Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 19
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TWENTY HerinanetlesSplH In Opening Tilts The Old German HcrmaneUes splil yesterday's opening Softball games against Elizabeth. Pa., on the Pennsy diamond by taking tlic lidlider. 7-3. and dropping the nightcap, 6-0. iKIIcnson. No, 6 - Dave Klein. Rosie Bowers flipped the open-A' 0 . 10 _ j| cnrv Ai j 0 i mson . No . cr. giving up only seven hits and 12 _ Ur W illism Hvan, No. 15 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. 'Ml)., MONDAY, MAY 27, 1957 VAN ROSY COrS WEEKEND TOURNEY' Clifton Van Roby won (Tie best- nine golf tourney over the weekend at (lie Cumberland Country Club with a net 34-3—31. Players winning special prizes on par- three holes were No. 1 — Jerome whiffing three, Sally Conrad, Pat — Edward George. Thompson and Bowers shared six of the locals' blows. Desmond. Gepharl, Beilhy and Steiiiwcg| A '^^^tiOTVpring handicap" tour- had two swats each tor Eliza- ncy with (hc foUowing results . Five opening-round matches were completed in the Men's Goll NATIONAL LEAGUE Dodgers 5> Giants 3 NEW YORK 000 001 101—3 10 BROOKLYN 101 020 Olx—S 13 0 GOMKZ, WorlMngton (3) CrUsoni (7) and Kail; Koufax and Campanclla. i UK — Snider (Brooklyn); JabJonsXl (New York). Reds 7, Cards 6 \ ST. LOUIS .,.-. 011 000 Qlf)~6 7 2 CINCINNATI 003 101 Ux-7 JO I Dlchson, Merrill (7) WKMMKJER <8V and H. Smith; Jetfcoat and Hallcy.- HJi — Musial (Si, LouIsJ 2; Crowe, Jelfcoat <Cincinnati). """• FIIIST FI.IGItT— r.ill Clans defe - - - - won bv on, Rodne The locals were held to a pair'^r. Kranh u of singles by Pat Melzgcr andl^SJ 5 ££, Thompson in the second game as! ATX- rcisus Gephart bagged the triumph OYcri^ 0 ™^*^ 1 '^ Thompson. The Hermanetles piny; KGI/HTH FLIGHT — the Morgan girls in Castle Shan*' non, Pa,, next Sunday in a pair of contests. 2 up on the i IV Bowers and J'. and Morino, Ccphail and Morino. P, Thompson. Bowers <5) and P. Mcligcr. LP— Caste)!? 2 and 1; fault over l ariser won .nlry. dall d'-Ieatcd 1-cster Deiwen, 3 and 2; Jack Wrtx-r dictated William Carson- den, 1 up, 19tli; Cat! Mclntyre defeat' ed Marvin Kaplon, 7 and 6. Rocco Pirro, Syracuse University line coach, formerly was on the coaching staTf wilh the Balti more Colls and the Montreal • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE Dial PA .2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Major League Line Summary Cnhs 7 y liravcs 5 l Came) 010000022-3 300000 72 MIMVAUKKE: ClIK'ACO CONLKY, I'hillips (3J Murfl »6) and Crantlall; DroU and Nrecnan. — Morynj Hanks (Chicago);, Crandall (Milwaukee), 5, Braves 4(Second (jat\;c) .MILWAUKEE ...... 100 001 110-4 9 0 CHICAGO .......... 000002 012—5 7 1 PIZAJIHO, Crone <9> and Ilii-e: Singleton, Elston <5), Brosnan 17), LIT- TUEFJKLD (B> and Nccman. HIl ~ Mathcus, Hie* (Milwaukee) Neenian, Ernaga (Chicago). AMERICAN LEAGUE \n\ileSox 1, Indians 0 (Kirsl Game) IMCACO (X» 000 000 I— 1 6 0 I.KVELAND .... WO 000 000 0-0 4 2 (10 innings) Pierce and Lo)lar; Daley and llfgan. ntlians 4, While Sox 3 (Second Game) IlK'AGO 020 100 000—3 9 0 LEVKLAKD 102 100 OOx—4 8 I llarbhman, KKKGAN (3), Staiey <7> low ell (8) and flaltcyj Tomanek 'AJILESKI fS) and