The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY,,DECEMBER 21, ;1939-- PAGE SEVEN Al t'l CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for cohsecu- ilve insertions: One time per line 100 Vwo times per line per day....03c Hire* times per line pet day...0(k; Six times per line per day 05c niontli rate per line...,, 60c L'ards of Thanks -. ...ooc & 76c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three Or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged tor the number pt times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. Ail classified Advertising copy Vibuillted by persons residing out- IMK oi the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered. tot irregular Insertions lakes lhe one lime rate. NO responsibility will be taken Jor more limn one incorrect Insertion of any classified ail. For Sale 40-acres 2 miles south of Ulytlie- vlllc on Highway 61. Ideal location lor suburban home. Jas. I). Clark. phone 101 or 481-W. 19 c'c 27 Cable-Nelson upright, piano. Good condition. Will sacrifice. Mrs. J. P. Smith, Phone 450-W. 16-ck-S2 7 room cottage. 2 other houses. 10 acres Inncl. Highway 6), near city. Thomas Land Co. 7-ck-U Severn! good mules, mnns and young hftrses. Paul Byrum. Say "Merry Christmas" WITH A GUAUANTKI5I) USED CARS officer to visit him at Uostcn Ihe limn to bo arrested by you, | nest lime he was there. ' "Should yon ,it liny li'mo bo l» ; Pnvl ~ ' wu Cii Ing charge. A few di'.ys Infer. S(:Uo 1'ullrn Lieut. Tree of Kni Fouhil NBW LONDON, \Vl6, (HI 1 ) — A Pavl Maruollfi. tin! accountant, Boslon, i would ered'lly upiireclnlo part o( i\ Irec believed lo b» 25001) us lined S10 and costs In New - v011 BCllinB In touch with, me KU years old linn been unearthed In ci iiiuuni Town court on the sliced- tlml tt 'e miiy talk over old limes." r -._l"__. FROM PHI I, '33 Ford Del. Tudor Radio, Healer. W.S.W T, 2CcKtf '31 Ford Del. Tudor Lnle model tractors. Rebuilt rcfinlshed. flood as new. Byrum. JG-( i?of iieiit EXPERT ELRCTUI.C AND ACETYLENiT WELDING Ora^ line RHU Iieavy wcMtn^ . .specialty, BarksdaEe Mfg. Co. City driven. Heater 1 Chevrolet Coach. Ks- 3 & Heater. i IJulck "40" 2-Door jThoroushly rocondllioncd j '36 Ford Del. Fordor. Cleanest used car In k I '3& I-tord Tudor. New molor. . I Clean throughout ,$495 $384 ach ' **' UQ*? ' lo •w mlki\|e«PTt«7 J .$329" Wilirtrd Dudley, Mwstliig lroo)k-i. got this Idler from Mnrgolts: I "1 wall! to Irmnk you frr your considerate and courteous neat- <;,.„,• i ,-, ,,., . ,,, , rt . rncnt, Even ihoiijsh my nttempls NieiM.ils H>r ] his Week Onl.V to talk you oiil. of It were unstic- ; '"V " p l' » Hfcmulllioiicd Cill ccssful ami costly lo me, 11 really i 1'rnni Toil! 1/tlllo was n pleasure to spend the Ihno ) Company I did with you. "If lit any lime (I hope never* I nm iiKaln pluced In nurh ft pnsl- I wnild ft'niil nothing teller and Flionc If) or Hoi. Id 1 'Farm Loans Nice berirooin convenient to bath.' Steam hc-at. Plibiic 280. 