The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1930
Page 2
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DON'T DENY YOURSELF the enjoyment of smoking ___ . „ buy. Why havei the real smoke-luxury that Camels alone can give? Into this familiar package goes all the; meilow, natural all the mildness, all the delicately blended aroma and richness—in short, all the true smoking de%ht that twenty cigarettes can possibly contain. No frills package. The extras you get with Camels are in the ous quality of the cigarettes themselves. 1 Camels have won a wider- friendship among the lions who appreciate the luxury of -a perfect smoke any other cigarette ever j made. mil- than Don't deny yourself the luxury of age valuation of $49,6St of 16 the '-same mm iir »tt' aver- hate been! listed; i The as : the first ry remains belen 3,336 •with a total date there listed, val- aVerage of ave age Is report..''V The average of at ; i 19, there having dob ms already Hst6d -ttlliktira.'-bf: |32;33k| j .Averages -on houiehold 'goods nav 9 Increased. To J av » been j 1,371 sets ed at 1*32,122 or an $176. fhte javerage in thejfirst re por:'is $170. j j.;j : -.' j I luring the four: -weeks the asses ors ha^re found j33 diamonds In he county with' a total valua- ion of 13,576 or an' average,of 108. The- average for the first W (l weeks was $93r Ji ••" '| four "week i 21 retail merchandise 1 have' been taxation' with; an aver} ln the tocks of listed for age of 12 .tock, tat lishments»of, the an/ of the utilities. Study Club, or a' to- 238 per 81 tall of $46,998. This report does not include any of, the larger es- county or IN SEA' Kcv. Karl P. Bonier in That Tipton- friends hav^ Ha» Church in [pity e received word; t'iiat Rev. KaVl Palmer Miller; a former pastjjr of the First Presbyterian, church in this city, has accepted a call! to the pastor-, ate of th6 Westminster Presbyterian church in Seattle, Wash., aad has already hegunlihis new- duties with,that church tir. Miller, whdj held the pastorate of the Tipton church about 1314J or 1915,'was^l laker' pastor- of the Franklin Presj&ytef-ian'church |it Franklin, but on account of his ealthj; was i forced relinquish Ithat church.; After spending several months; at. Bcjulder, C61.,- his health;! was j complete y restored. The Seattle church has an annual budget of $28,000.'. J ' 12 YEARS AGO to JThe last forum meeting for the club year of the Study Club of thk Tipton Art Association was' held Association Monday afternoon litjrary, Where a ^verV program jwas enjoyed, Associate and their guests numbered more tWan 100 A musical program of the afternoon. ' w th two! beautiful bV Mrsi Frank Russell, There members Of enjoyed;this V. lAndrews atl wer '• at •: the' j splendid Active and the club program, a feature opened was This solo numbers with Mrs. Mr. father t jweek.j jferihg sit up the , : piano, re beautiful trio number 's by Mrs. Herbert iMorris, Mrs. Horace Matthews and Mrs. John Burkhardt and readings by Mrs. Meeker. -j t jr' Mrs. Hershell Miller of Ayers store at Indianapolis | was then presented to the: jnjemberft and guests i by the president] Mrs. J. AL Gleasou. Mrs. Miller in an address on; held her all hour, for tlrenii "Interior] iipecorstion" hearers \ for |more than as she pictured a I home of beauty and j elegance in \vhich|.she discussed ,wall paper, the halls, floors,; furniture arrangement, light fixtures, curtains,; draperies, .rugs and; other, furnishings, stressing; in all her. talk a perfect-balance in the