The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 31, 1985 · Page 65
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 65

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1985
Page 65
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, March 31,1985 Page 18 MORNING 5:000CD News (9) Abbott And Costello 4 Music Video Clips ED Rat Patrol (C) Movie ** "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" (1982) Ian Richardson, Brian Blessed. (D) Best Horse A young girl clashes with her mother over entering a rodeo competition. 8 Biackwood Brothers (U) Night Flight "Take Off To New York" A look at performers who started in New York - Lou Reed, Blondle, Talking Heads, .Scandal, Blue Angel and Cyndi Lauper. 5:30 (9) William Tell CD Cisco Kid (D) The Olden Days Coat A 10- year-old girl is transported back in time when she dons an old coat she found in her grandmother's attic. (HBO) Movie "• "Watership Down" (1978) Animated. Voices of John Hurt, Ralph Richardson. 'PG' O Success 'N' Life (S) Movie ** "Swing Shift" (1984) Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. 'PG' 5:35 CD Between The Lines 6:00 (9) Cartoons 09 Pastor's Study 4 Music Video Clips ED Speak Out (D) Good Morning Mickey! 0 Jewish Voice Broadcast (N) Pinwheel (U) Jimmy Swaggart 6:05 CD Saturday Funnies 6:15 (9) Buyers Forum 6:30 O Romper Room ®®0QD©13 U.S. Farm Report CD At Issue QCB Biskitts (9) Three Score - Community Calendar (10) Underdog 4 News CD Mighty Mouse (D) Mousercise 8 Zola Levitt 6:35 {D Get Smart 6:45 (9) I.R.S. Advice To Taxpayers 7:00 OQO(5)6B Snorks GDC?J© Market To Market ®®O0931)13 Superfriends: Legendary Super Powers Show 0(10)C0 Biskitts OO(!oj(B Jackson Five (9) U.S. Farm Report 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO 4 Tom And Jerry CD Popeye (C) Movie * "Jaws 3" (1983) Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong. 'PG' (D) Good Morning Mickey! (HBO) Tucker And The Horse Thief 0 Robert Schuller (U) Alive & Well 7:05 (Q Clmarron Strip 7:30 GGOCs^B Pink Panther And . Sons QQGDQQ Farm And Ranch Report ®CDOOD©13 Superfriends: Legendary Super Powers Show G0O32)nO)CBCB Get Along Gang (9) World Tomorrow CD Human Impact On The Environment 4 Pink Panther (D) Welcome To Pooh Corner (E) SportsCenter (S) Movie "* "The Safecracker" (1958) Ray Milland, Barry Jones. 8:00 OOQGDQ) Smurfs GDODQD Business Of Management ®®O©13 Mighty Orbots OGO®00)CBCB Muppet Babies (9) Garner Ted Armstrong 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO QD Kids Incorporated Q) Contemporary Health Issues 4 Bugs Bunny CD Pink Panther (D) Wish Upon A Star (HBO) Movie ** "Massacre In Rome" (1973) Richard Burton, Marcello Mastroiannl. 'PG' 0 James Roblson . (N) Vic's Vacant Lot (E) Business Times Management Report (U) Tennis Magazine 8:30 Cl)®© Business Of Management GDGDOCDCLS" Turbo Teen 0OOCH)(10)CE) Dungeons And Dragons (9) Issues Unlimited (D Contemporary Health Issues £0 Kidsworld 4 George Of The Jungle (D) Donald Duck Presents 0 Ed Young (N) Mr. Wizard's World (U) David Putnam Outdoors 8:35 (D Wrestling 9:00 (pJDQD Young And Special CS®OOi)©13 Dragon's Lair OOO®('°'(Bffi) Bugs Bunny - Road Runner (9) Charlando 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO (D Sneak Previews 4 Lost In Space CD Bugs Bunny (C) Movie " "The Riddle Of The. Sands" (1980) Michael York, Simon MacCorkindale. (D) You And Me, Kid 0 Cisco Kid (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (E) Tennis (U) Japan Today 9:30 OQOQDEB Alvin And The Chipmunks CD®© Young And Special ClXDOOOSDlS Scooby-Doo Mysteries (CO (9) People To People CD This Old House CD Kids Incorporated (D) Ann Of The Wolf Clan A modern young Cherokee spends a summer with her grandmother and learns the ways of her ancestors. 0 Movie ** "Last Stagecoach West" (1957) Jim Davis, Mary Castle. When a man loses his mail contracts with the government, his stagecoach business fails and he turns outlaw. (U) Make It Easy, Make It Microwave (S) Movie *** "Up In Arms" (1944) Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore. 9:35 CD Movie *•* "Shane" (1953) Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur. A reformed gunfighter is forced to use his gun again to defend homesteaders from lawlessness. 10:00 0QOQ) Kidd Video CpjDffi Personal Finance ®®OC0©'3 Scary Scooby Funnies GOO5§)00)CBOD CBS Story- break GO Transformers (9) Wild Kingdom 9 Mister Rogers (R) CD Motorweek 4 Space: 1999 CD Fame (HBO) Movie "• "The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper" (1981) Treat Williams, Robert Duvall. 