The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 31, 1985 · Page 57
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 57

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1985
Page 57
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Television This Week The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, March 31,1985 Page 10 Sunday MORNING 5:00 CMB News Q(9)CB Easter Seal Telethon Q Physician's Journal 4 Musk Video Clips CD Hogan's Heroes (U) Night Flight 5:30 (D Topper (U) Night Flight 6:00 O Insight B For Our Times 4 Music Video Clips 0 World Tomorrow CD Speak Out (N) Plnwheel (U) Cartoons 6:30 QO Starcade O Daybreak (3)001)13 On Target O Jesus In The Inner City (10) Dudley Dorlght 4 News a It Is Written a Jim Bakker CD Wall Street Journal Report 7:00 OO Video Game O Let God Love You gxBSD13 Calvary Temple a Kenneth Copeland CD Jim Bakker O Leonard Repass O© Easter Seal Telethon O Children Running Out Of Time (9)(B Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO CD Turnaround (10) FCO CB Jerry Falwell 4 Tom And Jerry CB Alvln And The Chipmunks CD Sunday Mass 7:30 OO James Roblson O Jerry Falwell O TV Altar CD Uncle Bill Reads The Funnies (D Human Impact On The Environment 4 Pink Panther CB Sunday Funnies gj Thy Kingdom Come CD World Tomorrow 8:00 OO Robert Schuller CD®9CD® Sesame Street (R) (CO O Easter Seal Telethon CD®©'3 World Tomorrow O Sunday Morning Scheduled: profiles of former New York Knick Waif Frazier and French primitive artist Henri Rousseau. C£) Larry Jones O Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) Q Reality Living With Jeff Adams CD Romper Room CE) Day Of Discovery 4 Lost In Space gj Lowell Lundstrom CD Wrestling (N) Vic's Vacant Lot 8:30 OO Larry Jones C4XIXID13 Jimmy Swaggart CD Oral Roberts CE) Herald Of Truth ® Robert Schuller (N) Out Of Control 8:35 CB Andy Griffith 9:00 OO Herald Of Truth CD®9CD® Mister Rogers (R) OOOOfflXB Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) CD Day Of Discovery O Wonderworks O Dimensions In Black CD Jimmy Swaggart (10) Sunday Morning CD Oral Roberts 4 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea CD Wild, Wild West (N) Kids' Writes 9:05 a Good News 9:30 OO Oral Roberts dXDCD® Electric Company (R) t4XD51)l3 Rex Humbard O Face The Nation CD Sunday Mass Q This Week With David Brlnkley 9 Polka Dot Door a Larry Jones a Jimmy Swaggart Q Davey And Goliath (N) Lassie 9:35 CB Movie *•• "Splendor In The Grass" (1961) Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty. 10:00 OO Rex Humbard (TXT)® Understanding Human Behavior (3XI)®13 Kenneth Copeland O Minority Matters CD Robert Schuller O Faith For Today O Matinee At The Bijou 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO CD World Tommorrow CD Wonderworks CB Sunday Morning 4 Statehouse '85 CD Maverick (N) Belle And Sebastian 10:30 OO Lowell Lundstrom (DQDQ) Understanding Human Behavior World Tomorrow First Baptist Church Of Dodge City Q Movie *** "Lady Luck" (1946) Robert Young, Barbara Hale. CB This Week With David Brlnkley (10) Face The Nation 4 At The Movies (N) Dangermouse 11:00 OO Perspective Flexible Reading OXB Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) ®SXS)I3 Jerry Falwell O Jesus In The Inner City CD At Issue 9 Mister Rogers (R) (10) Sunday CD Reading Rainbow 4 It's Your Business Q) Community Concern CD Star Trek (D) Disney Studio Showcase (HBO) HBO Coming Attractions O Honey, Honey (N) You Can't Do That On Television (E) SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 11:30 GO Come Alive (D®© Flexible Reading Q Wild Kingdom CD Meet The Press O Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) O Movie * "Phantom Thunderbolt" (1933) KenMaynard. 9 Polka Dot Door CD Wall Street Journal Report (10) Seven Last Words CD 3-2-1 Contact (R) (CO CD Face The Nation 4 U.S. Farm Report Q) Jimmy Houston Outdoors (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go AFTERNOON 12:00 OOQD® Tennis Paine Webber Classic, men's singles championship match. GOOD© Vietnam: A Television History "Peace Is At Hand: 1968-1973" (CO ®dX!l)13 Lowell Lundstrom OOO©00)CBCB Women's Basketball 9 Colorsounds CD Lome Greene's New Wilderness CD Washington Week In Review 4 News CD Tarzan (D) Movie •" "Secrets Of Life" (1956) Narrated by Winston Hibler. Q Flipper (E) Auto Racing NASCAR Valleydale 500. (U) Movie "Blood Of The Dragon" (No Date) (S) Movie "• "Until They Sail" (1957) Jean Simmons, Paul New- 12:05 CD Wild, Wild World Of Animals 12:30 gXD©13 SportsBeat O Working Women O Ethiopia: The Nightmare Continues 9 European Journal CD Sunday Magazine CD Wall Street Week 4 Movie * "The Deerslayer" (1957) Lex Barker, Rita Moreno. (C) Movie •• "Hot Stuff" (1979) Dom DeLulse, Suzanne Pie- shette. 