Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 23
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TWENTY-FOUR _BVBNING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MI)., MONDAY, MAY OUT OUR WAY By R. J. Williimi OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE Talo* WMVi IP HE HATTIsfT WtftTTEW AV ASXEP A\E TO SEMP HIM A LITTLE TIN) EOX OUT OF WlSTKUMK, EVCMX.HISOWM SISTER'\VCOCP NEVER KAVe KNOWN HE WAS SO BRAVE/ LjOOK'- A ME PAL OF HOWOft AWP CITATION & FROM A LOT OF NATJOWS: HE WEVER A4EMT.ONE0 T TO AXJVOSJE .' WELL, HE VM AFRAIP T»EVC> THINK HE APRAID? i tx>j'T GET IT.' WHX IF MOST PEOPLE W1M A COOPLW COWT6STTH6Y HAVE THE CITATIOM FRAMEP BV Trf FRONTDOOR AW TH' CUP IK) TH 1 < N YOUR VOUTMPDL, 3 (?OTEGES/— SPLetoD OF Y0LJ T5RP6ICHOR&AM DEVOTBES to SACRIFICE: YOUR WE TOTEV OUT -rue NEW DAMCE TNE WISHING I U. S. Patent Office. TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY, MAV ST. 1SK These Iflfvlilun inline, ar« «m,pmd (mm projrims <uin!»hed bj lb< 8 B A B N U •§A 5 A 5 T G A 2 E 7 C, 5 T < T 8 E 3 B < V 6 L 6 V 3 O ~5~~ H 2 C 7 P S U 6 E 2 I « F 7 N 6 0 •I L 2 R 3 K 8 H 6 W 3 F, 4 A 6 P b R 7 E 4 Q 7 W 4 R 8 T 2 A 1 T X C 7 E 4 E 2 A 6 R 5 11 3 N 4 o 6 O 5 H S S 3 S K L, 6 Y 7 N 5 O 2 S b K ft 1 S 3 A 5 I 2 C 8 I 7 I 6 J 4 T 4 O _ 8 _ E 6 K 4~ tj 3 T 7 S T 6 R 4 E b L, TO 5 E 4 E 5 T o i> 7 I 4 U 5 P ~T T ~8 S 6 Y SI A1ION KtlKA iriltshurrb. t'btnnel t) TODAV 5:10 Monday Movie 61 15 Wjld DiH Kickok Men tK RE *i S * p!easanl liule £ am c that will give you a message every /•> .£' i J f. a numcrica l puzzle designed lo spelt out your forlune. Count the letters in your first name. H the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. U the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper lett-hand corner of the rec- !«5M every one of your ke y ^"mbers. lert (o right. Then reaa the message the letters under the checked figures give you. f VOlllng J. Miller I, Kint Futurci S>nJI:aie. 5- Mechanic In Car Trunk Mistaken For Woman MONROE, Wise. w> — Shcriffsjowncr lo open (he trunk. Inside deputes tvent info action wJicn'wiis a garage mechanic tryin« to an excited motorist reported scc-llocatc the source of a squeak for ing a man force a woman into ttie'thc owner, trunk of a car, close the lid and] The motorist wbo called police! (Q drive away." (apjK.rcnily Imd mistaken the (Jllicers found the car at almednmic's Jons shop coot for ;i local garage and ordered lhe\voman's topcoat. These people each won 7:20 Federal fi:0u Sliowcaje U:30 Ad\enlure J0:00 -StutfJo One 11; (Ml News H:15 Theatre Time A. M, 1^:30 Nfcws 12:40 Swing Shift TOMORROW 7:00 Tods>, Garroway fl;00 Storyland 10;OU (ijtry Mooie Baby 1'iusiam 10:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 School I'rojjrarn i'S lli:15 Cartoons 12:30 ScarLh Tomorrow l-'/ili Guiding Light 1:00 Bin Movie 2:30 Father's Ticublo 3:00 House Party a:30 Secret Storm 3:15 Valiant Lady 4:UO Queen for a Day 4;-55 Cat toons STATION WSVA rrJioiibufs, Channel (Slandard Time) 5:« News (i:CKJ Va. Shnut'nsc 6:15 Wcnther. Market 7:30 Uolde-n Playhouse S:UO Lucy Show fl:.7D Deccrtrber Bride 9:00 Urctta Youns