The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 29, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1930
Page 7
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tOR SALE 0 :t TRADE— 5-roora house, real bargain, if taken quick; see : E. A". Foster, with Leavell & Puller. c-t£ [FOR SALE—'Ve have some property on imp j oved streets, ive will sell on payments; if you want a home see u;; they are good bargains. Slark & Miner Co.; {FOR RENT — Three rooms .fojr C. W. Ranuay. c-153 I light housekeeping. rAG3 feieYaul TR1IIUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOE SAL S OR TRADE REAII ESTATE j!WANTED,— Your general blacksmithing, horseshoeing and plow work; now at your service. R. F. Miller, south part of Atlanta. tf ! FOR SALE—Poland China male hog, one year old. Carl Foster. Phone Goldsmith. . P-154 LADIES wanted to, string beads at home;-' send addressed envelope for particulars; experience •unnecessary. Ivory Novelty Co., 113 Fourth Fourth avenue, New York City. p-152 FOR SALE—Woodburn 100-day I seed corn. • Donald Smyser.l Phone 4X6. p-153•: FOR RENT FOR RENT—Garage, 465 Main. Phone 1424. North •' • c-tf MISCELLANEOUS Bockover. , . . , . c -153 FOR SALE CR TRADE—A good j : l_ improved L'il acres, close to j FOR RKNT—5-room house, North Tipton, on car line; will, trade East street; 2-car garage. Phonje for city property or sell.on pay- 1. 21S0. Ralph Phares. c -tf RADIO SERVICE—We specialize on experi. service work on all makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio , Shop. Phone 20X7. . c-tf ments. Chirk & Miner Co., C. W. Ramsay.; c-153 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR TRADE — Nice cottage . on improved street for 20 acres Roy Purvis. '.' tf [FOR SALE—Uood 40-acre farm; well improved. Roy Purvis, tf FOR RENT—Modern house, South Independence. -' Delia Roode. Phone 262. c-tf '. FOR TRADE—Modern home for —— I Tipton county farm, room•: vis. FOR RENT—After June 1 now occupied by A. & 'P. Store. U. F. Leavell. e-iS/f [TRUCKING Roy Pur if FOR SALE—-Fox terrier puppies, j FOR RENT- Phone 4451: Fred Baur. c-154 j bath. 909 i or 4229. -House, i N. Main. rooms and j Phone 36 j ; .>-if I' All kinds of truckr ing; live stock a specialty. Phone Clyde Balser, 1149; or George Balser, 1624. p-154 |FOR SALE farm acre; deal. •X real buy; 120-acrel well improved, $65 an I FOR RENT—One 6-room and one, WILL DO all kinds of sewing; $2,00*1 will handle this! 4-room house; good location. ^ spring coats and altering. Phone Roy Purvis. c-tf FOR SALE:—Crosier- 'Show Bo# electric radio; new tubes. Floyd Sharp. ; ' • p-155 FOR SALE— 'feed cooker, good as new; price 55. Ray Moore. Phone 130.: c-152 FOR SALE—itynile Rock eggs for hatching: ilao Manchu seed soy beans. Ca 1 2 on HID.. Sharpsville. U. G: Henderson. p-152 FOR SALE—No. 5 Underwood; a real bar?ai'i at S.35. The Tribune Press. tf FOR SALE—Buff Rock eggs for setting. Mrs. Oscar Manlove, Tipton, roue 1. Phone Ekin. c-155 Phone; 2420. c-tf: hot I 2532 ton. 117 -N. Mill street. Tip Anna. Ballman.' p-156 *PQR • RENT-—Modern rooms; water heat. Miller Hotel, Trili- j LADIES une Bldg., E. Jefferson St. tf FOR RENT Modern sleeping! room for one or two gentlemen, j Hose in; one-half block of 1 court house; private family; no' Children. Phone 3212: u - 15 '!oUR MEN See Katherine K, the new slenderizing figure control the latest mode in corsets. Phone 14562 or see Mrs.B. Mett lih, graduate corsetiere, 227 N. West. c-152 FOR RENT—Farm of 4 0 acres j one-half mile north of the Shi- : i i loir church, Jefferson township: I •write Leroy C. Glass. 514 North' State street, Ann Arbor, Micln-i gan. c-153;" earn $50 weekly and more selling amazing magnetic auto trouble light; sticks anywhere; write for demonstrator Magno Co.. Beacon Bldg.. Boston Mass. - . pi 5 MONEY TO LOAN FOR SALE—:pne 10-ft. all dis play McCray meat case; first class condition; see Warfel & Small. Atlanta, Ind. p-153 |FOR SALE --Childjs mahogany rocking cliair and draperies. Mrs. F. ii. Ranisay, Phone 1537. ' ' 152 FOR SALE—I 50 bushels of bright seed oats, i5c per bushel. Call Mr. Hill at! 179. c-153 FOR SALE - - Seed corn: Reid's Yellow Dei t, germination tested. Percy ; Ressler, half mile north, 1 % iniles east of Hobbs. Route 4, Tipton. . c-157 FOR SALE 11- Badenoch's baby chick starter, 14 .10; Sunflower egg mash, !jJ2.95'; Reef brand oyster shell $1.00 per cwt- Fear-Camptell Co. , c-tf FOR SALE—'.full blooded Hoi stein bull <!alf, six weeks old: "can be.regis jjered; Veal .price;';2. heavy milking fresh Holstein cows; will icn reasonable. Call Simon WolfsTlpton phone11572. c-154 NW PKICES. 