Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 14, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1952
Page 12
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TWELVE .EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD^ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1952 Phone 4feOO for a WANT AD Taker Appeals Court Hears Truck Finns' Protest The Maryland Public Service! Commission erred In granting a| petition by City Express Company! to haul Coca-Cola products, accord-j Ing to a protest by six trucking firms. Counsel for the six companies told the Court of Appeals that they lost about $33,000 a year In revenue as a result of the commission's action In taking away some of their "most lucrative business." City Express, they charged, "wants to skim the cream of the profitable business and leave the common Carriers to haul general freight." Attorneys for the appellants also argued the routes approved by. the commission duplicated parts of existing lines operated by the six firms and the operation would cause "continuing and Irreparable damage." The routes approved were from Baltimore to Cumberland arid return and from Baltimore to Salisbury and return, with a spur to Easton. A bill of complaint against the Commission and City Express was dismissed in Baltimore Circuit Court No. 2. The commission decided at a hearing that the public welfare and convenience required the granting of the permits requested by City Express. This finding, counsel for the protesting companies said, "is not supported by substantial evidence" and is "clearly unreasonable and without factual support." Counsel for the Commission contended the six firms had "no permanent, pre-emptive right to transport the products 'of the Coca-Cola Co. over the routes covered by their permits, merely because their permits had been granted prior to the ones granted x x City Express." The six firms appealing the lower court ruling were: Tidewater 'Express Lines, Inc., Kent Freight Lines, Inc., Victor Lynn Lines, Inc., Charlton Brothers Transportation Co., Inc., The Maryland Transportation Co. and Marshall's Express. In other cases yesterday: 1. Harry V. Reeves Jr. appealed a judgment of Allegany County Circuit Court which sentenced him to one year In the House of Correction for committing perjury in an arson trial. Counsel for Reeves contended the evidence was not legally sufficient to sustain a conviction. 2. Caled Products Co., Inc. and United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. appealed a decision of Prince George's County Circuit Court which reversed the State Industrial Accident Commission and allowed compensation claims to Fred G. Sausser, a Caled employe, Sausser claimed he was Injured while lifting a carton of dry cleaning soap on Aug. 8, 1950. The commission held that Sausser did not sustain an accidental injury arising out of and In the course of his employment. Mary iiitu-vrth 9 * Mail Editor's Note: Specialist in human , relations snys the muscle boys with Macladden physiques aren't aeces- ! ffarily he-men. * DEAR MARY HA WORTH: Thank you for publishing my observations (January 23) on aggressive women and passive men—a poor combina- ion for marriage or parenthood. I hall now try to furnish some sps- ific criteria of essential masculinity. Real masculinity is not always cm- bodied in the strapping physical ypes. In fact the muscle boys and professional strong men often are emotionally and psycho-sexually immature. They make a fetish of narcissism self-love) by trying to develop outstanding physique; and they are exhibitionists, in trying to gain the admiration of both sexes, so as to build up their self-esteem. Basically they suffer from deep seated feelings of inferiority and' dependency. True masculinity is as much mental and emotional as i; is phyc'.oal n character. And it is akin to true femininity, in that both are characterized by the ability to love the opposite sex maturely and unselfishly. Such personalities are developed in a wholesome family life, where the parents are complementary types— self respecting, self reliant and well adjusted to each other; at ease in their respective roles in partnership. Immature Minds Unfit To Marry Boys and girls from happy homes usually look forward to marriage as an integral part of satisfactory adult living; and their tacit aim is to live .ike their parents. Usually, too, they discuss their friends with their parents, and respect their opinions — and good parents are able to give sound advice based on experience. Lucky the boy and girl who have a masculine respected father and a feminine respected mother. The family constellation represents society in miniature; and home life governs unconsciously our interpersonal relations as adults. Thus its importance cannot be overestimated. It is the biggest factor influencing the judgment of young people in choosing their friends or mates. The young person who approaches marriage in the right