Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 25
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 25

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 25
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"2-Automotive A[.LOUT ' END OF THE MONTH SALE Our \olume n,al Setop-w,th Short Marsm-Ouirk Turnover. Wheel -em I"al 'em Attiturle, Means We Ca Continue to Sell You A Good Car Ko "e !.ra sl ,, OJ , a ,. _ lne Vn . P[> 56 PLYM V8 1588 Bo FOKD VS 1288 55 PONT VS 1408 54 OLDS 88 1550; 53 PONT "S" (588 51 CHEV4DR 388 50 BUICK SPL 248 49 CHEV SDN 188 2-AutomotJva COMING ' SOON Henry & Honey — AT — TRIANGLE MOTORS ">5 BUICK try nisifia, HIT, AT. $2295 34 BUICK r Hardtop. UH, AT. 54 BUICK $1595 $1695 . Hff, AT, New Top si BUIC-K H.T. 51 BL'ICK tKXT. M BV1CK K.T. S3 BUICK COXV. 52 Bt'lCK SPEC. 53 BUICK H.T. M BUICK ? UH. 52 CAIJ. ••r i y> 52 I'AI). CPK. 5U t.'.\[). CF'K. V> CAD. SDN. 5S CHKV WAfi 55 cnf:V 2 dr V 55 ClIKV \ - s .S S. 55 Clll:v \"8 P C. 55 CIIKV \VAO. 51 CHEV < Dll. !< CHKV 2 Dlt. 53 CHEV « DR. SI CIIKV 2 Dll. 51 CIIKV \ on. 51 CHEV CPE N DODGE V8 PF 52 DODOE 4 nn. 50 DODGE 4 I>R. 56 Fonn row 55 rom> vitT. 55 roim WAG. i.s KOIin K'lanp 5% FO!U> F'matlc s\ FORI* 4 nn. (5 KORH \'8 'i dr si KOKII nrsT. s st FOiin 2 DI;. s 51 ronn WAC:. frl *'OH1> ( L'ST. 8 C3 E-'OBI) "6" ol. 51 ^OfEIJ Mr, -idt ! 51 FOHJl \ - a A di 50 f'Of(fl VS 2 di 55 Mi.'HC H.'J'op 51 MKRi: ll.'lnii H Mrrnc O-DHV 5^ NASH HT i5 Oi.t>S F'uH Pi S3 PAl'K -} !>/{ is PI.YM 4 nn, >3 PI.VAI WAR 52 PLYM 4 ;>R, 5 PONT HT 4 fl ; 52 BUICK $ 695 Siper Haiillon. Illl, AT. 52 BUICK $ 595 51 BUICK $ 495 2 Dr. Sedan, Stiaitht Shift, Rll. 50 BUICK : llr. niviera, Jill, AT. 56 CADILLAC $4995 \-, 1'ink, IVfutt Top. t04rt«d. EVENING, TIMES,, CUMBERLAND. MD. f MONDAY, MAY 27, 19 5 7 2—Automotive Nelson AutoSciles 57 Ford "300" 4 dr., 'Rll. AT 55 Cliov. "8" Bel Air, H'f, H, P 56 Chev, 2 dr., Heater 55 Ford Custom 4 dr., Rll 55 Chev, S. Wagon "6", RH 55 Chev. 2 dr., Heater 55 Plym. 2 dr. "S'\ RH. AT 55 Nash Rambler 4 dr., Heale 55 Btiick Spl., fir. nil, AT 54 Ford 4 dr. "B", RH Chev. 4 dr., Heater 34 Plym. 4 dr., RH, AT 53 Olds. "88" 4 dr., RI{, AT 53 Clicv. Bel Air HT, Rll, AT 53 Chev. Bel Air 4 dr., mi a3 Chev. 2 dr., Heater 53 Pont, 4 dr., RH, AT 2 Chev. 2 dr., ail 2 Pont. Catalina, RH, AT 2 Fnrd Victoria, RH . 1 Chev. 2 dr., RH, AT 51 Ford 2 dr., RH, AT 51 Ford 4 dr.', RH, AT 51 Plym. 4 dr., RH 7-Euilness Opportunities, WISH TO BUY "null". ?'„',?:. c " !l or tenru uitecji, ihi« Phone PA 51 Dodge 4 dr., RH 51 Kaiser 4 dr. 51 Chev. "7 Ton Pickup 51 Chrys "8" 4 dr., RH, AT S 495 50 Q'ov. Cll). Cpe. " Pont. 4 dr.. RH, AT 54 CADILLAC $2895 « Chev. 4 dr., Hi. Solan, nil, AT. 52 CADILLAC 5J $169 t'Vf-, nil, AT. Locally owned. CADILLAC $1295 I PONT HT Cpc ' GOOD TRUCK BUYS ; 56 FOT1D Y8 H TO.V L. NEW . i'l WILLYS 4 mi DRIVE J, TO.V • ^2 DODGE DLX CAB "S TO.V ; so CHEV li TOV _ i OWNED , « WILLYS \ WHEEL DH1VE " 100% —"•Warranty On Many! " BIG CUT IF NO TRADE-fN ALL CARS SALE PRICED £ GULICK'S .hmvN ON THE CORNER s. CENTRE i- WM'S. ALSO 56 THOMAS STREET PA 2.3650 ' PA ,.