4- I'.arred White and Bart Hot-k»; Iteds; VrMUi - Wyiindottes: Buff•• < IrplnKtonx; 112 per -100;- 437.50 per BOO. $110 i*r '! BOO . ^ White and Bifiwn T^k„™'i^i<>ffe each W«tae(,U> Hoosler of® •** J»"Jf" w 'if bateJ)e«. 'Xsm -fionK: <mlled head xl-h£d «U^Ec2&I" year*. Each jrdcr carer U rty^»«£fr &&&&& FOR RENT—Part, or all of C. J. Kiger residence, semi - modern; large garden space; 315 N. Independence street. Phone 436, Elks Home, 7 o'clock evenings, tf WANTED WANTED^-Glass door cupboard or safe. Phone 3365. ' . c-15j2 .WANTED—Married man for work on farm. Call 2427. Joh!n Werner. c-lf WANTED^-Roomers with board. • Mrs. George Manlove, 127 Nortlh Conde, Phone 2274. c-tf WANTED—Carpenter" and repair work and saw filing. Phone 2532. 117 N. Mill street. Wii. H. Ballman. .u p-156 FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% per cent; pre-payment. privilege. D. S. Phares.' . * c-tf PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5 % per cent, from 1 to 10 years, with pre-paymenti . priviliges; best loan In the state. Standerford & Standerford. '' c-tf " Closing Out Sale. Notice to Non-Residents. Roy Purvis, who started a clo's-' State of Indiana, . ing out sale Friday morning, said' County of Tipton, ss: Saturday afternoon that he ex-. Ge ° r 6 e McCarthy, Elsie E McCar. . , ^ . • . . . .... thy vs. James A: Baird, et al. pected to be sold out at quitting Tipton circuit Court> Pebru ^ ry time Saturday night. Mr. Purvis is entering the real estate business. The Daily Wheeze "Did. you ever hear of a worn nr. band leader?" j Term,' 1930. | . The plaintiffs in the above entitled cause, by Glen J. Gilford, I one of their attorneys, -haying jfiled an affidavit herein that the I following named defendants to : said' action, to-wit: , ' James A. Baird, Sinia Baird, Daniel J. Lynch, Mary Lynch, Temple Fleete, Fleete, wife of Temple Fleete; whose given .,,„, .nam is unknown; Louisa J. Fleete, Why, sure I ve heard of this, John S . P i ee te, Mary E. Fleete, here Susie's band." Notice of Insolvency. j—— Fleete, husband of Mary E. j Fleete, whose given name is un! known; Sylvester Fleete, —-— I Fleete, wife of Sylvester Fleete, ; whose given name is unknown; j Louisa J. Brown, —:— Brown, husband of Louisa J. Brown, 6* AND SAFETY We Are 44 Tears Old —We Have Lived Throegh Thie Country's Fbumdal Depresaiona and Panics Daring These 44 Tears and Have Never Paid Less Than 6% am Savings. GET THE FULL 8IONIFICANCK OF THAT 'STATJaaVUR. Aiaets, February 28,1930, $642466.87 Undivided Proflta, February 28,1930 .... 7,716.56 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ; : THE OLDEST SAVINGS IN8TITTJTICN IN TIPTON Talk ft Over With Onr Secretary, t. A. Lewie quired to appear and answer said complaint on the 30th day ' of April, 1930, the same being the 75tW judicial day of the February Term, 1930, of the JTipton Circuit Court 'held at the court house in Tipton, Indiana, and- answer-said complaint... . j 'In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court this 6th day of March, 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, •\ Clerk of the Tipton 134-40-46-52 . ^ ! Circut Court. [ Notice to Heirs', Creditors, Etc. way of ;the Nickel Plate- Railroad, \ and except the right-of-way* of the Indiana Union, Traction' Company; as against the above named defendants and as against the /whole world, the same will be heard and'determined in their absence. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 7th day of March, 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, Clerk Tipton Circuit.Court. GIFFORD & GIFFORD; 134- CULVER & iPICKERING, 140- Attorneys for Plaintiff. 