The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 8, 1928 · Page 20
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 20

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1928
Page 20
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TIN: BKOOKTA'X DULY EACiLE, NEW YORK. NVEDXIvSDAY, AUGUST 8, 11)28. 2 A Helen .Worths Advice Home . Gardeners' Queries Oily Skin Care It Is Not Always Big Detects That Man and Wife Fuss About, Usually Some Careless Trait Advice by Helen Worth Believing that many per tone are confronted with perianal problem; anxiout for advice but unwilling to eeeh it from friendt or relative!, The Eagle invitee it readere to write to Helen Worth, who will give each communication dote perianal attention. Writ under your own nam or en a.iumed AND ON ONE SIDE OF THE PAPER ONLY. Direct letter, to HELEN WORTH. Dear Helen Worth-Dn ali married couples have "problems"? I am toll that they do, and are to be expected, no matter how much in love with each other .the pair may be. Before I was married I simply could not believe anything could between the dearest man in the world and myself. He was so invariably considerate and thoughtful, so reasonable and understanding and everything. Indeed, it teemed to me that nothing whatever could make me even annoyed with him. We have been married less than a year, and, dear Helen Worth, T have to confess that I do find myself frequently very much annoyed with my life partner. And I am also annoyej more, or less with myself, because the traits in him that I find irritating are not really, perhaps, important. Isnt it odd how the little things are S3 often difficult to tolerate in others? It does seem an absurd thing tu write, but it is bath towels and other insisntficant things that are the cause of the "problem" I am bringing to you1 Yes, I know you will say 1 ought to be glad I have nothing real to worry about. That I ought to thar.k my lucky stars that strong drink, etc., are not the troi'blej I am up against. Which is .ill very well, and all that, but the fact remains that every time I pick up a bath towel or a pair of soiled socks after an able-bodied man I resent doing so ' 1 am so constituted that I consider It an insult, though it may be, and undeniably is, unintentional. Above all, I don't want to be a nagging wife, and have only suggested twice that there are perfectly proper places for the reception of towels and coiled clothing, and that the floor does not happen to be one or them. However, he only "laughed It on, which did not help at ell. Now, dear Helen, how am I to te'acn Junior when he comes along, to be and helpful to Mother if he tees Daddv making unnecessary wcrl: lor others? I have neard that the only time to train husbands is at the beginning, but I have begun to think that the only appropriate beginning :s the one theit mothers hive, and that v, mifp has not much chance. Wna. is vour opinion? And can you offer rtv suneestions? CONSTANCE. My dear "Constance": All the world is queer that's an accepted lacu Ana just why we women persist from gen eration unto generation in tne roman tie belief that "the one we love the best of all" will lack any undesirable traits, is one of Life's mysteries! . However, that deesn't exactly answer your question. There is no reason why any well person should require unnecessary service but lots ot men do! The best time to try to train a husband is in the first few years, if any! A woman once told me that her husband's one fault was that he ".dpnked." Lest that puzzle you, as it did me, It means dipping one's bread into a cub of coffee. Personally, I'd hate to marry any one who was given to such matutinal habits. , Try not to let little things annoy you? lest bigger and more serious troubles find you worn and unprepared. HELEN WORTH. .'Can Some Reader Tell of Desired Home? Dear Helen Worth You have brought happiness to so many that I am going to ask you to help some one who needs your help very much. She is a young married woman of 30 with two small children, 3 and 5 years old. She was born and brought up in Brooklyn. Six years ago she married a man who lived 300 miles from here and went to live in his town. A year ago he went out to work one morning and has never been seen since by his wife. .There was no way for this mother to make a living where she was living. so she sold her furniture and came to New York, thinking she could put the cnuoren in a nome and go to work herself. After trying every home in the'eity that she knew of she had to take the children back where they were born and put them in a home up there. She pays $20 a month for them and the State pays the balance of their board. But she is working down here in the city and it is six m'ortths since she raw the children. Remove powder and rouge with beauty oils To tea how rwtufifly lovahjr ..Ml can be APPLY cosmetics only to a dean . skin. That is the advice of the ivqrid's most renowned dermatologists. . . All day long, your face gathers dust and grime; your pores clog I with oil secretions; and, to make