The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 5
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K>30 KK-NE\VS 1930 & NEA Service Inc. o6V LAURA U3U BPOOKMAN Allrr ii JUm'FIt C. ,\rw VL.rk Tl».\V. hi- U tn Kuru wlilrlnind U'.KOV, l> puMUhlm: ' fuurit|jlr.i p |iUl In * nlll. r. U KMIJMT. iiinlit U it S.jc:ir-i»M *]:uij;hirr. . r.nJ JI'MOU. 111. U JuJllh ha* . * lnlliii:ilr IT:I| tif^nHl Ju<l)lh unil Arthur *:iH fi r a \\t-flt lm u tmrniM*i' iif •.unny diij* nin) iiiiiiiiillj nlalit*. J'ht-H riimi'n u rnljUurnni In -which Timj K titiihl nniiui-uu-rji *li<f h »ulllim for Himnr. Knl;; hi nn>N hr ii ml .ludlih mutt rrlltrn In wii'rl T<iu)'-» litinl. Shirr . hr-,-11 fuid nliniil ihc mnrrliiRv. Ju- dllh U "» fcrr ivrlrnmr. linl£hl hn.t mi »>ii'li nnrrlr- nnd In U in* tunkltiu i-«ucr i-ltm* Cn UK IL|. nilutr !;i-t ul her if :.;.. iiTCvr lnrj;i> linus lmslt*-»»i rnUM^f. l» til:- cft> nnd J r»l uii'Jil In lift JildllK Knt^Kl. siouv FT cimrler IVi i:d u.v WITH Til CMAI'TKH XI •1 Iq hid wun!. Liy fmir. o'clock Ilial afKTimun Ariluir XiuRiii ivai'hsd luniie. Me rsiine Inlo I lie living niom In hl£li spUll&. rubbing Ilia liamls to Aether tti uiinn lliein, cheeks Klow Ing from e\]>:>siire lo file coltl wind, and Mnule nver lo T!»I> tire-piarn. "Wiicw!-lfs BulMiiB c.ilct out side." lie* mill Juililli. lie s:ild ll as n Kiau who Is acclimated lo long cold winters r.nil enjnys them "Hope there Isn't Roln;4 to lie H storm to lie ILL) 1'niiy's Linat tomorrow morning, ileccmlier's ,nri :nvful time tn cross the Atlantic,~ lie Judiih dropped tlie noirliuok In which silt hild boon scribbling nncl came over lo her liusli^nil. Care-' lessly lie sliijpcil an iinn al;um l:cr. dropped a kiss tin [lie rr.;;i;inl, tilossy lie.'Ki ami licJd her clu?e in one of tlie silent lillle mmm'ins of p'Mendoriicss she Inil Ivarneil in Inve. } "Everything oil right at the ^ ofliuc?" slie nsl:cd. '; "Oil. yes! 1 caught lluuler ins: I as 1 Imped to. tt'anls to iiavc us col to dinner nc\t week. Mis wife will he jjemng In touch with you! 1 guess. Yes. everytlilns'a yntnj; splendidly. That new elementary science series Is going 10. It's catching on like wihllire. they K;:y. That's one linic. my dear, yuur lins- hand knew wliat lie was talking about." / He went aliead, lalklng of con• tracts and re-orders and new shlp- "And what have you been dolnB all this long afternoon?" lie iliialiy paused to inquire. "Oil, I've been s;o husy! I've seen the whole Louse, Arthur—every room. And 1 talked to Harriet and to Cora and went over all sorts of tilings with Jlrs. Wheeler. My. but slie'3 un efficient person!" PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Hullo, Sleep-bead," h« greeted her. "Know what time It lit" "\Yliat tliaor asked Judttli lailljr. "Seven-thirty." i "Isn'i early!" "Always e«t up at 7:30 when I'm la New York," Knljht explained.. "Gives me time (or exercise. Golnt to have bre.ikiast up here or downstairs vrltu me7" "With you, of course," Judith told him. Sho pushed the corcra down, stretched out one pink pajatni toj mid then tlm other. Never too <n- ihuslastla about early rl!ln». Judith Knight made no pretenie at springing up to K«ct the <iaw» witli animation. She wauled to bo up onrly this morning, thougii. They had breakfast nn hour Inter. Judith poured Uio coffco anil [rom [lie kitchen cauio a wonderfully Eolcleu brown nlnlo ol griddle cakes, proving that Cora knew her art. There wor« counlry Bausnfics. crisp nnd well flavored. Arthur Iked a nourishing breakfast and Id Justice to this one. "Wear your bcaxy coal." hia wife old him. "It looks cold out," "Guess you're glnd you're slaying nslde." ho chldcd. Fifteen minutes later she stood in llio doorway nod saw him off to :ncct Tony. She watched until lie :md stopped Into tho car nnd llicn lurried upstairs. So much to da. So much to do. Phone 306 Tm c*nu * wurt for Or* InmiVni tat eo* cent » wart far mtb «£M4twnt UHrtiim. »• MtnrUMBMOt Ukm tor ten Uiu We. Oounl U>t wwdj uul MBd Uw Annoumwnents far Comity Court ulrrk MRS. JOHN I.ONCi. SAUi WANTED—Hoarders nnd S'f.OO iicr wi'i-k. 112 itvi'ct, I'lione 002. info !