'PG' CB Gentle Ben (N) Lassie 12:35 CB Pre-Season Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. Baltimore Orioles 1:00 CD®® Market To Market Q(9) Easter Seal Telethon CD®©" Good Fishing With Babe Wlnkleman OCD Tony Brown's Journal 9 Star Trek CD SportsBeat S Tarzan "Tiger, Tiger" Movie ** "San Antone" (1952) Rod Cameron, Arleen Whelan. (N) Special Delivery 1:15 (D) Movie •" "The Pride Of The Yankees" (1942) Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright. 1:30 CO®® Grand Generation ®(BOCBX31)'3 USFL Football Baltimore Stars at Houston Gamblers Val De La O _ Statehouse '85 (HBO) Movie •** "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" (1947) Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo. 2:00 CD®® Great Performances "Dance In America: The Taylor Company, Recent Dances" Three of choreographer Paul Taylor's diverse works are performed: "Mercuric Tidings," "Snow White" and "Sunset." OnoifE) PGA Golf Tournament Players Championship, final round. OOQKB Easter Seal Telethon 9 Poldark CD Market To Market CD Movie ** "Ma And Pa Kettle At Home" (1954) Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbrlde. (C) Movie * "Soggy Bottom, U.S.A." (1981) Ben Johnson, Lois Nettleton. 'PG' (U) Movie ••• "Guns At Batasi" (1964) Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins. (S) Movie *•• "Twilight Zone -The Movie" (1983) John Llth- gow, Vic Morrow. 'PG' 2:30 OOGDQJ Al McGuire's Championship Special From Lexington, Ky., Al McGuire interviews the players and coaches of tomorrow's NCAA Championship game. O Congress: We The People CD International Edition 4 Movie **" "Cyrano De Bergerac" (1950) Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers. 3:00 C£O®CD®9 Your Tax Return: 55 And Older Update OOO<9)®CB Ea^er Seal Telethon (Cont'd) Q Wagon Train (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (E) Swimming And Diving 3:30 QOQ) Bowling Gold Pin Challenge CD SportsWorld Featured: The Superstars, featuring a field of ten NFL standouts including Mark Gastineau (New York Jets), Mark Duper (Miami Dolphins) and Willie Gault (Chicago Bears) competing for berths In the championship round. (D) Edison Twins (HBO) Not Necessarily The Movies 3:35 CB Tennis Monte Carlo Tournament 4:00 CD®® Tony Brown's Journal O American Interests Guests: Sen. William Armstrong (R- Colo.); John Sewell, president of the Overseas Development Council. 9 Moneymakers CD Val De La O CD Movie *** "Damn Yankees" (1958) Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon. (C) Kool & The Gang In Concert Kool & the Gang sings "Celebration," "Too Hot," "Joanna," "Ladies Night" and songs from the album "Emergency." Taped in May 1984 at the World Exposition in New Orleans. (D) Movie ** "The Waltz King" (1963) Kerwin Matthews, Senta Berger. (HBO) Movie "* "My Favorite Year" (1982) Peter O'Toole, Jessica Harper. 'PG' B Movie ** "Robin Hood Of The Pecos" (1941) Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes. (N) Llvewlre (U) Candid Camera (S) Faerie Tale Theatre "The Snow Queen" Lance Kerwin and Melissa Gilbert star in this tale of a brave girl who's determined to save her companion from the Snow Queen's (Lee Remlck) spell. Narrated by Shelley Duvall. (CO 4:05 CB Hogan's Heroes 4:30 Q)®® European Journal O McLaughlin Group 9 Congress: We The People 4 Gllllgan's Island (E) World Cup Skiing (U) Good Morning World 4:35 CB Wrestling 4:45 CD Su Comunldad 5:00(3X1)9® Firing Line OOO(9)®CB Easter Seal Telethon (Cont'd) . SXDQDtt Agriculture Issues O Championship Fishing CD Hank Parker Outdoor Magazine O Spectrum O News CD ABC News (CO (101CE) CBS News CD Humanities Through The Arts 4 This Week In Country Music (C) Movie ** "Krull" (1983) Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony. 'PG' B Movie ** "The Red Pony" (1949) Myrna Loy, Robert Mitchum. (N) Mr. Wizard's World (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour (S) Movie * "The Ice Pirates" (1984) Robert Urlch, Mary Crosby. 