The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TriTC 1 T"\r"\1itTXT A V1T» »Tr>\irr»f» A»-.r-.r%. f*.r* • * MI-. »«»•*_. * » n . . _ ' . ^"^"^ VOUBIfi XXXVI—NO. 235. Blythcvllle Courier Blylhovillc Herald Soviet Planes Drop Bombs, Pamphlets As Troops Stagger Back HELSINKI, Dec. 22. (UP)-Soviet nii'plrmcs renewed t.heir bombardment of Helsinki today a.s Finnish militarv dispatches reported that the Red army offensive had been smashed and that Russian troop* were in rclreal in the DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BODTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheyllle Dally Nows „, , ,, ~~~ Mississippi Valley lender BLY 1 HKVILLK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DKCJOMUEll 22, l!).'ii) Christmas Peace Proposal Rumored HOME. Die. 22. (UP)—Premier Mitssonlll was reliably reported today to hnvo sent n message to Adolf Hitler, which some sources believed may be connected with speculation on a Christmas peace proposal. . north. About 15 bombs were dropped onf the Helsinki factory district. In Ihe northern section of the city where two persons \vcre injured. Several of the bombs failed to explode. The Russians' airplanes also scattered propaganda pamphlets, most of which blew out into Ihe Gulf of Finland, as they flew overhead after a brief snow flurry had ceased. I It wns the fourth successive day of bombardment by air along the Gulf of Finland coast. One of the bombs destroyed a wooden building in the factory district. A street car track was destroyed nt another point where a bomb hit the middle of lhc street. Finnish dispatches from the front reported that the Russian offensives had been broken up in the. north and that for the present the danger that Finland would be cut in two by Red army ad- Hpnvrria P^ita,- H £ L vances southward from the Arctic- ueol g'a VjOVeinOV IMeat- coast and eastward toward the e<j In Courts Rplipc On Gulf of Bothnia had been ellml-l j7 A • » nced - His Guardsmen The chief Finnish victory was! reported In the Salla sector, OH ATLANTA Ga Dec ?? mm the northern part of the central W. L. Miller, ousted Georgia hlih front, where the Russian army way board chairman todav held "-•no reported cut to pieces by Fin- two new Says German Fleet Is Leaving Hamburg IMIilS, ncc. 21 (UP)-Tho newspaper Lclcmps talay quoted .11 "re- ^ ,, V1II | liable source" us sayliij; tlmt Iho uilbrdrnl over Ihr- German Hoot has Ml Hambur« collapsed today throwtnu Saint Louis Bridge " At Paris Collapses _ I'AUIS, Dee. 22 (UP)—The Saint bridge near Noire Dame SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Czechs In Britain And France Must Bear Arms Against Germany LONDON, Dec. 22. (UP) — A Czechoslovak uovrrmnrnt In exitc now recognized by Great Britain as well as Franco, Intends to embark at once on a campaign lo force Ihe mobilization of all Czechs and Slovaks in Britain, M-ancc and the British dominions to fight, with the Allied armies, it was un- eleislood today. Gen. Scrac-J In^re, 45, who commanded a Czechoslovak army corps during lhc mobilization of 1933 before (he Munich conference, was confirmed today us coumuiitder In chief of ft new Czechoslovak legion President Eduaul Denes ot Czechoslovakia hcp.cis what is formally called Die Czechoslovak National Committee. and that half of It was headed Into Hie Haltlc sea iinrt the other half was stenmini; toward tln> Norlli Ben. The portion ot (ho licet Uouiid for (lie nnldc was going through Ihe Kiel rannl the newspaper Mid. Siunillcancc of (lie movement nf (he Heel wns nol known. Dalacliev Tells Deputies Help To Finns Is Nol Small PARIS, Dee, 22 (UP)—French Seine . - - -.