The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 4, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 3NEWS THE DOMINANT. NEWSPAPER OP NOh-ttlEAR*' iniriv.o.o ' »;,rx' t-A,;™™.™, ' '^ ' • • •• • *—THE DOMINANT, NEWSPAPER OP NOMttKASf' ARKANSAS "ANo'ebuTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIII—NO. 223 Blythevllle Courier. Blythevllle Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader LE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMmCK -I, SINGLE COPIES F1VR CENTS •' BALDWIN WARNS KING HE RISKS THRONE J.S. Flyer Faces Rebels in Spain Norman Hunt, Braggadocio, Is Victim; Biothei First on Scene OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 4—Norman Hunt. 25, of Braggadocio. Mo., drlv er for the carson-lilghtor Truck Lines, sikeston, Mo., was killed instantly aild his body badly burned when his truck turned over in a ditch and caught flre one-half mile south of osceola at seven o'clock , last night. | • Returning from Memphis to Cape Giraideau Hunt apparently was unable to make the curve in front of the, Delta Queen Night club and his truck plunged into the ditch on the north side of the road. Tr.c engine and one half-of the cab were buried In the embankment by the force of the impact and the trailer, partially loaded with freight, 'was thrown forward, landing on top of the cab. The gasoline tank burst arid tire quickly spread over the-mass of twisted steel and .freight. \ _v Hunt was alone but by : a strange " coincidence his brother. Jini Hunt 'of. Braggadocio, Mo., who was on _ his'., way to Memphis in his own "-.-car was appioachmg as tlit -iccl • <lerit: occurred and Witnessed th? iv.tragedy. Rushing into the night club he requested the owner. T. E. ' Dill, to turn in a 'fire alarm. Then, .suspecting that, the man under ' neath .the .burning', truck was' his brother, he called the Carson-Righ- lor offices at sikeston. Ayhere his fears were confirmed. :/ Osceola Motor Co and X C B Wood Motor;Co. sent wreckers to • : the scene and succeed ln-"''Millit"' ! the iruck^from the cab sufficiently foi the fire department to 'extin- , '.-Suisli the-flakes swift ambulance ullendants'removMj the body, which . . was lying in a pool of blazing-gaso- •.lliic rhe Swift Undertaking Co took the bodj to Braggadocio to (lay. ". Mr. Hunt.'unmarried. Is survived Miss Easley Better, Physicians Announce LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 4 (UP) — Hospital attendants- this afternoon said Miss Jaypee Easley, 26-year- old artist, suffering from streptococcus vcridans Infection of the heart, was .slightly Improved aild able to talk again. Physicians attending Miss Easley planned to give her another Vincent's serum treatment late this afternoon and attributed her marked Improvement since Wednesday to the fact that treatment had been resumed after additional serum, had been received from Paris, France. Halts Soviet Steamer Near Gibraltar and It to Ceuta Escorts Net Opeiating Income foi Nine Months Is Up Over $100000,000 .by ris father, one sister. .two brothers and Continental Announces Boost in Crude Prices Dec. ; PONCA CITY, Okla. (UP)—The Continental Oil coin pany today announced ah increase of 17 cents a barrel' in Its price for crude oil, effective • January ^, The boost 'will affect crude - oil of 40 degrees• gravity 'and above t'vvith the usual two-cehf differ ential on crude-below 40 gravity, announcement said. The new the Casting his lot with the government forces. Bert Acbsla. American flyer, has left the relatively quiet pursuit of civilian .flying for service in Spain's sav- nge civil war. Acosla Is pictured above in Pans just before going 1o Muren Sp<un his first post of duty One of the fl>ers \vjio crossed tho Atlantic bj air with Admiral Byrd, Acosla has-bee» making plans for the'proposed New- York-Paris 'air race in Way, 1937 WASHINGTON Dec 4 (UP) — American railroads earned net Income of $42,789,982, during, ; the first nine months of the year, compared with, a deficit of $60,- 18C.28I for the corresponding per'{'d of. 1935, the ''interstate 'Commerce Commission reported today. A compilation