Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 20, 1969 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1969
Page 12
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12 - -IfHinday, U. 20. 1969 Radkmdt Deity Fad* Television Tizrr di-ivnr dniii* tilt MdMtf. Ht mnh tk hatnd for In mht md *i cnr- nits soicidi. By tICK DU BROW So much for the mnndaiie! details. Hie importaat thing is Miss Umeki. : The Cham of the Orient has| MBOnt K| Nmi (0 (60) Jtnr OffiHurtlvMHif (0 (30) eShn «ta SmiIC) (90) Barban Mdltir, Eddie Miert. Mni. KceTe. C. B. CillahDi. ind Tht Hw Ancricms luoL O SIX O'CLOCK MOVIE (C) •k "THE BIV.SS BOTTLE"Burl !v :s & Tony Randall a Sii CXIetk Mone (O "Tt* t ictfle" (finti^) '64—Tony Rindill. Buri Ives. Biitiiri Eden.! OiSnr (C)(30) (BUt»H (0 (30) ®Miri IM! (30) "Mississippi; Rivtr." A enlist dtnrn the river tiDfli' Ht hcadmten to the defu it New Orieins. The citiet, peDpIt and way of life akmc the banto art hi |h- SM«tntS ««Mr ffilinMNtM (C) IJeOKMC HtMtnto (C) (60) IB«imi ti Mta ti IM Sat (0(60) eiMiM Ftr Tttr MtMT (30) "Educabon-A (kMistant Need," Malien Hanhall points out that dwos- inf the type of idnol btat suitad for yoa and your children meant looking thetd tnd tettinf up ftm ilyjoalt. l:30ae {S}ffiliiMidt (0 (60) -And Be My Love." En toteto knt with I colonuMSl she mpwb cf cobbcfy. Chid Dwctt fuctft e>«l (Q (6(0 Dick Eabtv and Mid^ Davits an linisdt ht a lO-isimd EfhtMitM best bt- taeea Eddie Gaida and Jett Mtr- qocz. 0@C£eQ>M <kM (0 (30) -Marriast Wtdi-s Stylf San triis to discoance Seitna arhen tkt tat;>r iiaia that she. too, csuld find ^^ppir .c<s in mani ^tt to a n;:t='. S -T re'ents and tilits Jcrtn- ti Kunun Equation, a cam- pu:>ri;td nstchmaker. Serena meets IMr. Wondirful and falls in love, and San insists she tell Franklyn that she's a witdL Uoyd Bochner tuests. IDMtnCrilfi* (Q (SO) |ElltttlktOd«l <n(30) CMMiarEihrttKCI HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-4Iaybe it dbesDt mtm Jiinch to you, but MiyosU Umcki win be in a (etensiOB seriet next season. It means someOinc to me. I am. you see. mad .bout ai»»>* eluded me and yet Miss Umeid. My dream of bUss'"**" * observe here m a is to be maiMoed on a desert jproduction I think I island with Barbra Streisand.'*?^ ^ understand, in some! Susan Saint James. Joanna »*at "t « all about Banies and Misi Um^ ' anyone »-ho hasi Miss Umeld will turn op on^*" ^''^^ Umeki in •"Sayonara"ABC-TV this bU in a new half-,<"" "Flower Drum Song" wifl hour situaUflo comedy. The ^^^"^ fantastically (^mrtship of Eddie's Father," '"''•vidual and touching pres- based oo the Giem Ford movie.^'^ The story conoenis a young! "Hie chances are that ABC-TV widower (Bin Bixby), his six-'liopes it ^ have in this new year-old sod and a Japanese! ' repeat of the success of housekeeper (Miss Umeki). "Badielor Father." in which In the series. Bixby. ••who Jo^n Forsythe bad a niece and supporte the household by an Oriental valet, editing a magarine supplement, "Bachelor Father" as a must cope with extracurricular; maUer of fact, a lightly problems arising as young charmirg series. And if "The Eddie rius son) keeps getting Courtship of Eddie's Father" biffl romantically involved with j has the same pleasant relation- almost endless supply of ship among its characters, it an prospective brides. [ might come off weU too. 7«eCK EMoitI "M Wall " ••• „ mm falter Cronkite. OMHhMrUH; (Q (3(9 IDrMHtrf(Q (30) ®nafi*f IIM Mv OO) "U- sinning To Hay." Fredaiick Noad teaches tbe mt stroke, musicti notation and torn* ant-lint ffltle- diet. (BTiw timtmt (Q CBTnditr6MMVMMM (Q -TJoesxiOBM] "Ht 't Ttn Dtc. Ckartt Bnnr (Q (30), Snoopy, tht bumptieut baigle, has the sttllar nie in this animated cartoon special. SMopy't auddtn attack of bed mtnnen eauaat him, to bt teat to tht Diisr HiH Puppy Farm for i rtfrtiher count in