The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 3
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JANURY 14, 1930 fi VernonArwo< >' 1Draws L! Heaviest Court Fine COTTON \M S. BLYTHiiVJLLE. (AUK,) COURIER-NEWS ED mm i Vcrnon Anvood drew Ihe heav-1 |l«t tine meted out by Judge W. iU. Grave-tie in police court yes-1 jteruuy, a sioo fine on a plea ofi isuiliy to a charge of transporting! illmior. The fine Is the least, under] i , the law for the offense. I Milton Summers was acquitted of 'inr-innih' PrniWen,. P v « |a , cllarec of mlbllc 'hnnkenness by L . on ~ incmnati rrotessor I re-j me court and a charge of VIM-!$l 80,000 Jonesboro Cot- diets Inrrease in Fni-oion !a " cy "2 nm st Cecil Warren was . c -, n lit uius, mcreabt, in i orcign -.„,.,„ d i smlsscd ten Suit Brought Here on 1 reduction. I Four cniered pleas of guilty to "' ' ' ' iehaiges of public drunkenness and NEA Srrvlrc h'e.'e fined SIS each. They were: o Change of Vemic. CINCINNATI—Cotton, king O r I-te'iimic Wnsam Oliver Bryant. W. le Soutli's crops for decades is!''- Pf <^fost and Sam \Vallinssford. accd with abdication from ' l(s i „ P 0 ' 108 " 5 ? f S' 5 "c^ by A. C. ii-ont in favor of some oilier crop, -cording to Dr. Earl C. Cas?. asso- a;o professor of geography i» the oHcjre of Liberal Aits. University ' Tills, in fuce of the widespread rov.tli of cotton in ihe south. :ems to te a radical thought, bin if. Caw bases his opinion on » Uiiy of International Ira-Jc which, e says, intiuences cotton cullur.- nd manufacture. "If this trade were suddenly in-' rruplcd." he says, "it would bring I Uaster lo every important cotton- ] n:it!C!i and Clarence Dcran ' on' 'hnrgci of disiuiblng the )>cacc wcr furfclicd upon f;dJn:-e to appen in court. Reflecting (he consesled condi-j ilou of the circuit e-um In Die Clilckasav.'ln district of Mississippi' county, 158 cases are listed gn ihei i bar deckel for the January term I ; c-f civil court which convenes here' j iiexi Monday with Judge W. \V, i Bandy rf I'nrr.gould presldiny. i All caies have l«cn tentatively ! ret for t!u> first four days of the ] ! two weeks session but it Is pener- • ally understood thai the early dates 1 have been slated lo allow the court | j nncl ntt-rncyr, to agree on the date of actual trlnls later In the term. S180.0W Cotton Suit 1 Many easier of Interest Lire slated . ._ The list of pupils on lhc lionar I |CI ulal '" tlle January term with | and cotion-nianufacturii.'; | ro " 'or Ih" Iccal grail? sc-dools t'cr. K eoltj" su 't brought lo the local j .luniry In the world and wonlil ' ''ie fourth niontli totals (i7, an In-• COUT1 0!1 a ehsngc of venue from •.'tiiace the clothing supply of ;i >n crease of 3 over the third month ! lhc Cra| 8"C"d county in whleli ar copies. -The totals for the first and sccon-i ! num ' ;e " ° r Sllits ul ' c consolidated! "Cotton is, from the point of view | month, respectively, were 90 an;! '"volving dnmogc elnims of approx-i Sudbury with 33 on the cov-i ilnau ' | i' S180.COO against the Jones-' PAGE THRER ( Continued frem I'ai-.e 1) IKrsons . who <M.,I,,H«I the 'levee ii.ii ,.» m\ir here last Services Are Held For Clarence Wood* i 1AJXORA—Funerni services were he-Id Sunday afternoon for Clarence Woods, 30, who died at 11)8 hume of his mother Saturday .nlglil following an Illness of pneumonia. The Rev. T. M, !>lunk«tt officiated at (lie services, conducted from llie llniillsl church, and burial took plncr; Hi Sandy cometery. veinbtr as Hie December meeting was dispensed wllh due to Illness of various members of llie council and relatives. Mr. Woods became III two weeks U K O employed on a ulaula- at Cnssldy " l ?' lt - , |tlon In l.niidrrdilc county, Tfnn., Ihe avnaimii- ion. a im s e snpim-nr Mix. and wavuroiijjlil to Cils in lhe lev.v hnUlln K n .