„ pedestrians uml motor vehicles Into the s'li-nm. Three persons were known to be (lend and other casualties were feared. The bridge is well known to lomtsts thrtujilioiil Iho world, H <'»Hn|js«i aftei' a rivin' struck li.s middle pier, El Dorado Oil Man Succeeds Brooks Hays In Important Post LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 22 (UP)— pel,.T. H. anioii, president ot the army, navy and air force war dead klon Oil Company, today was nam- •'--'•— ihc first three- months ol. «1 Democratic Nallonal Commlt- war tolallcd i,.]33 Premier jDaladlcr announced todny. The committee aclually constl- 1 During the llrst three months of i tulcd a. government In exile which the World War French dead nnd would be prepared to take control mlssliiR totalled 450000 ol Czechoslovakia In event of an I Dfllndler congratulated Iceman from Arkansas by unanimous vole of the slate Democratic committee, The thirly-livo members present ratine<l lh e admlnlstrallon's Allied victory army choice of col. Unrlrn (o succacd over Adolf Hiller. ; commanders for their cnre In "rooks Hnys \vlio licld the posl- ' '•"'"' ..... "" "' "--••"-•"- "•— Great Britain's recognition of the > sparing lives committee- was announced today. u| Meanwhile Ualadler, In a U'Ft5 PTlPf^Jr'/'l tllf/Minl, ™». ^. ,_!,_. ____ i _ n._ _*_ > - . ., lion from 1032 lo two months ago when ho resigned. Burton was t\ ---- • -------- ...... «"n*».iti,* , in 11 ojjunjii •••••-" nu i vaigiini. 1>II1 Lull WHS tiiroiigii an exchange to the chnmbcr of deputies, an- formerly, nominated at today's W ' i n . i 1 ,? nd r f ° rclsn MC - " n0 " 11CO(1 lbnl Frallcc W(ls """lory was Stato Revenue Ociu- to Finland mlsslonci- Z. M. McCarroll, nlsh counter attacks. .-. as quali fled representatives of the Czech- . . , rormnll y "»»d will conlinuc to do so in de- ! »«ys, regional nllornoy for tho n «c «,,«« e~ ____ _r _ » _____ ,_ . .. n ______ ^_ . ...... r j . 'h. m ,o c'^rr, ri i oring -'°™*^^™^r ™: Finnish troops still are pursuing' g^cnX^^ ^ """' "" - " " . - * w buuiuoilll.ll U the Russians toward the frontier, E. D River' committee Nov. n. the dispatches reported. The retreat of the Russians in that sector was called a rout. The Russian advance from Arctic coastal district of Petsai also,was reported turned back with former]' I, ,,„ the Finns regaining part of -the,],,, e ground lost there. | Webb Miller, United Press war' correspondent with the Finnish' However, Gove Oov. The Jli-st sle|) for the committee fense of n heroic people.' Fnrm Sec\irlly Administration, vc- f. LJ. l-uvcrs Sll guarded the u-nc In nnn*tll.,> ~ --..-... ..„, V.UI...C, uj niLnn.rii.j WHICH *££»-«*. u,* "^^l^^i^sss sr^'iss 1 ^,,* 1 * *' J^rr l " a V"°!f MilJi; ' "•*<-uSy co mS: "»° egal "uhoriu hf'± lrt1 ^ ^ £"** ' tm "" c '«*^°^ to ,'llh ,-„??L, .. ° rtj !. hc . would > m-. their countries. Teeth would h, , rr vers army, reported that Finnish army s: uth Georgia and had Tot unnrpfic ,i»»n/m,lr,ft^ rtfn/,l«ll,, tVinf I . . " "tlu llul, will ^cooperate with the committee 7 In . Teeth would be last week when put.-into the committee's decree in injunction the form of a warning that men who failed ta respond lo a call for army, service would be liable (o punishment, as deserters, upon the rnor Rivers sources announced officially that| n 350 Soviet tanks had been destroy-|i, ed or captured since the start of the war, that 35 Russian airplanes' had been shot down in the last! A three days and lhat the Red army' I IUK J on the_-. north central- front had i e y.- been heavily".defeated -and now Is In Tlisorderly' retreat.. : "' coin- on the latest development quarrel with Miller, which to the 1938 political The Russians, according to Finnish officers, have used ns many as B50 airplanes in one day's attack and at least 1,000 tanks in the offensive against the Manner- helm'line on the Karelian isthmus nlone. All the attacks' have been repulsed with heavy losses, it was said. Judge Holifield Oi Rector Succumbs tribunal at Laker resterday granted Mll- .1.