146-152 In the matter of the estate of •William E. Courtney, deceased. _ _ In the Tipton Circuit Court, j w^W^ven name~ is'unkn'own* No. 1.61." Notice is hereby given that upon petition tiled in' said court by the administrator of said estate, setting up the insufficiency of the estate of said decedent to i pay the debts and liabilities there- James A. Curry, Mary E. Curry; ] Richard Coins, Goins, wife of Richard Goins, whose given name, is unknown; Leakey Goins, Coins, husband of Leakey i Goins, whose given name is unknown; Matillee Wolford, of, the judge of said court did, onj Wolfordj husband of Matiltee Wol- the 29th day of March, 1!)30, find lford> wUose given name is „ n . known; Adeline Hogan, -Hogan,, husband of Adeline Hogan, \vhose given name is unknown Jane Murphy, Murphy, husband of Jane Murphy, whose giv en name is unknown; Leroy Ressler, Ressler, wife of Le-oy Ressler, whose given name is un known; Elizabeth Melvina Melvina, husband of Elizabeth Melvina, whose given name is unknown; George Goin, Goin Not ice to' Heirs, Creditors, KM: FARM LOANS — Best loans ' in state, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & .Fielding. . c -tf FOILS ALLKGHI). KIMNAi'PlNG. WANTED—Man and wife to care for elderly couple. Eller, Arcadia. Phone WiJL 0 -15*2 WANTED — Wall paper cleaning • and any odd jobs. Jess Frederick. .Phone' 28. c -ie '4 WANTED — Partners and others to know I have all kinds, df wagon repairs, sjngle tree; double trees and everything In this line. . Cal Boldon, Binkley Buflding. c-157 Teacher Refuses to Permit Man to Tuk<; Girl Away. Two 1928. Essex: coaches; 1928] -Essex coupe, R.,S.; '26 Chrys-i lerA'70 sport- roadster; .1926! Oakland -sport roadster; :1926 { Jewett coach; '2 t 4 Hupp conpej. 1924? Quick: coupe; 1922 Essex tp-arlagi;* , ?i Lafayette, Ind., March 29.^— Alleged attempted kidnapping of Margaret Stafford, age ten daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stafford, Odell, from her studies in the fifth grade of the Jackson township consolidated school, was thwarted late yesterday by Miss Violet Clevidence teacher. Representing himself • as a brother of the gnl 's mother, a stranger, probably thiity-five years old, appeared at the hcliool and called for,the Stafford girl He said he'.had/comet for a visit to the' Staffords and-' that the girl's mother had asked him to go to!the school and get J:he: girl and bring her home ' ' .<When;Miss.,Clevideuco said she -Would cpnuultf, Uie 'scliool, :princij pal i- 'the«• man^lofth. the; l)ulldl)ig: Mrs.O Sttt*oM^M«|d c * s.he . \ iaiked to'^uo.-iAife^ and -that* nonof ofiitbe • f amlly >%rel§t|yesVw«8-farla^ said estate to be probably insolvent, and order the. same to jbe settled accordingly. The creditors of said 'estate are therefore hereby notified 6t such insolvency and required to file their claims against said estate for allowance by April 21, 1!)30. j Witness, the clerk and seal)of said court at Tipton, Indiana, this 2!lth day of March, 1030. j (Seal) | IRVIN MILLER] 152-5S-6J1-70 ^ Clerk.' wife of George Goin, whose given ; name ia'unknown; Marion Goivi i Goin, wife of Marion Goin. ! • whose given name is unknown In the matter of the estate j of j Mordica Goin, Goin, wife of Elizabeth Ressler, deceased, j In j Mordica Coin, whose given name the Tipton Circuit Court, February term. 1930. j . Notice I is hereby given that Churity E. Katon as administra­ trix of the estate of Elizabeth Ressler, deceased has presented and filed ,her account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate; and that the same will come |up for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 24th da>';of April, 1930, at which time- jail heirs, creditors or legatees I of said estate are required to appear in said court^and show cause,: it any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved, i • Witness the clerk and seal | p! said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton,- Indiana, this 28th day jot March,-1930. ' . " ' (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, 152-15S- Clerk Tipton 164-170 Circuit 'Court.' In the matter of the estate of Samuel R. Collier, deceased. In the tipton Circuit Court, Feb- ruary Term, 1930. Notice is hereby:)given that the Citizens National Bank as admin istrator de bonis hdn of the estate of Samuel R. Collier, deceased, has presented and filed its account and voucher's in final settlement Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. house in Tipton, in said county and state, and. answer or demur to said complaint the same wilt be heard and determined in their absence. In witness whereof. I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of said court, at Tipton, Indiana, thi3 18th day of March, A. D. 