Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 20, 1969 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1969
Page 13
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Oppartunity Knocks Every Day In Facts Classified Ads rUNT. Mich. (UPI>-George Major mluiliu|>lii WASHINGTON (UPIV-Sen. J)rinkiriiie, vho escaped ftomjCharies E. Gooddl, R-N.Y., jail vbUe bemg held for; fresh from a visit to war-toni treddns and entering, wasj Biafra. says that country's war arrested him drinidng wine. xoncc TO nnnoM i No. anu ! Soperior Court of the State of CiU- tenla. for tlH Ceiratj at Su Ber- naidinc btate of GEORGE m. DEWET. Oeceaicd. NOncZ IS REBEBY GIVEN to the { of 1h* atoovc named ' result in a "calamitous great 'power confrontation." He I warned that "unless something I changes immediately, tha« is 'going to be a major catastrophe." CLASMnio turns UiniiTOiin 2 iiMi. S to ttw liiM, 32 Ml Oo not abbraviatt. tuo . LOO 2 Unas 3 Unas 4 Lines 5 Unas S Uncs 7 Unas US 1 .S2 » Unas 10 Uni Lcgd NericM NOTICE TO CBEDITORS No. 38110 CLASSIPICATION INDEX Lost ana Faiin< 1 ranonals 2 Special Netieaa 1 Emoioymant Wanted 4 Help wanted • 3cfieols - instnictiara » Nurseries - Dey Sclaelt' • Room and Bewd » Rest Homao For Rent 10 Beach-Mountain Rantali U Wanted to Rent Bargain Spot Musical Instruments Real Esats Loan* Money to Loan Money Wanted Mortcages -rnol 4 HdpWMtri DRILL turn instnidar lor junior high Qiris. 792-2280. UDV b liv»hi, soma 15 BimiiiSprt A —AUTOMOTIVe UU VW Sedan, Sltid. AM/f M radla. Less than 24m Miles. 792-6U4. •64 LlNtoLN Continental, Mi air conditioning. No. C8023L $1495. 420 w. Radlands JIM GLAZE, INC. Bhd. 793 ^m .--sekaeping. Own apt 7S2-2921._ WANTEa-iSan «or orchafS ^reTwm pcavi!le 3 bedroom home, some furniture. W2-3g37. FULL-TIME housekeeper, expericncea; references. Must drive own car. ^^TO^4|0 ^wning^ and mtimii. drive-in restaurant work. White's Driv-ln. 939 Oiange. i39« V-O with automatic, poviter MEDICAL Sectataiy. Experienced, for doctors offica. Please send resume toBox J. c/o Facts Office, £XPEftlEt<C£6 raliafale womainrr •63 OLDSMOBILE Super H 2-Ooor Hardtop that an peribni bav^ daims' Superior Court of the State of Call- J the said decedent are re-i fomia. for the County of San Ber- 4uired to file them, with the ncec*-- nardino. aatjr nudien. in the ofQee of the Eitate of dcrk of the above entitled court, or JAMTS T. REEOY. Deceaied. to-praeot them. wiOi die aeceoary! NOTICE IS HEBEBY GIVEN to the vouchers, to the undersigned at' creditors of the atjove named de- Trust Department, 443 Fourth Street,: cedent that aU pertons having claims, San Beisardino. Califocnia 92403. < against the said decedent are re- 1 Business Oppertunltias >2 whiA is the place of business of theiquired to file them, with the neces-!Incema PropMy -j-- 47 tmdcrsigBed in all matters perObi-sary vouchers, in the office of the Beac^ - Mountain SMi 4t ing to the esUte of said decedent cleric of the above enUtled court or Industrial frOMfty • Within four monUis after the first to present them, with the necessary Lois and AcrMM M VttbUcation of this notice. .vouchers, to the undersigned at the,Real Estate Enchanfn H Sated rebtuary 14, 1969. .Law Office of F. A. Leonard. Suite iGroves and Ranrtaa H BANK OF AMEBICA NA-6. Investment Building. lOS-i Orange Real Estate Wanted SI nONAL TRUST «c SAV- St, Post Office Box 276, Bedlands.'Commercial Property SJ INCS ASSOCIATION, a na- California 92373. which is the place I Houses for Sale SS tional banking assodation. of business of the undersigned in all j By Ftances Crossland. matters pertaining to the esUte ofi ERROIU Avistant TRist Officer, said decedent within four months! Where an error is made an ttw part Executor of the WiU of after the first pubUcation of this t of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the the abova named de-; notice. | Facts is. notified by > ajn. day foj- gmetal hoineworti. Fridays_?