The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE (ARM) COUliJEIl NEWS IS HIC TIME 1 ance, how to buy It, different kinds of policies and 50 on. I made up my mind that I wanted to stay in lliat line of work, but not ss n typist," Finally, after a year, the little Immigrant girl resigned — because they wouldn't let Jier try to sell policies. "I got a Job with n general agent and sold so much Insurance that lie was gelling rich," the dnrk- linlred, pleasant-faced Mrs. Sun- rtolson continues. "So I brought my work to the attention of UV5' late Gage E. Tnmlell, of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, who gave me my first contract." | A few years later, In 1931, it VPS <in;,i"~'ei"a 7* ------ -> wa6 ^y WUiier Sundelson, gen- ' NFW YORK A C '" es 7 ld « nt eral agent, who Inserted an ad- NBW YORK.— According to her vcrtlscmenl In New York new? ' ^ B 1C37 ' K >"» ce!lt ol the ln " The Light Before Christmas 'First Lady' Of Insurance Held 'Best Man' In Business RY MARIAN YOUNG only woman general agent. There are women engaged in Die selling or insurance and even in 1m- !n tlie c.' "However," Mrs. SundeUbn observes," women have only 10 bll- M1 ^ I "ratched. H I we^mg general agent. graduating from collcee next year, Rny wilmer Sunclelson's success \ I'd give these facts sonic serious I stcry,_from the time she came , thought before taking a Job which _ _. — . _.. w ».,..i u ,vi V , i,i_» w< .1 • v, UT v.4_v u«^. iiiu iiiduitint;ii present Important position, reads woman's time is pretty much her like a fairy tale. She herself tells 'own, and this allows her easily to it breathlessly. combine marriage and a family AS and a career, If she chooses to do U.S. GO II FOR A TYPIST "At 14, I was employed as , typist in an Insurance broker's office. Between letters, I read every insurance book that I could Mrs. Sundelson is a feminist in tha't she believes that it's about time that women's abilities In business were recognized and that i;i} tiiauimiuu UUUK. cnac i COuItt ""•-« nt-iv icxugmzcct lulu lay hands on—how to sell insur-1 they were paid accordingly — . [them. WAS FIKST TO SELL "LITTLE PEOPLE" for TRY THIS PINE RECIPE FOR PINEAPPLE TURNOVERS Make a siveet biscuit dough with our fine flour using butter as shortening and miiK to make dough. Roll and cut in circles. Top with half pineapple ring spiead with butter . . . su- Bar . . . and cinnamon. Fold over and crimp. In practically no time you have pineapple ' turnovers. You'll recognize the excel- leuee;:of our fiaur tor baking. SHSBIEY'S BEST FLOUR AT YOUR GROCER ( But she doesn't think that fcm- jininity ever should be sacrificed for u career. "Through the struggling years, 11 was first of all a wife and mother," she explains. "The nature of my business allowed me to be. I spent plenty of time with my husband and children, i saw to'it that my son and daughter got excellent educations. My son Is a- professor of public financing and economics nt Rutgers University and an Instructor at the Banking Institute of New York. My daughter, since her graduation from college, has been associated with me in by business." Mrs. Sundelson believes that a of Homo Security has regulations to permit, illuminated merchandise display!) like tho shop windows pictured above. BRUCE CATION IN WASHINGTON BY BRTICE CATTON. in the end these alteration'; NEA Service Staff Corri-spomlcnt may add uu to ""^rations WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.-The! change in the of out thnt raft ot pamphlets to tuo workers, not in the hope that a lot of workers would tile tumults, but so tlint workers generally would know when they're covered by the law and when they aren't. A lot of the comnliilnU the administration gets arc from . ,- age n e wllnte ' man wlio Is heading; up the C. I. create such situations ns recently O.'s drive to organize the build- [came to public attention In coiling trades is Dennis Lewis, who ncctiou with some of the new looks enough like John L. so that Ueslroycrs. Su=gestcd remcdv Is n you'd know they arc brothers but, co-ordinntor who could Imrmon- , not enough like him to be classed fee the alterations with the orte- >„„) assign. and WAGE-HOUK DIVISION the most industrious as his double. Dennis Lewis is stocky muscular, like his brother, but is .GOES rather less beetle-browed-bom One of e most industrious physically and emotionally. Born publishers In the government ia In Colfax, la., 50 years ago, he Is, (he Wage and Hour Adnilnlstra- "" " ----- ' ...... "" " '"•"" ""'" ..... lion. Last year It got out 5,000,000 copies of a pamphlet explaining (he