fur- future; placing, for comfort, convenience! and beauty. She also stressed the importance of color in the home andTits psychological ejffect and influence. Window curtains and drapes' also were emphasized! in her ! appeal! in the. some .decorations, j Mrs. Miller devoted some time tp answering questions and solving som/ of the decoration pr< leiris for her guests' and; -ga« and su Alibgeth-- Slightly arid :Mrs. Improved. JL ' ' ~ r, Ray; McCubbins, bf East Washington ! street, were at New Lancaster Monday .'evening, visiting;!.withjl Perry Trimble, of Mrs. McCUbbins, ?who has been quite ill! during the past Mr. Trimble has been suf- with [the grippe, but there have also lieeri serious heart complications. ; He Was slightly improved! Monday, nut fs not able to or leave his bed. * Sheriff's Sale... ' •; H April 1st. ••• Top- Ifor. '.hogs was S18.25J wheat \»yas §2.05; corn • SI.40; loats-87;; butter 38c and eggs 31cj Perry Wheeler resigned as fireman at the light plant to accept a position with, the Prudential Insurance Company. -;;'-.* * -* Joseph Moorman was advertising for a hay fork, lost between the home of-Will Ryan and the Plum Grove school house. . * - * ' * ' . Mrs. Martha Walser,. residing 2% miles southwest : ^of Curtis-, ville fell and broke, her hip a^id was in a serious condition. j * * ^ : j- Rex'Ballenger. announced him[self as a candidate' for the Re; publican nomination for Prosecuting Attorney. WaU Enamel For Your Kitchen, j Bath or Woodwork— and it's CBI-NAlfEL Blue FrMt Drug St«re TIPTON, nib. "A Good! Placie to Trade" Mr. arid Mrs. , Gernie Hoover, married on the' 30th of March were receiving the Congratulations -ofj friends. Mrs.. Hoover was formerly Miss Leona Fay Hind daughter Hindi*. of Mr. and Mrs. 3- J. Notice is thereby given that by virtue] of aj certiiBed copy issued, out oi| the clerk'^ office of Tipton county, of the judgment and decree; rendered] inlj: the Tipton Circuit Court, in'a cause where in the fFirstf^aitiorial' Bank, of Tipton, is plaintiff; and Le^is M. Hanley, Albertie [Hanley,"Lotas'E. Burkhardt and Arana Burkhardt, are the defendants; being Cause 1350 - Wherfein fplaintiff recovered,.a perspnal.judgm'eiit against the defendant !and; a' foi ;eclosure of mortgage [against the following, real es- tate,jto-;Wit:I Tuejwest.half of lots six (6)iand sevien (7). in block •I N. C^ Goodman* was employed as head, chef at the Metropolitan hotel in Indianapolis, leased by the government to feed drafted men. ;''''-• ' . I In Mfinorisim. twepty-seveh (2j addition in; the J7.) in town. of" Tipton, in Tipton r coiirity, indi- aria, being ] for six hundred and ten a. m. (1.0 a ni. (i p. m.) 19, 1930, sell at] aforesaid real tion many i! helpful: hints' t|ohs in these 1 answers. the ,program' was an especial- STUBBORN ILLS SCiON BANISHED . being! helpful ' one .Mrs. LMillerj exceptionally! pleas-j in connection with; a : display of COTPUT , 1 WinuB-SalM. rl. ;C ^Ti^l•» MiU .-:..-4..1r' < L DEAD10BN. . j (Continued From Page 1.) . icousus jis taken. Among these will ilw tin ifollowing: . • (11 -i-Persons temporarily, absent, jielther m foreign countries . or elsewhere in the United States S jj # on business or -visiting: • _ H(3)^-PersonB attending schools •TjI 'or ^colleges located i a other dis- ",'tWct|. t • I _ *, ; (iJ")—Per»Qns ill in hoaRiUla •I |qf-^taaHmrtoms' in other district*. " ' " - ton of ttait ,« IM*. T (2) —-Transient boarders or lodgers who have _i a-; pcr^ianeut place of abode outside the : district. \(3 )— Students or children