The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 14, 1929 · Page 9
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 9

Brooklyn, New York
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Saturday, December 14, 1929
Page 9
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE,. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1929. Youth Council To Present a Xmas Pageant Many Co-operating With Young People of Boro for Academy Pageant Brooklyn Youth Council, composed of elsht young people's orjan-izations of Brooklyn and recelvlnn co-operation from three other croups, will present on the evening of Dec. 26 a Christmas pagesnt. "The Light of the World," at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The organization is affiliated with the Brooklyn Federation of Churches., which is sponsoring the pageant. Dr. H. Augustine Smith, professor of hymnology at Boston University, is in charge of the pageant, which he wrote. He presented it first in the Imperial Theater, Tokio, Japan during the convention of the World's Sunday School Assoc'aticm, and has since presented it over 1,000 times in various cities in Japan arid elsewhere. The cast includes 150 persons, aided by a chorus choir of 100 voices, and will depict the Light of the Christ Child going out to al! the world. The pageant committee includes active workers in various religious organizations, headed by M'ss Lillian Galbreath. director of the religious education for the Y. W. C. A., who Is general chairman. A group of 100 patronesses is being selectcl and well-known sin?e-s and dramatists of the boro are being securer) for lead in parts. The Youth Council is only a year old. This is the most ambitious project the organization has at-temoted and co-ooeration is bein; received from churches and youni people's groups throughout Brooklyn and Long Island. Christmas Vespers - At Brooklyn Y. W. C. A. Konstantine Kostifh will soeak on "Christmas Customs in Jugoslavia" at the Christmas vesper service tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the International Institute of the Y. W. C. A. of Brooklyn at 94 Jorsle-mon st. There will be a Syrian tableau of the Nativity and Christinas carols in many lamimes will be sun-? by various national eroiirjs. Tea will be served following the service. The Greenooint Bran-h of the Y. W. C. A. a'so will hold its an"al CMstrvas service tomorrow afternoon at 4-31 o'clock with Christma carols, noems and lewis. Mi" for.aru- Mnrrl' i crml-trim of the committee in charge of arrangements. The Pev. Samuel Dorrpive. re-v to of St. Ann's Episcopal Church, will preach tomorrow morning. At the vesoer service te Pev. Howard P. Dunn, curate will preach. In St. John's M. E. Chi-rrh the pa-tor. th Pev. Frederick A. Wei's, will preach tomorrow morninT on "fre We Peaiv?" Tn the even'ri he w'll answer some of the niipst'nns . wh'"h. in response to his invltat'on ha"e bn sent m during, the last to weev. The lane chorns. as-sist"d bv Palme TaivMir), will sin'' both mom'n and eveiMnsr. "God the Preserver of Mn" will be the i'Mect tomTOv of th les-s""-pron in all rhnrrhes of Cst. Pet1st Dec 15. The cltat'ons which comnrlse th- len-'prrpon Include se'e-ftons frnrvi th Plble and Maw PsVo ErHv's "Pd-nce and Health with Kev to the Scriptures." The Rev Dr. Wllllvn Tarter prenr of Throon Avenue Presbv. te'-'-'n Church. wH' Dnsch tomorrow morrln" on "The Advent of the CiHst." B"d in the evening on "f-Httn? Peadv (or Christmas." Th"re will hp Mjctal meatc at ear se-"'"e 'eaHini; Hi) to bh'tsrrrma. The Christmas ferrirS