„„, ^cJNTYRES _ DOUBLE VALUE ••- Bonded— 100 % 1-YEAR GUARANTY - No Mileage Restriction TODAY'S SPECIALS K PLYMOUTH 4-DR. 51295 A beautiful metallic blue. OK USED CARS 5S CHE\ r . Corvette 58 CHEV. (81 Eel Air 2 dr M CHEV. C8) 2 door "210" 55 CHEV. (8) Bel Air 4 door 55 CHEV. (8) 4 door, overdrive 55 C1IGV. (C) 4 door, 210 55 FORD (8) 4 door Customline 3n FORD (8) 2 iloor Customline i5 FORD (6) 4 door Customline 54 CHEV. 4 door 210 54 OLDS Hardtop Coupe 53 CHEV. Hardtop Bel Air 5.1 CHEV. 4 door Bel Air !tt PONT. Station \Vagon i3 FORD 4 door Station Wagon 52 OLDS 4 door Super 88 V. PONTIAC 4 door Ch. Dlx i2 STUDE. fg) 4 rioor i2 CHEV. Station Wagon 31 CIIKV. 2 door Fleeline deluxe it STUDE. 2 door TRUCKS 5fi CHKV. Sedan Delivery • 55 GMC 3 i Ton Pickup 55 FORD Sodnn Delivery M riir:v. 2 Ton Dump ' 53 DODGE 'i Ton Panel .. S 600 i.1 FORD 'i Ton Pickup 53 CHEV. 2 Ton Chassis i- Cab . 51 FOftn 2 Ton Chassis & Cab SO CHEV. 2 T. Van. New Motor S3 CHEV. 2 Ton Chassis S.- Cab _Open 9-9 Phone PA 4-4400 • ' DOUBLE VALUE Bun t/'ith assurance flriie u-ith confidence ; 219 N.Mechanic St. r Enlrance .\. Ccnlrc at Bow MclNTYRE CHEVROLET '62", -J-ionc, nil, Hyil. 53 CHEVROLET S 995 nil, PCS. \vhltp Top 52 CHEVROLET $ 695 2 Dr., I1H. Pt;. Local owner. 52 CHEVROLET $ 59C < Dr., nix., nil, PG, 51 CHEVROLET S 595 ' Dr. Dl*.. Rl(, Straieht Shift 49 CHEVROLET $ 24 * fir.. Dlx.. nil. Runs Good. 56 DODGE S229S ,&nccr HT, Push Buiion, 17,000 milts. 56 FORD $2195 IIT, RH, AT, Sharp. 56 FORD $1995 Club Sedan, nil, AT! 55 FORD $1695 icloria IIT, IUI, AT, 10,000 mil 65 FORD $1595 FalrUne 4 Or., nil, AT. 55 FORD $139^ :sloin 4 l)r., nil, AT, PS, 54 FORD $ 995 !>r. "6" nil. Overdrive. o3 FORD § 895 J)r. Cuitam. UK. PS. 53 FORD $ 89 ustomline 4 Dr., IUI. OD, Visor '2 FORD Dr. Custom. UH, AT. Beauty. 31 FORD $ 595 UH. St. Shift. Good Top. 51 MERCURY $ 595 1 T>r. Sedan. UH, VttV Tire 51 FORD Dr. Customline, RH. WW 50 FORD Ur. CiutomJJne "6" RH. ' 54 OLDS Dr. ' £8", 2-lone, JlJt, AT. 55 PACKARD -ton" Ifardtop. Rlf, All Fo' 47 Xash 4 dr., RH -; 46 Ford ^ dr. Sedan West Virginia Inspected! Nelson Auto Sole. Polomac, Ridgclcy, RE 8-929 CHRYSLER 1857 Plymouth Sport Coup i 215 horse powered engin .ith full flow oil filter, dual fuc ilters and a new replaceabl lype deluxe carburetor air clea, r. A smart looking re iriish. This brand new ca s loaded with extras. Equipmen ncludes a full automatic power 'lite push button transmission leater. defroster, variable spec ;leclric wipers.'windshield wash ?rs. signal lights, backup lights arge wheel covers, safety dash lately sun visors, cigarette lighl sr, airfoam seat, while sidewal ires and safety rim wheels. Ou special for this week. This full' :quipped car is priced $ 595 $ 29 $1595 $2595 55 •PLYMOUTH : '$1395 Dr. V-a. RH. St. Shift. I 5(5 PONTIAC IT CataHna. nil. AT, Low 55 PONTIAC ?2095 Mile _____ §1995 Dr. Star Chief, HH, AT, All Power. 55 PONTIAC S1795 atalina HT, RH. AT. Cream J, erccn. 55 PONTIAC S1595 Z Dr. V^B, Poucr Brakes, St. Shift, 54 PONTIAC $1495 Calalin» HT, nil. AT, PB. 51 PONTIAC §495 Dr., nil, AT. nuns Good: 52 PONTIAC Dr., Kit, AT, Son Visor. $ G95 PKNX-MATt GAS MISERS Cost lc*s trj liuy And Jo.s to run . : . ;-.«, .-„. EXTRA SPECIALS ON Station Wagons & Trucks 56 FORD $1695 S. Wgn. "6", St, Shift, SDfl actual mNet 54 FORD 2 Dr. Ranch \Va s on. RH. 53 FORD 895 Hr. Il.incli \Va 5 on, V-8. nil.' PS. 5^ FORD $ 795 Wason. nif, SI. Shill. 53 FORD Ton pjrkup. nil. NE *> WILLYS Overdrive. 53 GMC $ 795 'i Ton Pickup. Runs Perfect. 51 CHEVROLET $ 595 1* Ton, 3-Spccrt Transmission. Smith's Triangle MOTORS !2 S. Centre I'A 4 S4S4. PA 4 6166 Man. — Sal, — S-3 P. M. Chev. Chev. 2 dr., RH 4 dr.. Healer 48 Pontiac 4 dr., nit, AT At Just 52495 .. 