushroom cloud and to track its path as the.light wind carried it away. In observation posts ringing the test site were 200 military personnel. The lest was wilnessed by newsmen from a site 11 miles away. This explosion, delayed since ilay IS by adverse winds was in- ended -to provide the Atomic Enery Commission with information on radiation measurements, flash effects, and fall-out. The entire series, which wjll con- inue until Sept. I and will include more than 15 shots, is designed 'to attain new knowledge impor- ant to the defense of the United States and the free world." The fireball of today's device did not touch the desert floor benealh he disintegrated steel tower. This eliminated the great mass of •adioactive dirt ivhich in past tests has been sucked into the air. As a result, the Nevada Test Organization said that fall-out in he area surrounding the test site vould be minimized. Nature Not Disclosed As the mushroom cloud lost its ihape and drifted lazily over the Nevada wastelands, helicopters luzzcd over the landscape taking radioactivity readings. Ground est personnel moved quickly in lo check instruments. {Continued on Page 2; Col-1) Alaskan Bill Wins In Vote WASHINGTON W - The House Insular Affairs Committee today n nit iruman iji- — ...-.*. mu«j former President a PP rovcd an Alaska statehood bill by a 24 6 vote. k £ The commitlee knocked out of the bill a provision that Alaskans hold a general referendum on the question of whether they wished the territory lo become a stale before any of Ihe admission machinery went inlo effect. Also removed was another pro- at S1.<M95 today was the third new 23-year high in as many business days. transfer of jurisdiction over fish and wildlife resources to the new (state. Famous Foot Doctor Dies, Liked Poker, Liquor At 99 heard beginning Monday at trialslmotive, who stood to gain finan- nf r\vn nihnr \\hito man ciallv" from the bombings. Kill Mauricejhe would nol consider retirement. "Who ever heard about anyone he asked. "It's .•ially" from the bombings. Hill did not name anyone but did ac- the 12 white men on the jury as ..„, ......... ».. >T vi.-_ ^.«» »..i- u%. L^jvti «<!:> lULUlUlJ dllU JIUJMULIH cusc "Negro agitators" of stirring 0[ the New v k c „ ( p dj up strife in Montgomery. . ,, .... -. - - ,-., -» If the prosecution gets Living- try " 1Ie was credlt ^ w 't h almost the trial began yesterday that ston's reputed confession into the singlchandedly raising podialrj'— Brill faces a later trial on evidence would show "a group record, it is expected to try toHhc treatment of foot ailments- charges of bombing one of the connected with the Ku Klux Klan enter a similar one attributed to lo professional status, other churches and of dynamiting met at Brill's home to olan the Rriti i mvi v,,^ i,™,, ,.„„(;„„,< .„ v,;. a Negro taxicab stand Jan. 27. The counts carry maximum „ sentences of 10 years imprison- attorney met at Brill's home to plan the bombings." menl each. Charges that carry possible death penalties are to be would show "who had ths real evidence. hotel apartment. Lewi was founder and president oniwngs. Hill charged that police used apartment after suffering a bro- whisky regularly. He 01 John Blue Hill, chief defense coercion, intimidation and even ken arm last November. But he with a twinkle in his bl llorncy, countered that Brilt and "brutality" to obtain statementsjcontimicd to run Ihe affairs of the "I do as I please and ivingston are innocent and he which \vmilrf h*» inarfmicciMo as'™iit>i*n .,,*c» n a ~™~,, .™^»;.,,» NEW YORK VF~Di. J. Lewi. 89. a sprighlly physician) devoted to cigars, whisky and the,retiring at 9S. i ,. human foot, died yesterday al hisi' 00 !alc for lhal -" '• ' Even in his later years. Lewi continued his cuslom of staying up late, attending the theater and opera and playing poker with friends into the small hours of th morning. He smoked 12 to 14 cigars a day unlil a doctor recently talked him into cutting down to 8. He drank whisky regularly. He once said """" twinkle in his blue eyes: I never .••-„— waste energy resisting templa- Only last year he explained why|tion." Lewi had been confined to his Hill charged that police used apartment after suffering a bro-

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