living or boarding in the^ district in- order to attend school, but not regarding ,-the - place; as their home. • -. - . ; i,- : : ( 4 ) -^Persons who eat: or work In the district, 1 buts who sleep in another district. It is not, 4sy the census authoc- ities, a" question ol whers «i son. votrt, <or, Ibtn M wi or. owns propfrty. ft to »,«« «f %lim,li^llrfls;« thrf v tlacs of •bode'' tori the sarj m. think of his parent's residence | icamps as "home;" - : % • •Where entire families are ab- or i other- places which have shifting i populations composed of persons | having no fi|ted seat from their usual places of|>, , ,.. . abode they will so far as practiced whore] found, except in| • places of abode, |willi be enumer^ cable be reached by means of an|'«>- « "rt^ta inoividualS insuclf usual 'absent-family" schedule forwarded to them by mail to be filled out and returned-to the supervisor of the district in which<f ** ,B J H * g iheyi:reside. Or!« ^family isihpoV campB have i 'Bamer other t ;u«c • i place of abode where they w|ll be reported by imembers! of theif. rariv prmeht in a tlven district objccU to tains; inuntsratad tnsw onltB* iroindi that ltMs nj£ r iMni >t itt"Mn«iipi»co^ it ^ttll^tn v «to.|t *l : mmmm (Qontinpf^ ly duferestlrig and;; and enjoyed by all also bad. an ibg feature ljer talk! this qrapery samples and home furri ishiugs. . !; | The next meeting, of; the study, alub will be Monday afternoon; April 7th, with Mrsi! OJ U.Mayne west of [Tipton on Road 28, when Negro; Composers ; and Singers will be discussed by Mrs. Mayne and Negro Spirituals by Mrs. Eva J 'augh. ; if 4 Beautiful cut flowers from | entheyjs and beautiful ' lamps I urnished by • Suite & Barrum; ddedi to the beauty of the stage ^ecorated pies, :L .(• with the drapery saiu- .i i I •" 'I I'rairle Notes. Mr: j arid .Mrs. j Vernon Harlowi ! ad as Sunday dinner .guests the ormec'sj sister, ,Mr.|i and Mrs. J. :. Martin of Fortvllle. Mr. and Mrn. 1 Clyde'- Harlow';land! sons. • j Mr:1 and Mrs. Lewis New and cuiidregl were Tipton 1 visitors Sa^ rdajr'jnight. v/i"' ;!).-' ; , j -;. j Jesse LaGarde is I still--ipiprovi ig.'Be : sltB 'up : jnostl-of the time jnd is jihlitor w^lk about the (ott*»v ; -altiJDttiliike]still has the ib^sin^iis 'sitBt 'v I 'tetaaee Who; .TWUdJ htm «and*y ffi in * _ i Ins itttonbtM end Vni Ottfcirlno of Nob* Harold of 142- the south jiow city ' In memory of bur adored wito and mother. Mrs. J. C. Chappell. \yho passed away and left us lonely two-years ago, April 2, 192SJ- Just two years ago this morning Yoti heard yarn- Master's liallj So.peacefully vou fell asleep I ! j ..And.left us'one and all. [ I j And in His iirnis He f.iriied yoim Away to that.beautiful shore ; From -. Sorrow.. sickness-, nnd p " Where clputlt shall do no i.norij New MUijcstic, Slodel OO, i; InvL d ;yi; oil it.-: so a pld-asarit seveniy-fone' dollars arid twenty-six} cents ,($671.26) " cruirig cost; I will, as the county,; Indiana! and cost-and ac- sheriff of Tipton at the north court-house dotir in said county and.-lstate,- between, the'hours of m.) and four p. on Saturday, April public outcry.the Estate in satisfac- of I said decjree. I JESSE DEVAULT, 48-54-60 Sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana, Tribune want lads get results. New Medicine Attacks' ttie Source of Stomach, Kidney! and L|ver Trouble- Brings Quick Relief. We.loved'you, yes Your passiiiK 'griev On your s.\veel face smile, -.VVQ know-'a:-: yn You. -fought, the baulc iu-avnly, . ... We -know you have not !