--e.i ollcliy se\cra! days ngo. trouble, IhvoiiKh VIM fhxxl voters! Ho | 5 .survived by Ills tvlfo; )'ili pouted tod.iy. A luvse new uf imulher, Mrs. Ed Harden; two workmen vi-:c i o Hie U-vee brothers, Francis Woods mill W»l to prevent a ^u-adini; of [heller Woods, nil of Uixora. breach, and guards. II mis liullcni.: cd, would bv plinid lo prevent an. i oincr. • ' The hole \\ili t; mse ihe flood- Ing of liuiuiiTiL* ul ncics of faun hinds and in llie event of iidill- llonal rains, a t-oiHrtcrubli- property damage. Coldwnlcr livrr today was nl a '! ltv elly council will be held al higher lcvi-1 Hum anting die I!i2? I flood when uuards were Xep-. aloni; City Council To Hold Regular Meeting Tonifht regular monthly meeting of : ll '° c ")' tonlglit. Only routine . l"i«l»Pss of the city government Is . the levee n-nral weeks. Highways exuecled to be presented at the In qullinan nuiniy were nude: criU feet ol were closed r scv- water and schools mce!l;ij!, nccmdlng io Mayor Nulll eled list leads (he schools, although ! t=r "' Com P''css Co., vs a group of Marlon N'ixon has (jone on other Central Ward with 30 pupils had 1 wllcn owners who seek re-imburse- honeyiiicons—in the movies—but. | Use highest percentage on lhe Irjn-! mc " 1 for '!'e value of cotton stored here yen see the petite fll-n star I rti- t-nTI r m. -..i i • , „ . _.. I ,•,, . i, „ ..„ _..i.i._i_ i . ..i I . ... A » .», *j«.». ji in lor roll, lanyc school had 24. Tlie. 111 lllc cciniircjs which war, destroy-I on a real unc with n rci'l husb-u'd impils having made the honor mill" 1 by fire. The case, styled Char-1 thill a casting director dldn'l se- Hi the various schools for lhe -Hh \ lcs Simpson ct nl vs Joneslxiro j lect. inontli are as follows: -j Ccmyir?ss Ci.. is set for the seccnd ^tidbury School—1st grade: Juno Workman, John Hampton. Dorolliv- Cruss, Mary Louise Wnters, Roseli' Wells. Pauline Hauluin. Marie Peek, Clint Wheat. Dorotliv Salcc- cf court. Other cases of interest include lhe suit cf relatives oi U. M. Sam- tr.cns, aged pedestrian who 'was killed svhen struck by a car driven by. Second grade—Mildred Miilr, l)y B - H - McConnsll. a candy sales- the's Mrs. Edward Hillman now. and Is pictured above with her new husband, a Chicncoan, ai Miami IJeach, Pla. Malcolm McDermiti. Eugenia Craivford. Geneva Alexander, Nct- ' tie Bcswc-;;. ! waotcn, I'aullnc (Joyce, Uetty Sue 'Molly Oi;ard. Masscy, Sudbury. Billy Irep- Betty Jiian. near Lsachville several weeks I a?o. Dnmuses of $15,MK> are Mughl. | McCrnncll is :il liberty on bond after being bound over to awaii (lie action of the grand jury on tloisc Raiuey. Third grade | eharse of manslaughter in conncc- f international (nule, the mosl ni|iortant among the produce of he farm. Cotton textiles huld the ' —W. II. Davis. Ids Klebaii. Reb:cca Saphian, Edith Mae Brock, l-'onrlh [;rade—Virginia Brown, Bonnie Jcrm UiiL-naimn. Fifth yradu -Wanda Lee 1'ieliicr. Sixth crailc-^Kstrn I.iv- iuiptou, Spencer Alexander, Cli',- quita iJoiiBlas, Jijck Wilfon, ^.lil- di-ed Lee Norman. Lange school—First grade—Mnr- ii with the accident. The case sap separating Blyllievllle several terms of court, Jed for that ol I £i-vuai terms 01 court, is mat ot I points of Geneva and Jessie Krech vs Coca-' i as i V ce t Cola Bottlmsr Works and J. A. Leech. Damages' of approximately 51,750 are s=ught by the plainillTs wh& allege that thi; presence of a foreign clement in a "Coc.i-clo.i" Arkansas ivns narrowed k when 4.:I25 