Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on December 2, 1970 · Page 16
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 16

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1970
Page 16
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1970, PAGE 16 Award Winning Liquor Stores The Saving Is Yours! HANNAH & HOGG Whiskey - 79 Fifth The Saving Is Yours! VODKA Charcoal Filtered thrrc'i a lot of talk about the low prices a' |1 Famous liquor Stofti AND IT'S All TRUE) O99 ^ QUART The Savmq Is Yours! SAVAS Imported VERMOUTH Sweet or Dry The Saving Is Yours! 1 MILLER High Life Beer NO DEPOSIT 909 bottles *— there's u lot of talk about the low prices at famous Liquor Stores AND IT'S ALL TRUE! The Sovmg Is Yours! FALSTAFF America's Quality BEER 1 2 "£ 2 "5 V _ 93 c Mth The Saving Is Yours! SHASTA Diet Soft Drinks Sugar Free \c 12 oz cans 10' The Saving Is Yours' BORDEN'S Fresh Milk 79 3ALLON CARTON The Saving Is Yours! KINGSBURY Near Beer Non-Alcoholic The Saving Is Yours! ^ FLEUR de US Peppermint Schnapps or Anisette O79 -fc Fifth The Saving Is Your-, 1 |:<M IMPORTED CANADIAN WHISKEY The Saving Is Yours! OLD CROW 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey QUART 395 The Saving Is Yours! CM CANADA M DRY GIN O| « PROOF 7 q • Fifth . ther«'i a lot of talk about the low pricftt at Famout Liquor Start* . . AND IT'S All TKUII f- Fo»»., u<, u o, stom-pk. 217-6447 CASH AND CAWY SKCIAIA l^'fidSTZZsZ? FOREST PARK 7359 W. Madinon FOIiST PARK 7533 Vf. RooMv*h Ljardt en in t Flowers An Aid To Gracious Living - Ft has been only In recent years however, that the use and appreciation of flowers has played so vital a role in the simple matters of our everyday life. No longer do we think of flowers chiefly as something to make holidays and other special occasions more festive or merely as the perfect expressions ol our messages of affection, congratulations or sympathy. Important though all of these many uses of flowers will always remain, we are constantly relying upon them more and more In countless other ways, to make almost every phase of living more gracious and interesting. We now consider flowers necessities instead of luxuries as far as the every-day charm or our homes is concerned. Without their radiant freshness and cheer a room scarcely seems to have that delightful "Uved-in" quality. Even psychologists are praising flowers for the feeling of poise and tranquility which they encourage and for their helpful influence upon the lives of growing of children. We are wearing flowers much oftener, finding them as happy a compliment to the simplest street costume as to a formal gown. There's no over estimating their success in giving one a keener sense of well-being and in accenting any woman's personality with charm and individuality. Many a man now finds himself in the habit of stopping at a flower shop on his way to the office each morning because he likes wearing a gay little Boutonniere on his lapel. It has proved to be such fun wearing flowers that women have become happily emancipated in their ideas about buying posies for themselves. Gone are the days when one seldom thought of wearing flowers unless they came as a sentimental tribute. They are still one of the most reliable ways to a lady's heart and a gift that is always sure of Its welcome. But now women have not a whit more hesitation about buying flowers for themselves than in choosing any other costume accessory such as a scarf or a pair of gloves. They know it is needed, a rare suit, dress or wrap, whether for daytime or evening wear, whose effectiveness is not vastly improved by the gay fillip of just the right banquet. They also know that wearing fresh flowers is -one of the best ways to refresh their own outlook and keep their spirits far away from the doldrums. CHRISTMAS FACTS & FANCIES Tin- tf^ftuts and Iruthh about CtULsLinas that tuippicsl i»f all holidays- diHVr yrt-utly t rum rountry U> i-uunlr> and art') ('ten qu iti- contradictory Hi-rc, lu set Santa's rt-curd straight, art- Mime of Uu- in Lu rest ing facth and bt'hefb ihul surround tin- L-ulebralion • One littlf known fact i-s that L'hnstrna.s wu.s once abolishc-d in EnyJijnd .uid iht* United SiaiA 1 In I ti-!;J. the Puritan "Roundheud.s" so calk-d be- raust- of the round hats they wore- passed a law in Parliament ayumst the Christmas holiday, which they cunsidurt'd [myaii Gradually, Ihf people who n-sented this edict rebel led anainsi Oliver Cromwell's " Huundht'iid " dictatorship and, in 165-1, Lhu law .igiiiiibl ('liriJilttici.s Wii.s repealed On Ihf other hand. Chn.slina.-, did not become u It-gal holiday in thi.s country until Alabama dfclurtui it .MI in (rt.Ui Loimi .in.i and lullowt-d MII( in IHilM and during the Civil UinU-rn .iddil >l.a ( -> tlul tin- .->aiiu- Tht- 1 Mhlnri ,.| 1 '"lumbt.i, kinging lai tirhmil lm..ll\ r.T.iKm/rd ChrisUlM.-. in i >, 11 It in,is * uim- as .t Miipi isc u, imj. Iml luikev AmefK if\ ir.i Cliiistnia:, ili.-,h i» ly ••|{»l>blfd" .11 Kiiul,inir» hull d.iy!.-.-, TtuTi-. ru.iM l,.-i'l luus ljv,-n I In- l.ivurlU' mi-iil Miict- ( limi-.s wlu-ii tlu- .incient Dund.s ;,.ii:nllucd iwu whiU- bulls as .1 winter riu- What uljuul Siiiilii Claii!, 1 ' Whvn dul In- lirsl ,,rnvi- in Liu, country'' Thiiuyh tilt- Dulch brought him lu Ni-w York in Ihe form (it Si Nichulas, Santa Claus-as we know him today— didn't come into bemy until Dr Clement t' Moort- wrote his famous poem thai began, ""I'was Ihe muni before Christ ma.s " Ur Mi>ort-, an Episcopal mimsler, created the jolly fellow and fofnpatm/n reindeer in 1H22 to enlerlam his own children A lol of adult.s are enter- lamed at Christmas time. too. Today, when friends and rela lives nulher for Ihe traditional holiday toasts, the alert hust and hostess will find they can easily plea.-,.- everyone'., tastes by haviny a selection of ready to serve cocktails on hand. The mosl popular variety, Heublein l-'ull-StreiiKlli Cocktails, come m IH dll'fcrenl flavors, enough to satisfy even tin- most parti cular palati- And, with the drinks already prepared, and no miMiij, measuring or »qilfe/.lil|i |o wcjrry aluuit tin- hosts .„-,. IV,.,. ,„ „„„ ,„ |hl . Ol -ill Ihe . usu.nis ,„„„. evokes more excitement lor ><"iiiB and old alike- than tin- Bivmi; of |i|f| x \,, presenl, howevei, i-an top [he one Illal Lieneral Shennaii to dent Lincoln n,.,, m.i|jna- ninious soldier wiled Ills Commander in C^hiel the iol- lowmu message on December 25. 186-1 "I bey to present to you as a Christmas preseill the cilv of Savannah "

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