The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 7, 1929 · Page 9
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 9

Brooklyn, New York
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Saturday, December 7, 1929
Page 9
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1929. 9 Dr. R. W. Keeler Composes Hymn Praising Bible .Hymn Written for 120th Anniversary N. Y. Bible Society by Boro Pastor The Rev. Dr. Ralph Welles Keeler, pastor of Ooodsell Memorial . M. E. Church, hag written an anniversary hymn "Thy Word Is Life," which will be sung to the tune of ' "Canonbury" by a choir of 100 voices at the 12Cth anniversary service of the New York Bible Society The service will be held to- ; morrow, Bible Sunday, at 4 o'clock at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Manhattan. Others who will take part In the service will be the Rev. Dr. Paul E. Scherer, pastor of the Church, who will speak on 'The Ronu-ac? of a Book"; the Rev. Dr. Sami'e' Trexler. president of the , United Lutheran Synod; Dr. Gnorge William Carter, rjeneral secretary of the New Ym-k Bible Society, and the Rtv. Dr. Eawin A. Keigwln, pas- ' tor of the West End Presbyterian ' Church. The New York Bible Society, founded on Dec. 4. 18M, Is one of the oldest organizations cf lis kind In the United States. For 120 years its work has been to xu'oll?i nfl distribute cories or the Bib: in the Metropolitan district of the city and hr.rbor of Hew York. Agents of t'ne s-.icic-ty have iven .aay and fold m'.lllons of volumes m ihnt tlm?, mid during the past clccndc the cL""nliMon has amounted to nearly l.COO.000 copies of tho Bible and individual books of the Bib'e yearl' These hav been printed In 71 different languages, In raided type fr the blind, and in the dlglot edition EnrUch and another lansuare for new Ameri cans. ' Tomorrow evening at the Tomp kins Avenue Congregational Church - the full Glee Club of the Girls" High " School will share in the service. rendering two numbers themselves and also A song of Thanksgiving, - with the Tompkins Avenue Church Choir. The organ prelude aM post-lude will t played by George A.' Wilson, conductor of the glee club. There will also be addresses by Dr. William "L. filter, principal of the Girls' High School, and by the Rev. Dr. J. Percival Huget, pastor of tho church. At the morning service Dr. Huget will preach on "One Way." nivil War Vet Serves 52 Years at Cemetery fort Smith, Ark. UP) Fifty-two r William Dillon's 85 years have peen spent among the dead in the watlonal cemetery here He recently observed his 52d anniversary as superintendent of the cemetery which he planned, sodded . and tended. The octogenarian, a northern vet-" eran of Bull Run, Gettysburg and Fredericksburg in the Civil War, has built a memorial to his comrades in the "Diamond Brigade" which chared to drive General A. P. Hill's lorces irom me ruie pits at r rea-erlcksburg. The memorial is a diamond-ehaped plot, on each point of which u a ceaar tree ianen irom mil s pits. Eligible to .etire on a pension in 1924. Dillion asked to be allowed to continue at his work. H;l J. -t i"l Make Cut in Rates New York (if) The railroads of narrow, mountainous Chile have freight rates 10 per cent. The reduction affects only the government-owned roads, which constltue 65 per cent of the country's total mileage. Luis E. Fellu-"H., the Chilean consul General in New York, who received notification ot the reduction, said that Chile began the experiment of government ownership 66 years ago. Railroad building and operation in a country that is 2,500 miles long and 200 miles wide and mountainous has hardly been a task for Impatient men. Added difficulties arose from the fact that industries grouped themselves geographically in such a way that the