The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 1, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1930
Page 4
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Rough Dry Mon.-Tues :.. ...10c lb. Wed.-Thnrs.-Fri Minimum 75c Wet Wash Mon.-Tues. ,5c lb. Minimum 75c Wed.-Thurs.-Fri i. . .4c lb. /Minimum 50c. Economy Wash Mon.-Tues. 7c lb ; Minimum 75c' Wed.-Thurs. Fri., i0 lbs/lor^..:. :•:•:>.(M? Lace Curtains, pair . .35c Ruffled; Curtains, pair .35c Stretch Curtains,'pr., 25c Comforts, Small Rligs, Blankets, Feather'Pil-1 lows—Anything . That Is Washable Cash on Delivery Phone 120 ATTACKED AGED MAN. Ed .Vair Inmate of I j Stiemed Unconscious, of ., Superintendent Frank Rayls of the county' farm was here Tuesday and reported' that Ed Vair, who has been' an inmate of ; the farm for same time, attacked A. Webber, an aged and infirm fellow inmate early, Tuesday morn{ing: and but for prompt interference would likely have killed the man. ' • ' John Caldwell,'also an inmate was awakened by a noise in the dormitory; about 2 o'clock Tuesday morning and found Vair holding Webber's mouth closed with one hand and[ choking him with the other. Caldwell hastened to the assistance of Mr. Webber and jerked Vair away. The man who was committing the assault seemed to be in a stupor and did not know what was going on. Vair some time.ago suffered as] stroke of paralysis and has been at the farm, for the past year or more.. He has almost recovered ! from the attack of I paralysis but j he seems to have spells when he wishes to do harm.! The superintendent will place him in a room I by himself after this to prevent any further trouble. .' A.- Webber who ' is suffering' [from paralysis' of the throat is I very weak and in a few minutes 'the man would have killed him. JHIS throat was- badly bruised ! where Vaiir choked*him." • POLICE 'GUARD FORI) RLAXT. i Stone-Hurling Riot at Office * rronilrts Precaution. Off Fuif fiuitVrciice. lii-v. John! C. White, pastor of the Kemp Mi. went to Hartford City Tuesday and will remain ;i wee!: attending the j Methodic, conference. Rev. White lias received a call to return to the Tipton church and it is expected that the conference will return him here.. • Dearborn, Mich., [April' 1.— Arijied with tear gas ibombs and night sticks, police ' from the Dearborn station today stood [guard at the Hiver. Itouge plant j of the 1 ford Motor • Company to jfyrcveiit repetition 6f riots such j as occurred yesterday. . • j s : Trouble yesterday resulted ; when a "crowd cf men, estimated i at 10,000 4 to 20,000,-flocked to' the Ford plant when' word went out that some former employes were to be-; hired. Aroused by dp- teSiSvt ihe 1 ' .employment office, the crowd started a 'charge on 'Timid Militarists" of England Sense Danger of ^vasion. BUSINESS WANTS London, April 1.— The -ran viral of interest; in the English! Channel tunnel 1 scheme, due toj the report to Parliament on the! project in the past week, reveals, remarkable, versatility in the argument of the timid militarists. The. expression "timid militarists" is no longer a contradiction of terms. They are shown right now at their very best, thanks to;.;" the renewal of the tunnel discus sion, when the. naval conference still is in' session. ! in the last two - months - the British "big navy , die-hards'• have been criticizing \ the MacDonald government fox^trying to reduce the fleet and^ declaring that, because England is an is-y land she always is in a most, exposed and. „ daiigerous -position! But now in their i objections to a tunnel between this country and Fra'hce these same people declare that such an undertaking would rob England-of her insularity which they claim is her chief protection, j They will have it both ways. The professional militarists can be las timid ashore as afloat. Since '' i| : KEMPTO\| NOTES. - A miscellaneous | .shower was given Mrs. Gale^ Taylor at. her home in jScircleville Saturday evening in honor of her birthday. Labor Secretary Is Elect fd to the Senate, Demo crats May Object NOT A. BENNSTLVANIAN Washington, April James j. Davis.xSeJcretary bojr, should be elected Pennsylvania} nis right [to'! year-old