Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 13, 1973 · Page 12
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 12

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1973
Page 12
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Hospital Construction Takes High Priority The trustees of Bay Memorial Hospital voted at tlie meeting on Tuesday evening to issue a purchase order for a linear accelerator. Projected installation date is December 1. According to Dr. Don Anderson, radiologist, the accelerator will cost $150,000 and is of the type that rotates around the patient thus giving even distribution of the radiation. It may be possible, he said, to treat ten to twenty patients per day with this instrument. He stated that the availability of this complete service may bring more patient referrals to the hospital. Discussion of construction financing for a proposed 350 bed hospital took high priority. Board members heard a representative of an Atlanta through a third party contract. The project would require about six months' work before the funds would be available, he stated. With reference to this. Chairman of the Board Clinton Ingram pointed out that there is Council Removes Disruptive Man MEXICO BEACH - Thirty minutes after the Mexico Beach City Council meeting began Tuesday night. Mayor Charles Guilford instructed City Policeman Kenneth Ryan to escort Morris Missler from the meeting. The council earlier had closed discussion on repairs to the city's police car, but Missler repeatedly interrupted the meeting with requests to ask questions and to be heard from the floor. Guilford reminded Missler that according to the set procedures of the council's meetings, he was not to speak at that time. Missler, who had kept silent during the portion of the meeting set aside for citizen's comments, insisted he was entitled to ask questions, saying when anyone asks questions or makes comments, they do so for the council's benefit. Guilford asked Missler several times to keep silent and let the council continue with its business, but interruptions followed. Guilford informed him he was out of order and would be escorted from the meeting if he could not restrain himself. Missler continued until the mayor instructed Policeman Kenneth Ryan to escort him from the Town Hall, which Ryan did. Several members of the Concerned Citizens organization, of which Missler is a member; then asked the mayor to have police escort them from the meeting also. Guilford informed them they could leave if they so desired and said if they continued to interrupt the meeting, they would be asked to leave. The meeting then continued without interruption. A Canadian flay was presented to Guilford and the councilmen for the town of Mexico Beach from the Panama City-Bay County a time limit during which the investment brokerage and 52.5 million currently tagged for financial consulting firm for expansion of the existing present a plan for a tax-free plant must be used. It was bond issue at six and hoped, he said, that one-quarter per cent interest monies could be applied to with payment of services construction of a new hospital but any decision must be made as soon as possible or else the funds will go "down the drain." Board members agreed to take two or three days to study the consultant's proposal, to consider a feasibility study and to discuss plans with the Board of Bay County Commissioners. Next on the agenda was the question of requiring physicians in the county to carry professional liability insurance since, otherwise, hospital insurance may have to pay a physician's share of liability if that physician is sued. Ingram pointed out that two-thirds of the physicians involved have presented the hospital with certificates of insurance. He asked the board members for suggestions for action regarding those who have not done so. The trustees passed a motion to require that the physicians comply by October 1 but that in the meantime they may meet with the board in a special session to be held at noon on Thursday, Sept. 20, to advance any reasons they may have for non-compliance. Chamber of Commerce. Presenting the flag was Helen St. John, who representea tne town at the Canadian National Exhibition. Further study and consideration of a revision of garbage fees for apartments and similiar family units resulted in the decision of the councilmen to continue present fee rates for collection. Councilman Tollle Mullins, finance chairman, reported that little is being done to help small towns In their quest for federal funding of such public facilities as sewage disposal plants. It was mentioned that Mexico Beach had been trying to obtain financial help from Tallahassee. Mullins noted that at a recent meeting attended by Sen. Lawton Chiles (D-Fla.), it was learned that small towns, such as Mexico Beach, will not receive federal monies unless citizens urge their legislators to obtain them. Mullins reported $18 billion had been Impounded by the President, and Guilford agreed with Mullins to request all citizens make their wishes known concerning the use of this money for public facilities in small towns. Councilmen said they felt Mexico Beach would get its share of funds if pressure were putupon legislators to release the money impounded by Nixon. Two bids had been advertised, but only one reply was received for a Town Hall for Mexico Beach. A committee will be appointed to negotiate for property, and a special meeting for appointments