The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS THE ULYTHEVILI.E COUKIKR NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS •"••..'• O..R BABCOCK, Editor H..W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole. National Advertising Representatives: The Beckwith 8r*cl«l Agency, Inc. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Published : Every Altcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mallei at the i»sl office at Blythovllle, Arkansas, under net of October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATKS By carrier hi Ihe city of Ulylhevlllo t 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance, By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 85c for three monllis; by mall In poslal zones two to six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. A Lot Yet to Buy Former President Coolidue, iiddress- h\s a convention of New York lifo insurance agency directors at St. I'etcr.s- burjf, Fla., rightly declitrcs (lint "a potent factor in iiicraisint,' our material welfare" is tlic fuel .lliat more limn 5100,000,000,000 in life insurance is now in force in tliis country. The sum is stupendous. Ncvcrtlic- kss, no insurance salesman needs to think that the field 1ms been entirely covered. For, as Stuart points out, our national income is now around ?90,000,000,000 annually. Wo are, consequently, insured for only a little bel- ter than one year's income. In other words, the nation can and should buy a great deal more insurance. The wide-awake insurance men will doubtless sec to it that it docs. No More Gale Recipls Dr. Frank Parker Day, president of Union College, in New York, tells the National Collegiate • Athletic Association that the way to remove all suspicion of professionalism from college football is for the colleges to stop making money on athletics—to do away with gate receipts and professional coaching. Dr. Day's suggestion, if adopted, would undoubtedly do away with most of the evils complained of by prcsenl- x day football critics. But would it stop the evil o^ subsidwug? \V$ doubt'it. The college athlete gels subsidized usually, not by. someone who is thinking of gate receipts, bu£hy some loyal alumnus who is willing to pail with a few hundred dollars in order to give the old school a good football player. Even if there wers no gate receipts or paid coaches, there probably would remain plenty of these enthusiastic graduates to keep the subsidizing evil a live question. Pershing's Wise Decision General Pershing, refusing to be "drafted" as a Republican sanatoria! candidate in Nebraska to oppose Senator Norris, shows once more his excellent sense. In 1920 Pcrshing sensibly refused to run for the presidency. It was a •wise decision, His present decision is no less wise. The motive back of the frantic attempts that are being made to get Norris out of public life don't reflect a griat deal of credit on anyone. Agrco with Norris or nol, you must admit that he bears the reputation of being one of Uio iiblest men in American Senate; and his per.sona] reputation is of the highest order. Fiirthcrmorj, the "voters of Nebraska seem eminently satisfied with him. We are glad General Persliing refused to run against him. For 0113 thing, the general very likely would have been defeated. ^TUESDAY, JANUARY U,, 1930 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Juries and Beer "The Kmitli Cr.iulliin Supreme Court hns ruled that a Jury In a prohibition liial mny drink (lie evidence in oidcr tci utlsly itself that It Is lii- luxicalliih'," *!iyi> a co:ilciiipiirury who ndcls this ccniiiiciil: "Tin-, f.omuls like common seme. Vet ll scciiis lo us that il inlalit, just concelv- nbly, O\K» tlie »ny (or queer delinks." Tin- coutl iiiiicli- ll-- ruling In denying (he appeal of n bacikvyoi 1 who wanted Ills conviction thrown cm because the Jury Hint coitvlct- hlm clrnnk 49 bottles of seized beer during Us de-liberations. Sneli a rulliii; by so high .1 court ts obviously loo serious a miration lo treat fucc-llolisly. Hence, we do not feel Inclined lo frivolities. However, utter admitting thai we /enow little law, In fact, are Ihc merest of laymen, \ve would like to nsk: How can a Jury of 12 men, each with at least four bottles of beer playing linvoc with his mental equilibrium be qualified to pass unpreju- dicedly on the guilt or Innocence of a defendant? Did those 49 bellies of beer make all 12 —we assume llicre were Ihc customary dozen— of those Jurors drunk? II nol, how could they decide llml tlie beer was huoxtciiUng, In fact, when some o[ Ihe jurors remained sober? Furthermore. K It Is (me that a man Ims Hie right to bo tried by a Jury of his perrs, and nt least one man on that jury was drunk— otherwise the beer would not have brcn proven Inloxlcatin;;—wns the ilclcmlant given llml m- nllctiable right, which we mention? We slop because at every step we are hesct by more of such puzzling questions, niul pass the thought Ihe taw schools for Thursday evening debate.