for the bc'nner and the tvitmrv dcD-xrt-innts of the Simriav School 1P hld P-fnrdi" nftnoin. whpn Fata Clans will make an earlv vis't to the chi'riren. The Pv. Complins Greenwav. pa-tor of All Pouts Unlversa"st Ch"rch. will nrearh totto-row mnrn-lr"! on "Te Petn" Chr'st." O'lve-P'WBrt. tenr, w"' be the soloist,. Mr. Greenwav will snk at the Senior Y P. C on "Wanted ." At the J"nnr Y. P. C. TT. M'ss CMhprlne H-'er wi'l sne-k on "The I Blessings of Good Sportsmanship.' Presbyterian Bedford Presbyterian Church Nostrand Avenue at Oean Street Dr GEORGE WELLS ARMS. P'.stor. "THE FINAL COMMISSION" 8 OO P M "A MAN AND HIS CHARACTER" The Ten Commandment Sermons Wednesday, 8:00 P.M.-"MAKlNfc A START" YOU ARE MOKE THAN WELCOME SPENCER A UNION Of 8PFNCER AND WESTMINSTER CHURCHES Rev F. E. SIMMONS M.A , Minister ARTHUR BILLINGS HUNT, Director of Music II :03 A.M.- Mr. SIMMONS, "Prcparini? for Christmas" 8:00 P.M. Rev. H. D. Campbell on Negro Characteristics S'toro Spiritiia'n. Choir of SO VoiVen. Mate Quartet. Mixed Quar tet, Soloi, Ponilar Hymn Singing S1TTINOS FREE 3Cafajctte AurmtP Jlrrfibytrriatt (hurrl Cornet South Oxford Street JOHN EWING STEEN Minister In Charge The Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gooddl of New York Will Preach at 11:00 and 7:45 Methodists to Celebrate Bishop Oldham's 75th Year Methodists throughout the country will celebrate tomorrow the 75th birthday of Bishop William. Fitz-james Oldham, known as the "last of the great inter-continental pioneers." He is now living in Ohio, retired from active service, but b stil' an Inspiration to younger men in the Methodist clergy. Methodist Church schools at the Christmas seaon will raise a fund foi "Oldham Hall." the central ad-icin'strative and class room building c' Colegio Americano y Instltu'o News of the Churches At Spencer Memorial Presbyterian Church the Rev. F. E. Simmons, the pastor, will preach tomorrow morning on "Preparing for Christmas." In the evening the Rev. H. D Campbell of the Africa Inland Mission will speak on "Nesro Characteristics." The choir will sing Negro spirituals. At Janes M. E. Church the Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Gallagher will preach tomorrow morning on "Things Jesus Stood For," and in the evening on "I Want to Be Hap py." A live question will be answered during the sendee: "Is Protestantism Becoming Exhausted?" In the Marcy Avenue Baptist Church tomorrow rooming there will be a symposium on "The Jericho Road of i930," the pastor, the Rev. Wilbour E. Saunders, speaking on "The Travelers -on the Road," and Dr Thomas J. Riley of the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities on "Making Better Roads." In the evening the Masonic Order are to be the guests of the church, in a service under the auspices of Plymouth Lode. George C. Patton Jr. is chairman of the committee; Ernest C. Thompson, Deputy Grand Master of First Kins District, and Mr. Saunders, will be the speakers. The Young People's meeting has as its topic, "What Have Young People to Give?" led by Mildred Waterman and her team. "Seven Minutes in Eternity," a recent magazine article, is the subject of Wi'liam Dudley Pelley, the author, tomorrow evening at the Unity Society headquarters, Manhattan. Tomorrow morning, at the Engineers Auditorium. Manhattan, Dr. Flchard Lyrfh. leader of the Unity Society, will speak on "Turning Thought Into Things." In the P. E. Church of the Messiah the rector, the Rev. Dr. St. Clair Hester, will preach tomorrow morninT on "The Evidences of Judgment to Come." and in the