169 173 129 79, 99 5 Chrysler Windsor. Green. 139 3 Cadillac 4 dr. "62" 3 Jaguar XK120 3 Lincoln Hardtop 33 Dodge 4 dr "' 3 DeSoto 2 dr. H.T. ..'." 3 Plymouth 4 dr '''. 3 Chrysler New Yorker .. 99 2 Buick Hard! op . ss B Studebaker '.'.','.['. 19 •1 Chrysler N. Y. 4-dr 14 47 Plymouth 4 dr. 7 PA 4-3840 Potomac Motor Open Evenings 6:30 lo 8:30 LOT ond GARAGE '•or. S. George and Harrison Sis PLYMOU.T H . P T Lalt randel imall ca must b, A.I. Best price firjl lette - *' 861 " A ' c/0 Tlm ' 24 Hour Service CHAS. GURLEY PA 2-4846 COLLINS Sludebaker-Pacl'ard Certified Used Cars 1S53 Pack. Sup. HT \utomatic Transmission, beaut: ul black and white finish, back P lights, interior spotless. 15,000 dual miles. 1953 Ford VS Sta. Wag aw engine, only 12,000 miles lew tires with "Life-Guard' ubcs. Local one owner. !956 Studebaker Champ Dr. sedan. Overdrive, Under oat. 16.000 actual miles. Loca! ne owner. Collin'sGarage S 995 STUDEBAKER-PACKARD g 5 Henderson Ave. PA 4-154, //eekdoys 'ti! 9 Sat. 6 •A*) lUmb.rr "S" Wii ^^r •:•} CMC ••-, ton rVin> -t i.f-1 '.^1 lft;'1*on Hntr.ct oil •« win,. j, tp j \vr> q ."' tli-lBj. Sl»rt savins I nc:n£. \Vc do it all. STEINLA voN-fii lfi Rvlich s P ccia l < Door ' sH-56 Desoto llarriiop gjj 55 Ford Stalion Wagon 55 Plym. Be). Clh. Sdn. o4 UeSolo Hardtop All cars guaranteed! BANK TERMS GLASS INSTALLED IWHILE VOU WAIT1 BEERMAN AUTO PARTS Mill N Mechanic PA 4-0250 rtr.p fi PENN-MAR MOTOR CO. Direct Factory Dealer for Ramblers • Jeeps • Iludsons JiiflSOWS PARK, LaVAl.E TA 26310 218 S. Mechanic PA 4-2500 1W6 rORH RANCH WAGON I-OW -MILEAGK DIAL I'A 4 5S89 alter 5 p. m. 15.-.0 CMC 2 ION HF.AVV DUTY. 2 ^re_<•c1 axle. Good cunHilion. Call CO BIG BUS. S3M CASH. 55 Chrysler S2250 WINDSOR DLX. CONV. PS. PB. AT. Tinted ilaii. Crash tn. "',°"J«°J <""«• H". b»ck up and , J. ") HeWs. l-owner. IB.OOO miles. LONACONING MOTORS Lonaeoning. Md. Dial HO 3-3501 "1—Autc Gloit 5—Auto Rcpolrt, Semca jROCfcHr iijd.'jurit Market in Cam- Krtjtul. Doing > jood bu.lnoi, but must lell <luc lo lu h e ,uh. Prool ol .mounl of builmis ime' only ID In lercitcd parlies. For detail! writ. Box MQ.AX..C/., Tln,«No«. (-Coo) For Sol* '(MKANTEKU PROMP1 DEUVPn'v ?SS LIN o;.5JP.»?««_«&£ UV SK 9-Electfkol Work, ELECTRIC WORK THEE ESTIMAfEA OK WUtlfVO Sterling Electric Co., Inc lOO^N CENTRE ST. PA 2-tSOO ELECTRIC WORK ^'"'"JpW"*. Wlrln, aod FUture QUEEN CITY ELECTRIC CO FullHfAottM 4ppar«lHJ 4am lj».160_Frederict St P tM , PA 2-1IJ3 10-finoncing, Money Loan. ''inance Plumbing & Healina —McKAIG' c 20-Fer Sale Miscellaneous LOANS in a HURRY! ON ARTICLES OF VALUE —Also Unredeemed Value*— MORTON LOAN CO. 33 BALTI.MOHE STBEET THRIFT PLAN ., Corporatloo of Comterj U N. Ube.-ly St. Pione PA LOANS ON VOUR SIGNATURE ONLY UP TO tlMC fAMlLV FINANCE CORPOHATION M North Mechanic Street Phjn« PA i.3600 GARDEN SUPPLIES ,,,5' bl L'f?,', "> mi »°' I"»<ta tomato, pep- 'er, caul.flouer. celery, teed polaloei Pansy, petunia, daisy, snap draion "Ola and scarlet sa,e planu <--.!; kl " d * °* "jetable» ana Flowei J.'f' C«dcn fertlli,,rs. Lime" P.V ifurnui and Peat Moss Oar Special mil L«wn Seed 350 ib LIBERTY HARDWARE CO " "• Liberty Si. Pbone I>A I-7|ig - * W 1VASIIEI1 SERVICE Apex. Kenrnore. Easy. Mayta», Bticknone. H'rinser Roll.. PA i.i*. M.&TES LOANS AUTO National Loan, 202 S. George DIAL PA 4-6622 We Loan Money OaWatchti, Diamond!. Op,,, -m J «.ii.. "T *'.