Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 13, 1973 · Page 10
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 10

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1973
Page 10
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NEWS*HERALD Ita W* in ST;. , 7«8.7«21 Panama City, Florida A Florida Freedom Newspaper This newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when man is free to control himself and all he produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that freedom is a gift from God and not a political grant from government. Freedom is neither license nor anarchy. It is self control. No more. No less. It must bo coniietont with the truths expressed in such great moral guides as the Coveting Commandment, the Golden Rule and the Declaration of Independence. When Evil Is Called Good One of the greatest tragedies to befall the human race occurs when people look upon evil and call it "good." A former colleague made that remark years ago, and it has been constant food for thought as we have endeavored to find a way to express the meaning of those words. The problem, of course, is to define "evil" and "good." We have concluded that one of the major factors in finding the definitions is the "time frame." Many human actions once considered "good" by apparent consensus are now recognized as evil without difficulty. For example when the Roman legions were conquering most of the known societies of the world and were bringing slaves home to do the labor, the superior civilization that was Rome hailed the accomplishment as "good." We suspect few people in today 's world would now consider enslavement of people through military conquest as "good," The acceptance of military conquest required a bit more sublety in salesmanship as man became more enlightened. In order for war to be "good" there had to be a "holy cause," such as the Crusades by which the armies of the Christian world sought to reclaim the Holy Land from the Sarcens. In many parts of the world, that seemed like a "good" idea at the time. "Goodness" also is a point of view at a point in time. Hitler managed to sell the German people the idea that the military conquest of their neighbors was "good" because it represented a way out of their economic woes. Even the murder of millions of Jews must have been accepted as "good" by some of the German people of the time, they having been sold on the superiority of their own kind. Military activity for the most part has had to be sold to the American people as a use of force only for defensive purposes. "We were attacked first," is the general thrust of this approacli. More recently we were going to the defense of helpless people in far away lands and were at war to contain the spread of communism. The most recently expression along these lines came from President Nixon who defended his action in the bombing of Cambodia while deceiving the American people at the time. It was done, he explained, to shorten the war and save lives. We do not challenge the validity of his point of view when the action is examined "within that time frame." But the same defense can be made for all the other actions we have discussed above. Actions of distant history, once looked upon as "good" have come lo be held in disrepute. We trust our readers will recognize that the consistent thread of our commentary here deals with acts of political government at the various times and places. The fact that "evil" was looked upon and called "good" should suggest the transitory value of political government if one is seeking the path to eternal peace and goodness. What then does one search for if he is persuaded that political leaders mark the trail chiefly with compromise and expediency? Well, why not try the approach of individual liberty? Individual understanding and respect for the rights, life and property of every other individual would tend to turn one away from the force of political government. With such understanding and respect, one could not participate in the enslavement of a fellow human being; he could not and would not turn on the gas of the execution ovens; he could not and would not participate in the confiscation of another's property and he could not and would not look upon the evil of those who do such things and call it "good." Certainly it is a long journey, but as the Chinese said, "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." DA. LAWRENCE E. LAMB TWO PACKS A DAY He quits 'the enemy' 9y Lawrince E. Lamb, M.O. sure it was rough for a cou- Dear Dr. Umb - Nine P'e of weeks but there was an ^eirs ago when I was 55 I had exhuberant fun along \yith it ' ••• It was a feeling of victory. I did have a mind. I did have the power to simply laugh at sriioking the well known two packi of cigarettes for 35 yean, not that there had been any enjoyment of it during the . lait 10 or IS years, Just habit — and the seeming impossibil> ity of quitting. No amount of tapering off. no