of earnings, of class one steam railways, based on 'ei'O'ts of 144 carriers, showed Net railway operating Income period at against KID.PECII; for the nine months this \e n 1935 of S145.140.542 this ";year against $146.287,646 in 1935, j and - federal income, taxes of $19.502,668 this •'ear against $12.850,261 last vear. GIBRALIAR, Dec 4 (UP)—The Suaniah r(,b"l gunboat Canovas del Castillo halted a Russian steamer four miles from here today by firing shots across {he ships bow Hebci officers ordered- the Bus •Ian ship lo Ccuta Spanish Mo rocco, under escort. Use Incendiary Bombs MADRID. . DSC. 4. (UP)^-De slructlon of the Arguelles and Ro sales dlstTMs of Madrid was almost completed today by inccndtarj bombs dropped bj 31 rebel inkier, which flew over the city at 2 pm Earlier Information', that the planes had dropped no bombs wa disproved by an Investigation of'llie districts in mid-afternoon. Women Burled' In Twelve to fifteen persons niostlv women, were reported to have baer burled in the ruins of on uiinrt- •ill house which was set afire and three-fourtlu> destroveu Bomus In Marques dc Urquijc street in the Resales district wen reported to have killed five mer ind three women Half a dowr. fires in the Argueles district were still burning in late afternoon Formei Boxer Gets Fiu- lough from Prison for) £ Effort to Save Sight Racing Fees and Taxes Yield State $279,317 LITTLE RCCK irk—Tap horse race meetings at'Hot Springs and three dog race meetings- at West Memphis brought the state $379 31782 in taxes and fees since rac ing was authoraed bj the 1935 general assembly it was shown In a report filed ^esterdaj by Ed Par- of the state racing price for 4n degres^»ravity crud .will be Sl-35 a barrel. i "The statistical position of (he oil industry justifies an increase in the • crude price," said Dan Moran, .president of Continental. "Continental will advance the price in areas hi which it is' a large purchnser." The glove of a child, found in the 'painted box of royal robes in King Tutankhamen's tomb, is said to be the oldest glove of which there Is record. J.IEMPHIS Dec 4 (UP)-^Joe 'Kid" • Peck, former southern imid- dlewelght champion, who has serv : ed the.past'19 months In the Arkansas state .'penitentiary, ;underwent a delicate eye operation here today., to save his sight I impaired in the ring Peek, 'who defeated -Eddie-.Wolf for the southern title in 1930 lost the use of his left eye as the result of a ring fight five yeais go and is now 'about to lose the other, which probably also failed because f a boxing Injury, specialist at the Memphis, Eye, ar, Nose and Throat hospital said he retina In Peck's right eye was etached and that lie was able to •ee- only hand movements. He doubted if the operation would restore sight in Peck's only remaln- ig eye. 'The chances are very, »or," he added. He said it might be,necessary for nore than one operation. 'To the top ol the porchl h the lop ol the •Kail! A'oB> cfiuh a&ayl <iajri apay/ Jaih attflli oil!" (Continued in Next Issue) ONLY 17 j.S.U. and,Santa Clara To Meet in Sugar Bowl N'KW ORLEANS, Dec, 4 (IIP) — Louisiana Slate University unit Siintu Clara were selected to- ilny to piny In the sugar Howl football name In-New Orleans' On New Vcar's Day. I'. S. u. completed Ils 10- Kiinip srhi'duln for 1930 undefeated but u a s ; tied by Ttxiis. Simla Clara Ls unbeaten and un- flfd but has u Una! jjame schfd- Hrd with Texas Ohrlslluu Uul- l)rc. Againsl Wai I is Preparation (01 ' War Seen in Buy Big Ships [vxppclccl Rush 'to I TROOPS GO Indignation Results Horn Seizme Yesteulay of Ftingt ao BANKING, China, Dec. 4 (UP) —Negotiations for' better relations between China mid Japan ended abruptlj todaj as Indignation In \, creased over the Japanese occupa-i, Hun of Islngtao Shlgeiu Kavvogc WASHINGTON, Deo. . 