** mo<e l >" *an>" oulheni -lewder. ij| N. Mecaiiate 1—For Rent BEDS. WHEELCHAIRS. CRUTCHES PA 2 »484 HI. j McMullen H»j 2-Apcrtmenti Prepare for Spring Fertilizer-Peal Moss Fence Posts-Garden Tools Seeds-Lawn-Vegetables Terra Cotto Pipe, Roofing WE RENT TOOLS Try "PENNSY" We give S & H Green Stamps Route 40 Narrows Dial PA 2-7300 Free easy parking-We deliver. 20-For Sale Miscellaneous J20-For Sole Mitcellaneoi» J)ial PA 2-4600 'for a WANT 'AD Taken •-;•" Hol Polrit refrigerator, like ne (IWi Mulai ias ri , ngc , ),;, la ?£. '*'rl«r»lor (porcelain f/ni s 00; Airway vacuum cleaner u attachments, J19.95; Premier uurlj \acuum cleaner wllh allafhjncri *«.9i; Ctostcy clcclrlc range, II new; eas icfriserator, »30; 10 cub foot Kelvlnalor homo freezer, .Orce i. «?" APPllanvcs, 198 N. C'en •St., I'A 4-0730. HOUSE TnAILEH, :] n. Aim,. 1 m il aluminum. Excellent condltl intude canotiy. (deal lor lumnl L'mp, tin. u|a| j, A 2.6127. Mehle'a Kennels, Registered Coekcf Syanlels. PA 2-I69J. RIDING HORSES See: AMjy EVANS HI. 220 near nawllnjs, Md. Or: JACK WET7.EI, ilrand l.lnuor store. 10 M. centre O^E HIGH CHAiK, two lore seai two eoeklail tables, stroller, one cr and ehtlforobe. PA 1-0599 . EKn—Throwaway bottle 53 on ..,.. CUMBEnLAND LIQUOB 'sTOfl"" 9 Henrfor^o 2-1I7J HAPPY HILLS FARMSMILK Gallon 80c, \; Gallon '42e Plus Jug Deposit At Your Local Grocers r'REE KITCHEN ppanee, , or shop out showroom and modern Kitchen Display ATIONEHS, have th ™? l£" < "V" 1 HhLle > rora home. You can have home town 11 •« »*>» the Cumber- K WASHINGTON - Attractive {ur nlthed or unfurnlshtd. Combination «*??«*' b ' aTO<lm ' niteb^o, b»U> aultable permanent couple. 3-Furnished Apartments Two ond Three Room Burnished Apartments. PA 4-3871 V7, „ I* 1 *"" >0 cover SUl « • K2.22. Also Workraen'i Compeniatloa Fire. Glenn W.lson PA J-4MO Sinn apaxtoenti, Kelly Blvd. 3, J, (JRNiSHED firTifloor" ; ml. private bath. Two or Uirec adults. <w Park si. aparunent ECATUR ST. - Jlodcrn 3 re.-... apartment strictly private, second 481?' Conveniences. Dial PA 2 ROOMS, first Itoor. porch, private bath, entrance. Relerence. Apply 10 Allamont Terrace. Phone PA 2-6761 HOOM front apartment, downtown All utilities furnished. 230 Glenn 4-UnrurnitM.ed Apartment* — -SE ROOMS, private bath, second floor. All utilities furnished. 10 TOrth SL Dial PA ,-6523. VmGlN-IA AVE., second lloor. S rooms, bath, poreb. Immediate pos- sion. Good condition. $35 month, n Watson, PA 2-4010. roo ms, bath, second floor. 125 l ' *" """"'• p " HtlEE TOOI and electri •* ELCIUI... **„.*„ (, ci niuiiin. B; Sperry Terrace.. Phone PA 2-7155. - 1st floor. Bath, :. 328.50 per month. ER - N PA 4.36)6 ROOMS, bath: sec --- r *lly located apartment Jtecently redecorated. Dla! ° v . 3 ROOMS, private, third lloor, •a *?[• M1 - Adu l' s - 2« llarri i St. I'hone PA 2-0909. ESIKABLE. West Side, se'condlTooT; 5 rooms, including large TV Ilvme om. new bath, porches. Automati? Ji furnace heal, hot water and gas for coofch,,. A1| . ,„„„„,,,_ „„«,/ "J. \acant June 30. Write Box E63-A. cXo Times-News. BOOMS, kllchen.'bath with M SH I.VG TON i '' " _5-Furnished Room» URNISHED l,rie kilchenette.' Adultr dcrson Arc. front room and Appls- 453 Hen- 8-Houjei For Rent 7 ROOM MODERN HOUSE" 204 N. CENTRE ST CALL PA 4-1770 jfler i p m WALLPAPER Sanders Rented Cochran Paints rt*t*r fmotelK UENTlN M. HICE pen 7 dajn week 9 . 