Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 20, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1969
Page 4
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R«dlandt Dafly Focii 4 - Thunday, hb. 20, 1M9 :locof Notes ImiiMdtol* Cash We buy and MD gooA used furniture. 782-UU. Rent Skh — SMi ' Skis - $4 day, Sledi - $1J0 and $2 day, toboggans $3 and :iq>. Pratt Bns. Sfwtliag Goods. «51 E. Citms. z PCCMMI Eni#f (Mcy? Pffco |w woBtf III ytcrt Citrus crop facing disaster from rain This is a diort and sony s twy of disaster in the orance {roves, narrated Iqr experts in tiie cit- ms industry, speakinc Itom be-j bit avaflable. caU 7934710. Coo- fidenlial, no obligatioos. 24 boors. Promised no quoting, tbe men of most experience in tttrnng and packing oranges said nnani- "We ha^ something like 2,000 carloads of navd oranges in the Redlands-Bighlaad district before the crop bad ripeoed." said one rdiable expert. "Now «• are down to about baU that — 1.000 to liOO cars — considering that we have lUpped 500 Redlands Counctt of Churd«. «;^^^;;S:,"rSJir^-;;;S ^|;j;s 'Sk» to thisWwe stiO •lutt FM GMd Hem* 'season of modem times. Iheyldon't know how badly the pro- far mother and daughter Ger-iwere inclined to spMk In past longed raia has hurt, but it is man Shepherds, Hi years and "2 months, p.m. Scale Give your driveway tliat New Look. Free estimates on seal- tense, about a light crop that 7S2-743S after 5:30lhad some promise, and now is senous. Conservative Arnold S. Lang- x'aU but doamed. tt is the mostiley, county agricultural inspec- ; critical of many less4han-dcsir- able years, the shippers said — no quote. ^ . . J, ^ \ Eight cold and wet weeks — T:^J^l^^r^7 .'H^ I ^^^^^^S the freer* d K ^«,^?^^„"L^S^tiDec. 21 - have brought slow Kevan Contractors 7K-56S2. x. _ 0„ ^p tor in Redknds. said perhapc 15 per cent of this season's crop was frozen beyond any salvage point. Earlier estimates had been hi^ — ranging aU the way from total loss in some . groves to nothing in others — cf 7rost damage," much fruit islaverapng 25 per cent But new- showing brown rot, clear rot, water rot — everytUng that can come with too much rain and too little sunshine. er figures on frost damage have been more pleasmg. "The percentage of toss from rot will bo heavier," Langley 7o meet five evenings College informotion porent workshop set sUtcd this momiag. "It is such a progressive thing — so much depends upon whether the weather will dry the fruit in tht immediate future — it's hard to estimate the final loss." .Packing house men, who don't like to panic their growers, aiou£ht the total dismal picture should be made known for prae- An poMfe-aiid privata sdwob in tha Badiaads area, with Iba exceiite tt tbe Uafocnity of, Redlaads, wOI dose toinarrowj in an early ofaservaace of Wasfa-i ingtoo's Birthday. As the Ksidt of recent Sata legisUtion. pabHe sdwob an forced to dismiss dasata ea Fri-| day when a togal holiday Wis tm Satntday. Private sdwob win follow flw Mrs. Merle Bc^tey, author, Wasp&hstfidnrdks Mr*, ll^le Zaaa Bagtay. wida-, |y kaovB Kcdtoads aolbar. dbd today at Coauaoaiiy hospi from iajnries snlainad yastcr day whiB she was stmdt by aj eanpcr tnidt In a .ctoaiwalk at Oraafle siraet aad Cttnis ava- guiddiaes set by tbe Redbadsin*- Scbod District tomorrow and Poliee safci Mrs. Bagley, who was n, stutalaed a skull Itac- ture aad other iajnries la the Cuttem Made Oraparies and Free Decorator Service available at your Imperial S.'ore. U E. Citrus Ave., 793-2917. a Mitnd Papers