Nixon, Itcgan, "" — Phillips 2, Bailey (Chicago). Senators 9, Yanks 7 fFirst Came) 420 020 010—9 10 0 Pascuat, BYHHLY <2> and Ecrbcrcl; -arsen. IJYRNIC U) Cicoll* (6) and toward, Darrel]. HR _ — Lemon, Yosl (Washington) lar.tle (.New York). \ r wiks 7, Senators 6 Second Game) VASHINGTON 420 000 000—6 7 S'EW YORK '., Oil 310001—7 122 Abematliy, Clovcnger <1>, HYDE (8) .nd Borberct, Fjtr&erald: Turlpy, nar * I), Terry 15) CIIIM (9) loward, Johnson, Freshen the Impression with Fooler's Fine at these Spe DRESSES with Footer's Fine Quality Dry Cleaning, ot these Special Low Prices R«autiful!y Dry Cleaned and Ptetied* (Flam) 990 SUITS lodiM' or He (flair.) 990 M' or Hen'l (flair.) Sweaters (Plain) 49c Fait Dry Cleaning Se/vK« Harry FOOTER & Co. CLEANERS 5lcr«i In CumlxHund, LaVol«, Froslbufg, K«yi«r & Pi.dmonJ or Fhene ?A 2*6400 fof Pick-up and Duliv.ry Dress Shirts Laundered • IN OUR OWN PLANT • MISSING BUTTONS REP1ACEO • CELLOPHANE WRAPPED • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE .Now! Highest natural octane in history! Greater for every car on the road ... yet no increase in price! Only Greater Amoco-Gas guarantees: longer car life . .. greater mileage per gallon than ever before possible ... 100% power... no lead fouling! Atnoco's new Yorklown, Virginia refinery plus new facilities at Amoco's other refineries make possible new Greater Amoco-Gas! Greater Amoco-Gas is the only premium motor fuel that contains no lead! All others are actually low octane gasolines boosted to premium rating by adding lead. But lead doesn't burn! It leaves fouling deposits on plugs, pistons and valves . . . causing preignition, misfiring and an ever- increasing thirst for more gasoline. Only Greater Amoco-Gas guarantees no lead fouling .. 100% power . . . greater mileage than ever before possible! Now available at no increase in price! FOB USE AS MOTOB FUEJ/ONLY COrWlNS D Contains NO LEAD DANGER SIGN On every gasoline pump except the Amoco-Gas pump is Uncle Kam's H'arninjf (o you: This gasoline contain; had! SAFETY SIGN Only the Amoco-Gas pump can display the three most important words thnt can bo ?&{(\ nhout a motor fuel: ^'Contains No /.corf." AMERICAN Oil COMPANr Pintles Phils (First flamef 1TTSBUHGH ____ 221 3<H 010— 13 20 1 92 jni.ADKi.rniA . 020 120 ooo— w, KACE (5) and Fojlcs; SIA]- iONS, Itearn (2) Morehead, (5) Itogo- .n (7) and Ixipala. HE1 — Hi-pulskf, Uowman <PhUadtJ- iiaj; Baker (Pittsburgh).- BAI.TIMORF, 6, Pirates 3 (Second Game) JTTSnUUGH 000 002 100-3 E 1 HILADELPHIA ... 300 000 21x-fi 9 1 Pepper, Purk«y (2), AHUOYO (4), Jng i7) and Hand; Cart) well and -onnelt. 'Itijor By International News Service NATIONAL LEAGUE HATTING (Based on 100 official a| bats) *T«r and Club n AK II II i', tusial, St. Louis.. 33 J3S 23 SO .362 roat, Pittsburgh 32 128 16 4S ail«y, Cincinnali. 34 112 23 39 .348 HOME J1UKS — Aaron (Milwaukee). 1: Moon (St. Louis), 10; Musial fSt -ouli) and Mat hews (Milwaukee), fi HUJS'5 BATTED L\—Furillo (Brook -n), 33; Aaron (Milwaukee), 31 and Itisial (St. J,oiiis), 28. RUNS — Aaron (Milwaukee). 32. HITS — Robinson (Cincinnali) and aron (Milwaukee.), 51. DOUBLES — Hoik (Cincinnati). 13 TRIPLES — Mays (New York). 4 STOLEN BASES—Mays (New York). 