roads had to send loaded trains northward and haul empties back. Sweet Tooth Products Make Cain in Alabama Montgomery, Ala. OW The national sweet tooth is as llvelv as ever, Alabama crop reports indicate. All of the state's "sweet" crops jumped in production. Sorghum syrup production this year is around 2,320,000 gallons, well over the 1928 mark, while sugar cane syrup hiked more than half a million gallons to 2,380,000 gallons. Even sweet potatoes gained more than a million bushels. What's more, Alabama's big bee industry is getting set for consid- 'eraDie expansion. Canada is one of the State's good bee customers, and the industry Is gaining in the Dominion. Long, hard winters kill many Canadian bees and the keepers replenish their smarms with replacements from Alabama. Pink Shoes Are Latent For Great Big He-Men London Ph-Blue and pink shoea will be worn by the well-dressed tnan this season, 1' exhibitors at the annual shoe an., leather fair here know their footwear. Besides the pink and blue Innovations for the male foot of fashion, several manufacturers are showing men's shoes of black and white striped leathers and other Intricate color combinations. - . Fur Bearing Animals Classed as Livestock Tonopah, Nev. W) Muskrats, red and silver foxes and mink are classed as "livestock" by the Nevada tax commission. This decision was reached when the board was called upon to define officially the standing of fauna reared in tame colonies for the market. Thousands of these species are bred for their pelts and also for sale in establishing new colonies. The Industry lias become highly lucrative. News of the Churches The Rev. E. M. Lawrence Gould, pastor of the Church of the Neigh bor, will preach tomorrow morning on "Human Nature" and conduct the group Bible study on "Cities of Refuge: the Levltes." The Junior League will have for Its supper discussion "The Christian and Social Life." The Rev. Dr. John Howland Lathrop, pastor of the Unitarian Church of the Saviour, will preach tomorrow morning on "Making Straight the Highway." In the evening the Rev. Richard W. r. See-bode will preach in the chapel on "Prepare Ye." The Rev. Frederic N. Lindsay, Dastor of Glenmore Avenue Presbyterian Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "Mercy and Truth Revealed," and in the evening on "Simon Peter, Chief of the Apostles." "Is the Bible or Christ the Word of God?" Is the Rev. Dr. William Sheafe Chase's morning topic at Christ P. E. Church. Bedford ave. In the evening he will begin a course of talks upon "The Bible by Books." "Untouched by Events" will be the topic of Dr. Richard Lynch, leader New York Unity Society, to morrow morning at the Engineers Auditorium. Manhattan. South Congregational Church. under the direction of the pastor, the Rev. Raymond A. McConnell will conduct Its annual Every Member Canvass tomorrow afternoon when every member of the congre "ation will be visited for Dled"es ot service, attendance and money for current expenses and benevolences A. C. Gaebeleln. editor of "Our Hope," will speak on Mondav evening at the Fulton Street Prayer Metini? Room. 113 Fulton st on "The Peae Movement, the United States of Europe and the Pope." "Lovaltv Sundav" will be celebrated Bt St. Luke's Lut'iemn Church. Woorihavcn. with receotinn "f members and derl'raMon of rerent "'ns and mrrrnrlsls. The Rev. Dr. C. I-. Frv of PnllacWMhln will nreaj"h at the momlnr srvltv; In the evening the nntor. the Rev. E. R. J"x-he'mer. wtU nreach on "The Duties if a Christian." The Rev. D'. C. C. Marshall, pastor of the First M. E. Church, T'r!d'enort. Conn., wi'l nreach to-nnrrow mnm!r at Jaiffs M. E. b"rrh. 7e Rev. Dr. Thomas H Gallagher, pastor, will conduct the service. In the evening Carl F. Price, hymnologist, will interpret ereat