spirit wil make every effort to study and understand the opposite sex, from the standpoint of real masculine or feminine quality. The wholesome cooperative individual has nothing in common with the immature maladjusted type—the worst marriage risk. J. E. 50 Complete Home Nursing Course Fifty persons have completed the home nursing course given by instructors of Allegany County Chapter, Red Cross. The 1952 graduates will receive Red Cross and Civil Defense certificates, according to Mrs. Harriett Boore, home nursing chairman. Mrs. Boore reports many organizations have made application in the Red Cross office to have the home nursing classes taught. Each will be assigned an Instructor as soon as time permits, Mrs. Boore said. Last month, there were four home nursing classes conducted with 50 students participating. Mrs. Mary Bartlett, R. N., taught a class of ten Lonaconlng students, Mrs. Harrie Boore, R. N., conducted a class o nine: Mrs. Jean Finley, R. N., had 15 in her class, and Mrs. Vivian Pough, R. N., conducted a clas; with 16. The home nursing course Is of fered free of charge by the Rec Cross and consists of six two-hou: lessons. The course is designed ti aid the homemaker by teaching he simple nursing procedure to be used in the home. amily, but in relation to playmates, rom her view. Whether to "out with the truth" or keep the secret, and go in false guise, as she might think, could be llsturbing questions to her just now, ,hrowing her off stride. Small children shrug off such data, if' they get it early enough; DEAR J. E.: I am glad to have this supplement to your original observations. Your ideas have aroused vigorous discussion, oral and written Readers seem to feel that you've "said a mouthful" on a subject that deserves a great deal more attention than has been given it, heretofore M. H. * When To Tell Child She Is Adopted? DEAR MARY HA WORTH: Eight years ago a young married couple o: good background adopted a baHy jirl who was born out of wedlock. Later they produced a child of their own flesh and blood. The adoptee child is smart as a whip, gets top marks in a school, shows musical ap- tiEude, and excels at sports. The parents are college graduates anc church members; and their question is—When is the proper time to tel this child the facts of her history? B. C. DEAR B. C.: If the facts you would tell the child relate only to her adoption, the story might have been broached to her in pre-school years. You might have stressed fondly that you (the parents) chose her to be your daughter, because you'd loved her at sight, etc.: and then came baby sister, a surprise package from heaven, but very nice too, and equally lovable, when you got to know her. This would insulate her against the blow of first hearing of her adoption from some busybody. If you've said nothing so far, the news might be a bit of a shock At her present age. It might create an emotional problem for her. not with and in the latter teens, they know the value of reserve, and don't confuse it with deceit. But midway in growth, they have a transient ego- necessity to be just like contemporaries, without concealment, it seems to me. However, cny advice is — use your own best judgment. And in any case, .don't mention the "unwed" angle, until she is fully grown. M. H. Mary Harforth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal in- terview. Write her in cave of The Evening Times. » (Copyright, 1952, The Washington Post) (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) Legion Meets Tonight Fulton Myers Post 153, American, Legion, will meet today at 8:30 p. m. in the post home on North Mechanic Street, according to Charles E. Trimble, adjutant. Scientists say the human brain is capable of holding 3,000,000,000 separate ideas. Farming Taken Up By Belgian Congo Natives LEOPOLDVILLE, Belgian Congo —(/P>—The Belgian Congo authorities have launched an ambitious scheme of collective farming which aims at turning some 435,000 Congo natives into modern farmers. Some 40,000 families have already been resettled in newly created agricultural centers. The authorities are trying to work a pompromise enabling them to respectr tribal traditions thus facilitating the change to farming. The program's objective is to stabilize native population thus halting the movement towards the big cities. King Ibn. Saud of Saudi Arabia had a modernistic bathroom flown to him»from the United Spates at a cost of $15,000. Earthquake Enumerators • About 50 major earthquakes occur annually on an average. A large proportion cf these are under the ocean and we would never know about them were it riot for! the seismographs. i Don't forget RIVAL DOG FOOD Production Increases BRUSSELS —0<P)— Belgian steer production ended the year 1951 with j an all-time high production of five ; million tons while the Luxembourg ! industxy produced some three mil- i lion tons. The Belgo-Luxembounj j economic union total steel produc- ] tion for the year