'PG' (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (E) Business Times Management Report (U) Sports Camera International 10:30 QOS) Tom And Jerry QDGD8D Personal Finance O® Mr. T ®®O(T3)13 Littles (CO QQO(ip}(10)CBffi) Pryor's Place (9) Kung Fu 9 Polka Dot Door CD Kidsworld CD A House For All Seasons (D) SuperTed (U) Seeing Stars 10:45 (D) Film Feature 11:00 GOO) Easter Is A little boy's search for his lost dog serves as a reminder of Easter's deeper meaning. GOOD© Loosening The Grip OCD Amazing Spider-Man ®®OD©13 ABC Weekend "The Return Of Bunjee" Bunjee, the prehistoric creature, and his friends Karen and Andy journey to the middle of the Middle Ages. (Part 1 of 2) (CO OOO©no)CBCE) Bugs Bunny - Road Runner Q Painting With Elke Sommer O My Mother The Witch 9 Electric Company (R) CD Educational Computing Profile 4 Julius Ervlng's Sports Focus CD Solid Gold (C) Movie ****> "Gandhi" (1982) Ben Kingsley, Candlce Bergen. 'PG' (D) Edison Twins 0 Laredo (N) You Can't Do That On Television (E) Cheerleading (U) Movie * "The Living Head" (1961) Mauriclo Garces, German Robles. An archaeologist discovers the body of a great Aztec warrior, removes its well-preserved head and foolishly takes if home. 11:30 OQQD Sportsman's Friend ®®© Programming For The Gifted O(D Incredible Hulk ®®OCD©13 American Bandstand Featured: Dokken ("Just Got Lucky," "Alone Again"); Gladys Knight & The Pips ("My Time"); Go West's video "We Close Our Eyes." 0 Comedy Classic OOCBHIOJQJ Saturday Super- cade O On The Money (9) Movie * "Flight Of The Lost Balloon" (1960) Marshall Thompson, Mala Powers. An adventurer spans the most remote regions of Africa in a hydrogen- filled balloon to search for a missing explorer. 9 Teaching Students With Special Needs CD Victory Garden CD Whlzzo's Saturday Circus 4 Jackson Five (D) New! Animal World (N) Dangermouse (S) Movie *** "Romancing The Stone" (1984) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner. 'PG' AFTERNOON 12:00 QOQ) This Week In Baseball GO®© Washington Week In Review O Baseball 1985: A Look Ahead Hall of Fame member Mel Allen hosts this review of the 1984 ma|or league baseball season and looks at the upcoming 1985 season. 0 Movie ** "Captain Nemo And The Underwater City" (1970) Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors. Six shipwreck survivors are taken to an underwater city run by a recluse from civilization. CD Ethiopia: The Nightmare Continues O This Old House 9 New York's Master Chefs CD Sesame Street (CO Q3 News 4 Movie *** "The Borrowers" (1973) Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes. A tiny family living under the floorboards of a country house borrow odds and ends from "real" people to furnish their home. CD Buck Rogers (D) Movie ** "Tiger Town" (1983) Roy Scheider, Justin Henry. A 12-year-old boy turns out to be a good-luck charm for an aging Detroit Tigers baseball player who has never won a pennant. (HBO) Not Necessarily Sniglets This special edition from the "Not Necessarily The News" comedy team explores sniglets, words not In the dictionary that describe everyday situations. 0 Movie ** "Northwest Stampede" (1948) James Craig, Joan Leslie. A female rancher who owns a beautiful horse steals a prize show from her rivals. (N) Belle And Sebastian (E) Horseshow Jumping 12:05 CD Pre-Season Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. Montreal Expos 12:15 CE) Your Question Please 12:30 OB Delaware 500 ®®ffi Wall Street Week ®(3DCD©13 America's Top Ten OOCSJOOCBCB Pole Position O Sneak Previews Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons review "King David" and "Desperately Seeking Susan." O Harry O 9 Wild Game And Country Cooking £D Auto Racing Delaware 500 (HBO) Movie * "Sahara" (1984) Brooke Shields, Lambert Wilson. - 'PG' (N) Lassie 1:00 CD®© How To Build Outdoor Furniture O This Week In Baseball ®®©13 Good Fishing With Babe Wlnkleman CD Wild Kingdom 0(10)03 To Be Announced OdS'CB Dukes Of Hazzard 0 Victory Garden 9 Focus On Society CD Joy Of Gardening CD Intermediate Algebra CD Battlestar Galactica (N) Special Delivery (U) Tennis . 1:15 (D) DTV 1:30 GOQ) Baseball 1985: A Look Ahead Hall of Fame member Mel Allen hosts this review of the 1984 major league baseball season and looks at the upcoming 1985 season. CUD© Insight O Pre-Season Baseball Memphis Chicks vs. Kansas City Royals CD Fishing With Roland Martin 0 Magic Of Oil Painting "Farmland" 0 Good Fishing With Babe Wln- kelman (9) Movie ** "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute" (1983) Animated. The lovable Smurfs set out to retrieve a magical musical instrument stolen by a villain. 