4 (UP) — Soviet If.issla and Jnpnii are buying American airplanes at a fast growing pace In preparation for the war which military experts now believe may bi'eak out next spring, United Press learned today Russia wllh hoi enoimously gicalu icsouuc 1 . ls> oiitstilpplng Japan In purchases of these plnnra at a ratio of nciirjy two to o'lK 1 , in addition Soviet factories are tinning out humUei's of Ilehtinr. planes Dining the past ao dajs Soviet npimuilmntcly, $1,000,- totaled I tin mod these purchase-; were said Japanese am-r° Uc melt -b Ihe pielmlc lo olher bassadoi announced he would "L' 1 ,?,'. Mic "! l) [ > ! a . c . e . < '..,. fo1 fntllrc leave tomoirow foi where, he Would puuling developments nltclj : C!iinese autlioritl'ps demanded that Japanese marines, who'sein- ed the Yellow Sea port Slranehal i ltm "> °> concerning which remain "iiidefl. bon " flclc '"nulrlcs'. havo been made of Amurlchnmanufacturers. dav be iemo\cd all aircslcd Chi- neie released and seized documents returned. mm is LUST Horse races yielded $2a5 476 18 and dog races $l2JDB87a and an additional $25289 was received foi a franchise for a horse race track at West Memphis which never -was constructed. The report, submftt-d to He^e kiah Highfill chairman of the com mission showed that th= total am ount passing through the pan mutual machines at the five meetings was $5601483 The Racing Commission spent $1976550 and tb,e state comptroller s office $1700 to supervise and audit the racing meets Bailey Completes Commi-j- ' s,on Which \V,I1 Handle State Road Program" LITTLE ROCK Dec 4 (UP) — Gov elect Carl F Bailey announced tociaj he would appoint Di H B Mobley Clarendon as the seventh member of the state ni. Dr commission Mobiey will represent the Backfire of Tractor Ignites Waste Oil The backfire of a tractor, used in a corn husking and shelling operation at W. A: Coleman's Bly- lhevllle Feed and Coal store, on of Walnut, igniled Pifttl congressional district on the board and his appointment completes the personnel of the commission. Police Commission Meets LITTLi ROCK Dec 4 (UP)— The Arkansas State Police commission was scheduled to meet late today and compile ils an nual ( report and deliver a certified copi to Gov e'ect Carl E Bailey as well as "Gov J M Putrell. Members of the commission , waste oil but caused little damage yesterday morning. Firemen who responded to an alarm stayed Peck, now 36, was given a fur- awhile to watch ; the corn husker ough from the Arkansas penitsn- 1 arid sheller .In operation. Earlier in the morning a ser-' vant's house at the rear of Mrs. G. S. Barnes' residence, 1037 West Walnut street, was practically destroyed by flre. The loss wss estimated at around $200. The night before fire of unknown origin caused slight damage at Sternberg's garage on north Second street. lary to undergo (he operation. Ha a trusty there and has only 60 more ; days. to serve" of a sentence which resulted from the death of a man and woman In Little Rock n 1934. The former fighter said he was automobile driven by a wo- nan friend when • Uie car. struck .he couple. He said he,got rid ol -he woman and reported the accident to the police, who charged him with manslaughter. ,. It .will be six or efght weeks before results of today's operation will be known. Bandages will be kept over his eye for a week or two. Peck Ls an Arkansan and has rcfereed several wrestling and boxing matches in that state. following an informal conference this-:- morning; said that it was possible .that the entire group would offer their resignations to the governor-elect, effective January 11. when they confer with him late today. ••, "By submitting our resignations at this lime the new governor can go ahead and select a new commission without embarrassment," one member explained. Gray * Albright, superintendent of the state rangers, whose work is directed by the commission tald that none of those officers are planning to offer their resignations but would await the naming of a new commission by .the next governor. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (Up) _ Cotton closed steady. open high low Dec 1225 1227 1223 Jan 1205 1211 JBOS March 1203 1208 1202 May 1192 1198 11S1 July U78 1183 me Oct 1134 113S 1126 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (Up) _ Oil shares led a rally on Ihc stock exchange today when several of the leading companies raised the price of crude oil 17 .cents a barrel, effective Jan. 4 A. T. & T. 188 1-4 American Waterworks .... 