afternoon on "John the Bantist and Christ's Test of Greatness." At the Classon Avenue Presby-'erian Church lh( pastor, the Rev. P. A. Macoonald. HU preach tomorrow morT,in? on "What It Is to Bi a Christian " In the eveninr th" oulpit will be occupied bv the Rev rher's Nletzp- n"stor n TVishwie'' Prebvtorian Church of Peace. The midweek servi'-- on Wednesday will ave a proTrani of Christmas stories The Rev Dr. W Russell Bowie rector of Grace P E Church. Manhattan. nrl Ernest Mitchel. onanist nd choirmaster, have arran"ed a 'es'lve chorl 'iwn for tnmorro"' wing Tin is the tHrd in the 'eris of musi"al services on "The Tnsnirat'ons of Pc'iin." and tomorrow bein" in the Advnt scson. t mnc wi'l have as ls theme "The Promises of Christ." Dr "nwie w"' nreach tomorrow mrvn-'ng on "What Counts in Christianity?" The bov choir of the New York tate Military Academy will take "art in the service tomorrow morning at the P E. Church of the Incarnation. MTbatt'n. The rector he Pev. Dr H. Percv Silver, will nreach the sermon. At 4 o'clock in 'he aftrnoon there wi" be a chorn' venson" service at which th"re wll' ie an address antl special music. A sacred drama "A Gift to th "h'ist-Chtld." will be Dresented nl lethanv Lutheran Ch"rch. Brim-rV'd OarcVns. L. I., tomorrow evening in te Sunday school rooms ol 'he church In the First Prebvter1sn Church 'e Rev Morgan Phelns Noves. min-'ster. will preach tomorrow morning The Rev. Dr. WiU'm Norman Guthrie, -ectnr of St. Ma-ks-'n-he "oi'werle. will preach tomorrow momlns on "Can Our Convicting Presbyterian. Remsen and Clinton Streets (One Block West of Boro Hall) of the Africa Inland Mission and "After-Clow" with Mr. Hunt. A CORDIAL WELCOME I Ward in Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America. The school is of secondary grade for boys and youni; men and has 250 students. Bishop Oldham was born in j'rdia. son of a British officer. Ho entered the missionary field as a very young man and inaugurated Methodist missionary work in the Malay peninsula. He found'd the "itous Chinese School in Slrm- .'it- and later was connected with ...ui.y large missionary projects in this country and abroad. Idealization of Youth Be Reconciled?" In the afternoon a Christmas cantata will be given, "A Ritual Candle Lighting," composed and directed by St. Mark's Cantor, Bj-yce Fogle. Verdi's "Four Sacred Pieces" will be sung in honor of Beethoven's birthday. St. Mark's is the only place where the entire cycle has been presented and the music is repeated by request. The Rev. J. Lowrey Fendrich Jr., pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, will speak tomorrow afternoon at the Youni Men's Forum at Central Branch Y. M. C. A., on "Crime Control and the Courls," the third of four addresses by Dr. Fendrich on "Changing Attitudes 'n Cur Social Living." George R. Txickwood will speak on Monday eve on "Astronomy of the Bible"; Clement Schwinges (Mr. Action), on Thursday evening on employment for men 40 years of age or more, and the Rev. Dr. Marlon Smith, nastor of First M. E. Church, on Friday evening on "Christmas Joy." Tne Younp Helpers League of the Women's Branch New York City Mission Society, will hold its 29th annual meeting tomorrow afternoon t the home of Mrs. Henry Rogers Benjamin. 