5,* Temple (Cincinnali), 7 and Gillia Brooklyn). 6. HXG—f Based on most wins)— tNcw York), 6-2; Acker <Ci innali), Satiford (Philadelphia) a arkson (St. Louis). 5-1; Burdellc Milwaukee), 5-2; Grass (Cincinnali) •0; Lawrence (Cincinnati), 4-1; Spahn Milwaukee), 4-2 and Brooklyn). 4-3. STRIKEOUTS ~ Koufax (Brooklyn), AMERICAN* I.KAGUE UATT1NG (lUsed en 1170 oftictil tt bats! iver and Club G Alt H II 1'el VLHiams. Boston . 32 112 23 New York 33 108 26 Ucrtoia. Detroit ,.31 105 11 37 3j-> - HOME RUNS — Williams (Boslo/O 0; Sievers < Washington >» Zernia Kansas City) and Mantle (New York) Skltas and Simpson iKansns Cily) »ncona (Ballimore.l, Marts fClevi and). Showron (New York), Boiling id Maxwell (Detroit), 5. HIWS BATTED IK — Stevers <Wi iston), 31; Doby (Chicago), 21 ; Minoso" (Chiuaso), 23. RUNS — Mantle <\cw York> i Sicvcrs (Washin&tnn), 26. HITS ~ \ViUiatns (Soslont, 46 DOUBLES — PJcws (U'-ishincton) TRIPLES — Simpson <Kansas City) STOLEX BASES—Landir CChicaso 8: Francona (Baltimore! and Mino 5; Apancio (Chicago) Picrs and PiJarcik (Ball: -. MiW YOnK 069100000—7 SO Area Speedway Racing Results ) Ralph Veils, Cumberland (Hfi). 2. Sloan Slaggs, Burlincton, W. Va., (650) 3. Trie h*dward5, flMgoley, W. Va. 4. Ivan Uzctl, Cunxbcrland (60) •KCOXO KKAT-10 Laps, 1. Ivan Seville, iloinncy (K-I) 2. Stan Dantzlc, Keys«r <V-B> 3. "Hud" SHcklcy, Kcyscr (E-66) Cumberland (Triple HIKD IIKAT—10 Laps. 1. Olllc neckmah, Oakland, Mrj <D 3) 2. Cowboy Hawkins, Hurltngtoti, W Va. (OT) 3. Charles Miller, Cumberland (58) 4. Ketmy MoorC, Cumberland Oj FOURTH IIKAT—10 Laps. 1. Al Galto. Kcyser (F-86) 2. Ijouic Loatlierman, Kort AsJiby (1) 3. Don Sarver, Cumberland (17) FIFTH HEAT—10 Laps. "Bud" Sticklcy, Kcysor (B-6flJ 2. Ivan Savillc, nomney <K-1) 3. Cowboy Hawkins, Burlington, W, Va. W7) SIXTH HEAT—JO Laps, 1. Lcutc 1-eatherman, Foii Ashby (1) 2. A! Gatto, Keyser (F-56> S E V ENTI I RACE. Feature Event Twenty taps~6tt miles. 1. "Ited" Frederick, Oakland (gjo) 2. Gtetin lliU. Cumberland (K-l) 3. Ivan Saville, Ilomney (K-l) •). Kenny AJoore, Cumberland (9J 5, I'ete Edwards, Ridcctcy (8) Red Sox 9, Orioles 0 (First Came> ....... .... 020 002 050—3 13 0 000 000 000—0 5 0 and I>alcy; lOOIIK, Odcll (6) Hoi .. . _ ... 'rinnclos, Ginsberg. HR — Co/isolo (Roslon). led Sox 5, Orioles 4 (Sccond Game) iOSTON* 000 030 020—5 ALTtMORE 200 002 000—4 12 1 Sislc-r, SL'SCK (7) and White. Daley; •Qrtueles, ZUVERISK (9) and Trian OS. ; HR — Vornon (Boston), Cs 3,'Tigers 1 DETROIT 000 010 000— 1 3 1 KANSAS CITY 000.101 OIx -3 5 1 Maas and Itouse; Oar\'cr and Smith. HR — Xcrnial (Kansas City). <:uiS!is Cily Silver Wins Pigeon Race The Allegany Pigeon Club's bird regular old bird race was from Athens, of 175 miles, vith "Kansas City Silver" owned by C. A. Smith braving a south- vcslcrly wind to return the win- wr. His speed was 1310.32 yards per minute. Smith's entry was followed bv 'Penny C," a White hen with ' speed of 1304.21 yards, and owned by i\l. Green. I. Bjskirk was hird with "Roxane," a Grizzle male %\'ith Ihe speed of 1302.8! vards per minule. Following in order were Homer Yates in fourth and fifth spots wilh "Blueberry Hill" and "Big Red"; C. A. Smith, sixth, wilh 'Blue Joe"; M. ,M. Green seventh with "Jaxbo"; Uober 