wage-hour law; last Octo- an ex-coal miner, a war veteran (six months with the A. E. P.) and- from 1924 to 1930 was director of mines and minerals in the governor's cabinet in Illinois. Then he put in three years with the U. S. Employment Service here, quitting in 1933 to become tremendous measure of her sue- assistant to the president of the - asssan o e pres ess is due to the fact that she I United Mine Workers vas the first insurnnr,. p™,f fn ™ was the first insurance agent to go after the business of the "little people." . "TJie first policies I turned in were on the lives of wage-earners and small business men—the people who are today the backbone of all insurance business. I figured that' tliey'are Hie ones who have a great need for life insurance, and I must have won them ever to my way of figuring." Books made by the natives of the Interior of Persia even today have pages of palm leaves, with the words inscribed with a pointed instrument. • Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON' EDWARDS, Proprietor All Makes of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machine, Calcnla tore—Rtpiirin R—P»rt»—KIbboni bulu , ng tor it Issued 3,000,000 copies of a new one which tells workers wlial workers to whom tho law doeai'1 apply, and the administration would like to get out from under. Right to Wed Defended For Teachers in Britain LONDON (UP)—If women touch- ers who wish to wed are forbidden to do so, they become soured and n menace In tho classroom, Mrs. T. E. Kay, legiil committee secro- Inry of tlie women Teachers' Union told Uio Social Hygiene Congress here. "Marriage docs not necessarily. make H person happy. Neither | _ __ ;_ __„ '_ __ PAGE FFVK one-third of the German spear-. Prison population ot the. UnUei head against Allied shipptu B , yet had fiimk only 60,0011 tons, Had »t ' The Ornf Blio tried" to run for It, eho might hftvo eluded capture—might have [sunk or hurt one of" her enemies before 80lh« down. Mod she ramnliied to be Interned she mlglit, It is true, havo become a total loss If uruguiy hud later declared war on acrmauy, as she did In 1017, and seized the Spce. o . p . .1 ; i' v < ;11 Imd Uruguay merely In- opce S Experience In- tcmwl "». hot socreU would have " " ...... become known not to Uruguay alone but, for instance, to our navy — secrets of f!ro control and socreU nbout Inlmml comiiarUnenta uo nrinngcri an to reduce damage by exploding shells or torpedoes. This liUtor secret has probably been preserved by tho way In which the sulcldo charges exploded. PROVED u;ss UFFICIKNT THAN WAS SUPPOKKn Dill beyond ihls, report? receiver! hero Indicate thnt the Nazis' experience with tho British cruisers hud shown Ihe spec was not only slowed by barnacles—which there was no tune to remove In Montevideo hnrbor—but had proved It) battle to bo less Hum tho fighting slllp they hnd supposed. Not only liiul British shells damaged her more seriously than Is generally known, but her own guns hnd failed her In accuracy because, at full speed, llio whole ship wna vibrating like n plimo wire to the Jnr of her Diesel engines. There arc two pocket battleships left, but our admirals refuse, to worry. And lirlllsh and French can now concentrate against them Iho ships used ngnlnisl the Spec. Palosttne's Dead Sen contains no living creature, since It Is too salty tor life, its chemical contents hiwc teon Gjllmntci'l to be worth moro thnn $1,200,000,000.000. clicates U. S. Building Policy Is Sound »)' THOMAS M. JOHNSON NBA Sorvlro KUfi Oorruyoiulwt WASHINGTON, Dec. 21.—Britain ami Franco now can concentrate Rgulnsl Clcrmnny's two remaining pocket battleships Iho war vessels Hint wo, used against (.lie Admiral Qrnf Spec, U Is believed horo. For the U. S. Navy lias rccolvcd no recent reports of other German cither surfuca or sub- nmrlno, In western hemisphere (Irnituitlo sulcldo will cllueh the U. 8. Navy board's conclusion tliat it dots not wish to build any pocket bntllcsnliw to sail under tho American ling. In sasslon night, and day, tho board hus studied every report on tho sea battle off South America, and Is asking tor inoro. Tho Navy's exports now are most unlikely to chimgo provlou«ly announced iilans to build morn cruiser* like the British cniLrer.s that won Ilia battle agalnal the Speci. si'Eli MIGHT UK USlil) AGAINST NAZIS Presumably publla clnmor to m«ka pocketshlps ot the protected eruLsors Columbia and Cleveland will end ' e Tlio spec's exit wns in' harmony SII.UKKNAOKI, & COMPANY Little Book . 