Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 26
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 26

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 26
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for a WANT Af) Taker 28—Mole Help Wanted WANTED A man who con SELL! Salesman may liave his choice of remuneration; salary and bonus, slraifjhl commission, or drawing account and commission. Our men earn far in excess of the average wage. You will ho paid salary during your Iwo weeks' training period. Rusco now has a complete line of aluminum, natural or painted finish storm windows, as well as the nationally advertised Rusco baked enamel steel windows. Wide open field for a man who can sell. Call PA 2-6030 for an appointment. Rusco Window & Supplv Co. 203 S. George St.' 47-Real Estate for Sale 2 AIMIKS, 6 room houbi-, city water, lias. I>«rn payment, balance is rent. 1 oloiuac Parti. 1M 4-1421 — £?_ 1 HOUM WHY I.KT "VoiJn HOUSE" uorn wjjllc joy i r y t o sp |j [I? rorniivlcnl kivter wlih buyers „..„. ini;. C.iorsi. W.llncola. 1>\ 2.215!. Hark Keal.njt HUf 31-Situatlonj Wanted Dial !>A 32-lnstructioni LEAIl.N TO DIliVE - Dual Conlroti. Automatics, Straight Shuts. 9 u, 9 .AI(UJ') LOTS In Itie country. Ideal for Jour present liomc or lo lire on "Hen > ou retire. Terms SlflO tabh, »« J» monthly. Oplc Annan. 1'honc I J A 4 0200 or cnccnloaf a.49?l. Display Classified KU)YI) p. OHACE HEAL ESTATli . W. Vj. Plume UK J19203 6 HOOM 11IIICK IIOUSK. KXtKLl.KNT CONDITION. »<' : VK J'A _2 83«0 or PA 20160. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, MAY, 27,. 1957 MOVING? lot, just outside . , William -_ 1'h one PA < . 1 852. MOIIKIIN 6 iU)B"«~HOM,, •N'itt ICesicIential Section 3P3 ttiiional Wgriivay. J.aVat all inodi-rn ,„ in equjpnirnt, su.fcfX), (>nt>i it llrdfctrd Valley o> hni apartment. Hot !*KMI.HVNGAU>\V. 5 rooms, i-xfcllent condition, baicniei I^TM™'/''*. wat T *n<i Kas.. ..v,...,™ <" »- M. roloniac Park. PA 2-5571 • XCKU.KNT lx>i>a(ion, 333~PauerHm Avenue, J lied looms. Mixlern Itaih H.KK1 rendition. Insulated. l.irn- yard, PA J5A57. 11K!>LTlTi)":^Vir Maryland Av... B iixim lirut. Ik, baths, n« Ju ra ae«. - ''*_*•'??".. an-time !«ln:!, Y " u pie-^Cn.l V..-,, (.net, |, rfp | acc , , hrce l,am h , itfain >, cal _ bo^^.^jd hedfle. K.-.-iuhlul <uunlry home. Hill finance, f'pff Annan. PA 10200 or (111 S-4MI RL! Praclteal ' Include* m ntifir Motor Tune-up'.' 