19 LUn, A™ . lo Up. m JJSED BUILDING MATERIAL k W " *"" ed Bathroom Fixtures __rnperlantl Salvage Dial PA 4 0583 ALUMINUM. Jleynoldt Do it~Yc7urs7i Dial PA 2-730 'I "«»" CM D1KSE1. Tratlor; t' J6 Klnj;ham l)uji;p Trailer*. Mo: I1A , Y Iree- for cutllnc. O(l WUIK "A 4-1B5J "* Crcck ' Pay for '"I BOY SIOTOrtS. IVornu. rlshin equipment, archery, lluy and -Jns. CLINK'S, lill Ella Ave. 'l-AYEIi PIANO. $200. Kepalre Ouarantecd. PA H081. Bob Mor land. Refrisoiator!. 123 to 510< 'j h |So " S '" ! "' B "' WEDDING tnviiaHom. «rmoanctnitnii receptions, napkins, matches. Federal Printing, 157 Columbia st PA I USED TAPE RECORDERS Phonojrnprij. Hi-fi fcjuipmeni Enterprise Amusement Co UO N CKN'TBE S"l. U1AL PA J.tXB COTT.A-rWATEB .MOTORS. WH1RL- WLSD BOATS. BOAT TRAILERS. MABISE EQUIPMENT BOAT MTS - MARINE PA1KTS BOATHAVEN VARWICK & GREE.NWAY. PA 2 6510 SED Restaurant Equipment Bouthi and Sold Dave Cunler Food Consultant. LaVale, Md. Dial PA 2-024* Con,pletc line Deltox Rugs. Magce Carpets Burkev J s Floor Covering BEDFORD ROAD PA 2-4975 TACKLE SHOP 243 VA AVE riSHERMEN-S HEADSUARTERS Open dally 8-5 M,a .Mon-Wed-fri S-S REGISTERED COLT'S DEALER •SPECIALS" — 3 Ford Tractors. 1 Ferguson w/m*nun fork. 'Jl and '51 ""Jjjels. SJ95 to SSSa. New Holland -6TO Forage Harvester w/motor and frass head. SS53. 2 John Urere ?2 Harvesters. PTO grass and coin heads. S69S and 4795. For your lor- ate equipmenl and needs, new or Med. see R. n. Speicher. phone _ME_rcury 4-31J3. Meyersdale. Pi. .Top Soil, any amount. Landscaping. Dial PA 2-030S 3oby Porakeets & Supplies Marty's. 439 N. Mecli. PA 2-7011 TR1-STATE MEMORIAL CO. Monuments & Markers— Everlasting Guarantee tn Writlnc Cresaptotrn PA 4-1510. Plcdmoot M631 FOR SALE Junk beds. Hot Point Elcclric Stove, :eritnore automatic washer, 1 electric triserators, one 9 x 12 ruj. meta' ardrobe. Bennett Tronsfer & Sioroga Warehouse-Franklin St. PA 2-677C SPECIAL PURCHASh! Manufacturers Close Ou Women's Newest Spring and Summer COATS RAYON FAILLE DUSTERS NEW ALL WOOL TOPPERS AND SUITS While Theij Last $11.90 19.97-24.97-29.97 Values All The Newest Colors Group Number 2 WOMEN'S NEWEST RAYON FAILLE DUSTERS AND GABARDINE TOPPERS! Wfn'Jf They Last $6.99 9.97-12.97-14.97 Values All The Newest Colors MAURICES FROSTBURG, MD. and KEYSER, W. VA. 0-For Sole Miscellaneous! BEAT THE HEAT! Air Conditioners VARD AIRE ton dlx, 220 volts. Reg. $229.93 NOW $199.88 ERVEL ELDORADO 3i ton. Reg. $229.95 NOW $179.77 VESTINGHOUSE Ion. 110 volt, Keg. $319.!. NOW $269.88 VeSTINGHOUSE ton For Casement Window One Onlyl Reg. $329.93 NOW $279.88 Vacuum Cleaners ANK TYPE Yilh attachments. Reg. $59.35 NOW $47.88 ANISTER TYPE >'ith attachments. Reg. $59.95 NOW $47.88 Montgomery Ward Baltimore Street at George PA 2-3700 VEGETABLE PLANTS « quality, thick *tem tomaloej. peppers, street potatoes, cabbase, Tharp's Seed store. FA 2-6147. KITZMILLER MEMORIALS •MONUMENTS ana MARKERS AVI the best martin and £i*alt« Including "Rock ol Agei" «ranjl« and "Barri Guild Memorials" F red'c* L Ceorgt Sis. PA 2-«w, 2-3K< "St* WHAT TOO BUT' Very Gentle Riding Horses Call PA 2-0942 MIAMI FASHIONS Size 10 (o 20. l^i to 2fi^ 45 PjjJrJs. Prints and Solid* Shorts, halter*. 10 lo 20 t] hlns Suits jj.95 to ji 9 " MOTOROLA Hltfi J Phonograph. Hlonde. ftcrs. Only 3 needle, Ccnlrc. MASTERS CONCRETE VIBRATOR 12 Foot Hose. Used Five Hours PA 1-1327 .14 XonJ wxHexvy Duty trader " i2 ford wyCoUivator Fcrd Mowtii _ sifie A Rear Mid. H. C. BE.N»En PhOTit ME 43271 McvpritJale ] Factory Display Th« Famous Kimbali Pianoi Trice Reasonable PEOPLES FURNITURE STORE Re infi art's 17 Baltimore St. USED POULTUY EQUIPMENT ' Feeders, Metal Nests, Electric Staring Batteries. FinLshitiR Batteries, Rain Suckers. RooilinR Sections, Electric acudatgr. 