The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 31, 1985 · Page 52
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 52

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1985
Page 52
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The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, March 31,1985 Page 5 Soap opera summaries for March 25-29 By JON-MICHAEL REED United Features ALL MY CHILDREN: Tom took Laura out of town so that Marvin's and Jake's henchmen couldn't kidnap her. Brooke and Mark attempted to escape from Marvin's thugs. At a political party for Marvin, Andrew was smitten by Dottie. Tad fumed that Hillary offered no explanation for why she's marrying Bob. Mike figured out that Brooke and Mark are at Ravenswood. Andrew sold his Cortlandt stock to pay part of the blackmail money Zach's extorting from Cynthia. Marian introduced her friends to her new beau, Jack. Fearing they're going to die, Brooke and Mark recited their own marriage vows. Zach told Palmer he has another set of the negatives Daisy stole from Zach. Tad was livid to learn that Zach conned him out of his money. Benny spotted Jesse kissing Yvonne. Eugene threatened to squeal that Jesse is messing around with Yvonne. ANOTHER WORLD: Jake and the McKinnon's new boarder, Bridget, are conspiring against Marley on behalf of a mystery person. Nancy snooped in Jake's room where she found photos of Marley. Jake took photos of Donna's secret room. Catlin told Sally about his marriage to Brittany who he thinks is dead. Catlin also admitted he and Brittany had a son who had died. Rachel is upset she can't remember her family members. Dee wrote in her diary that she loves Cass. Kathleen nixed reconciling with Cass, who she saw holding Dee's hand. Jake insisted to Nancy that he's not stealing drugs from the hospital. Zane knocked Peter Tele-puzzle unconscious when he arrived at Brittany's home. Zane's madly in love with Brittany, who can't forget Catlin, who she believes is dead. Felicia, Wallingford and Lily planned to build another restaurant. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Fed up with the sting operation, Diana stole some of Jake's gambling profits and split town. Frank accepted a bribe from Jake, who wants Frank to keep him informed on police business. Craig rescued Betsy from Russ, who nearly killed her. Lisa feared for Kirk, who was beaten up by Jake's thugs. Lisa gave Kirk money to repay the "loan" he got from Jake, but Kirk gambled and lost some of the money. Heather nixed marrying Tucker. Otis and Lionel plotted to bust up Heather and Tucker. Betsy and Craig set a trap for Russ, who they're sure will make a last-ditch attempt to kill Steve. John and Lucinda vied for a position on the hospital board. Lucinda bumped into Sierra, who she didn't recognize. Dusty was devastated when Barbara told him that she found proof that Gunnar's dead. Stewart is completely charmed by Marcy. CAPITOL: Kelly told Thomas that she loves him, but they must take things one day at a time. Zed recalled his mother had once applied for a maid's job at the Clegg mansion. Charity spent time with Senator Edmund (Ed) Lawrence. Ed saw a portrait of Glenn Marriott in Linda's gallery. Trey confronted Myrna, who admitted she had paid Kelly to leave town when she learned Kelly had been pregnant. Frankie broke up with Jordy. Jarrett can't take his eyes off of Tune in tomorrow Julie. Sandy learned Cheetah isn't carrying Nino's baby. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Melissa is attracted to her probation officer, Ian, who got her a job teaching dance classes. After giving Gwen massive doses of arsenic poison, Larry confessed that he killed Megan. With Gwen near death, Larry had a change of heart and called an ambulance for her. Marlena was shocked to learn that Kimberly had once been Hart's personal prostitute. Anna flew off with Nicky to his mother country, which is in the midst of a civil war. Bo and Hope changed their minds about getting married and decided to go on a pre-honeymoon trip to New Orleans. Farm couple Henry and Alma befriended Bo and Hope. Ivy turned up alive and well after Pete wrongly suspected she'd committed suicide. Pete and Melissa agreed not to see each other again. Shane and Kimberly's romance is on again. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Celia's art show was a roaring success, but she's unaware that Jimmy Lee paid some art critics to give Celia's work rave reviews. Celia did learn that Jimmy Lee owns the New York gallery where her showing was held. Slater created an epidemic of food poisoning, then used the throng of ill patients as a cover as he snuck into the hospital to kill Anthony. Rick and Monica are growing close again. Monica feels ne- ACROSS 1,4 Shown, he's Sonny Crockett on "Miami Vice" 11 Have (be prudent) 14 Actor Armand 15 Actor Williams 16 Ending with real 17 SHAEF sector 18 He was Mr. Spock: init. 19 Singer Judd 21 Disney sci-fi Hick 22 At home 23 Remick or Marvin 24 Three (t. 25 " is an island" 29 She's Louise Jefferson: init. 30 Actor Goodeve 31 Plays 52 Across 35 Inits. for Hackman 36 Writer Nin 37 Opp. of NW 38 "Harper Valley —" 41 USMAgrad 42 Sedaka or Diamond 44 Played Ben Cartwright 47 French article 48 Shade tree 49 "The — Squad" 50 Serve adequately 52 Role on "Good Times" 54 George — 55 Illusion 56 "— LiletoLive" DOWN 1 "— Nelly Gray" 2 He was Archie 3 Collar 4 Lindsay Wagner role 5 Ruby Dee's husband 6 Followed FDR 7 Sha Na — 8 Bergen's Mortimer 9 Sgt. Snorkel's dog 10 Marquee light 12 — Tin Tin 13 Spain's last queen 20 Insigne for Levant 21 Cicely — 26 PTA-er 27 Kelly or Sabrma 28 Ultimate 29 A Gershwin 32 Musical note 33 Gish or Hellman 34 Taylor or Parsons 37 Plays Slocum 38 Trudges 39 Gumbel/Pauley