ebtditnce tnining. (R) (60) •waiord's Bridge." When t farmtr catchtt him attempting to bkwr up a bridge, DanitI is imprisoned in t cellar. Simot OaUand.1 Peter Jason and Kurt Russell guest eLMliiS |>M(C) (55) 0@(l )CBni niM« Km m, m "Tbt Ntptomonkeyac" Cadet asks the nuns to balqiA wrib a pet monkey that turns out to liavc thitring ways. OUmm $ Mtrir ttMatci"; (dnmt) '43 — Humphny Bofiit Ingrid Bergman, Oaudt Rainai BTnlfe tr CtuaqtatMi (Q (30) OPtny Mate* (60) - eSCttcJttdttaHtiKSO) SlUiAnfiltatlFaiit 5Sn bSSTOIJo) Andy hoih M hour of comedy and nuiie and hat at his guests Janet leigh, Don: Knotts; Tennesttt Emit ford, Tht - Yow* Stints tnd Tbt Establish- iff Itr MO l(|jlg^W^Tjwndt» (esmtdy-dnmt) '6 *-Jtmtt tonr. Julie Andrews, Mtkqni Douglts. Tbt stoiy of t wtn* tad wadtrfu! wtrtimt mtrriage. DCBMM^NMMtal .3 (60) Host Dttn lOBtt wek»mts tht SnwHitit Bielhin and Alt Ctrnijr to tht thow. fBRMhrTtirUl(O (60) SIB Madt EMtUia OOaSlffianiMl (C) (30) •Trauds-OR-TB." A eomputar p «tt Friday and Gannea mi tht trail t( tn embtolement ling. OMMi (0(30 )TtdMtytn. CSNMM«ka to MtB (Q (30) IMOOe(I)0>Mi Mirtia (C) m Mbf D,m. Phyllit Oilltr, The Mills Bnthen. Beb Ntwbtit and Don Rict gutit e OHM (0(60) a (SMI ID* M*( IMw (0 (60) Musical varitty show ftatur- ing Phyllis Dilltr, Donald O'Connor, Arte Johnton, Lou Rawls and Gtnt Sheldon. OktanM KNm (30) IBThtt Show (0 (30) Te Fraert orNotToFncze." PtfvCtattnd Louis Levint gutit ffiTbttbt BttI (30) Tht Ingit- wood Playhoutt prattnto totnts from Aihol Fugtrd 't Iht Blood Knot" Hal Marienthal rancws the production and talks with dindoi Martin Magner. flDDitha Kttadt CBPnwtrttoTnttl (Q llDJOOMtirir (0 lltmm tijtif ' (Shpense) '64-Cint Lollabrigkla. Sean Cennoy. eUtaa (0 (30) dStcnatato Ht (30) eCtatoSkiHiMt ffiTaai(bt2a» uMaoosffiMM (0 QAHnd Hikkcaa OUanCM (Q SMtrir lltait, Mr. UacT (comedy) '55-Brigitto Baidot IS)(l)S(i )ffi"M *(Q Allergist should find cause of giant hives By DR. WAYNI G. BRANDSTADT Q — I have had angioneurotic! a dose in female adolescents or edema of my lips for four years, young adults may have a viriliz-| The atucks come on suddenly ing effect — hair on the face.: and are very upsetting because acne, menstrual irregularity and Mt*oj^- i Mere ocfivlffes may be required by aduHs By DELOS SMITH , satisfied by the mate. Each UPl SciMM Bdilar spouse may ftel that emotional NEW YORK (UPI)-A phen-i Bratificatioii must be sought omenoB now bothering the sodal sciences is the increasing 3 i number of marriages which are breaking up in divorce courts elsewhere." From the social scienc* viewpoint. "There must be a balance between adult-oriented ifterSduSigfor20 "^arVand?=eds ^ ,'=*^-<*'^i ""jS at every family, and in this of the child- Ob even longer. , like everyone else, that the,^ ^ ^ children's longer a marriage lasted, the e k. KU. T>L lU. M. at "Why don't you go stoady with Linda ttmporarily till I'm throu^ going ttoady with Ctorgt?" stronger the marital bonds. But statistical experts estimate shattered "old" marriages are now around 2S per cent of the total. A few decades ago they made up less than 10 per cent Dr. Alfred A. Messer. professor of psychiatry. Emory Unhrersity, Atlanta, is among the first social scientists to undertake an cvplanation. He thinks the phenomenon may be largely due to this tieing "the century of the chiM." "How often does one enter a home and find little opportunity for conversation between adults because the children are always at center stage or underfoot?" I he asked in the technical organ I of the American Association for' Menial Health. Urges return to old system in my job I have to meet the public. I am taking Ubrium •y DICK WBST He recommended "more 'Adult times' —more second honeymoons and more activities for the parents in their role as spouses rather than in their role as parents. This