100 Turkey Crales * INTERNATIONAL "ISO" TRUCK 13 INTER NATIONAL 1^ TON 8 INTERNATIONAL 2< 3 TON Scl Hcar-Moumcd Ford CuUivatnrs CHARLES ROWZEF. l^kc Koon Rd _PHO.VE BEDFORD VALLEY 451 Holstein .Heifer, just fresh. Dial PA 2-5863 Baby Carriage, good condition^ Dial PA 2-6237 SYKES STYLE SHOP W5 Md. Av«. Dally 11 .. m. 8 p m Phone PA 1-1J70 Fidelity Consol speakers. ?' 5 ; l ^ Mi "S Sj-cke's Music Store. 22 N Eitrudrd Alnmto Storm Windows Completely Installed As Low As ... S. Gtorge SL WALLPAPER—Sla», iflectloo at bom* Ejpcrt paptrlnnsinj. low cost PA «02il far samplei. Hirtlcj WitlltJS PANSY PLANTS - 23c DOZEN EncUsh daisies 2ie doi.; crccpin P !*?„* clllmp: ro<:lc «"•'«'" *" perennial fioitcr olanu lie each: Urc assorlment seeds, plants >r.d sup^IIe OFA BED VD CHAIR NORTH END GARAGE 307 Hendersot. Ave PA 2-S5» McFARLAND AUTO SHOP "•lione. PA 4-1216 503 Pine Ave. USED POWER MOWERS $25 4 UP COSGROVE'S 252 N. Centre PA2-30W 7-BuslnesrOpportunities Established Business STOCK FOB SALE BELOW COST M>cu!ntr> t EqulprncBl Cott Leu Depreciation Reasonable lease on premises i DIAL PA 2-2028 ;OWiEB CENTRE t llsnovtr ^siore rodm x-ilh Itoragt, kitchen, 5 cornode rooms. Also three rooms, bMh. second floor. Six t-oorni. t«-o b«lhj, hot water h«*t, automatic water Ian* $119 FURNITURE MART N. Mechanic St PA 2-3141 TOP SOIL & FILL DIRT Phone CO 4-4193 DIPIX5MAS-Ca PO'k ith jou an 5 -«here, . size photostat nr '." d ,';" b1 " 1 !'- V««r rtlscharte papers loo. Whatever It 1i well ttipy IV. < - C Hr IB J? n r ANn ENGRAVERS. "B S. Mechanic Street. PA 4-1622. IS! *'«• Spaniel BlaeV Fen,ale. *"'" 1 •>»««• 6 Jears l PA 2.«i60, » lo 5. old IHE LONGER s-our BO rum the cceap- ei per rjaj n become. «'e'U be glad o e,uo1« lon< terra and contract tatei , t« any want adverli&eT »our coil the ,nt\u you Save 20% On Bottled Gas BENNETT'S PA 2-7900 PARAKEETS Wie ,„„„,„-, 13 Lyqn* si KldjeLey Htlonft RE VSlli Urplf^—Cocker Spanl«ls. Mrj. Harold Meek. I'ompcy Kennels At Vale Summit. Phont Frost&urR I1M-W-1. VSEI) MACHIXEnV FOR SALE ^lodel !ID-n .Mli, ctiJlmers »ilh bladt And winch, food condition Hodcl M Ilansnn Back Hoe Case Crane on nibtxr " ». P. CM Diesel To»er L'nil Motfcl HD5 ,MHs CTnlmen «im Made Moorl D-< Calcrplllar with oinrli Model BG Clelrac with blade Hodcl IIG Clctrae Model TDS International rraclor with blaoe niector repair «erv(ce. «e pin «r,d bosh all ma^ea of traclct COCHRAN- FAHM EQUIPMENT CO SOMERSET. PA. PHONE (348 Try Our Delicious Country Butler, Lander's Grocery The lower prolll, [ TWO CLUB CHAIRS, metal bed. oak chest of drawers, rocker, electric Irontr. 31S H. Centre. A Fine Selection of TESTED. APPROVED and GUARANTEED Used Frigiclaires All in excellent condition So Down-55 Month Call Ed Hansrote today THE POTOMAC EDISON CO PA 2-3200 and PA 2.0316 3 FABULOUS KROEHLER LIVING ROOM VALUES (1) 2 pe. Krochler infa bed suite 2 tables, 2 lamp*. 2 pillows REG. J269 NOW SloS for all X pieces. (Z) 2 PC. Krocliler livinB room suite. 2 tables. 2 lamp* REG. !2?3 NOW Sm for all 6 pieces (J> J pe. Kroehlfr jcilional. 