1 ail pVal'Js itl! •I fiiir iiij »oik. [f 1855. mnhanlr-jj^' M! m-Ur.ed. i tn-AX monthly rent w]Il p, y ,„; 3 ]„,, loun and 115 per month lnc!ui!inc waler and electricity services,1 f 'fft. p:lv ' <1 «"•«•'. Sijp i>( lot.j * "" Ix>cat*<J near McMiilleo: Q»ploy Clonitied Display Classified fw vv^^P^V^vv WNITACRE'S VUHHrKI.ANU M.77AO , PA-2-2790 AUTO H CUMBERLAND GLASS M MINT & CLASS Itnttrtturt? ^, EASY j'^L RATH BEST: TWENTY-SEVEN Display Classified :i> ROOFING and SIDING Call PA 2-5100 for AU Typ«« of RchOflrvs and SWtng Applied by Exports 10 YEAK WRITTIN GtMtANTU ON UlOt AND MAIEKIALS A»k About Seart Own MODERNIZING CREDIT PLAN 1*1 M«n«y &avm. Up to 34 Month* k> Paj SfcABS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 179 Bollmor* St. Cumberland, Md. FOB STIPS & STOO* MNBETHK WrdWED WROUGHT rRON .* RAILINGS : The South Cumberlond Planing Mill Company PA 2-7600 * x 12 Congoleum Rugs $495 9 X 12 Congolfum Gold Seal Rugs 10.95 KLINE'S MARKET 700 N. Mech. I'A 1-37^0 lite* Ir Cu A1KN WANTtVi'i 1845 I'licliral Ir^ininj; in htafttn^. Tool, *nc I),* lloii-mnjj ^r,J Air fofldiimnj Irs and Hefiisxj Hwn. J tiv urij^y r WOWARt) UL'CMANAN. INC OI/«* 5!3 .V (Vn(/f, TA 20650, r.vt-[iinj;s, dial I'A 4 3KO. iles. beautiful 100 ft. frontace 34-Losr and Found Lo.s r \Vs,'i!ci7~ji ; "(iR.^~~ salr ?-Bf<lrootn Rambler i cards ind n. 111 Brii- ^ _ - - 35-MfsceUaneous WElT"DRlLONG i' \ - - L'Ani-K.sTKH WKI.I. r»R» t '" ^> Box 352. (umb,. ph. UK ft 9 REAL ESTATE SERVICE J-iV J^? i?.?J your property 1>.t IIAROUJ R. FLETCHER CO 8_N UjJERrY ST. DIAL 1'JA 4 C« Al A V B U H Y - POLA X fi *R E ALT Y RKAL KSTATE BROKERS PMONK PIEDMONT 6011 ; KEvTAVtNl'E - i r«x> m brfrk. -* mrnare, f!ot u*UT heat, 2% '=-'^- al-ra^f. PA 2 1J31 ' U Hie lr*llr». TmcH, c-f alt klrds. > ,11 CtountJ anil tor.J mM?rial K'f hc-C nor* fftan 2CC f;(r?> c/ BAUG»MAN CO\TRACTI??G *. u nei. Guaranteea Resutu or no coil to jou. Year Inqulrifi welcomed. M. D inhart Atency— PA 1 J11L ~~ — kitchen. roon, xood Septic Tanks Cleaned I.KHOY KF.NNKI4. 6KPTIC TA.VKS ri.rA.Yfl> S^ M fquip'l. Ui-SUle Itispgta] Scr \»uic or 1'hin* t^n^coninc Ifo 5 * 01. V MBUS pre-cut homciT" (lill. Bgrnt. Model on Bradi a Down To Veterans Hll.t.TOl* Uiuc, 6 roosii If. _m liathiK. l-hor.e PA 2-232J. Xip";clt Orlreiran — f iif dirf Orric 5c»;5n6ovg?i Top soit>' Block . PHONE PA 2-2699 " rOH EXCAVATING OF AIJ. TYPES'' Cfcftt Kill lor DrirewaiC R- R. JO "> ; SON',^RT. S '_T A _ "US; FLOORS — LADING. S *,"\DTNtT ISHING, Kicc riUmale*." C Burch. Ml, Sauce. Phone CO HOoMS. tuth. b-jngaldM. ctarr—s u-r=ltr. ]_-ircv fM. 2 *mail buildii Kr-M Ro.»d. OrMcilouR ^^^^^^•^^••^^^i^^^^^H^ Phone Orders D e li T ered Within 1 - Hour. Slight Chorge. FGGQ GRADE-A" $1 nn L.\a\aO LARGE .... 3 Doz. ^ 1 .UU HAMS Swift ' s prem|um ib. c?/» CHICKEN Legs and Breasts |b. 65c Air Conditioning By Buy Call your dealer AIRGON Engineering & Supply PA 2-7269 Green Bcons, Pens, Corn, Applesauce or Tomatoes Your Choice, 303 Cans: 7 For 1.00 Potatoes 5u o s t:. 1 ::" 1.59 Milk , ick garaj;e ' _ i--\\vs MOWKRS SHAHTPK'NFD HAND on POWER, u D\K sr P.A 2-IMI. 36-Watch, Clock Repairs KUNGAt.lW, itnuc ar^jTra ir-imt. Ur^c porcKcs, bi J | t / r "" 'f r r* >u?