hales were brought to compros here, brins- ins the season's lulal to 113.5IH bales. Litlic notk has received 119," 49" bales and Tine Blulf. which leads the state, lias received 170.091. Total receipts fci- tlie stale last week were 20.118 laics, wlifcli coni- ame rank among Die products o! I vin Smith. Mildred Smith Ellul he factory. In 192!). collon and cat-1 Uumiaway, Jniinita Houston. MM- ! purchased by Geneva Krcch made on yocds accounted fur abonl on;-jsn Jackson. Second grade'—Jin- '"-' r violently 111. The foreign ele- Isth of lhe value of all iiii.crn-.i- "Ha Waldreii, Jerry Cohpn. Jean- " : ™l, it is claimed, was a spider. I pares with 2-',OG7 forTlie Vvcc'k'nrr- lonal trade. | etts Jean Sebough. Manrinc Hill. 'Hie suit Is set t:r the second day vious and 15393 for Hit-sani" \ie--k- "For more than 100 years, llie I Third grade—J. B Holt, Robert! as is the case ot J. I,erem- and! a year ato Arhun=iis compresses mcrlcan cotton belt, wii.h bill j Herrick, Margie Nierstlieimcr. Wy- Alabama Pish and Ovster Co vsihavc n-cnived 1 254 199 Inles ' ' mall percentage cf lhe woi'Id'r '- *'-~ ------ -- - • - •- • • ' • •'•" '•'"• !> 1 show a very different story. A litudy of the several factors in- t'olvcd lead to the belief that fu- re development will not be as ijteiuly or rapid in the United Sialej is hi other parts of ihe world."It is a well-known law In eco- |j;iomlcs that, in order lo fivoiil ex- alii ly Bom-land, Betty Jo Essary, Betty Lou Kramer. Third—P. T B'jesslve loss there should te ; . i Hanuy, Jane Nicholson, Mildred | court is the care of R N Farrar pin-ending of Hie risk Involved. The | S™' 1 .- Fourth grade—John Curtis, well known 'flan'.cr. agaiiilk £!»> i vclve certain school funds. Scheduled for tlie fourth (by of Helena Kt/t 113.M4 110.091 81.C23 110,540 52,934 01,353 37,515 . . , lAmerican cotton tell is a compact j J »«:or Curils. Jane McAdams, Eve- i subject in its entirety to ml-1'*" Smart, E. M. Terry jr.. Iverse conditions. The Mexican boli Slracke, Mildred Johnson, Ttj.vecvil, high-priced labor, or even ['jnfavor.ible weather may slrike f.vith sua-deniiess ihe entire region. "The non-American totton-grow- B ng- areas; on the other hand, arc ' Anit:i . Todd Harrison, Dick Duncan. Sixth grade -•Patty Shane, Virginia Durham. St. Louis ami Snn Francisco Rail-1 McGehee Fort Smith Forrest City 655 5)27 Gin 5111 Newport .... 54,581 ffi.oin 48.490 SC.571 49.M9 . , Frances Little. Mary Elizabeth Bo- ; mm, Louise I.eggett. Hliema Hur- eett, Cicne Sykes. i "° ' ~ - —*• u - ."^i- . - wiucr 0:110 ins lanus. jlvidcly scattered and lhe adverse j Interest in u.e outside reading i AmoMK othcr 51 , its are . l\-o:irtitiotis in some areas are oifset campaign which is being conducl- ' nad Co. The planlcr is suing the railroad company for S25.000 alleged to have been (he profit Iliac f r" 11 would have been made on his crop <"««" In flCIUS :f the railroad company hod not • blocked natural drainage, forcing i water onto his lands I LUXORA-Due to the excessive ! rains of tile several weeks, a adults. Just rubbed on, Viclcs acts thru the skin like a plaster; it also gives off T • J O D • | medicate <l va- Injured By Kam jpors which are 'inhaled. Manitoba Will Exclude Married Women Workers WINNIPKi. Man., Jan. M IIJP) —Acllon will U' taken wllhln lhc nexl few wteks by tlie Manitoba provincial government lo remove from government positions all married women without dependents, according lo an aimounrcii'.cnl by C. M. McCann, civil tervlci! com- inis^loner. Effetlve January 1. ai\ amenrt- tnciit was adopted by the cabinet of lhe province ordciliig all government