2 tables 1 lamp BEG. «M NOW 522,1 for all i pieces Out;/ at Milloison's can you jind values like these MILLENSON'S 317 Virginia Ave. PA 2-3D30 I'ij IIAKD to eucss wnal a property, a used car or any other used Hem i worth; but reading the want ad* <Iall will make 11 easier and make your puesscs a lot more accurate Rea them and use loom lor your economic ccalth. Singer Sewing Machines ' Brand now electric automatics. . .$40 OFF. . Poilablei and Consoles. Don'l Atlis This Opod lluyl Singer Sewing Center 65 Baltimoro SI. . 25—Building Suppllet SPECIAL Sewing rcirhines adjusted" '£• "»«« « Electrify «nd Buy WAKEFJELD Salet I'A 8-8130. a »8 Wt Self Mi Sett t*i Repair ttil Km Scliwinn Bicycles Reo Lawn Mowers ' Everything for Iht blcycl* «nd la»o mower- „, Vet'j Dlcycle k Mower Supply l_5" cen Cily P'vmeni PA J.jej all a «our nj seleclins iout lamlly plot NOW, you can enioy these advantage!: Low prices, Ka,y Term, lien «<:. leellons, Perpetual Care! HIM.CHEST BURIAL PARK I>A 4-23) Low Prices! Spouting, Snout tni, Fixtures, Roo/ Pauils! Liberty Hardware Co. ' N. Liberty Si. Phone PA 2-TU -omplete Home Furnishing WOLFS Baltimore Stree' ?« • "^ Scarlcl is, tomatoes, cabb KOOL VENT ALUMINUM AWNINGS Welch Insulation p, t . Eitim.ln ft. Aihbj mo Prastbura 54 Sal. "^'S. 1 - 1 " CIIA1N SAWS Sale; .nd Servlc. o ,vl» Carjf. Md. Pooa« GR «- I'lcklns May'29. ! 30,'j'Jnl' "Vrte? 7 ? Soulh'wtH of ShoU ckp. '\v. Va™' " PLYWOOD Interior Exterior Marine Try "Pennsy" Route 40 Narrows Dial PA 2-7iOO BUSINESS MACHINES Sales & Service — Typewriters — Adding Machines — Cash Registers BUY OE RENT Keyser Office Supply Co. Victor .Adding Machine Agency Peyser. W. Va. Phone 28721 « ANGLE; VIOLIN; COMPIETE BATHROOM OUTflT. ALL IN GOOD SHAPE. niAl. PA 300J7. 21-Wonted ro Buy SCRAP IRON & METAL 'IPE-PLATE, STRUCTURAL Copper. Bran, flitteriei, AJUm el tnocs sctiAp i. SALVAGK'CO Between Kirn i, offutt 0 nn Plate Jit, PA j, o aCRAP IRON METALS STRUCTURAL STEEL Now Located | n UaVale Rear Zlmmcrta Auto Shop FELDSTEiN'S Phont I'A 2-53M. PA 5-16H 21—Furnoces, Hear, Slorei -.\.\OX Coal. Gii, Oil FURNACES Cleanins 1 Kllnsle£jleaUnE 1M N. Centre PA Plumbing & Heating _E. VVoodyard Phone PA 2-jgjo QudlifyLumb«f and • Building Supplies ? The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company as QU«D si. PA It's Fun — It's Economical! DO-lT-YOUDSlDLr" ALL STEEL GARAGES — COTTAGES UTILITY BUILDINGS Designed to Complement Any Ai-ehKecture As Low As $4.00 Per Week (If You Prefer—We Will Install) LIFEGUARD CONSTRUCTION CO 411 LIBERTY TRUST BLDQ. DIAI, PA 2-2510 26-Help Wonted HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS for ipeclal outiLtie promotion. I'leasint working condilioni and opportunity to earn up to SIOO or mor«-' fer %>eeX. We will train )ou. Com« and lalk mis over between 8 and 10 a.m. Keystone Home Furtvlihin* Co., lie H. Mechanic SI. .I'RVKY.Intelvltwcn. Inlelligenl. alert people wanted by research organic- lloti to a»)&l on opinion Inlervliwlng. fio lellinf. c«r preferred, not entn- ttal. Men or \vomen, interested In eurrent evenli. Neat appelrance. Available for 10 d.yj ilirtinj ueek of .May 27. Write B ox (U-AX, e/o 27-Femole Help Wanted IVAITRKSS Wanted .1 Hjburjtr Rei- IHIJ 20 to 35 for Inildc wiltr(nr>, full tune. II intercileo. Dill PA J S15S *ltcr 1 p. m. WASTED - Kxptriencfd WJIIMJI. . C1 ' ire "- PI> " Glr P'-\ """I hounwork, i idultr. EXPERIENCED SECRETARY Typing, Bookkeeping and Shorthand required. SALARY S65 PER WEEK Apply in person: lOPITYPER, Inc. Mr. Savage, Maryland 28-Mole Help Wanfed HAxDY~IA.S. .initie, lor »ork In rett Jon.r. nea/br Cumberi.nd. Trt-Stile t-rnployetj. Dial PA 4-196J. SALKSMAX WANTED — GOOD PAY SEK MB. LICMTESSTEIN. US N. CENTRE ST. IIOLUNO FURNACE CO - CM! _ o«, Hteli,, ty.Jt, -ne cleaniflf sernce. repair. « N. Centre Si, Phona PA 4-iUJ Do you rteea A o«w oeatlnj plantl Cat! PA «-2tl4 for Ire* estlmilei Sun Heatlnj Co.. P O Boa 147 5—Building Suppliei JOHNS-MAN'VILLE Gas Flue Pipe Asbestos Cement Safe ... and it's permanent The Cumberland Cement and Supply Company ear 419 A'. Centre PA 4-2000 OAK FLOORING SAVE-SAVE—S«.VK NEW LOWER PRICKS DlnECT FROM MANUFACTUBEn /32 x 3'i" Clear ned w c n X 2'i" Clear White, 32(i c I, X Iii" Select Red 22c ft X 2i." Select White ....! 2oJ n I 2>i" Com I Red. White i;c ft * -?•''. Ec ""omy stie ft X 2-, Com d Btr Shorts 12c ft *f ~ Kl ' a '<irfed. end-raatchtd untiled and Eraded in accordacc* wltb ational Association Hules. -J.KGHE.vy I1AHD1VOOD FLOORING verett. Pa. Phone 303 HAGERSTOWN BLOCKS & MART1NSBURG BRICK ay M. Atkett Dial Pa 4-4411 Gold Bond ond Red Top Plaster Line o/ Mela! Goods for Plastering SUPER CONCRETE CO. YOUNG MEM TO ASSIST • . . Manner In. locil bniw!i of colt to to»>l chain orf Inli.tlon. ' E«ptrlfn(e unnccniary but moH b< ibl« to conv«r»e iDUllitcritlj *nd be xatFsffed «ith 170 per w«x' lo >»rt. n.lpld advanctmenl t» tho^e accepted. For Appointment Co!(: MR. PULSIFER, PA 2-3925 9:30 A. M. to 1:30 P. M. BIRCH KITCHEN CABINETS We are now producing a cabi et wliich incorporates all the lie features which have been mandcd by housewives across c Xaiion. These include: The finest grade Birch fronts, Hammered Copper Features. Formica Tops. Flexibility of design which allows our stock cabinet to fit into any kitchen situation, and construction by craftsmen who l)avc been qualified by years of experience in their trade. Sec These Cabinets In Our Display Room! Ixl Scrap Strips surfaced " .'ides Ic per foot 1x2 Scrap Strips surfaced 2 sides 2c per foot Kiln Dried BUCHANAN Lumber Co. 549 N. Centre St. PHONE PA 2-0650 PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. : WORKS NO 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. Applications are now being eceived jcr job openings in \ ne Maintenance Department*-' to be tilled in the early part oj this summer. Hourly rntes 0} pay for the Dcpt: ' — Electricians J2.62 per hour — Machinists—Shop $2.H per hour — Machinists—PUnl .... $2.« per hour — Pipe Fitters $3.45 per hour — Millrightj $2.*S per hour — Ca»penter-Pa!nter .... $3.29 per hour AppHcarits must be qualified Journeymen in order to ' receive consideration. For further information call PA 2-8500 or wrile: Director of Personnel. WA.NTKD- Bay, Past School Af« " . To Help »jth Garden Work Apply: 170 Federal St. COPITYPER INCORPORATED MT. SAVAGE, MD, ; Applications are now being received {or job openings as.:. — FOREMAN MACHINE SHOP Must be Tool i Die Malser Snlnry Open — FOREMAN ASSEMBLY ROOM Salary Open Openings also for experienced •• Machinists . . . Must be qualified Journeymen. 'lachinisls — Shop . . . $2.62 per hour. Do not npply unless thoroughly experienced Contact: Mr. Conrad DIAL CO 4-4404 r,\RT TIME, «lth non connictlni llm, to sell SalffsbooXs, Order Book}, Her. Ister rorms, Onc-Ttme Carbon Forms. Wrllt Arthur J. Slurphj-. Th« Shelby .Saldoook Company, Jflfc B**. icmcr Bulldinj:. 100 sixth riltsburjh !2, P». •

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