Phone Redlands Daily Facts drculation department, 793-3221. before 6:30 pjn. wedc days, or 2:30 pjs. Saturdays to report missed papers and obtabi delivery. Ski Sato Head Skis, jackets, ski pants — aU on sale. Pratt Bros. 651 E. Citnis. X Lest Special! Good variety of fresh seafoods — raw or cooked. Special this week — Fried Eastern Oysters, $1J0 per order.. CO W. Colton. X Dc WHf s Amiversary celebration Thurs., Feb. 20, Fri., Feb. 21, Sat., Feb. 22, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. De WiU's A to Z|stole university, pnvaie umver-jscnooi comwuna oci«ujj«.. _„„ i-dj-aiine the ouick and Paint Supply. 327 Orange. Red-!sity. out-of-state coUeges «ndjand the Redlands SchooUDivi-mors m4ca^^^ lands. X universiUes: subjects to prepare sion of Adult EducaUon. There disastrous end to the navel sea ^ ^ . ]for coUege; scholarshws and IU no charge. Persons may en-aw. Fowler Funeral 1^,^ jopj^s ^ particular mter-lroU in dass. Funeral services fbr Budding- ^^^^ ; For further information ton D. Fowler were hdd xhe workshop is open to par-'793-2541. also dose tbdr doors. the record. One manager. re-,d,y. AU fMcrd. stAe, eooaty • calling Greek history, comparedland dty offices wiU tcmani.' dtrus growers with the ancient open tomorrow but wQI be! AIIUVI ftlNI OMIIII generals, who executed any'dosed as usual oo the holiday messenger nto brought b a d — Saturday. Banks wOI all be oen-s. open. "If you're wanting to qnqte A. K Smiley PuNic Library, me," he said, "just say it is,«nll remain open' on Saturday Thursday, Feb. 20, and we'a^tor cloeing earlier ia tbe should be pretty well through o>ODth on Lineda's Birthday. seUing navel oranges, but mosti Apparently about (he only of them are stiU unpicked. Don't |Other Redlands dosure that B{ use my name and I'll tell youinormally open on Saturdays win there has never been a worse —" hsckis B#or Valley Bear VaUey Mutual Water company, the Redlaads district's priddpal supplier tl irrigation water, heads tato a ^ hopeful new season with a fa- be the Posl office. No mail de-imiUar group of officers. fai tba rata. Sha IhNMi at TU W. Oiivc avcaua. ACCORUBC to bnaatiiatiBg iK- ftocrs. Mrs. Bagby was walUag wast across Oraafe streot ia Ow cnsfwaflt wha she stnck by a piefcnp inidi camper maUag a bft tan oato Oraaft ITOm Citrus. ne driver of the vcUde was Eriiie L. Frady. of 31SK Cedar! street. Yneaipa. Poliee said Mrs. Bagtay dbd at 10:2S a.ra. today. Tbe aeeideBt was stffl tmder ia- vestiCBtioB. Mrs. Bagley was a long-time resident of Redlands, livtog here as a ^1 and atteadhig local schools. Some time after hv marriage, she and her bus-,. band, who operated a bakery m ber of the local branch of Amer- Colton, went to the PhOippiaes ieaa Pen Women, where Mrs. Bagley was a schodi In addition to her adopted teacher and her husband op-! son, Mrs. Bagley leaves a broth- Mis. Baiby'a . Aalecto I. Bagtoy. b a aalha o< tha PhB ^ipiBas aad vai a wmt- bar of tba PbBippiM aenrta d •i^ tag the Japaaeae oeovHtoa «f hb boradand. Re toter joined Iba mUniae Army and finally cMarsd the VS. Army with wbbb be aUB serves. He b now aurrbd and has vbited bb mother fttqnent- ly hi recent years.. Mrs. Bagtey was first a member of Grace McUwdist church and then of the First United Methodist dmrdi and currently sang in the church choir. A writer. Mrs. Bagley was a frequent contributor to religious periodicab and she was a mem- entodabak^y During WorU War U. when (he Japanese invaded the islands, the Bagleys went into: nounced later. Do"iaid