- A ,-mandamus order^ directing Law-son Patten and Herman Watson, as associate board members to recognize Miller as chairman. 2. A quo warranto order ousting Jim Gillis, slate Democratic executive committee chairman as a member cf the highway board. Gillis was affected In the action because Rivers had shifted him to Miller's "unexpected 1 term when he appointed Patten as chairman and new board member. Patten had resigned as chairman, but not as a member of the board. In a move lo forestall the mandamus proceedings, but the or- right Judge B. B. Hollfield, former state representative of Clay county and long n resident of Rector, was i establish Miller's burled there yesterday following]chairmanship, his-death early Wednesday. He was almost 83. His daughters who live here, Mrs. effort to regain tile post from ZaI B. Harrison and Mrs. A. B., which Rivers removed him three Holland, had been at his bedside I weeks ago. "Following the decision of Iho finned because "It would be against .-.eaguc of Nations to out Russia", l »e spirit of tlie Hatch loan for Daladler said, "France has fulfilled "'e to hold both positions." her duties by measures which I' Tll ° stale ccminllloe- decided lo I 'Wise parly rules lo conform with j recently enacted primary leglsla- The chamber unanimously op- tlon, Including lhc rental Jaw. A prcvcd Premier Daladicr's huge war flvc-mcmbci 1 committee was named (to study the new primary system. - | It Is composed of Mrs. H. w. Newbold, June P. Woolen nnd Dclolt | Taylor, all of Utlle Reck, R, J. Barber Act Suit ,' I05S ' l '°' 1 Smil " n " u c - E - Y1 "a- budgct. Federal Cciirt Hears LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 22 (UP)^, A three-Judge federal court today considered n motion for dismissal of a suit challenging validity of a law fixing prices to he charged by barbers. Tlie court heard Assistant - Attorney General Leffcl Gentry - ask f/.'T - dismissal .on .'grounds' that plaintiffs—two Foil Smith bar —did not ask for Enough da'ini llug of Scarcy. der was granted nevertheless after and Edlmr plaintiff's counsel requested It to collomlst> a11 C^'tt. find slfcfan * ..... futurcjcpnstltullon of -a Czechoslo- .vak government on Czechoslovak After.-'.taklng llio firsf. step, the Czechoslovak cominltlce is understood to'• plan negolialion of arrangements with the British do- mlnioris-rfor compulsory mobiliza- .Uoifc of : - Czechs—the Czech committee Issuing all orders with the cooperation o( dominion governments. Most 'particularly the committee seeks to mobilize Czechs and Slovaks In Canada and Australia. - ... _.. „..„,„. tv . VU ., B , Czech volunteers arc to be ac-] claimed (hey suffered damages to' (,„.„'? cepted for .legion service from the | Hie extent of $3,000 when the 11- neutral United States. ' ' ' •Tlie final step in came with the announcement°_. ,..„ make-up of the Czechoslovak committee, as follows: Bones; Ingre; Monslgnor Jan Sramek, 70, u member of the Czechoslovak national committed In the World War years of 1914-iaia- and Eduard Outrata, 42, well known Building Trades Monopoly Charged DETROIT, Dec. 22. (UP) — A special federal grand jury Invosll- --"-- monopoly\In the blilUUng. '-' i«l Indictmciit* J. W. Clements and.W. R. Voss nnme<l Included tho 1 Electric Supply company, tho WcsllnghousD Electric Supply .nitio, rerstr^s's.ris S'5 =l^rF it of the minimum prices for lhat city. Company of i^ew York. . to the • Osusk ?' 