Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 19, 1977 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1977
Page 6
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Pa»e6 Gartlen C.hy Telegram Saturday. November 19. 197" Erma Bomber.k's AT WIT'S END Put Lester On the Phone Writing is lonely. I guess I never realized how much until I found myself saying \o my tropical fish yesterday. "Whaiya wanta ;alk abou-. Lester, 'he Panama Canal or Liz Taylor's Avon Lady"" When '.he fish surfaced and hie* a oxipie of bubbles. I said. 'If you're going to talk dirty. I'll caii Es'.elk " The phone rang tvnee and Es'elle said. "Thanks for calling "So. what's happening''" I asked "A' 'he 'cn-e '*iii you please leave your name and phone number and I'll return your call." "This is a crisis center." 1 said angrily "Your crisis is ready " I dialed 'he number of another friend. "I'm sorry." said the operator, "but that number is r.o longer in service If you wish assistance, please remain on the Sine. .." "Thank you." I said, "bu' my mother doesn'' like me to 'alk to strange recordings." I go' on a bus and wen' :r.'.o 'own. "Hello there." I said to : he bus driver. He pointed lo 'he sign thai said, "No talking permitted to the bus driver." When I arrived at the department store, I took an elevator where a recording 'oid me to please stand clear of ' he door and face the front. I said "thank you" and a man moved nervously to the other side of 'he car. answering service that said my doctor was not on call, but if we wished lo leave our name and number his associate would call us. I fixed him. I put Lester on ihe Line. Honored On Birthday Mrs. John Herman. 611 Mulberry, was the honoree r. was the same all day. If il wasn' - a recording telling me what to do it was a person Sunday,"November 13, for a saying something mechanical, carry-in supper. Her children I was late when I got home so and grandchildren hosted the L -j .u. __j evenl honoring her 80th birthday which was on November 14. Those attending from out-of- lown included: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boiler, Hays; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gerstberger, I climbed into the car and drove through a drive-in where you hang out the window and yell your order m'o a clown's mouth. I drove up and wailed for Jack to speak to me. Nothing happened. I opened my car Leot': Mr. and Mrs. D. A. door and kicked him, figuring Herman, Loretta, Dean, and he had a short in his mouth. Diane. Sharon Springs; and No'hing. Finally. I threw my Mr. and Mrs. Ron Herman, arms around his throat and Dodge City. yelled "You litUe creep You Attending from Garden "hink you're better than City: Mr. John Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herman, Tha ; nigh; as my husband Tom and Roxanne, Mr. and dialed the doctor, be got a recording from the medical with 1— vtffifm EiK7» |~~ W;MC5 r-tCC' 5U TT 2** See the new SHARP 3400 with. Auto touch and al other great SHARP CAROUSELS. Demonstration by SHARP Representative on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21 at 7:00 p.m. JARMER BROS. APPLIANCES 'The Quality you Desire The Service You Deserve" 214 N. MAIN 276-2152 Mrs. Robert Herman and Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kreutzer, J. R., and John; Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jameson; Jacque Gerstberger ; Jennifer Herman; Mr. and Mrs. Robin Huber; and Mrs. Minnie Boles. Hors d' Oeuvres tree. . . festive table decoration This Tree Decorates Buffet Table For centuries a green leafy tree has set the mood for holiday decorating. The National Hog Dog & Sausage Council suggests complementing your buffet table with an DOTS d'oeuvres tree decorated with sausage, vegetable and fruit tidbits. A sausage tree is fun to make and an unusual focal point for a festive buffet table. The wide selection of sausage products available give you a variety of color and textures in addition to great eating. Add to the creativity of your tree by making salami or bologna cornucopias, rolls and olive wraps. And be sure to include a package or two of small cocktail sausages on your shopping list. Create a new side dish appetizer by