2 E. 87th St.. Manhattan Each member will brinsi a Christmas sift for a child and his mite bank The league sunporU a nurse or other worker for the Mission Society REUGIOIS NOTICES. RELIGIOUS NOTICES. Presbyterian. Presbyterian. Learn the Science of How to Win in Life Thousands of drifting people, passing aimlessly through this life rre victims of what science calls the "Hysteria Complex." Fortunately It is not a disease. It Is merely a state of mind. If thoroughly understood a good part of these people could help themselves materially to reach the position in life they are seek-'ng. This is especially true if they will religiously apply the instructions now available to every one free of all costs. Many of these people have a vivid imafrlnat'on. Perhaps they are looking forward to a position they would like to have, a business thev w?nt to start, or something of great value they hope to create or invent But after they undertake their venture the interest soon wanes. There is always something in the distance tnst out of rpach They are always TOMORROW NIGHT, 7:45 SUNDAY, DEC. 15th Dr. FENDRICH PREACHES ON "The Hysteria Complex" Central Presbyterian Church, Jefferson and Marcy Aves. Sunday School at 9:45 A.M. Presbyler.aa 3Flatbual) prrBhytrrtan Potter Avenu and Et 23d 8tft HERBERT H. FIELD. M.A..D.D MINISTER tl A.M. "ONE VALUE OF RELIGION: KEEPING MENS AND END L'NCONFUSED." M:(Hl I' M. WHITE CIFT CHRISTMAS SERVICE by the Children of the School. 9:45 A.M. Bible School 7:00 P.M -Young People Midweek Meeting Wedneiday evening, 8 o'clock EVERYBODY WELCOME Grace Presbyterian Church Stuyveiant and Jefferson Avet Preaching at 10:45 A.M. by Rev. R. H. Ritter of Peking, China and at 8 P.M. by Rev. Peter R.Joshua of Huntington, L. I. . A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALL Ul J? PHI pnesHvreniAN At Monro Btreet evei Albert Macdnnsld Col.o 11 A.M.-"What It Ii to Be a Christian" IPX - Sermon bv Rev. Charle. Metier of Burhwtck Presbyterian Church of Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church Seventh Avenu. and St John's Piece 12 OO A M. "What Then Shall 1 Do With Jesu.'" 6 00 PM Youn People'f Supptr and Meeting Ke JOHN BARLOW, Minister. Rev GEORGE W. KINCHELOE. A.illtant. Mr. 8. LltWiS ELMER. Orfanlit. I M wtim mi FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHCRCH riflh Artnu. Ilia and I2tb Street. 1Re Oecrue Alexander, D !? MinU'er. Il'ev J V Molderihawer DD Hev ii.iil!n P K.:: t H'lOAM L'r VO' n..NHAW-': " ti UO P M. P'u"le i 00 P M - Mr FI.LIOTT WmjuiO, a p.M UMlmg of Coucx. num. Theater News 'Follow Thru' Next Majestic Attraction. Stage Gossip "Follow Thru" will be the next attraction at the Majestic Theater, opening Dec. 30. The theater will be closed for the next two weeks. "Follow Thru" is stamped with the skill of Schwab and Mandel, who have created some of the moot notable successes of the theater. U is fashioned in the mode of the moment and it is filled with the spirit of youth. It ran on Broadway for 11 months. With the unmatched record of six consecutive musical hits to their credit, "Follow Thru" beins the latest Schwab and Mandel are looked upon as among: the most dependable procfcicers of this style of entertainment in this country. They have produced such outstanding successes as "The Desert Song, ' "Good News" and "The New Moon." In "Follow Thru" they are said to have excelled all previous efforts. In the cast will be found the favorites that have helped to make the play a success, including Jack Haley, John Sheehan MTfaret Lee. Don Tomkins, Beth Meakins, James Jolley. Evelyn Kindler, Arthur Campbell, Betty Junod, Edith Campbell. Al Downing, Eleanor Powell. Phil King. Betty Bowman, E'atne Lank. Perny O'Neil, a chorus of 50 famors beauties and Al Goodman and his Country Club Boys. "Wise ChiU" Prospers. The 150th performance of "It's a Wise Child" was