s'.'c. Anderson was re-| hiding h the hiUs where the na-. cected president at the com-jtives among whom they had| Ipany's Mth amjual meeting, and many suPPi*! them with er, Hardd F. Zane of San Bernardino. Funeral services wUl be an- Uveries wm be made on Wash-, • "TTiere is one bright spot in mgton's birthday and windows, elected president at the com- the very gray ouUook," saidfm the lobby wffl be closed another. "Grovcers didn't have ^^^^ '•^^L^'TT;*? M "^l ^^^rSf^^"^*^^^^ much to lose this year. The fruit open for the benefit of 1 ?»8^'„r^fil^''^^ P retaring American troops and Expression's Origin ,urer. ents of junior and senior high school aged students. The dass wiU meet for four consecutive evenings. Monday through Thursday aad one more Mon day. cndtag March 3. for a total of five meetings. A special cdlege information I worfcdwp for parento wffl be given starting Monday. February 24. at the Redlands high schod campus in room 38 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Topics to be included are as foUows: sdecUon of a coUege to meet student's abiUty; (X>IIege Board tests; costs of a cdlege education; types of schools — the junior college, state college,. sUte university, private univer-ischod counseling department' U^L Although it showed great Improvement over the negligible crop of 1968, it wasn't going to pay expenses. Growers have known for a long time they'd have to sef thdr bankers." Another anonymous shipper said he agreed rehiclantty with Zdl Myers, manager of orange The expressbn, "two bits,' comes from the days when the Directors are Donald S. C. ! Anderson. John R. Bruckart, T-^..rf...« ^11 ha llarlnrip Myers, ntauascr ui uisus^j iSS^"^^ 5S Sl,^t ?„!:an<l grapefruit inspection in _the BaUwm and Phn Henry, counselors at Redtonds High School. Tbe course b given in cooper Spanish dollar was often used as Jr., Richard A. Corwin, D. [currency in American colonies.'Glann Farquhar, LesUc R. Gay, When smaU change was needed, I Douglas Black. Paul R. Jen- the doll« was cut. The eoln]mngs. Ernest R. Laisen, James couW be divided into eightC. MuUins. E. D. Patterson, Jr. pieces, or bits. iwd J«n«« W. Simoads. later wrote of these experiences. "NMly MafuifM" The "MoUy Maguires" was a secret sodety. members of which terrorized the anthradte region d Pennsylvania from about 1865 untn findly broken up in a series of sensational murder trials from 1875 to 1877. 2 DAY SPECIALI Open Face CHERRY PIB Cmm Top Reg. $1.75 SPBCIALSMf (Plin pi* pltn MpwH) also eld fashiaiMd BliF STBW log. $U8 qt. Spsctol Ms ^. FKmAY a SATUROAV ONLY SAGE'S REDLANDS aUon with the Redlands hishi""- field department of Growers. He produced Sunkist' a buUe- Because of some current ni- Wednesday at 3 p.m. from Em- metson-Bartlett Loma Linda chapd. Rev. Dorothea Fowler, pastor of the Unity church of San Bernardino officiated. Honorary Pallbearers were: James Bab, WiOiam Dradiliffi. Bobert Ari±ibald. M. Erixsoo, Don MacLadian and Ray Thrash. fndio Feshvo/ parade to be ke/d Saturday Flying carpete and magic ^ F^S^RJ ^ town Indio Saturday in a lett Ix)ma Linda Owpd "".jng ^i-eekend activities at Rivtr- diarge. Eariy side County's National Date Festival and also to pay tribute to Washington's Birthday anniver- saiy. Among the more than 25 dec- ne Egyptians adopted tbe first calendar based oo the solar year in 4Z46 B.C. It was a U-fflonth calendar, with each month containing 30 days. To make the calendar come out ex-en with the sun, they added five daj-s at the end of the j-ear — six