matters worse, you apply powder, rouge, without removing previous layers. No wonder there are so many cases of blackheads, skin blemishes, acne. .You must remove every trace of make-up before your face touches the pillow. Do it. as specialists advise, with the lather of soap made from soothing olive oil and fragrant oil of palm. Massage thoroughly (both face and, throat) with thi luxuriant ludi It is almost driving her crazy, as the car fare is about $30 a round trip and takes two days to make. Dear Helen Worth, there surely must be some Protestant home where she could put those children down here. It wouldn't matter if it was in the outskirts of the city, because they are used to the country; but it should be Just near enough that she could see them once in a while. A FRIEND. My dear "Friend" I dn wish that I might help your unfortunate friend. But I do not know of any home where her children could board for $20. Perhaps some reader may be able to tell you of such a place. I hope so. HELEN WORTH. Lonesome Widower Wants Friends. Dear Helen Worth Your depart ment is enjoyed Rreatly each day, for The Brooklyn Eagle comes out here to us regularly. I have enjoyed the supreme hap piness of a lovely wife, but she is now over there with my baby boy, and I can sympathize with any lonely heart. I am 55 and would like to make some friends of my own age. LONESOME TOO. Letters forwarded. HELEN WORTH. Another Call From Lonellville. Dear Helen Worth I am a South ern man of 28, employed on Long Is land near New York. I would like very much to make the acquaintance of some Protestant lady. Can you help me? K. k. Letters forwarded. HELEN WORTH. Piano, Secretary, For Small J-.VSV ,tf Y Wft",'! 'Of The latest combination in the furniture line for the benefit of those who are hampered by economy of space consists of a piano, secretary eni bookcase and this product of iano craftsmen is soon to be Introduced to the public. As illustrated this secretary-book-:ase-piano stands six and one-half feet in height and two and a half feet at the base. Provision has been made for the installation of a mechanical player. The desk has eight workable drawers, three on each side and two in the secretary section. of Palmolive Soap and warm water. Use Nature's tools your own two hands. You can actually feel the rich lather carrying away the day's accumulation of impurities. Then rinst over and over with warm water, graduated to cold. Pat the face v. dry with a soft towel. In the morning, use this same treatment. lind with a licrht application of finishing cream. Then (and then only) are you ready for rouge and powder. Here is the beauty treatment of thousands of the world's loveliest women. And Palmolive Soap costs bjit 10c the cake. The Falmolive-Peet .Company, Chicago, 111. Adv. til iSirSfj ' i Li Ernst. Rare Woods Are I'scd For Modernistic Tables 0. fit ... .(py .:- EMS An outstanding feature of the mod-erntat movement as regards furniture is the use of such rare and beautiful woods as Macassar ebony, amboyna, thuya, zebra and harewood. Small tables which are as modern in spirit and execution as 20th Century dictates, would have them are a good medium with which to introduce the richness. The home of the most conservative person would not be disrupted by the introduction of a small occasional table of the type illustrated in the sketch shown above. This piece is a product of domestic design and manufacture and clearly characterizes the changing age with Its simplicity and directness of line. It measures 19x24 inches and stands 19 inches high. The base of the table is of walnut and the top Is of thuya wood. FIRST TO MAKE TRIP. Mrs. Katherine MacGregor Wallls has the distinction of being the first white woman to travel across certain wild regions of the Andes Mountains and the headwaters of the Amazon in South America. Bookcase Apartment Dweller 0 to&yW'! 4. .ft A '-&rr-- The bookcase affords enough space !o accommodate a radio. The piano ?ounding board fits in as a loud speaker and gives forth a volume that is claimed to be satisfactory. This newest small house and apartment furniture Is finished in a variety of woods so as to blend with several schemes of furnishing. 4 hit ' r ww A0 You can't get rid of roaches by killing the few that you can reach with ordinary exterminators. You must lure the whole brood out of their hiding places with a bait so tempting that they can't resist it. That's J-0 Paste one can kills the whole family of roaches. 