[c >' hou - tl - ., _*j^Jjr,/ormation c»lJ PA 26023. Pork Chops ^7 Veal Chops... ! Brain 5 Ground Beef 3 Boiling Beef 5 Olpn Kin9 R WICU Nut 3 Larrf Purc Mb - «» vaiu Poctooff. 3 Dainty Dell . . . 1.00 Soap Chips I IB, 89c Salt Fish !H , bs 1.00 Whiting T o r5 ! •B..1.00 Steaks ^ , t , 1.00 Sausage Fres ib, 1.00 Liver S" 1.00 Flour / 5 r uB < /'AST. ErTfCIKNT WATCJt Rf:i'.\m_S.Nf:»' JOHN NEWCOMER i s " : 2li Vlrxlcla Avc. PA : 5iia!_ |¥ ^ 1 MODE'Ss'TiiiM^Tfi' H't(MSIIKn CAMP, V-50O. Opie King Nut re Mb. Packages *J Ibs. McDADE'S Open 7 Dn>.* A Week — S A. M. to Midnight 11 N. FRONT ST. D|A| _ 5 cons ck Arrow flO« arge . . . aOC , g 4 ib s . 98c ,S,b S 1.00 .....b 59c 3 lbi .1.00 . 3 lbi 89c $ U9 Available Immediately SUNOCO Service Station For Lease Good gollonoga ilatign wilh high potential and a minimum investment. Write: L. S, Madison Bo» 52, Btdlo;d, Pa. Phon« Bedford 1132-Y Display Classified Delicious Beautifully RIPENED BANANAS FRUITS And Vegetables Potatoes HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET NARROWS lOVER'S tEAP Air coaditioning that cool* and refreshes—the most practical kind at low cost—<hat'» what you get when you protect your home with Canva* Awnings. The many designs, patterns and colors available assure you exterior charm and beauty. VChy not ca« us today?—oo obligation for estimates. ' POSSELT'S 131 Frederick Si. PA 2-4715 CASH TIME Give Your Budget a lift with a THRIFT PLAN LOAN • t-day service • No co-signers • Terms »o suit you *2O to ^ISOO r THRtFT PLAN} I ftXHHCC CORPORAIIOK I I Or CUMBERLAND The BLIND MAN Says: of Confidence Ti not (he tesi/lt of cJiFfkull) difficulty comei fiom lack of confidence!' 1 Storm Doors Storm Windows Jalousies Awnings JOHN E. SHARP & GO, McMulIert Highway 2-7620 CONCRETE 9 POWER » STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS i^toiiatioM TRENCHING ***k ^ c»«o-^ PILE BROTHERS M ore InfnrmolioB Call: PA Z-S4M or 2-848S 2 . 2030 37-Metal Weolhcrstripping Defiance Weatherstrip Co. FREDERICK C. HAAS DIAL PA 4-frtl 38-Moving, Storing nun !Nh~iii r sTINC. smT" GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5622 48-Roofing, Spouting MEDERS TRANSFER. LOCjiL LONG DISTANCE AUKM NORTH AMERICAN VAN LPiCS PA < 39« BRN'NRTT r.-anirt?7S~ PLiiMN CJ 1 1 SUjnr* Co. Local—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 New Roonnc. Work. *)> ir 30 JT» K»p. AltT Ar.E.VT. MAVKLOVVKR TRANSIT LOCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING KLAVUHX TRANSrER PA 4-27 JOHN' APPEt. FRANiKER LOCAL, LONG DISTANCE MOVING AGEM GREVVAN LINES _ i'A «-lC73 39-Pointrng r Popcrhonging KA IN T i\<;— f:.\Tt:uTdrtI i \ TKnTri'ir I KKK ESTINTAT^S. CKT TlfK BF-ST: L_ U WlLRERT PA 2-*5?j , poiinc, tr.. «ni- it pairinc- Ccmrr.i and block Guarar.tcfii: Kuha and Durr - . 1*.