daughter of ' Mr. take the seat may the Senate on the ground that is,not a legal resident of tile This through report was .7, has willed her ears to science to aid in its search of a cuf; for the malady. [-The will gives a Chicago laryngolbgical and otolog- [ cal | society a legal lien on Miss Hosmer's cars following her tnise. flntet'nfttlnnat N* i SUDDEN the last public discussion of the rWer sell, new and used typewriters. Tribune Press. Figure With Us Before You Biiy Your Wall .the j building. Is Mutit Improved. G OME; in aud get our prices. We are-never underbid. We sell sun tested papers. Harker & Speckbaugh RExJtL. DRUG STORE Mrs, Jane Hobbs, southeast of, ; Tipton and mother of T. B. Hobbs of Northj Green street, who has been very seriously ill at her homs for several weeks, is. very inuct improved! .and was able to disn iss her nurse Saturday. Mrs. Hob )s although; very frail, is able to le up and around the house most of thei time and go to the table in the dining room' for her meals. Mrs. Ida Fields, the nurse who has been caring for Mrs. Hobbs during her long illness has returned to ' the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl .Hobbs south east of Tipton. I r •. ; Have Returned Hume. Are Yon Ready to P*y $20,000? A J«ry nwMttr awarded $7 ,SM dawkSM to a firl who fed bto - kit by • track. The faMHy of I «Jaaa .who wa» kilted by a car rmirai flM,Mv. A boy of 14 ;, who; ni| crippled '.war • gtoa : $IMM daajagw. ' ' : ' h^ vaur cast jeav-jr yojri Mrs. Lewis Richards and Main street. Hrother-iii-Lnw man MYs. Kina Carrick of received word daughter of North have :returned New lbany, where' they' had been vis­ ing with : the former 's;, ' sister, if.?. Robert Thor'ne-and- family audi'-with Mrs. Julia Johns, mo- "tiie'r of Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Thorne, who has been spending tbe winter at the Thorne home. Mrsi.Johns who has not been enjoying gobcj-health is | improving but will not return to Tipton un­ til'later when'-there'is less chance, •of severe weather agajn. tunnel the objectors have founjl new argument to prove it would be deadly. Their old feari; that France—Aviuld; send vasjt armies through the tunnel secretly sonie night under the leadership of a -twentieth century William tlie fionjiu[eror and invade England Were partly allayed by the assurajrices; of engineers that there could be- devices at each end of the tunnel whereby, the $150,000,000 structure could he immediately 'destroyed. by pressing a button. But, true to form, the militai- ists have now invented a new fear. They now say that just before sending her army into tile tunnel for ri triumphant march under the Channel France would i send over a flock of planes to drop bombs on the electric button, thereby making it impossible for England to push it and destroy tlie tunnel. Such a fear, of course', is not entertained by the British Government or by any considerable part of Parliament or the public/ On the contrary, the. tunnel, which has been the dream of both the countries which it would connect for many years, never < was more eagerly wanted by the English people than at the present time. Its construction, which it !is estimated-would take eight years, would go a ; long way toward solution of the unemployment problem. Commercial men are confident, that unbroken rail journeys for freight "shipments between the British Isles and tbe r- •- . I Continent would he a vital fao tor in improving foreign trade, which is how in a had state 1 of depression. . 1 kAWKS GLIDES AfiAIV. er-ijr-law.j Alfr whiph took place Tuesday mornin Mr.! Mend'enhall • •'•!. I I vali^d for I sears of paralysing-but worse than nsu) came suddenly dfe-l DEATH. of Atxadia , i .. Dies.' Tuesday Arcadia .1 '. morning of tlie sudden death' of .her broth' •ed ; Mendenhall i at : Fairniount g ;at| 5:00 o'clo had been an due to a stroke ;had: been |al: when his death :He e was, 77 survived py daughters; Mrsj tearsl of age and is the wife, and three aliso survived- ;. Margaret Jarmen of Alexandria,! Mrs. Frances 1(1:1- I RoSenburg of Peru and Miss Esther Mendeulialll !at lioirie ,e Ladi^sj.kid of|'' LiJE. churcU^of- which ..a enure; --.!:;- . •'! P member an relatives [gathered!: remind her | of' har birthday. was 'a complete surprise, about the Scircleville riumbex- of at her home to forty persons being present. She received many useful gifts : of which she appreciates, very much. They all enjoyed a social hour of music and a radio program. After 'this refreshments ;'6f sand-, jwiches, pickles, , Waldorf salad, | coffee and cake v(ere served. They If jallj,departed at ajjlate hour wish- df La-' inir her many more birthdays. Senator;' Little Maxine yMcDaniels, -10- be challenged i Mrs. Carl McDaniels of Kenipton became i known [ • -: i. that j Jouett of the i Execu- Sliouse, Chairman tiye Committee of the Democratic National Committe'e, has",, data which w.ill be submitted to 'Democratic leader® in the Senate, ] in- isJiU suffering withtonsilitis and II rheumatism. ; Mrs. Lee Owens of - Kempton, wllp has been ill for several days,' suffered a relapse last week' but! word from -the | home Monday]] morning was that she was. slight ly improved. , j| | •« in tne Senate, in; The 54th birthday of Mart Lec th'e event that Mr.) Davis' wins, j. of |: Kempton was;| celebrated Sun-With a I view to contesting tlie se|at. •;!''.- '[ I '! 'H Mr. Shouse's interest in the day at f his home! While Mr. Lee and a brother-injjaw OlUe -Wilson were calliig on a neighbor,, thi with . relatives 4 Pennsylvania Senatorial j ca'm-j home was filled paign is j said to, be due to a p 'os-! who came with vrell filled baskets sibility: that, the election! of Mr. j tbjremind him of his birthday and okvis might create «a situation | to j help him celebrate. The table out of 1 which the Deniocrats | was loaded down with good jould gain. a. Senator. ! ! ; ! j things to eat. The centerpiece for Mr. Sliouse, it ! is i.•eP 0^t ?! i •" , tlle tal >le was a (j large birthday tijkes the positionl that;Secretary I cake baked by his wife. A'musicul Davis could not become a Senator j program was rendered in the aft- fijom Pennsylvani -i, because : he j ernoon. Those present were: Mr and' Mrs. Elzy ^owell of Frank* tovt. Mrs; Cleo Young ajid daughter Margaret and sou James of buld he uiiable to meet a quali- filcation-for holding the office set firth in Article .7, Section 3 I of Hcj is by! one sisteri and several brothcis<;He was born; in Clinton cbunty in 1853 aiid : in ••>,—.: i , I -. i I ; IS81 was unitedj, in marriage to Miss Laura] Carrick, |.a sisten or the. late Will Carrick; of Arcadia.. Funeral arrangements have not been pected to completed but are ex- be' h^ld. Thursday.! Bur- Freed ing embezzled ial will he in the St. Paul cemetery in C^lintoiji county, j The deceased iwas; well known in j Arcadia, having resided jtliere for several yeirs... of Clim-ge. EJmer iTeshuei-, accused of hay- .fundsiof. the IK. p. T. 1 pil company! w as free of ihe bblesville Monday cliarge jat r| when Special tal sustained charge |iiin fjirithe! Teasoii case has ] run court withQUt! Judge Meade a ! motion to [Ve: dis- the ovjer. three ternis jof having beenj tried. Teshner was icharged with retaining money' ! of 'the coinjpany while acting is station attendant. i ! -| ~ I • . i II' The case was sent ihere at! I : I- J i i ' ' time on ja change of venue later taken. county for trial, Glass The Tribuhei has' a small sup ply of glass Asking; JDivorce. Aiideysoh, Ind., April 1.— Alleging thai "temperamental differences"' have. ,arisen between- him ^and big. wife, Mayor J. Hj Meilet of j this city, yesterday filed suit for idivorce Iq- County court. ^ ••• . i / Allegations set out in the -court papers dlij .not specify, definite misunderstandings - op ji»hi :h the proceedings.' will be based! .. „.: ^ Mayor ipd.Mni. "Meltot wsra ^arrl^d in> 19D2 and ;a^/tna,^^ ents of 1 nnfsa;^ Towlcil Toward El 1'aso oii Los ' Aug«le«-New Tuilc Flight. Tucson, Aril., April '1.— Frank Hawkes's transcontinental glider flight from Los Angeles-to New York was resumed today when his tow plane led the Eagiet [tiff the Tucson airport for El Paso, T«x. and: headed Oii AprU Jury. .-'••.:/ 'T-•-':•••.