_ to_2. I17S. 0%vn transportation, 792-673a WANTED Parmanent part-time cierx- typist for circulation department in steering, brakes and windows, factory air. Mechanically sound but needs new rubber. Low Blue Book is $700 . . . THATS THE PRICEl Call 792«04 alter 6 p .ni. •fi6 LT6. J-Ooor Hardtop, full poSe?; factory air, WSW. Na 6139. $1995. JIM GLAZE, INC. publishing firm, Mentone. Must be <20 W. Redlands Blvd. accurate. 794-1144. &tt(VlU Station attendant Full-time, experience necessary. Over age 30. Blains Shell Service, 38S Beaumont Ave., Beaumont Excellent typist r helpfL Yucaipa araa. '.g Box 1129, Yucaipa. HOMES 793-2141 Receptionist - Bookkeeper | C — APPl itcellent ftpist light bookkeeping, ;|!RiGlbAlftE shorthand helpful. Must be ex-; n2-676L 1966 17 ft Coachman, salt-contained^ 792-3907. C — APPLIANCE* gas dryer, like new, SIDE GLANCES ByMFex y^^jg : 792-676L^^ ~Ranie with PAftT-tlME WOltK. AVOn' offers an excellent earning opportunity in an established territory near your home. Fraa training and beauty course. Call 792-9119 or vrrite Avon lange grill. 2 years old. like Fletcher Ave. 793-606a "teflon r. 1007 14 CU. FT. Westinghouse refrigerator. Top freezer, works good. 792-Z32S after 5:30 p.m. retary for publishini tone. Must be good how to use SI RENT A REFRIGERATOR . ., RANGE OR WASHER HARLOWS t'l™ <" Me"- LOMA LINDA 79M121 •'eSSS S ?rD- FURNITURE Mgr.. P. 0. Box 141, Redlands. _. PERMANENT part.time editorial sec-1 range OR WASHER now uj uae sienoreite, gOOd COm- — • — -—3 r- mand of grammar and spelling re-iwe BUY and SELL good used funii- quired. 794-1144. i Sure. Value Center Fumitura, 315 cedent F. JL tXONABO, lOSH Orange Street Suite «, Badlanili. Calif. MSTS. Attetnay for Executor. (First pobUeation Feb. 20. 19691 NOTICE TO CKED1T0B8 No. 380tS •uperiee Court of the SUte of CaU- foraia, for the County of San Ber- _flardiiio. btata of BUSS DIXON, Deceased. Dated February- 14. 1969. J. BRENT REEDY, Executor of the WUI of I the atiove named decedent F. A. LEONARD. I Redlands. California. Attorney for Executor. 'First pubUcaUon Feb. 20. 19691 lowing first insartien, comction will be mad* and tha ati will t» run property one addlHenal day. The Redlands Daily Facts will net ba responsible for mora than on* incorrect inaartioiu ABBREVIATIONS Readable and understandabK ads promote greater tasults. Tha us* of any except standard abbraviations In Classified Ad«eftiaMn*nti is tals* economy,, ther«fot«^^^^ari^^St*»id«te Abbreviations ar* NOTICE TO CBEDITOBS No. 38112 Superior Court of the SUte of California, for the County of San Bernardino. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Estate of creditors of the above named de- i IDA a ADAMS SWOBODA, cedent that an penoos having claims | also known as against the said decedent are re-1 IDA C ADAUS. Deceased, quired to file them, with the neces-1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the aaiy vouchers, in the ofQoe of tlte creditors of the above named de- eletk of the above entitled court or cedent that aU persons having claims to pieeent them, with the necessary against the said decedent are re- vouchers, to the undersigned at;quired to file them, with the neces-,„.„^ ^, Teylor ge Smith. Attorneys at Law, sary vouchers, in the office of tiieiyne cost of JLOO. SOS Arrcwhead Avenue, P. O. Box'clerk of the above entitled court, orj" 1125. San Bernardino, California to present them, with the necessary —b^^^K^^^^SB •2402, which is the place of busi- \-ouchers. to the undersigned at the; « i I e J sees of the undersigned in aU mat- Law Office of F. A. Leonard. Suite 1 I ACt |M rOOM tars pertaining to the esUte of said 6. Investment BuUding. Post Office' " " CANCELLATION Cancellations of privat* party ads may be mad* until » *.m. th* day of publication. If mada after I ajn^ cancellaUon will b* mad* tor th* fol- "liSXlac «l must b* published on* time or there will b* a typ* sat- FULL TIME - PART TIME w. Redlands Blvd. 792-llU- McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE sary. Call Redlands. 