^ 4-ftM7,_TA 2 (5( 40-Personots Und Nw" cvr^i: 1.MEC "ficncy. --- • . Tarr* yciri to pay Andnew Witt. Pfi ihnnc, Culler* >. Ei()m*lt* fr Scbut* PA 3 4 Mf^s Home rruprovcrr-.fnl Co,, !| e-or,:cartirc in roofing J M isctbric siding. Abo Aluminum Open Monday fveni/igj 'f/J 5:30 Tuesday thru Friday 9-5 LOANS MADE TO RESIDENTS OF SVKHUUNDINti TOWN? ^ Robert H. Burns, Mgr. IS N. Liberty St. PA 4-03J4 MEMORIAL DAY I Safe Driving Specials, ln C - PA Home Imprr^tmrnt C* Contractor. Johns. ManvllH, Roofltrr, Block la/- Alcoa Aluminum Siding tly Ihc S . II. W. or Complr!. 3 yrs. lo PIJ me Impnjvcmcnl I OQ<M. BedToni Hi ROOF Repairs & New R«i>. SlMajtU Slaic Buitt Up. Hot Asobalt CoatLnzi E. W Atxll. PA >-7tlL ROOriNG s SIDING, PitoUcc, SpouV ' IK. Gtntral repair*. Call Cnmb. PJl 3*M. HyTidman I37-R-5, Fre* ciU ialc*. Biltlncer-Barkett. All m«(3. RtX^ M mo.', to p*y. Mill . Aid. ML CH i-J50l 43— Piano funlng Piano Tuning & Repairing Laurence Griffith PA-2-1633 VrilOI.STERINn fruvX SCJIR fr Cony. "ov*. tVApcr\ i. Slip Cover Kabtie. 'Indov. scrrrn?; m^ric to order. Alum- ^elanr^ Shccrbrrtzc. 40" c oif. &0<- yd. O. BfM(7<;. l,it\-j|c. ,M,J r'A 4-^611 ROBERT w MOREUAND. - Tuces, Rrpaln Scltool. Chureb, Ko PlADOi. PA HC34. Ui€<J PilDO»- 45-Rodio Service GUARANTEED RADIO SERVICE SptcUliiinK bom* & Kulo radios Ol^N'S II S Qcorse St. PA *J5> 46-TeIevision Senrico ' CUMBERLAND^ ELECTRIC CO. TV Nilc-Sucdaj trvttf available PA 2-611) Humbertson's STRAND IV s^rcc t» Srn-lc* HI. 40 LaV»le r\ 2 7220 OpcD 'til 9 UNITED TV" W* rrpalt all ra&kri Radio. r-V 5« Bgrlford SL PA <-I4W 7p1litll TV AUTHoSiZElT' /jCllllll J. \ Sak , 4 Service BF.IXHART'S. PAI..S330. 0 > m \l p.m. 47—Real Estate For Sale Concrete block buiMinz 3ft\<0 nnu l OWt 50-Upholstering POSSELT'S Curtom rpholflertn«. Repairs, iwnlnc* fc l 131 Frrdertefc SL Oldpit, "'" l reUabl* UPHOLSTERING 51—Vacuum Cleaners CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE Recovering and Spring Repair C. E. Brodr ,Vo Giccnc PA 2-Ittl UPHOLSTERING AU7O CON'VEIlllBLE TOPS THUCK SEATS TARPAULINS HASTINGS ALUMINUM A»7iL\GS Ceo. S. Wtrcer 1W1 V». Aye. PA «-07T4 VACUUM CLEANERS £ri™ "('••ail- F-UT.J Guaranteed: *K% « SEnv 'CE. AU. MAKES ARC VACtit ™ STORKS PA ««10 fi " ( - PICK UP t OF.UVEBV HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5q70_I302_VA 1 AVE. May be purcha5M for balance due.' J. S. HLTTOV, flcsllnr r\- I /--i -•. » iidcfflry. W. Va, RK R.pTCKvVJSplQy LloSSlhCO ~7a FURNAC~E~AC"RE"S~ J 4 miles out Route 23. Another A JL ,\S Home for sale. Will be complelrd about' *Tim« ts(. Tor price and information. photic A i A Builders, Foil Asriby am. JUST OUTSIDE OF CITY — 6 room brick, wood fireplace, irutdc Rar»gc, automatic h"AL Lot 80x140. JUJOO. Opie Annan, 58 .V. Centre St., PA 4- 02M. i CHESAPTOWN — Tdcal fa mil;.