win make the shift from the primary role of parent to the role of husband or *Tfe much easier when the children are grown and leavt home." Messer found other but lesser reasons for the break-up of old marriages. One is that divorces now are easier to get Another is that the old wife can get a job and support herself, thus eliminating the "economic ce> ment" which used to hoU soma "old" marriages together. Also many "old" marriages now on the rocks "began In :uch families, all activities haphazardly during the bleak revolve around the children and j days of the second world war.' deepening of the voice. The duration of the treatmenU WASHINGTON (UPI)-Judg- three times a day. It doesn't varies — five or six wedcs is the ing from all that is happemng helpmucfa. Is there anything bet-, a\-erage. Exercise is permitted on the campus these days, ter? I after the first seven to 10 days, jstudent interest in educatioa is A — A careful examination byjl'liose who strictly adhere to the I now at an all-time peak, an allergist should help you to I method may lose bom 8 to 241 jiany young scbolare have find the cause of your giant ounces a day but should notbejome intellectudly stimu- hives and dimmate it Just be-l'ose more than 35 pounds in anyijated they are staging riots, six-week period. strikes, tock-ouU and sH-ins to ^ -..L*"'.JfJL'?'l'.f!?='i^ support their demands for academic improvements. Never before has tha nation cause your diagnosis contains the word "neurotic" doesn't mean . . ^ , ^ that takmg a tranquilizer will have varied opmons about the cure you. Roman slimming method. What Q _ When I handle ice cubes>« ^J-J^, I get a severe itching in my hands. Coald this be an aUergy seen such a thirst for knowledge. This militant quest for learning leaves a middle-age bachelor of arts like me with one foot in the generation gap foot in the A — Some doctors are skeptical about the value of the m- j„ „M I jections of HCG and some daim ... ... .„ u - . I 'o have tried the method with- A - It could be a physical al- to be successful. ^ the method must be carried out, dulblam. You'd bctta- wcar^xacUy as ocginally described.!and the other gloves when you handle ice. j Failures have been shown to be i credibility gap. Q — I am a girt. 19. Is there | due to modifications. The chief any age limit on the Roman slim-; advantages of the plan are that ming method you described in it enables a person to adhere to a recent column? Do the iojcc-ja low-calorie diet without being hungry and that those who follow it seem to lose fat in the most Having attended college in an earlier era, I find it difficult to beUeve that studenU actually could care enought about the curriculum to create a disturbance about it In my time, classes (myHeiy) Let (tm. -Iht -— 'M—Rotalind TtKir KusatlL QSCDCTtritHaMiin a T»Ktr (Ji)» teiy) 'ST-Sichtfd Bttthtrt, Amt Bancnft a @ii )9J^ ai IM* Ltcy Beat bet for laughs! THAT GIRL stars MARLO THOMAS Hit comedy! New time! Maito't tokint tint to gi«t t ibay Bu» t ttuctf ef wflk whpe nnhing . _ " t BiMdway itfe WtnntwI »0 «Wte V ^ir in htr fathtr bti« eoa- (rnnhm) "f*™ Tun «• tions of human chorionic go­ nadotropin (HCG) cause any bad side effects? How long does: places where they it take to get all 40 injections? anxious In lose it Is exercise, such as jogging; or swimming, permitted while: on this diet? Following this diet' how long would it take to lose 25 pounds? A — Although Dr. Simeon's treatment finds its greatest appeal for women in theu- late 30s! and early 40s, it is suiubic LONG BEACH, Calif. (UPI)for adults of any age. No unde-;Five hundred students will sirable side effects have been re-j demonstrate next week at Long ported when the injections are I Beach State College for no other recOTtly, "H wmething isn't Wanted — long-haired demonstrafors „ my time, classes were • regarded as only an incidental 'art of the academic life. They mere merely something student endured in order to get good seaU al the football games. Maybe the new attitude is better, but it is nevertheless a cause for concern among some of the oMer alumnL As one old grad remarked given as diected but too large) reason than money. . . ^ . 