10 For Rent S1.75 per hous guaranteed. Pleasant phone work from our office. Steady employment no experience neces-: ^ , ^ ,™oe - •• 792-8813. 30 E. State.; Bedroom set French Full size gas range $109.95 End Tables ea. $ 9.95 Sofa and chair, matching $169.95 i Table lamp S 935 i3-pc sectional S109J5 Maytag automatic washer S 89.95 A-APARTMENTS i [^"ll j |'.«ca1^,""^* I til 1 BEDROOM, furnished. 1 bachelor, I coffee table, early American..$ 14.95 utilities paid. 792-1905. 793-2206. i Matire^t and box spring $ 39.95 $70. PUDNISHEO, upstairs, 425 W. sofa, early American J16935 Olive. 792-2368. 7-pc. dinette set J 4935 NEAft IJ. of R., unfurnished 2 bed-: 10 cu. ft refrigerator $ 69.-95 dtiplex apartment Carpet, refrigeration cooled, very clean. Adults, no pets. $95. 793-5807. FuftNlSHCb APARTMENTS. Monthly rates, $30 and up. utilities Included. Childran weleomai 792-75«5. 1122 West Palm. Apt X decedent within four months after Box 276. Redlands. CalifomU 92373. |__,,^f, ci,—--, in vicinitv of the first publication of this noUce. which is the place of business o' ™Vd Sf^er aSf^TS/TsIg Dated February 10. 1900. jthe undersigned in aU matters Per-i-ga ""'^"S ^i,:^ ^1 rfiSaSi HAZEL FRANCES TAYLOR, i teining to the estate of said de- LOST — Sjrt Of l«ys.^»^ Executrix of the Will of!cedent within four months after, Canyon-Barton Rd. area. 7K.4B9. the above named decedent the first publicaUon of thU notice. COST — Charm bracelet in vicinity of TAYLOR U SMITH, , Dated February 14. 1969. i Market Basket Reward. 792-3352 Attome >s at Law. i SCOTT B. FCJDLAY. i befor* 12. . SOS Arrowhead Avenue. Executor of the Will of FOUND — Young female German WE HAVE RENTALS Bob Parker, Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. 793-2914 APARTMENTS Unfurnished 2 bedroom, new carpeting, $11S. Pool, air conditioning, and laundry. Adults, no pets. 835 Palmbrook. N.w. comer Brookside! and Ash. 792-3586. Table lamps, early Amer...ea S 24.95 FREE DELIVERY 127 E. Slate 793-2812 E-MISCELLANEOUS ^ HEAD SKIS — Now on sale. 25% ofT. Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citrus Ave. STNGER COMPANY Repossessed 1968 Singer Sewing machine. Zig zags. blind hems, monograms, overcasts and appliques. Payments $5 month. Call Mr. Hammit for free home inspecbon. F^FRUITS - VEGETABLES e mi It MO. w Til •» u»» Redlands Doily Fads 55 Hwaet ftr Site car garage, patio, iir conditKji** alarm systwn. On Lugonla^Ave, University District Good Only S17,<ao. 9EN M. NYMEYER (BlOlMt) C»U 7a34S5a. . Show Me If you can, a better buy than this ceiy thra* b*droom, IV^ bath hem*. There's built-ins Jn th* kitchen ip- eluding th* dishwasher. A .«inw patio for dad to show off his.ouf- door cooking skill and.a pnva* fenced, yard for th* .childfWi »i^ pets. Only J16350. We Agree It's hard to believe Sat this charming three bedroom home with beamed ceilings; - nic* carprt and spacious enclosed yard. Won't last long at this low price of $11,000. Bob Parker, Realtor 1793 -2914 "It was owned by a little old firm that only computed on alternate Tuesdays!" 55 Houses for Sate RtdlMdt P. O. Box 112S, San Bernardino, Calif. 92402, Phone: ns -*838. Attorneys for Executrix. . (First publication Feb. 13. 1969) the at»ve named decedent r. A. LEONARD. Redlands, California. Attorney for Executor. iFirst publication Feb. 20, 1969.1 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Shepherd. Black and tan. Vicinity of Sage's. 793-6675. LOST Black, 3 months. Labrador pup. shortened laiL Holiday Hills area. 792-2560. Found —Young, friendly, black male Collie type puppy. Summit area, if not claimed in 3 days, free to good home 793-4460. 