/:c ng rci! ' lci I" /ious:. < rt S' r ' paii laiilh and BABY CHICKS All varieties, from proven flcvfc, Custom llttchim; solicited, Marilyn Huu-lieiy, Illy- thevlllc, Aik. ack-U MORE VALUE Than Ever Before That's whal v\c LUC r.lvlns you uii our used cars. Seeing is liclii'vlnjf. Cairn- anmml and sec v> we li-.\ve ur c:\ll Til 81* or Ull and m: uill slailly brine any car uul li> your home fur demonstration. 1037 Model llniihter. Ilmis good and well worth Uu- price S100 LOST LOST—Coin purse roiUnlnluu $23 In bills. Under nleasc return to Courier News for Idenllflmlton ami eivnvtl. VB I'liKSONAl, W. J. KM OX rrpnlra shoca No. ^04 West Mnln. i'l'OVE Hcp.ilrs by 11(1 S. llroiulivay. NCE. UPON TIME- NEW YOUK, Jnn. H. (UP)—Kn res closed easy nt a ilrvllno o J lo 25 .._' ._. High U>w Close 17W 1'HO 1153 mo 1102 \v>\ IKOQ Sum Sickles, Jltyk Juu IB fpIIfiY lalkod then about Judith's allowance for the house. It was a sum hni the youns wife was determined to ho iiulte bus! noss-lil:e. t;vcry liill and every household OSJJLMJEC \s'33 to be pah from her own budget, it was this about which slio liad tjccn Ecrib hliug In her notebook bcfori Knight's arrival. At seve.i o'clock that evening Juililh Knlgfit prcsuled over ditiue In her own Homo tor tho first time Slic had made sucli catjcr plans fo that dinner and entered tho Utnln room with high color and a beating hc.-.rt. Klio look her seat at the head o tho tablo and Knight drew out h: chair ouoosiu. very pretty tonlgli Junilli." ''.V.'Sv-i The Girl blushed. "Tliank you. kind linsliand," slie said iniscliievously. She had lioiied lie would say iliat! Judith wore a frock of mavine blue (Sat crepe, Hie simplest of dinner gowns, with a crystal liou- on the left shoulder and knots of velvet rihhon for its only additional trimming. The color flattering and darkened the lade of ber deep blue eyes. Through misted lashes, alie Innceil bannlly across nt Knight, 'he mist signified liapplnesa. Very differen. that table looked rom Its appearance at noon. A lou aring bowl of uilver stood In tlie enter and from it arose a mounc f liny pink rosebuds, clusters o orgel-me-uots and airy maidenhair eru. Close to UIR bowl wore four tov> :andlesticks, each bearing a lofty vhlto taper. Their fiames lit til •oom. casting into shadow tlio aoni jcr background but adding Kllnt of fire lo crystal glassware sheililins mellow warmth across ill lab!-. Harriet began servins the meal. Judith Knigbt was proud of th menu, hoping Cora had made, mistakes. Sho had planned th meal with regard for Arthur taste. Slie knew ho liked to star dinner with an oyster cocktail an tLo bluo poinis wero properly icci Then there was a consomme, roai beet not over-done but quite teade vegetables, a salad and chee served witli Bar-lc-Duc jelly «t wafers. They had coffee Jn the llvln room before tho fireplac«. BotH" cm sat on tlio bis divan and tchcil tho dancing firelight. They t there a Ions while after Harriet d taken away the coffes tray. "Ought to turn In early tonight." a said before long. "Tony's ship supposed to dock at nine o'clock. e'll want to get thero before that me." 'UDITH hesitated. "I've been thinking ahoiil that .rtntir," ' sho said. "Con't you hlnli you'd better go alone to meet 'ony? Of courso you know I'd like o bo there. But the child doe ;now—well, she's never cten bean if me. It would be embarrassing to ee and -ear the news all at once.' "Well—If you're ,«ure you'll atlier havo It that way—"' "I'm sura It's best" "All right, dear. I think perhap •on're right." What a Jewel she was, Knlgh :hought to. himself. /Always tact iul. Ha had, hai hla own alSRi* ,ngs on Uio subject of grectln Tony,.then suddenly Baying, "Her< laugatcr. Look, I've, trough! yo a new mother." •".