—Arkansas Democrat. "—and last year we hud such good skating weather." ALON£ MAIN STREET By E. L. H. Sometimes a swelled head Is caused by shrinking brains. ville man, who starts Ihe (Ires cold mornings for his wife. He got up the otner morning in the dark and stuck his bare foot Into the starter of one of the kids' mechanical toys and as It began lo crawl all over him lie disturbed the entire leasehold with Ills yells. The small son said he thought from tlie way Did >w«s talking about "Ood" he was laying hU morning prayers and went back to sleep. « * * The authorities In Washington should be given to understand that the plain, plug people of. Arkansas are not so particular about the Information and description of the iilclures on the $10,000 bills and the (1.OQO.bills as »'e arc about more of the pictures on the $10 and $1 If the educational authorities of Ihe country do ever succeed In wiping out Illiteracy, there Is (joing to be a shortage In this country of the fellows who squat around (he postofflce lobby and In stores and settle the affairs of the nation. Miss Virginia Lee, an old maid columnist, says that a man (should tell, his wife tlie truth and -ths whole truth about everything If he wants a happy home. Well, Virginia, what Is a husband to do when the fat wife asks: "Am I as big as that woman?" And now a professor tells us that humans have [assessed Intelligent for over 1,000,000 years. If that is true an ordinary monkey Is out of the running completely. In other words, if we were smarter than a monkey 1,000,000 years ago and if Donkeys do not improve much aster llisn we have, our grcal- j-rand children will be dead- with old aye before monkeys demand equal suffrage. STAMFORD HILL, England (UJ) —Home work is considered such n For Pains Due To Neuralgia Millions have found quick relief from neuralgic headaches, rheumatic pains, and women's pains bj taking Capudine. Being liquid II gives relief muijh quicker than tablets or powders. It soothes the nerves and quickly stops the pain Capudine doi>s nol upset the stomach and does not contain opiates. At drug'stores In Me and 60c bottles. —(adv.) burden by girls mid their parents • thai a local school hus declined] lliat most of the work will be nc-1 compllshcd during lesson -time. "Handsome men are notoriously Inferior lovers."—Paul Morand. TANLAC Two More Victories Over Stubborn Stomach Trouble—Joyous News For Other Sufferers SO HAPPY MUST TELL WHAT TANLAC DID FOR HER .. Take for instance, -Mrs. Maty Boncl who writes: "The moment food entered my stomach I would have such terrible pains t!m I could hant!y move. Although I had doctored ami tatcn fill kinds cf m?riirii:rfi 1 |-nl rrvcr kern able l» fii'l inyliiini; 10 help me muila Iwitdjr rccoRiin^ifted Tanlic. 1 have now l:ikcn five Jjotths anil am dcLichtcd wEth the way it !in! hcipcJ me. You can inatfnc l-cu- fiooJ I fell, I ate a nice bit steak and dfdii'i i.ave a b~-' of (io:it;!c after laving lived on t!:ied toa?l for alinosl a year." FINALLY FINDS RIGHT THING IN TANLAC First Bottle Proof Enuugh T HOSE who have fouml only ill.- < appointment acid failure in ihiv w.ircb lor lic.illli will <Jo well lo [jrrt.iv 1 by the expcrivtice of Itii; \vc!i-!*iiov':i ' mun, Mr. P.urirW 0. Kcefc. "For a iiuinlxT of ye.irs," F.IVS .Mr. Kecfe, "I FiifTered from stoinadi troubles. 1 couM iardly cut anyi!.ir£ wilhou'. iulTerinK 5.15 and lenit:k blnat:::£ and f w-j akvayj rci'.