1 Kiffncr, eighlh with "Nancy K" [(. L. Spiker, ninth wilh "Blackie"; and Dudley Shafer tenth, with "Big Blue." >loged Mny 11, Ohio, a distance - Bill Godwin, Roniney Athletes Receive Awards Steve Wilson and Jerry Hannas ot Romney High and Charles Bucmi of (he West Virginia School for the Deaf of Romney received the lop awards at yesterday's mh-annual Sportsmanship Awards Dinner of noinney Lodge No. 1371, Loyal Order of and never lias been stopped. An"'""•"• drews, 27, is a knockout puncher U. S. Nettcrs Move [uto Zone Finals CARACAS, Venezuela—(INS)— The United Stales advanced inlo he-final round of the American Zone Davis Cup compete tion yes- enlay by eliminalmg Venezuela, 4 to 1. Vic Seixas defealed lyo Pimental, 6-4, G-4. 6-2, and Bcrnie 3artzen lopped Kicardo Lopez, G-3, 6-2, 6-2, lo win the lasl Iwo ^ijigles matches for the U. S. The only American loss came! Friday when Grant Holden was defealed hy Pimental. Befhea Will Fight Andrews Tonight NEW YORK, Wl — Heavyweight Wayne Betliea of New York meels Paul Andrews of Buffalo, N.Y. opens lonighl at St. Nicholas Arena as part of the regular Monday schedule. Bethea, 24, is a rugged citizen who owns a 15-6-2 lifetime record Moose. Football players ol Romney High honored were Mannas, who received a gold wrisl watch, and runnerup Paul Heavcncr, recipient ot a pen and pencil sel. Wilson, Romney High basketball ace, received a gold wrist watch, and his teammate, Donald Hannas, was presented a pen and pencil scl. Buemi, of lluntington, W. Va., received a gold wrist watch for being selected the oulstanding alMcte at the Wesl Virginia School for the Deaf. A pen anc pencil set went to John Popovich, the runnerup. Queiiline Barnelte, head fresh-j man coach al Wesl Virginia Uni-! versify, was the guest speaker, substituting for Russ Crane, assistant-football coach, who was! unable to attend. Barnctle show- 1 ed movies of outstanding gird andi basketball games played by uni-l versify learns. Ralph Dusic, officer ot the stale association of the Loyal Order of Moose, acted as toaslmasler. Seventy-five persons attended. PACIFIC COAST LKAGUK Sacramento 7-2, Hollywood 7-9 las Angeles 7.2. Portland 2-4 San Francisco 1-0, San Diego 0-13 Vancouver 7-6, Seattle 2-t Bessclink Captures Ktmgag Cily EVcul. KANSAS CJTY W-A1 Bessclink, a friendly heavyweight pro from Grossinger, N. Y., scored his first major victory ot lha year in tho Kansas Cily Open Golf Tournament despite an unimpressive 3- over-par 75 in Ihe final round. Besselink won the $2,800 first whose 32-7 record shows him to prize yesterday with a 72-hole lobe inconsistent He has flattened | a ; ot 279, nine strokes under par 18 opponents and had been stopped three times. at Ihe Hiillcrcst Country Club. H was the best paying win for (he 215-pound, 6-4 New Yorker since f his $10,000 victory in Ihe Las Vcg- • as Tournament of Champions in 1953. Brilish Ainalcur Opens FORMBY, Eng.