2lc!df Nice froiil bedroom. 1000 W. Ash. Phone <H5-W. Mrs. M. G. GOail' win. . Slckll 6 rconi house or part or house. Cm] Large Or Small Chickasawba nbar High School.I At I.OH Interest Rnles. Inquire 128 E. Main. Phone 170. |\v e are cqvdnpetl to handle lar»e 15-pk-l-lB; or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and «v low Interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY New 5 room downstairs apartment at oil w. Walnut. Will lie vacant Jan. 1st. Equipped with Butane gas heat, new, large gas'range, Venetian Minds, two large screened porches. Oarage. Phone 08. 20-ck-ti S room .furbished apartment. W. Kentucky. Phone 083. 108 2 room furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis, phone 385. 2-ck-tf Nice, comfortable room, close in Men only. 310 Walnut. 5-ck-U Comfortable bcd-oom for business Woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone 239. 27-ck-tt. fcce bedroom with twin beds. Con- venienl to bnth. Men preferred. 1)00 : \V. Main, phone 116. 24ck2-24 5 .rooms furnished or unfurn. Furnished. Batl). 914 Hearn. ' Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartmait Building on Wes Main St. Call 571 or .1S7. 8-ek-tI Personal :ftrouse SluRfiisli Uvcr, worli oft the bile to rid yourself of conslt- liation. gas pains, and that sour jnmX feelin*. Take One. box of KIRB\"S ACTIVE LIVER V11A.S 25c at all Kirby S torts 213 Walnut Blythevlile, Ark. Notice cleaii buy at this i: "M' Plymouth 2-Door Reconditioned throughout paint $193 \ rent d* 1 *) 0 price <p 1 f*J Werf Optometrisl •UK AIAKKS 'KM SKK" Ov«r Jot tMacs' SInrr PhOIWi 540 Jl;istfi- Deluxe (,'licvrotd ID3R Master Deluxe (ihcvrnlei Tinvn SriV\n ............ $100 5th & Wnlnul Phone S10 R pairius; I93S lIuilMin Tcuniiliiin 1 ttrnii- Eliam. Itadin & Itcntcr. l^'« AlllraKe. A fertility. Spi'i-lnl Ilils tveek f.lii!) lt>Sl Clii'vrnli't Town Sriln'n. Krai buy $353 1033 1' V- 11 In 1 now 1II3G C:)ii> v in:w i-nrii ... SW5 19.12 rani V-K Csm\n>. Only ., S!IU We Iliive n I'nw Cmii Trom $2.1.00 Cpiniilele i.tiic nt Tnicks. rrlrcn lltshl. Ijii'sc nntl Sinnll. Chevrolet, «. St. C., IloiIRe, Fnnl, till. Tuilot. llinw ............... Condi. A Ikuuly V-X ,(.'i)ii|ie. A-l SiHO clay pit here. Slcntlsts at ihc U. S. wood pioliably dated from the lost, Forest Product* labornWry. Mntll- filnclal pciloa and was preicrved s:ii, linvo Idenllncd It as a Kpeclcs hj Hit bed of clay which kept out 61 spnico. Aiilliorlkk's tnld .the nnj nlr. HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPCRESCENT SKRV1CK STATION AND CAFfi 1 Good Ronfinns Tot Trading at Hnlierl Ullc.V'fl: 1. Modem cabins. 2 All popiilur brnmui ol beer— 100. 3. 5 miles free rend service. 