given at the Belasco Theater last evening. The comedy has broken all Belasco Theater rc ords, playing to calamity at every performance. Mr. Belasco will "ive two extra holiday rntinee on "Tlday, Dec. 27, and Wednesday, Jan. 1. Plenty of Matinees. Owing to the great interest in the revival of "Babes in Toyland," which is to be presented at Jolson's Theater beginning Dec. 23. it has been decided to eive 10 matinees of the Victor Herbert extravaganza during Christmas end New Year's weeks The first matinee w'll be on Christmas Day, with a performance sched- starting something el&e, but never finishing. They can ofttlmes keep them busy with nothing. These people lack patience and a power of concentration. Dr. Fendrich will speak on the "Hysteria Complex" tomorrow at the regular evening service at the Central Presbyterian Church. A great effort on your part, perhaos riving up a great pleasure you ex-oected, will more than repay you for vour time spent in going to this service. If you have any of the above farlts. if you are not advanc ing the way you think you should be sure and hear this talk. Dr. Fendrich is an authority on the subject, and pastor of th's church. He can be seen for a private consultation during the week at the church office. Protestant Episcopal, Sc'nt Paul's Church Clinton and Carroll Slreeli Rev. Granville Mercer Williams, S.S.J.E. Rector LOW MASSES AT 8 AND 9:30 A.M. SOLEMN MASS AND SERMON, 1 1 A.M. tSPERS. ADDRESS AND BENEDICTION AT 4 P.M. I - HUPCH of SAINT MARK Bittern ParKway Si Brooklyn Ave. Arthur L. Charles O.D.. neclor II 00 AM Holy Communion 9 30 A M.--t:hurch School 11:00 A M. -Morning Pe'vlce and Sermon 7 30 P M. Evening Service ar.d Mormon VIBITOUa AND 6TRANCJEKS WELCXJJ4E ST. PAUL S CHURCH r'LATBUHIl Church Avenu and 8t. Paul'3 Place Rev. WALLACE J. .GARDNER, D.D Rector Holy Communion -7:30 and 8.30 AM. 11 A.M. Momma; Service and Hennun. 8 P.M. Evening Service and Address. CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH Green and Clermont Avenues flev 8T CLAIR HESTER. D.D., Rector 00 A.M. Holy Communion. 45 A.M. Church Sunday School. 11:00 A.M. Service and Sermon. 4:30 P.M Veipen and Addres. WELCOME TO ALL CHURCH OF I HL INCAKNAI ION Madison Avtnu and 35th Street Rev H f SILVER, O D Hector and to A M HOLY COMMUNION 11 A.M. -MORV'NO PHAVF'l. SERMON OV THE HECTOR. 4 P.M CHORAL EVENSONO, WITH ADDRESS. SPECIAL MUSIC. Noonday Services, IS 50 to IS 40 Dotlj Except Saturd.7 Music and Address ST. SIMON'S CHURCH ryiO Avenue M corner K. ?9!h (-"iv. Lo"ls A Pi ker, Priest : Cl.arie Tliirtl SuiiU' hi A'l.c.l i: '..M Ho v C',nir-ur.' n. P A.M McnlitH Praer and ts.rmk'U. k P.M. tveoinu Prayer and Addreta f Ill I" f 11 uled for every afternoon during the remainder of that week and all of the following week. All for Charity. Willie and Eugene Howard ot George White's "Scandals" will pla two midnight benefit performances after the regular show this even-ug The first is in aid of the victims ol the Pathe Studio fire, at the Im perial Theater, and the second is in behalf of the Federation of Jewish Charities, at the Palace. In Irish Play. Grover Burgess will have the lead ing role in "The Playboy of the Western World." bv John M Synge. which is row tu rehearsal at :he Irish Theater in f.retnwich Village. New Orleans Honors Jettv Svstem Builder New Orleans (V-New Orleans has unveiled a bronze tablet to James Buchanan Eads, engineering wizard who built the Jetty system on the lower Mississippi that made his citv a world port. Unveiling of the tablet at Port Spiritualist Spiritualist