'PG' 5:30 OOOCD(IO)CE) News (3X130(3)13 ABC News (CO NBC News Country Express Humanities Through The Arts 4 Nashville Music (HBO) Culture Club In Concert Culture Club performs "Karma Chameleon," "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" and "Miss Me Blind" at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, England. (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go 5:35 CB Wild, Wild World Of Animals (D) A Symposium Of Popular Songs EVENING 6:00 OOCDCB Punky Brewster After a young, orphaned thief (Billy Lombardo) steals Punky's jewelry box, she befriends the boy and finds a home for him. SXJD® Classic Country O Star Search Guests: Morgan Brittany, Sammy Davis Jr. (R) ®®OOD©13 Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Divers risk their lives off Norway's coast for the richest treasure In maritime history; a laser beam erases a human birthmark; a winning ice- cube trick. (CO OQO@@no)CBCE) 6° Minutes Q Austin City Limits Featured: Joe Ely ("I Got My Hopes Up High," "Dallas"), Eric Johnson ("On Bristol Shores," "I'm Finding You"). (9) Jim Beam Stakes 9 Kansas State House CD The Living Planet: A Portrait Of The Earth A survey of the animal and plant life that flourishes In estuaries and salt water marshes. (CO 4 Invaders CD My Little Pony II Animated. The cat-like Catrina attempts to seize the magical Rainbow Locket and make the Little Ponies her slaves. Voices: Paul Williams, Tammy Grimes. (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (N) Reggie Jackson's World Of Sports "Best Of..." (E) SportsCenter (U) Cover Story Featured: America. 6:05 O Wrestling 6:30 (9) Movie •• "One More Train To Rob" (1971) George Peppard, John Vernon. A released prisoner saves a gold fortune, then shoots the man who double- crossed him. 9 Bless Me Father CD My Little Pony I Animated. The happy lives of a young girl and her pony friends are threatened by the wicked Tlrac and his Rainbow of Darkness. Voices: Sandy Duncan, Tony Randall. (HBO) Fraggle Rock (U) The Virginian 6:45 (D) DTV 7:00 OOO®a A.D. Immediately following Christ's death, animosity in Jerusalem grows between Christians led by Peter (Denis Quilley) and Rabbi Gamaliel's (John Houseman) zealots while the Emperor Tiberius lives In self-imposed exile on Capri. (Parti of 5) (CO (D®® Wonderworks "Just An Overnight Guest" Rosalind Cash, Richard Roundtree and Elinor Donahue star In this story of a girl who battles jealousy when her parents take In an abandoned child; and "The Cap," the story of a boy who's angry at his father for being unemployed. (CO SXDOCDQDis Movie *** "You Only Live Twice" (1967) Sean Connery, Donald Pleasence. Secret agent James Bond's search for missing Russian and American space capsules leads him to the volcanic headquarters of SPECTRE In Japan. (Viewer Discretion Advised) (R) (CO OQOC@(10)CBCE> Murder, She Wrote After an airport accident, Jessica becomes a patient at an exclusive Dallas hospital where Intrigues among the patients lead to murder. O The Living Planet: A Portrait Of The Earth A survey of the animal and plant life that flourishes in estuaries and salt water marshes. (CO 9(D Nature The use of new camera lenses and special video techniques makes It possible for viewers to see the world as animals and insects observe it. (CO 4 Man From Atlantis CD Movie "* "The Last Valley" (1971) Michael Caine, Omar Sharif. In the last German village to be untouched by either plague or the Thirty Years' War, the townspeople try to coexist peacefully with the occupying soldiers. (O Movie " "Hot Stuff" (1979) Dom DeLulse, Suzanne Pleshette. 'PG' (D) Movie " "Justin Morgan Had A Horse" (1972) Don Murray, Lana Wood. In post-Revolutionary War Vermont, a schoolteacher acquires a colt and trains it to become a champion racehorse. (HBO) Movie *" "Gorky Park" (1983) William Hurt, Lee Marvin. 'R' a Yeshua A documentary relating the life of Christ to the culture of his time, with a focus on Christ's ministry. (Part 4 of 5) (E) College Baseball Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (S) Movie *" "The Dead Zone" (1983) Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams. 'R' (CO 7:05 CB Movie ** "The Man From The Alamo" (1953) Glenn Ford, Julie Adams. The sole survivor of the Alamo discovers that American renegades, not Mexicans, were responsible for the Ox-Bow massacre. 8:00 GD®® Nature The use of new camera lenses and special video techniques makes It possible for viewers to see the world as ani-

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