52, Czechoslovak minister at Paris; Juraj Slavlk, 60, former for several days and members of their families were called there early Wednesday. They returned last night. Spending his life in Rector, Judge Holtfleld was first a school teacher before he took up the study of low and also farmed during the 5'ears he practiced law and was In politics. He served In the state legislature for four years and was county Judge for six years befcre he retired when he became 15 years of age. """'' nd sued by Superior Judge W R | crs on Ulc future of a Czechoslovak > years ui i.Ko Smlth of lhc Alapahn circuit while slate '" wllich ">e Slovaks would Stricken 111 four months ago his tllD subsequent orders were hand- I he giv p n thc Stalest possible meas- «l down by a tribunal composed urc of nu( ono m y and other bcne- of Smith, presiding, \v. E. Thomas k tllat vrol ' w arlse fr °m dccen- of Valdcsta, and M. D. Dlckcrson • trillizatlon of government. death was not unexpected but his condition became much worse late Saturday. He was well known here where he had spent the past 15 years with his daughters nnd their families. All of the other seven sous and daughters live at Rector. Besides his wife, he Is survived by these sons and daughters: Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Verlin Upton, Mrs. Frank Cooper, Mrs. Jim Cochran, the Rev. Claude Holifleld, cord Holifleld, Edward Hollfleld and Ewett Holifleld. At the funeral services, the Rev. James A. Overholser, pastor of the First Presbyterian, church here, and Ross Stevens served as honorary pallbearers. Olhers from here wlio attended the rites were Mrs, Stevens, Mrs. \V. A. Dobyns and Mrs. L. D. Chamblin, New York Cotton open Jan, 1112 close 1100 Mar. 1082 1092 May 1058 Jui. 1011 Oct. 964 Dec. 952 1055 1015 960 950 New Orleans Cotton opfln - close Jan. 1102 1093 Mar. IQ84 1075 May 1049 1040 jul. 1007 '1004 Oct. 958 Dec. 050 034 .lonner Slovak government, all Slovaks. Inclusion of Slovaks in the committee was" regarded as of great importance in (hat It reunites so capitol custodians from Interfer-1 far as the Allies go not only the ring with his duties as chairman.' Czech areas of Bohemia and Mo- Thls restraining order was made ravia but the nominally Indencn- permanent last week and at the dent Slovak state which the Nazis same time Patten and the custodians were held guilty of ccn- tempt for Ignoring the temporary order. Tiie temporary Injunction was 1s- fonncd from dismembered Czechoslovakia. The m.ike ' up of the committee was taken to mean that a broad agreement had been reached between Czech and Slovak lead- of Douglas. Before Rivers declared limited martial law over the partnient last week, . Bcncs, in an inten'lew on the House Chimney Wrecked Women Taking Over Branch of Y.M.C.A. BOSTON (UP) — Women Roosevelt Considers Federal Construction Of Needed Hospitals ''" GT ° N ' Says Extension Of Tag Time Certain H. I). Stout, head of the sttitu revenue department's regional office here, snld this afternoon ho had been assured that Oov. Bailey will extend the dendlluo for buying s ta(o auto license t'.iKs without penalty nt least two weeks pnxl (ho December 11 date set by statute. Following Lines Of G-Mcn Probes Al Hoi Springs, Kansas Cily MIAMI HBAOH, Fin., Dei.'. 22. (UP)—A survey of crime conditions In the Miami area, similar lo previous mvcstlijadcns In Hot, Springs, Ark., Kansas clly and Louisiana, was bclnj; conducted today by the Fetlc-ml Bureau of In- vesdKnlloii, with J. Edgar Hoover, 1'JII lii-nil, iim-iwnlly directing It "We are looking Iho sltualion over because n prosperous season always brings the uiulevworltl to jilnccs llkn Mlnml," Hoover sal<(. "It's not a very wholesome- picture." Hoover discussed the crime study, which he dc.wrlbcd as a "bird doi! survey", atlcr Attorney Gouernl Frank Murphy had announced In Washington lhat Hoover's presence iiere WHS for an Investigation of reports of corruption In the resort center.. "I can't discuss It In detail or iinmc nny specific gangsters or racketeers we're looking for," Hoover said. "I can Just say we arc looking Into various rackets