days every fourth year. These add«l dqrs werelj;^;' bo^^ng not part of any months, but * were used as feast days ia boa-, ^h^ ,t 10:30 said Myers, "we feel it advisable and necessary to give call you and the trade the latest in- formatian. — "While the damage caused by rain. hail. ice. snow and winds has been heavy, most of this severely injured fruit is drop- nmg from the trees. In general we estimate a 30 per cent loss «i the remaining crop to be harvested in Central California. This is fruit lost on the ground and tbe seriouslv injured hail year as are Artesia and John Muir high sdwol bands, both ^r.*t" r ^J ^pS ^tir {-a ice ma^cd fruit that must 3Ut Navd Construction Regi-w fl'mmaled. ment Band and DriU Team is also entered. Other bands wiH be from Mar VisU, Palm Springs. Downey. Ncrte Visto. Coachdla VaUey, Indto, Eagle As >-ou might expect, adverse picking conditions have temporarily caused rind breakdown and decay from fre* handling injuries. However, interior qual- o ^""L^T <^";iU %il ?^lMoJ5ito. Moi^ V'alh^ and;!*' « «ood and thU fruit wiU tbe Arabian Nights themes in keeping with the general theme of the National Date Festival. Others will be in a Mexican mo- tU. sjonbolic of the cultural in- fhience of Mexico on Southern California, and others wiU be pa- Washington's or of thdr gods. WccrthcT Avencc Februur talnWI Aranic mien toul nlntaU 14.01 Jm. SO Jon. II Jon. 22 Jon. 23 .— Jon. 3* Jon. IS Jon. at Jon. SI — Jon. a — Jon. Si — Jon. 30 — Jon. 31 FA. 1 — Fob. Z Feb. 3 — Feb. 4 Feb. S — Feb. « — Feb. T — Feb. 8 — Feb. • — Feb. le — Feb. U — Feb. 1* — Feb. 13 — Feb. 14 ..... Feb. IS ..Feb. 16 — Feb. 17 — Feb. IS Feb. IS . - Ttmp. . 64 . S8 . S8 a.m. at tlie corner of Miles and Palm Lane in Indio; move east on Miles to Oasb. south on Oasis to Highway 111. and west on I Highway 111 to the dispersal I point just cast d tbe comer d I Highway 111 and Monroe. 1 Units win feed into the line! txi ol mareh from streets on Miles between Palm Lane and Oasis, so that the best areas from niiicfa to view ttie entire parade WiU be on Oasb and on Uigh- Palo Verde VaUey. Igi^e G"* consumer satisfacUon. El Bdtal Shrine Temple ofj "In the Southern Cahfornia Long Bead! wOl have the Tern-;area a grwter loss d the crop pie Gnanl. Motor Palrd. On-i will be fdL This loss U due eiital Band. Clowns. Temple!maidy to water spot and water Band. Legion of Hoiwr and Mounted Patrd. There wUl be several outstanding novdty uaiU and invited groups, including many top jwize rot caused by the heavy rains. "Fruit b aU gradable, and the merchantable fiiilt wiU be good except for possible temporary rind breakdown and handUng in- _ 48 _ S3 __ 55 ._ S9 _ S7 _ S» _. 70 65. _57 SI _«0 67 _ «S _ 71 _ Sl ._ SS _ «l 61 55 63 71 34 Boon 90 .60 54 1.07 50 J» 43 48 .S4 TJB3 56 3.41 10.44 94 JC IIJM, « -2 "2 way IIL 40 .00 IIJOI T MUV 1 31 47 43 43 49 40 41 44 1.43 1127 13.70 Tr. »SS . 44 «S JOS JO .70 JS 1401 14J1 Long Beadi Junior Concert Band b a new band entry (fab Vital Records DEATHS NORTON - Died ia Redtoads, CaUf., Feb. 20. 