hymns with the subject, "The Wesleys and Their Hymns." The music will be entirely by John and Charles Wesley. At Spencer Memorial Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning the Rev. H. E. Blair of Taiku, Korea, will speak. In the evening the Rev. Frank Simmons, the pastor, will speak on "Fascinations of Evil." At the morning service at Grace P. E. Church, Brooklyn Heights, to morrow, the choir will sing "I Waited for the Lord," from Men delssohn's "Hymn of Praise." The duet with which this anthem opens will be sung by Paul and Eugene Klntgen. In the Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church tomorrow morning the pastor, the Rev. Charles William Roe-der, will preach on "Blessings Proportioned to Faith." sixth in the series on "The Teachings of Christ." and in the evening on "Rooted and Grounded in Christ." At Emmanuel Baptist Church to morrow the oastor, the Rev. Dr. George A. Clarke, will preach at JnathitBlj Prrfibytrnatt (Ehurrh foster Avenue end East d Street HERBERT H. FIELD. M.A..D.D MINISTER 11 A.M. "THE SAVED LIFE WHAT IS IT?" 8:00 P.M. "THE DEVIL'S LATEST TEMPTATION OF THE HUMAN MIND" 9:45 A.M. Bible School 7:00 P.M. Young People Midweek Meeting Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock-' EVERYBODY WELCOME Grace Presbyterian Church Stuyvesant and Jefferson Avr Preaching at 10:45 A.M. by Rev. Chauncey B. Nordland and at 8 P.M. by Rev. Charles Brook A CORDIAL WELCOMB TO ALL Memorial. Presbyterian 'Church Seventh Avenue and Bt John' Piece 11:00 A.M. The Rev. W. T. Locke, D.D, from Chine will preach. 8:00 f.M Young People'' Supper and Meeting. Rev. JOHN BARLOW, Minister. Rev GEORGE W. KINCHELOC. Amlltanl. Mr. S. LEWIS ELMER. Oriranlet. PKr.SBYTfcP.IA T I 1 At Monroe Street ietei Albert Macdonaid, Posies 11:00 A.M. "The Preaching Office." 8:00 P.M. Address and Question Period. rrotentant Episcopal. HURCH of SAINT MARK Eastern Parkve Brooklyn Ave. Arthur L. Char'e D.D., Rector e 00 A M. -Holy Communion Bno A.M. Churrh School 11:00 A.M. Morning Service and Sermon 7 30 P M. Evening Bervlre and Sermon VUITORS AMU 8IRAMGU8 WELCOMX mm r If the morning service on "The Name That Is Above Every Name," and in the evening on "The spiritual Law of Cause and Effect" In the Greenwood Baptist Church tomorrow the Rev. Dr. Francis W. O'Brien, the pastor, will speak at the morning service on "The Blessed Hope, In the Light of the Earth's Changes, Geographically and Geometrically," and In the evening on "The Man With a Shining Face." The Rt. Rev. Ernest M. Stlres wilt preach and confirm at All Saints' P. E. Church, Baldwin, L. I., and in the evening at the Church of the Ascension, Rockville Centre, L. L In the First Presbyterian Church, service tomorrow afternoon the Rev. Morgan Phelps Noyes, minister, will preach on, "Salvation Through Hope." The annual parish meeting of the P. E. Church of the Ascension, was held on Tuesday evening. Charles Kaiser was elected warden, and John Logan Jr., John Tiedemann, Harry Stewart and Everett MacSaveny, vestrymen. Tomorrow morning in Chalif Hall, Manhattan, Charles Francis Potter, founder and leader of the First Humanist Society of New York, will speak on "Revaluating Prayer." The Rev. Dr. Charles F. McKoy will preach tomorrow morning at Greene Avenue Baotist Church on "A Dead and a Living Christ" sixth in the series "The EDistle of St. Paul to the Romans." Norman O. King will address the men's class on "The Message of Business to the Church." At the evening service Dr. McKoy will preach on "The Final Age of Peace to Be Ushered Presbyterian Thousands of Young Men and Women Gain in Life Science and Theology Now Unites on This Subject. Secret to Be Made Available to Everyone Science is able to classify the different types ci individuals and tell them