1'lne BluH - Fort Smllh •*•>' JJI.H- i/Jic- miicii LfJLS wurKeiS WilCH. ••"""' " pi-inuii inn/jjy, ivt'ltnc their rights arc under the law rtoes n single life make them un 1 explains Iio\y they can sue happy. "uut If n woman wants to mnrry, and cannot, she may hnvc a disgruntled outlcok OH life. Tlml docs not mnkc the best person to train bosses if they're paid less than UIG minimum. Then It ran off 500,000 copies of a digest for employers. . All of children. "If she cannot marry because cannot alford to give up her MIILU 1LC lUVJft UVV.-L UlC UU11UHJ5 , u» « u*^^ol. lul UIIIJJIUJtTS. . .AJJ O trades campaign he had served ns these were sent out and dlstrib- u: a liaison man with press and pub- ; uted through the Held offices. lie for brother John. He's of the In the works now Is a pamphlet slu. ^....u,, ., iiulu lv) B , vu ul , ,, vl good-mixer type and is an able for union lenders, persoinic'l oifl- i Job, she Is liable to hava a grudyo speech-maker. To date he lias or- cers, and so on, Interpreting the [against authority. Such n person ganized 10 locals of the new con- law still further. ,. i s dangerous to have In tho clnss- structton trades union In 20-odd wage-hour people say they sent' room." elates." That barely scratches the — —— '•'• '— . - Miss Saylor's Hollingsworth's Nunnally's Lb. Elates." That barely scratches the surface, as Jie figures more two-thirds of the 3,000,000 building trades workers in the United States arc unorganized. NAVY BATTLES LACK OF-CO-ORDINATION : The navy's, lop-heavy-destroyer trouble arose not because any particular designer mude a blunder, according to reliable information, but simply because the set-up In the department hasn't been coordinated. A design for a new ship comes up and gets approved, and then passes through several different bureaus, each of which may make a minor alteration here and there In the interest ot its own specialty —guns, armor, or what-not. LAMP SPEC SANDEL Reading Lamp Here's a fine reading lamp made by the largest manufacturer of lamps in the country. Center indirect light carries three-way 200 watt bulb with control srrilch mahinsr it burn cither ZOO, 150 or 200 walls, also three candle liglils carrying individual Kinall bulbs iritli control sivitch enabling you to burn cither one, two or three of (lie candle Ifghts. This lamp has an attractive shade and standard shown in all colors. Bridge Lamps to Match §3.95 TABLE LAMPS OonJ assnrlmrni of larcc (f pottery ] nsf (ah),. Iamps >V will 18 inch shades, all *" rolor bases and shades, a special value at LAMPS UKI) LIGHTS DHKSSKU LIGHTS' DESK LIGHTS A Few of Our Store Full of Estni Values N. Y. Dressed Not Drawn H>. Fryers lb.19c Ib. 14c PORK ROAST Half or Whole Shoulders, Hams, Loins Xmas AVrappccl, Tcmlcmcd, Wilson Certified, Swift, 1'rcni., Armour, H). Bulk; Fancy Mixed ur English Walnuts, Ib. 15c 20 Bi FOR TARDY GIFT BUYERS! * FINE CANDIES .00 UP Attraclivcly Hoxcd For Christmas Something For the PIPE SMOKERS Give him one of (ho clever wocdcn beta of j» r l«» pli« tobacco, ll> sUe $1.65 Other Popular Tobacco 79c Lb. up Choc. Cherries Hi. 22c 5 Ib. Chocolates Box $1.10 Xmas Mixed or Choc ll> lOc Juniho i\Iilk-Fillcd BJetl. Fancy 5c~ Cambric 2-1 If). . 78c Swans Down 2<i 9Sc Omega, 10 Ihs. . -l!)c Sno-Shcen or .Swartsdown liox 25c Large / 2 Cans lOc 1'iincy Large You'll Need; Large or Snil. Guaranteed to (iivc You Host Quality & Save. No. 1, 111 E. Main—Rlythevilie—No. 2, 320 W. Phone 231 We Deliver Phone 767 Stationery Attractive and table- ful dcstsrw, nicely Frte. SOc up Coffee Maker Vacuum ' style coffco makers, electric or non-elcctrlo models. $2.45 up Perfumes Lcnlhorlc, Nome, and all other popular brand perfumes, bottles wltU atomticr fopa. $1,00 up Heating Pad Someone on yoiirKst wants an •,electric heal in5 pad, deluxe models. •"' . ?1.98 up Travel Kits Men's military Mis and travel kits. Ideal for men who go places. $2.00 np Fitted Bags Handsome leather IMJJS, completely lilted. They will for years. $18.50 Billfold Sets Genuine leather blll- fclils and key ring sets that will make gooil gffls. $1.00 up Pen Sets A complete 11 np 'of tlie famous Parker Pen and Pencil, sets $3.95 up BIBLES, FfVE YEAR DIARIES, SCRAP BOOKS and PHOTO Albums SOc up MEN'S SHAVING SETS All familiar brands ..: 69c up AGFA BOX CAMERAS 11.89 up. Candid & Folding Type Cameras $6.50 up RAZOR SETS 49c to $1,00 POCKET WATCHES $1.00 up MANICURE SETS 60c up SPECIAL! Salad Serving Sets Consists of special Salad Fork and Spoon, a special value al ; 33c PERFUME & POWDER SETS SOc up COMPACTS SOc to $3.50 X'mas Papers and Wrapping Materials ROBINSON'S "THE OLD RELIABLE DRUG STORE"

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