Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 20
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Dial 1>A 2.'ifiOO for a WANT AD Taker DeMarco Keeps Punch, May Gel Return Tiff With Basilio BOSTON (AP) . Tony DeMarco lost another title shot? lias rormer wcHerwcight champion 1 the knockout loueh jn his campaign i n . * on his When ihP H,,mk I HI , » , -, e nnersam w lien the chunky Ij.iUler from Boston's End was yet to Jose in six attempts. IIS WilV 1][1 flf VY:IC • , », _ . , .11 . . . Hyiidinaii Keeps Winning, Runs String To Six In Row Hyndman conlinucd lo keep its winning habit in the Pen-Mar Baseball League, yesterday blasting Granlsville, 18-6, on the winners' diamond. _The pacesetters now have .strictly as a slugger. sunji(jiicr.s woulun'l for his boxing up he was knownj Even his give skills. any. DeMarco pounded Johnny Saxton into submission for a jijtfi round TKO to grab the title two years ago. lie rocked Carmen Basilio in Ihe two technical knockout losses lo the upstate ,\c«- Yorker—the one (lul cusl him his title and the laler rerjialcli. Krai in losing, DeMarco was regarded as one of Ihe hardest punchers in the division I, , • ~" ., knocking No. 1 ranked weKor challengerjout of a 'Butter in preparation for the bout , . " e c ?™P. clcnt Buller "inlstone " V "' EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, MAY 27, 1957 I'KN-MAH i.EACUK Mindine Of The Team 1 Barrelville took second place ercd his head crfeclivcly from his with a 7-3 (rimming of Mt. Sav- crouching style, Tony countered- age on the lattcr's field while boxed and concentrated on the Cenlrevillc won over Wellers- torsotatoo strategy. "lie beat me by outboxing me," liyars said aflerward. "Tony fouglil a good thinking fight. He fooled me by thinking one step ahead of inc. Jle used his head instead of his big punches. lias the dynamite left the DeMarco fists? Apparently not. Tony broke Ihc jaw of sparring partner Gene Local Li Hyndman Uarrolviltv ,. 5 I Ml. Savaje .. ) 2 Cranny, ihlman 3 3 l-'ljntiloi Tfcundiy Camel Barrrlville al Xthlman Ml. Savage at Minlstcine Hyndman al GranlGviUc Centcrville al WeJleiaburj . 0 6 burg, and Zihlman its sixth loss without Jinx, Win Over Ilagerstotvu '[lie Men's C'olf team of the Cumberland Country Club cracked a 30-year jinx yesterday by Head a win in grabbing a „ . .... Hyndman. after trailing DeMateo posted his eighth'! straight decision Saturday night by hammering Waller liyars' midsection for a divided victory. Two officials voted for Ue.Mareo and the third for a draw. DeMarco hadn't stopped any-er found it. Isorbing the" setback Smith) The DeMarco camp wants one! j,,) ln walhnan «'. . | a y., ^ winning over Fountain Country Club of 29'. 2 to 19',-i poinls. II is (he first time in (fie history of the series the locals have dealt «vcr \™> on the Hub City course, jllagcrstown has returned home only once victorious on the local : Swl Sam' To Miss Two Tunis On Hill ST I.OU1S 'A—The St. I.ouis Cardinals, already plagued by ineffectiveness of some of their starting pitchers, learned yesterday that Sad Sam Jones wiU miss two turns on the mound. Jones was leading 4-1 over Cin-i cinnati Friday night when he fell while coming oil the mound in a play in the bottom of the Iliird inning. Dr. 