is thus 30 per cent j higher than their 1950 production, j STACEY'S F-R-E-S-H-E-S-T FISH Sea Bass j Butter Fish \ GENUINE Trout Ib. 49c 39c ,„. COOKED SHRIMP 65c Chincoteague BUIK Oysters SHEUS HALIBUT STEAKS FRESH CRAB MEAT 40 FATHOM FILLETS SOFT SHELL CRABS LOBSTER TAILS FROG LEGS STACEY'S MARKET 51 N. Centre St. ••«• PHONE 66 <>"•"• WITH EACH PURCHASE YOU RECEIVE IHFKK (FAIR TRADE MERCHANDISE EXCLUDED) DURING WOifS PHONE 76 FDR EVENING APPOINTMENTS 42 46 BALTIMORE STREET // You're Yearning For SXE Customers' Corner Wanted: One First Class Crystal Ball! Serving folks for almost a century now, we like to think we're pretty good at knowing just what they want and how to please 'em best. But experience and intuition can go just so far. Sometimes we think we could use a "crystal ball" to find out if customers have "something on their mind" they're not telling us—that we don't know, but should—in order to serve them better. Have you something on your mind that concerns us? We'd appreciate knowing it—then the crystal ball won't be necessary. Please write: CUSTOMER RELATIONS DEPT. A&P Food Stores 420 Lexington Ave., New York 17, N. Y. HEAD FOR YOUR A&P SIRLOIN Choice or Prime Grade Lb. 85 C Porterhouse Round Super Right . . . Also Club Steaks You can't beat these fine quality steaks Lb. 99 Lb. 1.07 COOKED HAMS 55 Super Right . . . Whole or full shank medium size hams Fruit Juices.... 2 - 39 Orange, Grapefruit or Orange and Grapefruit Fruit Cocktail... 35 Still More Super Right Meat Values Fresh Souse - 39' Fresh pigs foot souse priced for strained budgets Turkeys Over 18 Pounds Lb 65£ Standing Rib Roast... Lb A&P, Libby or DelMonte Brands A&r, JLjlDDy or J-veirauuuc .ui cuiuo • ^^ • • • • B • • •• 4^ I CIIWWW If I 411 Qft*" •••V « This is "Kraut and Frankfurter" Week Blue Bonnet, Good Luck, All Sweet, Nucoa, Parkay and Durkees This is "Kraut and Frankfurter" Week Sliced Bacon Sunn y fleW ">• 490 Cooked Picnics gf£' Lb - tflue tfonnet, UOOQ J.UCK, ** ^^, ™, .—., gjj^ BacQn gunnyfleld Lb. 49^ Cooked Picnics Super Lb " 39^ Longhorn Cheese - 49° stewing Oysters. 69° AT, <nn>T*.nnnn1n.r cheese that's nriced for savings %*J ' W An ever-popular cheese that's priced for savings Cherry Pies..... - 39 Fresh . . , lowest price this season Pollock Fillets....... Lb 2U Fresh Smelts..«..., : .. Lk 230 Jane Parker . . like homemade, only we do the work A&P Sauerkraut 2 28 This is "Kraut and Frankfurter Week" . . .buy 'em now! Pineapple Juice. A cool refreshing beverage . . . A&P brand dexo Shortening. 46-oz. Can 3-lb. Can , Pork Loin Roast. - 3? Tender 7-rib End Roast from young porkers Spare Ribs Lb 51<5 Pork Neck Bones «....™ "• 17£ 29 C Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Iceberg Lettuce 2 25° Large size 48's . . . solid heads ... a real value Pure all vegetable shortening . . . it's hydro genated Jane Parker Potato Chips—Sim o n iy .................. MB. box 59c Chocolate Cream Drops. .. . 12oz pkg Worthmoro . . . Creamy centers . . . luscious chocolate Town House Crackers ....... Wb - Pkg 330 Colonial's February feature Spaghetti or Macaroni ...... 3 ' lb Pkg 490 Ann Page . . . Made from fancy semolina Pancake Mix ............. 20 ' w Pkg 180 Pillsbury . . . Pillsbury Buckwheat Mix— 20-oz. Pkg. 20c Hydrox Sandwich Cookies. . 12 ' oz Pkg 390 Tasty creme between two chocolate wafer.. Sultana Peanut Butter ....... 24 ' oz Jar 570 Priced to save your food budget Our Own Tea Bails .......... Pkg of 4S 390 Costs loss than Ic per cup Red Sour Pitted Cherries ...... 2 ^ 470 Wonderful for pie making Ann Page Salad Dressing ....... ^ 490 Tart sweet . . . Made with fine salad oils Gingerbread Mix Dromedary Brand 14* -o Potato Chips Brownies Dc-llsh-us 13-oz. Pkg. Rinso Send Tor Rinso's Color-coated Flower Seeds Z'-Sfe G '™'57c Babo Removes "Sink Smog" Cans 2 Surf Avail; ? 0 *** CQ« Giant CQ fi j 2 £Fkgs.U«/«? Pkg. U3v Now Both Sizes Available at A&P Yel MarVELmis for Glassware Giant Fab Washes Wliite Without Bleaches ft L S e rn 4, Pkgs. JJPU Giant Fresh Carrots 2 19 Medium size carrots tops in flavor Frozen Orange Juice 6-or, can 15c Winesap Apples ,.2 Lbs 350 Wonderful flavor ... an all purpose apple Pascal Celery stalk 290 Large size 24's from California Seedless Grapefruit 3 for 290 From Florida . . . large size 54's Florida Oranges Doz 390 Large size ISO's and 176's . . . juicv, sweet Regaio Spinach Salad Mix or Cole Slaw These prices effective through Saturday, Feb. 16th Lux Soap Bath Size 2 CakC5 23c Lux Soap Regular Size 2 cak 17c Swan Soap Medium Size Cake ^ Swan Soap I/arjfe Size c " k '13c Ajax Cleanser With Foaming Action 2 c ™' 23c Octagon Cleanser Determent Base Can 9c Silver Dust h Cloth 30c With Wash Cloth Lg». Pkg;. Cashmere Bouquet Regular Size 2 c " u "17c Lifebuoy Soap Regular Size 2 c ' l "17c Toilet Soap Octagon—Mildly Perfumer' 4 cakcs 27e Palmolive Soap Reqiilar Sizo 2 c ' k "17c Palmolive Soap Bath Sir.** 2 c "" 23c

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