•'• • a^ daughter, Margaret,,»/ W5s i Ed Knapp. residing <near : Ar­ cadia'' 1^ jbaea chbwn jai a mem ber- ; ot~^Wt »^«^rffM ^:^w»- I Mrs. Jack Phyllis Max Lee and" the Federal Constitution,! which j Forest, Mr. ami reads:! • I ' !' || I ania daughters; No| person shall be a Senator j, Betty Lou and pavid Lee^ neir ho shall not have attained UiejjHopewell, Mr. and-Mrs. Harry, ge of 30 years,! and been nine j; Burton and son E.ugene of tip- The Latest in Printed Silk Drrsses and Ensemble?, cleverly fashioned in slim Ii ne styles that mar k the height of popularity this spring. Prices Range from $7.95 to $18.50 The Boston St ore I jears a citizen of the Uni'ttd[ton "And Calvin States and who shall | not'' when (inc. I elected, be an inhabitant of tliat! . ;Mrs. Clyde Oi state for which .he shall be chos-; celebrated h(|r qn." . jj j birthday Sunday. The records of the; Senate s|how that on March '4,j 1921 esigiiating i]ary of Labor, President Hardin ijenl. this message to the'Senate:! present to helpji celebrate' .were.: •I nominate JamesU. Davis|of'Mrs. Alice Cline, 'Mrs. Emma Illinois to be Secretary of La-| flbty, Mr. and Mrs. LuUier Cline, bor.'' ~ I Swing of Kflko- of Kempton forty-fourth A number jof Her relatives came to her, home inland helped her: to celebrate, the Mr. Davis for Secre-l day. There wasj: a fine ir! se'rved at the noon hour dinner Those Mrs. Frank Wliiteland son of Mr. Davis was borti in Wales;!near Kempton, j Mr, and' Mrs. tame !to the United States wtthjQiilriton Orr of i-Kdktnno. George he w'as'S years,-Cline and daughter Jane of Tip- pld and that later lie was em- j tori, Mr. and Mi's. Ollie"-Wilson Western 1 and family audi Mrs. Ella Duncan ' oil Kempton. Tliey all -left late in his parents when. back: to Hamilton Mail Boxes. mail boxes, just dozen, which! sell for #1| t Tlbere hive been several cajlls| tiiis jaffiiie;. tor j these: boxes, sliipmeni [arrived Tuesday; tjbg.'.\, ^OOjaCLOTHEj 1 mm :--t'. : : --^'*l ployed in iron mills' in Pennsylvania, He left Pittsbuygli .to locate in Elwood, Ind.j where pie was elected' City Clerk'. Later Iho was elected Recorder of Mijdl- [sdn County, Ind. - . From Elwood, it appears went to Mooseheart, 111., the ' place. Kempton had three repm headtiuarters of tile Loyal Orcler | sentatives —Allbn Wllsoij, Robert of Moose, of which he was one of! Reese, and Merlin ilarlow. Allen the founders and for years has j took part in tlie -10-yard dash and ! qbUine'd third|jpiac'e."Mcrlln; took the afternoon j; wishing Mr.- Lee many more returns of. the day. jiTlie first an 'iiual' indoor carni : Va .l, was held Saturday at Marion he I ai the' large- field house at that I. ' ' t Prosecuting Attorney [ of Hamilton county, Ohio, thei father of ! - ' •;.'!! . five children and a j member of .Suppose .instead; of acting on j the gene | a , board of J heY . M . r . advertiseanents relating to |;chil- ^ 0 j Araerica> makes i the follow- dren 'i, books, .or trying to!-read: all the books yourself, you. [could; have five of the leading author!-; t ; tie's on child psychology anrtjedu-i cation, select tire best one' :each ' month—.would you he -interest-) .e$.? -This, ciuestion is gladbj i ans-; wered -byjlthe libraries—yes we': i • , are interested. The Editorial! Board, M. V. O 's 'hea ing comment on the the best book each "If the parents of fellows that parade through our ^ courthouse had done " and given their boys such books as the selection of month, the young their job a chance at Children's Book club sends out—some of . . thom would not be up here.'" Each M. L' Rob-j mentIl the de i ections ; {or tne three inson, Elma A. Neal, John S. I . ,. • ] , i groups in the Terry and -.Gordon Volland. is : „, , J,, . • <. , • | I Clulj will be announced, eminently equipped to select the j ' tlt The'board' ren's Book La- been the head. It is reported tiiat when appointment as Secretary of bor was proposed to President­ elect Harding objection ,was made by .some "politicians on . |the ground that he was a' resident of Pittsburgh' and that, as President Harding, had announced he would name Andrew W. Mellon for Secretary o^ the Treasury, Mr. Davis' appointment ,would give Pennsylvania two places in the Cabinet., '''•-•.. •' - - ". Mr: Davis is credited with, having'; assured Mr.! Harding that he was 1 a legal resideiit of i Mooseheart, and that [he should be appointed as' a clUzcri of Illinois. The.