2 Personals FOR SALE — AnUque sofa. Hoosier cabinet excellent condition. Dolls, miscellaneous. 798-9073. INCOME Tax Returns ptapared by registered tax censuH»nt 797-5412. SARAGE iALC, 1339 W. Cypress, lOTs, Feb. 21, 22. Ey* l*v*l range, double bed, quality children's clothing, etc FURS— Claaning and glazing, rdining; repairs, remodeling. Stoles, hats, or collars made. 792-7140. TOUR 12 European raiinlrias tfiis YARD cl*an up wint*d. Call Jo* ori ' Dav* Torres. 792-470g or 792-9337. ' MdWIN6 lawns, cManing yards. Call Lou at 792-0515. , ;RY CARKNYHV Call Bill «t 79241375 MiNTINe — A -1 iwnabi*. "Bab"" DWitt .^TlSMWZ.'**" LVN wants privaia duty nursing — homa or hespital — night or day. Excellent nfmnca%. 7974027. •'Instead en the wonderfiil of complaining, you should congratulate Junior onderful way he camouflaged his army truck!" Places and Things Answer to Frevieiit Puixl* ' ACBOSS X Mduntatn KatioMlFark SWyamicc a& UUnHadine UWt^U* UMHctdin* •fpeUatioa II—Gordtnf, ITSdunMiea* fiwip (•»>.) ItBaqimt 30 Comes back 2tI>attaU* diair ilzSmat Imiar month ItPntiate domotiotar SfUpatree SSSIacpei'siiMse 36 Grants tise tcnoporanly STCdonizct 41 Kins of Judah(Bib.) 44Bawkpant>t ISMaseulia* .nickname 48 Bridge holding 51 Suit in cards 54 Undiminished 55 Soup vessel 56 Asterisks STBigid DOWN IHat— SHideotis monster 3Betinue ,aa ofaship 4Ncir Zealand SMfieidiiia SAffiimative 6 Golf mound TCoocIusiaii SAneitnt Irish capital 9 American inventor 10 Isthmus, for instance 12 Department (ab.) 13 Cicatrix 18 Chinese measure 20 Speedsters 21 Dinner course 22 Cuddle 23Thimier 24 Coteries 25 &xthi3 £astic ardor 26 Populace (comb, form) 28 Prayer ending- 29 Female college student 30 Children 38 Biblical pronoun 39 Palm lily 40 Endure 41 Philippine sweetsop 42 Dispatched 43 Brazilian tapir 45 Arabian gulf 46 Honey maker: 4* Anglo-Saxon theow 49VentiUte 50 Credits (ab.) 52 Place 53 Exist 3 Special NoHces Summer, congenial greup. experienced ^guid*. ECONOMY % Evenings. UNIVERSITY MANOR Garden Apts. 1200 Square Ft — 2 Bedrooms 133 University St. 792-8559 PATIO APTS. 2 bedrooms. Carpeting, drapes, range, and refrigerator. Lariie covered patio witn sliding doors from kitchen and living room. Close to U. of R. on quiet street Unfur- OR7[NGES"^="I0c lb.; $3.00 per box. 1336 W. Highland Ave.. 792-1526. G-PETS-ANIMALS SCHNAUZER puppies, miniature, champion sired, females. 792-9269. LOVABLE ball of fur. Female, apricot I miniature poodle puppy. AKC regis- I tprfri. 7<!3-1046. 1714 Orange. WANT to find a good home for two female Beagles. 10 years and IVi _ years old. Moving. 793-4117. 1< — GARAGE SALE GARAGE Sale — SatTx must sell. 700 S. Grove. 793-5444. 5 BEDROOMS Lots of room in this S b«droom home, with family room and dining room and built-in kitchen. Larg* pool toa Way balow valu* at $43,500 with good terms availabi*. FINE VIEW and a lovely guest hous* too. Every feature you would want in this fine 3 bedroom. 2 bath custom built home. Dreamy kitchen, nic* dining area, wool carpets. Cooling, enclosed patia workshop and well planned grounds of L41 acres. You gotta' see this $47 ,500 property. Gocd terms. DON FIGGINS 55 Houses for Sale CUSTOM extras in this 4 bedroom and pool horn*. Cannot b* dupli- catad for thousands mora than the owner's price of $42,700. On cul- de-sac n*ar Kimberly SchooL 792-1549. 37 E. Olive Open till 7:30 OPEN SUNDAYS TU 6-5101 Near U. of R. Easy to buy — only $500^ down, plia impounds on this redecorated 3 bedn»m. Hi bath home. Wall-wall carpeting, forced air heating, fireplace. Fenced rear yard. Pn^. at $15,450. Easy FHA terms. Mentone 3 bedroom-family room home, vii has carpeting in living room and halli cooling., patio, carport and workshop. Try $350 down with payments approximately $105 monthly, including all. eluding all. 4 Bedrooms Freshly painted, inside and out; hard> wood floors, carpeting in living room and hall, fireplace. Family size kitchen, with built-ins. dish- vrasher. PaUo, back yard, fenced for privacy. FHA appraised .at $20.75a $1050 down plus closing costs. C. KOOIMAN Let us show you this home ! 