1, 1'hllllps 'W landed p.ns—msc Onl. 6 IHiWlc Imix iIMnnrc lolopholie with pHvnte line. G. CCHlflfd, modern henlrd tvnl ruoms. 7. All uonulnr briimh clenrcllfs, a iikgK. Slit. COMPhKTH 2.1-HODU ONK-S'I'OP 8KKV1CB - PKKSH'NTS Gill Wilson and His 9-Pieee Orchestra Sun. Dec. 24,. Sun. Dec. 31, & Jan. 1 For RostTviilioriH Cull llullnm! 17 I'-IUiU DUUVKKY 10'J \V. Slain St. 1'lionc I! Bargains !n USED TIRES Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. TUONE 35 For Sale or Trade MULES For Sale or Trade See Floyd Simpson at Bella filcments, Inc. Im- 8-ck-U Auto Painting Wanted to Rent 100 Ip 160 acres of farm land. Would buy mules, tools nnd feed, i Expert Gun Repairing, sec E. M Apply Wade Furniture Co. 112'W.| Damon at the Blythevlile Arm- Main St. - 18-ck-26! ory. Special paint job, $12.50. Offer good until January I5lh. Joe Atkins' Garage. So. 2nd St. rhone 28' H-ck-l-H Repairing SUPER SLEUTH HORIZONTAL 1,8 Mast famous dclcctivc of fiction. J3 To tvandcr. 14 To relinquish. 56 Orient. 17 To rent. 18 Tedium. 19 Onager. 20 Small tumor. 2! Accorded. 25 Halt aii em. 26 Uncooked. 29 Trial ending with no decision. 34 Mineral spring. 35 Being. 36 Seaweed. Answer to Previous Puzzle originator. 52 Witticism. 53 Turn ing machine. 55 The Supremo Being. 37 Female fowl. 56 Front hall. ' 38 thricfmite 57 Opera arliclf. melodies. 39 Entrance. 58 Persia. 40 Sun, 60 Ho is the chief 43 Measure of in a nren. 44 Peaceable. 48 He is more /.imoiis than his or VERTICAL 1 Senior. 2 Pit. 3 Opposed to odd. 4 To soak llax. 5 To be indebted. G Food container. in a 7 Relative. series ot 8 Female heir, slorics. !) Thin. 61 lie was 10 Spar, created by Sir II Existence. Conan ——. 12 Street. 16 Unfilled cavily in n < lode. 20 Religious homage. 22 Insccl. 23 An accuser. 24 To daub. 27 Monkey. 28 Pale. 30Wnyside hold 31 Melted. 32 Sick. 33 Epoch. 39 Wrath. 40 Oriental guitar. 41 Preposition. 42 Purple llowcr. 43 God of wan 45 Indian nurse. IGAfiicnn tree. 47 Light wagon. 48 To scorch. 49 Money thonging. 50 Conservative, 51 l,rmd righl. 54 Cravat. 56 South Carolina. 59 New England. QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half-soliu.i. Full * s n Irs Tor every shoe and Imnl. C'rejie, eathcr, ruulier, or Clroconl. Shoes lycfl any color. 1'olish, laces and lyrs. Shoes dvnl M,u<!<—Me. C.u:if- intccd. We c?M for nml (Iciiver- I'lmiii! 120. H. n, Cauiplicll Tailor ''8 AVI! TttADK (JMAC Piiyiiienl Tlnli Kr«ahC',s( Stock ran feed HcsU Price* LITTLE I'lMMlc C33 HEMORRHOIDS Cm-oil Wfllinul Surgery, and GimrnnU-cil A very Mte htid melliod; without conniicmonl to bed. low ol lime irom work ivUd with very little dlKcom- iorl., All types ot piles, nssurcu, llBtulns. cto., treated b'v our nincc tiwlliods, Ollnlc an DRS. NIES nijrOi«viri«, Mk Plion* »e LASTING mm GIFTS FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS New Heater New Radio New Fog