now In opera- lion,' 1 lie mlded. "Tliesc rackets could not exist U corruption flirt, not exist." Hoover said (he Fill's crime survey bcunn hero last June, when ho made a visit lo Miami. Hoover would not namo any "undesirables" Iho FUI was watching here, but added that "all you have to do Is to walk down a certain street and ECO them as 1 did during the pas!, few days." Comment from officials of tho nrrn's municipalities was, In p,in- cral, thai Iho FBI's Inquiry was welcomed. The FBI, It was revealed, nlso was interested In "(he gravitation" here of former associates of Al Ci>- Fnlrbank Hume, a \Vheatoit Col- pone, onc-llmo Chicago ganj chief 'W freshman, yearns for a The daunhlor of a missionary, .'Roosevelt ,,.i i n,' ,.. . wild today Iho administration is considering a program for wlcnil I'oiistnu'lioi) of hosjiitnla in m-ens whova such facility arc hickiiiR. Tim plmi may he recommended to Hie cominir foiion™. 70 Killed In German Train Wreck IWFUJN, Dec. 22. (UP)-,Scvonly uersons were ratlinaled killed and' 100 Injured today in a. railroad I rain collision nt Clenthin station nuii' lininilcnbiirff. H was the seventh fatal railroad wreck since tho slarl of lhc \vnr.jpolnled Total casualties Including tlio o'flchl news n?cuey cstlnnle. In today's wreck have been 171) killed and more Uian 200 Injured. + !fe said (lie program If urMer- laken would start , modestly but could be enlarged as desired. He suggested 60 hospitals as- a' start No ostlirmte of the cost has been completed btit ihc president cm-: phnslzcd !imt It would cost loss nmn the more extensive health programs proposed In bills Introduced Ijy Senators nobcrt P.AVwi "or (Dem,, N. Y.), nnd Pat Harri: eon (Doni., Miss.), .••.,..; His commenls Indicated lie is dissatisfied with both , those . measures, Jft» said tlio Wagner or Harrison hills would cost a lot of money and that the chief trouble was In Iho requirements for states to match federal funds. < The neiv program lie outlined would provide, that the government bear 100 per cent of the hospital couslruclion cost, retain 11- e to (ho Institutions mid build tneni In area.? where local Interests ottered sattsfactory assurances that ' hey would operate and maintain them. •••-.-• Under n matching program Miy Roosovcll jiolnlcd out those slates which imvo Iho most money could obtain the most 'federal funds.: l hev already have the best hos- 1'llals nnd health conditions he out, vyhlle the health T"* n From 'n'l[a Misses Buffalo M'-Ik NORTON. Mass, (dp) — Harriet who has been released from prison after an Income tax evasion term. Hoover raid he had Information , Miss iniino wns borh 'In the Snlara D'nlvlcl of Inrtln nnrl drniik IjufTnlo Iliat Caponp would' arrive at 'his 'V llk lni111 K!I O left llio country winter estate here "before hew "cveml years ago to',,attend school y6ar". -Caponp la uiulerKohiK treat mait In n Dalltiiioro hospital. Tlic FBI linn no parllciilnr !n- nnd Insufnclcnl funds l n obtain : fcdcrru vnonoy OH a mateli basts. Ho nolnlpd out as an exnmntc one New York county of •lon.KO'- l>opulallon with six good liospltals imtl three southern counties- or the fame nowJatloii without any medical facilities. In, Mils. covvi'i'Y. . - . ._-< , "the iiiiik," siie 'sd'yV,' "was rallicr Psht and had n brovmlsli I |ttrc ' urs Lone Oak Child Is HUM Diphtheria Although nnollier cose of diphtheria was rcpoitcd In this vlchilly today there aro no now cases In Blythcvllle. Macy.Lou Culllns nee ceht,.Is.lli of the dread disease at her home- nt Lone Oak,"^ Her AIJU i- ill IIIIU lltJ j;nl (JLiJIKi Hl~ " ' -»••«« «» ui\tniijnii i ,1.-., f n icrcst in Caponc, Hoover mid, but ro101 '- ""t ^* 1 ^ Vn^y pood. I Irled I m l! m " n was concerned with d6ln?s "of " <lrlnk cnw '» <""* f'"co I have „„'„',.. ?.'