departments tu cease em- ployliif niurrlcd women whose Ims- Iwuds- arc iraue-eaf ncrs. Inclusion uf Enairied wouie-n who do not need work from government positions is expected to relieve to some extent tlie present unemployment situation. McCaim said. Itccil. I The meeting I first inonllily lonlsia will be the -etlii .since No- meeting } Illness council AMERSHAM. England, Jan. 14 (UI>>— Mr. Isabellc Free, 65 years of age, recently cliajfd, cauglit iind killed a rat Improves Condition of Scalp More and W More COLDS treated EXTERNALLY A GENERATION AGO, Vicks originated the better method of treatingcoldsexrerna//y. Today, the whqjc trend of medicaj practice is away from nee<Uess"dos-' ing",.and the demand for Vicks has increased to "Over 26 Mil. lion Jara Used Yearly." Mothers appreciate Vicks, because there's no "dosing" to upset children's stomachs. It is equally 'good for "In fact, lhe non-American pro- lluction of more than 10,000.001) | rales during each of the last, fou:- pears was greater ihan that for the. United States during any one of lihe three preceding years. It is with a total of 474. The room of Miss Gladys Hiirdin wr.s second r _. . with 307 books. The record ma;lc TOUf UlVOrce Actions by Mrs. Armstrong's room broke all previous record for the total number of books read. The total lor only by good fortune that we have' lne various months of the. year Im continually gro«i mora than one-j'' 5611 ° 5 follows: first 1383, 2nd 25fS. half of Hie world crop, a record ;'""'3nl 2091. The number of booxs Iwhich is likely to be lost with t!v;! rcad by rooms for the pnst moiu-i 1 . unfavorable . cotton season in I were as follows: Sudbury school- America. I Mr- Morrs, 116; Miss Peters. 123: "The uncertainty of the future |J^ S -.Webster, 187; ,Mte Booker, |coi-.on production In Ihe cotton together with the increasing {remand fo American mills, has te- tome a matter of international con- 106; Mrs. Anderson. 70; Miss Armstrong. 102: Mrs. Lane. 212. Central Swift, 140. Langc school—Mis; Ward—Mrs. Armstrong, 474; Miss Jern. The full significance of lhc elements 133; Miss Hardin. 301, and Ku-oblcm can be understood on!y! Mrs - Hardin, 1G8. Yvhen one notes the worldwide in- ', .crest shown In tlie development of i PrOillfSC Ldlld N CIVS he cotton-textile industry. i ,, , ' , ' , "As a result, experimentation In " r " nd ""• ""^«?. C«™- Filcd During Monday Four divorce actions were filed in chancery coin I yesterday with tinea wives and one husband listed as plaintiffs. Elise Cn-.ddock is nskiiij: the chancellor to grant- her a divorce from R. J. Craddock. Nelll. Reed is attorney for the plaintiff. He nlso ' represents Mary Swift, who Is asking for n divorce from Taylor Sw!f',. Effle Marissll s;eks n divnrca from Newton Mansell. J. L. Morris has named Effie Arthur Morris, defendant. In a divorce action. Claude P. Cooper represents the ptaintifls in the two cases. otlon growing is'S^S on j «ft ^ ™ *%%«£* '^ to more than a dozen countries and ! ^"promise ^ind "^^ some cases «,«, surprisingly; °' I . P T Ue ^ l L' who ha, been L. C. Willian '-spending the fall with Jim CMirlev. [successful results." Textile interests in Japan Great jfm rcwrncd ,„ llis homc in y- promoling cotton' ^Huw'wl 1 "fSI" ™l r O f « , , v Japan showini? crcalest inlcres' ' ^ "azier of Plat Lake com- Ijer meteoric development in teitlh S^^uniiv l ° "" PranUi! ^manufacture giving her third plac» U , n .?""