show 40 ID tor Rooney 42 Hildegarde's name 43 Scat queen 45 "Emerald Point—" 46 Day before holiday 49 Actress Farrow 51 "Long — Tomorrow" 53 Star of "The Detectives" mil (Puzzle solution on Page 9) glected by Alan, who's concentrating solely on his business ventures. Amy was called on the carpet for telling newspaper owner, Ian, that Anthony's condition had unproved. Anthony is still in a coma. Frisco still wants nothing to do with Felicia. Bobbi insisted her life won't be in order until Ginny's obstruction of justice hearing is over. Ginny rebuffed Derek, who put the make on her. Robert realized Anthony's in danger again. GUIDING LIGHT: Because he had a vasectomy several years ago, Fletcher is sure he didn't father Claire's baby. After India gave Philip the aphrodisiac, Philip was hospitalized, suffering from seizures. Kyle flew Reva to Alaska to search for Roxie. Rosie (Roxie) eloped with Kurt Corday. Kyle stole a kiss from Reva. Dr. Lyon split town after Philip became ill. Bradley is known by his prison mates as the Professor. Vanessa and Irish took off on a vacation together. Despite Louie's marriage proposal, Katie agreed to elope with basketball player Long John Reed. Claire considered having an abortion since Fletcher doesn't seem to want "their" baby. Lujack tangled with the prison bully, Bobby. Floyd and Beth found the bottle of aphrodisiac hidden in India's house. Lujack got a new cell mate, Sean. LOVING: Keith saved Steve's life while Trisha defied Gwyneth's orders to stay away from Steve. Jack refused to sleep with Ava, but he exchanged passionate kisses with Stacey. Shana warned Line that she'll find out who helped him with the Alden takeover. Line realized that Lorna was jealous to see him with other women even though she won't speak to him. Colby approved that Tony moved in with Rita Mae. Mike reminisced about his marriage to Noreen. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: On the way to the airport, Jenny panicked when David said they're headed for an Iron Curtain country. David isn't privy to the fact that Aida plans to have Jenny murdered. Bo was shocked when Giuletta arrived on his doorstep in the middle of the night and he was forced to let her stay with him. Viki's alter ego, Nicole Smith, resurfaced. Nicole (Viki) hung out at the Backstreet Bar in hopes of seeing her old friend, Harry. Asa warned Becky that he won't let her have Drew if she returns to Tennessee with Jesse. Didi broke her engagement to Bo after finding him with Giuletta. Tina dated Trent. Alex Crown secretly returned after reading about Laurel's impending marriage to Larry. Viki doesn't believe Victor fathered Tina. Cassie realized there's something fishy going on with David. Joy and Brad argued over her modeling career. RYAN'S HOPE: Maggie shunned Dave when he got into a public argument with Tiger. Rick was shocked to find a videocassette hidden in a bookcase. Siobhan showed her concern for Max when he pulled another brief disappearing act. Chantal packed her bags and headed for Max's New York pad. Max admitted to Siobhan he'll do anything to protect Chantal and Jacqueline. Roger made vicious comments about Maggie. A tipsy Maggie partied with Tiger while Dave was home all alone. SANTA BARBARA: Jackie was relieved to leam that her husband Larry Parks has been discharged from the service. Amy accepted a job from a mysterious man who supposedly represents a lawyer, Stanfieid Lee. Amy's baby doctor, Dr. Renfro, approved when Lee's assistant gave Amy the job. C.C. met Cruz's mother, Carmen, and they schemed to bust up Cruz and Eden's romance. Eden nixed committing herself when Cruz asked her to marry him. MarceUo tried to hypnotize Eden. Maggie saved several lives when she captured a gun-toting bum in a crowded bistro. Amy received a medical form stating that Jeff is sterile. Brick moved into the Perkins house to be closer to Amy. Maggie and Warren are getting closer. Cruz located Undsey, a man he suspects was Channing Jr's former lover. Mason got his mitts on a valuable gemstone. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Liza gave Sailor a full-time job. T.R. confided her secrets to Sailor. Jo and Stu talked about his recent world travels. T.R. was upset that her matchmaking between Liza and Uoyd was a dismal failure. Suzi conquered her agoraphobia when she was forced to take a feverish Jonah to the hospital. Quinn kept mum about a mysterious European woman from his past. Quinn's attracted to Wendy. Wendy was a flop as a TV news anchorperson. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor rescued Ashley, who insisted her name is Annie Armstrong. Nikki was not happy when Victor agreed to let Ashley stay at Victor's ranch. John was upset to learn that Ashley doesn't remember who she is. Kay was operated on for a bullet wound after she, Dina and Brent struggled over a gun. Brent insisted to Dina that he'd take the rap for Kay's shooting. Lauren freaked out when Paul said he'd like them to have a child. Shawn took Lauren to a psychic, Tamra, who warned that Paul and Lauren's marriage is headed for a breakup. Vince escaped from Tom and Victor. Shawn made sure a photo of him and Lauren appeared in the local paper. Nikki feels that Victor no longer loves her and Victoria. Victor can't forgive himself for not being with Nikki when Victoria was injured. Jack is impressed with Jo Anna's art work. Carl arrested Brent. Brewer gets a new star LOS ANGELES (AP) - Singer Teresa Brewer's fans have raised $1,200 to replace her damaged star on Hollywood's walk of fame. Don't take chances with your motorcycle Insurance. See us for the best. BRI\K>IAVS Insurance Agency "Service Since 1930" riA 809 Martin 827-1480

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