•'• They watched the leaping flame grow lower aud lowen Then at 1 o'clock they mounted tho stairway Tho first day In tho new uom had been encouraging. Judll later, drifting to' sleep, smile dreamily and thought hdw foolis her tears had been. ; It seemed no time, st all betoi sunlight was pouring? in at tl windows. The girl rubbed her eland =aw Arthur standing aero the f>om In his dressing gown. canglH her eye. RS. WHERLES bad been el'tn Instructions to bare Tony'i room eiaclly as tho girl Illicit It The door stood open now. Judith paused to take a careful survey aud note that tlie rases had been tilled. Then »he hurried across the hall. There were two hours ot least to wait. Slie knew It would take that long before Knight aud his daughter would bo homo. Juililh went downstairs and planned tho day's marketing with Mrs. Wheeler. She tried tactfully lo make Hie older woman feel this consultation :it Importance to the household anagenietit and in (his sho suc- cdcd. That second morning tho rl Knew sho bad won Mrs. heeler's loyalty. But planning menus and making hopping lists was not enough to II the long Interval or walling, udlth made errands upstairs and ownstatrs. watching the clock. Then sao heard tlio car! Sho rushed to the hallway. Yes. hero they were. Standing beside er.father, a diminutive figure In carlet and gray, was Tony Knlglit. Her gray coat was throw a one: ler father's arm. Tony wore a iutt of bright red worsted stuff. I close-fitting scarlet beret was lulled down over her head. Sho wove high French heeled lumps and cobwebby hoso. Tony Cntght carried herself with an air. That was the secret of her atlrac- ion really. The saucy little nose might have been Inslgnlllcaut but 'or the queenly tlit of Tony's head. Bcr lips were too tull nml violently scarlet. Yes, Tony Knight was pretty enough to win attention anywhere. Slio camo up tho walk ahead o! Arthur, a liny, ridiculous, preening figure, Eivjng. for all tho world, tho Impression that a retinue of slavci should follow. "Tony—I'm so glad to meet you!" Judith's lltllo cry held both anilely and eagerness. With both bauds outstretched sho camo forward. And ''-'on?? Looking neither to left nor right, tho girl marched past Judith and Into tlie hous«. It was as though she had not seen her. (To lie Continued) 1916 .Model To ui Int. M»rv (ban uoitli (he nmiiry. . .5110 1923 Model Tudor, condition 1920 Model Ilulck Good mutor ... Tip-lull $315 En tlu 1 f'haiuTry Omrl for The hii-kusauhi lilstrlrl of Mi-;- siyiltud Counly, Ai-kamas K. V. lioblnson Lumbrr C«iii|iuny Int., 1'bliillff VS. N. Kri'i Clnni'li of Oud, i'l nl Uffi'iHlnnls YVAIIMMI Dltlll.H Tlii- elufi-ndniils. R. P. WrlRhl nm Hnnii'jy /^jiltttl-illi', nji Trusli.'ff for tlie Chinch ol Uod, niyllicvillc Arkansas, mid E, I 1 .- Wright n»' Olllc Wright, are warned to iippen in tills court within thirty (bye t answer Hit; coinirinlni of llio iihilu Illf. Witness my I' as clerk of snl court nnd Hie LPH! (hereof, (his 131 day of Janunrs', 1030. W. W. IIOI.LII'ETEK, Ck-rk Uy Ellznbrth IMyOic. D. C. Jiui. U-21-28, Feb. ..$125 lloily 19! 3 .Model AA Stake 'i'rurk. Exccilcnt cDiuli- tion. Has been ilti\uii leu than WJi) miles PHONE 8W-S11 I'HILLII'S MO'l'Oit CO. Authorized Ford Dcalrni Corner Walnut and Fifth "The- vocabulary of many cnoijrnplicr Is as nbbrcvlnlcd frock."— Murray Morion. iols closed inilcl lit n decline of I'll pulhls, middling, 1745. New Orleans Cotton NKW Oni.KANS. Jan. 14. (Ul 1 )- IMliiie^closcd Meads' nl 11 docllno f 19 !:) 2i |miiii>-.. O|>ni lllijli Closo 1703 1110 !5'JI1 .... 