Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 18, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1972
Page 3
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Never saying 'thanks' is one of life's tragedies By Abigail Van Buren Ce im by ChlcJto Trfb «M -N. Y. Ntws int.. Inc.] DEAR ABBY:I lost lor somebody stole] my wallet. Fortunately it was right after Christmas so there wasn't much money in it. My driver's license and credit cards will have to be replaced, which will be a terrible inconvenience, but it's not fatal. . What cannot be replaced is something I had cut out of your column and had carried around for almost five years. It was a "confidential" to remind people who still had their mothers to thank them for all the things she taught them. Can you remember whioh one it was, and print it again? A FAN IN AMSTERDAM, N. Y. DEAR FAN, Was it, "Confidential to anyone for whom it is not yet too late: The gestation period of a mother's advice is anywhere from one week to SO years. Losing one's mother before having thanked her for the many precious things she taught you is one of life's greatest tragedies"? DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have definitely decided upon a divorce, but due to economic reasons, we are forced to live together for a few more months. In the meantime he is carrying on a correspondence with some lady who is a "future prospect," and her letters come to the house. I, of course, read all the mail that comes here if I see it first. My husband says I have no business to open his mail. I say as long as we are living under one roof, I can read whatever comes here. What do you say? HIS WIFE DEAR WIFE: I say your husband is right. Furthermore, there is a federal law which also says so. DEAR ABBY: I have a problem I can't ask anyone else because they might think I was bragging. My aunt died a few months ago and she left me her beautiful full length mink coat. It is just like new, fits me perfectly, and I feel like a queen in it. Now the problem: My husband and I are in moderate circumstances, and he doesn't think I ought to wear it to church. He also doesn't want me to wear it around his place of business. He says I shouldn't wear it when I go out for dinner because it might get stolen if I leave it in a checkroom, and if I leave it on the back of my chair, it might look like I'm showing off. I can't sell it because my uncle is still living and he gets pleasure out of seeing me wear it. DEAR LADY: I suggest that if you were to wear it only when and where your husband thinks you should, it is going to be "good as new" for the next 10 years. If I were you, I'd wear it for all dress up 1 ' odcdslbns" and quit worrying about what people "might" think. •- •;- •>-- ,....s-- >> • _ CONFIDENTIAL TO "ENJOYS MIXED * DOUBLES" IN BEVERLY HILLS: Are you talking about TENNIS or MARTINIS? DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been friends with another couple for a number of years. We are in each other's homes frequently. Lately the woman has been doing something that I find very annoying. After we arrive at her home, by invitation, she picks up her latest knitting or needlepoint project and starts working away, stopping occasionally to count stitches, consult the instructions, and to admire her handiwork. She does join in the conversation, but rather half-heartedly, as tho she feels obligated to make a token comment now and then. I think she is being somewhat rude. Am I right or wrong? BUGGED DEAR BUGGED: Right. She Is making a statement: "The company isn't sufficiently fascinating to warrant my total attention." Don't let the annoyance build up. Tell her. But don't you use a needle. DEAR ABBY: My wife just had a hysterectomy. Does that mean it is the end of her sex life? She is only 34. WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: Absolutely not! In fact, it could very well be the beginning of a better sex life because she no longer has to worry about becoming pregnant. TV Tonight . . Shirley Jones, Paul Lynde Help Campbell Will Leave 35,000 Troops ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUBS., JAN. 18, 1972 Page 3 70,000 in May 1 Viet Pullout WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon's latest Vietnam troop-withdrawal order sets the stage for what could be an April announcement to pull back another 35,000 to 45,000 troops, declare the war over and place remaining GIs in an advisory role. Nixon announced Thursday that 70,000 more troops will be withdrawn by May 1, leaving the United States with the residual force of 25,000 to 35,000 men indicated by the President two weeks ago. Thursday's announcement, covering February, March and April withdrawals, will reduce the U.S. commitment in Vietnam to 69,000 men on May 1. And the President said he will make another pullout announcement before that date. This is likely to come in mid- April, leaving 35,000 men to withdraw before reaching this summer' 3 planned residual- force level. That level is expected to be maintained until U.S. prisoners are freed by the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. This would be in keeping with 4-H Clubs Report Presented by COMMUNITY TV SIGNAL CO. TUESDAY GLEN CAMPBELL - Shirley Jones as a piano student spurning advances from her amorous teacher (Paul Lynde). 