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER. 146-52-5S-64 Clerk. Notice of Sale of Real Estate. In -the matter of the estate of Nannie. R. Shirk, deceased."In the Tipton Circuit Court, Febr ruary Term, 1930. Notice is " hereby given that Helen R. Shortle, as executrix of j Notice is hereby given that the School Board of the school city of Tipton, Indiana, will sell at public auction at 10 o'clock a. m., April* 12, 1930, at the office of the First National Agency in Tipton, • Indiana, the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots Number 39. 43. 48. 50 and 53, in Roosevelt Park Addition to the City of Tipton. Indiana. That the terms of said Hale the estate of Nannie R Shirk, de-, wi „ „ e f cash cheased, has presented and Wed SCHOOL CITY OF TIPTON, I.VD her account and vouchers in finati RV R , „ WAPV-R- settlement of said , estate, and! - 1 AWt " ^hat the same will come up for ex- 1 animation and action of said Circuit Court on tfie 17th day of April, 1930, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said, estate are required to appear in] LOUIS R. HAAS. JENNIE O. HURON. 14C-52-5S Members School Board. I.oga! Not icr. Notice is hereby given that the said court and show cause, if any | common council of the Citv of there' be, why said account and Tipton will receive sealed bid.-< up of said estate, and [that the same j vouchers should not be approved. to tne nour ot 7 :3 ' 0 p. m.. April 4, wilFcorae up for examination and Witness the clerk and seal of !9 3 o, at the office of the 0ty action of said.Circuit\ Court on i said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tip-- L , ierk> for the purchase of ojie the 17th ,day of April, 1930, at|ton, Indiana, this- 21st day pfi smalI ser vice truck for the Tipton which time all heirs, creditors, • March, 1930. ^ . ^ ! Water Department. Said truck to legatees of said estate are re-j < s 5 a ])._ IRV ™* M i ^f!.?i^' ! be " E " ot less tuan %-ton capa- quired to appear in show cause, if any said court and 146-152- there be, why; 158-164 is unknown; Mary J. Bird, ,Bird, husband of Mary. J. Bird whose given name is unknown; F, M Harbitt, whose given name is unknown; Harbitt, wife of F. M. Harbitti whose given name is unknown; Allen TJ. Beasley; attorney iii fact for James A. Baird and Sinai Baird, the unknown heirs, legatees, devisees, trustees administrators, -executors, as signees,: husbands, wives and chil dren of each of the above named defendants,.whose names are un known, -are each non-residents of the state of Indiana; and are nec essary parties to- 'the above entitled action, which action is one to quiet title to the North half of the northeast quarter of secetion 14, township '21 north, range 5 east, in Tip- tor, county, "Indiana. Np.tice is therefore given that eacli,pf sajd defendants will be re—and the Worst is Yet to Come •V said account and vouchers should j not be approved, j I Witness, the'clerk and seal ofj said Tipton Circuit! Court, at Tiprj ton, Indiana, this i '21st day ofj. March, 1930. ! (Seal) IRVIN | MILLER, Clerk Tipton 146-52-58-64 ... ; Circuit Ceiirt Notice of- Administration. Cleric Tipton . ( citv> with pi c fe ul , body, closed Circuit Court. ca ),. r u lly equipped, with extra tiro >— ~ ; land rim, body to be lettered on j both sides with plain letters "City of Tipton. Water Department." Said bids shall be sealed and bo Notice is hereby given that the; t , ccompaniert hy , )idders ' non . c „i: undersigned has been appointed, lnsion affi(lavit> , ls bv law provid . by the Judge of the Circuit Court \ ed T]l(; cnn] of Tiptbn County, State of Iudi- ]tne r | ? i, t to Notice to Heirc, Creditors, Etc. ana, administrator of the estate; i of Mary Cage, late of Tipton Coun! ty; deceased. Said estate is sup- i posed to be solvent. — ! THE SHARIPSVILLE BANK. • In the matter of the estate of i March 14, 1930. Administrator. .Jennie E. Place,! deceased. In I JESSE R.COLEMAN, . the Tipton Circuit Court, Feb-] Attorney. 