Church of the FOUR LEAF CLOVER 144th St. north of Hillside Ave., Jamaica, L. I. Rev. M. E. CLAAS Pastor. ' Spiritual Service Sunday, 10:45 A. J Spiritual Service Sunday, 7:45 P. M Summerland (Sund; School), 2:00 P. M. Know the truth and abide bu GOD'S LAW, and you shall not wander in darkness. UNITY SPIRITUALIST SOCIETY 584 Franklin Ave. Cor. Pacific 8t. Tel. Prospect 5165 HPTRITUAMST MKETINOS. MONDAY. WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 8 P.M. Instruction Classes for Mediumship Development, Tuesday and Thursdaj, 8 P.M. Dev. K. I. RICHARDS, Minister ALL WELCOME CHIU) OF GRACE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 437 Avenue Y, Brooklvu, N Y. Member ot Q A. 3 Grace Raplsarda Services, Tuesuav, S snd H P M. cnarp Frldav, 2 and 8 P M. Class Wednesday. 8 P.M. Telephone Coney Island 4987 Culver Line. Avenue X Station I'niversalist, ALL SOULS Ocean and Ditmas Avps Rev. CORNELIUS GREENWAY, MINISTER Sermon Theme: "Ths Begging Christ" Y. P. C. U. and Junior Y. P. C. U. at 7:30 P.M. Hear Borough Halt and CCIark Congregattona. ' PLYMOUIH CHURCH Orange Street. Near Henrv Street t I. STANLEY DURKEE morninci Dr duhkke P"t0"ljJ D io ffiA& ( AS1!"E iVPAlN II A M .Morning Beryl... " 1 ,1E AmSTLE TO THE POOR - HHN rSIKi Methodi.i Episcopal FIRST METHODIST LPISCOPAL CHURCH F. MARION SMITH Corner Clark and Henry Slreel. MINISTER MORNING. 11:00- U Momma 8m. ,WLR 0F Tl 11 A Mr""" S"uc' S..U.I-M... MARGARET NORMAN MORCANtNOYES PRESBYTERIAN CI IURCI I MINISTER y ?fr"'' cr Cark Street 1? il MS "w'orsmp 1 1 A.M-SF.RM0N BY Mr. NO YES BPM Evenlna Service at CUji R. HUNTINGTON GOODMAN Park Branch. 80B Concord Bt. Choir Director and Organ..! Prote.l.nt Ep,.copal GRACE CI IURCI I Rev. CLO P ATWATER. D.D.. Ilirl" Between Remsen and Jor.lem.n r , Third hunili.y m Advent. Iirrember IMh 1'c,t" AM.-IIOLY COMMUNION Rev DAVID ATWATER. Curate 11:00 A.M. MORNING PRAYER anJ SERMON, 0:00 A M -Holy Communion. THK HE( lott 11 00 A.M. Morning Prayer. -W P.M. EV ENING I'RAYI R 4:30 P.M. -livening Prav. r. ..V7 ,C.h.0,r.. .""' anl Men Prank Wright. Mus Use. Cholrrnnler. Ep,.cop.l CHURCH OF n IE HOLY IRIMTY JOHN HOWARD MELISH tl"""n Street. Ne.. txmm pradkord vouno 1 1 :0 A M - MORNING PRAYETt and SERMON, MINISTERS Mr. MI.I.I5II 8:30A.M. Holy Communion. H'lRllUAL ARbTCX RACY ' II 00 A.M. Morning Praier 0:(W P.M. EORUM and Herman EMI'I OYER.. MRIKfRS AND PARVtNS N E 00 P M.-rorum MARIOS, N. C . RECTOR -"",,jn ana Livinnslon btreei. howakd r hunn cur.- M RMONAT 1 1-UY THE RECTOR fl 00 A M. Holv Communion. to oo a m -Church school. Mr. DUNN PREACHES AT YF.M'I K.S 11 OO A.M. Morning Prsver n,.,,- i, , ,. and aermon. bocUi ""r 9 p M ln ' t'dercroi. 4 00 P.M. Veepcrs A Cordial Welcome to A)! t M lrem'f'gould CHURCH OF HIE NEIGHBOR PASTOR Cljrk Slreel and Monroe lli 10 00 AM Orouri Bad? and ,, . . "'"' MoRMNG MR. GOUED-ToPIC : 1 1 00 A M. -Mornllur Hervif-e. oo km. r., "GOD'S OPPORTUMl " Vml,. CI IURCI I Of- IHL SAVIOUR ir.nvi noui.vxi i .Tin. ' l'ler"""i' Street and Mo,ro Mat IOIIN HOLLAND LA I DROP MoRNlNG-Dr UIHROP RICHARD VI r SEEBODE "RLUCIOC'S ILSTIVAES AND LMOII0NAL MINISTERS INDULCNCt' 11 A M Momma Servlc. i.Liinv t ? 30 p m r.., EVENING SERVICE-Mr SEEBODE 7.30 PM Bervlc. "GIETS AND GIVERS" Reformed REI ORMF.D CI IURCI I on the I IEIGI ITS CORNELIUS B MUSIE ! IVrrepcnl Slr-et Near llrnrv Slret Pct,,: I r.'iiRMM: Mr. M'.-T j A -u j '.u.'t .i i ' 1111 ""H'HfRD ANi) llll Xl.iE Ml.."