6:30 p.m. CBS. VIRGINIAN - Western "Long Ride to Wind River." Benjy Davis threatens to kill Kobey Kendall, who has made advances toward his wife. 7 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. HAWAII FIVE-O - A blackout in a missile — tracking system provides the only clue to an enemy scheme. It's in the conclusion of a two-part episode marking the return of Khigh Dheigh as a Chinese agent. 7:30 p.m. CBS. CANNON — Crime Drama— "Blood on the Vine." Filmed at a winery near Cucamonga, Calif. 8:30 p.m. CBS. PERRY MASON - "The Watery Witness." George Clark asks Mason to investigate the possibility that his wife is the daughter of actress Lorna Thomas. 8:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. MERV GRIFFIN - Tenatively scheduled: Ernest Borgnine, John Cassavetes, Ida Lupino, Lee Marvin and film director Robert Aidrich. 10:30 p.m. CBS. LLOYD LUCKY LASSIES The regular meeting of the Lloyd Lucky Lassies 4-H clubmet at the home of Tammy, Terri, Karen and Karla Trojahn Saturday, Jan. 8, 1972. Roll call was answered with "How many years have you been in 441?" There were 18 members present. There are seven new members this year — Lorl Ballah, Jodi Erickson, Konnie Krieger, KelHeKrie- ger, Marcia Norblad, Karen and Karla Trojahn. We discussed our field trip to the drycleaners, Officers Training School will be held January 22, 1972. We also filled out enrollment cards. The 4-H Pledge was led by Kay Brant. Ruth Rierson gave a demonstration on "Add glamour to your appearance." Shirley Rouse gave an illustrated talk on "Messy or Merry." The juniors made head bands and the rest had recreation. Mrs. Trojahn then served us lunch. Tammy Trojahn, Reporter EMMET-ETTES The January meeting of the Emmet-ettes 4-H Club was held January 11 at 4:30 p.m. at the home of Cindy Frick. Members present were Shirley Barnett, Sheila Mahin, Lori Hackett, Cindy.. Fridv—Ioan Eckard, Barb Ziegler, Julie StroiM?Lisa Leonard, Lisa VanDerSloot, Sandy Selberg, Penny Port and Velvet Billings. There were also 2 leaders present, "Diane Frick and' Mrs. Walter Frick. . Installation of officers, was the main activity. New officers for. the 1972 year are as follows: President — Sheila Mahin Vice President — Lori Hackett Secretary— Cindy Frick Treasurer — Barb Ziegler Reporter — Sandy Selberg Historian — Shirley Barnett Photographer — Julie Stroud. A short business meeting was held after installation. Lunch was served by Mrs. Frick and Cindy. The meeting of the Estherville Better-Yet Club was held on Jan. 8 at the home of Don Hill. Hostesses were Holly and Sherry Hill. The new officers for 1972 were installed. The new officers are, President— Kathy O'Brien, Vice-President — Jane Stroup, Secretary — Reporter — Karen Maloney, Treasurer — Connie Myhre, Photographer Julia Schacherer. The meeting was called to order by President Kathy O'Brien. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sherry Hill. Roll call was the introduction of members and guests and 20 people answered. New business was called for by the President and the program books were discussed, and also the buying of new flags for the club. Dues for the coming year were also discussed. The 4-H Pledge was then led by Holly Hill. The meeting was adjourned by Jane Stroup and Bridget Fitzgibbons 2nd the motion Patty Houn did a talk on, What My pattern envelope tells me. Holy Hill did a demonstration on, Fitting a Sewing Box. Pictures of the girls were taken to show their posture. The girls measurements were taken and Mrs. Hill checked our hands. A lunch was then served by Sherry and Holly Hill. CENTER CHAMPIONS The January meeting of the Center Champions was held Wednesday at the home of Ronnie Moore. One visitor and 17 members were present. 50 cent dues were to be paid by all members at this meeting. Materials were passed out to be used for talks and demonstration during the following 4-H year. Ronnie Moore led the pledge to end the meeting. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Moore. The next meeting will be Feb. 14 at the home of Richard Howard. the troop-withdrawal plan drawn up by the administration in early 1969. Although administration officials dropped hints from time to time that the President was reviewing the plan and might delay further withdrawal decisions as a means of keeping the enemy guessing, there has been little deviation from the original plan. Under the phaseout program, the residual force would revert to an advisory role to assist the South Vietnamese, as was done before the big U.S. buildup began in 1965. And, to enhance the idea that the ground war is over for the Americans, the U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), would be downgraded to