why they happen to be what they are. Some people are dictated to all their lives while others command everything. Too much courage is sometimes as fatal as having too much fear. When Jesus was on earth He taught, first of all. on how to live. He preached moderation in everything and that Is Just what science is teaching us about, our complicated makeup, to understand our complexes and get into balance Most of us have too much of one and not enoueh of another. There Is the inferiority complex, through which we are timid or belittle our -ability, and let some one hold the TOMORROW NIGHT 7:45 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, Dr. FENDRICH PREACHES ON "The Inferiority Complex" Central Presbyterian Church, Jefferson and Marcy Aves THIS IS "THE HOUSE OP FRIENDLINESS" WELCOME! Wells Memorial Presbyterian Church Argyle and Clenwood Roads (Newklrk Avenue 8 M T 8urrway station) Rev D. Ernest McCurry M.A.. D.D.. Pastor 11:00 A.M. "A TREASURE IN EARTHLY VESSELS" 8:00 P.M. "THE ADORATION OF THE SHEPHERDS" (Second of a Series of Advent Sermons) Dr. McCurry Preaching Both Services 9:45 A.M. Church School forfait! Atttmtw ftrrflbytman Qlljurrlj Corner South Oxford Street JOHN EWING STEEN. Minister In Charge President J. Ross Stevenson of Princeton Will Preach at 1 1 :00 and 7:45 Protestant Episcopal. ST. PAUL'S CHURCH PLATBU8H Church Avenue and Bt. Paul' Place Rev. WALLACE J. GARDNER. DD. Rector 7:30 A.M. Holy Communion 8:30 A.M. Holy Communion, Choral 10:00 A.M. Church School Instruction 11:00 A.M Morning Service and Sermon 7:30 P.M. , Half Hour Organ Music Ralph A. Karris. AA.G.O. 8:00 P.M. Evening Service and ' Address Topic: "JOSHUA" Silnt Paul's Church Clinton and Carroll Street Rev. Granville Mercer Williams, S.S.J.E.. Rector LOW MASSES AT 8 AND 9:30 A.M. HIGH MASS AND SERMON BY THE RECTOR. II A.M. VESPERS. ADDRESS AND BENEDICTION AT 4 P.M. ST. SIMON'S CHURCH M10 Avenue M, corner B. Jflth Bt. Rev, Louis A Parker, Priest In Charge. Plrst Sunday In Advent 8 A.M. -Holy Communion. 30 A.M. Church School. 1 A.M -Momma prayer and Sermon. Topic- "The Word of Ood." t P.M.- Evening Prsver and Address Caecutlve Coram. tie Meeting Tuesday, 8:19 P.M. in Not by the Effort of Man, but by the Glorious Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." At the Classon Avenue Presbyterian Church, the pastor, the Rev. P. A. MacDonald, will preach tomorrow morning on "The Preaching Office." In the evening he will give an address following it with a question period. The midweek service on Wednesday will be led by the pastor. The annual bazar of the Ladies' Aid Society of the "Old First" Reformed Church will be held on Friday evening. An innovation this year will be a cafeteria supper served from 6 until 8. The Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman will be guest preacher in the Flat-bush Congregational Church tomorrow morning. At the evening service the Rev. William E. Dudley will speak on "Magnificent Obsession," based on a recent book. In St. John's M. E. Church the pastor, the Rev. Frederick A. Wells, will preach tomorrow morning on "Adventurous Faith." In the evening he will answer questions sent In by the members of the congregation. Special music to be sung at the morning service tomorrow at Grace Episcopal Church will be "I Waited for the Lord" and a duet by Paul and Eugene Klntgen. At Andrews mTe. Church the pastor, the Rev. William R. McDer-mott, will preach tomorrow morning on "Limiting God" and in the evening on "The Short Bed and the Narrow Cover." The Rev. Henry W. Tiffany, pastor of the .Baptist Church of the Redeemer, "will preach tomorrow morning on "The Road to Royalty" and in the evening on "Fighting the Fight of Faith." The Rev. Dr. William P. Schell, Presbyterian. position In life we