!."""'"' . vil ... So" D? tt0 c as r nSUmPll °»' - C ° rtil " g i to'™v nW with^Ter. 1 I tha Ball. [ Miss Thelnia Little of Cardwell Ifor Japanese colcnlits Ntm»nes->' M ,°'i spE "i. n 'i dr T night wlth Miss fpirmlng companies have sent ex- £J n ^' 5 n "' mln B llai » o' Promise Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Howell of Bcrdettc have teen spending tile wcel; with Mrs. Howcll's grandmother. Mrs. Bass. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dickson of Kecce community arc spending a few days with Mr. nnd Mrs. R j; Thomas Nelson Br.-id/ord Jr., eish: P. Burks of Promise Land. Jinonths old son of Mr. and Mre. T. Floyd and Helen Williams called IX. Bradford, died al lhe familv on Raymond and Doris Frazier Ihome at Number N'lne at 0:30 p. m. Sunday. |Monday, Funeral services arc bein s held Ithis afternoon at lhe Number Nine [cemetery. The Ootb linderlakin:r pon planUitlcins there, he reiwrls. iold Services For Thomas Nelson Bradford pmpany Is in chr.rge of funeral nraiigcmenls, WARSAW. Jan. H (UP)— In the last, five years 115 persons have been executed in Poland for capital crimes nccardtng to. a report. 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Next lie look tlie wj|;on, and in due time the \v.i);on became a highly orpjaii- i:ed institution as tidy as a ship and t iilled with little nooks untl corners for holding all sons of merchandise in order. The men who drove these richly laden travclin& stores were not timid, cringinKhack-tloors peddlers. They had to be prepared in defend ih^mscU-esauainsl In'cluvaymcn and brigands upon the unpoliced roads. So these hardy hucksters carried shotguns slrappad across their backs. This morsel of history will explain why so many ol'our great mercaniile leaders are known lo have begun thuir careers as peddlers and why these men had the energy and pluck to rise from simple pack carriers lo become our foremost merchants. Tliis was the picturesque system of merchandising which soon saw iis existence threatened by the advent of the small storekeeper. When the stores came, the peddler and the storekeeper looked upon each other ns deadly enemies,nslhcMorekeepcr armed with fixed habitations, coun- lers and shelves became gradually the chief distributor of merchandise. And now, strangely enough, after nil thrse years another change has been wrought in lhc merchandise Gately Chain Stores, inc. •112 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. distribution ,of flic country. The Ch.iin Store, with powerful buying facilities and promotion prr>t;raiiin has entered the picture and is progressing speedily toward the nation's leadership of distribution. However, unlike the storekeeper and the peddler many of the independent storekeepers welcome the Chain store lo (heir communities, since the chain - store invariably brings more trade to the community and aids in building up business. Particularly is ihis community-betterment idea exemplified in lhe activities of Gatcly Chain Stores, Inc. Gately *toru are sought by muny, many (owns because the Gatcly store not only exhiliarates business, contributes toward (he civic welfare and aids employment conditions in i(s community, hut it iermitsthe people in its locality to invest and share in the profitsof the cntireGately Chain, Learmnore about this great,growing organization, what it means to you ns a resident of this community and as one desiring financial independence. Write for the interesting, valuable booklet, "MAKING MONEY WORK AND GROW". The coupon below will bring you this booklet free of charge. Catcly Chain Fiiirx. In.-. 412 Wril Main SI. Bljlhovflle, Art. Dear Sirs: P!ca« ?cn,l lo mc ivilliout obligation a copy ol vour new bookU-t "Maiing Monty Work nn<l Groiv". Name Adilrrn Tou n..,, f-'are

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