stuffing deli-size dill pickles with liver sausage or braunschweiger. To form the tree, select a styrofoam cone — large or small, depending on the number of guests — and cover with green foil. Next add greens using endive, escarole or parsley, securing them to the tree with fine hairpins. Work from the bottom up, tucking stems behind the leaves below. If using parsley, try to find bushy bunches with short stems. After the tree is completely covered, spray with a fine mist of water and store in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. Decorations may be made ahead of time — Calendar of Social Events SATURDAY f*T—~y> p.m. card party in Rose Mancr buetaaK. Bneg: MONDAY OAKDE.N U7Y GARDEN CU.'B - 2 p.m Mr* Jess* Scot: Sr .aiON 7th SORUStS - : .*> p m . Phyllis Agnr*. 2V/1 Lwwr.i/ig GAY MTERS EHL - 7 30 p m . Mrs tar; Pearce. :im E Hamiir*. AtOKN CLCB - I p m . luncheon a! Urn rungs Gaz«x>. »; S 7!h Gu«( Dav TUKSDAV SWEET ADELINES - 8 p m . Church o< G«! East LSI56 aw) Mar>. fuil chords For more in/ormatiori call 276- 3S25 SEQUUYAH EHL - 2 p m . Mrs Pj»coeMarrooruSC6N 3rd REBEKAH LODGE - 7 X pm lOOFHall Bring Red Cross items complete with toothpicks — covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated. A short time before guests arrive you simply skewer them onlo the tree and. voila. a holiday hors d'oeuvres tree. 'You may wish to keep a small tray of extras refrigerated to replenish the tree — the goodies disappear fast:* SALAMI CORLNCOPHS 12 slices salami cut in half 1 3-oz. package cream cheese and chives (whipped. Place a mound of whipped cream cheese in the center near the rounded edge of each half-slice. Roll up in cornucopia style and attach to tree with toothpick. Yield: 24. BOLOGNA ROLLS 12 large slices of bologna 1 3-oz. package cream cheese 1 tsp. chopped or minced onions 2 tsp. horseradish sauce l t tsp. dry mustard Have cream cheese at room temperature. With electric mixture. Wend onions, horseradish and mustard with cream cheese until mixture is light and fluffy. Spread 3 slices of bologna with a thin layer of mixture and stack one on lop of the other. Roll up, cut into slices, and atlach to tree with toothpicks. Yield: 24-30. OLIVE WRAPS Cut slices of your favorite luncheon meats in half and wrap, coruncupia style, around small stuffed olives. Double under protruding end, pierce with toothpick and secure to your tree. Add extra decorations of cocktail franks, fancily sliced radishes, ripe olives, and small cubes of cheese, ham, or canned processed meats. Garnish with small clusters of grapes pinned with hairpins. Top your hors d'oevures tree with a ripe, red cherry tomato. NOTE: To top your iree wilh star, cut a large and a II Garden City School of Fine Arts Modeling Department Presents: FASHIONS ON PARADE it From: Highpockets Sherri-Lees RT Sporting Goods Tot 'N Teen Ray Mayo's Yankee Dooder Sunday, November 20 3JJO..PLM. _ Junior Cofleoe 1^ ^ Awitbriurn No Admission, Donations Accepted for Medfcal Services Fund small star from a turnip or porato slice by hand or with cookie cutters. 'Soak potato slice in ascorbic water beforehand to prevent discoloring •. Soak the smaller star in red food coloring, then secure in center of larger white star. Insert toothpick and secure star in upright position at the top of your tree. STUFFED DILL PICKLES Unusual and tangy stuffed dill pickle slices make a perfect complement to a festive sausage tree. 2 large dill pickles '< Ib. Braunschweiger • smoked • 1 Tbsp. butter 1 Tbsp. minced onion 1 Tbsp. minced parsley Cu: off ends of dill pickles and cut in half crosswise. Remove centers with a large apple or zucchini corer. Reserve centers. Melt butter and saute onion and parsley until onion is soft. Add smoked Braunschweiger and continue cooking for 2 minutes until thoroughly warmed and well blended. Cool. Add chopped centers and stuff pickles. Seal well in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Before serving slice in l-3rd-inch slices and arrange on platter. WINTER SALE DRESS COATS AND SUBURBAN COATS REDUCED CHRISTMAS RECORD SPECIAL This year we have many records and tapes at special prices. CHRISTMAS SONGS BY MANY OF YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS. RECORDS £ *2 98 TAPES s*3 98 V RevmtHwr J ^. bothen. ^f FELLOWSHIP BOOKSTORE 4KN.M 276-7*1 ANN LANDERS Leave Pack Rat Treasures Alone DEAR ANN: What would you do with a mother who is a compulsive pack rat? Since I was born 18 years ago. I have never known the woman to throw away anything. This goes for newspapers, magazines, clothes, jars, boxes, ribbon, used gift wrappings just name it and she's got it slacked all over the place. I am ashamed to have anyone over. The sight of all the garbage is revolting. I would like your opinion of how to cure my mother of this habit. BURIED ALIVE LN VANCOUVER DEAR BURIED: Pack rats are not victims of habit they are severely neurotic people whose problem goes way back usually to days of extreme poverty. Just sweat it out till you have your own home and can do as you please. Until then, keep your pea-pickin hands off her •'garbage" and look the o'.her way. Any individual who takes it upon himself to throw out a pack rat's "prized possessions" takes his life in his hands. * * * DEAR ANN: My boyfriend is 19 years old. We get along jus i fine except for one thing he is an alcoholic. I've tried to get him to talk aboui why he drinks but he clams right up. I personally believe it has something to do with his family life when he was growing up. Morris' fa'.her was also an alcoholic, which is why his mother divorced him. • I've read just about every book and pamphlet ever written on alcoholism but they all say the alcoholic must admit he is an alcoholic 'which Morris won't do.i and once that is accomplished he must seek outside help, preferably join A.A. I've considered giving him an ultimatum booze or me, bul the last woman he was involved with did that and he di'ched her. I don't v/ant to lose Morris no mailer whal, and please don't tell me I'm better off without him, because I'm not. Whal else can I Iry? I'm at Ihe end of my rope. IN LOVE WITH AN ALCOHOLIC DEAR IN LOVE: You can join Al-Anon an organizalion for people who want lo learn how to live with alcoholics. Look in the phone book and inquire about the time and place of their next meeting. Al-Anon is free and they have had a remarkably high record of success. Good luck. Any girl who wants to hang on lo a 19- year-old alcoholic who refuses io face up to his problem needs all 'he luck she can gel. * * * DEAR ANN: I'm 27, a career woman, and happy with my life. Problem: the lush in the next apartment. She's a big-hearted person, loves a good time and her husband's in Europe on a government assignment until February. I made the mistake of in- viiing her in one evening when :here was an extra man. Now she comes over whenever she hears I have company, fixes herself a drink and slays all evening. The doll ha» eased her way inlo my circle of friends, gets pie-eyed and I'm afraid of whal might happen. She has already "lost her head" with i wo men I hat I know of. I'm scared stiff Ihe word may get lo her husband thai I encouraged his wife to play around and I don'l need that kind of trouble. Whal can I do? - LEXINGTON KY. DEAR LEX: Tell the doll she is no longer free to drop in because her conduct is unacceptable. With a little luck she'll get mad and never speak lo you again. Our V l ame HEATHER DAWN is the name chosen by Larry and Cindy Landon, 1517 Chestnut, for their daughter. Heather was born Oct. 30. JASON PAUL is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. John P. Moreno, 2304 N. 7th, for their son. Jason was born Oct. 11. SERVICE MASTER CARPET CLEANING 27&1433 "The Cleaning People Who THREE NfTE STAND-GARDEN CITY GARDEN DRIVE-IN TWJRSOAY-FRJDAY-SATURDAY-3 ELVIS HITS TONIGHT & SUNDAY JACKSON DAVID CARRADINE 250 Proof Fun! as they bust up the biggest moonshine rockethtthe country. 9DNCY HLL JAMES LAfi POfTIER COSBY JONES A PIECE OF THE ACTION g3 DIRTY MA THURSDAY "YOU UGHT UP MY LIFE" SUNDAY SPECIALS LADIES' PURSES 1" 5 I TO U REG. TO'19 99 LADIES' SPORTSWEAR 2 oo 1400 REG. TO '46 TABLE CLOTHS 3" T0 13 99 REG. TO MB MENS' SHIRTS 3"J7 99 REG. TO '25 [FREE GIF TO THE FIRST 50 CUSTOMERS OPEN 9-30 TO 530 MON. THRU SAT.-THURSOAY NIGHT UNTIL 830 SUNDAY 1:00-5:00

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