25c everywhere. frit m m n ft 9 WOMEN WHO'VE WON No. 7 MARTHA OSTENSO By LILLIAN G. GENN It is hard to reconcile this slim, golden-haired, blue-eyed young wom an, still in her twenties as the writer of books which are amazing for tliflr forcefulncss, manlike strength and power. Yet Martha Ostcnso has already won a place for herself among the foremost novelists of the day. Her books, "Wild Geese," "Dark Dawn" and "The Mad Carews," have in dubitably proved even to hardened critics that she is a wrltei of rare and unusual talent. The story of her life is a tale or hardship, of poverty and of wander ings tnrougn tne little towns of the West and of Canada, all of which she has woven into the background or ner dooks. The Ostenso family halls from Nor way, from a township that has borne their name since the days of tlv Vikings. The name Ostenso means "Eastern Sea," and It was assumed centuries ago by an adventurous forbear who had dreamed of extendinj his holdings over the mountains to the shores of the Baltic Father an Adventurer. "My father," said Miss Ostenso, "also possessed an adventurous and roving spirit. Ho did not want to re. main In this town all his life, and so a few years after his marriage he emigrated to America, I was 2 years old at the time. "My childhood was spent in the little towns of Minnesota and South Dakota. No soonor had we settled in one place than father would be longing to move on again. We were very poor and it was a harl struggle lor us all. Because we did not re main long in one place, and because I did not know the language, I had no friends. It seems to me that I was always lonely and unhappy. , "My folks were very religious and I was given a rather thorough secular education. When I was 7 I was sent to school, and then I began to learn English. I loved the strange sounds and words, they held such a peculiar fascination for me," smiled the writer. "Later I learned that It was fun to make things with words, 1 wonder, if I had not been a foreigner, whether I would have delighted so much in playing with the English language." Worked Among Poor. From that time on Miss Ostenso was always scribbling. Usually it was poetry, although occasionally she wrote essays for the school Journal. When she was 15 years old, her father's restless spirit dvove him north into another country, and the family settled In Manitoba, Canada. One summer vacation, when she was 17, Miss Ostenso went into the iake district near the Indian Reservationand taught sch. ol The plac? was 35 miles from the rahroad and made up of all kinds of nationalities. "It was a world rich In writing material," said Miss Ostenso. 'My first novel began to form at the back of my mind, but I did not feel, at the time, that I could write it. After that summer I attended the University of Manitoba and then went to New York to do social work, Imbued with very altruistic Ideas. For two years I worked among the poor at a salary of $75 a month. It was heart- Special Formula For Oily Skin Lois Leeds will answer beauty queries through the columns of The Eagle. For personal reply, stamped sclf-addrrssed envelope MUST be Inclosed. By LOIS LEEDS. Dear Miss Leeds I have a very, very oily skin. It has been so for two years and now the pores are terribly enlarged. Witch hazel does not contract them. What can I do? Gratefully, S. M. Answer I judge that you are a girl in your teens, and if this is a correct guess you have a good chance of outgrowing the olliness in a few years. During adolescence the oil glands In the skin are often overactive, but this symptom passes. It is, of cirse, necessary to give the complexion the right care also. Wash your face every night with tincture of. green soap, which you may buy at a drug store. Lather well and let the soap dry on the skin before you rinse it off thoroughly In clean, warm water. Now bathe your face for several minutes in ice water or rub with ice. In the morning wash your face with cold water, dry and pat on an astringent lotion sucn as the following: One ounce rose water, one ounce Cologne water, thirty grains sulphate of zinc. Another strong astringent is threi teaspoonfuls tincture of benzoin, one ounce witch hazel, three ounces glycerin and four ounces rose water. Besides local treatment you must be careful to ROACH PASTE KILLS COCKROACHES JOHN OPITZ inc NF.VV YORK Youthful Prize Novelist i i " - fi ypft u f V : i "tf iSiv i,1 V MARTHA OSTENSO rending work that never seemed to accomplish much. I felt that my efforts were futile. So I returned to Manitoba and there my intrcst in my novel awakened again. This time ine characters stood out well defined, and I sat down to make my first draft. I had to work quickly as I had hired a typewriter for a month and I wanted to finish the script before the macmne was taken away," her blue ?yes twinkled remlnlscently. Novel Won Trize. "But I was not satisfied with the result ana i laia it aside. It was not until I came back to New York that I learned of the prize contest for a lirst novel. My friends who had read the draft of the story, persuaded me to enter it. I tnougiit the sugges non quite absurd at the time. I just could not see myself submitting tne story for a prize," Miss Ostenso laughed at the recollection. "But they continued to persuade me and finally, with great reluctance, I re wrote It in time to submit for the con test. At best, I felt, If It were as good as my friends said, it might not be wholly ignored. And it was like an impossible but very beautiful dream when I learned that 'Wild GJese' had won the prize. Incidentally, her prize money en-cbled Miss Ostenso to materialize yet