. various members of his group who bco " '"""a In the UnitiHl States, have been active while he was In ™'_ l _ 11 '•* wovsc lhnl1 Ming me'dl- prlson." Cupid Divides His Day Between Young and Oldj cine, "ft Is unbcllevnbln lo sea all the girls here drinking milk. It makes j rno yearn for ilanr old Indln nnd n 'nice glass of buffalo milk." Conn T llfs Tee Ci-oam To Save Imprisoned Boy NEW OAST1..B. Pa. (UP) — Mr. climbed down the chimney and was'about grnclualetl from high school and unable to extricate himself. His tional Y.M.C.A. membership today dogs barking aroused his father, tho Hyde Park unit has approx- down thc ... clm " c y 3S «nt will, an ac- woman secretary. were married, lo n man and woman, belli 70 years old, and to twoi sisters and their prospective grooms. Each sister appeared as the other's witness, she said. I'nl'hi'i First Since 1010 ROWM'.y. \fnrs. f(JP) —For the first time In 20 vcnrs there 1ms been a holdim In this town of 1.600 persons, A hcnilll roblind a fllllng station proijrictor of $M. . Santa Clans' Load To Be Even Heavier Than In 1938 Merchants of Ulythevllle are en- a prosperous Christmas sea- Nation's Shoppers Active stales felt the effect of the' rU'ntr n ™™™,.,,,, /•* ii , •I will, buE'bot'n W ««*'': 0«KMO°. Dec. 22. (UP,- drought, in hbtory which checked '° lrlS mas salos " avc lnc '-« 1! 'cd buyin to some extent but all relines fli v ™r n n , hmin, 1Q , :, a S ' mrp y in rcncllon to gcncrnl " 1U1 - P° n(:<1 than last year. urrev of hmin, , :, - ° (:< lc " v «' .-inos an as suncj of business firms loday ness Improvement and indications Practical gifts-refrigerators, '""""' ' ' showed. . today were that Santa's sleigh will l.rlca! equipment, furniture, wearing The Idea of eastern business W'S" Christmas Eve with at least apparel and luggage—were the first leaders to sponsor an early Christ- I 10 per c</! more—and better — choice of the majority of shoppers. mas buying campaign has been very successful in Blythevllle with r " pcd past guards and occupied his former office. Stock Prices ' occasion ot final British rccogni-' '! le nll " lber of shoppers decreasing i ti^,« «, ,. e siiglitly since Monday, when Die peak was reached. Significant of the trend lo more luxurious buying is shown in the unusual amount or Jewelry, furniture and larger automobiles beinf bought. Jewelry firms report their business far ahead of "anything since 1920 and automobile and two Czechoslovak divisions will be formed from Czechoslovaks through out the world." Child's Kama Pondered MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP) — AT&T v,o j. 4 ' The Alabama state health dcpart- Am Tobacco 341-8 • - Anaconda Copper 30 j-g Beth Steel 33 Chrysler '.'.'.'/. 8a 3 . 8 Cities Service nicnl^ reports that-one out of ev- ~ ""~ " ' prcscnla limn In 1838. Luxury Items sold better this year, A United Press survey showed particularly In eastern cities, but that shoppers throughout the na- even In those areas the emphasis tlon have si»nt from five to 15 remained on the practical side. per cent more than last year. In Sales of food and dellcncles were some sections ns much as 20 per higher In many cities, reflecting cent. Stems In a few southern nnd the larger amount of motvy pco- wcstcrn cities reported their big- pic had to spend. gest sales In history. One neiv factor In Yule buying . Extra dividends and larger pay this year was n boom In pianos, checks resulting from business Im- records and music. Chicago rcport- provemcnt were credited for the cd sales of phonographs and rec- Coca Cola 4 7.5 _ General Electric ....... " 40 1-4 General Motors .......... 541-4 Int Harvester .......... ' \ gj Montgomery Ward ... 541-4 N Y Central ............ \\ ] 8 j. 4 Packard ........ 