25 Anaconda Cop , 48 j_j Beth. Steel 71 3 . 4 Chrysler 123 Cities Service —.....— 3 1-2 G«n Am. Tank 75 Gen. Elect. 50 , 8 Gen. Motors 6S Int. Harvester 97 3 _ 4 1204 (McKesson 13 j., 1191 I Montgomery Ward 65 3 . 8 1176 i Packard close 1223 1206 1126 Spots closed steady at 1264 tm- changed. •• .' ' Spot Avenge Is 12,43 The average »rlce ot 7-8 Phillips Petro., 16 3 _ Radio ......-,. n i St,L. & San, F, ........ 26 . 8 Simmons Beds : 42 3.4 - — J on N. j. ...;, »« 13 1-J New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 4 (UP)— Cotton held steady and closed 1 to 3 points higher. A sustabilns factor was the realization amoni traders that cotton had not advanced In line with Uio wholesale price of commodities whlcl was well up. open high low close Dec 1220 1228 1223 122^ Jan 1201 1205 1201 1204 March 1199 1204 1199 1206 May 1188 1193 1187 11&8 July 11V4 1177 1173 1175 Oct 1133 1136 1127 1127b Spots closed steady at 1255, lin changed. Livestock m ON fiOILT! PIUS jjmg Total to 17 Senljenc- ed by Judge Reeves Camtheisville t CARUTHERSVILLE. -Mo.. Due. i— Fourteen entered pleas of giill- tj in circuit court here yesterday ind iccelved 'entencis ranging from two to stv years from Judge James M Heeves This makes 17 'ho have been sentenced lo prison during the cunent term of court They, are: Blytheville Ark six yeais ench 'or lobbery Geoigi. Brown ne- gro i sjx jeais for robberj, John Montgomery and Joe Farrell negroes four and two >ear>i respectively for stealing hay. Javld Lii)ib five ieai-s for steal- ng automobile; Carl Wntkins. two year, parole revoked for stealing "ii ' Carl Lott, six years' for robbery of C W Puckett W R Bnmson negro Uo jean for cairynig concealed weapon; James Moh- dalne negro two veau to Algoa farms tor theft of D I Clark s Dining Ilio \\as ttpoitul approximately saint peilod Japan to have purchased $600000 worth of Amcilcan airplanes, and has placed ordeis foi 01 made concerning additional shins. V'irlimlh all uf the Russian oidei dipuitmcnt of commcicc of ilcliih said was turned out by the Mai tin facloij neai Uiillliiioic 'Ihc ships wcro big transiwrts •Intlni to those used In rcgulai almajs transpoit scivicc In this Lounlij While the) : non-mlllluj officials ngree Stanley Divldwln (above) prlnn minister of Great BilUiln, who lia ' taken 'Mahtl h they could be converted easily Into deadly bombing planes ' ' "~~ Young New Prey dent, „ of Osceola^ Civic Club ] OSOEOLA Alk—A W Youn^ att.oniej \sas elected president of (he Osceola Civic club bvislneis mcns urganizatlon nl a •yesterday. Othei officers for the ensuing >ear arc o E Mnsscngill drug gl^t vice-president ami TOL Rhode 1 ; ajtorney secretary trctaiurer It was announced that Iho next meethig of the club v<lll bo held December 10' at the high school building, where • Juncreon will be served by the home economics class. The speaker for this mectlui; will be Di ullln IjCivclt of Peabo Iv college Nashville, remi, who.vvlll address a P.-T. A. meeting on the precedjng day, ouposltlon to tlio mnnlage of Kin: that Edward VIII. and Mrs Walll and Monroe Jackson, three years paroled for house breaking and burglary; :Troy Hutchison arid Clifford Boyd, two years each for stealing automobile; Vf. o.' and Davis Smith, brothers, two years each for felonious assault rand paroled, provided they leave the stale; Charles Lucas, six years for forging checks; Leamon Evans, five years confirmation of a prior sentence; Alfred Johnson, negro, two' years for felonious assault- Charles Wilson, two years for larceny, the stale waiving its burglary charge. ' Cases set for hearing later include that of Livime Newton, ne- gro, charged with assault with a deadly weapon and taking some money several weeks ago from Mrs. John Lay, near Haytl, mother of Bernle Lay of this city. This case Is .set. for next Tuesday. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Dec. (UP)— Hogs: receipts 10,000 Top 10.10 170-230 Ibs 9.95-10.10 140-160 Ibs 7.75-10.00 Bulk SOOT 9.00-9.33 Cattle: receipts 2,000 Steers 10.60 . Slaughter steers 5.SO-12.00 Mixed yearlings atid heifers : • $.00-7.50 - - : Slaughter betters 160-11.00 ' ;Becf -cows 4.00-5.00 • . • Cutters, and low cutters 3.00-S.1S Will Hold Adjourned Day of Chancery Court An adjourned day of the February term of chancery court will be held here tomorrow. .It Is likely that a number of the local bar will be elected to serve as acting chancellor because- Chancellor J. F. Gautncy of Jonesboro has Indicated that he 'will hot be able to hold court. As usual divorce cases predominate on the docket awaiting disposition tomorrow. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 126 126 3-8 124 3-4 124 31-4 122 3-4 120 3-4 120 3H Chicago Corn Simpson, liclwai'd Repotted Determined to Cany Issue to Biilisli People Uy WEBB MILLER t * tlnllul 1'riii!. Start Correspondent LONDON, Dec. 4 (UP)—prime- lnlslci Stanley Baldwin faced an ' ilsloilc !>osslon of parliament today MM! threw a clew-cut challenge, to ^ ting Edward vill. lo drop lit, ilnnb to marry Mrs. Wallls Simp-; on 01 abdicate. , • • There could b« no mistaking tho lj ] iicanlng of the blunt country squire'' vho heads his majesty's .govern- * ncnt i ' DnWw'ln..Informed commons, that ' i morganatlo manlago Is contrary .0 English law and anvonc Jlie ' ting nnuik"i automatically becomes queen; Since, the so^mmcnt has taken an lirevocable stand agalns^ Mrs. 3!mpson',s becoming queen, tlia ting would have no choice but to !lvc up Ills tin-one and empire If he persists In marrjlng her Sees Kltir at Belvedere Baldwin used as a strong wen* • ixm against the king the statement thai the British dominion*, which iniibt be consulted In siicll cast's, are opiwied to any change In the law which \vould permit a, morganatic marriage. Aftei commons 'adjourned Baldwin motored to Fort Belvedere, the king's country residence, and 11 wai , understood he 1 went thcic to exerb i • fuilbci pressure on the king by acquainting him vitli the communl-' o cations he has received from tha -. dominion prime ministers. Baldwin summoned it cabinet meeting-for 10 am tomorrow.,,' There were strong Indications that the strong-willed monarch lii- \ tends to accept" the challenge and ^ fight back, carrjhig tlfb Issue to v his peoplei and risking losing the* dominions, which 1 'Baldwin said aie opposed to v the marriage., 1 -. \ u Edward Plans Defiance , The king has sent Mrs Simpson Into seclusion with friends In Fnend of King Seekin'g Seclusion in Villa Near Cannes PARIS.- Dee. 4. (UP) • Mrs "Cull! Surrenders And Is Sent to Leavenworth ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Alryc U. Mc- illl, former wealthy rice miller of Stuttgart, Ark., who was ordered to surrender to the United Slates narshal Nov. 14 to begin sen-Ing a five-year prison term for mall fraud, appeared at the Marshal's jflice Wednesday and asserted he lad been wailing lo hear from his Roger, attorney. He was sent to Leaven-' worth penitentiary. His attorney, Verne R. O. Lacy, asked the United States district court Nov. 20 for a slay of commitment, .which was denied. A motion of the district attorney's office-to forfeit McGill's $6000 appeal had been dismissed as out of time. - ; He was convicted here last March of using the mails to defraud the Boatman's National Bank of St. Louis and the Bankers' Trust Co. of Little Rock, Ark. His defense was Insanity. Wallls Simpson was- in France to 7 day, speeding across the country toward 'seclusion at the villa 'of friends In Cannes on the Riviera. The American divorcee was riding In- a black Bulck automobile, a hotel proprietor said nt Rouen, with license " number CUL-548. She left Rouen shortly before noon with blinds drawn and headed .south. The United Press confirmed In London Unit King Edward VIII. presented Mrs. Simpson wjth such n car and that the plate was CUL-543. The king's cars are licensed from 542 through 548. Her destination was believed lo be Villa Lou Vlell, at Cannes, belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rogers, old friends from America Servants at the villa said the were absent all day but that "a Mrs. : Simpson" was expected there. Trance while