will be announced at a later date, it was decided. A motion was passed to permit the Mexico Beach Fire Departmanet to purchase water from Mexico Beach utilities for a one-year period, after which time councilmen said they hoped a better method of obtaining water could be found. The County Civil Defense Coordinator presented a film entitled "Date with Disaster" concerning hospital preparedness during catastrophes. The example given in the film was coordination of assistance among hospitals in Los Angeles, Calif, after the earthquake in 1971. Strong-Arm Robbery Now Grand Larceny What officers first had reported to them as a strong-arm robbery Tuesday night turned out to be a simple case of grand larceny after an investigation, officers said Wednesday. According to Panama City Det. Andy McKenzle Jr., the suspect was at the cash register of Ezell's Grocery, located In the 1300 Block of Cove Boulevard, when he reached across the clerk and snatched 12 $10 bills from the register and fled. WtrtHtftllBwnYoijNiidihn OPEN. 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK! MARKET BASKtT 2420 E. HWAY 98 785-7911 QUANTITY RIGHTI RESpRVED PRICES EFFECTIVE • THURSDAY TNRbUGH SUN 6 AYI HOT FRESH BARBQUE CHICKEN 99 FRESH COLLARDS LARGE FIRM HEAD LETTUCE 29c CHOICE OKRA LB. HOAAE GROWN PEAS 19' 18 SWEET POTATOES 19' LB HARD HEAD CABBAGE LB. 15 BANANAS LBS / 29 MEDIUM YELLOW ONIONS 3 LBS. 45^ TOMATOES LB. 29 FRESH YELLOW SQUASH LB 15^ CUCUMBERS 2^ 2i VEGETABLES & PRODUCI ARRIVING TIMES WEEKLY ROUND WHITE POTATOES 10 LBS 98 Assessments Plague Commission The Panama City Beach City Commission was quizzed Wednesday by city residents wanting to know why they were assessed for street paving. A lady from the audience said she thought that the sales tax was suppose to take care of street paving. Mayor Dan Rassell explained that the "Gross Revenue Tax" provided only $18,000 or $19,000 per year. "It takes that much to provide street lighting," said Russell. Russell explained that recent paving jobs in the city cost over $80,000. To pay for the paving property owners on streets to be paved were assessed, explained Russell. In three years the city hopes to have all streets paved, then the Gross Revenue Tax can be used to maintain the streets, Russell concluded. Some residents whose streets had just been paved were not satisfied with the finished job. They complained of having to go over bumps to get into their driveways, Russell assured the group that these matters would be taken care of. Several residents questioned letters that the city had sent out stating that foreclosures would be place on property owners not paying their assessments. One lady from the audience said that the language was "harsh", and she received her letter two days after her bill was due. "They were meant for out of state lot owners," Russell said. Russell explained that these letters were sent out by mistake and that he apologized for it happening. Some residents had received the letter on the date their payment was due. Russell said that the whole matter was just a slip-up and new letters were being prepared to be sent out. "If anyone feels that their assessment for the paving is to high or that it can not be met, the persons should come and see us," said Russell. Some of the residents had made arrangements to pay their assessment by the month, Russell added. When questioned about construction on the beach, Russell stated the city hoped to have a 200 foot public beach sometime in the future. It would be paid for by assessing the motel owners on the south side of highway 98. In other action the commission: —Will make a formal request to the Panama City Beach Civil Service Board to fill the position of Fire chief. —Will request the Civil Service Board to fill the position for a new laborer for the Water-Sewage Department. —Accepted the deed from Kilarm Properties for 100 feet 'of property near Edgewater Beach Motel for a perpetual park. —Presented an agreement with the State of Florida to have a land study made. —Announced that city will turn over its voting records to Bay County in accordance with a new state law, which requires counties to keep voting records by Jan. 1. —Held third reading on rezoning 12 lots in Open Sands from R-IB to R-3. NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, September 13,1913 Page IB BYE, BYE WICKED WEED - Bay County Sheriff Tullis Easterling flips a match to ignite $35,000 worth of various illegal drugs, mostly marijuana, in the left picture. After he got the flames going, Easterling strolled over to the group of 30 or 40 young people that came to watch and thanked them for their interest in seeing the drugs burned. Police Burn Grass-Drugs; Local Citizens Watch Jailors, trustees and uniformed officers left Sheriff Tullis Easterling's office Wednesday morning at 9:59 a.m. sharp with $35,000 worth of narcotics and dangerous drugs, but they weren't going to court. The strange looking parage proceeded to the rear of the jail building, where a crowd of about 30 long-haired young people and camera-toting newsmen waited. The occasion was the cleaning out of confiscated drugs from the storage room of the jail. The marijuana, pills and various powders were dumped on top of a pile of brush and lawn clippings gathered from the area, and doused with gasoline. As the entourage backed off in preparation for the gust of flames, a voice drifted down from the cell block of the jail: "Hey, that's my pot you're burning out there, and I