9 Focus On Society CD Pre-Season Baseball Kansas City Royals vs. Memphis Chicks CD Intermediate Algebra 4 Pre-Season Baseball Kansas City Royals vs. Memphis (D) Cannonball 0 Call Of The West (E) PGA Golf Greater Greensboro Open, third round. (S) Movie ** "Visit To A Chief's Son" (1974) Richard Mulligan, Johnny Sekka. 'G' 2:00 ®CD© Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "King Of The Cowboys" (1943) starring Roy Rogers and Smiley Burnette; a 1945 cartoon; a 1944 short starring James Cagney; and the final chapter of "Lost City Of The Jungle" (1946). (R) ®®O©13 Bowling $150,000 Old Spice Classic. 0 Movie *** "Solomon And Sheba" (1959) Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobriglda. Israelites revolt against the romance of the Queen of Sheba and their King Solomon. CD This Week In Baseball OQICB The Saint 0 New York's Master Chefs 9 Business Of Management CD New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers CD Starsky And Hutch (D) Epcot Magazine: Weekend Edition 0 Movie ** "The Black Lash" (1952) Lash LaRue, Fuzzy St. John. Two men go undercover to break up a gang of silver-mine looters. 2:30 0O®© Pre-Season Baseball Special Bob Costas hosts this look at the upcoming Major League Baseball season, and Jim Rice, Eddie Murray, Rick Sutcliffe and others take part in a slugfest softbail game, from Sarasota. Fla. 0 Adam Smith's Money World 9 Business Of Management CD New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers (C) Movie "" "Funny Lady" (1975) Barbra Streisand, James Caan. 'PG' (HBO) Movie •** "Twilight Zone -• The Movie" (1983) John Lithgow, Vic Morrow. 'PG' (N) Special Delivery 3:00 OOOHIOICBCB CBS Sports Saturday Scheduled: Harry Arroyo vs. Jimmy Paul for the IBF Lightweight Championship, scheduled for 15 rounds; Idita- rod Dog Sled Race, a 1,049-mile, 14-day race through the wilds of Alaska; a profile of middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler as he prepares for a bout with Thomas Hearns. 0 New Tech Times (9) Soul Train 9 New Literacy: Introduction To Computers CD Write Course CD Emergency (D) Disney Studio Showcase O Wyatt Earp (N) Saturday Concert "R.E.O. Speedwagon In Concert" Filmed live in concert In Denver, R.E.O. performs many recent hits, including "Take It On The Run" and "Keep On Loving You." 3:05 CD Tennis Ford Challenge Cup 3:30 QOGD® LPGA Golf Nabisco Dinah Shore Invitational, third round. ®O®© Motorweek ®®OCD©13 Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: Mark Breland (2-0) vs. Steve Little (10-2, 4 KOs) in a welterweight bout and Meldred Taylor (3-0, 2 KOs) vs. Victor Flores (14-5, 5 KOs) in a lightweight bout; Superbikers International Invitational All Around Motorcycle Championship. 9 New Literacy: Introduction To Computers CD Write Course 0 Wagon Train (S) Movie ** "Swing Shift" (1984) Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. 'PG' 4:00 ®CD© Lap Quilting O LPGA Golf 0 Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Arthur and. Ford find themselves In a restaurant, apparently at the end of the universe. (Part 5 of 7) (9) Safe Harbor A troubled teenager (James McNichol) escapes from his unhappy past and finds comfort on a fishing vessel. (CO 9 Victory Garden CD Introduction To Chemistry CD Kung Fu (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (N) Llvewlre (E) NFL Superstars 4:30 ®CD© Frugal Gourmet 0 Wild Kingdom 0 Star Trek (9) Robotman & Friends Animated. Today's world proves to be a bewildering place for a child-loving mechanical man and his friends, all of whom were transplanted from the future. 9 Motorweek CD Introduction To Chemistry 4 Rat Patrol (HBO) Movie *** "Watership Down" (1978) Animated. Voices of John Hurt, Ralph Richardson. 'PG' (E) Baseball Special: The First Pitch (R) (U) Cartoons (Joined In Progress) 5:00 0O Wichita Wings Coaches Show CDGD© A House For All Seasons- O News ®®©13 Music City U.S.A. 0® This Week In Country Music Performances: Ricky Skaggs, Gail Davles, Oak Ridge Boys. Interviews: Oak Ridge Boys, Mel Tillis and daughter Pam, Gail Davies. OOS2XB Championship Fish- Ing 0 Too Close For Comfort (9) Little House On The Prairie 9 Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "Little Men" (1935) starring Frankle Darro, Ralph Morgan and Erin O'Brien; a 1936 cartoon, "A Waif's Welcome"; a 1929 comedy, "Dangerous Females", starring Marie Dressier and Polly Moran; and Chapter 2 of "Mystery Squadron" (1933). (R) CD ABC News (CO (10) Puttin'OnThe Hits S Introduction To Chemistry Kansas Issues With Reverend Taylor

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