3 Radio 5 1-4 i ones and many who drove lower \ cry five new mothers and' fathers priced cars during the past several 1 takes five days to name their child, years h»vo bought larger models' according to a survey of birth certificates. furniture dealers tell the same' frecr standing. I" addition, un- ords particularly good, story. Men who have been buying- seasonably warm weather, although War toys sold In greater volume used cars arc now sccklnz new m l urlou s to sales of winter special- in a few cities, but most reports ' ' "" """ •—••"•' out shoppers In said public sentiment was against them. "Matte In America" toys took numbers. Livestock Republic Steel ......... 23 1-2 ' North Am Aviation ,...'.'. 22 Socony Vacuum ........ . [ 12 Studebaker ........ ..... g [.4 Standard Oil N J ..... ".' 443.3 Texas Corp ........... ' 441.3 U S Steel ........... \\['_] si l-i Chicago Wheat May open high low 1061-4 1061-4 1021-4 1031-5 EAST ST .LOUIS, 111., Dec. 22. (UP)—Hogs: 8,500 Top, 6.10 170-230 Ibs., 5.85-6.10 140-160 Ibs., 5.40-5.90 Bulk sows, 4.25-480 Cattle: 900 Steers, 10.25-10.50 Slaughter steers, 6.25-10.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, G.50-950 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-1025 Beef 'cows, 5.M-6.00 Cutters and low cutters, 3.50-4.75 Chicago Com 847 I Sept. 1013-8 1021-4, 997-8 open May 58 3-8 'Sept. 59 1-4 . ._ ... .. __.._ _,. Department of commerce econ- most of the market away from of their favorite machines, It Is ° ml f l l estimated _ that the Yule previously popular Japanese and said. More and better furniture Is ' J ' also being given as prcscrtts. The only business which has not yet readied a new peak since 1929 Is that of department stores who report this year's business Is cx- . „ would cn.ual, if not -surpiw, ('.pi-man - nnde playthings.- Des j that for 1937. Practically all sec- Molnes and St. [/mis were" two of lions of the country reported that the larger cities which renorted purchases this year were of better Increases In military toy sales. quality than in 1938. Attesting lo the big increase In ....- ,~...o „„,.„.„ _> v,- N . ew York wns the only |nm purchases, post-0'fflce.s reported ccllcnt and ahead of 102D but not cnstcr n city which failed to report handling the largest volume of yet ahead of 1936 when they had bclttr Yule business than a yeir hourlshh)» trade I ago - In ten years. The Chicago buying there was ex- office was handling an average of I peeled to lift volume sllsjhtiy above 20.000,000 pieces ot first class mall A though dm? store owners say 1938 levels. Connecticut stores said dally. . that their Christmas business has sales were Ule be5l slllce ,,,.,, not been as heavy as in the former Boston sales were un nhmtt 4 iwr Typical reports on business: , ,. - , , , . Philadelphia—Department store boom years, they declare business cent and at Philadelphia 10 per sales easily 10 per cent better than f\f ttlfi foil t£>f>cf\1\ Jtn<- KnrtM «v_ «V u x .. J . •*«*-». •••IM«. the /all season has been ex- cfent. cellcnt and that they arc well pleased. ( last year; more luxury Hems be- tho deep south and ex- '"? purchased by lower Income tending to the west coast, prln- groups; delicacy orders way over Although there were plenty of clpal cities reported excellent bus!- last year, shoppers today, It was agreed lhat ness, running ns high as 20 per Chicago-Total volume business the rush came early In the wock cent over last year and In many major department stores avcra<?hi2 wllh mast of (be business today cases expected to roach tlie best 10-12 per ccut over 1038' better and tomorrow In the Five nnd Ten levels on record. Colorado, Nevada, quality goods Cents storos and In grocery stores and Arizona storea had sales far 90 per cent where turkeys arc boin(? sold In ahead of 1938. pianos, records large numbers. \ cittea In the purchases : tlcularly caiullcs; poslal