1 The youths will participate m 'a "mob" scene for a movie None* being produced by Cario Ponti. I They will be paid $20 a day i through the five-day shooting ccBTiFicATe or Bvsmcss, Ficnnous kame _„ ^^SSMSLSr .t'^B ^k'! I schedule. conducUof lidc Avenue. BedUadi, CalifonUa. under the fieUtious flnn name of Brookiide Phnical Thcnpr tnd that Director Michelangelo Anlo- nioni issued the call for "long- done about it it won't be long before the university president wUl be making more money than the coach." "That's right" I agreed, "CoUeges may even be forced into a situation where they will courses that are "rele- proide ant." During the four years I spent in the Groves of Academe, it never once crossed my mind that 1 might want to relate anything a professor said toi anything outside the classroom. In fact the thmg I remember most fondly about my alma mater was its almost total irrelevancy. There is, I submit, a great deal (0 be said in favor of keeping colleges irrelevant After all, their chief purpose is to help prepare a.student for. i paren^s even communicate with une another through them. The result is they obtain from their children a type of emotional gratification they should be getting from the spouse. "The woman may begin to cook and dress for her children rather than for her husband," he .said. •'The man may begin to feel'more comfortable going off somewhere with his youngsters than with his wife. "What happens, then when the children grow up and leave the house? A void ensues. By this time, too, the parents may feel that their needs wU not be There were no courtship nor engagement periods in which the lovers could find out if tha other could fulfill deep psycholO: gical needs. "Unlike attract and likes repel insofar as unconscious personality needs are con* cemed." he sakl. "The Hollywood marriage in which both husband and wife are stars and both constantly need adulation seldom works. On the other hand, the librarian can easily marry the football player, or the obsessive doctor can, and does, readily marry the hysteric nurse." The day in Sacramento By United Preu IntonMliml -TOE GOVERNOR - -.. . . ,. ,...,„ ,„ State-Said former San. Fran- later life, which isnt likely to 5^3,^ President be very relevant either. ' For as long as he Uves, a: a dean was threatened by person is going to have to cope, sn-itchbiade k n i f e - widding «ith a tot of irrelevancies. Thei students, he comes to grips with sooner _ them and learns to handle them, the better oS he will be. Particularly if he lives and works in Washington. Had my alma mater not provided me with a solid irrelevant foundation. Congress i would have driven me my mind years ago. out of of the Government National Mortgage Associatkm. (AB571~ Murphy, R-Santa Oniz.) Mackerd—Prohibits commer- „ ^ . J .cial fishing for Pacific mack- Robert Smith first reported tbatigrg| (ab570 — MacGillivray, R- Barbara.) Sardines—Extends for two years prohibition against taking or possession of sardines for commercial purpose. (AB564— Thomas, D-San Pedro.) School—Extends coverage o! law probibiUng persons to enter school grounds to disrupt acUvities. (AB561—MacDonald. D-Ojai.) THE SENATE Patttd Space—Extends for another year a joint legislative committee to study space needs for the legislature. (SCR27—Bums, DI Fresno. 31-0. To Assembly). Introduced Refund — Exempts property (ax refunds £rom the state income tax. (SB343-CoUier, D- Yrcka.) Judges—Provides for oommis-' sions on judicial appointments' The Almonac Today « Thursday. Feb 20^^— Ihe 51st day of 1969 with 314 to, ^^.