longed for. Then there is the superiority complex, thiough which we overestimate ourselves. There is a fear complex and many others. Dr. Fendrich is taking up one oi the complexes each Sunday evening at the service in the central Presbyterian Church, Jefferson and Marcy aves. The service begins at 7:45. Everybody is invited. Do yourself a great amount of good and hear these talks. It can help you more than you can imagine in mak-ln the fui, J b-"ver Dr. Fendrich is an authority on this subect. He can be seen personally in the pastor's office during the week. 7:15 P.M. Young People's League Reformed Church In America, -Grace Reformedi Church LINCOLN ROAD and BEDFORD AVB Rev. Lester M. Conrow. D.D. lUlnUtttl MORNTNO SERVICE 11:00 A.M flvrrl- "THE AUTHORITY OF TIE WORD" EVENTrtO SIR VICE 8:00 P.M. Au6jeec "COD'S GRACIOUS OFFER" SUNDAY SCHOOL- 8 4 A.M. COf AS It WOHKHIP WITH 01 TIE FIRST REFORMED CHURCH "OLD FIRST" Seventh Avenue and Carrol Street Rev. S. S. DAUGHTRY. D.D. MINISTER 11:00 A M "LOVE'S RAINBOW" a oo p.m. "THE WORRY CLUB" FLA I LANDS DUICH REFORMED CHURCH Kings Rlthway and Basl 40th 8k ronedV reorM'S' ' Rev Charles William Roeder. Mlnlstei 10 30 A.M. The Teachings of Christ. VI. "Blessings Proportioned to Pallh. ' 8:00 P.M. "Rooted and Urounded In Christ." CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH Greene and Clermont Avenue Rat. ST. CLAIR HESTER, LTD., Rector 1:00 A.M. Holy Communion. 48 A.M. Church School. 11:00 A M. Service and Sermon. 4:30 P.M Veepera and Addreae. WU.COME TO ALL a secretary of the Board ot Fore lei Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U. 8. A., will speak in the Prospect Heights Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning. The guest preacher at the Reformed Church on the Heights tomorrow will be the Rev. Dr. J. J. De Boer, who will speak on "Gandhi and the Future of India." The Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman r.astor of Central Congregatlona Church, will exchange pulpits tomorrow morning with the Rev. Dr William E. Dudley, pastor of Flat-bush Congregational Church. The Rev Edward D. Staples will preach ir the chapel in the evening. The Rev. Dr. Mark Wayne Williams, pastor of Hanson Place Baptist Church, will preach tomor row morning on "The Man Wrt Can't Believe." In the evening he will answer the following questions: 'Where Did Our Bible Come From? Do Catholics Believe the Bible? Shall We Expurgate the Bible? litit Boron!? Rail and (Hark gStrm $ulmiz jgtatfoqg Congregational -II. J. STANLEY DURKEE ELMER FRAZEE "HAS 11 A.M. -Morning Service 7:43 Melhodiit Episcopal F. MARION SMITH MINISTER 11 A.M. Morning Service Presbyterian MORGAN PHELPS NOYES MWIST 10 A.M. Church School. 11 A.M. Service lor Worship. . P M. Evening Service at City Park Branch, 209 Concord St. Protestant Episcopal Rev. CEO. P. ATWATER. DJ).. Rector Rev. DAVID ATWATER, Curate B:00 A.M. Holy Communion. 11:00 A.M. Morning Prayer. 4:30 P.M. Evening Prayer. Protestant Episcopal JOHN HOWARD MELISH LORIN BRADFORD YOtTNO MINISTERS 8:30 A.M. Holy Communion, 1 1 :00 A.M. Morning Praver and Sermon. 8:00 P.M Evening Prayer and Sermon. Protestant Episcopal SAMUEL M. DORRANCE RECTOR HOWARD P tiUNN. Curate 8:00 A.M. Holy Communion. 10:00 A.M. Church School. 11:00 A.M. Morning Prayer. 4:00 P.M. Vespers. SwedenKorgian E. M LAWRENCE GOULD PASTOR 10:00 A M. Oroun Study and Sunday School. 11:00 A.M. Morning Service. 6:00 P.M. -Young People's Meeting. Unitarian 0HN HOWLAND LATHROP RICHARD W F SEEBODE MINISTERS II A.M -Mormon Service 7:30 P.M. -Chapel Service Reformed CORNELIUS B. MUSTE PASTOR 10 A.M. -Sunday School 11 A.M. Morning Service Reformed Ctmrch In America. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Corner Flatbusti and Church Avenues roUNDEII isse Rev. JOSEPH FREDERIC BERG, Ph.D., D.D., Ut.HSTgB 11 :00 A.M. "MISSING OUT" 8:00 PM "BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH" STRANGERS CORDIALLY INVITED gnlrtinatist. Brooklyn Spiritualist ' Church MOVING INTO NEW QUARTERS MEETINGS AT PRESENT ADDRESS DISCONTINUED WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENT HARRY MASON AHRENS Church of the Four Leaf Clover mth Strmt North of Hlllilda Avenut JAMAICA. L L Rev. M. L CLAAS. Pastor SPIRITUAL SERVICE Sunday. 10:45 A.M. Sunday. 7:45 P.M. Sunimerland (Sunday School), 2 P.M. Know tha truth and ablda by OODH LAW, and vou ilmll not wandtr In darknrsa. UNITY SPIRITUALIST SOCIETY 684 Franklin Ave., Cor. Pacific St. Tel. Proepecfr CIAS SPIIIITOALIHT MKETTNOB. MONDAY. WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY P.M. Initructlon ClaMee for Medlumehlp Development. Tueuley and Thursday, 8 PM. Rer. R. L. RICHARDS, Mlnliter ALL WELCOME CHILD OF CRACE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 457 Avenue Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Member of O A S Ore Rapl.arda Senrlcae. Tuedv, ' rnd h P M. aharp Prldar. 3 and 8PM Claa Wedneeday. 8 PM, RALLY - DRO. 7, 8 00 P M 1 v.-phoi,e Conev lklahd Cul'.er Una. A'. c.iue X station. Shall We Abolish Hell?" in recognl-tton of Bible Sunday. At the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, President J. Ross Stevenson of Princeton will preach tomorrow morning and evening. The Every Member Canvass of the Marcy Avenue Baptist Church will be made tomorrow afternoon. The men of the church will attend the morning service and hear the sermon by Pastor Wllbour E. Saunders on "The Church Mouse," and then after a dinner together in the church parlor they will go out to call on all families of the membership to get pledges for the new year. In the evening there will be a musical service when "The Holy City," by Gaul, will be rendered under the direction of G. H. Federleln, organist, with a quartet and full chorus choir. The young people's service will be led by Grace MacManls and her team on the topic, "What is Back of Our Christmas Giving?" Russell Flood and his team serve supper. The annual Christmas PLYMOUTH CHURCH Orange Street. Neat Henry Street MORNING DR. DURKEE THE UNITED STATES OUTOROWN THE NEEU OP A SABBATH? P.M MUSICAL SERVICE. SELECTIONS l"KOM HANDEL B ' MESSIAH FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Corner Clark and Henry Streets MORNING, 11:00 "GOD'S LOVE" Soloist Miss MARGARET NORMAN FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Henry Street. Near Clark Street 1 1 A.M. SERMON BY Mr. NOYES R. HUNTINGTON WOODMAN Choir Director and Organist GRACE CHURCH Hicks Street Between Remsen and Joralemaa 8:00 A.M. HOLY COMMUNION 11:00 A.M. MORNING PRAYER and SERMON, THE RECTOR 4:30 P.M. EVENING PRAYER VMt'-i' Choir-. 36 Bovi end Men Prank Wright, Mu Bao . Choirmaster. CHURCH OF THE HOLY IKINITY Clinton Street, Near Montagu 11:00 A.M. MORNING PRAYER and SERMON, By Very Rev. G. P. T. SARGENT 8:00 P.M. EVENING PRAYER, FORUM Mr. FRED SCHLINK. Speaker SAINT ANN'S CHURCH Clinton and Livingston Streets SERMON AT 1 1 BY THE RECTOR Mr. DUNN PREACHES AT VESPERS I Hour at 8 P.M. In the Undercroft. Cordial Welcome to All. OF THE NEIGHBOR Rec Street and Monroe Plac MORNING MR. COULD-TOPlCi "HUMAN NATURE" CHURCH OF I'HE SAVIOUR Pierrepont Street and Monroe Place MORNING Dr. LATHROP "MAKING STRAIGHT THE HIGHWAY" EVENING SERVICE Mr. SEEBODE "PREPARE YE" REFORMED CHURCH on the HEIGHTS Pierrepont Street. Neai Henry Street MORNING Mr MUSTE "GANDHI THE FUTURE OF INDIA" PRAYER MEBTINO WEDNESDAY. :1S. MR. MUSTS CONDUCTS. Reformed Church In America. SnirilimllHt. COSMOPOLITAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Odd Mlowt Hall, 8;hrhorn Bt., Nev-ina eukway. tury Baturday evening. 