amount of trying to cut down, no drug store aids had any real effect. No advice by doctors or friends enabled me to stop the habit. Then one night when I went to bed my leg went numb, and even though I sat up and had a shot of whiskey. I had trouble restoring the circulation to my leg. While all of this was going on, I thought about an <ic- ijuainiance who had smoked and drank up a storm and was told by his doctors to auit smoking or "off comes that leg." He didn't quit and off came the leg. Then the doctors told him quit or pretty soon off comes the other leg. Well, he did quit smoking. •Ibiii with breathing, eating indTl My conclusion was Tlvinc. simple, damn it man, you are killing yourself. And for what, something you don't even enjoy or want. Then I transferred my outrage to a mythical someone else who was trying to Mil me, What do you mean t cin't quit? The hell I can't. I Just did. the very thought of giving in. It was cumulative. Food tasted better than I had remembered for years. The throat irritation steadily diminished, the sputum I coughed up paled from a dirty brown to piearly white and gradually decreased. If you reallv want to stop. Just get good and stinlting mad at the person who is literally killing you. Take it as a personal challenge and see what happens. Dear Reader— Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with you that if. psychologically, you are able to direct your hosUlity toward cigarettes and consider them as an outside enemy, that it could help you kick the habit. Individuals devise different ways of helping them to quit and i ^our history is one way Dear Reader— Hyper" means increased — the hyperactive child is an overactive child. The ending 'emia" refers to blood (anemia means without blood which isn't strictly correct, even for people with this problem). The syllable "gly" comes from glucose or glycogen meaning a type of sugar. Thus, the word hyperglycemia means an increased amount of sugar in the blood. "Lipid" means fat or fat­ like, thus hyperlipidemia means increased amounts of fatty substances in the blood. Part of the problem of understanding medicine is the vocabulary. The language barrier sometimes makes it difficult for patients to understand their doctors. Stnd your quettions lo Of. Lamb, in core of this newspaptr, P.O. Box ;55/, Radio City Station, New York, N.y. 10019 Bible Verse A liberal man will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. The t eople curie him who holds ack grain, but a blessing li on the head of him who sells It. -Proverbs 11:25, Zl. * * * which works for some people. I might add that it certainly is true that individuals with circulatory problems to the legs.- who continue to smoke, can. and do, lose their legs as a result of their cigarette habit. n there be any truer mea- Dear Dr. Lamb - Please sure of a man than by what he explain what these two words does, it must be by what he mean. Hyperglycemia and gives. - Robert South, Eng- hyperllpldemia. Hsh poet. NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, September 13,1973 Page 1 lA Community Calendar Your Horoscope By JeoM Dixon THURSDAY, SEPT. 13 Your birthday today: Through several distinct phases of changing situations, service beyond accustomed habit becomes hormal for this strenuous year. Relationships encounter Just enough stress to spark them into added significance. Take nothing for granted in any area of your life, particularly the spiritual. Today's natives have special ability, often foresight, for promoting novel ideas which will eventually come to be commonplace. Aries fMarch 21-AprU 1>1: News from far away stirs your sense of humor, helps you cope with nearby conflicts of personal caprice. Get basic chores done with a minimum of comment, no complaints. Taurus fAprll 20-May 2*1: A search for obscure information and subtle facts brings more than expected. Material advancement is feasible, immlnegt. Avoid overdoing anything, especially criticism. Gemini (May 21-June 20 1: Write off losing ventures, dead-ended projects. Balance available resources and energy among a variety of activities. Switch tai time to avoid fatigue on any one of them. Cancer [June 21-July 221 The tendency is to push too hard or rush a few issues; pace yourself & bit. Any excess now brings repercussions. Be patient and people will come to you with the true story. Leo IJuly 23-Aug. 22 1: You'll be glad you see the day as one of mixed influences rather than anybody's iU intentions. You aren't likely to be overly tactful, in any case. Home life improves. Virgo (Aug. 23-8ept. 221: Regular routines may lack drama but produce the steady results needed. Personal economy includes factors other than money. Keep everything in moderation, but skimp nothing. Libra [Sept. 23-Oct. 221: At present, the method to use is the most direct approach available. Never mind the fine details and frills; the principles are the important factors. Scorpio [Oct. 23-Nov. 21]: Your work develops special