1. C. Middleman, club physician, said Jones suffered a dis- Field Of 28 Set For *500'Race'• INDIANAPOLIS W-A field of 23 Indianapolis Motor Speedway veterans and five newcomers seasoned on shorter (racks will start Thursday in the 41sl SCO-mile speedway auto race. Two Novi VSs will face 31 cars powered with the old reliable Of- Tenhauser engines. The Novis, driven by old-timers Paul Hussc and Tony Bcttenhau- sen. dcmonstraled in the trials lhat they are (he fastest cars in located fibula, a small bone of llie field—but they've never won (lie leg at the knee joint. tlle face. Bettcnhauscn, former national champion from Tinlcy Park, 111., turned in the best trial performance yesterday with a 10-mile run at 142.439. Uusso, of Canoga Park, Calif., set the best speed of the man ' Hyndman. after trailing. 4-oJ )inks - UeMarco admitted he had to re- in the fourth carne up to register) The turning point of the match strain himself most of the fighl all its runs in the last five came with TheTo victor of from swinging freely. He was frames in the rout of the Slug-l.oraine K Eisenberg Td l• 2 ,• !ook,ng for an opening to tl^ow a fi ers. Jim Leydig got the wTn Guard over R. SchoeT, and "Chip'' possible knockout punch hut rev- in relief with ini,,, u^,.,^ ...Jxi,,!!,,.. ,r,». .1° V. . . lp KKC 1 SOFTBALL tFT. 6:15 -Kelly . Springfield ft Sport» MJlfanyJ i»oii pia> K rouflii st Side) Marine Reserve at Western -Md. — Hailway 'Stitcher Field 6:15— Xaifonal fiuard Gray Tav.| trials at Hl'817 in another wind- beaten run Saturday. at Diving on prey, a duck hawk nflen travels 180 miles an hour. TWENTY-ONE Midget Kitting Set Al Unioutown Track Midget auto racing will be staged al (he new quarter-of-a- mile asphalt speedway al Uniontown on Memorial Day, starling at 2:30 p. in. 'EOT). Scheduled are seven races with four pro- liminary sprints, an Australian pursuit, a semi-final and (he feature test of 25 laps. 'She races are run by (he Td- State Midget Auto Racing Asso- cjalion of Akron. There is parking for several thousand cars at the Uniontown plant. Bi-Stale Ponies-; To Start Today- The eight-team Bi-Slato Pony Baseball League begins its^ sea son today all clubs listed ' * Prat-lice Schedule Uons of llol Mo ,-, I.ragu.. ThurKJay. , Saturday. I p. m., al Milclwr Field. All playei, report ncKlgets of Dapper Dan Leajtuc. Sat- irda.v, noon, Sljtcfcer field. All players report. * Pirates of Dapper Dan league," lo. morrow. 4 p. m., Taylor FicM. All players report. for contests al 6 p. m. Playoff champion Mt. Savage will be at Lonaconing while pennant-winning Cresaplown plays at Bllerslie. LaVale will meet Midland on the latler's field and Corriganvilte invades Frosthurg. The Mountain City club replaced Barton from last season's setup. All games will be played on Mondays and Fridays with teams having a 21-con(cst schedule. A. Shaughnessy scries will again be staged at the end of the regular season. SOLTHKH.V ASSOfMTIO.V Memphis 6.6, Nashville 3-» Mobile A, Birmingham 2 Little Hocfc 15. Chattanooga 10 New Orleans 13, Atlanta County Till Carded Burkcy's will meet Wellersburg on Die latter's diamond in a makeup game for the County Softball League Wednesday, 6:15 p. m. one since Dud kriockoul.s .since his first rou . eyg go e wn . possible knockout punch hut ncv- in relief will, John Keister ab- Moller after the teams had been 1 all-even ,7?