an assistance group. This would give the President an opportunity to bring home Gen. Creighton Abrams, U.S. commander in Vietnam for the past five years, and, perhaps move Abrams in as Army chief of staff when Gen. William C. Westmoreland completes his four-year tour in June. Fears that the remaining U.S. troops would be bereft of virtually any ground fighting power were downplayed Thursday by Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird. Although Laird indicated he expects the North Vietnamese to launch several "spectaculars" in the coming months, the secretary expressed confidence in the South Vietnamese army's ability to defend itself. Added insurance also is provided by the American air shield, most of which is based in neighboring Thailand and aboard Navy carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin. But even with the United States out of the air and ground combat in South Vietnam, U.S. Air Force and Navy planes will continue to pound North Vietnamese supply lines over Laos and to assist friendly forces in Laos and Cambodia. Nixon said in a televised interview Jan. 2, his goal is to end the American involvement in Vietnam before the November election—"not just because it is an election, but because these are the ways our plans are working out." However, he emphasized that as long as the enemy holds a single American prisoner, the United States will maintain a residual force in order to retain a bargaining position for their release. Thursday's announcement raises the monthly withdrawal rate from 22,500 to23,300. Laird said the U.S. contingent on May 1 will be 48,000 Army troops, 16,000 Air Force men and 4,500 Navy personnel. The May 1 level will be the lowest number of American Forces in Vietnam since the 54,000 in June 1965. WEDNESDAY FILM — Replay of ILCC Basketball game. 6:30 p.m. Cable Channel 11. PRO HOCKEY - The Minnesota North Stars meet the Red Wings of Detroit. 6:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. CAROL BURNETT - "The Ballad of Broadway." 7 p.m. CBS. ADAM -12-7 p.m. NBC. NBC MYSTERY MOVE "Short Fuse." 7:30 p.m. NBC. MEDICAL CENTER - "Fatal Decision," 8 p.m. CBS. JEANNE — Comedy— Jean- nle's mean sister dupes Jeannie into using potions that make her hate Tony — and fall in love with Roger. 9 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. MERV GRIFFIN - Schedule: Tony Curtis and country singer Roy Clark. 10:30 p.m. CBS. MOVE — Drama— "The Servant." 10:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. ODD-SIZE RUGS SACRIFICED Terril Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gutel and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Carlson, Albert City were coffee guests of Mrs. Bess Fairchild Thursday evening following the wrestling at the schoolhouse. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pedersen, Mike and Chuck, Ruthven and Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Jackson were Sunday guests of Mrs. Theresa Pedersen. Mrs. Evelyn Tuel and Charles, Spencer were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Delia Cruse. Mrs. Cruse and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tuel of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station spent last weekend with Mrs. Tuel and Charles. Larry Tuel, Mankato was also a weekend guest. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Haves of Rochelle, 111., were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Griffin Tuesday. They were afternoon callers of Mrs. Delia Cruse and evening callers in the Clarence Brown homeatMilford. ALWAYS OVER 100 ROLLS IN STOCK AT JENSENS. SELECT YOUR CARPET TODAY & HAVE IT INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME TOMORROW! •1 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON IN TWEEDS AND CANDY STRIPE WITH FOAM BACKING. Q99 Sq.Yd. LUXURIOUS NYLON PATTERNS AND SHAGS WITH HEAVY DUTY JUTE BACKING. Sq.Yd. NYLON TWEEDS OR PATTERNED CARPET WITH HIGH DENSITY FOAM BACK AND JUTE. m Sq.Yd. SHAGS AND PATTERNS IN YOUR CHOICE OF ACRILAN OR 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON. S 799 g Sq.Yd. BEAUTIFUL NYLON SHAGS AND PATTERNED CARPET... SOME WITH DOUBLE JUTE BACKING OTHERS WITH HIGH DENSITY FOAM BACKING. 599 1^ Sq.Yd. OUR HEAVIEST SCULPTURED PATTERNS IN YOUR CHOICE OF KODEL OR 501 DUPONT NYLON. Just a partial listing,..hundreds more bargains to choose from! S5« 12' x 12' 3" NYLON TWEED REG. FOAM BACK-GOLD TONE $106.00 5 79 12' x 12' 9" NYLON SHAG FOAM BACK-RED REG. $101.83 589 12' x 12' NYLON, FOAM BACK, LIME. REG. $112.00 J 79 12' x 7' 5" NYLON SHAG CELERY. REG. $69.20 $ 39 12' x 17' 10" NYLON PLUSH CELEDON. REG. $107.50 $6450 12' x 12' 8" CADON NYLON LOOP-OLIVE BRONZE. REG. $151.00 $99 12 x 6' 5" NYLON |r §3 =i BLACK PLUSH. REG. $76.00 *39 12' x 6' 10" NYLON SHAG. REG. $117.00 12' x 12' 3" NYLON LOOP SHEER MHI AVOCADO-OLIVE. REG. $136.00 5 89 8' x 9' 8" NYLON LOOP OLIVE/AVOCADO. REG. $54.08 $36 i ^Hj 12' x 20' NYLON LOOP PILE •BR AVOCADO. 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