circumstances which require extra time and attention, later yields excellent results. Patience! Any adjustment made now is temporary. Sagittarius [Nov. 22-Dec. 21]: A lively day, full of opportunity. Possessions seldom used may be converted bto cash or traded. Business and property negotiations are favored. Capricorn [Dec.22-Jan. 191: You are an inspiring example for others, including those who differ in their viewpohits and are impelled to do things in some other way. Abstinence has special merits now. Aquarius |Jan. 20-Feb. 18 1 : Optimism is generally the best attitude, but somewhat unrealistic today. Follow your own rules, with an extra safety factor where the judgment of others is involved. Piicei [Feb. 19-March 201: There's a streak of last- minute "luck" in your negotiations and speculations, but don't take it for granted. Work diligently to make good use of all opportunities. I N«w«-Her«l4 I Published Daily and Sunday by Florida Freedom Newspapers Inc. Second Class Postage Paid at Panama City, Florida: P.O. Box 1940, ZIP Code32401. Direct Successor to the Panama City News. Member Audit Bureau of Circulation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES BY CARRIER: Daily And Sunday, 1 year, $31.20, 6 Mos. $15.60, 3 Mos. $7.80, 3 Mos. $7.80, 1 Mo. $2.60, Daily Only, 1 Year $21.00, 6 Mos. $10.50, 3 Mos. $6.26,1 Mo. $1.76, Sunday Only, 1 Year, $12.96, 6 Mos. $6.48,3 Mos. $3.24,1 Mo. $1.08. BY MAIL Daily ft Sunday, 1 Year $42.00, 6 Mos. $21.00, 3 Mos. $10.50, 1 Mo. $3.60,. Daily Only, 1 Year, $24.60, 6 Mos. $13.20, 3 Mos. $6.60,1 Mo. $2.20, Sunday Only 1 Year, $18.20, 6 Mos. $9.10, 3 Mos. $4.55. Represented in the general advertising field by Ward- Grifiith Conmany, Inc. 757 Third Ave., New Ydrit,-; N. Y. 10017. Branch office iif principal cities. 9:.30 a.m. — Weight Watchers, Cove Shopping Center noon — Insurance Women of Panama City, Harbour House noon — St. Andrews Kiwanis Club, Harbour House noon — Panama City Beaches Rotary Club, Long Beach Rest. 12:15 — Lions Club, Seven Seas Rest, 2 p.m. — Confederate Saltworks Chap. UDC, Chapterhouse . 2:30 p.m. — Silent Films, Bay County Public Library 6:30 p.m. — TOPS, Chap. 72, Lynn Haven City Hall ,. 7 p.m. — Weight Watchers, Lynn Haven Garden Club 7 p.m. — TOPS, Chap. 56, Health Center 7 p.m. — Weight Watchers, Cove Shopping Center 7:30 p.m. -- Jr. Women's Club, Panama City Women's Cliibhouse 7:30 p.m.Lynn Haven Rebekah Lodge No. 35, lOOF Hall, Lynn Haven. 7:30 p.m. — Jaycees, Seven Seas Rest. 7:30 p:m,'—Phi Gama Lambda, Members Home 7:30 p.m. — Panama City Rebekah Club No. 15, Truesdell Pk. Mem. Bldg. 7:30 p.m. -^Friendship Rebekah Lodge No. 25, Masonic Bldg., Parker 7:30 p.m. Everitt Jr. High Band Boosters, Band Room 7:30 p.m. — Order of Rainbow Girls, Panama Assembly No. 18, Acme Masonic Temple 7:30 p.m. - Pythagoras Lodge 358, Hwy. 79, Panama City Beach 7:30 p.m. — Pilot Club, A. G. Edwards & Sons 7:30 p.m. — Knights of Columbus, Clubhouse 7:30 p.m. — St. Andrew Masonic Lodge 212, LodgeHall 7:30 p.m. — Panama City duplicate Bridge Club. Garden Center / 8 p.m.. — Beach Square Eights, Beach Community Center 8 p.m. — Alcoholics Anonymous, 39 East Beach Drive ••;^:-r.:x ''\ HEALTH ar3^BEAUTY AIDS BABY POWDER REG;j 1.53 For biby comfort K. and Mtr* drynosst DISPOSABLE NO MORE TANGLES; 77' No liiort painful sn«ii after washing! BAIY SHAMPOO R|d.oac LISTERINE MOUTHWASH 2.41 SIZE oi- BoilaUa.i ttorilindbottWi. SO's. REG. 1.19 CO ^ 5 ' IVIACLEANS TOOTHPASTE 7oz. ORAL B TOOTHBRUSH Aiult;{yMitli, Child KILLS GERIMS BY THE MILLIONS AS IT FRESHENS BREATH. EXTRA ARRID Ol: DRY POWDER U9 SIZE LIGHT raWDER.1 FRAGRANT lEFFECTIVE. WEGUIAR, UNSCENTED HOSIERY SALE MOMRACE A R«fl 99' SEAMIISS MISS 2 ^00 HOSI rt|. ityte FOR | ~~^^AMPLONPANTY 2 QOf ^ HOSE. Two lizas, FOR93^ 39 A REGAL FANTY A HOSE. Onaiizt ^ fits up to 52" hips. FOR MIRACLE FIT PANTY 2 HOSE. Shaarihadts. FOR KNEE-HIGH HOSE. 2 BOf ElMtidzadtop. FOR Dfl^ ALL NUDE PANTY 2 B Qf HOSE. Proportionad. FOR MO"* SOAP SALE NU SPARKLE DETERGENT. 32 liquid oz. R,,. | g| FLUFFY FABRIC SOFTENER Ona Gallon. Rag. DIXIE DAY BLEACH. Ona Gallon. Ra|. He SUDSY AMMONIA. . a f 32 fluid ouncai.Rag .l||fc KOKEM SPRAY STARCH. 20 oz.barotol. Rag. M mW 49c J / * EDGE SHAVING GEl 1 US SIZE MOISTURIZING, PROTECTIVE. REGULAR, LIME/ MENTHOL. 'MISS BRECK HAIR SPRAY 1JI3 SIZE REGULAR. UNSCENTED, SUPER HOLD. , SUPER HOLD UNSCENTED. LIMIT: 2. SPECIAL OFFER ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE 25%o. REG PRICES LIMIT: lOOHTY * TOWEIS FOR REG. 45c JUMBO SIZE TOWELS ARE DOUBLE STRONG FOR YOUR CLEANINGI WHITE. 120'S. BABY MILK REG. 34* NUTRITIOUS, INFANT MILK FORMULA. REGULAR, WITH IRON. Limit 24 cins.^ HARRISI POtAROID T-88 COIOR FIIM NOW ONLY: 77 'BtautifuUolor inSOtacondtil PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU 9/1S/73. , Jil.iW'.<M w fry w w M'.ra>..<0' w Nf m.Mv .vn >Mt COUPON 11 fUSE BANKAMERICARD.^ CftS CHARGE, MASTER CHARGE. EASY CREDIT

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