Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 13, 1952 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1952
Page 20
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TWENTY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Judge Ponders Training Program For Parents Of Problem Children HAGKRSTOWN- The Washing-! ton County Juvenile Court has at Judge Crossley said he has: 1. Started discussions with School list of about 100 children who need ! Superintendent William Brish looking toward establishment of a to have each assigned to a minister of his own faith or in the locality where the youngsters live. 4. Set up a eommgittee of volun- training course for parents ofjteer marriage counselors to work supervision and investigation. But at the moment the limited capacity of the Juvenile Courtj problem children brought into Juv-j with family cases where reconcili- makes it almost impossible to do'enile Court. lation of parents is possible, more than skim the surface of the! 2. Prepared a "big brother" sys-| 5. Arranged to have ttie family county's delinquency problem. i tern for handling parolees. Under service officer of the local Salvation That was the report from Evan!this plan youngsters put on parole Army do marriage counseling and Crossley, for the past ten months! would be assigned to volunteer citi- {also coordinate the activities of of the local Juvenile Court magis-! zens who would take an interest in: other local agencies in helping trate. i their progress during the parole juveniles. Judge Crossley, however, Is well!period. . In addition to this volunteer aid on. the way toward whipping hisj 3. Arranged with the Rev. Ray- for the Juvenile Court, the county court into shape to dig beneath the! mond Miller of Punkstown to have | commissioners recently approved the hiring of an experienced social worker to permit a more thorough investigation of juvenile cases. Judge Crossley said his expanded surface and get at the causes of i each juvenile offender referred to much of the local juvenile delin- ' a minister in the county for vol- quency. Five major steps in this direction were announced yesterday. unteer supervision and guidance. Rev. Miller reviews the flies of new Walsh-McCagh S6O-93 DIRECTOR OF THE CALIPHS HOSPITAU HE WAS THE FIRST TO DESCRIBE SMALLPOX AND MEASLES. "WROTE *ELHAWI/ THE GREATEST MEDICAL TREATISE OF HIS A6E. PRESCRIPTIONS Compounded of Finest Drugs YET COSTS NO MORE! F-R-E-E DELIVERY We call for and deliver your prescriptions and drug needs On-The-Hour EMERGENCY DELIVERY AT ONCE! offenders once a week and arranges program calls for the investigation of juvenile delinquency cases as early in the life of the child as possible. He said delinquents usually start out by cutting classes at school. If truants are caught and investigated at an early age—about 7 or 8—Judge Crossley says they can often be "straightened out." The conditions at home leading to the truancy can be investigated and corrected if discovered early. But even in the case of older delinquents, Judge Crossley said an adequate beneath-the-surface investigation of all the facts will lead to a more proper handling of each case. A complete investigation of each case will show whether or not a youngster should be "sent away," or even taken from a broken home and placed in a foster home. The horrible truth is, says Judge •Crossley, that the less we do to solve the human problem, hi the case of each youngster, the more times that youngster is hauled into Juvenile Court. High hopes were expressed for plans to start, within the framework of the local school system, a "school" to help parents of problem children. He said many parents have problem children because they just do not know many of the things about properly raising youngsters. Recent action of state authorities has put a heavier load on the local Juvenile Court. State "reform" schools no longer will supervise youngsters sent back home on parole. And crowded conditions at state Institutions make it necessary for the local court to parole some youngsters who should be sent away. Expanding the operations of the Juvenile Court- wil' cost the county more money. But Judge Crossley feels It will -ave money for everyone concerned with tr-e problem of juvenile delinquency. If the court can get to the cause of a lot ot delinquency then money will be saved in welfare payments and help required from the various local social agencies. Drug Exports 3646-943 •• N. Centre St. at Corner of Bedford LOAN! LOWEST RATES YES, you con get $50 fo $300 today for Bills and Expenses. $3.64 monthly repays a $50. Loan. MILLENSON CO. 106 5. Liberty St. Phon* 847 FITS YOU TO A "T" Munsingwear T-Shirt with the patented* non-sag NYLON-reinforced neckbandlhat holds its shape forever! LAWRENCEBtJRG, Ind.—(INS) —A vast and fast-growing export trade in American anti-biotics is helping to bring better health to people in all parts of the world. Shipments of penicillin streptomycin and other drug products essential to the control of disease soared to record $275,000,000 during 1951, according to Arthur C.' Emelin, president of Schenley Laboratories, Inc. What is now the state of Louisiana was discovered in 1528 by a Spanish explorer. 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