he faces his' citsis alone . ' It was said on the highest^an-"*" thorlty that he intends to defy Baldwin, the t LOiiservatlves^ tlje • clwgy and the press and form a- govcinment headed by the bHlliant, erratic Winston 'Churchill. u „ A general ..election would • resnlt- and the people would:decide. The royal fainlly was i-cported to have been advised of the king's decision Queen Mary, H was said threatened to retire into seclusion *• for the rest of her life while the- Duke ot York, heir to the throne,- thicatcned lo leave the country with his Scottish duchess: • Object to Divorcee j London's great newspapers, believed to be acting on dhecb government ?Inspiration,'-: increased-' 'heli lerilflc pressuie on King Edward today and brought out clearly at last the real objection to Mrs Wallls Simpson. H Is that she Is a twice-dlvprc-.t < eel woman, and that her. romance y-j with the king before and after*; the second. one—which has jet to be made final—has been tho f| subject of gossip. Takes Pasteur Treatment Following Bite by Dog Tommy Little, son of Mr. and Mrs. Torn A. Lll}!e, is being administered Pasteur treatment as a precautionary measure after being bitten on the nose by a small do^, He was bitten by the dog while playing with the animal at-, tho Central ward school grounds. So far there has been no • Indication that the dog was suffering -from rabies. Truman for Federal Law to Curb Reckless Driving WASHINGTON.—Senator Harry S. Truman of Missouri said Thursday he would, atk congress to cn r act ^ legislation designed .to remove from, traffic ;"a- large number of reckless'-drivers," His plan/ outlined >in a statement, proposes a '-Federal require- inent of- n stale license based on ability to'drive 'before an automobile could be- driven across a state' line. Ho would make Inter- s'ste travel without d license a felony. . , n Truman said 'automobile 'accidents and fatalities "have increased - to such an 1 ' alarming extent that soiiiethltlg should' be done to stop them.' BEAVER, Pa. (UP)—No one needs to. ask the time in the 15- room house of the Behnaman sisters of Patterson Heights. Thirty clocks, some of them 200 years old, line the mantels n(«, the -walls. 1 . The sisters — Wllhelmlna. and Marie Behnaman and Mrs. Clara B. Ttylor—wove, willed the clocks by; th.elrj father', WIIHclm, who cols Deo . ^.7 , -".v*! ; *u tilt | t < T ILllimUi .ftUW VUl"V open • high', 'low •;< close lecied the timepieces over a psrlod ' ! - of _years after he arrived Irt the 7-g 103 3-8 102 3-8 102 6-8' United States in 1810. Two British Battleships .'.'. To Be Heavily Armored LONDON.' UP)—Contracts for raoro- thaii 20.000 • tons of armor plate, the largest orders of the kind placed since'the war: .are to be awarded by the British navy. /Tho'plate will be used mainly in' the construction of two iiew battleships to be laid downi in Jata- imrjvand^-Ul cost about $30.000,000.- It Is undersloidithat the battUsshlpa irtl! be the most heavily :plAted' vessels ever butlt- for< the navy, ,. , Present Final'Draft T of C^vil Service Bill Ivy W Crawford, Mississippi county representative in lhi> state legislature. Is attending the meeting of Governor-Elect Carl E Bailey's honorary,civll service commls- , slon and tho legislative'group ap-, , pointed toiconfef wltht with-^tlx- -„! commission, at the Marlon." hotel fit J-l Ltttle Rock today ^ lf,k*.| Rajmond Rebsamen, chairman of the commission, has announced ; the commission's final draft of Ils proposed'" civil service code for.'stato employes will be presented at today's .meeting Majoj- Crawford has expressed hlinself as well pleased with the sincerity, high purpose and painstaking wOr.k o{ the honorary commission In investigating the whole field of civil service employment In the various state ^ovcrnmenli now using such a' system ' WEATHER .Arkansas night, : Occasional Saturday; rains to- SHghtly warmer'frT^exlreme noith portion tonight - , , Memphis and vlclnll}—Ilair to«' night, lowest temperatures 43"to 48. Saturday partly cloudy to cloudy. * t , Kv V J * ^: * 4

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