146-52-58-64 ruary Term, 1930. . i mnion counrii reserves reject any and all bids. 1 t()-lli;-l.-.2 IRENE FINLKV. City Clerk Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. •I Notice to Non-Residents. Notice is hereby given that Gertrude T.. DeCroes, | as executrix of the estate of Jennie E. Place, j ' deceased, has presented and filed I State of Indiana, her account and vouchers in final j Tipton County, settlement of said rstate and that Orpheus C. Cage, et a 1, vs. Nora I tate of Western Rector, de- the same will come 1 up for exami-! E - Smith,, et al. In the Tipton! ceased, has presented and tiled its In the matter of the- estate of Western Rector, deceased. In j the Tipton Circuit Court, February Term. 1930. I Notice is hereby g:vi:u that Tlu; IFarmerns Loan and Trust Com- Jpany, :is administrator of the es- nation and action of said Circuit Cbiirt on the 15th day of April, 1930, at which time all h3irs, creditors or legatees of said es Circuit Court, February Term 1930. Complaint No. 1394. Now coihes the plaintiffs, by J. R. Coleman, attorney,. and file :ate are required t6 appear in said j the | r complaint herein together court and show cause, if any there w,th a " affid avit that the-defen- be, why said acdount and vouchers ! - ^ ants -. VcrDe "." ™* > 0 le should not be approved, [Cage are not residents of the Witness the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit! Court, at Tip this 19th day ton, . Indiana, March, 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, 146-152- Clerk Tipton 158-164 (Circuit Court. Notice of Administration. State of Indiana. Notice is therefore hereby given said defendants, that unless they be and appear in the Tinton Circuit'Court on the 17th day of May, 1930, the same being the 12th judicial' day of the May Term, 1930, of the Tipton Circuit Court, beginning on the first Monday Of May, 1930, at the court account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for examination and action of said circuit court on the«9th day of April, 1930, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. Witness, the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 13th day of March, 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER. Clerk Tipton 140-46-52-58 Circuit Court. Notice is hereby given,that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court or Tipton County, State of Indiana, administratrix! 'of the estate of Michael C. Doherty, late of .Tipton County, deceased. Said es- state is supposed to be solvent. MARY C. SABENS, March 12, 4930. Administratrix. JESSE R. COLEMAN, Attorney. ! 156-52-58-641 Notice to Non-Residents. State.of Indiana, : I County of Tipton, ss: George Hartley and Carrie Hartley vsV- Reuben Harvey, et al Tipton Circuit Court, February term, 1930.- Cause No. 1385 Now comes -the plaintiffs, by counsel, and file their complaint herein/ together with an affidavit that the - defendants, Reuben Harvey; —••— •. Harvey, v. i whose Christian-name is.unknown, wife of Reubens Harvey; ithe/Oinknown helra.'deViseesV legatees, administrate, exeiutors' and assigns of eacb of; the^above nained def end an^dtceased/ whose. jiames r are ta%fact 3 anltaown; all, of the unf ^no ^hnlbWds «pd wlfes of.the PUBLIC SALE On account of the sudden death of my husband, I am forced to sell the following property, located on the A. W- Charles farm, located 2y 2 miles south of the junction of State Roads 28 and 31, and one-half mile west, on Wednesday, April 2 ' Sale to Start at 10:30 O'clock Three head of horses, two sets of work harness, several farming implements, household goods and other articles too numerous to mention. TEEMS WILL BE MADE KNOWN ON DAY OF SALE Mrs. Harry Coll LUto Model UM * Gars One 1929 Chevrolei Ooupe One 1929 lord Model A Ooupe One 1929 Chevrolet Delivery Track Ot»H2J, OMlWJcirdlKiiqiCwipc mm i

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