^ ^ vacancies. foltow. Tbe moon is between its new phase and first quarter. The morning stars are Mercury. Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars are Venus and Saturn. On this day in history: In 1809 the U.S. Supreme said nnn it compowd of uw foUow- 1 haired Or beard -wearing' in* penon, whoie nam* In full and place ef nddenc* ii at foUowK aodnejr L. Ccphart S04 Baldwin Avenue RcdUnds. California Dated January 27. 1909. KODNEY L. CEPHART SUte of California, San Betnaidino County: On Jan. Z7, uat. before me. a Notary PuMie in and for nid SUte. penonaUy appeared Kodncy U Ccp­ hart, known to ma to ba the person whose name is subscribed U the within instrument and acknowl adscd he executed tha same. niANCES E. LEACH. (SEAU Notary PubUe. My commission expires May 17. UIl students to make the sequence "realistic." The movie is titled "Zabriski Point" and is about the advertising industry. Bit Bird The aepyomis (elephant bird)., world's largest bird, may have; to!originated in Africa. It was m " Madagascar about a million: years ago. surviving there until the 9th century. A.D. have to pay the professors more, Court ruled that the power of than the players." i the federal government was no ' greater titan that of any individual sUte in the union. In 1872 the Metroptrfitan students' insistence that colleges! Museum of Art in New York City was opened to the pubhc for the first time. Apart from that, the thmg that puzzles me about the campus upheavals is the 12* I vtootd kt htt t 4fttd dottit. Leu Mir. Marit it lipptt -n Hit MM « ht titonpti to tmbnct tmimt^v^^utm dtugMer. t «l tht *« nw ofl "^SL" When Dot hetis tht *»T tnd joktt that it could haw bien wont H tht dog were rabid, loo itmtm-i beis that the deg't ntulh was foamy• IM (CI (30) ffiHCr riayktott (90) TaWng to I Stianger—No Skill or Sptaal Knowledge Reauirtd." This it the, totheft view oi t wttkend va«by| hit ton tnd hit daoghtor that teds in tragedy- The father tlidtt in, tnd out of dtydieamt of the pad] dMii« the frtqutnt eonfrortabont NATIOWU. GENERAL COVOMTiON 123CtiOB $>t«tt • 793 -4331 HOD ova ICONDWEEK Daily 1 cemp. SImw 7:15 - Fri., Sat. Winner of 3 Academy Awaids! Sun. from 1 p.m. All* in celor JULIE CHRISTIE "PETUUr Suggested Mttun auditnce Savings gone from under bed CATO. N.Y. (UPI)-Bemaid .W. White. 57. saw three men leavmg his Cayuga (kmnty farm house Wednesday, and immediately checked the leather valise conUming $18,000 in cash he had hidden imder his bed. The money was gone. Asked why he hadn't quickly {reported the theft. Smith said he had no telephone. "I couldn't afford a telephone," he said. In 1988 Anthony Eden resigned as British foreign (SCA14 — Grunsky, R-Watsonville.) Commission — Appropriates $30,000 to set up judicial qualification commissions if voters approve a constitutional amendment to create them. (SB350 — Grunsky, R-Watson- viUe.) Bay—Creates a master development i^n for San Francisco Bay. (SB347—Petris, D-Oakland.) Trustees — Transfers the offices of the State College Board Santa Anita Consolidated to split stock ARCADIA (UPIl-Santa AniU Omsolidated, through its boanl of directors, has proposed a 3-for-l stock spUt to be voted upon by sbardwUers at the company's annud maetiaf March 24. Santa Anita Cons<riidated owna the Los Angeles Tart (Sub. which currentiy is condueling a winter racing meeting at Santa Anita Park. The firm iias ottier I financial holdings mchriing an cuto transport .firm, real estate investments in several counties ^L ^^M^^r '^T.^w!^"*^"! a '^'ior Stock interest in a |aeramento. (SB345-'«ray, pet„ieum exploration company. .^i!? ed^^ta^^^C^^' in-Duld increase the authorized stock from 600,000 ta {secretary to protest the '|ap-|college districts under five- peasement" policy of Prime, member board elected at large, Minister Neville Chamberl4in| which »x>uW choose a chainnan™'"""";,.