1024 N. Orange 792-2632 or 792-1021 Eves: JIM WANDER HOOP 792-293S 20 No. 7th Realtor 793-2SS1 L^TMbtORCYCLES r964^AMAHA~S[rTRAIU $165 793-1576 u. ot K. on quiet street uniur- „ , _ . nished. $125. 920 stiiiman. 792-0768. 4/ incoiiie rroperty NEW YORK ST. APTS. BY OWNER — Rialto. 8 units with pool and extras. Income $10300 a year. $15,000 down. Trade for balance. 874-1547. 25 New York St. Mgr. Apt S 792-0756 Completely redecorated. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments $125 and $145 per month. • — HOUSES • !" b'uiiding .'"weri' "liased." $50,000" with 1 BEDROOM cottage, partially fur-, nished. No children or pets. $80 a month. 792-8224. MODERN 4 bedroom home, near Red-; - - . lands Country Club, 2 baths, car-,20 N. 7th Realtors 793-2861 DOWNTOWN j Business property. A nice attractive ! building, well le 1 terms. DON FIGGINS peted. drapes, air conditioned. •. water paid by _qwner ._792j7ia_ PRTMrtOCATlON" 49 Industrial Property This 4 bedroom. 2 bath horn* in a desirable southside location offers 2100 sq. ft of easy family living with a 19x22 family rooin and a large "step - saving" laundry-work room. The living room has an attractive fireplace and th* kitchfn boasts modem built-in range, ov*n, dishwasher and disposaL Outside is a comfortable 15x33 covered patio completely fenced back yard, and a 2 car attached girai*. $25,900 REDLANDS REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 7 ga -'-c ^t-rS's'""'"* i^fjvsi^ David Waters, Cert in Real Estate Evenings —Grace Maloot 793-1947 4 Ewploywent Wanted 1 2 bedroom with den, H4 baths. ; drapes, carpeting, fireplace and air LIGHT industry or commercial prop; conditioning, on landscaped comer I lot. ^195 per month with lease.' Lease - option considered. 792-3621. J— OFFICES • BUILDINGS COMI^eitCIAL building, Aedlandi Blvd., $lia Key, 112 First 792-4611. Ugd Notice NOTICE or TKVSTEE'g 8ALE No. 196-r.3915 On the 14th day ot March. 19a9. at 11:00 a.m.. at the north entrance to the San Bernardino County Courthouse. City of San aemardino. County o( San Bernardino, California, BANK or AMEUCAN NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINCS ASSOCIATION, ai Tiuatae under Deed of Ttust dated July'13th, 19W. executed by Clarcnoe C. Thomtoa and Judith J. Thornton and lecardad on Augint 1. 1900. In Book M72, Pac* Sg, of Official Beeerds ef Cavsly eC San CaUtanua. given, to lecure an indeMadneis m favor ef Leon O. StaKOCd and AUe* J. Stafford, husband and wife, as Joint tenants, by leasen at th* treaeh et certain obligations aeeand th»T«b>-. notice of which waa loeorded on November •. Hl«, in Book Tiat. Page sil. ot Official Beeerdt at said San Bernardino Counfy.^wU: Mil at pubUe auction to the Wghest bidder for eadt payable in Uwtul money ot the Dnited States ot America, at time st sale, witiwut covenant or warranty, ezpresa or implied, as to title, posiessian er cneuinbranees, the interest ceuveyed to and now held by the said Trustee under nid Deed of Truit in and to the fol- lowiiig deMTibed pre »erty, fituated in the Judicial Oiatriet of Kedlandi. County of San Bemaidino, SUte of CalifomU. to-wit: PAKCSL No. l: _, A portion of LoU « and 7, Block 1 of Craften Tract in the county of San Bernardino, aUterf CaU- fomia, as per map recorded in Book 3 et Mape, P*a* 14. in the office ot the ceonty c*coid« et said county, described as follows: Beginning an the West line of said Lot 7, sas feet Nortt of ti>e Southwest comer of said Lot '7: thence East 89 feet; thence North 205 feet to the center ef Mill Cnek Boulevard: thence SeuOi- westerly along said Barievard, 110 feet more or less, to the West line ef said Lot; thenee South along the West line of said. Lot 100 feet nm er leaa. to the point et