1:45 p m.; 431 Stat Ht. arery Thursday end ounaay ana wednewinv alternnom at V. Mra. i. C. MURPHY. SPIRITUALIST SERVICE AND MK.SSAOE8 at 7102 Seventh Avenue. Broolcljn EVERY SATURDAY 8 P.M. Conducted hv .CATHERINE KULHANEK Member of U. B. A. Spmtuelnl Temple of Light and Truth SA6 Platbijdh Avenue Bereleai Sundar, Tueiday, Thunday eve. nlnu, SOO; Monday and Friday after, nouna, 3:30. ADELE THERE8E LORD 1' all"souls Ocean and Ditmas Aves. Rev. CORNELIUS GREENWAY. MINISTER Sermon Theme: "The Tell-tale Hands" Y. P. C. U. and Junior Y. at 7:30 P.M. 11:00 A M.. AT THE CHURCH OF OUR FATHER MEETING HOUSE lit Dnlverallt 419 Clinton Ava. bet (lreene and Oatee Tlioma Edward Potteiton, D.D. 1 1 "GOLD OR GOD" LViuiiiunion 5tr'-tcc P. C. U. j p-T Candle Lighting Luncheon will be held on Wednesday under the auspices of the Woman's Missionary Society, Mrs. J. Spencer Comstock, president. The Rev. J. Lowery Fendrich, minister of Central Presbyterian Church, will make "The Paralysis of the Press" the theme of his address to the Young Men's forum at Brooklyn Central Y. M. C. A. tomorrow afternoon. This Is the second of a series of addresses under the general title of "Changing At titudes in Our Social Living." In St. Peter's Lutheran Church Pastor Arthur Brmm will preach tomorrow morning on "Does the Bible Fit Into Our Ae?" and In the evening on "How Did We Get Our Bible? ' Mrs. Mary E. T. Chapln. international lecturer and honorary president of the International New Corner Washington and Gates Ave. One bloclc north ot 1'ul-ton St. . i. "The Age Long Struggle for Supremacy, When and Where Will It End?" SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8th, 7:30 P.M. DELMER PERRY WOOD WnO FORMERLY SPOKE AT THE ACADEMY OP MUSIC. Good Music Illustrated Songs Seats Free. 1829 The Hundredth Anniversary Service or THE Brooklyn City Mission Society WILL BE HELD AT St. Ann's P. E. Church CORNER CLINTON AND LIVINGSTON STREETS Rev. SAMUEL M. DORRANCE, Rector SUNDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER 8, AT 4 O'CLOCK HISTORICAL ADDRESSES Hon. WILLIAM C. REDFIELU President Rev. Dr. FREDERICK M. GORDON General Secretary THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION TO ATTEND NO SOLICITATION OF FUNDS A CHRISTMAS OFFERING FOR THE RESCUE MISSIONS OF BROOKLYN WILL BE TAKEN A BEAUTIFUL CENTENNIAL BOOKLET WILL BE DISTRIBUTED MANHATTAN CHliRCHES. Bahal. BAHA'I CENTRE 119 Weit 87th et., etb Ploor 4:00 P.M. Mra. Dorln McKay, "Science and Religion." WEDNESDAY, 8:30 P.M. Dr. ALFRED W. MARTIN 'GENEVA. HAIFA MKCCA8 OP THE MODKHN WOHLI). Bapllst CALVARY BAPTIST CIIURCH 13S Wnt 70th 8t. (Pythian Templei EVANGELIST OEOROE RnTENHOUSIt preach Sunday. 11:00 A.M. "Christ Call! to Ing, Loyal Faith 7:30 P.M The Olorlea of tha Oolden Ae" 3. 00 PM HON. ("LINTON N. HOWARD, "THE, OLOKY OP TUB AMERICAN CONPTITOTIflN" Wdneday, 1 30 P.M Midweek Service. Service! brnaricant VVQAO, Wl M, 101 OK. Bible Inatltnte. NATIONAL WDI.E INSTITUTE 340 Went HI h Street Dr. DON O. HHKI.TON, P-fldent Sun. ,4 P.M. Rev. Ed ward Satei Turner. D.D. "Wanted More Jonn the BaptUte" Sundav. S IS P M.-Alwyn Ball, Jr. "How to Prevail In Prayer'1 Mon. Rev. Charlen w Abel of New Guinea 3 P M. "Trans'ormatlrtns" a P M. 'The Power oi Ood in New Oulnea" Divine Science. THK PIHHT CHURCH OP divinf: scienck BILTMORE IIOTKL BALLROOM 11.00 A.M. Tomorrow Rev. Fenwicke Holmes, Pastor Tha third Sermon In a Series on "Tlic Psychology of Jesus Hi. Demon.tretlonii" (iljurrh uf tlt Srutl; Rev. AI.HERT C. OHIE.K, 1'rntur II V..i i24 St., Hd.. m 40 U A M. "The Undtfccovered Country" 8 P.M. GLADYS C. CUtlKR HTVIren Every Noon and Wed. P M. Humanist. Ctr humanist roeJtty CHARLES FRANCIS POTTER 11 A.M . Iii.n Hut. IS.I W :,i i rt' . N. Y. REVALUATING PRAYER" r Cathedral' UtfDEiWID Te Radio Mass Meitixc Sunday. J. 30 WMCA WIiHO WCAM W'DLL Clark, "A 8-otrhnaii with a The MlMUBIpjtt Mo'itiMlh-eere, a blend of iimpinnK tier, tnuny. Superb, lUt'iti-Mle.