- II AM. MoraUtg terrlc I MX uusil Conduct. Eads, alto known as Pllottown, took place in commemoration of the jcmi-centennlal of acceptance of the jetties by the United States Government. Eads' engineering achievements Included the Esds bridge over the Mississippi at St. Louis and construction of ironclad river gunboats for the Federal Government In the Civil War. The Rev. Paul II. Scaer, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "Solving the Problem of Religious Indifference." and in the evening on Vercmlah the Mi'Hnnt Prophet." At Bedford Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning the Rev Dr. Geo'tre Wells Arms, pastor, will "reach on "The Final Commission." At iie evening service he will continue in his series on "The Ten Commandments," speaking on "A Man and His Character," from the Ninth Commandment. The midweek service will be held on Wednesday niTht at 8 o'clock, the subject .being "Mnklng a Start." COSMOPOLITAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Odd Pfilows Hall. Schprrrfrhorn St,, Nrr- t ins Bubwuy, fvery But urn ay evriium. v-iii 'p.m.: 4;o State St. every Thursday md cmnuav, ,:.). weaneMiav uernnon at i.-. Mr, 1 ' Ml I H PHY Spiritualist lemple ot Light and lruth 8fi6 Flntbush Avenue Services Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday rve-limvs, 8:00; Monday and Friday afternoons, 2.30. AtlFt K THlrnFIi: LORD t'nivrrsntist. 11:00 A.M.. AT TUB CHURCH or-OUR FATHKR MEETING HOUSE 1st Utrtversiillsf 415 Clinton Ave Bet Orecne und Ontes Thomas Edward Potterton, D.D. 1 1 "Prophet, Priest or Minister" Commun'on Service Reformed Church in America. Fl A 1 LANDS DU ICH REFORMED CHURCH Kinds HlRhwav and East 40th SI Rev Charles William Rreder Minister 10:30 A M. The Teachings of Christ. VII -The Power to Do Comes With the Atlemnt to Obey. 8:00 P.M. "The Joy of Knowing Ood." IP 111! i mZTFmf"rJmmr WIIIWIIII II RELIGIOIS NOTICES. Corner Wah!;:?-ton and Gu-s Avfs. one b:o; rwrth ol tu.1 Bt. 'Oil "God's Messenger System" lias a u'senvr i aueu ai i our uoov . Df.auT Ferry wq SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th, TO P.M. DELMER PERRY WOOD WHO FORMERLY SI'OKK AT THE ACADEMY Ol' MUSIC. Good Music Illustrated Songs Seats Free. Reformed Church in America. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Corner Flatbush and Church Avenues rullNUKD Rev. JOSEPH FREDERIC BERG, Ph.D., D.D., 11:00 A.M. "THE SHADOW OF THE ADVENT" 8:011 PM "THE AGE OF LIMELIGHT" STR.WGEKS CORDIALLY ISVITED THE FIRST REFORMED CHURCH "OLD FIRST" Seventh Avenue and Carroll Btreet Rev. S. S. DAUGI I TRY. D.D. MINISTER 11 00 A M "LO. THE CONQUEROR COMES!" B 00 P.M. "A SURPRISING QUESTION" Manlialtau BahnlL BAH A1 1 CKNTRE 119 West SUn St.. lit!) Floor 4:00 P.M. Dr. Genevieve Co; , "Spiritual Freedom" WEDNESDAY. 8:30 P.M. ALAIN L. LOCKE. Ph.D. of Washington, D. C. "TOWARD A UNIVERSAL CULTURE" Baptist. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 13j West 70th St. i Pythian Temple I Rev WILL H IIOIKIIITON will preach Hutuluy. 11:00 A.M. "When Christ Camo to Earth." 7.30 P.M. "When Christ Cornea Again." 3:00 I' M Rev. L. W RARNAH1). Wed., 7:30 P.M -Mldaeck 3crvlce. Services broadcast WQAO. "'SI M.. 1010 K Divine Sfli'iite. THK ITRST CHl'Kt II DIVINI-: SCIKNCK HILTMORB HOl tL HALLIK).I 1 1 A.M. Tomiirtow lU-v. FKNW'IC'KK llOL.MKS, '((H(l)- "Spiritual Slopans" (lttrtb f Ihr Srnlh Ri v AI.BKUT V Olill H. patur II West 4-.'d Ht.. Ko'.in 40l II AM "Why We Arc All wuecr." a T M - LAI)YS C. f.Kltlt "Orem t.sse ,blon Services Fverv Noon iind vveM M P t lllterdeniimlnallollat. CATWEDRAL" Uhderworld Q rvAOio Mass Mill ist rrkaa w; k . UllKC u 111. I '.vcA 1 ' A Voice From Calnflcu." John W " lle'mbold, the pirllnK Msle Umhi. ww"-' Kim me iniiii,,i u;,i irE I nimpetcrs ism Tl . urtfl 'I. LfVlr-i v ,M I IIC IM.XtL ,11 A IL1 1 CI Old l.'hllie.M. rilrntro ilof pel Keril- e Nightly. 