heataabW. PARCEL So. * ^ A portion of LoU • and T, Bledc 1 ot Ctatloa Itact. ta th* eenatjr of San Bemaidtaw. stoto et Ca^ fomla, as per nap iiteided to Book 3 ot Maps, paaa 14. in th* office ot th* county leearder ot said eeunty, described ea tallswa: ntgtnnliM at a petat an th* wStuSTot said Lot 7, MO feet South ot Ih* <m«ar Itaw et Mm Creek Bead; Iheac* last « feet to the true point st ^— tbene* Bast 4» teal: th nally Heeth—sUily » line to th* point vhi agonal line ia «eti*cts _ _-_ - eriy line at USD CM* Bead, at a point B f **t Bast at tha Ihw which tORo* the Wast tam*mr 3 OR 4 BEDROOM older home. Southeast Redlands. 793-1731. WANTED IMMEDIATELY —3 bedroom furnished home for family of six. About $125 month. 732.8840. 4-AUTOMOTIVE •a 6UlCK Special. 4 door sedan, air, single owner. 792-8337. .__ •a C^Mtf Caliente 2-Door Hardtop. V-8, auto., air, WSW. No. 735. $2295. JIM GLAZE. INC. 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 'it rtlM Picli-up. excellent condi- Uon. overdrive. 792-1763. •Si MERCURY Colony Park Wagon, autonwb'c. air, WSW. No. P658. $2095. JIM GLAZE. INC. 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 U<0 VW. iunreof, good transportation. $395. 793-1576. SS MEftCUIty i-Door Hardtop, auto., factory sir, WSW. No. 6914. $1695. JIM GLAZE, INC. 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 *« MERCURY 4-Boor Hardtop, faHtoty air, automatic No. 6926. $1995. JIM GLAZE. INC. 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 •a PLYMOUTH Fury, radio, heater, power «toe^^ Excell*nt condition. automaiic."Nb. fojff $2250. $1250. 792-' •U CHEVROLET t rice, factory air, JIM GLAZE. INC. 420 W.-Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 '6? FIREBIRD 3». power steering, disc brakes, air conditioning, custom interior, low mileage. Excellent ceriditlen. 792-1972. straight saiOi- _ •« th* . *f nart. with intcrnt to the data af sal*. SSSTor '-i&KA NATIONAL TBCTff^AMDSAV- Brl. W. ' erty. New 1200 sq. ft building. Lot 72 X 150. Ail fenced, biscktopped. near freeway on and off ramp. Ideal lor machine shop or building contractor, etc. By owner, terms. Phone days 792-6042, eves. 793-4721. 13 Wanted to Rent-Lease 50 Lots and Acreage BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer. 10th and Stale, bordering Redlands Blvd. Will really sacrifice for quick sale. 792-4868. 15 Bargain Spot 53 Real Estate Wanted CASH FOR EQUITY We pay cash for the equity in your home. Bob Parker Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. _793^»14 CASH IN A FLASH NET CASH-ALL CASH We need your house — now. W* pay all costs, delinquent paymwits made current immediately. Contracts accepted. PARTHEliON BUILDERS, Inc. 9439 Sierra Ave., Fontana 823-4276 or 875-3140 collect 55 Houses for Sale Redlands BY OWNER-4 bedroom, near sage's. $23.000. SVin loan. 792-1349. Buying-SELUNii-HENtlNS VIRGIL J. SIMS. REALTOR IB W Citrus 793-2777 1 BEDROOM duplex. $10,750. $123 monthly income, terms available. 792-5382 or 792-7598. BY DWNeR — 3 bedroom and tamll •i1 C6UGAR. automatic fictory air, steering, brakes. No. 695A. $2495. JIM GLAZE, INC. 420 W. Redlands Blvd.- 793-2141 '0~Bl/ieK Riviera. Excellent condi- Uon. Full power, stereo. SIMO.. 792-6752. BY bWNER — 4 bedroom. 2V2 baths, 'WVw, Fastbacli, 4-5peed transmis-l 2500 sq..It Family room, recreation room. On E. Crescent $19.200. Owner transferred. 793-5390. BY OWhiER — Comfortable home and cottage. 2400 sq. ft: swimming pool, dining roomj $27,500. 611 S. Buena Vista — 792-7106. 3~eEDROdMr2'bath. 248'ft frontage. Near school. 1428 Texas or call Riv. 783-1753, 12138 Country Club Lane. slen. NEW tires. $1485. ALMIND TOYOTA 1429 W. Redlands Blvd. 792-5211 '59 CAD Fleetwood 4-door sedan. Excellent condition. Private party. 'te^CH^MLEt.Impel, Hardtop. VSirWRgTy^b^h?, Automatic factory air. $1995. ALMIND TOYOTA 1429 W. Redlands Blvd. 792-5211 room with wet bar. heated pool. Sikr^. $44.000. 