(e Trio. The RESCUE SOCIETY Old Chine Theetre 5-7 Df.veif Htteet Oonnel Service Nle.itly. 10 P.M fm is j J MierrHaneoije. NEW- AMAZINO- TRtJTHFUr MAS 1 tK Vlll l OWN POWERS Hear IXJN If. OHKAVKS Sundiy evening. He.ember 8, 8 15, at H07 Cameme Hell SiMdlo. 7th nve. and .'T'.h ft. A4nl"-:.i ir'rte. ; Lj.e uficr,ua'. I utorv. 1 Thought Alliance, will hold morning services tomorrow In the Hoiei Commodore. Her subject will fcc "The Wav Out." At St. George s Episcopal Church tomorrow morning, the rector, tifes Rev. Horace E. Clute. v.ill preach on "The Blessed Season of Advent," A large delegation from St. George's, headed by the rector, will acta'it the "Welcoming Reception" to tin new presiding bishop, Charles P Anderson, Monday, Dec. 9, at the Academy of Music. The Rev. Dr. William Carter, pastor of the Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church, will preach two request termons tomorrow. In tlic morning he will preach on "What Is the Holy Ghost?" and In the evening on "What Is Real Prayer?" At 8 45 the Christian Endevor Societies are to unveil la their meeting room a bronze Ublet which wai taken from the ruins of the eld church. Washington Avenue S.D.A. .Church I (3iZJ Delmer Perry Wooil DY 1929 MANHATTAN CHVRCHES. New Thought. Hear MARY C1IAPIN. Autlior On the iMbJert 1 her booS, "THE WAY OUT" Commodore Hailroom. Sundnyg. 11 . AJ. "'HIE PRAYER IIIAT IS ANSWERED" Hotel McAlpln. All Welcome Dr. NOLLE Tffi limi.TNO MEFTINaAIJ, WKlrOMf Presbyterian. FIFTH AVE. PRESBYTERIAN fifth Aienue and Sutb Street 4S Church Srhooi 11 oo Rev Uenry Howard. Mt. D. 4 Oo organ Recital. Mr. Harry Ohbert. 4 lit Nev Mlnot O. Morgan, D D. 7.4S People a bervioa. Dr. Howard. Wed.. S IS P.M., Midweek service. rr. Morgu'i. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHLRCH iflftli avtnia). I lib and i:th Str.eta R. Gtorgo Alexander. DI). Minlitara J Rev. J. V. Moldrnljawer. DJ. IRer. Plillllpa P ElllutU : A M. Church Period. 11:00 A.M. Dr. MOLDENHAWEIl. 00 P.M. Young People 1 Society. 00 P.M Mr ELLIOTT. Protestant Episcopal. (!rare (lutrrh Bruia1tvi ad rttnth fctrvt Hit He W Rttssrll Bowie. D U.. Reutof. B OO A M. Holy Communion. 11 00 A.M Mnrnlng Irar ttnd Str.-OJ-B by thn Hector. 8 OflpM. C'titfrul lvn.oi.f nd Strmon. it9 Hector. Ai.themi "Jrrtiittltw. Mrndrlsjintiii: ''Hpiiim m th Isert," Jcnning:, ' Comet.. trt(i 5 Latest Hour," P-unrr. Nuoiidhy 6?r(f, Ti;dv to Fr.tiujr, I .' :m t. 12 a.V ClfL'RCI I OF II IE INCARNATION Mndlion Avenue and 3;tb Street !v H. P SILVER, DD.. Rector 8 and 10 A.M.--HOLY COMMUNIO.I 11 A M - MORNINO rvilYEK. SKKMOS BY llev. a CLoWt-S 'sullLfiY. D.D. 4 P M. CHORAL t VENKONO. WITH AI- dl'lCIAL MUSIC. No'U.d'47 F.e-vlce':, Kveiit fceturdav t? ?.i to 12:40 Pally, MiihIc and Addre CAiNTmARrrj a IN - THE. -la. M aOt(BHL venae 9teeae Weea of WILLIAM NO MAM 4VUTHHII. .! B H. C. 11 Sfrnwu bv Rector, 'Tha Bltnllnc and Clme of tha Mlduie Way." 4-You'h: A Mimetic Procenelon. 11 6y,r-hollr Womlilp' The Tree of Lite. i I TRANSFIGURATION 1 Vy um.n currtni ai:ii:vi tiih roHan Rev HANl.lOI.PH KAY, D.D, Reclor Coir.mumuin 8 end AM. illallv 'c:iflt ll-MI..a lamata and Sermon Rectoe'i. Vettieri unit I evit 'mis. SplrltuilUt, Spiritual and Ethical iKXiefy Ct'LLECE HALL, HOiTL ASIOR MANHATTAN. SUNDAY. J:30 f.M. 1 Dr. skii nrsini Indl.n Lecturer, fill lve an llluitrated lecture on the ' Psychic Knowledge uf Hi Au-er r en Indian " Polloaed by MM'irt. C'nJf noniinatlunaL CHRIST'S MISSION roKT.n SI! West 7h Stree' S.:;.dnv arternuoa at 3 j) Mr HAROLD M. AIKSI t'roui Liaiaiieaa to loauL- 4

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