volume biggest In leu years. Pittsburgh— Store" sales up 5-10 per cent, quality merchandise sold much belter, leaning toward so- called luxury articles; lan;e amount home furnishings; trend seems In be na;nlnst war-toys; stores express opinion war In Europe created rcncllon against military things. Hnrtford— Coiincclcul department stores hnvin? best business since 1928, and final rush may set record; belter grade purchases evident; Jewelers say business best In history. Birmlnchnm, Ala. — Sales best since 1929; postal roceint-; up 12 per cent over December, 1938. Memphis— Sales better this year than even boom i>srlod of 1923-20; bis Increase in rural customers: decided trend toward buying of luxuries. I Houston— Christnns business maybe best In history; denartnient stores report 15-3(1 per cent Increase over 1938. re'lectin? Improved economic condition's In (Ills area; sales of delicacies up. Los Ansrclos— More and • better quality merchandise sold than at tmv time since the depression; mostlv mllltan- toys sold; gift sales In luxury line. Eenltle— Businwa un 12 per cent: more luxury purchased; food delicacies definitely up. Oklahoma City — Rctiil volume 3-5 per cent over 1933; severe drought holding back blc?er rise; men's furnishing doing best, also household furnishings; purchases mostlv practical; luxury foods sell- Ing better. - -. — - m the -J.-R.. 'cole- Tho tllseaso Is believed to definitely bo on tho decline,' a 3 no new cnscs have been reported'-in Blythcvllle In a week. There 'were two deaths within the past week following nnollier one last month. it Is believed a totnl of about 10 cnscs have broken out In Mississippi county. In a statement today tha city heallh ofncei-, Dr. \V. A. Qrlin- melt, said many Injections were being given for lmnuml?atlon and urged parents lo have their chllr (Iron Inoculated ns soon as possible and lo follow these injections with the Schlck test. Damage Is Slight In Fire Last Night Slight damage-*was done to the residence occupied by Jose Espan- ozn, llth and Hearn streets, in a roof fire wiiich broke out about 11 o'clock last night. The flames were quickly extinguished. Mountain Mines Sunk Far Below Sea Level KELLOtfG, Ida. (UP)—Situated In n region that Is 3,030 feet above the level of the sea, three or the. wealthiest mines in the fabulous Caenr d'Alcne operate below sea level. The youngest—and the wealthiest—Is the Sunshine. Its depth 'is about GOO feet below sea level. The Bunker Hl:l Is 200 feet below the sea. and the Morning mine HO feet. France Grants Soldiers " . Extra Food Allowances PAP.LS (UP)—Tile French government, which claims to have the best fed army in the world, has nol forgotten Napoleon's slogan— "an army marches on Its stomach." Every FYench soldier gets the following daily allotment: Fourteen ounces of meat; three and a half ounces of dry vegetables; two ounces.of sugar;,one and a half ounces of coffee; two ounces 6f brcnd, and one and a. half pints of wine. In addition, every soldier gets 6 cents a day extra food allowance, which he may ' spend on fresh fruit, cheese and chocolate. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy to partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, cc- Icaslona! rains In extreme south DCS Molnes— Volume deoartmsnt portion, warmer except In west store business un 5-10 per cent; centre! and extreme southwest por- wluter clothing lines showed drop tlon tonight warmer Saturday. 1" I due to umo.isonable warm weather; -Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy „,. .„.. -. „ • , nmslc; food and, military toys booming; food slid with occasional rahi Unlght; Sat- •jraln bolt .delicacy orders much better, par- [ delicacies' about the samo. V nirday. rising temperatures. '

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