792-9330. BY OWNER — Lovely custom 2 bedroom. den. on Elizabeth Crest Newly redecorated. Magnificent vi *w. Owner transferred. $34.700. 792-8189. oa1(~floon| 10 Far Rent A —APARTMENTS Pine Crest Manor Apts. 1001 PINE ST. Mr- »t a—m-irn NOWREHTING Just n«wiy eompUtad • Baehelers. I, 2, 3 Bcdreems. • $100 to $190 per month. AI lot carpet drapes. Country Club. 417 Beverly Dr. large Fireplace. Near BY 6wnEr — 3 bedroom. 2 baths, built-ins. carpeted, drapes, fence, $19,600. $2,000 down, assume 5U% loan. Shown by appointment only. 793-3698. VIA VISTA $25,750 SVA % Built-in financingi Assume eiistinc FHA lean in the amount af $21300 and pay $18730. principal. Interast, taxes and insurance. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, bright kitchen with built- ins. carpeted and, draped, air conditioned, 2 car attachad garafa. wall landscaped view let WEST LUGONIA Built in 1956. In excellent condition. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, wall landscaped fenced yard. Room for camper, trailer. $450 down FHA Na down VA Call Jos. P. Lengel LAMBETH REAL ESTATE PUNNING, INC. 720 Brookside. Suite 101 7J>2r2 Eves, a Weekends TM -TSlg Beautiful Home Priced right — 4 bedroom, family room, 1V4 baths. High on a hill with an outstanding view. Lots of privacy. Let us s^ priced at $28300. JIM DANIEL • Realtor Multiple Listing Service George Finlay Betty Hays 793-1125 792-7523 Bob Hall John Boyd 792-1346 792-7398 127 CAJON STREET Phone 793-3249 LEE BUCHER 793-1061 Are You Dreaming . . . ef moonlight and roses and fabulous poolside parties? This beautiful homa will be a dream cam* true. Th* large front and rear yard landscaped and designed to: perfection, a view, patio, complete 1 sprinkler coverage, plus a beautiful heated pooL The stunning beamed ceiling family room has a rack fireplace and there is a more formal one in the gracious living room. 4 large bedrooms, 2V2 baths. Custom quali^ construction and interior finish found only in the mem expensive home. Among the many ether attractractions, this home has a spactacuiar. view. $41 ,500. TOWN SQUARE ! DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real Estate Sales MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE DOSS 793-3354 33 E. Vine MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Open ^turdays Eves, and Sundan Call Paul M*in*s n2-2740 Harry B*iu*lin 792-4733 Ell*n Beyd 792-4996 _ Carl or Maxina Dess 7934100 1,2,3 SPLASH Three wonderful bedrooms with sliding glass doors open to the heated pool area! All rooms are well oriented to the pool and patio and enjoy a wonderful view from the top of a ridge over-looking the Country Club area, as well as privacy affonjed by a acre lot with mature landscaping. There are open beam ceilings throughout this modem 2.200 sq. ft home. Walls are f ilaster with paneling in living, amily and dining rooms. The electrical built-in kitchen has an abundance of storage — in fact storage is an outstanding feature throughout this well^ planned home $47,000 I West State Street Day or Nite 793-2841 Lois Lauer 793-1288 Bonni* Rook 793-1308 Helen Johnson 792-6846 Pat Newnham 79^7122 Mary Peole 792-2197 Les Platz 792-9100 2 OPEN HOUSES I to 4 p.m. Thursday, Friday. Saturday 821 Lolita Ave. 4 Bedroom and a Peel 22 E. Cypress Av. 4 Bedroom — 2 Baths Campbell & Ketcherside 131 Cajon 793-2033 ruHum, Uf Cenditienlng. Brakes RULANM AUTO «.«CTRIC 824 Teias 792-4776 Van Oorin Motor Ca. Chiysler and 1817 W. Radlands Blvd. 4^BEbROOM. 3 bain, custom home, 2350 sq. It Outstanding view. Vi acre landscaped lot Dining room, family room, large living roam. 792465 HOMES — tOTS — FARMS TRADmONAL SERVICE FOV/LER'S 210 W. Citrus REALTORS WMM KIMBERLY- MtJOR -E"^ family By owner, 4 bedrooms, I 2 baths, buiit-ins, ful air conditioned, niealy tgjog 109 South Ave. -• IV eWNEIt - 3 bedroom. V covered patio, . carpet foicad air heating and ceolinc. Fancad. 