I ights New Scat Covers New Battery New Spotlight New Firestone Tires iCiisv Terms, 20 "•< Doun, Hnlimco r>% Weekly or 40% Monlhly. UUlMiKT 5(h DBPT. I'lionc 810 UK!) RYDER Wear a (allnr-mailp. suit tbL« CHRISTMAS. S23.SO up. George Tj. Mnir tilyfhcvilln's Only Tailnr StjeEder Urg?s Slate Trooper To Visit Home HARTFORD, Cl. (UP)—A Boston accountant, arrested tor speed- j ins on the Merrill Parkway, was "o grateful for the courteous treatment afforded him by Ihc state police,, he. .invited...the..arresting I I GUARD Ohlv Orariniilr Onloni-* trist in Illylhrslllr. Classes nttinf €nrr^rll\ Safe - • Acritrnfe Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main * First Phnn» 141 BATTUIOQTHE RUSHIM& TORRE^Krr.THuwDEra. ' eUlPES HSfc WASTER'S BODY 7D SHALLOW WATJR-- V, Thumlur C'iu\ Do N« More"" — AMD PULLS RED RYDSR. FUOM DEATH WTHE RAPIDS Open Dny & UY FUED/HAUiMAN ONCE MORE RYPER. LO3G3 COMSCIQUiWSSSi. THUMDCR CANhlOT UM" TIE THE ROPGS THAT B|WDHIM.,UNt_S3S HELP COMES SOOM--- ^ss ^W*r a-i i: 'ALLKY OOC -^^ Phone For i'rompl l.ounrtr.v »nd Cleaning SerVlct 10 26 ZT1Z8 54 5J ff 5b fcO 4S 4b SI 55 S7 14 a 93 55 33 51 3 II IS *45 10 II 51 "« 19" 158 y) REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobile/as Now Managed (13' Waller Cox, ,)r. antl 'E. HI. ftlurray See Us For Anti-Freeze! Can'! WELL, GEMEfiAL OOP THANKS TO VOLJR GREAT STRENGTH, WE CAME THROU6H/ H, Onp I!Y V. T. HAMUN Hdw i c'yo EVEtl EXFteL _ MV GRATITUDE FOR -itxjR HEROIC EFRDRTS )M 6UR BEH-XLF AW, CHA.SIW' MiU AUL ARDUKIO "IHIS OCEAW I WUt GOMMA JUS' sn &y-- UOOTS AND HER BUDHIKS --AK1' LET A LITTLS Of &SUM.L CHEAT ME OUTA PLEASURE OP YOUP.TEETH IKJ' m lei ;t for You, Hftols liY EDGAR MARTIN t\ 6\DW HKS BttW A O/TPM-. MORE &UMHE . .LKST TWO'tftKLfeS , MEN5TS t30T MAWY ' " THY. V.KST ' " . AT I'M M. OT A Vte\ ro TKV.'u. OF v\: . •fr*-,^-^^ 50M6 TO '^ •M 11 - UJ f BY >JF* SERVICE. l»C._T.M.RE<iuU PAT CPF~ WASH TU15US Careful, Link >efore Selling Y TVS BACK COOK, CDT SMEAKBD 1 HSAUP HE'S T.-AT CRA'tv 1MB, LKVC TyBBS.WVTH j VJWES.... A -JKELETOU / WWBE TMM'S UWOEQ Wo ARM'S! X r?^ 1 TEU. VC KJPWAMEI6HBORHOOO VIG1LAHCE COMMITTEE AMD SPY OM HIW 1?Y HOY CRANB EVEW TIME I STABT OUT THE DOOR.ASUHCHOF NOSEV VKWEW ARE \\WCH1N6. I'LL HAME TO STUfF THK- WTHE FURWA.CEAMD BilffH I'lJF.CKl.KS AND HIS KlliENDH is THIS ME?Tf/jL}st A FEW^Ar^JOR. - /''•/ CM..V^56S,HIL.t>T 1 ANO ',:,, LO AND BEHOLD ' •;:;V—L«<e.YOURSELF ' / •^^. Now? Vx A N'cw Gnl for l,ard Lee Wilson, Arts. UY IJLOSSER . GEE.WHEM IWAKS up IM THE MORNING • itL THWK THERt'S A STRAKlGEfi 1M 'WE ROOM I 1 HOPE M6 1 W I WAS ALWAYS So BUSY KEEPINS HOUSE FOR. DADDY, 1 GUESS i DIONT NOTice THE WAY X LOOKED/ -| A . LiRD NEVER- PAID MUCH ATTENTiOM TO ME / ' BWS U'<B THAT / \VHEN ,LCX>'< AT A CA'KC, THEY. CAN NEVER. SEE FROSTIMG

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