=ti['l. l!]dljO!H l3.i-1 cr-,'fitsoll:f:s ilf:ivr,l fioin Ta::hc. I r.d::H! I na= sr;"ptical for [ t^ - l tTirJ ro many Ji£!c:ei-.t n:cili<ii.fs wltJ.nut [C:Ult«. Tirully I s\n* ;>• r.:uni!ixj to try ami I will say Ihv fii^t LH:UL-W~S liroof enoncii for ir.c. I liavc i:=v,v la%t:i Eevorak bo'.tks an-1 a ^or.tlcr'i;! (i'.ince li?i cc:r.e ovtr me. My bc\veb are rfE^lar. discs-* livccigans liave iKer. tontd EP. j::d I can tat t]::t« tueali v^illwut Eas. tioaline cr any ir.iwiy." Ta_nlac it no: only ai wonilcrful stomach medicir.c but a E'fat Ionic. Here's Your Chance For Belter Health Tanlac Must Benefit You Or Money Back AlICEPT NO SUBSTITUTE AT ALL DRUGGISTS II you're fnshionabic yon usually maniac to hnve a slight cmyzn Instead of a light cold. It's more ritzy by several dollars. Somebody told your old man today (hat,, the opera he attended last night was sung in English. Some people know just cvcrylhlnj. Does anybody remember wny back when women used lo carry parasols to keep from getting sunburned? A Cliicngn mnn iTfu.wd to jjicnk nt n banquet because lie had nothing to wear. Some dny sonic- body is yolng lo refuse to speak because he. lias nothl!];; to siiy—and tlic nilllciilum will have arrived. A Los Armeies artist, sued by n film slar for $180.000 brench of promise, says Hie girl dropped Into his hp. like a ri|K peach. He probably is ready tu ngrec by this time Hint what appears lo uc.» peach occaslonnlly turns out lo be n lemon. One Mississippi county man says he drank enough egg-nog and milk- puncli to know Just about how a contented cow feels. Hop-Eared Sam , Belinda Brown she Imd 'cr beau. They called him Hop-eared Sam— His face wuz lack 'cr mldillm' ov meat. His foot was lack 'er 1mm. His cars wns long nil' flopped lack 'cr mules' And lie had icr phi 'cm back; When Belinda gol mad an' shot Ihc door She caught Ills car in 'cr crack. As Sam went home from Belinda's one night He thought, he saw 'er bear !Ii!-stubbed his toe an 1 fell full length • : Then found lie. wuz' half way there. While going down through the. Jack oaks He mcl 'cr nigger or.e day; When the nigger got a glimpbc of Sam He fell on Ills knees tcr pray. Old Man Brown loaded up his gun Tcr blow Sam all ter hell, Bui when he gob 'er bend on him HC hated to wnstc the sliell. I He called thcr dogs an' sicked 'cm on To bite Ihc son-nv-a-gmi, But when they got one look at Sam The hounds all turned an 1 run. Belinda got mad an' she cried and cried: "Now, yoii'uns jest leave Sam be; He nint, very purty, but he's all I got An' he shore looks Rocd ter me." * • t A story Is told of another Blytlic- PUT OUR WAY By Williams ON SATURDAY YOU WILL SEE THEM 6--#iivV£L >AV ' fc CM IMO NO J so &iow '-l. WAS IM ON A v OoKt' CM£'T\M& STRUCK ' SHE SUFFERED WITH BAB CAffiJF PIES Doctored u I.ol liiif She Gainer] Xo Relief—Simple Remedy Finally Found HEALS AND ALSO RKUKVKS 1'AIN "I suffered so with b!een;:ig piles I could hardly lie down nr sit down at limes. The doclor seemed i able to help me. ai:,l 1 wns afraid \vculd have to be operated on. I already hart suffered more or lc. : way for several years, and trtcrt salves, and lots of other things. Then I saw a Colac Pile rill advertisement in Hie St. Lonl. Times. The flrtl botlle was nearlj pcne before I could see results, bu alter that ti'.ey proved ns good as can be. They are healing to the l).-.ivels, and relieve thnt dreadfu pain, and knowing how many wo men suffer. I gladly u-rile to sa> yr.ii can refer to me ns one who ]:raises Colac Pile Pills, always,' writes Mrs. YV. H. Coiwhnd, Sud lieimcr. Mo. Tliouards of gvateful men am women have found these httlc pills taken with a swallow ot -,vatcr a meal limes, go deep derail insld to the roots of the trouble, an Jieallng. soothing anrt banlshin the cause work almo*! as If b magic. No salves suppositories o ugly operation anymore for them If the reader suffers with piles I any form, obtain a; yo;;r druggls or direct, and u?c' 0:1 positiv .guarantee that trralmm Till ban !ish pain, and symptoms [o com • p^etc s.itirfartion or moi-.-.-y bad I If out druggist can outr,::] of h j jobber for yen or send i:-.- tor reg I ular bottle of 45 pills. p c s- >.ge palo 'to Colac Chemical Co. irentwood Md. Ad PROOUaS OF GENERAL MOTORS General Motors' lowest-priced eight. The car with superior performance. A new eight created by engineers with sixteen years' experience in designing fine eight-cylinder cars. A famous name, a finer car—offering many important improvements. A six which carries on the Pontiac tradition of giving the public a better automobile year after year. WATC H for the Announcement

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