—(INS)-A 26- man American contingent, con-! sidered lo be one of Ihe weakest ever lo represent Ihc U. S., starls! in quesl of Ihe Brilish Amateur golf championship today at Formby Links on the coasl of Ihe Irish • ^^ r* JOE ^^ THE . FRIEND, Inc. 173 Baltimore Street for AUTO ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS MOTOR OIL TIRES at LOWEST PRICES GET AHEAD WITH A BILL CLEAN-UP > Pay leftover seasonal bHl* end icduce high monthly payments with a prompt loan here* Wo /iJre to say "Yes!" when you osk for a loan. Phone for your loan in one visit, or come in. LOAN! loom tip la $1,000 on Signolg,«, furnilur. 01 Car EUTBANCE SO. CEKTRE ST. (Tiki .U.ilor It 2nd Fl.) CUMIERUID Ini Fl., Room* 202-204 . LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BIDG. FhoiKt PA 2-0721 . A.k t« th. YES MAH«« \OPBJ EVENINGS »Y AH-OINIMTK1 — PHONE fO« IVEKIHG MOUU Hopkins, Washington Baltic To Deadlock BALTIMORE Iffi — Johns Hopkins University and Mount Washington, battled to independent club, an 11-11 tie Satur*IJ (Boston) morp>, 4. PITCHING—(Based on most MinsJ- Ptcrce (Chicago), <7-2>; Brewer (Bos ion) and Maas (Detroit. S-2: Truck (Kansas City). 5-0; Wilson (Chicago) 5-1; Grim (New York), 5-2 and «'jn (Cleveland), 5-4. STHIKEOUTS—Pierce (Chicago), W 1,920 Start Quest For National Open NEW YORK—(INS)—The first seclional qualifying tests for next month's National Open golf tournament will be held _loday with odds 13-to-l against qualification for each of 1.920 golfers. The total entry of 1.S20 is the third largest in history but the eventual field to compete for She championship al the Ivcrness Club in Toledo, Ohio, -will be just 162 golfers. liay in a game which was to decide the national open lacrosse championship. Both learns remain undefeated. Hopkins with eight victories and Mount Washington was ahead. WflSHPANTS Nott our low puces ? 1.98*2.98'3.98 SeersutVer Coot TREE wilrt each pair Hub Army & Navy Sales Company 19 NORTH CENTRE ST. T> a. . ft oeneficuvl, m '. mtMcaiv *tn.n _, Ad.7 FINANCE CO.. GAMES TONIGHT (Probable Brooklyn at Philadelphia (7 p Drytdale <3-l) va. Hobciu (35). Cincinnati al Milwaukee (8 p. m ) — itPin (1-3) vs. Rmdelte . Chicago jit St. l^ouii (8 p. tn.>—Ruih (0-5) vs. McDanLel (2-2). C.AMES TOMORROW iSlirtl&t Tltnet, Philadelphia at New York 17 p. m.) Brooklyn at Pltliburgh 17:15 p. m,> Cincinnati at Milwaukee (6 p Q.) Chicago at St. Lauit IE p, AMERICAN LEAGUE YESTERDAY'S RESULTS a* Cily 3. Washington 9-6, New York: 7-T Boilon 3-5. Baltimore <M o 1-3, Cleveland <M <i t [ STANDING OF THE TEAMS Won Loit Tel. C. B, 9 .710 ------ Chicago Cleveland - Yorfc Boston Detroit Kansa« Cit^ n»1llmor FOR YOUR CAR! | TUNE-N-TEST for * more pep. power and per- fbrmance- 0 SCIENTIFIC LUBRI- *• CATION by experts who put the right lubricant in tire right place. 3. CHANGE engine oil. 4 CLEAN and PLUSH ^* cooling system, add rust inhibitor. 5 ADJUST BRAKES and check linings, drums and master cylinder. 1 ROTATE 5 TIRES for '• 20% longer wear. "Serving Cumberland in Transportation for 59 Years" GARAGE Seiivice & Parts Department 1 28 North George Street The man to whom everything matters chooses his words, his barber and his whiskey with taste and discrimination. This man, the man who cares, says CAKSTAIRS WHITE 5 \SEAL Now $ 4 2 4/S OT. *2 65 PINT You save by the case, too! CARSTAIRS DISTILLING CO., BALTIMORE, MD., LOUISVILLE, KY. . BLENDED WHISKEY, 86 PROOF, 72% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS I

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