another dream. For she returned to Norway to the town on the fjord where members of the Ostenso family still lived, and her trip to that little place, tucked away from the rest of the world, and her talks with the quiet. Intensely religious folk of the town, proved to be the most Inspiring f.nd stimulating she had ever made. (Tomorrow Lois Weber, first woman motion picture director.) avoid constipation. Drink plenty of water between meals and eat plenty of fresh fruit, salads and succulent vegetables daily. Correct Measurements. Dear Miss Leeds I am 18 years old, 5 feet 6 Inches tall and I weigh 109 pounds. My measurements are: Bust, 31U-: hips, 33; calf, 12'i; ankle, 9. Are these correct? I have dark hair, blue eyes and medium complexion. What colors may I wear? EDDIE. Answer You are about 20 pounds below the average weight for your age and height. Ideal measurements for your height would be: Neck, 13'i; bust, 34; waist, 27; hips. 37 'i; thigh, 20; calf, 13 li or 14; ankle, 8. You should measure your ankle at the smallest point. Blue In medium. Delft and navy are becoming to your type. Flesh, dull rose and peach are also excellent. You may also wear browns, tan, black, deep cream, dull yellow, blue-greens, dark green, dull orchid and bright red as trimming. (TOMORROW BEAUTY OF . THE VOICE.) LARGEST CLUB HOUSE. The Ebell Woman's Club of Los Angeles with its 3,000 members is con sidered the largest woman's rlub In the world. Their new clubhouse cost more than $1,000,000. Now enjoy BETTER Bran Flakes TREAT yourself to the best Kellogg's Pep Bran Flakes. They're so much better. PEP give them the marvelous flavor. The wheat makes them nourishing. And just enough bran makes them mildly laxative. The whole family children too will love these better Dran Flakes. a PEP t BRAN FLAKES TTen Jinnnmnnl nn I Dahlias at Start And End of Season Miss Klft will answer queries en this page relative to the growing and care of flowers, both indoors and nut. Address all queries to Miss Klft, care of Woman's Page, Brooklyn Dally Eagle. If personal reply is desired a stamped, self-addressed envelope MUST be Inclosed. By JANE LbbLIt; KIH, Please tell me the bett fertilizer to use on dahlias. Some one has told me that you should use different varieties during different periods of the plant's development Must ail but one shoot be removed from gladiolus bulbs? My leopard plant is Infested with Insects What spray do you recommend? R O. P. Use bonemeal while the plants are growing. Do not fertilize too heavily, but when the plants are coming Into flower broadcast another application, working it well into the soil. Toward the end of the season, when you see the flowers are getting smaller, you may give them some more. There is no advantage to be gaired by removing the surplus stalks from gladiolus bulbs. Spray leopard plant with any nicotine preparation available. A dally showering with cold wetter will keep down the red spider. I have an Easter lily which blooms in the spring. It is now growing in the garden. What care doei the bulb require in winter? Can astilba roots be divided? MRS. RAYMOND G. S. The Easter lily Is quite nardy and will live in the open during the winter if given some protection in the form of well-rotted manure or litter. Very old plants of astilba can be divided in the early spring. My monthly roses are covered wltn bugs and worms. My nasturtiums and chrysanthemums are also infested. How can I get rid ol these pests? MRS. A. G. P. Spray your roses with Melroene o-dust them with parte preen. Apply this powder when the foliage is damn. Spray the other varieties with any nicotine preparation. Please give me some information concerning a new lawn I am establishing. I used blue grass end clover seed. Shall I began to mow before the clover blooms? Will clover self-jow? MRS. ii. J. M. Begin to mow your lawn as soon a3 the grass is tall enough to reach Between the knives of the mower. Con-rtant weekly mowing will cause the sod to become quite thick. Clover will self-sow. TOMORROW CUT WORMS FOR BAIT. Beauty Pamphlet SENT FREE SUPPLE MUSCLES EASY TO ACQUIRE Cut out this announcement, add name and address and send with stamped, addressed envelope to LOIS LEEDS, Woman's Page, Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Name Address ont fool Since halitosis never announces itself to the victim, you simply cannot know when you have it. If your husband, or your wife, has halitosis (unpleasant breath), it's your duty to call attention to it and suggest the effective remedy Listerine, Certainly this course is a better one than putting up with halitosis and saying nothing about it. A great many peo pie fool themselves in thinking they never have halitosis. What a. prcsump' tion ! Because nobody knows when he 'or she is a victim. It END HALITOSIS WITH LISTERINE The COOKING BY. Cherry Pudding Makes Good Dessert for Tomorrow's Dinner D O you not remember, D- that condition of which Stevenson spoke when he said: "For courage retpects courage; but whore a faith has been trodden out we may look for