- house, J ? bedrooms, large Tcvtl lot. STOOO riov\n and as^iiint Gl Mortgage. | 'WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS SENSATIONAL NEW DOZER WITH "POWER-ANGLING" MODEL 1OOO-1OO HP MODEL 8QO-8O HP DOUBLES DOZER OUTPUT on grading, backfilling and windrowing jobs You've wanlr-d it for ypats ... now here it is...n powerful, liisjher-spofd. anglfdozer lhat angles hydraulically right from the drii-fr's sen;. Knablrs operalor to maintain blade in proper position for peak efficiency on all jobs... without wasting valu- ab!r \vorking time on every bladr-change- Km- SO and 100 HP Cnsc-TerralVac dozers also give you tha extra advantages of power-boosting torque-comerler drive, plus a new pntent-applierl for counter-rotating, power-shift transmission lhat pcrmifc; fast 3GO" powcr-lurns within the track length of the machine. By changing blade angle "on-the-go", operator ran thus keep pushing dirt in same horizontal direction on each pass, instead of backing up empty. Or, he can peel off part of a pile ... sweep it into (be trench ... and "counter-rotate" back into pile iiithin 3 sccondf. See these and other advanced fea- tures nf the new Casc-TerraTrac power-angling dozers nou- at your Case Industrial Dealer's listed below. you Just MOVE A LEVER and blade angles HYDR AULICALLY. .. WITHOUT stopping the tractor Rugged hyr/iouHc ^cctift« or winch ovaitable oi oprlonol rqulpsncnl on both 80 end I 00 HP modrls. See it today in our showroom I MORGAN BROTHERS INDUSTRIAL SALES Rt. 40 — West City Limits — Frostburg Phone - FROSTBURG 1080 »-r dozers •« ..^^V^..v-.^. - loaders backhoes • fork lifts Crowded Holiday Highways Are No Place For Un- safe Autos. Drive one of these Guaranteed Safe Cars Now while these deals last! i Ponrioe Storthief Cuitom Catclina Sedan. Radio, hiaUr, power hraVt» r tmttd glon (tObO 56 Cod.llcc "6?" ^ dacjr, two Tone finiih an Radio, healer, power ir«ermg, pawcr ! Ptld. of Motor* 55 ChivraTit ''210'' Dtl Ray Coupe. 2 Ion* paint, 1 tone mlerfor, Al1 """.^: 1095 f S(uJ B &DV«r tanrf Cru.'i.r 4 door. R engtnt, S70 under booV 695 52 ChflviaFtt 2 door Club Coup*. Ntedt iom« worV r but at OQC thts piit* how ton you loi» atiSw 51 Pontioe CM*flcm D»Tux» ? deer. Radfo, hiaTcr, a uh>. OQC mo lie lianiminion WwU 51 Conillae 4 door Sedan. Rodw, h«otir, oufemarie Iront. •< OAC minion. N*v«r Io»«i iti appeal I fe*tW 195 95 50 Pontioe ChT.floin Dilure. B ty!iTid«r, 2 (or\», 2 door, 9QK Radio, heatir, autonctic trantmUiian J«Ww 48 Packard 4 door In excellent condition 53 CADILLAC "75" 4 door sedan. Two tone gray. Automatic trans- mission. Front and rcor control radio. Cost S7500 new. Sold new to Western Maryland official who babied it. Radio, heofcr, $1OQC Luxurious driving for only lOww SpoerTs USED GAR LOT 845 N. Mechanic PA 2-2415

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