[Senate confirmed the nomination as sent and Mr. Davis March 5, 1021. his! part in the shot put and obtained also third plate in that. Robert took part in the high jumps and obtaining second" place. After the meet was over \ Harlow put the shot 42ft. This [was two feet better than the mark; for first.-place in "the meet;, i - ij Reese jumped! than, the mark \ \. •——y AIBO! 'afterward 3 ' inches higher for first, place. THIS INTERESTED. US— AJAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO by the President, took _oath" Into New Some. Mr. and- Mrs. Fred ; Paul family have, moved: from Atlanta toi'their farm :jsouthwest of' - " ton 'on Rural Route li and soon be all cozil? ' fixed up at.Vhome to ttier 'friends, strictly modern farm' home I. has been rellnishe^ rand ! redecorated, and;is one of the oeantltul b^omes 'o^the «butity.[| T,','5j ' " "" ' ' and Tip- wiii and The has : j Wlmt is ii sabbalical .veal? j'Today,' thei sabbatical, yearj -is understood toj refer ton vacation, usually accorded to or taken; by. nicmbers of lyariejus professipiii;, the teaching prbfelision' especially.' 'Jho [sabbatica 'ilye ^r. is the seventh y| jar! and whe'n taken as a.vaca- tsonj is usually spent in. travel, ot sl.ndy along jane's favorite, line! o • frequently to pleasureful or .another, j!.. .- - ... , ,j Originally, j however, the sa'bhV t^cal' year ha;I a.far different, ^bn- Dii|ine i j |ttl| : >WWUU ;a»UH,W« three ao^ of lilr. and Mre John and! Jean Paul aad are atuilenta John: ; «|ttViWlipiiac^d^.|-'t»>i^^ tlnue their?wdrlt there <' KibJ^Q^ooJ, I ;wltt,^tad^ate «t,the 4ui irf( •i h It is simply devbteU leisure of -one Kind as ehth lug •««! btation.r xfars [ago, in Biblical ays, In |fact[j the sabbatical :ear a| direqtialiusiqn to the-, sev which,'ace >rd- Mosaic -code, the and suppose^, to |ie fallow. year, to the best book, each month names this -new service-—The Children's Rook. Club, giving three types of service to . three age groups. Primary group. Junior, 'ages eight • to twelve or grades four, five and six. Senior group ages twelve to sixteen. j, The library has the following! new books of the three groups. i Primary selections: 1 • -..''. • I Rusty Pete—-Nina Nicol. : ' Galley Jack—-Violet Maxwell. J The Ijvely Adventures qt"' Johnny Ping Wong—Ethel [ Phil- I lips. - .• .[[.-'. i My Whirligig Fair— Ruth; Mor- 1. gan. •" ' - ••.';' '; Tea Time Tales—Rone iFyle-j man. '.-•.:'!. 1 Junior selections: ; Forty Good Morning Tales— j Rose Fylemau. ; ...Legends of the ,Seven Seas—; Margaret Price. • i Holiday Pond—Edith-Patch. i The Crooked Apple Tree-^Cor-' nelia Meigs. - ' j ! Prince of the Pale Mountains Anna Kyle. . . j ;• Mr. Hermit Crabb—-Mimpsy | Rhys; .-.[ ; - • j Kasperle's Adventures— f -Josc- phine Siebe.' ' • ; ; The ' Nnn Stop.': Stowayvtiy— Clayton Knight. . [ j Senior ^elections: [ •• • •, Prince Buntnni—May MjcNcer. The. Jumping Off Place—Marian Hurd McNeely."' ; ' Dorna—(Elllis. Parker Bjitfer. Carmella Commandri —• Walter Bail.'?; ''"'.'.'"' Sky High- Stories from the Bibib^-Wal ter lie.; la Mare. ; Peter Meiiikoff—Peter[ ;Yank- off.' ' Triplets Born. Cincinnati, O., April 1.—Tin- wife ot [M. FasnotchJ chief of police of jLa'wrenceburg, Ind., yes- J terday gave birth to three Knir- paund boys. • ^ . j In tlie; cottTBeVo^tlme the \ abpH- itlbn of thjlphrksbjvas.wldfned' )iocindetM human mind,^w^ .'-wsA^natd^ r.|b^^tedi|ta, i*tl »fv .^|i%|ifCT pji |r^lia!^|fc ^;r|^ ' ON T Ri Car Semi-Anthi Phone E BUR KHAR! . ! -acite Lp. & CO. i 1. ' Dr. E. E. Cbiroprai Office Over BIi . Corner JcBcrsoa Phone 64. Hkks tor C3 e, avoac aadt Main. -Eric Hodgins^; . ' The Book of Courage -Hermann .Hagedorn. I qharfes-P. Tatt.-andj formerly '.f Diana Theatre TONIGHT ONLY Shov.3 7:00 and 8:45 Admission: 10^ and 25c. Tonight Is PAL MIGHT oiir Ticket and This M r Admits Vuli .-ind Your tit Srt» Nix oi MM An! All Talking, Staging Mo viatoM Picture - A jt-haraUac W»le"c< sonKrtilled ct cutufic aad ci

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