173-1 174U 1120 1721 17W 11H 1741 1773 mil 17CO 1777 1'I5(J 1158 1708 Jnn Mill- Mny July L>CC 176'J 171J 177J 17U3 dosed quiet at- a dccllno ot 1U [wlnls, inkldlliig, HOC. Symphony Band Plans Extensive Month's Tour NOFlTllFIKLn. 1 Minn, (UP)—Tim Cnrletofi Sympliany bund left yes- U'rdny on tlie tousesl concert tou ever uiulcrtnkcn by tho organization. The tour, which will take Hi band nicmhm to llic Piiclflu cons anil Camilla, will oncn nl Si. Clou 'Cn r r id Clmp man Catt fed. chickens OH hcv father's farm uonr Charles Clly, la. Sha also was tho first nlrl to Rlvo MI oration at (irlnne.ll College. Today uho Is an Internationally* known feminist and world p e a c « lender. lulit, nnd will continue for more linn u mouth. Tlie band lias been preparing for .ho lour since early fall nnd will leiiluvt Uorotlicn Hclenius ol Virginia, Minn., soprang, winner of several filult and national music contests. Twenty-eight cities will he visited by llio musicians. Amou« tlio, places lo hear Die onnd ore St. Cloud, Tacoma, Wash., Portland, Ore., Siwknne, Wash., Winnipeg, and Edmonton, Canada, James Robert Gillette is director of the organization and Sidney King. N'orthnolil, business manager. FOtt SALE—Hny. In ton or load lols. Scu J. R. Dabbs it Sun Blytlicvlllc Ronle No. 1, or A. Cun way, BIyllicvillc. ^BpkKeb. i. FOK KENT FOR BEMT—10 room house, mod era conveniences, 12* East Ky See or call E. J. Browne. 1'hoiie 1 or 510. "• lick FOR RENT— Furnished Apnilmcii 108 West Kcnlttcky. I'honc KB. FOR RENT—Fin Dished Aparlmci bath. 305 Doiiyim. llpk FOR RENT—Modem rooms and bnth, Phone 410. FOR RENT—Two larno lurnlshctl rooms. 208 W. Davis, 14pkl7 FOR RENT—Large comfortable furnished room, Garage 11 desired. 10-15 West Walnut, Plioin; 117. UpklG WANTED WANTED—To rent C-rooin modern convenience at im<r. Post olTlcc !k>x 207. HpklT. POULTRY WANTED—We lul'r sel the pace for five yenrs. Marilyn Hnlchery. Blytlieville. Ock Feb. 10 Hackman Retains f Horse-Drawn Vehicle i f KEOKUK. Ta. (UPl-Citizens of ' Kcokuk ride in their own aulouio- WERT He Makes ''Em Sec Royal C. Mills IHililic Accountant and Auditor Socializing in Income Tax, Uookkeejiing Systems, Phone 52 idE. Blytlieville, Ark. >ilcs or taxicabs. but Jake Mef- 'ord makes his living by driviny iordedin\vn hack more antiquated than tlic Toonerville trolley. Traveline men. who like to "kid" Jake, strangers who like the nevel- ly of riding behind horses, and the fact "they (automobiles) can't go up the hill by the station as good as I c.^.n." arc the reasons his trade has not left him, Mcffortl believes. TMtPfS NOPOUBT ITS hBVMVI f^GE.5. •bT \LLVJi I EH t\ M^U OCTS VBF- MY R&e Htl OUC.MT "f'BE. BE^DV T^ETTLt COWH.M1D \MV5 HMK. 10 OQDCQ rort ME.M1V.UONS: You Can't Do That LONDON (UP)—The Minister of Apiculture, is lo be asked in he House of Commons whether he in- UndR to npply tlic national mark to British beer .when brewed from home-grown barley and hops.' Plumbing, Steam, Gas and Hot Water Heating l>v "AL" tlic Plumber (A. C. Aitkcn) Phono 89-l-W 316 N. 9th. f\ LHTLiL BUT VJVtV LELT n S1RW&V1T FRO^ BOP'S OVJN UPS. TOO Any son of job you need done about the place, remodeling, repairing or new conslmclion \ve luive the material for and can help you with. Use our phone and service. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. KRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Kft T>lt To £0^6 DCW,>J -THtRE'S A CTAiewy TO me TOP IF x *o BJVS CAEC. TO rr STCPS -1VL 'NMT SOOTS AND HlOU BUDDHCS _\ you ROB DON'T WIMfc TO «m»0 fi OR TWO . WO MP>Ot ^O VttV TOGW NT WfcUt — WWfcKfc V\\M4'~??-\N U-. COLONU-.CX.C BOV. IF CMt 001 W1S OVtQ VOU'LL IN THE CLOUDS! 1 IS UISU — A--AUS.S A •ni'-Sii, DC=S«ST '••• OSCAR 2 WANTED—25 colored families to make crop. See Roy Drlnkley, Osteola, Arkansas. 8iik22

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