° C ° C ' Cam W °" ' U11C ° f 1J ' e a " d a double whilc Jmlic . oursomes ' c '« h < ''>' 3-0 scores - ,7 nd of Tho h Tonv wan Is o fht'^" lgles a " d a double whilc Jmlic . oursomes ' c '« h < ''>' 3-0 scores career influties 31 >:^yr>s. DeMarco met a cull- boxer in fU'.-srs and v,hen wily Waller cov- SPECIAL VALUES - -^ weight irottn. If he wins lhat he ;Kl lr)5( Jo) ,, orwor n,. s tri . meet in one match annually must abandon ihp \i r fllpr (i /> '_..„ .._,,., .... ^. . .. TI, _______ ,.,.. J welter (ill -FREE ALTERATIONS FREE LAYAWAYS The results: Carrull llosis Men's 6.00 Dress Slacks "4.95" White Tux Coats Formal 8.7. J9.IO 21.50 SftlE! MEN'S SUITS T80PICA15 - HANHEIS - WORSTEDS 22,50 - 29.50 - 33.50 S Panls 2.95 Shop Metro For Tux Rentals For ^-v s»n^;,.j [Pajamas • 2,95 YOUR FIRST NATIONAL CHARGE HERE ItRO CLOTHES ;COR. BALTO. & MECH. PA 2-302": jple and double led the Old K\- [porls. Joe Langan cracked a two- Jr run homer in Ihc sixth for the arui Old Germans. ItrLto'ir*'" A nine-run eighth inning wonl lv - J»tt»«i Inr Zihlman over (he Farmers.]cumb"rian, A two-run triple by "Chuck"j^'tioii «.' I'irich and steal of" third and < u 'mbe'iL linme by Jack Skidmore high-!tobi<.m r /" liShted the rally Wes I.ashrjaugh! lost with Jack Brodie sticking it; out for the triumph. I and C. S. C'atherman. J. 3i B. Slrauslisugh [ ind Art Jarrell. Ifag. iltofl Van Rob) ar.rt o. i IWowi> ' " a ™" a '° ' ( '" .n Bob w. '*' r " r " - Hu-ity ana L. r, r ^,,, Ccmrcville went into a lie for!r"v. 2 i,^ t' °' S "'* Ml fourth with Zihlman as Glenn! Deremer grabbed his third victory in live decisions. Loser Bobby Daivson was kayoed in seventh when the Reds scored] five times. SUPER GYM DANDY BUYS! ""> M»r«b.n j w ' "'""""' SEAT COVER SALE ^-•$%3*tif&&ft'. ^2iimi&. n Sherman 0. I". Kepler and J. Eaer, Haser'lour 2 1 -: Tucker a^d Ha] Sebrj i : . Earl Guard im MrGrcsor and Thomai. t5J ---Kilt, V. Kin* (71 ljn £ »n. I.p_ Hoberti. Im-ljnran OH. Savagcj. (Vtllrr»burf I>IU IX^ Hfl T X ( famon. Witt (7p and Evenolt. Ken rrlL. Dercmcr and Dwicht Rose. LP- * ton. XT 7IHL.ltA.V- Wllliani Clau. and John Wilson. Cum. *rlind 3; Ed Maucin; and Paul Kry. ! <'. SommeriieM and 11 Hns-'l fuller B. Whilaonh ard Pa Zkhltn rrleiri isi arjS B, Kinrv Brod!e and-. _, SKidmore 1J--W. Ijjihbaujh. In iNoA'a Get Hold Pcii-Mar Jlccling SACKVILLE DOWNS. N. S. ... —Harness racing is getting to be Managers and members of the popular '" Nova Seolia. Three e.xecutive board of the Pen-Mar: lrac ^ w '" oe ' n operation this Little League will meet al th elSunuTlcr home of George Schoenadcl, Sackville Downs Raceway secretan,', immediately followingi 0 ?™" 1 '" late JIa >' and will coii- tomorrow c\'ening's games. AU-' inue '^ r ough Xov- 11 with events jrrvstcrs will be due. jevcry Wednesday and Saturday :nights. It it the Ihird track in this province and is 13 miles from Halifax. Racing at Truro is set for Tuesday and Friday nighis until mid-October while the Cape Breton Raceway at Sydney will [have 37 nights of racing on Mon- 'day and Thursday nights. Each |track has pari-mutuel wagering. Twculy-Thrcc Uniforms AIusl Be Relumed I Twenty-three uniforms are