<>W,! , On yonder side you I'IT - wait|ng- ; .Until we shaK have paid the. 'J . cost. '• .''^~—' .' \nfu>:> :.•:••< ----- ; ; '. -;-i-'i Your life.was so noble, -;ood ;\nd -; pure. -. •• \\ i Y.etur. pathway lift-' adorniiig. ! Our. happiness was turned to sor- j . • row, " | • j ' Oil. that sad and lonely uiari:- • ' . -j !! ij'nough yet we have a promise,: Or else we would desp:MrJ ' I j;'our.-lives'are what God-intf)nded We will meet a!?ain over 'here^. - J. C- CHAPPELL j .' - AND FAMILY. With Tubes, »li0.50. Lee S. LeatheiinaD FUNF;Rj\L DIRECTOR. Drake Beauty Farter Graduate of Rainbow Academy Call 13 for 'Appointment Second Floor,- Masonic' Bldg. Complete XSearch for ("onvk-t. 1, O Bf* SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4 .98 COURTESY 6UE 5IOTTO Insurance of All Kind3 Life — Auto — Accident Protection for jAVhatcWcr Yoar Personal or Itusthess Needs May Be. LEE F. GRJ1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phono 57. Captain Grady arid Patrolman Ij)ouglas of the Frankfort - police fjerce Were here Tuesday and j ;in compauy, -with Sheriff Default and piiief. of Police Leonard made search of several places for; an ^scaped convict -front Clinton count}'. The man is reported; |to I have made his escape froni !the Michigan -City prison. He .was not located in Tipton and the search j was:continued' in oilier places; l>y j the Frankfort officers..- \ l' 1 ' ji- - . "/"• ^-r -4# B W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIKOPKACTOi: Ollice Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. l ' Political. Announcements!. I; 1 The Tribune, from now |-Uri- I til: the/date of the pririlary I election: will carry political aii- I nonncements in -this column!; l-payment for the same ma&t. be I advance. ' .. . '. | LOANS; .«i2.> to $300—Your OWn Serur ity—Quick and Coafldcntial Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Rut. 4, Masonic Bldg. :N. Mutn. VI owe Konjttla debt of grati-' tude," said Mr 6 L Hilliard US East Vermont street, Indianapolis. I suffered for.jtears^viih.a weak stomach, failing |kidneys ! and sluggish! liver- My food was- never properly: digesUd.and gas pains andjbloatlnt were' frightful. Back pains, frequent j bladder actions: and^lnablUly to sleep ^were due to the condition of! my: 'kidneys. BH- itt 'usiattMcks and] hsadaches . vers addsi- s^Hes'bscsuse of a torpid and •luggisV llTe'r. tfk, 3ir t»t4ke 1 ,|ConJolft long restore my health. Today I am in Mc«llant|hMUb~' rot the iricVta',!^. uf stomach Is horaalland'dblBJg iti .work exce\- Ifd bM ;|d ;palnf. bother:me iit^i oftflffMiL *I bar*; '-•:• Por'Couniy Clcrjc. j ;| "I hereby announce' myself i as a ([uudidate for the i nomination | for (SIcrk of the Tipton circuit coi^rt. Subject to the decision o't.i|he| Democratic voters'at .the. primary 1 election to be held May 6. 19S0. PARKER DUNHAM; ' : •- . For Trustee' -I hereby announce myself as a Candidate for- the InonirnaHoh,;;for trustee of Cicero j township; j subject to; the decision of. the Democrat i voters at the primary election ito; he held Tuesday May 6, 1930; RiX L. HASKETT. ! -I am a candidate (or the Ce'm- pcratic -nomination for trustee; of Cicero township and will appreciate anj aid that: in riven me : in my campaign, and in the primary ileCtjOBt- 'JOHW 0. BOZELU See— . YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO SERVICE H 'o ifiii Anywhes^'-i-. Aeiisd Work—Full Lisrn McJunkin Phone 30X7 We Ti Wial '-lar Tosrolill n 'L LIHEEAOki vuvk

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