TOMOBUOW 7;00 Today. Carrowiy 9:00 LUUe fiaKcals 9:30 Romper Room 10:00 Home 31:00 Price Is RhjM 11:30 Truth, Con'^ucnces 1^:00 Tic Tae Dougb 12:30 H Could Be You 1-00 Close-Up 1:30 Club Sixty 2:30 Tennessee Emi« 3:00 Matinee 'lUtaUe 4:09 Queen for a Day •1:45 Modern Romances 9:00 Pies* Conference 9:30 Top Tunei, Faces 10:30 Sludio 5J 11:00 Nous. Weather 11:15 Sports 11:20 Mystery Theatre TOMORHOff 12:30 Ctoun Corner 1:30 Ladies Theatre 2:30 Favorite Story 3:00 Public Defender 3:30 Cjjjior Thealr<j 4:00 Brighter IJsy 4; 15 Sfviet Storm 4:30 Edge of Nigh! STATION ftlTG Or»ihlnitoD, Ch*nnot B Camberlaad. Cable 3J TODAY 5:00 Milt Grant Show 6:00 Hilly Johnson 6:30 Th« Fun HDUJB 7:00 Gllderslfieve 7:30 I Spy 8:00 Movietlme 17SA 9:30 Confidential 10:00 Famous Fight i 10:15 Boxing 11:1 j News 11:23 D. C, M&victJme TOMORROW 9:00 Kartoon Kliib 10:00 Morning Movio 11:45 Frankie J^ine 12:00 Music Hall 32:30 AHernoQa Film 2:00 Ladies be Seated 11:00 IJbcrace 3:30 Grandpa's Place STATION WTOP ») , C^bEi t) IOBAI 5:00 Amos and Andy 5:30 .Margie €:00 Cisco Kid 6:30 Spotlight 6:45 Edwards Newt 7:00 Soldiers Fortune 7:30 Hob!n Hood 8:00 Hums and Allen 8:30 Talent Scouis 9:00 Lucy Show 9:30 December 10:0-3 Studio One 31:00 The 11 itcport J1:1S The Late Show TO.MOKBOW 6:55 Morning MedHatlc 7:00 Jimmy Dean a;CO Panorama 1'oloms 9:00 Captain Kangaroo 3:^5 Oswald Itabfait 10:00 Cany Moore 10:30 Arthur from their Ford Dealer (You can, too!) RICHARD GOSNELL R. D. 1 New Alexandria, P.i. mviGIlT C. IIANNA 105 X. Oak Hill Road Pittsburgh 38, Pa. Siir|>rise IIENNKSSEY. Okla, i^ — Lee jFjjix has £(.irtccl a new husincssiiuioo iiii* JC j s your ute ihcre because his small son need-! 10 ' 10 t;ntov«rcd :cc. goal milk and none was avnil-.'}{!SS .siovk'iinfc^LiSA oblc. He bought a ^ont, and' liic-n (he news spread. Sevcral: 1I:00 F J OMOB *« )tt " EKT.SOHS asked lo buy milk andiii:i.> \JL> before hu knew it, Enix had herd of 13 goats and a (hrivi iiTilk business. 4MUtc W«h E.»b«tbiT ! Ssi5S^t Hteh 4:30 The Unexpected 12.JS Yalta J2:lj I^r-.-c of Life STATION 1TJAC 32;30 Search Tomorrow {Johnstown, Channel ei 12:43 Guiding Ught 1:00 Now* 1:10 Donna Douglas 1:30 As World Turns 2:00 Our Miss Broods 2:30 House Party 3:00 Biff Payoff 3:30 Hob Crosby -1:00 Pick Temple Ranch Theatre lx)ve of Life ,,...-,. Sc;irch Tojnorrow 11:^5 Guiding Light Lubcc. Maine, is the eastern most lo\vn in the Unilert States at t'.ft degrees 53 minutes west 'longitude. 12:30 As World Ti 1:00 Matinee I-.30 Tennessee L'ini 2:00 Matinee Theal 3:30 Edpe of Night 4:00 Comedy Tiinc 4:30 Thtr.tre Time ns Phone before noon for your money Jater Vile same day I You selectyour own repayment plan ! UP TO $1SOO Ccth Yoj AeLci.e S1 00.00 2DO.OO 300.00 30 WcnsKIy Pirn-Bull S 6.72 13.44 20.16 Co.!, YDJ ReceivD S 503.00 740.32 1032.00 74 Mo"lr.lf S25.00 35.03 50.00 STATION WRC IWashlni.on, Chmnel 1} CCurabcrUnd. Cibto I) rciuAy SiCO Comedy Time 5:30 Susie 6:CO City Dcttctive 6:30 News. Weather G:43 Sports 6:50 Sam and Fripntls 7:00 Kllcry Queen 3:33 Nal 'King' Cola 1.45 NBC New* 8:CO Showcase 9:^0 nnhcrt Montcnmcr> 10:30 County Shrriif 11:00 News, Weather 11:20 Sports