^^^^ toward Nazi Germany. ! «-ho would be a member of the ™^ In 1962 American Astronaut State CoUege Board of Gover- John Glenn landed safely after! nors beginning in 1973, an agency replacing the present college trustees. (SB344-Wed- worth, D-Hawthome.) three orbits of the earth. A thought for the day: American novelist Hermann Hagedom said, "Down with Uie fair-chambered corridors ofj years, the quiet shutting, one byj one, of doors." I THE ASSEIMBLY Introduced Youth—Permits sale to public', Their minds not on fheir work CHICAGO (UPD—The pres- (0 aFMltttl «MlM (0 *""('dmiia)"«-Janiat Oarrta, Uorit CtnelL Tain ef Entnts,- t «d "» Bant tl Dttth." FRIDAY MYnME MOWES UJiaikM te • Tkwr (nysltiy) •47-Hugh Baonott •Ui Inaa- in Vntir (dnot) -SI - Jita tat ••linMr (*MM) -31 - nttTm WMMftator. , J« - ltat *r mtmt) fl-eMtl vm Jeat MIOA 1 >M» MT (t*Mhn» •e-«nr o*mk Wa TmI -MMaiMEtfiilBtrt. ai •iT IMSlMd at aa nw Unm) '« "S^-*-* ^ taChifiikJMMMni; HURRY! Good Sah SMI Available m MBiCil sraa or the SntM TIAH ITCH' nt -THE IMMSSiaU VIMS" With GliMrMS Turns" -Hoia DeiK "Vfl !ffl?!»'«ow »icr' Mukil m TONIGHT ONLY • 1:30 PJi ir CAUFORNIA THEATRE Ceil TU 9-2678 For Reservetiens MAIN FLOM: $UI • HIS • HH •ALCONVtHIS-HM-IUS MX omcB oraN nom n noon Sn FOURTH ST. SAN OIRNAtDINO Loco/ FT A issues guide to movies in this area Ed. Nala: daliam have and fumidMd ta Iha Facta by tha mats madia dialrmtn, FTA CaMKM. Ttoy ara taken fram Mw raviawa af Mia NaliMMl Farwd Taaefcer Matasina and Ika CaMKnia Farwit Taaclwr Maflaiina. Theta raeamnMndattaaa ariH be puMIM In Iha Facta aach FOX RBOLANDS Camekit - Agest 8-U. peasibly: adults, a delightful musical. Petulia — S-14, positively no; i 14-18. confused ethics; adulU. sophisticated comedy. CALIFORNIA Lady in Cement — >-lB, no; adults, gancstps and crime. Pretty Poison - 8 -M, po«li«c- ly no; adults, murder mekidra- ma, CREST ne Bntherkond - 1-14. «n: 14-U. the mahae; adtdta laA- tic hratality. Tlia Slruiea ASiir — S -ia, aa; addU. matter of laiia. tilt Wre ^ittK Crew - S-IS. no; adoits, poor. Oaytoa'f Oevib - Na raMsc available. RITZ niey Came to Rob Las Vegas — No rating available. Assignment to Kill — 8-18. no; adults, poor. STUDIO Swiss Family Robinson — Gay Disney romp. The Happiest Millionaire — Delightful, bMppy musical comedy. ORIVI-IN THEATERS TRWITY Swiss Family Robinson — See Studio. Hie Happiest Millionaire — Sea Studio. BASELINE They Came to Rob Las Vegas—See Ritz. Assignment to KiU — See Ritz. BELAIR The BrotheriMMd — See CresL Ibe Strange Affair — See CresL FOOTHILL (FH .-San.) Lady in CemcBt — See Call- iiiniia. MT. VERNON (Wed.-Sat) Bang Em High - ^HolcBca shown in morbid detail Haad — For Monkccs fins. (Sun .-Ttef.) — The Swimmer - 8-14. ao; 14-18. possiUy; adnlts. madiooc A Twist of Sand - Fair adven- tnre-suiieBse picture. of handiwork made by wards of ident of the Hj-de Park Hi«h the Youth Authority with cost, School PTA says she may urge of manufacture to be paid from Parents to withdraw their income and balance to go toi chOdren from school while work youth's trust account (ABS72—{ Briggs, R-Fullerton.) Savings — Permits savings banks to invest in stock, bonds, debentures and other obiigatioos continues on a $6 remodeling project. Mrs. Edna Jackson worlcmen spend too much Oirting with school girls. million said HONORED FOR SERVICE —PhOip Reveh. left, was presented-with a lifetiine silver pass for him and his family to any Fox Theater in honor of his 25 years of service as a custodial employe at the Redlands Fox theater. Redlands manager Chaiies Bastow. r^resenting the Fox West Cbast Theaters division of National General corporation, made the presentation. > 1

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