Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 17, 1978 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1978
Page 3
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Tuesday, January 17, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif.—3 ( FROM OUR READERS) Ukiah, Calif. Editor, Uki.ah Daily Journal: I could hardly believe what I read in the article appearing on the front page concerning the appointnjent of Mr;'McFadden to the college board. Here is a man who has a suit landing against the college for an inadequate EIR, openly states that he is against the Yokayo site, admits that if he had to ftiake a choice, he would vote for no college if the Yokayo site was the only site .available and then out of the other side of his mouth he states that he wants what the community wants! It appears to me that the "community" that he refers to is the community in which he and a few select "friends" reside. The fact remains that the enrollment at the college is in excess of one-half of all the people that voted on the college issue. It therefore becomes apparent that the community represented by the 6200-plus people that took the time to vote their views want a college and that Mr. ' MeFadden in fact does hot care what the community wan^s. The whole affair smacks of cpnflict of interest designed to accomplish personal objectives, which perhaps warrants the Attention of the district attqmey. Jhe past procrastination on the part of the board in selecting sites and the present suit blocking progress has and is costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. It is my opinion that if anyone,' including Mr. Me­ Fadden, wants to file a suit or otherwise delay a project he should be forced to indemnify the taxpayers for eveiry last cent of post increases during the tijne progress is delayed, if the delay is caused after all appropriate bodies have approved. Then, perhaps these self-professed saviours of the conmjunity would think twice before running to court to fight something the voters have already sanctioned. I have lived in this community for over 50 years but never have 1 experienced a : situation as ludicrous as the facts surrounding this ap- ppintment. This community had better wake up to one fact; i.e., if yoii want a college you had better select candidates to represent you that vote your dictates. This not only applies to the college situation, but for any other board or council for which candidates might have predetermined ideas of what is best for you. Mr. MeFadden states that he believes there are better site^ for a college. Why then has he not proposed one that meets with his satisfaction? And why does he prefer to iight against the college rather than cooperate to find a suitable site? The obvious answer is that he do^s not want a college and the community be damned. He complains of mismanagement and spending of funds for marginal programs. The answer here, then is better administrators. Mr. Me­ Fadden would prefer to be rid of the entire college. It is .'doubtful if better a^- .ministrators can be found, especially those who would :have put up with all the hassle .of the past several years. To put my briefs in perspective, if Mr. 'TMcFadden cannot be a part of the community and abide by the wishes of the majority' in that community, he and anyone else who feels that way should •get out of it. George Parducci Another concerned citizen Redwood Valley, Calif. Editor, Daily Journal: I do not know Mr. 'Me­ Fadden but I am writing in support of a man with the courage to speak out on an unpopular subject and then stand by his opinions. I also think we need to take a long hard look at the duplication and waste in the Ukiah education system. We also have a strong ROC program, Adult education and the high school. Should not the college pick up where these leave off instead of offering the same thing? Is it really necessary for both Adult Ed and the college to offer beginning Spanish on the same ni^ts? Are there really that many beginning Spanish students or could one teacher teach it all? I am not against college sports per se, but I think the c&llegejumped into the sports water before it got the academic side fully under control. Is it necessary to recruit the whole state for players when we have a good basic football program here in the Pop Warner and high school programs? Each fall the situation is the same, begging for housing. Why not use the players who live here already? Some of them are quite well prepared. As for the building program, why do, we always have to build single-lcivel schools? Could not classrooms be two or even three story? Granted, some types do not conform to multi-sfory use, but business, English, and math buildings could be, thus fi'eeing the land for some other occupational use. We will need ag land forever, and I think it is high time we started to look into better usage of our existing space. I think most of us like to eat, and it is amazing how little food land is left in our state, not only here but elsewhere. We now have had several years of college operation. Do we not now know, what interests the programs should benefit? Should we not evaluate the programs and direction we want to go with the college? Those of us who pay the taxes for schools should get the best for the money spent, and if that means cutting here and there,, let's do it. I was upset at the $5,000 spent on the physics program — that is the least attended at the college. Could not that have been better spent on something else? I for one am tired of paying twice for the same thing and then finding out my young people can't balance their checkbook, write a legible hand, speak proper English, or even find a job. Right on, Mr. MeFadden! Joanna Lukas Also an angry taxpayer Calpella, Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal: If the Lord would have given Supervisor Ernie Banker more brains instead of just a massive ego, he would be better able to hide his allegiance to special interests. Mr. Banker is a Realtor. The Warm Springs dam he so ardently advocates would increase subdivisioni^ in the "flood plain." The increases in new homes and population would be a windfall for his colleagues. Will the dam's cost meet its benefits? Is it a good business expense? Is it cost-effeCtive? Certainly not! If- its benefits are so great for the local citizens, why didn't the citizens pay for it? Mr. Banker doesn'^ like Federal interference in local politics except when the Feds„ are handing out dollars. Mr. Banker doesn't like welfare recipients but he doesn't mind a multi-million dollar welfare project. The Federal Office of Management and Budget which normally rubber- stamps these types of projects is balking at the Warm Springs Dam. 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