II:2J Sain anci rrietids 11:30 Tonight 5300 r FA 1VSI LY FINANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic Street Telephone: PArkview 4-3600 Oipcn dotty 7;OO fo £.00 * Monday P.OO lo 8:00 TODAY 5:00 Jungle Jim 5:30 Soldiers Fortuna 6:00 Sports 6:13 News 6:30 Kin Tin Tin 1:UO Hlayhouse 7:33 Nat 'King 1 Cola 7H5 NBC News £:00 Showcase 9:30 itobert Monlgomerj 10:30 Jint Bowie 11:00 News 11:15 Wrestling TOMORROW 7:00 Today. Garroway S.OO Jtompcr Ilooni 10:00 Home 11:00 Price I* Right 12;OT Tic Tat: Dough ]2:30 It Could Be You ' 1:00 Town Hal] 1:30 Feature Theatre 2:30 Tennessee Ernie 3:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 <luecn for a Day •1:45 Modern Romances STATION W.MAI. (Cumberland, Cab!* 3) TODAY S:CO Mickey MDUJC CJub fi:(X> Clown Corn-r 6:38 'I own And Country 6:55 HVather 7:00 News, Sportj 7:15 John Daly 7:30 Wire Service 6:30 Barlow OrchestrA By frequently moving the areas in which cnttle can obtain salt. modern ranches persuade their herds to gra/c where the grass is Jushesl, feeding. thus assuring proper After Every Meal Chew refreshing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Helps keep teeth clean— aids digestion. A baby cannot hear until sex oral days after birth. LA VALE WESTERNPORT STEVE CANYON MOW — EMOU6U Of TAtfc-TALK.' HP yoi ME To CISS XpU TW4W HAVE WE BL6CK .'.SAIL v'YOI'VE KEN To TH5 MOVIES., •» ^•ftn Prentice and Fred Dickenton AT THE Buncos' CLUB *r meEXfLon&s- ays. FOR SOAIE TIME VEJjy SUBTIY. THE ROWER O y$2.'m>3!&. J5R. ^M TOreSTKOT VOLt SOIN& ABOUT TO SET'MB. KIRBY TO TAKE A WE5TERN , PES1V3NI7? . 1S.V TOX-WCOU KfOBO CAPTAIN EAST *jr L*tli* Turnrr X& HATED PAPA.COMSUBL6! BUT HE PIDwr COUWT ON WELL, WE PIP «EEIT..W IOOKIO TN 8U TWKVW00 1 J^ ll6>eNBWWEe0llDlrT * SIR AM6U* MURt>ER|THMKIMa 7rp 100K L'fKF A HIS BKOWEK.LhpJ/ ACGOEOr WHEN we FOUM[> LATER! WITNESSES IM THAT Lomvspor BEEW OUT OF HIS WIND! I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES tr Edgar Martin FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Mtrrill Blotter swooiDtrr EXEW FDR DAYS, BUT HE HEYee NOTICES ME : •jr V. T. Htcnlm My VERY BEST Ot )^His;< 1 WEIL, 6VGAOFCY nl ! WALKED J^^-d PUT (V STOP TO / w NO- RIGHT PAST UKE/HE KOM^X THAT WMPA. STUFF / NOW HOLD HE t*[*n EVEN/OOP...HE'S ^ RCHT NOW' KNOW ME.' / MVWWTIZFD A IM HIS HOMELAND MICKEY MOUSE By Walt Oiiney STATION WFBG (AJioon*. Cbanael 10) 5:00 -Mlckcj Mouse CUt 6:CO Annapolis Men fi:3Q Tonna. Today 6:« News 7: DO Phil Silvers 7:30 Bold Journey S:00 Burns and Allen 6:30 Talent Scouts 9:00 Lucy Show Brida 11:00 News 1J.-15 Alovtcs TOMOKROW 7:00 Jimmv 8:00 CapUin 10:00 MovlcUme USA 11:30 Strike It Rich 12:00 News 12:15 Love o* IJic 12:30 11FD 10 1:00 News 1:30 As World Turn* 2:80 St ... Li plil 2:30 Charles *'l\nn 3:00 Hiff Payoff' 3:30 Theatre Time 4:00 Brighler Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 Edge of A sure way to lose your shirt « 10 put too much co the cuff. Glass is the oldest manufac lured .substance in the work. Long before man came on earth, glass was produced by Hghlning .^(riking sand and by volcanic lion.

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