1M», Orson C. Norton, 1645 Ariwr drive. Bad lands aged 80 years, native ofj Oino and reskleat of Redlaads for ax years. i«m >* surrived by hb ULsrison, James R. Norton. Redlands; five grandchadreg. one great grandchUd and one brother, Oliver Norton. OhM. Graveade services wiU be bdd Friday at 2 p.m. at the HOlside Memorial Park. Bev. H. Wke Fink, pastor of tbe First Methodist church, offieiattag, Emater- son-BarUett Memorid chapd. Redlands. to charge. jlnnoiiiieeiiienf of Funeral Services SCHUBERT. Wslbr E. Services Fcafiag Loma Linda Chwd MORTON. Onoa C. Gra««aidt: 3:80 pjn. Fridqr BUbida Moorial Firk winners from other ma^r pa- juries. We esUmate that about radcs induding tha Tournament Fo per cent d tlie remaining d Roses. tree croo win be packed for fresh shipment. Agato, interior pu;«Hly is good and this fruit nid give fine'consumer satisfac- I 'ion. I "The desert areas are not particularly affected with toss or damage caused by the rains, but some loss wiU be noticed due to the low temperatores of Dec. 2L "IV important thteg b that there wU be supplies of good naveb avaitable through April and toto the month d May." Hie story has to end on anther unhappy note: much fruit b rotting after the pack. A shipper said buyers in distant mar- keto are complaining of losses rangag from 2 to 22 per cent •There b a real danger." he said, "that buyers wOI tocrease thdr incUnalioa to reject our re- matoing iMvd oranges. They wiU soon have Valencia oranges from CaUfmib to buy instead of navds — not to mention im ported fruit" Inspector Londey sakl tbd the rot has been found in the packing houses, in packed fruit that has had to be unpacked and re- nrocessed. Rejected firuit b going to the dumps in a volume that has not been seen smce Redlands was tbe navd orange capitd of the world — bdore Widdy known authors to be atURFd).26 Famed science fiction writer Ray Bradbury and Leonard Wlb- berley, author of "Ite Mouse That Roared," win be oo campus at tbe University d Redlands Wednesday. Feb. 26. The Writers on Campus program, a yearly event at tha Uni- verrily, b cfaafrmanned by Dr. Ward S. MiUer, professor d &ig- Ibh. Bradbuiy wBI appear at tbe Greek Theatre at 1:30 p.m., speaking on "How to Fly With' out ISO." Probably no name b better known to the field of ki- UNDER DIRGCneN OF r .Anioi CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. -1411 MR. KIBT GREEN ence fiction today than his, as author of "Martian Chrooides." 'GoMen Apples of the Sun, 'Fahredieit 451" and over a thousand snort stories* "My stories are based on ideas," he says, "when I gd an Mea . . . I try to find a character to persooity that idea. Once you decide what your char- At 3:00 p.m. Lsonanl waher-"'* wbdivfaten. ley win ten d "A Writer's Adventures." He also wiH appear to the Greek Theatre. Tbe eolofful author was bom to Irdand. aad workad as street Sddbr. ditch ifiratr. dbbwMb- er and a cook bdore becoming a reporter for the Lnodoa Diiily Mmr. Wibbericy's bcst-knowo bo^c, •Ihe Moose That Roared." became a mode with the same ti- tb, atorriaf Peter Sdten. lb qnd. "Ihe Moose on the Moon." was also made tato a mode. Both Gfocrams win ha moved to Memorial Chapd hi flie evcat d rata. WBXJAMa FBAMK E. MOOBI. ) Ava-al TOO GOOD TO MISS: Sealy Birthday Sale set SAVE ^SO** YOUR CHOICE OF KING SIZE OR 2 TWIN SIZE von II.N PER MONTH Happy Birthday Sealy! And happy savings to you I This sale is our way of introducing you to modem sleeping comfort at its best —firmness only Sealy knows how to design! Fee! the custom-quilted sleeping surface. Compare the support from hundreds of specially tempered steel coils. Don't be caught napping! Limited time only. SAVE $30 ON MODERN 9UEEN SIZE Sealy's Mo^rn Version of the Old DouU* Bed. Yet it Still Fits Smaller Bedrooms. 5" Longer. 6" Wider. 20% More Stretch Room NOW! 2 Pc Sot $11^ 1441 MB MONTH lERMS'NO CASH MWN - » MONIHS TO PAY - Free Parking Right Across the Street — WEVAUDATE —

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