want it back!" That comment failed to stop the wheel of justice, and Easterling went forward to do the honors and put flame to the dope. Easterling first tried to start the flames by dropping matches on the gasoline-soaked weed and running away, but found that the matches failed to ignite the gas. When the first attempts failed, Easterling got a rousing ovation from the assembled young people, who were sitting in what they thought was an upwind direction from the pile of nai cotics. Finally, Easterling asked a trustee for a cigarette lighter, Ignited a piece of paper, and "ran for the hills." The narcotics ignited with a whoosh, and the flames I BULLETINi Deputies Working- Clearing Thefts Bay County School Superintendent Curtis Jackson told board members Wednesday night Crawford Moseley High School is "still a long way from being complete," and there is no possibility of using the facility by November. He projected it will be the Christmas holidays before the school will be ready for occupancy by students. In other action the board approved the 1973-74 athletic handbook on the recommendation of Willie Carter, athletic director. Carter advised the members the handbook had been approved by high school athletic directors and principals and the only removal was the sports calendar. The meeting was still in progress at deadline Wednesday night. A complete wrapup will follow in Friday's News-Herald. Agriculture Meet Scheduled Today TALLAHASSEE — Ed Howard, information director for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service announced their Annual Work Conference to be held in Tallahassee. Congressman Bob Sikes will be the guest speaker at the general session for the annual conference today. Sikes, who represents Florida's first OPEN 24 HRS WE NEVER CLOSE Alford Council Installs Officers ALFORD — The first order of business at the Alford City Council meeting Tuesday night was the installation of the city's new officers. Alford City Attorney Herman Laramore swore in Mayor Donald Smith and Councilmen M. C. Jackson and Dallas Barnes. It was decided by the new council to employ Jim Melvin to clear and burn logs, level dirt and fill in a ditch in the city wiiich had been creating a pond, especially at the lesidence of H. R. Barnes. Council members voted to authorize Alford Chief of Police Tommy Jackson to hire a school patrol employe for two hours each school day to control tiaffic and suprvise students approaching and leaving Alford School. The council then decided to let Mrs. Glenn Seay proceed with plans for the Alford Christmas Parade and Chi'istmas Paity. Councilmen urged all churches and organizations in Alford to purticipnte in theactivilies. One of the city's newest streets, Morningside Drive, is to be named after Mr. Harold Strickland, the council decided. Two special meetings were called by the cuancilmen. congressional district, will be on the program along with Earl Nightingale, a television and radio personality, Dr. Stanley Marshall, president of Florida State University. The session will be held at Ruby Diamond auditorium on the Florida State University campus. According to Doyle Connor, commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture, the purpose of the annual conference is to bring together a portion of the department's employees to update them on new laws, techniques in testing, inspecting, and other department work. The conference also provides training for both new and old trainees. An awards luncheon will conclude the conference to recognize service to the department. Retired Teachers Meeting Slated Members of the Retired Teachers Association will hold their first meeting of the new school year at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Holiday Lodge Restaurant, There will be a dutch treat lunch, and all retired teachers In the Bay County area have been urged to attend. Bay County Sheriff's Deputies were busy Wednesday, as they took care of arrest and arraignments in order to clear over $700 worth of thefts over the past three days. Two men were returning to Bay County bv officers of other counties Wednesday for $345 of the thefts, and two men were arraigned Wednesday morning for the theft of $400 worth of furniture from a mobile home sales lot in Springfield, according to reports. The man accused of taking the $145 in cash from the food store was identified by the Alford Hosts PTA Meeting ALFORD — Homeroom mothers of Alford School hosted the first meeting of the new school year of the Parent-Teacher Organization Tuesday night. New PTO officers elected at the meeting are Mrs. Dave Berry, president; Mrs. Steven Petorak, vice-president, and Mrs. Wayne Morris, secretary-treasurer. Seventeen were present at the meeting, mostly parents of students entering the school for the first time this school year. Peggy Mills presented Mrs. Petorak with a certificate of merit, signed by Principal J. B. Dilmore. A former PTO president for two years, Mrs. Petorak was given the certificate for her efforts in getting Alford School accredited. It was announced that the school will hold an open house on Monday, Oct. 15, the end of the first six-week grading period. Stomp Victim Returning Home MIAMI (UPI)-HelenEvans will leave Miami for her native England this week, five weeks after a brutal stomping left her near death at a bus station here and turned a pleasure trip into a nightmare. Miss Evans, who was traveling tl.roughout the U.S. by bus with her fiance, was attacked by a man