stiil to be returned from players on : teams in the Hot Stove Baseball j League last year. The uniforms- are needed to outfit this year's' clubs and should be turned in to' eilher learn managers or at the City Rec Department immediately. Managers of she Hot Stove League have until 3 p. m. \Yed- nesday lo turn in their holdover list from the 1936 season at the City Rec Department ( DELUXE FIBERS THE FINES! IN FIBER COVERS HANDSOME PATTERNS SARAN PLASTICS WIPES CIEAN WITH A DAMP ClOTH WON'T SAG, WRINKIE OR SHRINK. BOXED PIAIDS IN MAROON, GREEN OR BlUt MIRACLE "JET-SPUN" MADE RIGHT — STYIED RIGHT — FIT RIGHT NO FADE. NO STAIN. COOL IN SUMMER All QUIltED BACK 1595 24" 7 Ft. \ |» THICK 2-IHCK 1 LONG '% ;'" BAR & MUCH WITH LEO.S SKY-GLIDE 24.95 VALUE! 9 PLAY GYMS WITH 2 SWINGS, GLIDE, FLYING RINGS $1 M flr TRAPEZE BAR, and TWO CHINNING BARS 14.93' B8G 6 FT. SLIDE $9.95 PLEASING POOL PRICES! FREE INSTALLATION TERRY CLOTH COVERS RED5 — J1UES — GJJEENS — GRAYS t. VEtlOWS THREE TYPES TO CHOOSE FROM UP Johnson's J-Wax r<e?^^s»)* g5 ADS FOJ? ONLY FULLY GUARANTEED Get c.vcr.i miles on your old tires or more tire mileage on our guaranteed cnrcisses. 6.70-15 plus (ax and your relreadable lira ^ss Gian, 16,3 Oi. EflSY- SPRAY ENAMEL CURB FEELERS 29c or ATTACH EASILY! 7.95 Value? Rigid Frame Pools r", o fii M &\< <^<xc~? -^«sa&L s,Vr 5 Viny( clajtld lanX won't pett. erJtk, chic- Tubular 1-98 it^~r d drain plug. 1Q.98 15.95 Value! Canvas Rigid Pools H.insoii Victor ASHEVILI.E. N.C.. =.f - The Land of the Open Sky Women's | Golf Tournament had its first i champion today. Beverly Ilanson : ! of Indio. Calif., a veteran who had j lo stave off the challenge of vouns Wiffi Smith of St. Cbir, Mich. Bia 7!«43" deluxe pool with Heavy vtett tub!no lr*mc l^i and «Jti. Trtple-will i» n v I, B u»ranM*d m ,?d^w ard rot-proof. 6W-65SS. 12.98 PiGNiG JUGS 97 SG443 KEEPS DRINKS HOT OR COID FOR A IONGER TIME. ISHING VALUES 5.95 CASTING REEL DUO PAWL, SPIRAL $,095 GEARS, 100 YD. CAP ....... 1 Hawks Sign Tvo ST. LOUIS (.?—The St. Louis Hawks of the Nalional Basket- hall Assn. today signed two i rookies. Mason Cope and George Mehaffey. 20 PC. COMPLETE FISHING OUTFIT GLASS CASTING ROD Offset Handle & Reel Sear MINNOW BUCKET OTABS Keep Minnow Alive ICE-R-HOr • l-gallon capacity l/suo, $5.95 Value '^^ SAFE TIRES SAVE LIVES B.F.Goodrich I 159 N, CENTRE ST, PA 2-3177 EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE AT REASONABLE COST MclNTYRE'S CHEVROLET, INC. 219 N. Mechanic St. DIAL PA 4-4400 JITTER BUGS Cosring Or Spinning SALMON EGGS Red-Pink Or White JAR 9 NYLON CASTING LINE 50 Yd. Spool, 12 Ib. Tesr LIF-LIK MINNOW LURE I 69 .10 .98 .69 FLATFISH Spinning or Calling BREATHER TYPE Minnow Bucket SINKER ASSORTMENT 18 Sinkers And Plastic Box BIG TACKLE BOX 18x7x6Vj With 2 Troys Seamless And Built In Lock ... .98 179 .23 395 COOL SPRING COIL CUSHION YOU'VE SEEN '£M FOR 52.98! Inlerlocled ipii ccrtffruch'on permits air circulation. DELUXE „ .„ CUSHION Ii43 Chronw Body Mirror 69 Gallon Gas Cans ,<y^ r Tripod Bumper Jack Fiti in ear window chtmnif. Icuy To imlalT. A Yacaliort- i»t't delight, o bu»ineij CUMBERLAND — SOUTH CUMBERLAND — FUOSTBURG KEVSER — PIEDMONT USE YOUR FIRST NATIONAL CHARGE ACCOUNT

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