10 1' 1 ' rrfsltj-ti'tl.iii. I I II 1 1 1 AE. I'RKMiY ! I RIAN i Ultn Avenue ai.d lo'.lt flrt-et ' 9 4A church Hi hoiu , HOD-ltet. HfNIIV IK'UAIIIV I.' 1) 4 (Ml Oman Kecilnl, IIAIIHY ,IIMMI!. I 4 M-ltrr MINOf C MoRllAN II i I 7 4'i - I'enple s hrruir, llr lloA Ailli 1 Wed., a ti PM. Mid'.eea t.-l...,. Iir Mi, i can ( IIAIfl l V. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul The Society ol' St. Vincent tie I'.tul h;i-; M ived the poor in I.rooklyn for seventy-three vi'iirs. ;unl wotiM rerniiul the readers of The I.rooklyn Kale that it still carries on its mission in its own quiet ami unostentatious way. The demands upon the unusually pressing at the present time, due to the wide- f spread unemployment conditions and the ecessii! j rents, which are out of all proportion to the working- j man s income. As t ho work is carried on IarKely hy men who give their cervices without worldly compensation purely as a labor of love, the t'Xix-nse of administration, clotvs not exceed five percent of the income of the Society. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul GG Human Place, Brooklyn RELIOIOf 5 NOTICED. Wash mgton Avenue S.D.A. Church! Reformed Church in America. i-Grace Reformed--I Church I . LINCOLN ROAD and BEDFORD AVI'. Rev. Lester M. Conrow, D.D. tlliiu'tcrl MORN1NO BrnVICB 11:00 A.M. "Tl IE DAY OF GOOD I TIDINGS" EVENING SERVICE -8 00 P.M. "II IE F11LNLSS of the TIME" ! SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 4S AM. COHH ASI Uim.tlllP HITII IB Clmrcliet s Protestanll jilscopul. (!rarc (EiiurriT ,3;' Th Rev W Russell Howie. D U.. liccl.i;. 8 00 A M Holy Cominllnloa. 11 00 A.M.-Morning Prayec and tici.i..' by thi Rector. 8 no p M. FESTIVAL CHORAL tVlX-HONU, "The Promise ol Chr.sf Noonday Service, ruerrav to F'l'lun' , 2.M to la.Sil. CAINTfYIARSCS Ma9 IM - TMK-lk BOUWKHir. 'Tanth 3rM . Wan of tacan4 WILLIAM NSMN CUTHHII. Uli.1V 8 It. c. It tv'rmon hy Rrc'.or. "Id'li ' llona nf Youth. 4 Music rest:', al. ' --SVO'bolie Worl,lp flic Srr' M I'RANSFIGURA HON ' Slrl"" r.nri.n rnt n rt Aifi t run nvff K'V KANU'll.PH KAY, 13 t .. Rfc'o. CummiinioiiH 8 tiutl it A M. iDaillv V -i11 1 1 -t MtsnH Cunim.i mid Hcrniou tHcx:, '. 4 cspeis und Lf vutimij. Nw Thought, 0 F.RCOMi: IT .AR .n,d W OKKV1 1IOK.L Mi'ALPIN. t.HKt.N l( rM DR. NOLLK TiTV,1 I luj I'mu'lplf? Workii. All Wrlt onn'. Splritu.ili-t. Spiritual and l.tliital ISoticly COLLEGE HALL, I It 'ILL AS10K MANHATrAN. HUN I JAY. ;:30 P.M. Mrs. I II. I.I.N Wl'.LLS : of NfW Y'iri;. p.-Mirin i roni t n J liox TiifJ.tV. !)' 1 - vj in . ltf -i t I ' inr "f ' ' 1 : 1 1 1 : 1l j IIFAVKM Y KKm I' M'lllI nAt. f'TH.'l'f -I . 14.? W. I.'Hlh ht . Nrv ork Mrrt'r i t-rv Ti'rfli fi p 11. t'liMj, 'I n , I Si:n itt.-iil, 'l'ir, 'Umr- . 1-4, Mmr. j inn. . H ... hL)irI . itii :.nli. lit-,. Mulli I.. ! I iHtrmni'iii ition.iI. CHRIST'S .MISSION lORt'M i -I ..ah Ht S'li.d.i V M t' "1 r- ' ,1 itl , ' i -i mi v J m :: hk. j I ... 1 . -f.- I ..lii:..-J;'. vl All t .. ' " ."Mirrlt;itH'iiui. 'siop i in; m:.t wau now; , I . A H 1 1 1 ll 1 1 1'V I I ,S I- If-'IKU .l I ' n.pU Si,. I. ui ;"' ' " - I HHiltr: .,' APP,;uAv l! r "'iAUi I HlMiH AI'I'IH i.M'll I O PI Al. I. j I'KACi: ll()Ll. ,r.;:;; 'N4V I .V'MiY. .i I'M -.MI .-I-AIM YVh- ;r J s ( ru.,:. t ) .tir i .-. !'iin i 'VI'it y,,Hrf 1 II ICI1 V. resources of the Society ut-'fJ

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