a mean and narrow population." My feeling is that your difficulty is of your own choosing. Why, pray, is the iault not yours if, as you admit between your lines, you have done petty things during these years which have taught you that petty things are not worthwhile? Do you think for a moment that this man of yours has not been aware of the pettlnest? how aoiura. rew oi ua ere so numb to the situations and conditions about us that one of whom we are fond can fail in infinitesimal ways without our being aware of thai failure. And if he has grown weary of the repeated disappointments, li his faith has, in a measure, been trodden out, then your cue is not Injured surprise but a very businesslike setting about of the reconstructing of that faith. You are equal to it. Any woman is. And he will come home, ii home is sufficiently pleasant. Remember that. Men arc, on the whole, a home-loving people. But much depends on the home. Your Job is not going to be easy and self-control is going to be necessary Really, you must begin all over to win him back, ana sugar, for the purposes of winning, is so much better than vinegar. Stop blaming any one but yourself, and when next you need heart balm, lock the need within yourself, for talking is not going to help and It lowers the dignity with which a difficulty of this soit can he-surrounded. As lor the food an&tl of this dilemma, certainly we can help and we thall be delighied. Forgive me that I have not sympathized with you. And next time send me your address, as I nave begged, that I may give my soap-box lectures via a stamped envelope! I've a little stack of letters here awaiting action. So first, shall we rather race through our menu thai we may dispose of as many of the letters as postible? Menu for Thursday. Creamed Veal in Fatty Shells Stuffed Baked Tomatoes String Beans Lettuce Salad with French Dressing Nut Bread Cottage Cheese Cherry Pudding with Saute or Berries with Cream and Oatmeal Cookies Iced Tea ' Cherry Pudding. 4 tablcspoonfuls butter 3 teaspoonfula sugar H cupful milk 1 '4 cupfuls flour 1 egg 1 teaspoonful baking powder 'i cupful cherries drained Mix Ingredients, put into mold, well buttered, and steam lor two hours. yourself: l 6 i It arriage-aw halitosis doesn't announce itself to you. But it does to others. And that offends. Listerine ends halitosis because it is a powerful deodorant. If you doubt this, rub a bit of onion on your hand. Then apply Listerine clear. Immediately the odor disappears. Use Listerine morning and night, and between times, before meeting others. Lambert Phar-macal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A. READ THE FACTS 1.3 had halitosis QA itreetcar conductor!, meeting the public at close range every day of the year, said that about one person out of three offends hy halitosis. Who should know better than they? Face to face evidence safe antiseptic t ' Add a small amount of sugar to cherry Juice, thicken, and cook until clear. Serve on pudding. And now, for a letter or two. Thli makes it necessary that wo skip the recipe for baking stuffed tomatoes after the fashion in which I uitially prepare them with bacon, cheese, onion, etc. But the recipe la here at the office and any one may have It lor the asking. We are always especially proud to be of assistance to brides, Mrs. M. Somehow it attaches a further spirit of Romance, with a capital R, to the business of cookery. Here is the ttuffed pepper recipe and good luck to you. Stuffed Peppers. Selcet one pepper for each person to be served. Remove the stem end and the pulp and seeds and parboil the peppers in salted water for 10 minutes. Fill with the following dressing and bake In a moderate oven for 20 minutes, Dressing. To each four peppers to be stuffed provide one cupful of ground meat (or flaked flth), one-half cupful ot rice, one onion which has been thinly sliced and browned in a tablcspoonful of butter. Add also a tablcspoonful of minced parsley. Add sait and pepper to taste and a dash of red pepper alter the other ingredients have been well mixed together. Then add one whole, unbeaten egg. If fish Is used rather than meat the materials may be moistened with a small amount of white tauce. If vegetables are r.Ved they must have been previously cooked. This Is about all we can manage for today the "fancy cake." M. K., must wait until tomorrow. TOMORROW LETTERS. ANSWERS TO TRY TASTY CARROT RECIPES LEAFLET SENT FREE NANCY CAREY will send you on request a collection of recipes for appetizing carrot dishes that will fit In admirably with the vegetable menus so popular these summer days. Address NANCY CAREY, care Woman's Department, Brooklyn Daily Eagle. FLEASE Inclose stamped addressed envelope. NANCY CAREY will HI-you to solve your home-maker problems. Mail your queries to her, care of Woman's Page, Brooklyn Daily Eagle. If persoml reply is necessary inclose stamped addressed envelope. MEN The new Listerine Shavino Cream keeps skin cool long . after shaving an mazing sensation.

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