in a bus station restroom last month. Police later captured and charged a Detroit wanderer. Glen Battle, with stomping Miss Evans' face and robbing her of $20, Since the attack, the 21-year-old girl has spent the weeks recovering slowly in Jackson Memorial Hospital. She has been in a semi-coma for the most part, and although her physical recovery is reportedly almost complete, her mental condition is still uncertain. Sheriff's Department as Vonn W. Daugherty, 22, of 6584 Aires Road, Jacksonville, Fla. Daugherty, according to Easterling, went to a convenience food store on Thomas Drive, where he managed to stay inside until the clerk went .into a back storeroom. Easterling said Daugherty then went into a floor safe and took $145 in money bags, and fled the store. Easterling said Daugherty was traced to a Marianna motel, where a warrant was served on him for his arrest by deputies of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. The money taken was recovered inside the motel room, where it had been hidden in several different places, Easterling said. Daugherty was charged with grand larceny, and was being held in the Bay County jail Wednesday night pending his arraignment, which was scheduled for early this morning. Danny E. Cox, 22, P.O. Box 66, Fountain, and George Wallace, 18, of 448 Darrow Street, Cincinnati, Ohio were arraigned Wednesday before Bay County Judge Larry Bodiford on charges of buying, receiving or concealing stolen property. The two men were arrested by officers of the Springfield Police Department and the gay County Sheriff's Department Tuesday, The two were charged in connection with the theft of $400 worth of furniture and rugs from a Springfield trailer sales lot Tuesday, reports show. The furniture and the rugs were recovered Tuesday night at a Panama City Beach motel by Sheriff's investigators. Wallace is also being investigated by the FBI in connection with the theft and interstate transportation of a car from Cincinnati, The car license tag and the vehicle identification plate from the car were recovered hidden in the motel room by the deputies Tuesday night. Both men were ordered to place a $1,500 bond with the Sheriff's Department before their release. One of the pair had bonded out late Wednesday, George E, Hieber Jr,, 18, of 1820 Garrison Ave,, Port St. Joe, was arrested in Gulf County by Gulf County Sheriff's Deputies Wednesday morning and charged with the theft of $200 in coin from vending machines in a Mexico Beach laundromat. Hieber was locked up in the Bay County Jail Wednesday night pending his 9 a.m. arraignment today before Judge Bodiford. destroyed in minutes evidence that put several persons behind bars for years. The young observers were shooed back by deputies several times, after the wind failed to blow the smoke of the burning weeds in their direction. At one point during the burning of the drugs, Easterling strolled over to talk with the crowd of onlookers. Easterling thanked the crowd for coming, and told them lie appreciated their interest in getting the narcotics destroyed. Easterling told the crowd he intended to keep enforcing drug laws in Bay County, and then turned and v/alked away. Easterling reportedly received a threat on his life last week at his home, but newsmen who discussed the matter with him said he brushed it off, as he has done many times in the past when threatened by telephone. Finally, the shutters stopped clicking, the flames died down, and everybody left with the exception of a lone deputy, who stood by to make sure that all of the cntraband was properly disposed of. As the officers were walking away from the fire, one newsman was heard to comment to Easterling "You sure broke a lot of hearts today, sheriff." Chamber Hears Oil Spill Report Members of the Panama City-Bay County Chamber of Commerce heard Dr. Robert J. Livingston present his critique on the Department of the Interior's impact report on ojl spills at a special meeting Wednesday night. Dr. Livingston, Florida State University Department of Biology, told members "you are going to have an oil field in your back yard with no guarantees" if the report is accepted in its present condition. Dr. Livingston went on to say the Serria Club and Audubon Society were ready to go to bat for the area with their resources and lawyers in an attempt to stop oil drilling without proper safeguards against spills. "We will never win the battle of no oil drilling," he said," but we do want certain guarantees before drilling starts." Police Arrest Local Man Panama City police officers arrested a local man Wednesday and charged him with possession of three ounces of marijuana. The man, Sammy Daniels, 17, of 1406-A Joe Louis Lane, was arrested in the parking lot of a local bar, and officers making the arrest said the young man had three lids of marijuana in a brown paper bag, which was stuffed down in his pants. Daniels was taken to the Panama City Jail, where he .was charged with possession of more the five grams of marijuana. Wednesday night, and was due for arraignment today before Bay County Judge Larry Bodiford. Arthritis League Holds Supper The Arthritis League of Panama City will have a pot luck supper at the Frank Nelson Jr, Clubhouse Friday, Sept, 14 at 7 p,m. There will be no regular meeting scheduled (or this month a club spokeHman announced, Regylar meetings will resume In October, and are held on the fourth Friday 0f each month.

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