2 car gange. tlUBO. FHA. $Me daam. KiMr Clement -Lugonia iclnili 792.3671. SEAT inflation. Invest In Ihb bealy 3 bedroom, 2 batti heme, on corner lot and recehi* IncoRi* frem smaller guest haiis* with Rt private drive and fenced ' extras. By owner. " PRTME-tr 2 bedroom and den, W baUia, complete with drapes, eatpMnc and fireplace, air conditioned. %uMe carport and brick wall patio. Vi irapen witn fnni neaa ana mw an. $2Uao with 10% win finance. 792-3S2I. d fenced yart. Many ar. K2xeL num. usariS? DO YOU have::: Inlaws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. Here's the answer le your heuilnt problems. A very livabla, 4 bedroom. 2 bfOi heme PLUS a cajy 2 leem and bath luest house 5Si»rs !SicraA «§ss Now You Can Buy On FHA or YA Terms "S«iSsr-iiiS!d? 3 bedfooniSt two with toed brick W QBSMfMO ram Ml* VIRGIL J. SIMS U W. Citrus Realtor TU-zm Eves, and Sunday ^•VSS.^^ waniortfitha Quick-Reference Directory to Business Household and Professional Services Only $8 p«r moitlh buyt a miitimum, 2 -line ad in this directory Call 7134221 far furHiar information •k HT CandManiwe • Haetlng BURGESON'S ELCS 792-1849 Antaieriiie MERfcURY ANSWERiNO SERVICE »3^ 47 E. Vine KREPS CARRIAGE BARN Cut Glasa<Cliina-Furniture 792-7209 L ALDEN JEWELRY-Mff. & Rspair, Ut Orange, 10 a.m. -4 p.m. 79X07B. ^r Ll ^wifBy Winagy Beef Y>|CTIPi^Turn<ff r, Willys, Fiat Cars ALSO exhausts-tail pipes. 792-497S. Guaranteed for life of. your car. Royal Muffler. 601 N. Eureka. ^'Offiei MadiTiiM.Funiitur* AuleMt. f Sanica, 430 Teios. Call Ft«e pick-up and delivery. « Scrvka SPECIAL occasion cakes made to order. Goodies baked daily. Goodie Shep. 24 E. State. 792-3311. • to^ WeilHne-W««lni REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH 412 W. Radlands Blvd. 7M.7S51 W. Radlands Blvd Carpet Cleeniiig • Carpet i ACCURATE JANITOR SERVICE Wg.Fleers-Windows ^ 792-2594 Cl<<n<f<» Shift L ^MW ^ry Dutch Girl Cleaners .- W. Celtew 7>2i3t3B i ^CeMpBryaeenhg-Leundry NEU'S CLEAN SHOP vm N. Oranaa 792-2121 YOU DO IT er WE DO IT CilerTele^h •ciARiw 14231 w. Pam Ave. it Cewwnerciel Pflntlm TV SCRVICE 792-Kai _ tenaiprasa — Offset enwMiAPHfiiwnNG, m ~ Fifth «. 7P4H3 BROOKSIK PCTSVnIe~~ I Ava. TW-TtU Flowers (er tan eceasien. Ft** D» —on* 79J-1331. R*dlands Florist 29 So. 6th St Ihioy. Plien* • Femecee FURNACa • SAUS • SERVICE * Ctoa* 7124621. •k Hardware and Appllancee IMPERIAL HARDWARE 19 E. Citrus 783^917 • Herac* ROTHENBERGER ARABIANS Stud service—pastures. —-jmmnfiZ^ 793-2836 If no I Mf0-' • Repair Every brand Jolly Jug. 910 • Moving and Storage under tha sun. W. Colton Ave. REDLANDS VAN & STORAGE 1955 Industrial Park 792-7ia Mufflers SERR-S OF REDLANDS 20* E. State 792-3939 • Pahtfina GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179. 5 - 7 p.m. ANGLIN & POWELL. 793-^70 Painting and Decorating 792 -SUa FREr Estimates and 6uaranta* No Job too Large er too Small 15 years area experience. Call evenings only for appointment 792-9361 • Paint and VJiilpaper NorthsM* Paint — 1605 Orange Highest quality. 792-94U • Plunibil.9 SANITARY PLUMBING 12a Wabash Av*.. Radlands. 794.2131 ir Reofina REROOFING. ROCKS OR SHINGLES Superior Roofing CO. Est 792-36gl Superior Roofii NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling, odd Jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 79Ma7 or 794-2283. Ft** esUmatas. • Spertlni Geed« BICYCLES—Bieyela lepelrs. Sehwinn. Pratt — it StaHonery" gl E. Citrus ~ -Card* SERR'S OF REDLANDS Ffefavfaten-faleeafarvfae " Redlands* Zenith headquartara. • •• Tyier Tv; WB Oranp. y wpnewierefe . , RESTYLE. Repair. Rtflnish. Rogfa UpneHteiyyDrapagr, 79M7& •tt Watdi • Jewetry Repairfaii Clifford Fanar. Jeweler 7 N. 5th St 7920478 ARTHUR COMMERCIAL PRESS lU W. Fifth St — • WeMhn Chas. E. Messa Welding Works ITDI W. Stuart Av*. 7S147W

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